Copshop (2021) | Transcript

On the run from a lethal assassin, a wily con artist devises a scheme to hide out inside a small-town police station-but when the hitman turns up at the precinct, an unsuspecting rookie cop finds herself caught in the crosshairs.
Copshop (2021)

Screaming through the Nevada desert in a bullet-ridden Crown Vic, wily con artist Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) hatches a desperate plan to hide out from lethal hitman Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler): He sucker-punches rookie officer Valerie Young (Alexis Louder) to get himself arrested and locked up in a small-town police station. But jail can’t protect Murretto for long. Viddick schemes his own way into detention, biding his time in a nearby cell until he can complete his mission. When the arrival of a competing assassin (Toby Huss) ignites all-out mayhem, mounting threats force Viddick to get creative if he wants to finish the job and escape the explosive situation.

* * *

[instrumental music]


[dramatic music]


[instrumental music]

[wind howling]

[country music]

[engine revving]

[siren wailing]

[tires screeching]

[car honking]

Ooh, what’s that?

What’s what?

The box with the bow?

My daughter Sasha is turning 21 in two days.

Clem’s brother’s got a really good hookup resell in, uh, Laughlin.

You got her a gun?

I just told you, she’s turning 21.

You got her a gun from a Roach Coach.

So Clem’s one-stop shopping for life-shortening and shit, cheeseburgers, guns. Does he deep-fry bullets?

He might. You can damn near deep fry anything these days.

Well, I never got a gun when I turned 21.

I don’t know what you talking about.

How much did you spend on that Ruger, rookie?

Which is a single-action weapon from the ass-end of the 1800s and damn near useless in a 21st century gunfight.

It’s not the brush, it’s the artiste.

[engine revving]

[car honking]

[dramatic music]

[tires screeching]

[truck honking]




Man on radio: Unit to clear for 10-11, possible ABW, Code 5 at Indian Springs Casino.

Enter to clear.


3-Edwards-20 responding, en route.

Mm. Goddammit!

Can’t even fucking eat a cheese…

[instrumental music]

Mitchell: Let me enjoy my meal.


[siren wailing]

[music continues]



[music continues]

Young: This is a fucking mess.

Back off, back off, I’m telling you!


I’m gonna let you finish that heart attack and I’mma go protect and serve.

Be right there, rookie.

I protect and serve better on a full stomach.

Hey, break it up!

Break it up!

Break it up! Hey! Hey!

Break it up! Break it up! Stupid, drop that guy!

Hey, what kind of wedding is this?



[women screaming]

Now which one of you wanna spend the night in county lockup?

[siren wailing]

That’s what I thought.

[crowd gasping]


World star!



I did not mean to lean into that, lady. I’m really sorry.

Hands in the air!

Get on the ground, now!

Which one of you gonna arrest me?

Let’s go. Let’s go.

Alright. Somebody arrest me.

On the ground. Get on the ground.

Will one of you people please fucking arrest…


[crowd gasping]

[crowd cheering]

You’re under arrest.


Oh, my gosh.

[dramatic music]

[instrumental music]

[engine revving]

[doorbell ringing]

Young: Kim!

Kimble: I’m coming.

Well, what do we have here?

Picked up a boy toy for you, Kim.

Oh, aren’t you just the sweetest thing on God’s Green Forty?

And look at this pretty blue purse.

Can I get my cell?

The only cell you’re getting is the one you’re spending the night in.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Kimble: Good Lord, wonder what happened to your eye.

Young: This charming man.

Kimble: Hit a woman?

[dramatic music]

Teddy, you’re bleeding… a lot.

Whoa, what the hell is this?

A bullet by, he got shot.

Mitchell: Get him downstairs, get him stitched up.

Maybe the boredom will get him talking.

Damn, your mama didn’t love you at all.


My God, what the fuck?

[indistinct chatter]

Pena: You’re telling me. I mean, I know of…

I, I never watched it, I never watched it…

[indistinct chatter]

Mitchell: Hey, what the hell is going on?

Who’s on intake?

Last week you’re just bitching about not getting enough overtime and now here you are jawing away like a bunch of fucking old ladies.

Get back to work.

Uh, sorry, Mitchell.

Mitchell: “Sorry Mitchell,” my ass.

Officer Huber.

Where the fuck are my evidence inventories?

The ones I’ve been asking for, for two weeks?

Uh, uh, I’m on it.

“I’m on it.” I hate that fucking phrase.

I prefer get it fucking done.

Is there some kind of goddamn inside bet to raise my damn blood pressure every fucking second of every goddamn day?

Looks like a cop car.

Central State, 10-Otis-10.

Shitload of bullets everywhere.


Windows are busted.

Man on radio: 10-Otis-10.

Kim, get the fuck out the damn bathroom.

Jesus Christ! Got the bladder of a fucking toddler.

This is 50. Over.

We have 11-55 up Ariat Road.

It’s an unmarked Crown Vic with a dash lamp.

I can’t find it registered anywhere.

Vehicle’s also shot up.

Copy, 10-Otis-10.

Mitchell: Clarify shot up, please.

Do you mean bullet damage?

Hey, stop, buddy.

Stop! Shit! Look out!


[tires screeching]


[horn blaring]

What the fuck?

What the fuck? [groans]

10-Otis-10, is everything okay?

Oh, shit. Ah…

Mitchell: Copy, 10-Otis-10, this is 50. Over.

Ah, fucker.

What the fuck! [grunts]


Stay down! Stay the fuck down!

The fuck is wrong with you?

Shrunk off in size.

Mitchell: 10-Otis-10? 10-Otis-10, is everything okay?

You’re doing a little drinking tonight, asshole?

You’ve been doing a lot more than a little.

Mitchell: 10-Otis-10, is everything okay?

Yeah, well…

You almost killed a state trooper, you dumb fuck!

Mitchell: Do you need assistance, 10-Otis-10?

Get him in, get him in.

Man on radio: 50, this is State 10-Otis-10.

Some goddamn drunk almost ran us down just now.

Can we process him at your station?

Yeah, it’s a slow night, bring him down.

Alrighty, 50, we’re 10-8.

Give us 30 minutes. Mitchell: Alright now, out.

You alright?


Fucking overtime, my ass.

[intense music]

Young: You got fragmentation here, Teddy.

Someone trying to kill you?

Is that why you were trying to get arrested tonight?

You got your ass ice-cold, Teddy.

You assaulted an officer, that’s aggravated battery, that’s mandatory 12 to 18 in county.

So I would take advantage of my miniscule amount of sympathy for you getting shot, and talk.

You know, I had this boyfriend in high school, Curtis Flores.

