Code 8: Part II (2024) | Transcript

Follows a girl fighting to get justice for her slain brother by corrupt police officers. She enlists the help of an ex-con and his former partner, they face a highly regarded and well protected police sergeant who doesn't want to be.
Code 8: Part II (2024)

Directed by: Jeff Chan
Written by: Chris Paré, Jeff Chan, Sherren Lee, Jesse LaVercombe
Starring: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Sirena Gulamgaus, Altair Vincent, Alex Mallari Jr., Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Aaron Abrams, Jean Yoon
Release date: February 28, 2024 {(Netflix)
Running time: 100 minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English

Plot synopsis: Five years following the events of Code 8, the LCPD has reformed their militarized tech program, replacing the armed humanoid robots (Guardians) with non-lethal companion K9 robots, similar to dogs. Under the leadership of Sergeant Kingston, the project has been a success and the streets have never been safer. Having just got out of prison, Connor works as a janitor at a youth community centre, run by Mina. There, Connor keeps his head down and tries to stay out of trouble, leaving his past behind.

Garrett has taken control of an apartment complex where runs his “ethical” drug empire, paying powered people for their spinal fluid to make the drug psyke. Pavani and her older brother Tarak live in poverty within this community. When Tarak’s desperation leads him to steal a bag of cash from Garrett’s gang, he gets caught by Sgt. King and his unit of corrupt cops, who are being paid off. To cover it up, King orders a K9 unit to hunt Tarak down, injecting him with psyke to make it look like an overdose. Pav witnesses the murder, and using her rare ability, she causes the robotic K9 to malfunction and escapes.

Pav finds refuge at the community centre, where Connor and Mina help her stay hidden from the LCPD. Connor seeks out Garrett’s help to broker a peace deal, which includes wiping Pav’s memory of the murder. But when Connor realizes the mind wiper is erasing every single memory she has of her brother, he fights to break her free. Turning to Mina, they attempt to flee the city together but get ambushed by Garrett and his crew. During a tense standoff between Connor and Garrett, Sgt. King deploys robotic Guardians and orders them to kill everyone on site. Mina sacrifices herself and Connor, Pav, and Garrett manage to escape.

Detective Davis tracks them down and they learn that the only way to expose King for his crime is by breaking into his home and steal his K9 unit, which holds evidence of Tarak’s murder in its memory. After stealing the K9, Connor, Garrett and Pav escape to the Towers. Here, Garrett turns the tables on them, wanting to use the K9 as leverage to hold King and his officers at bay.

King and the officers surround the Towers and ambush the group after Garrett failed to broker a new deal. Garrett’s co-workers lets Connor and Pav escape while they stall the cops. A lone K9 goes after them and after a failed electric attack from Connor, Pav unlocks her full power and manages to turn the K9 against the cops. Once outside, they are in a final standoff. Garrett holds off a K9 and King himself until Pav finally manages to broadcast the recordings from King’s personal K9, bringing justice for her brother’s death.

Three months later, King is arrested and the K9 program is shelved for further inspection. Garrett is in prison and Connor has managed to start up the youth community centre with Pav in Mina’s honour.

* * *

[gate buzzes]

[guard 1 over radio] G3 on standby Gate 2. Inmate 641 approaching.

Requesting approval to open Gate 2.


[guard 2 over radio] Request approved for 641 at Gate 2.

[guard 1] Copy. Opening Gate 2.

[gate buzzes]

[seagulls squawking]

[train horn blows in distance]

[man] Long trip into the city.

I owe you.

So if there’s anything that you need from me,

I’m here.

You know what would help?

If I never saw your fucking face again.


[sinister music playing]

[man 1] Nobody knew why some people had powers, but as long as they were effective workers, it didn’t matter.

[man 2] This was a time when the usefulness of those skills outweighed the potential danger.

[newscaster 1] This is automation.

Today’s way of manufacturing.

[newscaster 2] Over time, those with power were no longer in demand.

Machines could do what they could do.

[newscaster 3] Hundreds are out of work. More layoffs are expected.

[reporter 1] Suspect is a 32-year-old Pyro.

[man 3] If you’ve got power, you’re a weapon.

[reporter 2] Recent figures show that the use of the street drug known as Psyke has spiked in Lincoln City.

[reporter 3] What effect did it have?

I like the high.

[man 4] It’s a Psyke epidemic.

[man 5] Psyke can be deadly.

[reporter 4] The main ingredient in Psyke, spinal fluid extracted from individuals with power.

[reporter 5] Crime is reaching record levels in the city.

[reporter 6] A deadly clash on 3rd Street between police and powered criminals has left four officers dead.

[reporter 7] Battering ram busting down doors here at this apartment complex in Monument Hill.

[reporter 8] They’re called Guardians, LCPD’s new robotic officers.

[reporter 9] …transferred $4.3 billion in military equipment to local police.

[man 6] How are we supposed to live knowing we’re being watched all the time?

[dispatcher] Possible Code 8.

[man 7] Y’all see that?

Why does everybody think our officers are out killing people?

[woman 1] These automated deaths by Guardians has got to stop.

