Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget (2023) | Transcript

Having pulled off an escape from Tweedy's farm, Ginger has found a peaceful island sanctuary for the whole flock. But back on the mainland the whole of chicken-kind faces a new threat, and Ginger and her team decide to break in.
Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget (2023)

After successfully escaping from Tweedys’ farm in a daring and risky manner, Ginger has discovered her ideal place – an idyllic island bird sanctuary where the entire flock can live in harmony, without any risks from humans. With the arrival of Ginger and Rocky’s new daughter, Molly, it appears that Ginger’s fairytale ending has finally come true. However, the entire chicken population is now confronted with a menacing and new danger on the mainland led by a familiar foe. Determined to safeguard their freedom, even if it means endangering it, Ginger and her team are determined to break in.

* * *

[mysterious chimes play]

[gentle orchestral music playing]

[Rocky] Hey. How you doin’ in there?

You sitting comfortably? All settled in? Okay, good.

Now, listen.

I’m gonna tell you a story.

It’s all about the time we escaped from a chicken farm.

[music grows tense]

[Rocky] There was this farmer, see?

And she absolutely hated chickens.

[hens gasp]

[Rocky] Kept them locked up like prisoners.

I guess you could say she had a real axe to grind.

Got herself a machine that turned chickens into pies.

We mustn’t panic!

[hens scream]

[Rocky] But what she didn’t plan on was going toe to toe with a certain freedom-fighting chick.

She was fierce, fearless, and wanted one thing and one thing only.


[hens gasp]

[hen yelps]

[Rocky] She pulled us all together…

[hens straining]

…and gave us the wings to fly right outta that hen-hole.

She got every chicken out of there.

[chickens cheer]

[Rocky] And got rid of that wicked farmer to boot.



[scream echoes]

[Rocky] And you know who that freedom-fighting chicken was?

Your very own mom.

[music ends]

Rocky, don’t you think bedtime stories might be a bit premature?

Well… I mean, you’re never too young to learn where you came from.

[calming orchestral music playing]

But those days are over, thank goodness.

We’ve got our happy ending.

We’re living in it.

[chickens chatting happily]

Your way, Mac.

More fruit coming, Bunty.

Oh! Oh, thanks, Mac, ’cause I’m working up a thirst here.

[panting and grunting]

[Fowler] Good work, Bunty. Keep it up.

[Ginger] You know what?

I think it’s time to put the past behind us.

[Babs] Turned out nice again.

Ooh, yeah. Lovely.

[Rocky] Past?

What past?

That past, behind us.

[Rocky] But these, these are our glory days.

That’s who we are.

It’s who we were.

We went through all that so our baby doesn’t have to.

[sighs] Y’know, you are right.

From now on, our only mission is to keep our baby safe.

Don’t you worry. Ol’ Rocky here is on the case.

[whimsical music playing]

[screams] What do I do? What do I do?

[chick] Whoo-hoo!

It’s hopping!

Just grab it!


[chick] Whee!

[Ginger gasps]

[Rocky yelps]

[chick grunts, exclaims]

Oh no!

[chick gasps]


Egg’s up!

Good grief. A live shell.

Clear the area!

[chick grunts]

[chick strains] Whoo-hoo! [giggles]

[Rocky] Oh! Get it!

[Ginger] Watch out!

[chick] Huh?

[Ginger gasps]

[Rocky] No!

[thuds heavily]

[both gasp]

[whistling cheerful melody]

[cart squeaks]

[both inhale sharply]

[chick grunts]

[both gasp]

[chick strains]

[Ginger sighs]

Would you look at that.

[yawns, smacks lips]

[Ginger gasps]

[Rocky] We’ve got ourselves a family.


[softly] Oh, look at her, Rocky.

[gasps] She’s perfect.

[chick cheeps]

Welcome to the world.

[bright instrumental music playing]

[Ginger] Molly.

[Molly] Mm.

Ah, what a bonny wee hen.

Oh, she’s got her father’s spindly little legs.

We need to build them up, what, what.

When I was in the RAF, we did 50 squats before breakfast.

[grunts, groans]

[Bunty] Ah. Oh.

[Fowler] That’s gone.

I made her a bicycle.



[Ginger] Oh. You knitted one.

What a lovely… thought.

Thank you, Babs.

Y’know, I’d say our little island paradise just got a little more “paradisier.”


[epic orchestral music playing]


[“My Sweet Baby” playing]

[birds singing]

[Rocky laughs] Boo-boo!

♪ Let me tell you all about my baby ♪


[Molly exclaims] Ooh.

♪ You will never find her misbehavin’ ♪

[parents chuckle]

♪ Oh, she’s such a diamond… ♪

[Molly exclaims]



[Molly giggles mischievously]

[gasps] Molly! No, no, no, no! Stop that pram!

[loud crash]

[both gasp]

♪ Everybody tells me she’s a charmer ♪

[Molly sighs]

♪ Never gets in trouble ♪

♪ She’s the apple of my eye ♪

[both sigh in relief]

♪ She’s so sweet… ♪

[Rocky] No!

[Molly giggling and babbling]

That’s my brave little girl.

Yes! You’re doing great!

Ooh. No, no, no, no.

No, no, no!

Molly, that’s a bit too brave.

[Rocky] Careful up there, sweetheart. Hold on to the sides.

Hold on to it.

[Molly] Ah.




Oh no! No, no, no!


[teacup clatters]

[Fowler yelps]

[Mac shouts, grunts]


♪ Cherry pie, buttercup ♪

Oh! [giggles]

♪ Sugar, little honeybee ♪

[Molly exclaims]

[Bunty] Aw.

♪ Never thought That I would love another… ♪

[Rocky chuckles]

[Molly] Mm.

Anyone for tea?

Ooh, yeah. Cuppa tea.

[Babs] Mm-hmm.

[Molly exclaims]

♪ All the way up ♪

[Molly panting]


♪ Can’t get enough, I know ♪

[both chuckle nervously]

♪ Sometimes she drives me crazy ♪

[gasps] Huh?

♪ I never could get mad at my baby… ♪

Hey, boys. Welcome back.

[Molly gasps]

We have got some quality old junk for you today, Rocky, mate.

Here you go.

Molly, hold on to this for Daddy.

[Molly cheeps]

All right. Well, nice to see ya.

See you next month.

Hiya, hen.


Mm, bye-bye.


♪ I know ♪

[Ginger] Mm.

♪ One day, she’ll have to go ♪

[Molly and Ginger chuckle]

♪ And leave me behind… ♪

[babbles vigorously]

[Ginger gasps]

[quietly] Mutt.


[both laugh]

♪ ‘Cause she’s so sweet ♪

No, you cheater! Cheater!

[Rocky laughs]

[water splashes]

[both laugh]

See you later.

♪ To keep her to myself… ♪

[Rocky] Hmm? Hmm.

[Molly] Hello!


Hello! Morning!

[hen 1] Morning!

[Molly] Hiya!

[hen 2] Morning, pet!

[Molly panting]

[Molly grunting]

♪ Without my sweet ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Cherry pie, buttercup ♪


♪ She’s still got the world to see ♪


[“My Sweet Baby” ends]

[exhales deeply]

[birds singing in distance]

[wistful instrumental music playing]

[music fades out]

Hmm. [grunts]

[whimsical music playing]

[grunts] Hi, Mum.

Oh. Hello, darling.

Hi, Dad!

Uncle Nick! Uncle Fetcher!

She just called me “uncle.”

Steady, mate. Steady.

[voice breaking] But I’ve never had a family of me own.

Me neither.

[both crying hysterically]

[Rocky sighs]

Mum, I was thinking. Can we go over there?

Where, love?

The other side of the water.

[sinister instrumental music plays]

[Ginger gasps]

[sinister music swells]

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

[sinister music fades]

Oh, we’ve spoken about this, Molly.

There’s nothing over there for us.

[bright music playing]

What about stuff Uncle Nick and Fetch bring?

Isn’t that for us?

