Challengers (2024) | Transcript

Tashi, a former tennis prodigy turned coach, turned her husband into a champion. But to overcome a losing streak, he needs to face his ex-best friend and Tashi's ex-boyfriend.
Mike Faist as Art, Zendaya as Tashi and Josh O'Connor as Patrick in CHALLENGERS, directed by Luca Guadagnino

Challengers (2024)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Stars: Zendaya, Mike Faist, Josh O’Connor, Darnell Appling, Bryan Doo

Plot: Tennis player turned coach Tashi has taken her husband, Art, and transformed him into a world-famous Grand Slam champion. To jolt him out of his recent losing streak, she signs him up for a “Challenger” event — close to the lowest level of pro tournament — where he finds himself standing across the net from his former best friend and Tashi’s former boyfriend.

* * *

[wind blowing]

[children’s chorus playing]

[singing continues]

[umpire] Ladies and gentlemen, this final round match will be the best of three tiebreak sets.

To the right of my chair, we have Patrick Zweig.

[crowd applauding, cheering]

Yes, Patrick!

[umpire] To the left of my chair, we have Art Donaldson.

[crowd cheering, applauding]

[umpire] Donaldson won the toss and has elected to serve.

First set.

[woman 1] All right!

[man 1] All right, let’s bring it!

[crowd applauding]

[man 2] Hey, we love you, Art!

Donaldson to serve.

Ready? Play.

[Art grunts]

[Patrick grunts]

[woman 2] Out!

[umpire] Fifteen, love.

[woman 3] That’s our boy. Go, go.

[both grunting]

[crowd cheering]

[umpire] Fifteen all.

[both grunting]

[upbeat music playing]

[grunting continues]

Let’s go!

[umpire] Fifteen, 30.

[woman 4 whooping]

[alarm ringing on phone]

[faucet clanks]

[water running]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[rubbing skin]

Let’s go.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[Art exhales]

[announcer on TV] Every premiere event and the…

[Bryan] Man, that ankle’s jammed.

I’ll just stretch it from here.

Good. Nice and relaxed.

All right, put a little pressure back and I want you to inhale.

[male commentator] Okay, let’s check out today’s

first round matchups. Mary Jo, let’s be honest…

[Bryan] Again.

I mean, it’s safe to say that Donaldson is a huge favorite

against the French teen, Du Maurier.

[female commentator] Well, on paper, he is.

But because he had surgery last year…

[Andrew] Bryan, we have the practice court booked at 8:00,

so we should probably head out in about 15 minutes.

[Bryan] Yep, he’ll be ready by then.

[female commentator] In your first twofifty, as a qualifier…

Hey, Art? Just relax.

[Tashi] Lily,

you have to have some fruit with your breakfast.

[female commentator] If Art can start to get

some confidence and play well.

This is a great opportunity to end that losing streak

going into the US Open.

[male commentator] Feels like he needs this win.

Remember what he’s going for this year.

He’s got the six Grand Slam titles,

two at Wimbledon, two Aussie Opens,

two French Opens,

but he has been chasing in vain,

for years, that elusive US Open title

to complete the Career Slam.

What do you think, any shot that he gets it this year?

[female commentator] I mean, it’s not looking good.

I mean, if we just go on the results this season,

it’s going to be tough for him.

But you can never count a guy like Art out of the conversation.

He’s got himself back healthy, he’s in really good shape,

he’s got a great support team around him.

His coach, Tashi Donaldson, who also is his wife,

has added a couple of people to his team.

He’s got a new physiotherapist, and he’s got a new hitting partner.

So everything’s there for him to do well.

Now it’s just the matter can he get his game back on track.

[male commentator] Yeah, his fans are hoping we’ll start

to see more of the…

All right, I’m going to go check on the car.

Can you have pancakes?

I don’t know, can I?

Feed me.

No, you’re too old.

No, who says that?

Who said I’m old?

[Lily] You said that.

[man] Here.


grandmas can have pancakes, come on.

[male commentator] Just a matter of…

[Grandma whispers] One bite. I won’t tell.

[male commentator] …if he can click into that mindset.

[female commentator] Exactly. And you know he’s got

a lot of things going for him here.

He knows this tournament, he likes this tournament,

and he’s won here a few times.

And he’s got a great record on hard courts.

So, if he can somehow

find a way to get…

[TV audio mutes]

[Grandma] Your mom and dad are going to go to work,

and then you and me are gonna do some reading,

and then go swimming at the pool.

[Lily] Can we watch a movie?

[Grandma] Later, first we’re gonna keep reading the book

we started yesterday.


[Lily] The one about the giraffe?

[Grandma] Mm, no, we finished that one.

We’re gonna keep reading the one…

[Tashi] Inside out!

[indistinct yelling]

[Tashi] Cross.

Inside out.

Down the line.

[Bryan] There was a massager in the car?

[Andrew] You grabbed that, right?

No, the other one.

[Andrew] Oh, yeah, it’s in there.

I want you to force him into as many backhand rallies as you can.

He has one big weapon, and he wants to use it

against you, so take it away from him.

[woman over PA] The BB and T Atlanta Open

is a nonsmoking event.

All use of tobacco products and ecigarettes

is strictly prohibited on event grounds

except for designated smoking areas.

[fan] Mr. Donaldson… Mr. Donaldson, would you?

Thank you so much.

[Art] No problem.

[fan] I’m rooting for you.

Did you see that look?

He’s gonna crush me, huh?

Don’t think about it, Leo.

[fans yelling]

[woman] Art, over here, over here!

[crowd cheering in distance]

[Tashi] Yeah?

They’re ready for you.

You ready?

Decimate that little bitch.

[upbeat music playing]

[music stops]

[commentator on TV] Yeah, this match is looking like

what we’ve come to expect from Donaldson.

[commentator 2] Just can’t seem to find his footing.

[commentator 1] And it’s given Du Maurier the confidence he needs.

[woman] Out!

[commentator 2] Ouch,

this is getting brutal.

[commentator 1] You just can’t be missing shots like that.

[ball thudding]

[crowd cheering]

[commentator 1] And there goes the racket.

[commentator 2] Yeah, you…

He was playing really well.

…can really see the frustration setting in.

[commentator 1] I mean, I get it.

[sighs] I’m pulling you out of Cincinnati.


Might as well

pull you out of the Open too,

if this isn’t gonna be your year then, why bother?

I’m just rusty. It’s a confidence thing.

Get your fucking confidence back.

I can’t do that for you.

No one’s asking you to.

When you play like that, you are.

I would’ve killed to have a recovery like yours.

I literally would fucking stab someone.

A child, an old lady, like…

[Grandma] I think that they’re almost done, okay?

[Lily] Where are they?

[Grandma] In the living room.

They’re watching Daddy’s match from earlier today.

[Lily] Mom said we could watch it.

What do we need to do to get you to play again?

What do you need me to do, hmm?

Hey, baby.


What’s up?

Can we watch SpiderVerse?

Of course we can. Of course we can. Come here.

We’re just talking about tennis right now.

But you’re always talking about tennis.

I know. I know.

Uh, ooh, how about this?

How about you start it with Grandma?

And then, I’ll come in a second

and we can order some room service and watch it together.

How about that?

[Lily] What do they have

for room service?