My father didn’t care for him, not that he liked any of my boyfriends, but he always said about Curtis, “Honey, that boy is never more than a day ahead of the devil.”


Curtis sounds like a gem.

Whatever happened to him?

He was stabbed and killed in the parking lot of an Applebee’s.

He let the day get past him, and the devil was right there.

Young: Hey, sarge.


We got a unmarked Crown Vic, full of bullet holes, just found abandoned by state troopers.

That mean anything to you, Teddy?

I want my phone call now.

Woman on phone: Operator, name of the person you’re trying to reach?

Lorraine Faith. F-A-I-T-H.

Woman on TV: …to solving the brutal murder of Nevada Attorney General William Fenton who was found slain.

Some of the top police officers and detectives are on the case.

Can’t release any names as, you know, we’re still gathering as much information as possible, but rest assured, we will continue to work very hard to find the people responsible, thank you.

Come on, fucking pick up.

Lorraine on voicemail: Hey, it’s Lorraine, I can’t get to the phone right now. Leave a message at the beep.

Hey, listen, it’s me again.

I need you to get the fuck out of the house, okay?

Take Ryan and go somewhere, go anywhere. Do you understand me?

I sent you the combination, check your texts.

Check your texts. Nothing is safe, nothing is safe.

Time’s up, Teddy.


[keys jingling]


[handcuffs locking]

You can let go.

I didn’t, I didn’t get through.


Let me just check my cell.

You know, how about you just give me the code to your cell?

I’ll check it for you. You got something to hide?

Just… just let me check my phone. Let me check my cell.

I mean how, how’s that gonna hurt you?

[door buzzing]

[door shuts]

Alright, State law requires that we keep our intoxicated guests in separate quarters.

So you got the place all to yourself.


Teddy: I didn’t mean to hit you so hard.

Oh, aren’t you sweet?

Get comfortable, Teddy. You’re gonna be here a while.


Holy shit!

Smells like Satan’s asshole.

Anybody home?

Yeah, this dipshit nearly killed us.

Bounced his car off that abandoned Crown Vic and put it on the ditch.

Alright, well, I’ll get you a lovely night stay in here on a stainless steel cot.

Kimble: Any ID?


Driver’s license? Social Security?

What the hell is this?

Alright. John Doe it is.

What the hell is this?

It’s my insulin.

What is that?

He’s saying insulin?

I need it. I need it.

He’s been talking about diabetes. You’re diabetic.

Aren’t you? You diabetic?

Not every fat guy has diabetes.

Can I get a prisoner escort down to Processing, please?

How is that workout coming along?

Uh, yeah, I gave up on the workouts.

Just make decisions, man. Kimble: Yeah.

I’m making the decision not to work out.

[door buzzing]


I think he shit himself.

[indistinct chatter]

No, no, no, no. We’re not in there.

We’re not in there. We’re over here.

You guys stink of booze.

Here we go.

Hold on.

Hold him, Ruby.

Got it.


[gate locks]

You okay? You okay, big guy?

I’m okay.


Oh… Ruby: The bunk is to your right.

Everyone, stop! Stop!

Pena: He just ate the floor. Ruby: You see that shit?

Ruby: Hey, it never happened.

Teddy: You got any food? I’m famished.

Just loaf.

What the hell is loaf?

If you’re into that dried dog shit, it’s delicious.

This just ain’t your night, Teddy.

[door buzzing]


[door opens]

[intense music]

What are you in for?

What are you in for? [grunts]

I sucker-punched a cop.

No, that’s not what you’re in for.

You’re in for a lot more than that.

What’d you do?

I did what I had to do… to get in here.

To get to you, Teddy.

Now it’s important you listen carefully.

You don’t have much time.



Hey, Teddy!

Somebody! Hey!

Listen to me.

914 Glenview Crescent, apartment number 16.

Who lives there?

A woman and a boy.

What in the fuck are you guys going on about?

Ruby: Shut the fuck up!

I just want my food, man. I want my food.

You shouldn’t eat loaf after midnight.

That shit will give you nightmares, the big black kind.

Hand me a hotdog, please.

Shut the fuck up, if you guys keep fucking with me, I’mma bring the hose in on both of y’all bitch asses.


[door buzzes]

[door shuts]

[intense music]


What do they want?

You know what they want.

We make a deal?

Listen, Teddy.

I don’t want you to think that you can save yourself, because you obviously can’t.

But there are other considerations.

Like my ex? It that what you’re talking about? My ex?

[chuckles] Like I give a shit. The kid ain’t even mine, man.

[music continues]

[sighs] Alright.

What guarantees you give me you’ll spare ’em, hm?

Guarantees aren’t mine to give, Teddy.

You know how this goes, right?

It’s up to you where I go next.

You can’t do shit to me in here, pal.

[chuckles] You know what?

Actually, you can’t do a fucking thing.



What okay? What’s that? What okay?

It is what it is, Teddy.

What do you mean “It is what it is?”


My ex and my kid… they alive?

[music continues]

[indistinct chatter]

Mitchell: Officer Huber.

You on a play date or something?

Where the fuck are my evidence inventories?

[intense music]

[door shuts]

[music continues]

[lock rattling]

[keys jingling]

There he is.

They’re keeping you in the cage.

[Huber chuckles]

You, uh, you finally getting those inventories straightened out?

[groans] I’m trying.

Fucking Mitchell wants everything letter-perfect.

Yeah. It’s a pain in my ass.

Yeah. I bet.

Are you good otherwise?

Otherwise what?

I’m worried about you, man.

Uh, grownups fucking men don’t worry about other grownups fucking men, Barnes.

I’m fine. I’m just… tired of Mitchell’s bullshit.

Yeah. I feel you. He wouldn’t do it if he didn’t love you.

[chuckles] Alright.

Look, you don’t have to tell me, but if you ever need to talk, chat, shoot the shit, whatever.

I’m good, man. You don’t have to worry about me.


I’m good.

Woman on TV: Law-enforcement officials appear no closer to solving the brutal murder of Nevada Attorney General William Fenton who was found slain.

We will continue to work both at the local and state level to bring the person or persons responsible for these senseless murders to justice.

Yeah. First 48, tuning 72, tuning 96.

Ha-ha. It’s embarrassing.

I mean, he’s only the Attorney General of Nevada.

This fucking guy Murretto has been busted more times than I’ve made busts.

Twenty-two arrests and no charges.

How does that happen?

There it is.

What are you doing?

I’m working on my road roulette.

Road roulette?


See, in Indiana we use the pistol on everything, squirrels, rabbits.

So my dad came up with this thing.

You take one round, drop it in the wheel, spin it.

It’s got to land on that cylinder. Squirrel soup.

And were you any good? Did you get any squirrels?

Pena: I never did. My dad did.