Hey. What’s up, Ginge?

Rocky. [takes a deep breath]

Molly’s asking about going off the island.

Oh, right.

Oh, right.

[inhales] Hey, Molly.

Do you wanna see the world’s coolest invention?

[Molly] Hmm. [sighs]


[bright orchestral music building]

[high-pitched chiming]

[cap sizzling]

What is it, Dad?

Only the answer to all of life’s problems.

Popcorn. [sighs]

[crunches] Mm!

Is that the best thing ever or what?

[tender orchestral music playing]

Mm! It is good.

[scoffs] “Good”?

This is great!

[Rocky chuckles]

[Ginger sighs happily]

Life, my girl, doesn’t get better than this.

[gentle orchestral music swells]


[family gasps]


[all yelp, gasp]

[chainsaws whirring]

[ominous music playing]

[loud rumbling]

[Molly] Mum, what is it?

It’s nothing to worry about, Molly.

Nothing at all.

[chainsaws buzzing]

[foreman shouts]

[tree crashes]

[workers grunting]

[foreman shouting orders]

[ominous music fades]

Well, it was only a matter of time before the humans showed up.

[ominous music resumes]

[chickens clucking in truck]

[Ginger] It looks like they’re taking them to some kind of chicken farm.

[uplifting music playing]


I haven’t seen that look in a long while.

You can’t right all the world’s wrongs, duck.

Meeting tonight. Spread the word.

[tuts] Here we go again.

[indistinct, excited chatter]

[energetic instrumental music playing]

[footsteps approach]

[Molly] What’s going on, Mum?

Why can’t I go up my tree anymore? What’s this meeting about?

It’s nothing, Molly.

It’s, um, just…

There’s some quite big wasps up there this year.

[sighs] Really?

Besides, I need someone to stay here and look after your dad.


[yells, strains]

[yelps, groans]

Don’t worry. I’m good.

[giggles] Okay.

Maybe while you’re out, he can tell me a story.

Good idea.

Good night, my big, brave girl.

[gentle flute music playing]

[Molly giggles]

[Rocky] Good night, Ginge. Good luck.

Okay, Mollypod. What do you wanna do?

Well, I thought you could tell me about… this.

Oh! [chuckles sheepishly]

Uh, uh, uh, that… that is… not me.

[whimsical music playing]

Okay. Yes, it’s me. But it was a long time ago.




it’s a… it’s a pretty good story.

[chickens chattering inside]

[hen 1] It’s not just eggs they want from us.

[Bunty] Ginger has that look about her.

I reckon she’ll have us charging right into the fray.

I don’t want to charge into any frays.

I… I’m fray-phobic.

All right, everyone! Please, quiet!

[hen 2] Wait. She’s starting.

[Ginger] Quiet!

[hen 2] Shut your beak.

[chatter dies down]

Now, we all know about the new road.

[tense music playing]

[chickens murmuring]

And the trucks taking chickens to what looks like some kind of farm.

A farm? [clucks nervously]

No, it’s all right, Beryl. Listen. Listen.

We know from experience what that can mean.


It’s something we just can’t ignore.

[tense music building]

We really only have one choice.

[shudders] I don’t want to hear it.

We’ve got to do something.

[chickens clamoring]


[music stops suddenly]

We have to hide.

[Babs] Ah?

[chickens] Huh?

[hen 3 gulps]


Yes. Hide!

[wing pops free]

You mean, pretend we’re not here?


[uneasy string music playing]

[chickens cheering]

[music grows triumphant]

Operation Lie Low. Jolly good.

Ooh! I like lilos. Especially the stripy ones.

She’s right, you know.

It’s really not our problem.

[hen 4 laughs] Oh, you!

Are you all right, hen?

It’s not like you to shy away from danger.

I know, but I have Molly to think about now.

And I…

We can’t risk our freedom by venturing into a world that finds chickens so… delicious.

[hens panting]

[energetic orchestral music playing]


[hens straining]

[pulleys squeaking]

[leaves rustle]

[birds singing]

[orchestral music swells, fades]

[frog croaks]

[Ginger] Right.

All we have to do now is keep quiet and not draw attention to ourselves.

[loudly] Cock-a-doodle-doo!

[group gasps]

[joints crack]

[Rocky grunts]

[clears throat]

[inhales deeply]

[Ginger, hushed] Rocky!

Um, given our new situation, maybe you shouldn’t crow anymore.

[exhales, coughs]

[gasps] Don’t crow?

[chuckles] What? But that’s, like, my thing.

Maybe you could do a different thing.

A quieter one?

[Molly] Wow! Look at this!

Molly! Get away from that.

Ginge, can we talk about the whole…

[Fowler] She’s right, you know.

[tense music plays]


Careless squawks cost lives.

We have to lie low.

I’m running a camouflage lesson at noon.

If you can find me.

[Fowler yelps]

[hens] Ooh.

[Molly] What’s it for, Mum?

[chickens clucking inside truck]

[gasps] Oh! What is that?

[chickens clucking loudly]

It’s got a chicken sitting in a bucket on it.

It’s doing this.

[giggles] Oh, that’s so funny.

Uh, let’s go home.

[Molly sighs]

[chuckles softly]

Where are they going? [gasps] Can we go with them?

It looks like a lot of fun.

I’m sorry, Molly.

You’re not ready to go off the island.

But I…

Uh, Rocky? Little help?

Maybe I could crow on weekends. Y’know?

Why am I not ready?

I’m a big, brave girl.

You always say so.

I know.

But you’re still a child.

Says who?

Says me and your dad.

Right, Rocky?

Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Yes. Listen to your mom, kiddo.

Oh! Oh. How about just half a crow? Like a “cock-a” or “doodle-doo”?

Something that’s a little shorter.

Well, I’m going over to see those trucks because I am a Lone Free Ranger.

Like Dad was.

[both gasp]

I’ve seen his poster.


He used to live over there, and you did too.

[Ginger gasps]

[laughs nonchalantly, clears throat]

Did I say that? I don’t… I don’t remember.

That’s it.

Molly, you are not leaving this island.

You can’t make me stay here. You’re not the boss of me.

Actually, I am.

Look, Molly, you’ve got everything you want right here.

Except for one thing.

And what’s that?


[Ginger gasps]

[footsteps retreat]

[door slams]

[Ginger sighs]

You know, she is a lot like you.

[Ginger gasps, sighs] Mm.

[owl hooting]

[tense music playing]

[vehicle approaching]

[brakes screech]

[chickens clucking inside truck]

[tense music building]

[Ginger gasps]

[Mrs. Tweedy, distorted] Your daughter is going to be delicious!

[Ginger screams]

[yelps] Not the face! Not the face!

[groans, grunts]



[gasps] Molly?


[Rocky gasps]

[ominous music playing]

[hens calling] Molly?

[hen 1] Come out, Molly!

[hen 2] Molly!

[hen 3] Molly?

[Babs] Molly?

[Bunty] Molly!

[Fetcher] Molly!

[Ginger] Molly?


[Ginger gasps]

[Fowler] Come out, Molly.

[Rocky gasps]

[Ginger cries out]

[both panting]

[ominous music swells]

[Ginger] No!

She’s left the island.

[crowd clamoring]

[tense music playing]

[bird calling in distance]

[Molly] This isn’t so bad.

Don’t know what Mum was worried about.

[chuckles nervously] I’m big and I’m brave.

Yeah, course I am.

[shakily] I’m big… [whimpers]


[low growl]

[gasps]…not very brave.

[creature snarls]


[sinister orchestral music playing]

[Molly panting]

[music fades]

[crickets chirping]

[owl hoots in distance]


[tense strings building]


[Molly yelps]

[groans weakly]

[panting, gasps]

What were you doin’? Have you got a death wish?


Wait, what’s a death wish?

Isn’t it a bit late for you to be out, baby girl?

I’m not a baby girl.

I’m a… I’m a big, brave girl.

And isn’t it a bit late for you to be out too?

[chuckles] Okay, I like it.