[Tashi] I don’t know. I don’t know, I…

[upbeat music playing]

[Tashi] She likes it here.

We can keep staying here.

We can.

We can stay here. We can just be rich people.

That’s all you think you can handle.

We can travel.

We can do the foundation fulltime.

Or you keep being a tennis player.

Which is what you are. Still.

What do you want?

[whispers] What do you want?

[whispers] I’m gonna be a tennis player.

Good. Good.

[Iin normal voice] Okay, well, we need to get you

some more match time then.

I can play Cincinnati.

No. No, you cannot. Not like this.

Okay, how about,

how about New Rochelle?

That’s a challenger.

Yeah, I know that.

It’s in a couple of days. Maybe we can get you a wildcard.



You need to start winning.

Right now, you’re getting crushed by guys like Du Maurier.

So we need to go somewhere,

where there’s absolutely nobody

on the other side of the net who can shake your fucking confidence.


That’s why we’re going to…

Phil’s Tire Town Challenger.

[Art chuckles]

Don’t get knocked out the first round.

You’re evil.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna call Tom, see if he can get you in the draw.



I love you.

I know.

[commentator 1] How much do you think you’d pay the first serve today?

[commentator 2] Honestly. He looks like he doesn’t

even wanna be out there.

[upbeat music playing]

[music stops]

[music playing over speakers]


[metal rattling]

[woman laughs]

[compartment opens]


Can I pay tomorrow?

I’ve been driving all day, I’m exhausted.

You know, if we gave out a bed to every tired person

who walked in here asking for one…

[Patrick laughs] Right.

…we’d be a homeless shelter not a business.

[Patrick] Uhhuh.

Listen, I’m a tennis player.

[woman] Hmm.

You know the tournament down the road?

Oh, that, uh… The thing

at the country club.

Right, right.


Well, you get $7,000 if you win.

And you get money just for qualifying.

I just… I need a place to stay tonight

so I can rest before my first match.

Oh, I’m sorry.

I need a card on file.

What if I signed a racket and gave it to you?



Sir, I don’t know who you are. [chuckles]

[Patrick] I told you I’m…

Look at this guy.

…a professional tennis player.

He’s a disaster.

I don’t know,

I think he’s kind of cute.

Carl, he smells.

The racket alone…

[Carl] He’s an athlete.

…is worth like…

[man 1] He doesn’t look

like an athlete, he looks like a hobo.


[Carl] Very tall, very handsome hobo.

[woman chuckles]

[man 1] You’re like a dog.

We need a card that works.

[man 1] Look at him, he can’t pay for the room.

[Carl] Should we invite him

to come stay with us?

[man 1 shushing]

[Carl] Hey!

Hello! Name?

[man 1] Barry Gardner.

You know, this looks very different from the website.

[woman] Oh, we’re doing some renovations.

[Barry] I just think you should maybe update your pictures

to reflect, you know…

[woman over radio] The Clinton campaign paid

a million dollars to use your GPS to hire…

[Patrick exhales]

[objects clattering]


Sir, you can’t sleep here.

I’m not. I’m playing at the…

Sir, this is a private club.

I’m gonna have to ask you…

[Patrick] No.

…to leave.

No, no, no.

I’m in the Challenger. I’m a player.

Oh. Well…

[racket clatters]

You’re a bit early for checkin.

We’re just opening up.

[Patrick sighs]

[footsteps receding]

[car door opens, closes]

Just head right in there. She’s just setting up.

[TV playing indistinctly]

[door opens]

[woman] Can I help you?

[sighs] I’m a tennis player.

[door closes]

[sighs] I’m playing in the Challenger.


Patrick Zweig.

[woman] Oh, wow! That’s right.

You are!

You probably don’t remember this,

but I was one of the line judges

at the Junior US Open back in ’06.

Huh, wow.

You hungry?


Yeah. Yeah.


[woman] Mmmm.

Well, we’re happy to have you here.

You got your first match against Grosu this afternoon.

Should be a nice tournament. Supposed to get a little windy midweek,

but hopefully it’ll clear up before the finals.

Fingers crossed.

I was wondering,

is there any chance for an advance payment on the prize money?


Just because I’m…

I know I’m guaranteed a minimum of $400

even if I get knocked out today.

Well, generally, we don’t give out the winnings until

player makes his way through the tournament.

Right. It’s just…

I had a problem with my card at the hotel.


You could

just always lose today… [chuckles]

Then we’d have to cut your check this evening.


By the way,

there’s a rumor going around

that we had a lastminute wildcard.

Wanna guess who it is?


[indistinct conversation continues on TV]

[crowd clapping]

[crowd murmuring]

[both grunting]

[crowd exclaiming]

[crowd cheering]

[umpire] Advantage, Donaldson.


[crowd cheering]

[woman] Come on!

[man] Go, let’s go!


[crowd exclaim]


[crowd gasping]

[umpire] Code violation, audible obscenity.

Warning, Donaldson.


[crowd applauding]

[man] All right.

[woman] Come on, Art.

[chuckles softly]

[exclaiming in surprise]

[umpire] Advantage, Zweig.

[man] Get it together, Art. You got this.

[woman] He almost got another penalty.

[crowd murmuring]

[both grunting]



Let’s go!

[Art laughing]




Come on. Come on. Come on.

[Patrick] Hey, guys!

[Art] Hey, guys!

[Patrick] Thank you, man.

Good play.

[Art] Good one, man.

[Patrick] Nice meeting you.

Good one, man.

[Svoboda] Yeah.

[crowd cheering]

[man yelling] Fire and Ice, baby. Let’s go!

[woman] Take it off!

[crowd cheering, applauding]

Can you do me a favor?

[Patrick] Mmhmm.

Can you not demolish me tomorrow?

Shut the fuck up.


I’m at peace with the fact that you’re going to win.

It’s not a fact.

I’m just saying,

throw me a couple of games, maybe a set.

If it matters to you so much, I can just give it to you.

[Art] Really?

[Patrick] Yeah.

Wow! Thanks.

I mean,

every once in a while a kid who wins juniors

turns out to be an actually great player,

but most of them end up in, like, the top 300.

It’s a curse.

You said,

you seemed pretty excited about winning the doubles trophy.

That was different. That was just you and me.

This is really fun.

[Art] Huh.

All right, well…

But you have to actually play.

You know, you can’t just retire.

I need it to look like I really beat you.

Mm. Have you got money on this or something?

No. My grandma, she’s gonna be watching

with her nursing home. She keeps calling me

telling me how proud she is.

Don’t guilt me with your dying grandmother.

[both chuckle]

[indistinct chatter]

[umpire] Now entering the court…

[Patrick] Did Mark tell you about the party on Long Island?

The Adidas thing?


[umpire] Anna Mueller.

Yeah, I’m not going.

What? Why not?

[Art] We have a final tomorrow.

I just told you I’d let you win.

[Art] Mmhmm.

Don’t you want to meet Tashi Duncan?

[Art burps]

You don’t get it, man. You’ve never seen her in person.

She’s in another league.

[umpire] And now entering…

You mean her game?

No, I mean, she’s the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.

[umpire] And winner of the Junior Australian Open,

Tashi Duncan.

[upbeat music playing]

[crowd cheering]

Yeah, baby! Yeah!