Mm. So you were a failure in the eyes of your father?

That tracks. It’s cool.


So you’re all cocky now ’cause you got that fancy Blackhawk.

You didn’t think I noticed that?

Oh, I’m surprised you noticed it sitting all comfy, cozy on my hip.

I’ll… I’ll quick-draw you for it.

My Redhawk versus your Blackhawk.

I got 30 seconds.

Don’t let the sarge see us dicking around.

We’re gonna do this? Today?

Oh, yeah.

Alright. You ready, gunslinger?

It’s your move, cowgirl.

[intense music]

[both screaming]

[Young laughing]

Officer down. Officer down! [laughs]

You know what? Speed kills.

Oh, I can put my scrubbing feelers on?

Every time.

Get quicker, man.

Obviously, you’ll be disappointed in this.

I know who you are, pal.

I’ve heard all about you.

Legendary Bob Viddick.

Teddy: Some chilling shit floating around about you.

That poor bastard in Tampa, you cut off his arm with a carving knife, then you beat him to death with that same arm, right?

It was his leg.

I’ve heard about you, too, Teddy.

Say you’re very effective.

How you’re not dead a dozen different ways by now is a cross between a fluke and fucking miracle.

More magic trick than anything, really.

Mind over matter.

I give people what they want.

And take more than you need.


Hey, what do you say we cut through all the bullshit?

You wanna live.

That’d be nice.

Alright, and you still think that’s possible because you haven’t been paying attention, so you try to buy your way out.

Let’s make a deal, man. I got a lot of money.

You mean the money you stole from them?

What you fail to understand, Teddy, is it’s not about the money anymore.

There’s no play here, Teddy. No deal to be made.

It’s a simple choice.

It’s never simple.

[chuckles] Are you a fucking idiot?

It is that simple.


I’m running out of time, Teddy.

So they’re running out of time.

Huber! This is fucking bullshit!

Will somebody get fucking Huber up here, please?

[Mitchell sighs]

Oh, I’m sorry. Are you Huber?

You have an open-door policy.

I also have a no-pain-in-the-ass policy, but you don’t seem to pay any attention to that.

Twenty-two arrests, zero convictions.


Our mystery man, Teddy Murretto.

Have we impounded that abandoned Crown Vic yet?

Yeah, I just sent Ruby and Barnes out to meet the tow-truck driver.

Did you read the state trooper’s report?

Why the hell would I read the state trooper’s report when I’m buried in evidence inventories that don’t make any goddamn sense?

Will somebody please get Huber up here now?

You know, you have a phone.

[clears throat] There was a cherry light and a siren mount on the dash.


So here’s my theory.

Teddy either stole that unmarked off a cop or he’s impersonating a cop.

He’s a fucking total bullshitter.

Wait him out, ’cause we can hold him indefinitely.



If you are within the sound of my goddamn voice, get your big ass up here!

Don’t make me come looking for you!

This motherfucker gonna make me come looking for him.

[intense music]


Huber, you in there?


Damn! This is bullshit.

Anybody got eyes on Huber? Get him!

You see him, tell him to get his ass in my office right now!

[door shuts]

[music continues]

Huber: Listen to me. This is harassment, okay?

I’m doing everything that I can.

I’ve probably gotten about a key and a half out of evidence.

Do you have any fucking idea what that entails?

What can happen to me if I… I know I owe you.


What do I need to do?

[water sloshing]


[farts] Ah…


[sniffles] Ah…

[breathing heavily]

The fucking…


Fuck fireball, dude.

This fucking hangover is gonna be a motherfucking bitch if I don’t get some Aspirin in me, too.

Aspirin’s bad for your liver.

Cool, dude. Thanks. You a fucking doctor?


I got my degree from the University of Common Sense.




I didn’t think you studied there.


I’m getting a sinking suspicion that “Huh” is the word that best describes you.

I’m getting the fucking suspicion…

Fucking fuck you, dude. [sniffles]


What you got there?


Just a minute.


What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Are you fucking setting an alarm to remind you to get your ass kicked?

I wouldn’t poke the bear, pal.



There it is again.


[scoffs] Oh, that’s good. Change it up. Huh. What.

Keep ’em guessing.

[chuckles] Damn it.

Don’t make me fuck you up in here, alright, man?

You look like a fucking stepdad.

I would slap the shit out of you.

You’re looking at a real one, son. I don’t give a shit!

You feel me?

[fire alarm blaring]

I felt that.


Teddy: Help! Hey, somebody help!

Hey! Help!


Hey! Help!


Hey, help!

Hey, somebody!

He’s having a seizure!

False alarm, guys.

I got something that caught fire in one of these evidence bins.

Can someone please bring me a fucking fire extinguisher up here?

Woman on radio: We’re on it.

Jesus Christ, that’s loud.

What the fuck is happening?

Where you been, Huber? Sarge’s looking you.

His voice carries.

Hey, who’s is this?

That’s the douchebag that clocked Young at the casino.

[chuckles] Is he still down in Holding?


My God!

Somebody please help this man!

He’s gonna die! [laughs]

Situation in Holding! Get your ass down to Holding now!


Viddick: He’s gonna die! Teddy: Help!

Viddick: He’s gonna die! He’s gonna die!

He’s, he’s foaming at the mouth.

It’s like, it’s like he’s not gonna make it.

He did it! He did it! He…

Oh, my gosh.

Don’t go in there! Viddick: He’s not gonna make it!

Please help him!

Alright, buddy.

Oh, my God!

Watch your back!

…prisoner who doesn’t appear to be breathing.

He did it! Hey, watch your back!

Look out!





Oh, shit! Shit!

[fire alarm blaring]

We got shots fired! We got shots fired!

Teddy: Help!

Help! He’s trying to fucking kill me!


[gun cocks]

[fire alarm blaring]

You seem to have sobered up.

I’m gonna need you to drop that gun and lower yourself as flat as a board to the floor for me.

[blaring continues]

You’re shaking.

[inhales] Yeah. I’m nervous.

It’s amazing I haven’t blown your fucking head off.

You assaulted my sergeant and are attempting an escape.

There’s not a jury in Nevada that would blah, blah, blah.

Drop that fucking gun…


[intense music]


[music continues]


[door buzzing]

[gun clatters]

What the hell happened?

We need an ambo in here now.

Check sarge. Pena: Is he shot?

No, but he was attacked.

And get the other guy up to the infirmary now.

He’s having trouble breathing. Pena: Shit.

Man 1: …laceration in your head…

Give me your right wrist.

Anything I can do to help, officer?

Yeah. Shut the fuck up.

Teddy: I’ll be right here if you need anything.

Move! The fuck you whipping that hand for?