Wanna talk about reform? You can sit at the table and talk about reform.

[reporter 10] A friendlier approach to policing.

The LCPD plans to reduce the number of deployed Guardians in favor of new nonlethal robotic canines.

[reporter 11] Lethal force is way down.

This is a chance for change.

[woman 2] We need our community safe.

[reporter 12] The latest budget includes funding for 200 new K9 units.

[reporter 13] These dogs are designed to withstand anything.

[reporter 14] …lives of the people of this city better.

[announcer] Welcome to Lincoln City, where everyone can feel safe.

[static crackles]

[dispatcher speaks through static on radio] …for support.

Looking for a white sedan last seen leaving Monument Hill Towers.

Suspects in vehicle possibly armed.

[officer over radio] Alpha 6 responding.

[man] Pavani.

Eat that after dinner.

Don’t do it.

[sighs] Come on.

Oh, jeez. You know you should be inside by dark.

[gas burner clicking]

There you go.

Now, we put the butter side down first.

No, not like that.

See, if you put it like this, the cheese melts down the side of the bread.

I like it like that.

[chuckles] I know you do.

[pop music playing over speakers]

All right, flip it.

[Pavani] Okay.

[groans, chuckling] What was that?

[chuckles] Want grilled cheese with your ketchup?


It’s my grilled cheese.

[man chuckles]

So you, um…

You need to study for that test?

It was yesterday. I got an A.

Oh yeah? [chuckles] No big deal, huh?

So, what about the special program you got into?

[Pavani] It’s good.

They’re just… asking us to buy books for it.

They don’t give ’em to you?

Not anymore.

It’s not a big deal. I can skip it.

No, no. No!

I’ll take care of the money. Okay?

You just keep banging out those A’s.

[“No Continues (Code 8 Remix)” by NTS, Bronze, Roshin playing]

[woman over PA] All right, everybody. Check out what Piper can do.

♪ You’re climbing the mountain… ♪

Let’s see what you got, Piper.

[crowd gasps]

She doesn’t bite.

♪ I ain’t gonna stop ♪

♪ To find my baby ♪

♪ To find her now ♪

[man] Should we wait till the cops leave?

♪ You got no chance but to slow me down ♪


♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yo ♪

♪ Bones of steel Heart of gold on an iron horse ♪

♪ You couldn’t metal with my metal With the brightest torch ♪

♪ Blue flames turn to greenish In my Coppertone ♪

♪ Peeling in and out of traffic When it’s stop and go ♪

♪ I locked and load Then I fire, stop, drop, and roll ♪

♪ Pick a jawn And then I pop it like I’m Karl Malone ♪

♪ Tame Impala out of the speakers In the face… ♪

The reduction in complaints against the department is important,

especially given the history here in this community.

But do you think this change is sustainable?

I mean…

Listen, we’re proud of the results, okay? But this is about more than just… stats.

Okay? This is a story about what happens when good officers are given the right tools to succeed at their jobs.

It’s a story that could be at the forefront of the youngest candidate running for union president?


Um, you know what? I appreciate your time, Nadine.

Thank you for coming out now. Okay?

[woman over PA] Make sure to pick up a T-shirt, okay?

Everyone grab one.

We’ve got extras for your friends…


…your family, your favorite people.


He’s here.

You sold everything?

Yeah, this morning.

[man] Good.

[woman 2] Okay, let’s go.

[man 2] Hurry up.

[woman over PA] Who wants to win some prizes, huh?

[people clapping]

Okay, I love the turnout.

Yeah. Come on.



Hey. Hey, I wanna show you something.


Look at you. Getting better.

Yeah. I’m ready to move up. I could do more than just run bags.

[sighs] You’re a good runner. All right? There’s value…

Running’s fine for these other kids, man.

It’s just me and my sister.

Look. Just give me a chance…

[Tarak grunting]

Take the fucking hint.

[Tarak coughing]

Help him up.

[man] You okay?

Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine.

[man] Come on, get up.

You know, I grew up not too far from here, just a few blocks down that way.

Growing up, we faced some tough times.

Had some tough times with the police.

So I want you to know that I’m not coming here as an outsider.

I’m here because I’m one of you.

We all want the same thing.

We all want a safe neighborhood to grow up.

And, um, clearly… the Guardians were never the answer.

Well, we’ve listened.

And we’ve made changes.

But for the fun part. Officer Stillman.

Let’s get a round of applause for Officer Stillman making all the burgers.


Best chef in town, isn’t he? [chuckles]

Now I want you to see what happens when a K9 perceives a threat.

Go ahead and take that Taser out.

All right. Point it.

[K9 beeping]

He’s worried, but he doesn’t need to be. You got this. [laughs]


Ooh. [laughs]

[people clapping]

Jeez. Mm, that must have hurt.

But these things are only built to detain.

Okay? Never to harm. Never.

If you encounter one of these dogs, and you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing, there’s no need to be afraid. Stillman.

Just put your hands up.

[beeping and whirring]

[K9 powering down]

And the dog will stand down.

So, once more,

if you just put your hands up…

they won’t hurt you.

A round of applause for Officer Stillman.


Good job, buddy.