[umpire] Ladies and gentlemen, this final round match

will be the best of three tiebreak sets.

To the left of the chair, from Switzerland,

Anna Mueller.

To the right of the chair, from the United States,

Tashi Duncan.

Duncan won the toss and elected to serve.


[umpire] First set, Duncan to serve. Ready?


[both grunting]

Look at that fucking backhand.

[umpire] Fifteen, love.

[crowd cheering]

[Tashi and Anna grunting]

[Patrick gasps]

[crowd cheering]

[umpire] Forty, love.

Come on!

[umpire] Forty, thirty.

[Anna speaking German]


[continues speaking German]

[hiphop song playing over speakers]

[indistinct chattering]

[Patrick] She’s gonna turn her whole family into millionaires.

She’ll have a fashion line,

a nutritional supplement,

a foundation.

The Tashi Duncan Center for Girls.

Taking atrisk youth off the streets

and onto the courts.

Come on. Don’t make fun, man.

She’s a remarkable young woman.

I know.

I know, she’s a pillar of the community.

I’d let her fuck me with a racket. [chuckles]

Oh, God. Look, Anna Mueller.

[Anna sobbing]

[Art exclaims in disgust]

[song continues playing]

[women laughing]

[woman whooping]

Oh, my God.


[Tashi laughs] I’m gonna go get my drink.


Hey, I’m Patrick Zweig.

Art Donaldson.

I know who you are.

You’re Fire and Ice, right?

Oh, my God.

In the flesh.

Which one’s which?

What do you think?

[Art] You were fucking incredible today.

Thank you.

No, really. I mean,

it wasn’t even, like, tennis.

It was an entirely different game.

I felt bad for Anna.

Oh, uh, don’t. She’s a sore loser

And a racist bitch.

[Patrick chuckles]

She’ll be okay.

You’re going to Stanford, right?

Yeah, how’d you know that?

Um… [chuckles] I just accepted my offer

and they mentioned you.


[Tashi] Yeah.

[Art] Oh.

You’re not going pro?

No, not yet.

Why do you waste your time playing college tennis?

[Tashi’s father] Baby…

I need to steal you for a second.

Over at the trophies.

Uh, okay.

I have to go take pictures.

So, um, it was nice meeting you both.


[Art] Yeah.

[chuckles] Okay.

[rock music playing]

[Patrick sighs]

Now what?

What do you mean? That was it.

You don’t wanna stick around,

try to talk to her again?

No, no, that’ll seem too desperate.

We should just wait for the shuttle back to the hotel.

Yeah, sure.


[cameraman] Bring it up for me a little bit.

All right. Great, great. Good job.

Let’s go.

Yeah. Let’s go.

[man] Bye, Miss Stanford University.

[Tashi] Okay, bye.




You guys are still here.

[Art] Great party!

[Patrick] Uhhuh, yeah.

Thank you.

[clicks tongue] Um, don’t you guys have a final?

Shouldn’t you be, like, um, preparing or something?

Oh, it’s just the juniors.

I think we both know

how it’s gonna go.

[Tashi chuckles]

Okay, well, um, it’s cool that you stayed.

Yeah. I actually wanted…


…to ask you about that point earlier

Hey, do you smoke?




Do you?


Want to go down to the beach?


[Patrick] This place is ridiculous, isn’t it?

[Tashi] What do you mean? What do you mean? It’s nice.

[Patrick] It’s like a castle.

Like, they wanna be feudal lords or something.

[Tashi] Oh, and what does your parents’ place look like?


[Patrick] Not like this.

[Art] No, it’s bigger.

No. I mean, yeah, technically it is. Yeah.

[gentle music playing]

[Patrick] So, I have to ask you about this Stanford thing.

[Tashi] Okay.

What’s the angle?

Why do you want to go beat up on a bunch of girls

who were the best players at their high schools?

You know, they offer classes in college.

I don’t want my only skill in life to be hitting a ball with a racket.

I get it.

You’re making us wait for you.

The 18yearold tennis phenomenon

who cares about her education.

Is this why you came to my party?

It’s brilliant. Seriously.

I can already see the Adidas campaign.

And when are you going pro?

Soon as I can.

Hitting a ball with a racket is a great way

to avoid having a job.

Well, that’s also your problem.

‘Cause you think that tennis is about

expressing yourself, doing your thing.

That’s why you still have that serve.

It works.

Yeah, but you’re not a tennis player.

You don’t know what tennis is.

What is it?

It’s a relationship.

Is that what you and Anna Mueller had today?

It is, actually.

For about 15 seconds there, we were actually playing tennis,

and we understood each other completely.

So did everyone watching.

It was like we were in love.

Or like we didn’t exist.

We went somewhere

really beautiful together.

You screamed.

When you hit the winner.

Never heard anything like it before.

I should go

before my dad comes looking for me.

I’ll see you at school, Art.


are you on Facebook?


[Art] He’s asking for your number.

And so am I.

You both want my number?

Very much so, yeah.

[Patrick] Yeah.

Okay, well,

I’m not a homewrecker.

We don’t live together.

It’s an open relationship.

Also, Patrick has a girlfriend.

I do not. Hey, come hang out with us later.

They put you up at the hotel in Flushing, right?

We’re in Room 206.

Want me to come tuck you in?

No. We just keep talking…

About tennis.

Good night.

We have beer.

[laughs] Okay.

[gentle music playing]

[man] I’m looking in my bag right now.

[woman] Did you look in the small pocket on the side?

I promise that’s in there.

[man speaking indistinctly]

[metal clanking]

It’s broken.

And she’s not coming.

She might.

You made it sound like we wanted to fuck her in here.

We do want to fuck her in here.

Okay, yeah, maybe. But what was your plan?

All right, let’s say she did come over. Then what?

We just like, keep shooting our shot

until she ends up making out with one of us, hopefully,

and the other one, sits in the bathroom?

Sure, if it came to that.

What? You think that’s beneath you?

I think it’s beneath her.

What if she chooses you?

You won’t feel comfortable sending me away?

She’s not coming, Patrick!

[knocking on door]

[man speaking indistinctly over radio]

[knocking on door]

[Patrick] Art!

[Art] What?

[Patrick] Fucking ash!

[Art] I found it.

Oh, dude.

[objects clattering]

[Art] Wait.

Oh, shit.



Did you guys go to, like, Mommy And Me classes together?

[Art and Patrick chuckling]

[chuckles] What? You just seem like brothers.

Well, that’s what the Mark Rebellato Tennis Academy will do for you.

[chuckles] Oh. Right, right, right.

You guys went to boarding school.

Mm. We’ve been bunkmates since we were 12.


That’s really cute.

You ever thought about doing something like that?

Boarding school?

[Art] Mm.

No. No, no, no. We couldn’t afford it.

And even if I could get a scholarship or something,

there’s no way that my parents would want me

coming of age in an environment like that.


Why? What were they afraid of?

Oh, yeah.


So, um, is that where you met your girlfriend?

Oh, she’s not my, um…

Yeah, yeah.

[chuckles] And you? Why aren’t you pretending

not to have a girlfriend?

Art’s in between ladies.

Oh, no, no.

That makes it sound like I’m some sort of…

[Tashi] Player.


Yeah, Art does fine for himself.

I mean, look at him.