Pena: Ah, you good?

Yeah. Perfect.

Right there, to your left.

Ah, ah…

Come on.

Show me.

You wanna check ’em?

Sit down.

[Viddick sighs]

Sarge, sit up. Alright.

Ooh. Hm.

Look at me. Alright.

I think he dislocated your jaw. I’m gonna have to reset it.

I’m gonna stick my thumbs in your mouth.

One, two, three.

[Mitchell groans]

Okay. Let’s get up. Let’s get up.

[Mitchell groans]

Alright. Get to the infirmary.

[intense music]

Get the goddamn door.

I’m doing it. Come on.

There you go.

Alright. Alright.

This guy’s bleeding like a fucking geyser.

Wait, wait, wait. Ah, ah…


Alright, sarge. I got you. Sit.

[Mitchell groans]

Kimble, what’s with the fucking ambulance?

Kimble: Give me a second. I’m checking on it.

This guy’s bleeding like a fucking geyser.

Alright, sarge.

I think his windpipe is crushed.

What… what… what are you doing?

I’m gonna have to open his airway so he can breathe.

No, no. Let’s wait on, let’s wait on the ambulance.

Wait on the ambulance?

Hey, buddy, buddy.

It’s… it’s gonna be alright.

Just calm down. Just calm down.

It’s okay. Hey, this is gonna fuck…

Let’s just wait for the doctor, alright?

Alright. I did this in Army Medical Corps on a cadaver.

O… on a fucking cadaver? Was it a cadaver before it started?

Are you fucking kidding me?

What? I’m just, I’m nervous.

I make bad jokes when I’m nervous.

Then refrain so I…

Let me focus.

[blood gurgling]

Hey, aren’t you left-handed?

Shut the fuck…

Fuck it! You’re left-handed!

Fuck! Just… Are you sure?

Let’s just wait on the ambulance!

Oh, God.




[blood gurgling]

Are we steady yet?


Oh, he’s breathing. Is he breathing?

Hey, we did, we… we… we did it.

Pena: That’s how you…


Pena: That was fucking badass.

Keep an eye on him.

That was fucking badass, seriously.

Hey. This is Huber.

I was told to call you.

Yeah. Yes.

[dramatic music]


[music continues]



Oh! Jesus! Fuck, Kimble!


Don’t do that!

Motherfucker, what are you in my biz for?

Yeah, how long does it take for IAFIS

to turn around prints usually?

Oh, they don’t prioritize DUIs.

So what does that mean?

It’s gonna take a while.

What’s got you so curious?


[door buzzing]

[intense music]

[door shuts]

Let’s you and me talk, man to man.

Never more than a day ahead of the devil, huh?


Tell me, Teddy. Teddy: Tell you what?

Tell me why Mr. Meryl Streep back there faked a DUI to get into this station for a shot at killing you?

I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him? Bob Viddick.


Why are you trying to kill him?

Why do you care? You don’t even like him.


Why is he trying to kill you, Teddy?

Okay. Let’s do this.

You can tell me everything and, I mean, every last fucking thing.

Or option two, you can keep smart-assing me, shrugging off my questions with that stupid fucking look on your face, and I’ll put you and your pal in the same cell together.

You’re not gonna do that.

Let’s not be ridiculous. Seriously.

Teddy: You can’t do it. You’re not allowed, remember?

Stop fucking around.

I am as far away from fucking around as you can possibly get.

You still drunk?

Sober as a judge.

Hm. You’re gonna fuck with me?

Nope. Not you.

Problem solved.


This is way beyond anything you wanna get involved with, lady.

You don’t fucking understand.


You don’t understand how incredibly fucking bored I am.

Okay. Fuck it.

You wanna know?

I’ll tell you.

Teddy: Alright, what I do, my profession, I put people together, high-profile people, like-minded, shared interests, movers and shakers kind of shit.

Cops, politicians, entrepreneurs, heads of state, I handle them all.

Call it high-end consultancy.

You’re a fixer.

No, I hate that fucking term.

I don’t fix. I manufacture opportunities.

Viddick: She doesn’t have to get hurt, Teddy.

What he knows, you don’t need to know.

I’m all ears.

You read the papers?

That’s mostly what I do here.

So you know about the Nevada Attorney General that was murdered last week, Fenton?

Bill, motion is done.

Now, the people I work for, they got their hooks into everything.

Just need you to sign it so I can file.

And when I say everything in the State of Nevada, I’m talking about the gaming industry.

That is the summit from which everything else flows forth.

Now, my job is simple.

I keep ’em talking, I keep ’em happy.

This guy, Fenton, uh, he was a crusader.

So you tried to buy him off?

Teddy: Multiple times.

And he wasn’t biting?

Teddy: Not even a nibble.

But when they clipped Fenton, walls came crumbling down.

He recorded everything I said with him and he used that as leverage to get me to roll.

Teddy, you’re about to perjure yourself with people that will butcher your entire fucking bloodline!

If you don’t come clean, I can’t help you.

The feds offered me a deal. I took the deal.

What kind of deal?


I’m invisible, that’s what I’m gonna be.

Get people to turn.

What do you mean what the fuck I’m talking about? I got…

High-level, people with their hands in the mix.

Listen to me, don’t bust my balls on this, alright?

And then one night I almost got accidented.


What does that mean?

[Teddy screaming]

They almost blew me the fuck up.


So I had to go to ground, disappear.

Viddick: Why don’t you tell her about the money, Teddy?

I haven’t heard you mention the money once.

What money?

Go on, Teddy.

Now that we’re all sharing, tell her about the millions you siphoned off and stashed away somewhere.

The feds knew about the money.


It’s not bullshit.


This guy will roll in your fucking guts, given the opportunity.

I’ll take my chances.

Hard chargers get charged hard.

What does that mean?

But you know…

It means, if you push through much, then you get pushed back hard.

That… that doesn’t sound as cool.

But it’s meant to be helpful?

What the fuck d’you think I said it for?

Okay. Well, alright.

Thank you. Thank you.

Alright. Take me through the last 24 hours.

The gunshot wound, the Crown Vic, etcetera, all of it.

Teddy: A pair of Vegas’ finest drove me out of town to quote, “Deliver me to the FBI,” unquote.

It was bullshit. These cops were bent.

I had a date with a hole in the desert.

Thank God the feds were shadowing me or I’d have been totally fucked.

[tires screeching]

[indistinct yelling]

Drop your weapons!

Hey, hey.



Man 2: Where is he?


Man 3: Over there!



I don’t know!

Man 2: Stop him!



[indistinct yelling]

[men groaning]




[indistinct yelling]


[indistinct yelling]

Teddy Murretto does not die, motherfucker!