And a round of applause for Piper.

Feel free to come up, take a few photos with the kids.

I promise she won’t bite.

Everyone enjoy their time. All right?

[soul music playing over speakers]

[eerie music playing]

[footsteps approaching]

Pickup’s in ten.

It’s criminal what they tax us.

Well, it’s the cost of doing business. Come on.

[car engine starts]


[door opens, closes]

[breathing heavily]

[sinister music playing]


[man] Imagine how far we can get with this money.

[car door opens, closes]

[engine revs]

[sinister music intensifies]

[grunting, panting]


[car approaching]


[car door opens, closes]

[dispatcher over radio] Alpha 7, you still in Zone 4?

[Tarak breathing heavily]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[Stillman] What the fuck happened here?


What’s going on?

Bag’s gone.


[dumpster lid slams shut]

[officer] Hey, boss, you see this?

One of his boys must have flipped.

I don’t give a shit. Garrett still needs to pay his share.

Put a call out.

[door squeaks]


[sinister music playing]

What the fuck?

Hey! Hey, stop!


[Stillman] Got him.

No, no, no, no. K9.

[device beeps]

Yeah. Fucking little shit.

[sinister music intensifies]




[K9 beeps]

[K9 footsteps receding]

[door opens]

[door closes]


[ominous music playing]

[K9 footsteps approaching]


[K9 running]



[breathing heavily]




[sinister music playing]



[breathing heavily]





[K9 footsteps approaching]


Please. [whimpers]


Please. Please. Please.



[Tarak panting]

No. No, please. Please.

[Tarak panting]





[somber music playing]


[whirring and beeping]





[birds chirping]

[woman] Connor.

Wake up.


[breathing heavily]

[reporter on TV] …increased considerably over the last 18 months in Lincoln City with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The LCPD is pointing to the influx of Psyke farms in downtown Lincoln, with some powered people…

[somber music playing]


You gotta put up one of those little signs.

I almost slipped.

So, explain it to me.

You go and do five years while your boy Garrett builds an empire, and then you come back to mop the floors at a community center.

If you’re trying to get to Garrett, I don’t work for him anymore.


But that’s not who I’m after.

I just wanna talk.

Hey, look, I know you took the fall for some other people, and I know how things ended with your mom.

You really suck at this whole good-cop thing.

Where is Park anyway?

Climbed the ladder, leave you behind?

Hang onto this.

A lot’s changed since you’ve been gone.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[footsteps approaching]

Is he bothering you?

No. He’s an old friend.

Put the mop away. Who are you cleaning for, huh?

I still gotta do the carpets and the garbage.

What garbage? Nobody comes here anymore.


I’m just happy doing what I’m doing.

I remember when you used to come here to play. [chuckles]

Mud and crayons and glitter everywhere.

Ah. Mm.

Take some food home. Mm?


You’re so skinny.


[indistinct chatter over PA]

[solemn music playing]

[officer] Good morning, Sergeant.

[indistinct chattering]


How’s my girl doing?

[officer 2] Doing a lot better now.

What happened?

[officer 2] I honestly don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like this.

But I was able to salvage this.

Can an Electric do that?

Not the way these are built.

We’ve already got units looking for her. We’ll find her.

[static crackling]



Hey, are you okay?

[cans rattling]

Okay. I just… I’m not gonna hurt you.

Jesus Christ, calm down.

Everything’s fine. I’m not gonna hurt you.


I’m not coming in.

I’m not coming in.

I didn’t know where to go, so I came here.

Oh, no, no. You did the right thing coming to me.

I’m going to talk to Connor for a sec, okay?

[Connor] Well?

Her brother Tarak died last night.

A police dog killed him.

No, they don’t kill people.

It put a needle in him, then it came after Pavani.

Somehow, she got away.

Why was it chasing him?

I don’t know.

What was in the needle?

I don’t know.

Well, how did she get away?

Stop asking questions.

We need to find solutions.

[banging on door]

[Stillman] Police. Open up!


[suspenseful music playing]

[banging on door]

[Stillman] Police!


[Mina] Get her out of here.

Go. Go.

[Stillman] Police!

[Mina] Yes?

[Stillman] Ma’am, are you the operator of this establishment?

[Mina] Yes.

It’s the police.

We have to get you out of here. Come on.

May I come in and take a look around?

We’re closed. We open at 11:00.

It says on the door you open at 9:00.

We’re gonna figure this out, okay? But right now, you have to come with me.

…so today we open at 11:00.

I’m just gonna be a couple minutes inside.

I promise I’ll be out of your hair in no time.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come back.


[Stillman] Is there someone inside?

Yes, me. Now, goodbye.

[suspenseful music continues]

I’m gonna have to ask you to move back.

Are you trying to scare me?

I’m just doing my job.

Fuck. Shit.

[Connor] Come on. Go, go, go, go, go, go.

Look at us, just chitchatting in front of everybody.

There was an overdose last night.

Makes sense to talk to the local Psyke dealers.


Didn’t have to go down like that.

Garrett, there are rules to this, you know that.

When it’s my people, and it’s my territory,

it’s my fucking business.