[Tashi chuckles]


How often does this happen?


Going after the same girl.

Not as often as you think actually.


[Patrick] No.

Yeah, no, we, uh…

We usually have different types.

Hmm. So you’re saying I should be flattered?



Aren’t you everybody’s type?

[Tashi chuckles]

What about the two of you?

What do you mean?



[chuckles] No.

Why? Is that surprising?




I mean…


Patrick, no.

[chuckles] Sorry.

Yes. I think you need to tell me now.


I think it’s a sweet story.

Uhhuh. All right.

Well, let’s hear it.

Yeah, no, go ahead.


[both chuckle]

I taught Art how to jerk off, so.

Okay. Patrick was an early bloomer, okay?

And I think that I was on time.

And one time, when we were 12,

he thought I was asleep and he was, you know…

Jerking off.

Jerking off. And, yeah…

And I asked him, “What are you doing?”

And he told me.

He’s jerking off.

Jerking off.

He asked me if I had ever done it before and I told him no.

And so, he just…

He showed me how.

[man speaking indistinctly over radio]

What do you mean he showed you how? [laughs]

No. I mean…


[Art] I mean, he did it

on his bed.


I did it on my bed. We did it together, but like on opposite sides…

in the room.

Yeah. Mmhmm.

You know. [clears throat]


Oh, no, no.

No, no.

No, we were talking about Kat, weren’t we?

Kat Zimmerman.

Patrick said

it’s always better…


…if you’re like thinking about somebody

when you’re doing it. And so I asked him

who you’re thinking about, and he was talking about this girl,

Kat Zimmerman.

Kat Zimmerman.

And so, I thought about her, too.



[chuckles] Okay, and who finished first?

Oh, I don’t remember.

I think you.

[chuckles] And, well, how was it afterwards?

[chuckling] I think Art was a little surprised

by the whole thing. He was…

He was just sitting there covered in all of it.

[Tashi chuckles] What?

He looked like a kid

who’d spilled milk all over his lap.

[Art] Jesus, Patrick!

[both laughing]

I knew enough already at this point

to have a sock nearby.


Forgot to tell Art about that part.

[Art] Yeah.


[Patrick] Yeah, so.

[Art] Yeah.

Right. Okay.

And what about Miss Zimmerman?

Whatever happened to her? You guys…

Neither of us…

She got injured a week later and had to quit.

[Tashi] Really?

[Patrick] She wasn’t very good in the first place.

No, she sucked.

[Patrick] Yeah.

Yeah. [clicks tongue]

Yeah, no, you’re right. That is a very cute story.

[Patrick laughs] Thanks.

[music playing over radio]

We’re out of beer.

[both] Um…

[Tashi sighs]

Come here.

[tapping bed]

Which one of us would you…

[Art chuckles]

[both moaning]

[Art and Patrick chuckling]

[Tashi chuckles]

[music continues playing through radio]

[music builds]

[Tashi] Okay.

[music drops intensity]

I’m going to bed.


[Patrick] What about your number?

I told you, I’m not a homewrecker.

[Art] Please.

[chuckles] Um…

Okay, uh…

I will be watching your match tomorrow.

Whoever wins can have my number.

[Art exhales]

[Patrick] All right.

You can beat him, you know that.

You should beat him actually.

[Art] Are you saying you want me to?

I’m saying you’re not going to get my number if you don’t.

[Art] But what do you want?

I want to watch some good fucking tennis.

Good night.

[Art] Remember when you said you’d let me win?

[Patrick] That was a lifetime ago.

What about my grandmother?

Hope she has

a fucking stroke.

[Art groans]

[Patrick grunts]

[Art groans]

[ball thudding]

[crowd exclaim]

[crowd exclaim]


[crowd cheering]

[umpire] Thirty, forty.

[crowd member whooping]

[woman] That’s how you do it!

[man 1] Nice! That’s the way you play!

[man 2] Go!

[crowd exclaim in dismay]

[umpire] Thirty, love.

[crowd exclaim in dismay]

[umpire] Forty, love.

[woman] Come on, Art, you got this!

[man] It’s not over, Art!

[woman] Hang in there, Art!



[Patrick grunts]

[crowd exclaim in dismay]

Game and first set, Zweig.

Zweig leads one set to love.

[crowd chattering indistinctly]

[Victor] So stupid losing to guys like this, Victor.


Fucking idiot.

[Victor grumbling in Romanian]

[in English] Fuck.

[Victor continues grumbling in Romanian]

[in English] Nice match, Zweig.

You too, Grosu.

Tough break.

[players laughing]

[Victor cursing in Romanian]

[in English] Calm, Victor.

[Victor grunting]

[toilet flushing]

[chuckles softly]

[locker door slams]

[Victor in English] What are you doing with your life?

How did you get like this?

You can’t beat some fucking loser like him?

How can you call yourself…

[Victor continues grumbling in Romanian]

[in English] So, do you, like, play at Wimbledon

or the US Open or what?

Yeah, sometimes. When I qualify.



What does that mean?

Well, those big tournaments usually have spots for 128 players.

So if you’re ranked in the top 100,

then you instantly get a spot,

but everyone else has to play a sort of, uh,

tournament before the tournament.


Some years I make it,

some years I don’t.

But, um, if I win this thing in New Rochelle,

my ranking will be high enough for the Open.

So, you’ll get a spot?

I’ll get a spot in the qualifiers.

Oh, okay. [chuckles]


I told you tennis is boring.

No, really…

It’s, um, it’s interesting.

Excuse me.

Can I get a tea with some lemon?

[server] Coming right up.

Uh, so, tell me about real estate law.

Uh, I don’t know, well, um…

My firm…


Well, it’s not my firm, but the firm that I work for,

we actually do something called estate planning.

Which is a little different.

I used to do real estate law with this firm in Hartsdale…

which I don’t know if you know where that is

but it’s just five minutes…

Thank you.

…down the road if you’re driving,

but, um, yeah, I left that firm.

It was small. Anyway.

Um, I deal with trusts and…


…uh, power of attorney…

Go ask them about the beds.

Oh, okay.


Do you want us to wait to FaceTime with Dad?

No, no, it’s okay. Do you mind taking this upstairs for me?

Okay. Sure.

Okay. Love you.

We’ll be right up.

All right, honey.

All right, see you.

Anything that, you know, you have to deal with

when someone crosses over…

Are you okay?


Are you… Are you okay?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Can you excuse me? I just have to…


What the fuck are you doing here?

I’m playing at the Challenger.

Yeah, I know that.

But you’re not staying here, are you?

No. Why are you staying here?

I assumed you guys would rent a villa or something.

Lily likes hotels.

Our daughter.


Art can’t see us together. He already thinks

I planned this to humiliate him.

Didn’t you?


Not this part.

Are you on a fucking date?


Well, yeah, but it’s not…

I just need a place to sleep.



Can’t all stay at the Ritz.

Mm. Okay, well.

Can you seal the deal and leave?

You’re on opposite sides of the draw.

You’re not gonna play each other unless you’re both in the final.

I don’t think we have to worry about that.

No, you typically fall apart in the second round.

[whispering] Your mom looks good.

I know she does, Patrick.

[elevator dings]

[in normal voice] Do me a favor.

Stay the fuck away from us.