Young: This is Young down in Holding.

Kim, you around?

Right here, sugar.

Young: Are Barnes and Ruby still off-site?

Uh, they’re on their way back with the tow truck.

Alright, have the tow truck continue on here, but ask Barnes and Ruby if they can reroute to the old Nomad Motel out on Route 95, just north of Lee Canyon.

Possible crime scene, multiple shooting victims.

Kimble: But there hasn’t been a call-out.

I know. Just have them radio once they’re on scene.

It’s gonna be alright, sarge.

We’re gonna take care of everything.

How are you feeling, sarge?


He good?

Yeah. Yeah, he’s still breathing.

Is that ambulance coming from Reno?

It’s, they’re fucking taking forever.

I’ll ask Kimble to call them again.

Don’t let him fall asleep. Huber: I got it.

[door opens]

6 Charles, 12, this is Central.

Barnes: It’s Barnes.

Barnes, give me one second.

I’ve Young coming up right now.

Young: Kim.

I got Barnes at the motel.

Alright. I need you to find that ambo for me, please.

Got it.


Yeah, Young, what are we supposed to be seeing out here?

Any signs of a shoot-out, um, shell casings, blood spatter, drag marks?

We need update on that ambulance, please.

Barnes: No, nothing.

Alright. Thanks.

About ten minutes on that ambulance.

Bad accident on the 15 Southbound backed up traffic.

Okay. Can you do me a favor and run a name for me?

Bob or Robert Viddick.

Try spelling variations on that last name.

Who is he?

I think he might be our John Doe downstairs.

Have his scans come back from my office?

No, not yet. Huber already asked.

About what?

The prints, John Doe.

Why the fuck is Huber asking about that?

Viddick: May I ask you a personal question, Teddy?

Teddy: I don’t see why not.

Viddick: You had it all.

You know, they took good care of you, didn’t they?

Money, women, whatever.

Why in the hell would you give that up?

You know, you could’ve kept going.

You know, they would’ve never let you go down.

You’d never see the inside of a courtroom or that cell.

You should’ve just kept going.

I don’t do should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.

Nah, you just light your entire fucking life on fire, run as fast as you can, hoping that’ll put out the flames.

You know what you’ve never been?

Not once?

Tell me, Teddy.

You’ve never been forced down the fucking rabbit hole making life-and-death decisions, Bob.

I do that every fucking day.


No, you don’t.

Those aren’t decisions. Those are directives.

Kill this guy, kill that guy.

Wipe out that family, fucking vanish another one.

You’re a psychopath, Bob, plain and simple.

I’m not a psychopath, Teddy. I’m a professional.

And there’s a difference.

You’ll know it when you see it.

Young: What about this other guy, Viddick?

Schier: I’m not familiar with him.

Probably a cutout. Notched.

Mob mostly contracts third-party participants for heavy lifting like this.

These are distinctly bad people, officer.

So the quicker we can get Murretto moved, the better.

We found the bodies of his ex-wife and son last night floating in a runoff slough near Lake Mead.

Shit. Schier: Listen.

Teddy Murretto has made more enemies than I can count.

So, what did he tell you about this little daring escape he pulled off?

Young: That a pair of crooked cops got ambushed by the feds and touched off a big gun fight.

Have you turned up anything on that?


[intense music]

Not a thing.

Thank you.

[man grunts]

Schier: That’s it.

[sighs] Yeah. Alright.

[music continues]

[line ringing]


We got a big fucking problem.

We got a cop in Gun Creek asking too many fucking questions.

[door buzzing]

My kid okay? You get in contact with my ex?

I talked to a detective at Vegas PD, and they’re gonna send a car and do wellness check.

I’m sure everything’s fine.

Let me check my cell phone.

You can’t check your cell phone, Teddy.

Let me check it.

I’m sorry.

She’s got information from me that, that could put her in danger, okay?

When Vegas PD reaches back out, I’ll let you know.

I’ll let you know.

[intense music]

[door buzzing]

[door locks]

Kimble: Robert K. Viddick. All known associates.

What do we have here?

[music on radio]

Well, don’t these guys look like a bunch of fucking assholes?

[eerie music]


Anthony Lamb.

What kind of jerk-off name is that?

Manslaughter, assault with deadly weapon, battery.


I have a birthday balloon bouquet for Officer Huber.

You look just like this fucking ass-bag down here.

Anthony: Oh, come on now. You’re kidding.

No, you got to check this out.

Look at this. Anthony: What?

You look just like him.

The resemblance is fucking uncanny.

Now, what are the odds?


Uh-oh. Hold on, everybody.

Anthony: Hold steady now.

Ooh, the boats are rocking.

Oh, I’d love to know what’s going through your mind.

[glass shatters]

Sorry, guy, traffic was a bitch. What do we got?

Thank God you’re here. He took quite a spill.

He’s right back here.

Man 4: Holy shit. Man 5: Check vitals.

Man 4: He got no pulse.

You say, um, you say he fell?

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, to clarify, I shot him in the head and then he took that little tumble.


Ooh. Dang.


Are you…

Is that your blood right on my head brushed out you in your head? Imagine that.

Anthony Jay Lamb, you got to buy yourself a lottery ticket today.

Ooh, I hope they’re powerballin’.


Kimble, where the fuck’s that ambo, man?

Oh, shit!

What the fuck? Hey, who the fuck are you?

Hey, oh, hang on. I called for help.

Pena: Easy, easy.


No. What the fuck happened?

I’m just a balloon man.

Man, I’m calling for help, buddy.


Goddamn, son!

Did ya…

What is the first rule of policing, huh?

Beware of the unusual element.

And in this scenario, I believe that it’s me.

Officer, well, officer formerly known as… Pena.

[chuckles] Pena.

Get down, motherfucker!

Flat as a board. Get…


What the fuck is that?


I used to be a much better man.


[intense music]


[music continues]


The fuck was that?



[music continues]



Anthony: Oh, shit now.




Hold off.

Well, that fucking blew.



How bad is it?

[panting] You happen to hear all that gunfire?

Are you a fucking idiot, Teddy?

That question persists.

I hate talking about the gunfire.

Fuck me.


[sighs] Fuck.

Young: You got to be fucking shitting me.


[exhales sharply] The guy was firing what looked like a snub-barreled submachine gun. Those use nine millimeter ammo.

This bullet in my stomach is a .44 caliber.

[sighs] Rico.

What does that mean?


It means she shot herself.

It means I fucking shot myself.

Young, it’s me.

Come let me out of this cell, okay?

You don’t know what’s going on up there and you’re wounded bad.

You’re gonna bleed out. Young, you know me.