If that girl talks, there is no business for anyone.

That’s a confused kid’s word against the entire LCPD.

Witnesses always talk, okay?

Stay quiet for a little bit, but eventually, they tell a parent, a teacher, a friend.

In this case, a janitor.

Connor Reed. You know him.

Back the fuck off.


We just wanna talk to him.

That’s all.

[keys jangling]

Close the door behind you.

[door closes]

[reporter on TV] …collision under the Fountain View Bridge.

Expect significant delays as you move southbound this afternoon.

[news anchor on TV] We have reports of a domestic disturbance, all involving a Class 3 Pyro in East Lincoln last night.

Police say when they arrived on the scene at 11:15, the individual had set fire to his car following a dispute with his wife.

Just… Put that down, okay?

…deployed on the scene were able to extinguish the fire and detain the Pyro without any further damage.

I’m hungry.

[news anchor] …the incident unharmed, though the Pyro will be charged…

Uh, there’s food in the fridge.

…with safety violations.


[Connor] Fuck.

[Pavani] You don’t have any food.

[news bulletin continues in background]

There’s just mustard.

Well, I’ll need to go shopping.

Until we find a place for you to stay… you can’t really leave the apartment.

[news anchor] In our next story, police filed a report about a missing girl, Pavani Gilani, from the Towers in Monument Hill.

Pavani’s brother, Tarak, was found dead of a Psyke overdose last night.

[officer] We’re devastated by the situation.

We’re in touch with community leaders as to how best to support them.

Right now, our top priority is locating the victim’s sister, Pavani, who’s been gone since last night.

Psyke abuse was the cause of death here, but…

That’s not true.

…we’re very concerned for Pavani.

He’s lying.

The victim has ties with the Psyke trade.

And oftentimes, these debts are moved on from one family member to another.

Pavani is out there somewhere.

We implore anyone who has any information regarding her whereabouts… [distorts]

Turn it off.

Turn it off.

Okay. All right. Okay.

Turn it off!

[Connor] Stop yelling. I’m turning it off.

Why won’t it turn off?

I don’t…

I’m trying. It’s not turning off.

Turn it off!

[Connor] Okay. Pav.

Pav. Okay.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

[breathing heavily]

Calm down.

It’s okay.


What did you say your power was?

[Pavani] Shh.

[distorted radio chatter]



They’re here.

[pilot 1] …119 Riverside.

[dispatcher] You have eyes on Alpha 10?

[pilot 1] Confirming Alpha 10 on the ground.

[dispatcher] Suspect is a Class 5 Electric last seen with the missing person, 14-year-old girl.

[pilot 1] Alpha 10 confirmed the location with K9.

[pilot 2] Guardians on standby for deployment.

Everything’s fine.

Just a wellness check.

[pilot 2] Two Guardians ready to deploy.

[suspenseful music playing]

Excuse me, ma’am.

[officer] Ready.

[Stillman] Go.

[device whirs]

[lock thuds]


[officer] Go, go, go!

[Stillman] Connor, are you there?

[officer] Clear.

Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go.

[suspenseful music continues]

Come on. Let’s go.

[Pavani gasps]

[Guardians powering up]


[guns cocking]


[Connor panting]

[Pavani] Come on.

[pilot] Attention, this is the LCPD.

You are under arrest for assaulting a Guardian.

Get on the ground.

[distorted] I’m losing lock on target.

I repeat, get on the ground…


[pilot, distorted] Suspects are fleeing on foot.

We can’t track them.

Where are we going?

How did they even find us?

[Connor] I don’t know.

Where are we going?

Pav. Jesus Christ.

We’re getting away from here.

You don’t know what you’re doing.

Yeah, well… I’m all you got, okay?

We need help.

[door opens]

[“I Feel So Good” by The Hearts playing over speakers]

[door closes]

[Garrett sighs]

[clears throat]

[waitress] Coffee, hon?

Yes, please, Camille. And a refill for my friend.

Okay. Anything to nibble on? Best pumpkin pie in Lincoln.

Just the coffee. Thank you.

[Camille] Okay.

He speaks.

You said you owed me for the time I did inside.

Still do. You’re here to collect?

I have to get someone out of the city tonight.

[Garrett] Who’s that?

A friend.

Does this friend have a name?

She’ll need a new ID, cash, safe place to stay. You do that for me… we’re even.

Do you remember the last time we spoke?

You told me, in no uncertain terms, “Go fuck yourself.”

Look, I’ll help you. I just… Quick question first.

What is it about me that you find so detestable that you would choose this pathetic life over all the things that I could offer you?

I think you’re a parasite who will take any opportunity to get ahead.

Doesn’t matter who gets hurt along the way.

And you try to act like you’re looking out for people like us, but that’s bullshit.

And you know it.

Hey, Camille. I actually will take a slice of that pumpkin pie, please.

[Camille] All right.

Let’s talk some more about your friend, Pavani, who’s eating the waffles over there.

[Connor breathing heavily]

Hey, Connor, calm down.

I know what she saw last night.

She’s very lucky to have a one-in-a-million power to be able to shut down that dog.

She’s a Transducer.