[elevator doors close]

Sorry, that was a, uh…

Uh, hey…

[woman 1 over PA] Junior training sessions

will now take place on court six.

[indistinct chatter]

[woman 2 over PA] Will Coach Stevens

please report to the main office?

Coach Stevens.

[Art] What do you mean you won’t say?

I don’t kiss and tell.

Since when?

Since she told me she’d stop seeing me if I told anyone.

[coach 1] And go!

[coach 2] Yep, yep, good.

All right.

[coach 2 yelling indistinctly]

Right, but she had to know that you were gonna talk to me.

She didn’t indicate that there were any exceptions.

All right, fine. Then give me a signal.

Isn’t this hard for you to hear?

Like, wouldn’t you rather not?

No. I’m very happy for you.

I just don’t wanna feel left out.

[upbeat music playing]

[coach 2] There you go!

Okay, how about this?

If the two of you slept together, do a normal serve.


I’m not asking

you to tell me. I’m just saying,

if you fucked, serve like me.

Like you?

[Art] Yeah.

You know you have a tic, right?

Before you throw the ball up

you place it in the exact center of the neck of the racket.

Okay, fine, yeah. Do that. If you fucked.

[Patrick] I’m not telling you anything, Art.

You won’t be telling me anything. Come on.


[Patrick chuckles]


[upbeat music continues]

[music drops]

Everything okay?

I’m okay, thank you.

[fan] Excuse me, Tashi.

No, it’s okay.

Thank you.

[fan 1] Thank you.

Of course.

Time. Second set. Donaldson to serve.

[crowd cheering]

[Art exhales]

[Patrick sniffles]


[student 1 speaking indistinctly]

[both grunting]

[coach] There you go!

[women speaking indistinctly]

[student 1] He’s pretty funny.

[chuckles] He’s, like, always cracking jokes.

[student 2] It just sounds so hard.

[student 1] It’s not.

I don’t know I feel, like, out of all my classes…

[Art] All right, so when are you going pro?

[Tashi] Um, well, if we win the championship,

then I’ll leave.

So, May.

I said, if we win.

Right. So, May.

[chuckles] Um…

Did Patrick tell you he’s coming

to the Pepperdine match?

Hmm. Yeah, he told me.

We should get dinner or something.

Sure. If you want.

[progressive rock song playing over speakers]

What’s up?



The whole thing you’re doing, you’re not good at it.

It’s fucking stupid.

I’m not doing a thing.

I’m just surprised that you guys are still seeing each other.

That’s all.


I’m sorry.

Why did you ask me to come to lunch with you?

I told you, I had extra meal credits

and they were going to expire.

Don’t be such a fucking pussy.

Is he seeing other girls on tour?

No, I mean…

Is that what this is?

I don’t know.


That’s not what I’m trying to say.

Then what are you trying to say?

[plates clatter]


He’s not in love with you.

What makes you think I want someone to be in love with me?

Did I ever say I was in love with him?

You didn’t.

So why would I give a fuck

if he loved me or not?

I guess you wouldn’t.



Don’t you think you deserve it?

[Tashi] Jesus fucking Christ.

I mean, who wouldn’t be in love with you?

[Tashi] Think you might be the worst friend in the world.


[Tashi] Definitely!

Thank you. For lunch, Art.

[indistinct chatter]

[Patrick] Whoohoo! Let’s go!

[student 1] Who the fuck is this guy?

Does he go here?

[student 2] I don’t know.

I don’t… I don’t think so.

[Patrick] Come on, Donaldson,

big serve! Big serve!

That’s right, baby!

Show that motherfucker who’s boss.

Finish it up, Donaldson, come on.

[student 2] Whoa!

[Patrick] All right.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

[student laughing]


Out of the way, out of the way!

[students laughing]

[indistinct chatter]

[clicks tongue] So, how’s the tour?

No fun stuff?

Like what?

I don’t know. Are you seeing anybody?

What do you mean? I’m taken.

What do you think I’m doing here?

You’re not here to visit me?


You’re really committing to this thing?

To Tashi?


Yeah. I mean,

we’re taking it step by step, but, you know…

I like her.

I think she’d make me an honest man.

You don’t believe me?

No, I’m just…

I’m not sure how she’s thinking about all of this.

I don’t want you to get hurt.

[chuckles softly]

You don’t want me to get hurt?

[Art] Hmm.

Did she say something to you?


I just got the impression she’s not thinking

about this as a serious relationship.

You got that impression?

From a conversation we had.



You fucking snake.

Honestly, I’m proud of you.

I’d be doing the same thing.

I’m not doing anything.

It’s fine. It’s exciting to see you this way.

It’s what’s been missing from your tennis.


It’s nice to see you lit up about something.

Even if that something is my girlfriend.

That’s what the two of you are calling each other now?

[Patrick] Hmm.

You know this makes it hotter for me, right?

You sitting here pining for her.

I would never do anything

to get in the way of you…

I know.

…and your girlfriend.

I know.

It’s not your style.

You’re playing percentage tennis.

Waiting for me to fuck up.

Come on, walk me over there.

[toilet flushes]

[exhales] I missed you.

You have any idea how lonely it is on tour?



Is that why you haven’t won any challengers?

I just told you I missed you.


[Tashi moans]

I watched the Shinoda match online.

And you could’ve won, but then you started tanking

in the third set.

Tashi, come on.


Look at me.

When were you gonna tell me about Art?

[chuckles] Thought you knew about that.

I mean…

I feel bad because I know he’s in pain,


Right, but?

What? You’re not intimidated by him?




Well, you should be.

Uhhuh. Why?

Because he’s smart.


He’s good looking.


And he’s really fucking good at tennis.

Oh, he’s always been very good.

[chuckles] Yeah, but he’s gotten a lot better

since he’s been here.

Are the two of us still playing for your number?

[Tashi chuckles]

I thought I won.

That’s your problem.

You always think you’ve won before the match is over.

Are we talking about tennis?

We’re always talking about tennis.

Can we not?


[Patrick] What are you doing?

I’m getting ready for my match.

Start my routine. I’ll see you there.



If you’re not interested in me fixing your game for free,

don’t worry about it. It’s fine.

Why do you care so much?

Well, we’re dating, right? So, I don’t know.

Should be a little embarrassing if you suck.

I suck now?


It’s not college tennis out there.

We can’t all walk around calling ourselves “The Duncanator.”


I’m sorry. I just…

Okay. No, it’s fine.

Look, I’m happy they like you here.

I just don’t need you to be my coach.

Well, someone needs to be.

Can we just start over?

What do you think you need from me?

Honestly, what do you think you need from me?

A cheerleader? A girlfriend? A fuck buddy? [scoffs]

Like, there’s plenty of girls out here that would

love to be your girlfriend, okay?

You’re charming.

You’re talented, you got a big dick. Just go be with one of them.

Is this like, a new strategy you’re using

to pump yourself up before the match?

Have a little fight to get the energy going?

I don’t need a fight to get the energy going.

No. Just an hour of meditation.

[chuckles] And what? You think that’s lame?

I think it’s unnecessary given you’re playing

Sally Fucking Country Club from Pepperdine.

[exhales] And how’s coasting by on talent going for you?