Give as good as you get, eh?

Well, I’m Frizzle.

And you are?


[sighs] Although, it’s kind of a goofy name.

So I’m thinking of changing it to…

Zip it, kidda.

It’s stoppin’. Now’s our chance.

[brakes screech]

Are you comin’ or not?

Coming where?

To the happy chicken truck.

[gasps] You’ve seen them too?


[Molly giggles]

Wherever that truck’s goin’,

it’s gonna be cooler than a penguin’s toenails.

Uh, what’s a toenail?

What’s a penguin?

Oh! You have got so much to learn. Come on.

[sighs] Wait for me!

I mean, so she found my poster, and I told her a story.

I don’t think that’s such a big deal.

Oh no. It was perfectly sensible to encourage our daughter to be a Lone Free Ranger.

You know, if you had it your way, she’d still be in her shell.

Well, better in her shell than out on the open road.

So, do you live on an island too?

Nah. I was stuck on a boring old farm.

Then the trucks came, and they said I was too small to go.

But that’s not gonna stop me.

You get to sit in a bucket.

What chicken doesn’t want their own bucket?

I want a bucket.

The thing about us, Mol, is that we wanna go where we wanna go whenever we want.

Yeah. With nobody telling us what we can and can’t do.

Me and you, kidda. All the way.

[Molly chuckles]

[hens clucking]

Holy moly.

Hear that? It’s like a party in there.

[bell rings]

[tense music playing]

[bell rings]

[yelps] Oh!

What is that?

You’ve never seen a human before?

We had them back at the farm.

[quietly] They’re kinda stupid.

They fed us and tidied up after us. They’re basically like waitin’ staff.


Oi, you!


How did you two get out here?

What do you say, Molly?

[Molly] Uh…

Do you want to come on the adventure of a lifetime or not?

Uh… [screams]

Oh no!

[Rocky] Oh no!



[both grunt]

[Rocky strains]


[Ginger panting]

[tires squeal]

[Bunty gasps]

[Fowler gasps]


[music swells]

[Rocky grunts]

[indistinct chatter]


I know what you’re thinking.

Where are the buckets?

I bet they give ’em to us when we get there.

Are we nearly there yet?


[Ginger yelps]

[grunts] Huh?





[screams, grunts]

[hens chattering]

[yells, grunts]

[groans] There go the goujons!

Hang on, Fowler!

What do you think I’m doing?

[tires squeal]

[group grunts]

[all groan]

[gasps] Molly!


[Rocky panting]

Well, hey. That doesn’t look so bad.

[Ginger scoffs]

Oh, that looks so bad.

[group gasps]

[ominous orchestral music playing]

[gate whirs]

[Ginger gasps]

[gears click]

[robot ducks quack]

[Ginger gulps]

Right. Stop here.

[brakes screech]

Let’s have a look.

Okay, all clear.

On your way.

[ominous music building]

[engine puttering]

[gears click]

[music ends]

[electricity crackles]

[moth squeaks, groans]

[Ginger sighs]

We mustn’t panic.

No. No panicking.

I don’t like it.

It’s a perfect time to panic. The enemy has the upper hand.

We must keep our heads!

Where should we keep them?

[splutters] I’m trying to think here.

No panicking. No. I said no panicking!

[Ginger sighs]

Ginger, what do you say?

[Bunty] What did I say?

I say, last time, we broke out of a chicken farm.

Well, this time, we’re breaking in.


[hens murmuring]

[group] Ooh!

[hen 1] It smells funny.

[hen 2] This is not what I expected.

This is, uh… cool, isn’t it?

[tense music playing]

[camera whirs, beeps]

[man] That’s it, my lovelies.

Come on down.

[hens scream]

[hen 3 yelps]

[Frizzle and Molly scream]

[hen 4 grunts]


[robotic arms whirring and beeping]

[hens yelping]

[both scream]

I don’t fancy that.

Come on.


Over here.

[both grunt]


[Molly and Frizzle] Huh?

[both screaming]

[futuristic hum]

[both continue screaming]


[hens laughing]

[tense music fades]


[mellow surf rock playing]

[both] Wow.

[hen 4 screams]

[hens laughing and cheering wildly]

[electronic whir of game]

Did I promise you the adventure of a lifetime or what?

Come on. Let’s play.

[Molly giggles]

[hen 4 sighs]

[Frizzle] Whoo-hoo! [laughs]

[Molly] Yeah!

[Frizzle squeals]

Let’s go in the pool.

[surf rock ends]

[excited chatter fades]

Listen, everyone. We can do this.

We just need a really clever plan.

Ooh. Ooh.

Okay. I’ve got this. I’ve got this.

[slowly] I’m gonna go in there, and I’m gonna bust Molly out.

And just how the bloomin’ heck are you going to do that?

Well, by, uh… uh, y’know, going in there and then… busting her out.

That’s not a plan.

That’s just saying what you wish would happen.

Aye, and 12 herrings and a bagpipe are just a pile of mince if you havnae kent the rules.

You know, that sounded a little negative to me.

Mac’s right. We need more details.

We only get one shot at this, so we need to make sure that every move we make is carefully thought through.

We can’t just rush in and…

[Rocky grunting]

Uh, Rocky?

[roosters grunt]

What are you doing?

Sometimes you just gotta take a leap, Ginger.

You ready, Fowler?




[Fowler grunts]

[hens gasp]

[heroic music playing]


Huh? [grunts, yelps]

[gibbers wildly]

[hens gasp]

[electricity crackles]

[Rocky groans]

[camera beeps, whirs]

[alert beeps]

[mechanical hum]


[robot beeps]

[music fades]

[robots whirring]

[tense music playing]

[Rocky screams]

[hens gasp]

[Rocky grunts, panting]


[yelps] Whoa!

[music stops]

[robot whirs]

[soft laser hum]

[Rocky whimpers, gasps]

[robot duck beeps]

[tense music resumes]

[laser hum grows louder]


[explosion blasts]

[Rocky screams]

[friends gasp]

[music ends]

[Rocky groans]

[Rocky groans weakly]

[laughs woozily]


[alarm beeps]

[Rocky moans]

[vacuum whirs]


[Rocky screams]

Ooh, that went well.

[Ginger groans]

Well, one good thing.

At least now we’ve got the details.

[sighs] Right. We’re gonna need some backup.

[gulls calling]

No way. That place is impenetrable.

Yeah, and you can’t get in neither.

[jaunty music playing]


It’s an impossible mission.

Uh, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

[sighs] Don’t be a ‘nana, Fetch.

I know it looks like a million-to-one shot but we know the layout, and Mac thinks there’s a way in.

This is Fun Land Farm.


It’s much smaller than I expected.

Uh, thanks, Babs.

There’s a wee side door in a blind spot.

With a cheeky wee trick to open it.

[scanner whirs, chirps]

So, only the small matter of this electric fence.

All these guards.

The camera-driven gun-toting moles.

And the laser-guided exploding ducks.

Please. You’ve got to help us. Rocky’s in there.

Ah, shame. I quite liked him.

And so is Molly.

Molly? Our little niece? [gasps]

Steady, mate.

Stay strong.

[breathing shakily]

[both sobbing]

So you’re in?

[splutters] Just tell us what you need.

[trumpeting blow]

Anything for our little Molly!

[resolute music playing]

We can do this, everyone.

Bunty, with your strength, my love, we can move mountains.

Mac, you’re the brains.

Babs, you’re our… wool specialist.


Nick and Fetch, you’re the sneakiest little toerags this side of the Dales.

Oh. [sniffles]

You’re too kind.

[chuckles] Flatterer.

And, Fowler, with your wisdom and vigilance…

[music stops]



Ooh. [splutters] And then the second wave of bombers approach the target, and that’s where I come in.

Actually, Fowler, we need to find something special for you.

[whimsical music playing]

Ah, right.

How about… getaway man?

Getaway man, eh?

Hmm. [clicks tongue] Sounds important.

I like it.

Right. Let’s gather what we need and hurry.