How do you know all this?

Because her brother interrupted a very important exchange between my team… and an ally of mine.


Lincoln City Police Department.

[Camille] There you go.

Thank you.

[Camille] Enjoy.

Thank you. I will.

[Camille] You’re very welcome.

I am nothing if not a sucker for sweets.


What the fuck are you into?

I made a deal with a cop.

He gets a cut. We get to operate freely.

We get to make Psyke more humanely.

We pay the donors properly. We give back to the community.

It works. Don’t shake your fucking head.

It works?

It works.

Her brother’s dead because of you. Okay?

She’s a kid. She has nobody. It doesn’t fucking work.

Maybe think for a second about who you’re talking to.

Fuck you.

[“Forever and a Day” playing over speakers]

Pav’s gonna come work for me.

And I’m gonna give her everything that she needs.

Our problem is the memory of her brother.

She needs to forget what happened last night.

You wanna erase the memory?

Yeah, ’cause I wanna keep her alive.

We can do it.

We can take care of her.

Or, you know, we… just kill her.

I like this alternative better.

Let me talk to her.

Connor, if you try to run, I’m gonna kill you.

[Connor] Pav, it’s just one memory.

Then the cops will leave us alone, okay?


I’m not going.

We don’t really have a choice.

Will you come with me?

Hey, Pav. I’m Garrett. I’m gonna have you ride up here with me.

Pav, do you know how Psyke is made?

He asked you a question.

Spine fluid.

From powered people.

That’s right. And for a long time, when it was made, people like you and me were exploited.

Do you know what that means?

I’m 14, not 5.

[laughs] Okay. Excuse me.

Well, we’re trying to make it so that it’s not that way anymore.

First step in doing that is all of us sticking together like one big family.

I’d like you to be a part of that family.


[“Circles” by Drezus, Dakota Bear playing over speakers, distorted]

♪…24 hours Someone go get on their neck ♪

♪ Someone go teach them respect… ♪

[door closes]

[footsteps approaching]

It’s all there.

You must be Pavani.

Come with me.

[sinister music playing]

Please, sit.

This is my daughter, Tamera.

She’s special, just like you.

Hold out your hands.

[Pavani gasps]

[woman] No, no, no.

Don’t pull away.

Or you won’t get to see what she can do.

[sinister music intensifies]

Think of him.


[woman] That’s right.

Your brother.

Picture his face.

Hear his voice.

His laugh.

[Tarak] Come on, Pav. What are you waiting for? Make a wish.

Pav, make a wish.

[Tarak chuckles]


[woman] Good girl.

Now, think about the night he died.

[eerie music playing]


No! Tarak!


[Pavani moans]

[woman] Perfect.

That’s enough.

[woman] We’re not finished.

You got what you need.

Memories have roots.

If even one lingers, the others can grow back in time.

You can’t take everything.

It’s all connected.

You serious? What the fuck, Garrett?

Calm down, please.

[Connor] She’s gonna forget her brother!

That’s the point.

Be quiet. She needs to focus.

Get her out of the chair! Pav, wake up!


[sinister music playing]


[woman] That’s it.

Relax. Show her more.

[Connor echoing] You have to…

[Pavani] Are you okay?

What’s wrong?


[woman] Let them flow.


Pav, turn the TV off.

Hey, it’s getting late, Pav.


[woman] Further back now.

As far as you can go.

Fist bump. [exhales sharply]

[gasps, moans]

[woman] Just let her in.

[grunts] Pav.

Can you see it?

Cool, right?



[Tarak speaks indistinctly]

[Tarak] Pav…

Let her in.

[Tarak] No one can do what you can.

Let her in!

[Tarak] You’re special. Be home before dark. Special…

[woman] Let her in!

[Tarak] Happy birthday. Come on, make a wish.



[both grunt]



[sinister music playing]

[sinister music intensifies]

[grunts, panting]

He’s fucking dead.


[Connor] Mina.

I need to borrow your car, okay? We have to go right now.

[pilot] D9 here.

Just got a hit on a flagged vehicle heading east on Lincoln Parkway.

I think I have something. Your friend from the community center?

She’s leaving the city. She could be with the girl.

Yeah, she could be.

Hey, eyes on me. Coffee break.

Go ahead.

How long can we take a drone off-grid?

[officer] Ten minutes, tops.

Right. Do it. And send Garrett their position.

Pav, I’m sorry.

I never should have taken you there.

He’s my brother.

I already lost him, and you were gonna let them take him away forever.

This one can be stupid.

But I knew the woman who raised him.

He’ll take good care of you.

Right, Connor?

[suspenseful music playing]

[powering up]


[sinister music playing]


[tires squealing]

What the fu…?

Back up, back up, back up.


It’s fine. Right.

Go, go, go. Go.

[Pavani gasps]


[engine sputtering]

Come on, come on.

[Mina] Oh, damn.

[officer] Got ’em.

Should I engage?

We’ll see how Garrett handles this.

[engine sputtering]

Come on. Damn it.


[Mina gasps]

Get out of the fucking car!

[Mina whimpers]

[Connor grunts]

[Mina yells]

[all grunting]


How much time before someone sees what we’re doing?