This is Young, I’m trapped down here in Holding with two detainees, and I’ve been shot in the abdomen. [panting]

Young on radio: Pena and Kimble have been killed.

Be aware, we have an armed assailant on sight.

He is outside the cell block at present. Over.

[intense music]


Teddy: Young, you don’t have much time. You’re bleeding out.

Get me out of this. Come on, I can help you.

You have no idea what’s going on up there, you are bleeding badly. Get me the fuck out of here.

[exhales sharply] Oh, jeez.

[gun cocking]


Ah! Damn.

Now, that does appear to be bulletproof.


Goddamn, whoa.

[Anthony laughs]

Anthony Lamb.

Is that big bad Bob Viddick?

Sideshow Bob, what the fuck are you doing in there?

You know this whack job?

Yeah. He’s a… Tsk.

Uh, Miss Law And Order, how about you open this door, we wrap this up real quick and I get the hell out your head? Too sweet, huh?

Theodore Murretto.

I’ll be a fucking monkey’s uncle. Look at you in there.

One of male grooming’s greatest misfires, the man bun.

You look like old Tom Cruise in that Samurai picture that nobody watched.

Goddamn! Bob, what’s happening in there?

Uh, yeah, hey, Anthony.

Anthony: You know what, Bob, I’m sorry, I’m going by the more friendly and less formal Tony these days. I know it’s been a minute.

Hey, Anthony, I’m gonna need you to clear off this contract.

Anthony: No, no, can’t do, Bob, this contract is free fire as there are competing parties for one Theodore Murretto.

Viddick: Hey, Anthony. Anthony: You know…

I’m not responding to that name.



I’m not responding to that fucking name, Bob, you heard me.

Doesn’t, uh, Joe Totino in Chicago have a $65,000 stick around your head?

Uh, he does indeed, Bob.

And all he’s gotten back are the heads of the assholes he sent to collect mine.

Clear off my contract now, Anthony, or as God is my witness, I’m gonna cut off your fucking head, put it in a bag and drive it to Chicago, I shit you not.


Is that a gauntlet you’re throwing down there, Bob?

Are we gonna duel to the death?


Anthony: Well, if so, I foresee some terrible things for you in the not-too-distant future, Bob.

I drew you a dick.

It just got weird.

Well, it’s gonna get weirder.

You like this accent, Murretto?


I’m coming in there whether you like it or not.


Viddick: Now you see the difference?

That is a psychopath.

[dramatic music]

Young on radio: 10-13, this is Officer Valerie Young.

I am gravely wounded in the subfloor detention block at the Gun Creek City Police headquarters. Copy.

Can anyone hear me?

10-13, officer in dire medical need. Over.

[intense music]

[radio static]



You’re gonna run out of time, Young. You’re gonna die.

Teddy doesn’t care if you live or die.

Right. And you do. Trust me.

Don’t listen to him.

Viddick: I don’t care what… Teddy: Let me help you.

Viddick: Don’t fucking…

Both of you, shut the fuck up!

God, no…


[knocking on glass]

Huber: Valerie?

[knocking on glass]


Huber: Are you there?

It’s Huber.


You’ve got an armed man out there. Watch your back.

I’m shot. Both detainees are secure.

Huber: Suspect fled the scene. It’s over.

[keypad keys beeping]


Huber: Passcode ain’t working. Did you change it?

Yeah. Huber: Well, tell me what it is.

So I can get in there and help you.

Where’s Mitchell?

Huber: They’re all dead, Valerie.

I’m sorry.

Son of a bitch murdered every last man.

Where are you shot?

Didn’t you hear my call-out earlier?

No. I, I wasn’t near my radio.

[intense music]


Young: Huber… why were you interested in those IAFIS scans?

Huber: What’s that?

Kimble said you asked about the IAFIS scans for our DUI.

Huber: Yeah. You know why?

I just had a really bad feeling about that guy.

Which guy?

Huber: Viddick, the DUI.

He was processed as John Doe.

Young: Where did you get the name Viddick?

Where’s the man who killed your fellow officers, Huber?

Is he whispering in your ear?

Huber: They don’t care about us.

All we have to do is stand down and give ’em Murretto.

We’ve already lost three cops.

I can’t even think about losing another one, okay?

You’re a piece of shit, Huber, and a horrible cop.

I never liked you, and sarge couldn’t stand you.

[chuckles] Well, you… you know what, Valerie, sarge doesn’t have to worry about me anymore, and you’re not gonna have to worry either if you keep up this Alamo bullshit.

You already got a bullet in your belly, hon.

You want another one in your brain?

I’d like you to try, motherfucker.

I’d like you to get on in here and get that bullet there.

You wanna do that for me?

Oh, yeah, we are.

We’re gonna come in there, you stupid fucking bitch!

You hear me? We’re getting in there!

[intense music]

Well, Teddy’s dead.

♪ That’s what I said ow ♪

♪ Let the man rap a plan said he’d see him home ♪

♪ But his hope was a rope and he should’ve known ♪

♪ I’m about to misuse him rip him up and abuse him ♪

♪ Another’s flunkie’s plan ♪

♪ You fucked with the wrong man ♪

♪ Ooh a terrible blow but that’s how it go ♪

♪ Teddy’s on the corner now ♪

♪ And you’re gonna be a flunkie wow ♪

♪ Remember Teddy dead ♪

♪ Ooh that’s what I said ♪

♪ Let the man rap a plan said he’d see… ♪♪

Actually, he’s got a pretty nice voice.

[dramatic music]

[switch clicks]

Huber: Alright. This is it.

Anthony: Can we access it through these ducts?

Huber: It’s 12 inches in diameter, it’s way too narrow.

Anthony: How about we break down that door?

[Huber inhales deeply] No. Uh, uh…

This thing is like a side of a fucking tank, it’s an armory-style door, never get in.

That’s why I think we bust in through this wall, come in through the locker room. This is Murretto’s cell right here.

I mean, it’s a thick son of a bitch.

Probably it’s a foot of solid concrete.

[Anthony sighs]


we bang some rock.


What do you think they’re doing out there?

Finding a way in.

And when they do get in, they’ll kill you first.

Viddick: I’m gonna tell you to barter with them, but Lamb will just lie, then strip the skin off your bones once you give him what he wants.

[sighs] All you had to do was just let me blow Murretto’s head off when I had the chance.

Then you wouldn’t be sitting there with a bullet in your side praying for a fucking miracle.

Bullets before prayers.

Is that a poem?

Bullets before prayers.

My great-grandfather had that scrawled on his Stahlhelm helmet in World War II.


Wasn’t that a German army helmet?

Your great-grandfather was a Nazi?

But you’re…



Young: Nazis were in North Africa in the 1940s, just a little trivia to take from the circumstance.