Who knows what horrors Molly is dealing with in there.

[Molly’s screams echo]

[ecstatic scream]

Whoo-hoo! [laughs]

[hen 1] Wow!

This place is fun!

[both grunt woozily]

It’s the most amazin’ place ever.

[Molly sighs]

And my mum said that’s where we live.

[scoffs] Yeah, right.

Are the streets paved with marshmallows where you live?

Can ya bounce on them?

No! They’re paved with dirt.

[upbeat music playing]

[Molly grunts]

Can you lie around doin’ nothin’ all day?

Actually, my dad can.

Well, everyone can do that here. [gasps]


I’ve heard of this, but I never knew it actually existed.

Cool. What is it?

All-you-can-eat buffet.

[grunts, giggles]

[feeding tray chimes]

[giggles] Hey! [grunts]

Cooler than a penguin’s toenails. [giggles]


[hen 2 gobbles]

[Molly] Mm!


[both laugh]

[hen 3 grunts]

It’s just, back home, I had jobs to do.

[hens grunt]

[Molly] I helped Mac with the harvester, helped Bunty pick carrots, made yarn with Babs.

But here, it’s just play.

[hens exclaim]

And then more play.

I wonder if they’re missing me.

It’s great, innit? We’re free to do whatever we want.

Whoo-hoo! [giggles]

Whoo! [grunts]

Come on!


[laughing] Yay!

[gasps, yelps]

[hen 4 grunts]

[Molly screams]



[hen 5] Whee!

[hen 4 grunts]

[hen 6 exclaims]

[hens groan]

[hen 4] Ooh!

[hen 5] Ah!

[hens groan]

[hen 7 grunts]

[hen 8 groans]

[hen 9 yelps]

[Molly] Huh?

[hens groan]

[hen 10] Whee!

[Molly] Hmm?


[hen 11 murmuring]

[hen 12] Ah.

[vacant giggles]

[ominous music playing]

[hen 13] Oh! Uh-oh!

[feeder chiming]

Uh… Um…

Uh… Frizzle!

[pensive music playing]

There’s actually something strange about this place.

I’ll say.

Ever seen anything like this before?

[eye whirs]

[hens murmuring]

[tense music playing]

[lens whirring]

[speaking inaudibly]

[man] Oh no, what’s this?

You aren’t supposed to be back there, number…

[clicks tongue] Hmm. You don’t have a number?

We don’t want chickens making any trouble here.

Especially not today.

[tense music swells]


[heroic music playing]

[joints crack]

[Fowler groans]

[music fades]

Okay, everyone. It’s go time.

It’s all right. I went before we left.

[Ginger gulps]

[energetic snare drums playing]

[mechanical winding]

[drumming ends]

[tense music playing]

[guard] Hmm.



[Ginger grunts]


What the… Huh?

[Ginger inhales]

[guard] Huh?



[firecracker whistles, pops]

[firecrackers popping on monitor]


[intriguing music playing]


[goofy laugh]

[loud whirring overhead]

[static crackles]


[intriguing music stops]

No, you mug.

[quietly] It’s upside down.

Oh right.

[intriguing music resumes]

[guard] Mm.

[propellers whirring]

[suspenseful music playing]

[guard moans weakly]

[Bunty panting]

Go! Go! Go!


[air hisses]

[hens panting]

[radio chimes]

[radio beeps]


[takes a deep breath]

[helmet squeaks closed]

[Ginger grunts]

[Bunty grunts]

[Mac strains]

[guard] All clear.

[Babs yelps]

[robot duck quacking]

[Babs grunts]

[Bunty and Mac strain]

[group gasps]

[epic music playing]

[Bunty groans]

[Mac grunts]

[Babs] Ah. [squeals]

[hens groan]

[music fades]

[scanner whirs, chirps]

[suspenseful music resumes]

[Ginger] Let’s go.

[group panting]

[Babs groaning]

[Fetcher grunts]

[both yelp]

[hens grunt]

[gibbering woozily]

[Babs grunts]

[Bunty] Oh!

[Mac groans]

[grunts] Perfect landin’. Right on the button.

Right on the button?

Mm. Okay.

[both groan]

[Nick and Fetcher shouting]

[Ginger gasps]

[Nick] Let me out!

[vacuum whirs]

[both scream]

[Mac] The camera!

I’ve got it. [grunts]

[loud whistle]



[shutter clicks loudly]


[camera whirs]

[guard shudders]

[scanner whirs, beeps]

[doorbell rings]

[calming hold music playing]

[mechanical arms whir]

[suspenseful music continues]

[guard gibbering]


[hold music continues]


[guard continues grunting]

[Mac] Huh?

[guard yelps]

[Babs screams]

[group panting]

[guard 2] Huh?

[guard 1 sighs] Hmm?

[guard 2] Hmm.

[guard 1 sighs]

[Fowler] “Getaway man,” she said.

More like taxi driver for a couple of rats. [groans]

There. Textbook landing.

Ah, oh.

At ease, soldier.

I reckon they think I’m too old for this caper.

Some rambling old rooster who’s easily distracted.

Hm. Oh, actually, there’s quite an amusing story about that.

One time, I was out rambling…

Well, on maneuvers, and…

[whimsical music playing]

[groaning, gibbers]

All right.

I’m inside.

[panicked screams above]


[both groan]

[Rocky, pained] Get off of me.

Oh. Uh, ooh.

Nick, uh, I don’t wanna worry you, but I think your bum just spoke.

[Rocky grunts, sighs]

[both] Huh?

Guys? What are you doin’ here?

[both] Rocky!

We’re with Ginger. Uh, we’ve come to rescue ya.

[chuckles] Rescue me?

No, no. I’m doing the rescuing.

I’m not being rescued.

I am rescuing Molly.

How’s that going, then?

Well… [chuckles]


Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you guys are just gonna hold me back.

I tend to work alone.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, the Lone Free Ranger. [chuckles]

Right? And I am close.

I can feel it.

I’m gettin’ warm, boys.

[flames crackling]

Really warm, actually.

[door squeaks]

[sniffs] Can anyone smell roast chicken?

[ominous music playing]

[Rocky gasps]

[group scream]


[Rocky] I said you’d hold me back!

[all scream]

[flames roar]

[umbrella swooshes]

[group] Whoa!

[Nick yells]

[all yelp]

[grinding clank]

[Rocky] Huh?

[metal clinks]

[all screaming]

[thud loudly]

[all groan]

[Nick] Oh dear.

[sighs] We actually planned that.

Did we?

[Rocky groans]


Okay. I’ve gotta go find Molly.

[spluttering] Molly?

Hold it back, son. Hold it back.

[hen 1 grunts]

Ah. [groans]

Look at them.

It’s like they’re all a bit… brainless.

[hen 2] Ah.

Erm. I don’t think I like it here.

Yeah. It’s not as much fun as it looked on the poster, is it?

[gasps] Hey, Frizzle.

Maybe we should try and find out what’s going on in this place.

[gasps] Now, that sounds like a real adventure.

Come on.

Let’s investigate.


[Molly gasps]

[yelps, thuds]

[tense music playing]


[music fades]

[man clucking loudly]

[collared hens] Ah!

Come on, now, you naughty little thing. [laughs]

I’m just your big chicken friend who only wants you to be happy.

[splutters, screams]

[tense music playing]

Frizzle! [gasps]

[grunts, panting]

What was that?



Who are you?

What? [scoffs]

It’s me. Molly.

[tense music building]

[flatly] Happy to meet you. [giggles]

Frizzle, what’s this?




[Frizzle exclaims]

Come on, Frizzle.

We’ve got to go. [gasps]

But I’ve never been so happy.




[Molly crying]

[collared hens babbling]

[Molly] No.

[softly] I’m big…

[bold music playing]


…and I’m brave.

[spring rider squeaks]

[Molly] Frizzle.

[quietly] Listen. I’m going to find out what’s going on here.

Then I will be back.

I promise.