[officer] Four minutes.


[Garrett exhales]

So much for taking care of your own.

You put me in a fucking corner.

[Connor] Where you have to kill a little girl?

You’re a pawn, Garrett, for a cop.

You don’t know shit. Everything that I have, I built.

How long before he takes it? Killing us isn’t gonna stop what’s coming.

Connor, get out of my way.

Tick, tick, tick.

Get out of my way!


You really wanna do this?

You kill me first.

[man] Come on, man. Let’s finish this.

[sinister music continues]

[sinister music intensifies, stops abruptly]



[screaming] No!


[Connor] Go.

[Mina yells]

[Connor] Mina.

[Pavani] Mina!

[Connor] Mina.

[Pavani] Mina.

I’m okay. I’m okay.

[bullet thuds]

[Mina gasps]

Thick skin.

Oh my God.

[glass shattering]

No. Maev. No.

Maev. Hey! Maev!


Shit! Fuck!

Goddamn it.

[Stillman] How much time left on that drone?

[officer] Maybe two minutes.

[Stillman] Fuck.

You keep going. Gotta get them all.


[glass shutters]


Connor, we need to get to my car.

We’re not going anywhere with you.

No choice. We need to work together.

We step out, we’re dead.

He’s right.

You have to get her out of here. When I say go, you two get to the car.


What about you?

I’ll be okay. Just stick with Connor.

[Connor] Mina, don’t.

Don’t do this.

You better take good care of her.

Okay. Go!

[Pavani] Mina!

Go. Run!



[Connor] Come on!

[Garrett yelling]

[Garrett groans]


Get down.

[Pavani gasps]

[Mina grunting]


[tires squealing]

[dispatcher over radio] Homicide en route to Industrial Drive.

We have three bodies. All power-enabled.

Scene is secure.

Requesting a perimeter from Industrial to Lincoln Parkway immediately.

[Mina whimpering]


[Mina gasping]

I can have an ambulance here in five minutes.


All you need to do is tell me where your friends went.



What’s that?

[Mina gasping]


[Mina gasping]

What’s that?

[Mina hawks]





Come on.


Where the fuck are we?

[Garrett] Just keep driving.

Pav, you okay?

[somber music playing]

[Garrett grunts] Stop here.

[Connor] What is this place?


Connor, I need your help with this.

Fuck you.

I’m not gonna be much help to you with a bullet in my shoulder.

Who gives a shit? We’re here ’cause of you and the people you partnered with.

Everything I did, I did for the Towers.

Are you fucking kidding me? You did it to get rich.

Get out of my face!


[shouting indistinctly]

Stop. Stop! Stop!

Let’s help him.

[Connor scoffs]

Pretty please.

Ah, okay.

[Garrett coughs, sniffles]


Help a guy out.


[exhales, sniffles]




Okay. Yeah.

[Garrett groans]


[thunder rumbling]


You grew up here?

[thunder crashing]

Are those your friends?

My brothers.

Where are they now?

It’s just me now.


[Connor chuckles]

A little dry.


I gotta figure out where we’re going next.

I think…

I think we head to the border.

We find a truck to take us over.


He’ll chase us down just like he did Tarak.

I’m not running anymore.


Look, I know what it’s like to lose someone.

It hurts.

But you can’t always make it better.

You can’t just give up.

I’m… I’m not.

I’m trying to keep you safe.

You have to trust me.

[Pavani] I do trust you.

You’re the only one who can help me.

[pilot] D5 out in Zone 17. Still no sign of the vehicle.

We’ll do another sweep to confirm.

[dispatcher over radio] Copy 5. Head into Zone 18 once you’re done there.

[sinister music playing]



[breathing heavily]

[muffled voices]

[door creaking]

Rough night?

[inhales, exhales]

[Connor] I don’t care about me.

I’ll testify, I’ll do whatever time I have to,

as long as King goes down

and Pav gets the protection that she needs.

I can’t guarantee that.

[Connor] Why not?

Look, we’re not the first ones to try and take down this guy.

He’s got the DEA, chief of police, all backing his run at the union.

He climbed the ladder fast and picked up a lot of favors on the way.


So we go higher.

To who? Lowest crime rate in six years.

As long as King is a PR asset, nobody’s going against him.

My former partner learned that the hard way.

So how do we stop him from being an asset?

[man sighs]

By showing everyone what he did.

It all has to come out.

What he did to Tarak, Mina, anybody else.

What about those dogs?

[man] What about them?

They record what happens.

I could feel it when the dog came at me. It’s how they learn.

[Garrett] Can we get one of them from the precinct?

[man] You won’t get within a mile.


King does keep his personal unit at his house.

Then why don’t we just kill him?

Take the dog.

Okay, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.

There’s a lot of heat now. What happens when you kill a cop?

[Connor] Even if we manage to get the dog, what then?

How do we get out whatever’s on it?

Pav can do it.

[man] Yeah?


Just give me something to transfer it to.

I’ve got it at the Towers.

We can do it there.

I can do this.


[Garrett] You know, I’ve always liked that jacket.