Like most Germans at the time, he had to fight.

They were being overrun, he didn’t have a choice.

Yeah, deja vu.

Wait, what?

Deja vu.

That’s not deja vu, dummy.

Yes, it is. Viddick: No, it’s not.

Deja vu is when you experience the exact same thing a second time.

Or the sensation that you have.

Why are you taking his side?

How the fuck am I taking his side?

You said that your great-grandfather had to fight, that he was overrun and he had no choice, like me, sitting right here. Deja vu.

Okay, whatever. You win.

[exhales sharply] Anybody else feel cold?

Hey, look at me, Young. Don’t close your eyes.

Throw me the keys. Throw me the keys.

You’re better off bleeding to death sitting there.

Do not give him the keys.

You’re gonna listen to that contract killer or are you gonna listen to me?

Are you fucking kidding?

He’s a mob flunky conman.

Who would you rather have fighting for your life right now, Val?

Not you.

Never you.

Why, because I’m the bad guy?




Here they come.


[intense music]


[Huber grunting]



[panting] Hey, asshole, you’re gonna help me or you’re just gonna sit there eating that shit?

We just got but the one hammer there, Hoss.

Yeah, I get that, but I… I thought that maybe we could switch, you know, trade off.

Oh, come on, man, I already killed four people tonight, including two of your coworkers.

I am bushed.

I killed my fucking sergeant tonight and an innocent civilian.

Yup, well…

You’re in the cop business, so that makes you a murderer.

But I’m in the murder business, so that just makes me a laborer.

You see how that works?

You’re fucking crazy.

And also, on top of it, not to beat a dead horse, but you could use some physical activity.


Oh, come on, man.

I can’t imagine your wife likes you sliding all up on top of her looking like a big old Hot Pocket with a hard-on.

I mean, lookit, don’t you wanna look like that one time?

Fucking Chris Hemsworth enjoys a beach day with his wife Elsa Pataky.

Just one time in your life don’t you wanna look like Thor?

Of course you do.

It’s only gonna happen with hard work and a swinging to the mighty hammer.

So carry on, my Norseman. Come on, Thor!


I think we’re out of prayers, Young.


I don’t wanna see you bleed out and I, I don’t wanna see anybody take the skin off your bones.

I just wanna get the fuck out of here.

Viddick: Young, you wanna see a way through this?

Don’t listen to him. Throw me the fucking keys.

Think he’s gonna make it through these guys?

And if he does, you think you’re gonna see him again?


[keys jingling]


Viddick: Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me.

All that blood loss has made you loopy, lady.

Young: I don’t wanna die in here if I can help it.

But I’m trusting you, Teddy, to do as you say and help me and not run from this.

Viddick: All Teddy does is run.

He’s running from me, he ran to you.

How do you think he got in here? He sucker-punched a cop, you!

I got that last week.


I want it back.

Oh, you just fucked us both.

In the kitchen, next to the in-take lobby, there’s a trauma kit above the fridge.

Viddick: He’s a fucking opportunist, that’s all he is.

Please bring that back here.

I won’t make it otherwise, Teddy.

Ask Officer Young where your ex-wife and son are, Teddy.

[intense music]

You said you sent out a unit to check on them.

Did that unit ever arrive, Officer Young?

Are Teddy’s family all wrapped away safe and sound?


where are they?

I’m sorry, Teddy.


I’m sorry.


[music continues]

Did you know my family was dead, Viddick?

You couldn’t have saved them anyway, Teddy.

You doomed ’em a long time ago.

Did you kill my family, Bob?


I didn’t. [inhales sharply]

Lamb have something to do with it?

[Viddick inhales sharply]

I can’t be sure.

Best guess.

Viddick: Where were they found?

In a runoff slough, near Lake Mead.

Yeah, it was him.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

That top cap was a butt-naked tranny with a mask on.

[chuckling] You can’t say, you can’t say tranny.

You have to say transvestite.

That’s your call?

Now you have to say transvestite, it’s just like…

Fuck that. Hey, where the fuck is everybody?


They’re still doing construction this late?

They shouldn’t be.


[intense music]

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck happened here?



Oh, man…

[grunts] This fucking thing’s taking forever.


Huber, what the fuck?

Hey, you guys. You’re back. Where… Why are you back?

We ran out to a scene for Val.

What the fuck are you doing?

Who’s this?

Why is he at the…


[Barnes groaning]

No, no, wait, ho… hold on.


[groans] Huber, Huber, I don’t know nothing.

I didn’t see nothing, man.

I got kids.

He’s not gonna say anything.

Tell him you’re not gonna say anything.

I swear to fucking Christ, I’ll never say anything.

Are you sure?


You can trust him, he’s my friend.

Oh, you all friends?


Yeah, then you shoot him.

All friendly-like.


I can’t. Not, not Barnes.

You shot your sergeant.

This man means something to me.

I’m gonna walk over there and empty the contents of this weapon into his face.

So if you plan to be more humane, now is the fucking time!

No, Huber, Huber, come on, man.

I’m shot and wounded.


I’m sorry, Barnes.

Look at me, dude, look at me.

You were right.

You know my kids, man. I promised them I’d be home.

Just close your eyes, man.

I promised.

[Teddy grunts]


[music continues]

Viddick: Please tell me your grand plan was not freeing a fucking idiot, putting a gun in his hand.

What choice did I have?

Viddick: Freeing and arming me.

You’re a hired killer.


I wish you knew what I knew about him.

But you were so hell-bent on saving the day, that you wound up shooting yourself.

I won’t live in a world where

people like you win, Viddick.


You’ll just safeguard a lying asshole and give your life to protect his.

Should I look like you, Bob?

It’s honest.

It’s lawless.

And I won’t stand for it.

No, you’ll just sit there and bleed out instead.

Come on, give me the keys.

Give me the keys, Valerie.


And don’t call me Valerie. It’s creepy.

What the fuck? How did you do that, Bob?

Oh, let’s put a pin in that right now, Val.

I just wanted to see how our little friendship would play out.

Now pretty soon you’re gonna lose consciousness, you’re gonna fall asleep, and you’re not gonna wake up.

[breathing heavily]

Then will you listen to my dying wish before I do?

You have someone you love?

Don’t we all?

No, we don’t, but you do.

Viddick: No, that’s your left hand, your gun hand.

You’re not gonna wear a ring there.

You’re married.

You wanna see him again?

Teddy’s not coming back. You can trust me on that.

You said you wanted to take your chances, here they are.

You either sit there and bleed out or give me the goddamn keys.

[breathing heavily]

[Anthony whistling]

Anthony: Ooh, now Teddy dead, motherfucker.