[suspenseful music playing]



[yelps, sighs]


[takes a deep breath]


[softly] Whoa.

[door opens]



[man humming]

[monitor beeps]

[man gasps]

Dr. Fry, your guest has arrived.

[Fry gasps] Sir Eat-a-Lot.


It’s showtime.

[suspenseful music playing]

Ah, Sir Eat-a-Lot! Welcome. [chuckles]

What an honor to have a knight of the realm with us.

Actually, Sir Eat-a-Lot is just the name of the restaurant.

My name is… Oh.

[yelps, chuckles]

[Molly gasps]


[splutters] Here at Fun Land Farms, we do everything we can to make our chickens feel right at home.

Well, I must say, I’ve never seen a farm like this before, Dr. Fry.

Is all this security really necessary?

[Fry] Oh yes.


You see, behind these doors are secrets that will change the world of poultry technology forever.

Come on.

[panting] No!

[all grunt]

Oi, what are you lot doing?

[group gasps]


[Bunty grunts]

[all] Attack!

[guard groans]

This place is a maze.

How am I ever gonna find Molly in here?

[footsteps below]

There she is.

[Rocky] Huh?


Molly! Molly!

[Molly panting]

[Fry] And, um, how’s the restaurant business?

[Smith] Actually, a little slow.

[Ginger gasps]

[chuckling] Oh well, I think we can help you with that.

Molly! [yells]

[Fry chuckles]

No! No!

Molly! Molly! Molly!

[Ginger grunts]

Ah. Ginger?


[ominous music playing]

Right. I’m gone.

Well, can’t we just take the lift?

[bell dings]

All I can say, Dr. Fry, is this had better be…


[mysterious music playing]

My, uh, partner will be joining us shortly.

In the meantime, we’ve prepared a little presentation. [chuckles]

Please, be seated.

[Fry chuckles]

[control panel whirs, beeps]


[lively flute music playing]

[film projector whirring]

[narrator] This is an ordinary chicken.

Plain, dull, and easily frightened.

[horn honks]

[panicked clucking]

[narrator] Like any simpleminded creature, its natural instincts, when faced with processing, is fear and panic.

[frantic clucking]

[grinding whir]

[narrator] When this occurs, the muscles tense, which cause the connective tissues to form knots.

[muscle whooshes]

[narrator] The result?

Meat that is tough, dry, and flavorless.

Mummy, this meat is tough, dry, and flavorless.

I hate you, Mummy.



[narrator] Fear not, underappreciated mother.

For what if science could change all that?

For what if science could alter a chicken’s response to fear?

[hen exclaims]


[narrator] What if it could make a chicken happy to be processed?

[hen exclaims]

[grinding whir]

[narrator] Then you’d say, “Well done, science.”

[Ginger grunts]

[narrator] Because a happy chicken is a tasty chicken.

[cooker chimes]

[chimes play]

This is the most delicious chicken in the whole wide world.

I love you, Mummy.

Thank you, science.

[whispering] Molly.

[control panel beeps]

That’s a clever little cartoon, Dr. Fry.

But will you be able to do it?

[woman, echoing] We already have.

[gasps] That voice.

[footsteps approaching]

[tense music playing]

Allow me to introduce my wife.

[tense music swells]

[Fry] Melisha Tweedy.

Welcome to the future.

[Ginger gasps]

[sinister music playing]

It’s her.

[sinister music continues]

Darling, this is Sir Eat-a-Lot.

The name is Reginald Smith.

Sir Eat-a-Lot is just the name of the restaurant chain.

[Fry chuckles nervously]

Hello, Reginald.

I see you’ve met my current husband, Dr. Fry.

Was I attracted to his large inheritance and vast acres of land?

No, it was his mind.

You probably can’t tell by looking at him, but he’s a genius.

You flatter me, darling. [chuckles]

With degrees from Oxford and Cambridge in clinical neurology, behavioral psychology, genetic engineering…

And drama!

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

[Fry yelps, thuds]

Now you’ve had the appetizer, time for the main course.


[Fry groans]

[energetic music playing]

Molly, no. Get back.

[grunting, muffled] Let me go!

Right. Try and find Molly.

[control panel beeping]

Oh, look.

Rocky and the rats are on telly.

Looks like a real cliffhanger.

[Bunty grunts]

Where is she?

[ominous music playing]


[hens clamoring below]

[Fry] Oh, look.

They like the new egg cup ride.

[chuckles sheepishly]

[Molly gasps]

[quietly] Frizzle.

[gasps] Mum?

Oh, Mollypod.

Are you okay?


Promise never to run away again.

Did they hurt you?

I’m fine, but I think they eat…

[Mrs. Tweedy] Come on. Get on with it.


[Fry] Right you are, pumpkin.


[dramatically] The remote control.

And the other remote controls.

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

Why three?

Nobody knows.

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

Let’s go with…

that one.

[collars power down]

[hens] Huh?

Why am I playing golf?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

Molly? Where are you, Molly?

What’s going on?

[splutters] No, no, no. Wrong one, my angel.

That’s the off button. [chuckles]

[remote beeps]

[collars beep]

[hens] Ah!

Allow me. [chuckles]

[remote chimes]


[collar chimes]

[gasps] It’s me.

[joyful fanfare playing]

[collared hens] Whoa!



[escalator whirring]

[hen 1] She’s won the prize.

Oh wow.

[all] What a lucky ducky!

[mountain clangs]

[collared hens] Ooh!

[Mrs. Tweedy chuckles]

[quietly] No. Stop.

[collared chickens]

[Ginger] Run, chicken! Run!

[collared chickens] Bye!

[hen 2 laughs gleefully]

[collared chickens] Have a nice time!

[fanfare fades]

[grinding whir]

[blades slicing]

Look at me, and do not look away.

[sinister music plays]

[steam hisses]

[cooker chimes]


the dawn of the nugget.

[meat sizzling]

Mm! [swallows]

[smacks lips] I love you, Mummy.

Um… Um, I… I… I mean, it’s delicious.

Picture it.

On every street, in every town.

[Ginger gasps]

People on the go.

Modern people in a modern world.

They want their food, and they want it fast.

And we will give it to them by the bucketful.

[moans, inhales sharply]

Fast food.

I like it. This could be big.

No. It will be huge.

And Melisha Tweedy will have her revenge.

[swallows heavily]


Revenue. That’s what I meant.

I’ll send a truck to collect the first batch at dawn tomorrow.

With my nuggets and your chain of restaurants, this is going to be a beautiful partnership.


[whimsical music playing]

Uh, shall I see you to your car, Your Sirness?

Come on.

Let’s get out of here.

No, wait. We can’t go without Frizzle.

Frizzle? Who’s Frizzle?

She’s my friend. I can’t just leave her.

I promised I’d come back.

Please, Molly. You don’t understand.

But you saw what happens. She’ll die.

And if we don’t leave here now, then we will die too.

I don’t care. I’m not leaving her here.

You are just a child, and you have no idea who you’re dealing with.

[footsteps approach]


[tense music playing]




[Mrs. Tweedy’s screams echo]


[Ginger sighs]

[tense music building]



Come back here!

[Ginger grunting]



Well now, the little escape artist.


[Mrs. Tweedy] You won’t ruin this.

Not again.

[Molly gasps]

[feedback squeals]

Come back immediately, Doctor.

And bring a collar.

We’ve an unexpected guest.

[Ginger straining]

[Rocky grunts]

[rats panting]

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


[both sigh]

[weakly] Stop.

You’re pushin’ us too hard, cuz.

I ain’t been this knackered since I took that hamster wheel for a test-drive.

[Mrs. Tweedy] Here she is.

Shh. Listen.

[Mrs. Tweedy] The miserable, malcontented chicken that escaped Tweedy’s Farm and ruined my life.

[group yelps]

[Bunty] What is this bloomin’ place?

[buttons beeping]

Molly, where are you?