You know how ridiculous it is

to hear you call me every week,

talking about all the ways that you’re getting screwed over on tour?

As if that’s a good use for my fucking time?

Well, excuse me for inconveniencing you.

You are, actually.

I need to be alone. So can I just meet you there?



I’m not going to the match. Not if you think you can just dismiss me.

I’m not some fucking lapdog who’s gonna sit around

and let you punish me. I’m not Art.

Or maybe you need someone like that.

Someone who’s gonna hop on board and be Mr. Tashi Duncan.

Is that what you think I want?

Yeah. A member of the fan club.

You’re not a member of my fan club?

I’m your peer. I’m not your fucking groupie.

And I’m definitely not your student.

All right.

Good luck, champ.

[music drops]

[breathing heavily]

[indistinct chattering]

[woman] Come on.




Thank you.

[man over speakers] And now, your 2002, 2005,

and 2006 NCAA champion,

give it up for Stanford Women’s Tennis.

[man 1] Go Stanford!


[spectator whistling]

[man 2] Tashi!


Tashi! We love you, Tashi!


Yeah, whoo!

[woman] Tashi!

Yeah, let’s go!

[cell phone chimes]

[crowd chattering indistinctly]

[announcer] On court one, Maria Foster from Pepperdine,

and from Stanford, Tashi Duncan.

[crowd cheering]

[woman 2] We love you, Tashi!

[upbeat music playing]

[Tashi and Maria grunting]

[grunting continues]

[bone cracks]

[Tashi groans]

[crowd gasping]

[woman 3] Oh, my God, oh, my God.

[Tashi crying, squealing]


[medic] Okay, Tashi, you’re okay. You’re okay.

[door clanking]

[Art] out of the way!

[medic] On your back. Okay, try to breathe.

Okay, you’re okay.


Okay, okay, okay.

Look at me. Tashi, look at me, okay?

Just breathe. Just breathe. Breathe.

[medic1] It’s torn up pretty bad,

but we won’t know for sure until we get the Xrays

from the hospital.

[medic 2] Did you see it happen?

[medic 1] Yeah, it was pretty quick.

Just a slip and then she landed on it the wrong way.

[medic 2] That’s all it takes.

[medic 1] Yeah. Let’s just hope it’s not as bad as it looks.

Did you get an ETA on the ambulance?

[medic 2] Yeah, they said they’re on their way.

[footsteps approaching]

I’m sorry.


Listen, Tashi! Tashi…

Get out! Out!

Tashi, Tashi, listen, please.

[Tashi] Out!


Patrick, get the fuck out!


[medic 1 speaking indistinctly]

[Tashi sighs]

[indistinct chattering]

[both grunting]


[crowd cheering]

[umpire] Thirty, love.

That was out!

That was way out!

The ball was called in.

Are you blind?

[umpire] Zweig!

Are you here to do your job, or you’re just excited

that Art Donaldson’s over there?

I’m going to give you a code violation if you don’t stop this.

[Patrick] Hey, Art!

This lady wants your autograph.

[crowd booing]

[crowd exclaim in dismay]

[umpire] Code violation. Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Point penalty, Zweig.

[woman 1] Come on, Patrick!

[man 1] Just play the game.

This how you wanna get your points?

I’m ready to serve, Patrick.

Yeah, I bet.

[umpire] Forty, love.

Stop going easy on me.

I’m not.

[Tashi] Hit the ball!


Actually fucking hit the ball.

Come on.

You afraid you’re gonna hurt me?




And actually try to win.


[Tashi groans]

[Art] Hey.

[Tashi] I’m fine.

[Art] You okay?

[Tashi] I’m good. I’m okay.


I’m fine.

I’m okay.

I’m fine.

I’m okay.

[Art] Come here.

[Tashi] I’m okay. I’m okay.

[indistinct chattering]

[children’s chorus playing]



[song continues]


[breathing shakily]


[music fades out]

[indistinct chattering]

More aggressive.

Little higher.

More aggressive.

Just invite her to serve.

[ball thuds]

[Art] Oh, come on, you can sleep in tomorrow, right?

Katerina’s match isn’t until nighttime.

[Tashi chuckles] No. Are you kidding?

I wake her up early to run drills.

[Art] Oh, she’s lucky to have you.

[Tashi chuckles] You’re getting too much height

on your ball toss.

[Art] I am?

[Tashi] Uhhuh. Yeah.

[server] Whenever you guys are ready.

[Art] Thanks.

You’re a great spot server,

but right now, you’re checking in at like 129, 130.

But I think with, like, a few adjustments, you’d get to 135.

But you should listen to Karl. He is your coach.

I’m just Katerina’s hitting partner.

Maybe you wanna jump ship? Come be my assistant coach?

Oh, I get it.

You want to work with someone who has a little bit more potential.

No! No. No, it’s not that.

I mean, you have plenty of potential. It’s just…

You think that would be a good idea?

Why not?

That was a long time ago.

It was not that long ago.

Well, it feels like a long time ago.

[Tashi chuckles]

So, you’re saying you’re not in love with me anymore?

I’m really proud of you, Tashi.

I’m serious, I’m serious.

Oh, God.

You’re doing really well.


What? You think I was going to, like,

kill myself after the injury?


No, I’m just glad that you didn’t quit tennis.

Yeah, well, unfortunately, my only skill in life

is hitting a ball with a racket.

[Art chuckles]

This is really stupid, but, uh…

[clicks tongue] After your injury…

I couldn’t help but just…

think about what would have happened

if I had beaten Patrick.

So you want me to join your team because you feel guilty?


I want you to join my team because I want to win.

I think you’d beat him now if you guys played.

Don’t you think?

Don’t know.

We, uh…

haven’t played professionally, and don’t keep in touch.



[clears throat] Just…

I was a homewrecker, wasn’t I?

[Art chuckles]



You never really said if you’re still in love with me or not.

Who wouldn’t be?


[car beeps]

[chuckles] What?

I really wanna kiss you right now. [chuckles]

But I’m afraid if I try,

you’ll think I’m the worst friend in the world.

To who?

[glass clattering]

Oh, my… [laughs] Oh, my God!

[both laughing]


[umpire] Game and second set, Donaldson.

Sixtwo. Match is tied.

[Patrick grunting]

[racket thudding on court]

[umpire] One set all.

Code violation, racket abuse.

Point penalty, Zweig.

Please, please.

[indistinct chattering]

New balls, please.

[lounge music playing over speakers]

He’s not bad. I’ve played him at a few of these things.

What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be prostituting yourself

for a place to sleep tonight?

I’m staying at that girl’s house.

Mm. Must be the love.

Hey, come have a cigarette with me.

I have to talk to you.

[Tashi chuckles] Yeah, I don’t smoke. And I’m not talking to you.

[clears throat]

[tapping cigarette packet]

I’m going to propose something to you.

Can you blow it away from me, please?

Sorry. It’s gonna make you angry.

It’s gonna make you very angry.

I want you to be my coach.


Even if he wins the Open, completes his career Grand Slam,

Art’s still gonna retire as someone who’s just really, really good.

That’s what you guys will have done together.

But imagine if you could turn Patrick Zweig

into a guy who wins a Slam.

I still have a season.

I still have one good season,

and I need you to bring it out of me.


what do you think?

How fucking dare you?


Jesus Christ!