[Connor] Hit it.

[engine starts]

Found those for you.



We need you to look smarter.

[Connor] Just get in the car.


Jesus Christ. How much you paying this guy?

I’m not the only one he’s working with.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Connor] Look, we get in, we get the dog, we get out.

[Garrett] Nobody gets hurt, right?

Heard that before.

This is so fucking stupid.

[Garrett] Hello.


We’re union reps from the LPA.

We’re here to meet Sergeant Kingston to discuss a possible endorsement.

Oh. [chuckles] Wow, that’s great.

He’s actually not home yet.

Are we early? You’re always making us early.

Do you think that maybe we could wait inside?

♪ Yeah, I’ma ride with my people Till I die ♪

♪ We are not the same No, we are not alike ♪

♪ Flying through the lane And I’m feeling like a kite ♪

♪ Fly! ♪

♪ I’m surprised that you… ♪

Sorry about the mess. Cleaners haven’t been here for a while, and there’s always too much to do.

[Garrett] Always something.

[suspenseful music continues]

[“King’s Court” playing indistinctly over speakers]


Hey. Why didn’t you tell me guests were coming over?

The union reps.

Mm. Right.

I’m… I’m so sorry about that. I…

Yeah, long day. Where they at?

In the living room.

How do I look?

You look good.

Yeah, I look good.

Sergeant, we’re early. Better than not showing up at all, right?

Your wife, she was regaling us with stories from your honeymoon.

[Garrett chuckling] We’ll… we’ll… we’ll… we’ll keep your secrets.

I appreciate that.

How can I help you guys?

[Garrett] Uh, well, we just wanted to dig into your campaign.

My campaign.

For union president.

[chuckles] What do you wanna know?

[tense music playing]

[keypad beeps]

[Garrett] Well, you seem to be doing very well with the powered community.

What’s the trick there?

I just try to treat them like they’re people.

Just like you, me.

Just like you and me.


[beeps, powering up]




I just got an alert from your K9. What’s going on?

Are you there?

[wife] He barely got any support from the department after he was attacked by that Pyro.

Something had to change.

[Garrett] That’s how you got that scar?

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

[cell phone buzzing]

[cell phone continues buzzing]

[wife] I keep telling him he shouldn’t hide it, especially for the campaign.

Officers respect him for it.

Yes, they do.

We certainly do.

[suspenseful music playing]

No answer.

I’ll send a unit.

[Pavani] Come on, unlock.


[K9 whirring]

[Stillman] Try his house.

[phones ringing]

That is probably Emily looking for a ride.

Excuse me.

Where’s the bathroom?

[wife] Oh, just over here.

[Connor] Thank you.

[phones continue ringing]

[officer] Alpha 13, what’s your ETA?

[officer 2] Turning down Rosewood now. Three minutes from the sergeant’s house.

Hey, what the hell’s going on?

I can’t do it. It’s not working. They keep calling him. They’re gonna come.

We’ll get caught. We have to leave.

Stop. Okay, calm down.

Look at me. You can do this.

[tense music playing]

That knife’s not gonna do you any good.

You crossed a line, Garrett.

There are rules to this. You remember that, right?

Yeah? What’d you think was gonna happen coming here?

What’d I think was gonna happen?

[King] Yeah.

[Garrett] It’s probably already happened.


[breathing heavily, chuckles]

[King grunts]

[chuckling] I fucking knew it.

What the fuck?

Here’s the thing about people like you who hide their powers.

Eventually, you forget how to use them.


Hey, I’m not going anywhere. Okay?

Just try and make it sleep.

[Garrett] I don’t need to ask you why.

I see your house.


I see your wife. She’s pretty.

Does she know?

You gonna tell her?

You gonna tell your daughter?

Don’t you dare.

You gave up your powers to become one of them.



And what about you?

Man of the people.

At least I know when I’m pretending.

[wife] Hey, he said it was urgent.

Something about your K9.


Well, Sergeant, I think we’re gonna do big things together.

[Garrett groaning]

[clears throat] I hope your dog’s okay. Thank you very much. It was lovely.

[wife] Nice meeting you.


You okay?

Yeah. I’ll tell you about it over dinner.

[chuckling] Hey.

I think you got it.

[both chuckle]

I love you. I love you.

[eerie music playing]

[inaudible scream]

[Garrett] I can’t believe that shit worked.

Garrett, you got anything?

Skies are clear.

Good. Your guys, they’ll be ready?



Connor, they’ll be ready.

Okay. Pav, what do you see?

I see everything.

[officer] Got a hit on your K9. They just pulled into the Towers.

How do you wanna play this? Wanna go in heavy?

[King] No. Only men on our payroll.

No Guardians, no lethal force.

Gear them up.

Copy. Nonlethals.

All right, let’s move!

We’re gearing up.

[suspenseful music playing]

[elevator bell dings]

[Garrett] Put the dog down, Connor.

[scoffs] You gotta be kidding me.

I don’t understand.

Where’s the computer?

Fuck you. [grunts]


A lot of people depend on this place, Connor.

[Connor gasping for air]

[Garrett] We know what’s on the dog.