[Mrs. Tweedy cackles on monitor]

[group gasps]

[static crackles]

[cackling echoes]

[group screams]

[Babs whimpers]

[guard grunts]

[Babs] Ooh! He’s laddered me knitting.

[guard grunts]

[Mac] Run!

[group panting]

[Babs yelps]

[Mrs. Tweedy] I gave you all a hen could want.

A warm hut, all the feed you could eat.

But you still weren’t happy.

[buttons beep]

Well, I’m gonna make ya happy now.

[knob clicks]

[energy pulsing]

[collar beeps]

[Ginger groaning]

[gasps] Mum.

[group gasps]

I’ve gotta get in there.

Ah, I’ve got an idea.

You’re the Lone Free Ranger, right?


You used to get shot out of a cannon, right?

That is all… Why?

Huh? Ah?

[Ginger strains]

It’s not working. Turn up the power.

The equipment’s in good order, my love.

I’ve just never seen a chicken so strong-willed.

[Mrs. Tweedy] You don’t know the half of it.

Turn it up to full power.

[buttons beep]

Full power?

But we’ve never tested it at that. [groans]

Must I do everything myself?


Husbands and chickens, the bane of my life.

[pulsing grows louder]


[collar beeps]


[moans weakly]


[laughing wildly]



[grunts, panting]


[Ginger straining]

[pulsing intensifies]

[Fetcher grunts]

Sure you can make this work?

Oh yeah. There is nothing Fetch don’t know about electrics.


He could chew through wiring before he could walk.


Great work, boys.

I’m ready to fly.

Goodbye, cuz.

Or should I say, “au revoir.”

It’s more likely goodbye, to be honest.

[electricity crackles, pops]

[both scream]

[yelps, screams]

[Mrs. Tweedy] Hmm?



[all grunt]

[pulsing dies down]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Ginger moaning]

[shackles click open]

Let’s go. [grunts]

[Ginger sighs groggily]

[collar beeps]

Come on, Mum.

[collar beeps]

Mum? Who’s Mum?

You are. And we have to get out of here.

[vacantly] Why? I love it here.

I’m so happy. [laughs]


[Rocky groans] Huh?

[Molly grunts]

[Fry and Mrs. Tweedy moan]

[exhales] Dad?


[Fry and Mrs. Tweedy groan]

[tense music playing]

[Rocky] Hmm.


[funky dance music playing]

Whoo! [grunting to beat]


[Mrs. Tweedy gasps]

[Rocky continues grunting to beat]

[chuckles] He’s got some moves.

[Rocky continues grunting to beat]

[Ginger grunts]

[quietly] Mum, wait. [grunts]


♪ We can’t fly, we are chickens! ♪


[funky song ends]

[clears throat, chuckles awkwardly]

Get him.

Come here, you.

[guard 1] Oi!

[yelps, panting]

[guard 2 shouts]

[bell dings]

[Rocky gasps]

Hey! Get him.

[Rocky grunts]

[guard 2] Ow!

[group groans]

[bright music playing]

[Rocky laughs]

[alarm blaring]

Find those chickens!

[guard 2 whines]

[Ginger, deliriously] ♪ I’m H-A-P-P-Y! ♪

♪ I’m H-A-P-P-Y! ♪

[Molly grunting]

♪ I know I am! I’m sure I am! ♪

♪ I’m H-A-P-P-Y! ♪


Come on!

Shush, Mum. We have to be quiet.

But I want to sing!


[whispering] Just follow me. [grunts]

Oh, goody.

Are we going on holiday?


No, we have to find Frizzle and Dad and get out of here.

But why? [whines, groans]

Because I say so.

[blows raspberry]

Well, you’re not the boss of me.

[cracks up]

I can see my feet.


[guard 2] Where’d they go?

Come on, Mum.

[guard 2] Come on!

[guard 2] This way!

[Ginger] Cooee!

[guard 3] Huh?

Wait up!

[group panting]

Come on. Let’s get a shimmy on.

[Ginger exclaims]

[all groan]

Ginger. Oh, thank heavens you escaped.

I can’t believe we’re back up against that horrible woman.

What? Mrs. Tweedy’s the best.

I love her.

[Molly] Bunty.

Mac. It’s this collar.

[Ginger] She’s the loveliest.

It’s making Mum act weird.

[Ginger] The bestest.

[both] Molly!

[guard grunts]

[group gasps]

[guard strains]

[Babs] Ooh!


[grunts] Huh?

[screaming above]

[rats yelp]


[gibbers, grunts angrily]

[moans weakly]

Ha. Got him.

Uncle Nick?

Uncle Fetch.

How did you find us?

We just fell down the air vent.

Love, Molly.

Love showed us the way.


[Ginger] Going up.

[laughs] Cooee!

[Bunty] Ginger!

[Molly] Mum!

[Ginger exclaims]

[suspenseful music playing]

[group grunts]

♪ I’m H-A-P-P-Y ♪

[group groans]

♪ I know I am ♪

♪ I’m sure I am ♪

It won’t budge.

♪ I’m H-A-P-P-Y ♪

Ooh. Babs, what’s in your bag?

Uh, not much, I’m afraid.

[objects clattering]

[Mac] Magic.

The very dab.

[laughs] That tickles.

[collar powers down]

[Mac gasps]

[group screams]


[echoing] It’s like being inside a giant biscuit tin.

But without any biscuits.

I’ve lost my specs.

I cannae see a sausage.

[gentle music playing]




[moans softly]

[weakly] Molly?

[gasps] You’re okay.

Oh, Molly.

What happened? Where are we?

Don’t know, but there’s no way out.

There’s never no way out.

Where’s Rocky?

I saw him back in that big room.

[sighs] He saved us.

He did?

[suspenseful music playing]

[Rocky panting]

[guard grunts]


[grunts] Huh?


[all straining]

Come on. We can do it this time.

I can’t hold this much longer.

Fetcher, quickly!

Find a ledge or a crack to grab hold of!

[Fetcher] Righto.

Ooh! Not that crack.



[Babs shrieks]

[all groan]

[sighs] Face the facts, duck.

We need a miracle to get out of here.

[Rocky] Hey! Anyone down there?

[Ginger gasps]

[Molly] Dad!

[Ginger] Rocky!

[laughs] Do not tell him he’s our miracle. There’ll be no living with him.

Rocky is on the case.

[group] No! Don’t jump!

[group shouting]

What? What’s that?

I can’t hear you! Wait. I’m comin’ down!

Don’t jump!

[Rocky yells]

Oh! Family hug!

[Molly gasps, grunts]

Oh, I missed you guys.

Okay. Well, let’s blow this henhouse and head home.

[wind billows]


That’s the way out, isn’t it?

[Ginger chuckles]

I am so sorry.

[Molly crying]

[somber orchestral music playing]

[Molly sobbing]

Molly, what’s wrong?

This is all my fault.

I should have listened to you and done what I was told.

Now everything is a mess.

[sighs] Hey, where’s my big, brave girl?

[sighs] That girl’s stupid.

You were right.

If we ever get home, I’ll just stay there and never leave. Ever.

Hey, no. Molly.

This is my fault.

I should not have told you all of that ridiculous Lone Free Ranger stuff.

No, this is on me.

I used to hate being fenced in.

So why did I expect you to be any different?

I guess I was afraid you were so much like me.

What’s wrong with being like you?


Because your mom is the best.


And she always has a plan.

Not this time.

[tense music playing]

[sighs] He’s here.

[Fry murmuring nervously]

Are we ready to fry, Fry?

[buttons beeping]

Five minutes, pumpkin. [chuckles]

Make it four.

[Fry, shakily] Oh.

Where is she?

[bell dings]


Them runaway chickens, uh, have got themselves stuck in a corn silo.

In the silo, you say?

Excellent. I’ll go and greet our guest.

Production starts in three minutes.

[splutters] Three? [yelps]

Looks like you’ve just run out of cluck, little chickens.

[machine whirring]

[menacing orchestral music playing]


[family] Huh?

[Rocky] Huh?


[Babs whines]

I think there’s a grinder at the bottom of this thing.