You want my best piece of advice?

Do you want me to coach you?


Okay, quit.

Quit right now. Right the fuck now, quit.

You know that when I’m good, I’m one of the best

in the world.

You are 271st best

in the fucking world.

I still have a shot.

You’re 31. You have a better shot with a handgun in your mouth.


I mean, why don’t you go home?

Go home, ask your parents for a seat on the board,

or you know what, matter of fact, ask them for some money. Okay?

Go be like any other spoiled kid

who has ever amounted to nothing in their fucking life,

and stop this performance

of being a downonyourluck professional.


No, you’re not

20 years old anymore, and it’s not cute to be

walking around pretending like you need to grind it out

at these bumfuck tournaments, and sleep in your fucking car.

And it is unforgivable

that you would ask me to devote a single second

of my fucking time

to help you achieve your fucking dreams.

What dreams, Patrick?

You never had any!

Is that what you and Art are doing?

Living the dream?

That is exactly

what the fuck we’re doing.

Then how come you hate him?

You do.

It’s obvious, you do.

You can feel him giving up already,

even though you know he’s not going to retire

until you let him.

He is a grown man.

He can do whatever he wants.

Sure, sure,

but he doesn’t. He does whatever you want.

Except now, he’s not even pretending to like it.


He’s dreaming about

eating hamburgers again.

Watching your daughter, um… [snaps fingers]

Uh, Lily, grow up.

Maybe doing some commentary on the Tennis Channel.

He’s ready to be dead.

And you’re starting to realize

you might not want to be buried with him,

’cause who is he to you if he’s not playing tennis?

So that’s what you think he is to me?

A racket and a dick.

Does Art know about Atlanta?

You keep saying you came here because Art needed matches.

I think you came for something else.


You think I came here for you?

You think I came here to throw it all away for you?

Maybe you just wanted to see me.

I have seen you.

You look like shit.

I’m going to beat him.

If we both make it to the final.

I’m going to beat him.

Even if you could beat him,

it wouldn’t change anything.

It’ll break him. You know it will.

It won’t make you. Okay? It’s too late for that.

My number, in case you change your mind

about the coaching.

I won’t.

[gentle music playing]

[upbeat music playing]

[man 1] Just text me. I’ll meet you by the car.

[indistinct chattering]


Final set. Zweig to serve.

Love, one.

[crowd cheering]

[woman 1] This is it!

[man 1] Keep it up, champ.

[man 2] Come on, man!

[woman 2] Let’s go, let’s go, Artie.

[crowd cheering indistinctly]

[Art grunts]

[ball thudding]

[tense music playing]

[music intensifies]

[Patrick grunts]

[music playing over speakers]

[indistinct chatter]

[man] Grab those! Make sure that tent is secure.

[door opens]

[Patrick] Can you do me a favor?

Can you not, like, demolish me tomorrow?

[door closes]


Hey, congrats on being

a Phil’s Tire Town Challenger finalist.

Yeah, you too.

Hopefully, the wind dies down before tomorrow

and we can have a fair fight.

Yeah. [sighs]

Art. Come on. Can we talk?

Can you put your dick away?


This is a sauna.

Look, we’ve been here for a week and we haven’t said

two words to each other. It’s just…

It’s silly, man, it’s dramatic.

I mean, really, why are you so angry with me?

Look, I don’t buy that it’s because of Tashi,

or I don’t think it’s because of what happened to her.

I think maybe you’re still just really disturbed

by the fact that she could’ve been into someone like me.

When we were teenagers.

[Patrick] Huh!

When we were teenagers.

[reporter 1 on TV] …which will be taking place tomorrow evening.

He has really been

in tiptop form this year, hasn’t he, Jason?

[reporter 2] Yeah, it’s actually pretty remarkable

the difference we’ve seen in his game.

He’s far and away the favorite right now to win the US Open.

[reporter 1] I completely agree.

And then, of course, on the women’s side

we have Anna Mueller,

who’s already got the Wimbledon title this year.

[reporter 2] She’s been having a great season.

[reporter 1] Absolutely incredible.

There just hasn’t been really anyone on the women’s side

who can give her much of a challenge.

[reporter 2] In the case of Donaldson, what do you think it is that…

[upbeat music playing]

[reporters speaking indistinctly]


It’s his grandmother’s.

How is she?

She died.



I miss you.

[music stops]

You’re right.

I do find it disturbing.

There’s no need, man.

Lots of girls were into me.

None of them wanted to marry me.

That’s not what I was for.

What were you for?

[indistinct chattering]

[indistinct chatter on TV]

[reporter 1 on TV] You’re exactly right, Jason.

Just to back you up a little bit…

His first serve last year was around 130, which is excellent.

But now we’re seeing him get up to 135, 140 sometimes,

it’s giving him a lot more free points when he serves.

[reporter 2] Yeah, it’s just little things like that…

[fan] Art? Mr. Donaldson?

Oh, my God, I can’t believe my luck

that I would run into you so late at night.

Um, would you, uh…

[Art] Sure, yeah.

There you go.

Thank you.

[Art] Thank you.

Thank you.

[reporter 2] The edge over the opponents.

That’s often the difference between a good player

and a great player.

[reporter 1] And I think Donaldson right now is

starting to look like a great player.

[reporter 2] That’s for sure. And I’ll be very surprised

if he doesn’t come away tomorrow…

[Patrick] Honestly, I thought you’d be happy

I was in the draw.

I mean, you always wanted to beat me in a tournament,

and a few weeks before the Open,

that’s the perfect confidence booster.

I know what you’re trying to do right now.

[chuckles] I’m not trying to do anything, Art.

This is a challenger. I don’t need to play

mind games with you.

Right. You don’t give a shit.

I… Hey, I didn’t say that.

We both know you have considerably more

at stake here than I do.

Do I?


What the… Oh, fuck, where do get

your swagger from, man?


I mean, you come in here swinging your dick around

like I’m supposed to be afraid of it, but…

Do you realize how embarrassing it is

that you are here right now?

Not quite as embarrassing as you being here.

I’m just stopping by, man.

This is where you live.

You know…

I always tried to figure out what happened to you,

but, you know, the more I’ve thought about it,

the more I realize…

[sighs] It’s what didn’t happen.

You never grew up.

You still think you can talk to me like you’re my peer,

because we came from the same place.

But it’s not about where you come from in tennis, Patrick.

It’s about winning.

And I do. A lot.

You’ve never beaten me.

So what?

I haven’t beaten most of the guys who play at these things.

This is a game about winning the points that matter.

I don’t matter?

Not even to the most obsessive tennis fan

in the entire world.

We’re not talking about tennis.

What the fuck else do I have to talk to you about?

I wanted to come in here and wish you luck, Art. [chuckles]

That makes no sense.

I wanted to say that I’m looking forward to it.

And I miss playing with you.



Well, I don’t miss playing with you, man.

I’m too old for it.

[door closes]

Kiss for me. [gasps]

Thank you. And Grandma.

[Grandma] Mwah!

[Tashi] Thanks, sweetheart

Good night, honey.

[Tashi] All right, tuck you both in.

Oh, there we go.

[kisses] Night, sweetheart.

[softly] Good night.

Thank you.

What time you want me to come get her tomorrow?