♪ Ooh that’s what I said ♪

[intense music]

♪ Now the motherfuckin’ Teddy’s dead ♪

♪ Oh ♪♪


[glass shattering]

Anthony: Teddy!

You, you shot me.

[gun cocks]

[switch clicks]

[water splashing]

Anthony: Teddy, you could’ve stopped this whole goddamn mess, man, and saved your family, too.

Lookit, all they wanted was those names.

And, well, and all the money you stole, you thieving little motherfucker.

[music continues]


[water running]


Ah, you’re shootin’ at shadows, Mr. Teddy.

Yeah, you better conserve that ammo.

♪ You’re gonna need it ♪♪


[Anthony chuckling]

[indistinct singing]

Remember, Teddy’s dead.

[music continues]



Officer Huber.

Listen, I…



[Huber screams]


No, no!



[Huber coughs]


[Anthony laughing]

Anthony: I sedated ’em, Teddy.

They were sound asleep when I put the Ziplocs over ’em.

It didn’t take for two minutes. I didn’t want them to suffer.

They didn’t fuck up, Teddy. You did.

You… you were the fuck-up of the family.

And then I laid them in the water.

We all deserve the water in the end, no matter what we’ve done.

[dramatic music]

[water running]

[music continues]

[Huber coughing]



[water splashing]

It’s fucking Huber.




[both grunting]




[Viddick grunting]

[groaning] No…

[panting] No…





[both grunting]


[Anthony groaning]

Hey, man, Bob. [groaning]

[Anthony mumbling]

Alright, now it hurts.

[Anthony groaning]

I’m think we’re gonna need something just a little bit bigger, Anthony, cut off your head.


That’s your reaction?

[mumbles] Fuck.

Mother… Motherfuck…

Motherfucker! [groaning]

[Anthony laughing]

[intense music]

[Anthony mumbling]



Pirate code.

A temporary ceasefire to achieve a common end, as in this end.


Our little lost Lamb isn’t dead just yet.

Viddick: So I’m gonna let you send him off.

Revenge for your family.

[Anthony groaning]

Then you and I are gonna resume…


Anthony: Oh, man!

[Anthony mumbling] Motherfucker!

[Anthony groaning]

[Anthony mumbling]

The water. [groaning]

[groaning] The water…


[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[liquid sloshing]

[music continues]


[dramatic music]

[music continues]

Young: Not bad, is it?

That’s jackfruit.

It’s not chicken.

I mixed some garlic and cilantro with store-bought coleslaw.

That’s the secret.



You never came back.

I was coming back, Val.

I was grabbing this kit right here and I was coming back.


So you were gonna bring it after you ate, but before you lit this place on fire?

And where’s my gun?

Am I gonna get that back?

That’s okay.

[inhales sharply] I got my friend’s gun.

[sighs] My dead friend.

I heard that machine gun of yours making quite the statement.

So, have you seen Huber?





There it is.

My own bullet that I put in my stomach protecting you.

Viddick was right about you.

But… we are what we are… always.

You seem to always have so much to say. Nothing new now?

I was just wondering where all this is going.

[sighs] Yeah.

Me, too.

I’ll guess we’ll find out soon.

I radioed in a Code 3, also known as a Hot Call, so…

We’re ten minutes away from our parking lot being flooded with every available law-enforcement officer within a 20-mile radius.

And I just took an adrenaline shot.

So I’m feeling a little rambunctious.



You can run.

So you could shoot me in the back?

You’ve already stabbed me in mine.

[fire crackling]

I think we should get you back to your cell now, Teddy.

[fire crackling]

[intense music]

Unless you had something else in mind.



[music continues]

[glass shattering]

[music continues]


[glass shattering]


Thank you, sarge.

[water splashing]






[intense music]











[music continues]


Thanks, Pena.

[music continues]


Never more than a day ahead of the devil, Teddy.

[intense music]

Or maybe I’m your devil now.

And this is our day.

You can’t run from this.

Hell’s already here.

[music continues]


[glass shatters]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[fire crackling]

[water splashing]

Yo, Val, I’m just sitting here wondering… where things went wrong between us.

[coughs] We were up to such a good start.

Val, Val, Val. Wait, wait. Give me ten seconds.

Give me ten seconds of your time. Just give me ten seconds.



[Young gasping]

[Young coughing]

[intense music]


I’m sorry, officer.


[music continues]


[music continues]

[groans] Fuck…

Good for you. You didn’t beat me, Bob.


[intense music]


What’s in the bag, Bob?

Go home, Val.


She with you? Schier?

What does it matter? You made it.


Let this go, Val.

Just let it go.

[instrumental music]

Yeah. There you go.



Come on.

[siren wailing]


Forget it.

[siren wailing]

[intense music]

[engine starts]

[engine revving]

[siren wailing]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

Viddick: Hey, it’s Viddick.

All good. Murretto’s burned.

Yeah, shit. Easy breezy.

Oh, by the way, I want you to call that Joe Totino in Chicago.

Tell him I’m bringing him a beautiful piece of Lamb.

Woman on radio: All units be advised, we have an unidentified white male suspect in a stolen police cruiser, last seen exiting…

Man 6: What was that, officer?

Woman on radio: Heading southbound on I-15.

I’m gonna need you to pull this fucking ambulance over.

Right now.

[tires screeching]

[exhales sharply]

Man on radio: All units be advised.

Pullover, pullover, a white male suspect identified as Robert K. Viddick, Robert K. Viddick.

Last seen exiting the Gun Creek police station.

He’s in possession of a stolen unmarked police car.

Text babe. Hey, baby.

I’m putting in a couple of hours overtime.

See you later. I love you.

[message beeps]

[engine revving]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[radio tuning]

[pop music on stereo]


♪ Hey hey ♪

[music on stereo]

♪ Love love ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

♪ Ah ha ♪

♪ Oh deja vu ♪

♪ Deja vu ♪

♪ Teddy’s dead ♪

♪ That’s what I said ♪

♪ Let the man rap a plan said he’d see him home ♪

♪ But his hope was a rope and he should’ve known ♪

♪ It’s hard to understand there was love in this man ♪

♪ I’m sure all would agree ♪

♪ That his misery was his woman and things ♪

♪ Now Freddie’s dead ♪

♪ That’s what I said ♪

♪ Everybody’s misused him ripped him up and abused him ♪

♪ Another junkie plan pushin’ dope for the man ♪

♪ A terrible blow but that’s how it goes ♪

♪ Oh Freddie’s on the corner now ♪

♪ If you wanna be a junkie wow ♪

♪ Remember Freddie’s dead uh-huh ♪

♪ Oh ho ♪

♪ Hey hey ♪

♪ Love love ♪

♪ Hey hey ♪♪

[intense music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


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