On the plus side, though, we will all probably drown before we’re ground into tiny, wee pieces.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Popcorn. [chuckles nervously]

Popcorn, everyone. Look. Look, popcorn. [laughs]

Rocky, I don’t think this is the time to…


[bright music playing]

The answer to all life’s problems.

Of course.

Mac, we need heat.

Lots of it.

[Mac] Oh.

Will this work? [grunts]

[grunts] Perfect.

[grunts] Now, does anyone have a match?

Yeah, you and a raving lunatic.

You’ll blow us all to bits.

[Molly gasps]

Besides, we’ve used the last one.

Oh no.

[gentle chimes]

[Rocky gasps]

[gasps] That’s my girl.

[suspenseful music playing]

Um, can I once again raise my health and safety concerns?

What is it?

[Rocky and Babs yelp]

[both] Huh?

[rumbling and popping]

All right.


[alarm blaring]

Mm. That tastes nice.

Is there any more?

[all scream]

[Fowler] But guess what?

Just as Whizzbang Charlie thought we were back in Blighty, enemy fire at six o’clock.

[whimsical music playing]

Ye gods. It’s raining popcorn?

Good old British weather.


You never know what’s coming.


[Bunty sighs]



[Babs yelps]

[group groans]

[Ginger sighs]

[Rocky exhales]


[Molly] Hmm?

[laughing and cheering]

Get in there!

We made it.


[Fetcher] Whoo-hoo!

Fowler’s only gone and set up our escape route.

[bright music playing]

Well done, you old sausage.

Firm handshake will do, thank you.

[laughs] Mission accomplished. Now let’s fly this crazy coop, huh?

[Babs] Oh yes.

[group chattering excitedly]

[Fetcher] Oh, look, Nick.

Have we got snacks for the way home?

[bright music fades]

[wind gusting softly]


[somber music playing]

[brakes screech]


[guard] All right. On you go.

[exhales deeply]

[sighs] Mm.

Ginger, are you coming?

No, I’m not.

I’m going back.

[Molly gasps]

For Frizzle?

For Frizzle and all the chickens.


[laughs, sighs]

[tender instrumental music playing]

Just because where we live is cut off from the world doesn’t mean we are too.

No chicken is an island.

[Rocky] Hmm.

We are with you, Ginger.

Aye, me too.

Me four.

The rats are in.

Right. What’s the plan, Mum?

Oh, well, I didn’t think you…


Hey, Molly, um, are you sure you’re ready for this?

I was hatched ready, Dad.


She is a lot like me.

[reversing alarm beeping]

[engine stops]

[guard groans]

Dr. Fry!

What was that noise up on the roof?

[guard grunts, thuds]

Sounded like an explosion.

[gasps, yelps] Looks like one of the silos has blown its top.

[alarm blaring]


Maybe you shouldn’t have put those chickens through the grinder, my love.

Don’t be ridiculous.

[Smith] Melisha, all ready for the big day?

[Mrs. Tweedy sighs]

[cheerfully] Oh yes, Reginald.

Everything is tickety-boo.

[Smith] Jolly good. My truck is ready to go.

We’ve got to move fast.

While Tweedy is busy with her guest outside, we sneak back in.

Molly, you take Bunty, Babs and Mac to where all the chickens are.

Come on.

This way.

[Babs] Ah.

[Ginger] Stay out of sight and get ready to stop the chickens going up that staircase.

Rocky, we’ve got to get hold of that button.

[remote beeps]

[Ginger] And disable those collars.

[hens murmur]

[Ginger] As soon as the collars are off, Molly’s team leads the chickens out of there.

We bust our way out.

[hens clamoring]

Steal the truck, then we’re home free.

Well, what are we waiting for?

All right. Let’s do this.

We’re doing it today, are we?

[Fowler] So where was I? Ah, yes.

Whizzbang Charlie had lost his undercarriage, and the old crate was catching fire…

[gentle music playing]

Actually, Melisha, I have a little something for our big day.

[sweetly] Why, Reginald, this is all very sudden.


[music stops abruptly]


Oh. No, no.

Something completely new.

I call it “the dip.”

[swallows] It’s… sweet.

And sour.

Aren’t we all, Reginald?

[Mrs. Tweedy on radio] Dr. Fry?


Yes, my beloved?

Say those words I am longing to hear.

Get on with it, you idiot.

[grunts] Ooh.



[remote clatters]


It’s the funky chicken and the ginger one too.

[gasps] Oh no, my wife will not be happy with this.

Come on here now, you naughty little chickens! [yelps]




[groans, muffled] Oh dear.

See you on the flip side, egghead. [laughs] You get it?

[Mrs. Tweedy on radio] Dr. Fry? What’s going on up there?

Quick. Come on.

[Mrs. Tweedy] Dr. Fry! Dr. Fry!

[Fry whimpering]

[Fry] Hello?

Dr. Fry!

[Fry] Anybody there?

Dr. Fry!

[bell dings]

Dr. Fry!

Where are my nuggets?

Honestly, that man is about as much use as a headless…

[Fry shrieks]

[Mrs. Tweedy huffs]

[loud crash]

[both gasp]


[Ginger yelps]

[Rocky grunts]

Ha ha!



[remote beeps]

[machine whirring]


[Mrs. Tweedy laughs]

[sinister music playing]

Let’s make some nuggets.

Oh no.

[remote beeps]

[collars chime]

[collared hen clucks] Huh? [exclaim]

[“Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard and the Shadows playing]

[hens] Ah!

No. This is not good, Mac.

[group gasps]

[escalator whirring]

[hens exclaim]

Oh, Frizzle. Where are you?

[Frizzle] Ooh!

My turn. Bye-bye.


[Molly panting]

Lovely sunshine.

No, wait.

Hold on to her.


[hens exclaim]

♪ We’re goin’ where the sea is blue ♪

Mac, hurry.

[hens] Ooh!

♪ We’ve seen it in the movies… ♪

[Mrs. Tweedy cackles]

[Rocky gasps]

[panting] I got it. I got it.

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

[groans] I don’t got it!



[Rocky grunts, strains]

[glass shatters]

[Ginger gasps]



♪ For me and you ♪

[Ginger panting]

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts, snarls]

Go, Ginger!

[Ginger gasps]

[Mrs. Tweedy cackles]


[hens singing along] ♪ We’re all goin’ on a summer holiday ♪

♪ No more workin’ for a week or two… ♪

[hen cheers]

Come on, everybody. We’re goin’ on holiday.

No, Babs.

They’re going to turn everyone into nuggets.

♪ For a week or two ♪

♪ We’re going Where the sun shines brightly… ♪

Not now, mate.


♪ Where the sea is blue ♪

♪ We’ve seen it in the movies ♪

Please, Mac. Hurry.

Nearly done.

Just one more bit of jiggery-pokery, and…


[collar powers down]

[Frizzle gasps]

[grunts] What happened? What’s goin’ on?

Frizzle, this isn’t the best place ever.

You only get your own bucket

when they’ve chopped you up and cooked you.

[Frizzle gasps]

[hens continue singing melody]

And you came back for me?

Of course.

It’s me and you, kidda. All the way.

[hens] Time to go!

[both gasp]

[group grunts]

[Mac] Try to push them back!

[Bunty] There’s too many!

[Babs] Ooh!

Is this one of the activities?

[group gasps]

[ominous music playing]

[collared hens] Ah!

[Molly whimpers]

[collared hens] Ooh!

[ominous music swells]

[group screams]

[all groan]

[Molly] Huh?

[group 1 of collared chickens] Whee!

[group 2] Whee!

[group 3] Whee!

[Molly gasps]

[tense orchestral music playing]

[Ginger gasps]

[Molly and friends straining]

[Molly] Mum!

[machinery whining and clanking]

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

[Ginger gasps]

[Rocky grunts]

[gasps] Ginger!

[machinery squeaking]

[collared chickens] Whoo!

[Molly and friends grunting]

Look. There’s all the buckets!