If I control that, then I can control King.

And we can run this place the way that we wanna run it.

[Connor laughs]

[Garrett] No more cops breathing down our neck.

Oh my God. Do you actually hear the shit that is coming out of your mouth?


I trusted you!

I’m sorry.

This is bigger than your brother.

Guard that with your life.

[sinister music playing]

[dispatcher] Pulling up to the Towers now. Riot control ready and standing by.

[sinister music playing]

There’s a lot of eyes on us, boss.


Tell the boys to keep it tight. No bodies.

You know what we’re here for.

Copy that.

All right, everybody on this channel, listen up. Switch to nonlethals.

Do not shoot, do not engage. Stay nonlethal.

[Garrett] Brought your pet.

Left the head upstairs.

Got all the data.

The important shit.

It stays up there.

That so?

Yeah. We know what’s on there.

You know what happens if it comes out.

What do you want, Garrett?

I want a new deal.

We’re gonna cut your share in half.



Turn around, go high-five your buddies, get in your fucking clown cars, and get the fuck out of here.

[sinister music continues]

It’s my people.

It’s my business.

And if any of you so much as look at any of us the wrong way, and that includes Connor and Pav, all this… all of it gets exposed.

That’s the deal.

[Garrett grunts]

[King] That’s not gonna work for me.


You wanna know what power I don’t need to hide?

Cops, judges, politicians.

The whole fucking system.

That’s what you never understood.

Line up. Move.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Why is he letting them in?


We tear this place apart till we find that head.

[officer] Move it!

Put a dog on him.

I want you to see this.

[breathing heavily]

[dispatcher] Riot control entering the Tower now.

[suspenseful music playing]

[sighs] They’re coming in.

Give me the head.

[man] Stay back.

[King] Clear the hall! Move!

They’re coming up here right now.

You don’t wanna be holding that when they get here. Give it to me.

Connor, look.

[woman] What do you think you’re doing?

[officer] Get back.

We can still fix this.

The plan can still work.

Officer, why have police locked down the Tower?

Get back.

Don’t touch me.

[footsteps approaching]

You are out of time. Let me help you.

Trust us. Please.

Come on.

Get behind me.

[officer] Move, move, move! Line up!

[yelling indistinctly]

[suspenseful music playing]





Oh, shit.

[grunting and yelling]

[King] Hold your rounds!

Aah! Put it out!

Get up!

[suspenseful music playing]

[man] Go!

[all grunting]

[Connor] Here.



[dispatcher] Shots fired at Monument Hill Towers.


[officer] Shots fired.

Everyone get back. Get the door. Move.

Everyone back. Get the fuck back.

Come on.

[K9 footsteps approaching]

Run. Run. Go, go, go.



Pav, go!




[beeping and whirring]


[suspenseful music playing]


[somber music playing]


[elevator bell dings]


[vibration humming]

[sinister music playing]




[tense music playing]

[Connor] No.

No, no, no.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

It’s okay.

[Pavani breathing heavily]

Shit. Shit.

You’re gonna… you’re gonna be okay. Okay? We’re gonna…

[labored breathing]

Keep going.

[somber music continues]

Okay. We’re gonna do this. Come on.

Come on.

[both grunting]

[somber music continues]



I will kill every single one of you!

[officer 1] Stop resisting! Let’s go.

[officer 2] Stop moving! Get on the ground!

Stop. I said down on the ground now!

[Pavani exhales]


We need the camera.




[officer] Drop your fucking hand now! Drop it! Drop your hand!

[Garrett yells]

[officer] Drop your fucking hand, or I’ll shoot!

Stand down. Stand the fuck down.

Everybody stands down.


[Connor] Okay. Just stay with me, okay?

Stay with me.

[inspirational music playing]

[device whirring]

[static humming]

I’m here because I’m one of you. Do we have complete control over it?

[officer] Total control, sir.

The Guardians were never the answer.

[King breathing heavily]

These things are only built to detain, never to harm.

Shoot them!

[Tarak grunting]

[King] But we’ve listened. We’ve made changes.

We’ve made changes.

Fuck this!

[both grunting]



[King] Fuck!



[King] There’s no need to be afraid.

If you just put your hands up… they won’t hurt you.


Get down right now! Get the fuck down!

On the ground right now!

Fuck you!

Get down on the ground!

[Connor breathing heavily]

You did it, Pav.

You did it.

[melancholy music playing]


[continues breathing heavily]

[Connor] Okay, let’s go.

[kids chattering]

What do you think?

Mina would have loved it.

[chuckles softly]

[Nadine] Sergeant Kingston, once considered a rising star in this department, has been outed as the architect of a corruption scheme in downtown Lincoln.

The attorney general is conducting a thorough investigation into the K9 program and said she believes the corruption runs even deeper.

In an effort to help those impacted by this crime, city council is expected to pass a bill which will release millions of dollars into the Monument Hill community and restrict the use of police robotics in the neighborhood.

Critics of this bill are pointing to recent reports of an increase of Psyke flowing into Lincoln City from an unknown source.

Reporting live outside the courthouse, it’s back inside to the newsroom.

[suspenseful music playing]


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