[music swells]

[Molly] The button!

That’s it.

Frizzle, get on Bunty’s shoulders.


Trust me.

[strains] Up ya get.

[Frizzle grunts]

[Molly grunts]


[heroic music playing]

Good goin’, Molly.

Good job, Molly!

[Molly grunts]

[Molly grunts]



[whimpers nervously]


[Rocky] Molly?


I got this, Dad. Help Mum.

[Rocky gasps]



[Ginger gasps]

[Mrs. Tweedy gasps]

[Molly grunts]

Molly, watch out.

Huh? [yelps]


[Ginger gasps]

[Molly groans]

What have we here?

A little you.

[groans] Mum, catch.

[Mrs. Tweedy gasps]

[Ginger gasps, grunts]

They’re going over, Mum!

[friends grunting]

Ginger, we can’t hold them!

[machinery whirring below]

[feet squeaking]


[Mrs. Tweedy] Uh-uh-uh!

[Ginger gasps]

[Mrs. Tweedy snarls]

You can’t wait, Mum. Do it now!

[Rocky panting]


[grunts resolutely]

[Ginger gasps]


you’ve just got to take a leap.

[collars power down]

[collared chickens clamor]


[Rocky] Cock-a-doodle-doo!

[Mrs. Tweedy] Huh? [yelps]

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]




[Molly screams]

[Ginger gasps]

[Molly grunts]

[both yelp]

No! No! No!

[hens clamoring]

[heroic music playing]

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

[Rocky laugh defiantly]

[Mrs. Tweedy screams] Oh!


[Mrs. Tweedy yells]

[Ginger straining]


[Rocky grunts]


[Ginger whines]

[Rocky] I got ya. I got ya.

[Mrs. Tweedy] Well, now.

[Rocky gasps]

I suppose you three might make a bucketful.

[Ginger gasps]

[tense music building]

[Mrs. Tweedy] Hmm?




[axe whirring]



[trombone wah-wah-wah]




[clangs loudly]

[Mrs. Tweedy gibbers wildly]

[gears clanking]

[alarms blaring]

[electricity crackles]

[parents grunt]

[Rocky sighs in relief]

[Molly giggles]

Come on.

Ugh. What’s taking so long?

[guard grunts]

So much for fast food.

[door rattling]



[guard moans]

That’s funny. Sounds like a…


[hens clamoring]

Get your skates on.

Move your tail feathers.

[Babs] Come on.

[Rocky] Come on!


[Rocky strains]

You sure you know how this works?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Go, stop, and a spare one?

Come on! We have to go!

Full speed ahead!

[engine starts]

[chickens scream]

Wrong way!

What gear are you in?

Oh, I call this “smart casual.”

[engine revs]

[tires squeal]

[bell dings]

[nugget coating sizzling]

[eerie music playing]

[groans] Ah, you there!

[nugget thuds]

What kind of crazy henhouse is this?

[nugget groaning]


[nugget splutters]

[hesitates] Melisha?

Why are you dressed like a nugget?

[sinister music playing]


[Ginger] There’s the exit!

[banging on roof]

[Mrs. Tweedy grunts]

[all yell]


[group groans]

Get her off!

[group strains]

[tires squeal]

[Mrs. Tweedy yelps]

Hmm? [yells]

[tires screech]

[bridge whirring]

[group screams]

[gears clicking]


[group gasps]

[Mrs. Tweedy snarls]

I think they’re gonna need a bigger bucket.

[cackles, snarls]

[group yelps]

[gears clicking]


[Fowler] Chocks away!


[Mrs. Tweedy yelps]

[Fowler] Ha ha!

[laughs, grunts]

[music stops]


[music ends with dramatic flourish]




[air brakes hiss]

T.I. Fowler, Getaway Division.

Reporting for duty.

Where would we be without you, Fowler?

[panting] Darling! Darling!

[Mrs. Tweedy groans]

Blech. [groans]

[Fry] Darling!

The processor is dangerously overheating.

[inhales, hesitates] Oh.

[robot ducks quack]

[gasps] Huh?

[lasers whirring]



Pumpkin, watch out for the, uh…

[explosion blasts]


[adventurous music plays, fades]


[metallic creak]

[Fetcher] Oh blast!

[Nick] What?

[Fetcher] I think I left my umbrella in there.

[robotic duck clangs]

[adventurous music concludes]

[tranquil symphonic music playing]

[birds singing]

[hens chatting]

Oh! The best thing about going on holiday is getting back home, isn’t it?

[chuckles] Yes, it is. Isn’t it, Babs?


[duck whirs, blasts]

[Bunty] Oh!

All fixed.

Just had a screw loose.


[soft laser hum]

[hens cheer]

Good to have a bucket or two handy in case you’re feeling peckish.

[hen] Plenty for everyone.

This makes you happy and brainless, apparently.

Oh yeah, I feel it.

[laughs, inhales] It’s amazin’.

Mate, I haven’t turned it on yet.

[Rocky laughs]

Well, it looks like we’ve finally got our happy ending.

Ah, let’s just call this our happy beginning.

[buzzing overhead]

[lively fanfare plays]

Sergeant Molly, reporting from reconnaissance.

Chicken farm, beyond the north field.

Thirty birds to a cage.

Poor little kiddas.

[both gasp]

[Rocky sighs]

Right, everyone.

[caged chickens clamoring]

[heroic orchestral music playing]

I don’t like this one bit.

It’s go time.

I’ve just got one question.

Is crowing back on the agenda?

Oh, definitely.

Ready, everyone?

[group] Ready!


[all] Cock-a-doodle-doo!

[epic crescendo]

[“My Sweet Baby” playing]

♪ Let me tell you all about my baby ♪

♪ You will never find her misbehavin’ ♪

♪ Oh, she’s such a dime ♪

♪ I think I found the brightest star Up in the sky ♪

♪ Just one little look And she’ll disarm ya ♪

♪ Everybody tells me she’s a charmer ♪

♪ Never gets in trouble She’s the apple of my eye ♪

♪ She’s so sweet ♪

♪ Like butter wouldn’t melt, heavenly ♪

♪ With a little bit of hell I need ♪

♪ To keep her to myself, no need ♪

♪ What would I do? ♪

♪ Do ♪

♪ Without my sweet ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Cherry pie, buttercup Sugar, little honeybee ♪

♪ Never thought That I would love another ♪

♪ Words, they can’t describe The way I love her ♪

♪ She fills my cup all the way up ♪

♪ Can’t get enough, I know ♪

♪ Sometimes she drives me crazy ♪

♪ I never could get mad at my baby ♪

♪ Don’t want her changin’ ♪

♪ I just want her by my side ♪

♪ For my whole life ♪

♪ She’s the brightest light ♪

♪ In the highest ♪

♪ What would I do? ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Without my sweet baby ♪

♪ Cherry pie, buttercup She’s still got the world to see ♪

[bright orchestral music playing]

[intriguing orchestral music playing]

[suspenseful string music playing]

[tense string music playing]

[energetic orchestral music playing]

[heroic horn melody playing]

[ominous strings playing]

[string section fades]

[gentle tune playing]

[somber horn melody playing]

[driving snare drum beat]

[gentle melody building]

[tender flute solo]

[woodwinds join in]

[gentle melody fades]

[intriguing music playing]

[dramatic crescendo]

[orchestra plays discordant notes]

[dramatic horn blast]

[intriguing music continues]

[lively piccolo solo]

[slow, mysterious waltz]

[strings build to a tense crescendo]

[dramatic, fast-paced version of “Chicken Run” theme playing]

[whimsical chimes]

[heroic melody playing]

[epic crescendo, fades]

[calming tune playing]

[tender piano melody]

[woodwinds and timpani play heroic tune]

[energetic melody playing]

[melody ends with thrilling climax]

[ethereal flute playing]

[frenetic horn section playing]

[adventurous string section playing]

[orchestra playing heroic tune]

[dramatic climax]

[energetic crescendo]

[music fades]


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