I’m saying, whenever, whenever you want to

’cause she can stay with Andrew

while we’re doing warmups.

Okay, hon.

And you’re talking to Ralph in the morning?

Oh, thank… Yes, I do. I have that.

Okay. Thank you, Mom.

Okay, sleep tight, okay?

[Tashi] I love you.

I love you, sweetie.

Have you… Do you have it?

[Grandma] Okay, got my key.

Yes, I do. Byebye.


Good night.


[toothbrush whirring]

[water running]

[faucet squeaks]

[water stops]

Tell me it doesn’t matter.

Tell me it doesn’t matter if I win tomorrow.


You tell me if it matters. You’re the professional competitor, Art.

It can’t be about avoiding my judgment.

I’m not a nun. I’m not your mommy.

I’m just asking that you love me no matter what.

[chuckles] What am I, Jesus?


You can beat him.

What if I don’t?

How are you gonna look at me

if I still can’t beat Patrick Zweig?

Just like this.

[Art] I’m going to say something.

It’s probably gonna make you angry.

I need you to hear me out, okay?

I wanna retire this year whether we win the Open or not.

[Tashi sighs]

I’m still going to go for it.

I’m still going to try, but…

I’m tired.

I don’t want to be one of those guys who doesn’t know

when to walk away, okay?

It’s embarrassing to still be doing this shit

when you’re 40.



If you wanna quit playing tennis, you can quit playing tennis.

You don’t need my permission.

We’ve been doing this together.

We’ve always been doing this together.

I’m your coach. Okay, I work for you.

Coach me then.

I am coaching you.

I’m playing for both of us, Tashi.

I know that.


If you don’t win tomorrow, I’ll leave you.


I’m serious. Does that help you?

[Brazilian pop song playing]

[Art sniffles]

Can you just hold me until I fall asleep, please?


[wind whistling]

[Art and Patrick grunting]



[crowd cheering]

[umpire] Advantage, Donaldson.

[both breathing heavily]

[Art inhales, grunts]

[crowd cheering]

[Art grunts]

[umpire] Game, Donaldson.

Donaldson leads six games to five.

[crowd speaking indistinctly]

[announcer] Phil’s Tire Town reminds you to drink some water.

Beverages are available at the snack bar.

[wind blowing]

[Patrick] What are you doing?

I told him you’re an Uber driver. Just drive.

[Tashi sighs]

[wind howling]

[brakes squealing]

I don’t wanna be parked here long.

Someone’s gonna think I’m a hooker and call the cops.

We can go back to my hotel.

The money just came in this afternoon.

I am not here to fuck you, Patrick.

You’re not?


[Patrick] Uh.

[Tashi sighs]


I want you to lose tomorrow.

I’m aware of that.

I’m asking you to lose tomorrow.

Fuck off.

He’s doing really well this week.

He’s ready to come back.

He’s ready to make a shot at the Open,

and if he wins tomorrow, he’ll know he can do it.

He needs this.

He needs this?


What about what I need?

[sighs] I can’t believe you’d do this to him.

I mean,

fucking me would be one thing,

but this? This is unforgivable.

Actually, I’m being incredibly fucking kind

to the both of you right now.

Okay? I’m taking such good care of my little white boys.

No. No fucking way.

Drive me back to my fucking hotel.

Drive the fucking car, Patrick.

Hey, you know what the most frustrating part of this is?


You know what really drives me crazy?

You did come here to fuck me,

but you’re so full of shit

that you won’t even admit that to yourself.

If it’s the only way to get you to throw the fucking match, then sure.

Go fuck yourself.

You absolute loser.

[scoffs] I’m the loser?

Yeah. Yeah, you are. Look at you.

Time for your Uber driver to drop you back off to your family.

[crowd exclaim]

[umpire] Thirty, love.

[Andrew] Come on, Art.

[crowd cheering indistinctly]


I know. Let’s go!

[wind howling]

[upbeat music playing]

Fuck it. I’ll do it.


What do you mean, why?

Because I want you to actually do it,

so I need to know that you understand why

I’m not married to you, Tashi. Just be happy I’m doing what you want

and shut up about it.

You are such a fucking child.

Of course I am.

I spent my entire life hitting a ball with a racket.

Why the fuck am I in your car?

Because you’re stupid.

You’re stupid.

I know. I’m just not as disturbed by it as you are.

I don’t have nearly that high an opinion of myself.

You are the most egotistical person

I have ever met in my life.

Oh, sure, sure.

But I’ve never been confused about the fact

that I’m a piece of shit.


That’s what you like about me.

I don’t like anything about you.

No, you like precisely one thing about me

and it’s that I’m such a piece of shit

that I could actually see you for what you are.

And what is that?

In reality? A really,

really insanely hot woman.

Oh, fuck off.

I guess now you’d say a MILF.

Pull over.

Come on, don’t be dramatic.

Pull the fucking car over, Patrick.

Fine, let me… Fine.

Pull over.

[Tashi sighs]

Hey! Hey! Your hotel’s that way!

[breathing heavily]

[upbeat music continues]

Are you gonna hit me again, huh?

[Tashi spits]

[music stops]

[wind howling]

[breathing heavily]

[children’s choir playing]

[choir continues playing]

[wind howling]


[card reader beeps]


[gentle music playing]

[wind howling]


[Patrick] I miss watching you play, Tashi.

You’re so beautiful.

You have to make him feel like he earned it tomorrow.

You can’t just give up in the middle of the match.

Are you sure this is what you want?

What else could I want?

How am I supposed to know if you’re going to do it?

You won’t.


[crowd gasping]

[man 1] All right.

[woman 1] Come on!

[crowd clapping]


[ball bouncing on court]


[ball thuds against racket]

[crowd exclaim in dismay]

[umpire] Thirty, forty.

[upbeat music playing]

[man 1] All right.

[woman 1] Hang in there.

[man 2] Let’s go!

[woman 2] Yes, that’s it, that’s it!

[man 3] Come on, Patrick.

[woman 3] Yes, yes, the deuce!

[woman 4] All right!

[man 4] Yes!

[intense music playing]

[woman 5] Donaldson! Let’s go!

[woman 6] Blame it on the court!

[woman 7] Whoo! [chuckles]

[Patrick breathing heavily]

[line judge] Fault!

[crowd gasp]

[Tashi gasps]

[crowd applauding]

[man 1] Come on, get back in it.

[woman 1] No! Zweig!

[indistinct chattering]

[Tashi breathing heavily]

[man 2] Come on!

[man 3] Whoo, whoo!

[crowd murmuring]

[upbeat music playing]

[woman 2] Come on, Patrick, let’s play!

[Art breathing heavily]

Time violation. Warning, Zweig.

[crowd chattering indistinctly]

[upbeat music continues]

[music drops]

[ball thuds on court]

[crowd exclaim]

[umpire] Deuce!

[crowd applauding]

[crowd shouting indistinctly]

Fuck off!

[crowd exclaim]

[umpire] Code violation, audible obscenity.

Point penalty, Donaldson.

[umpire] Advantage, Zweig.

[Tashi sighs]

[intense music playing]


He can serve.

You need to get into position.

[breathing heavily]

[man 4] Come on, Art. Let’s go!


[Art] Serve.

[pensive music playing]

[upbeat music playing]

[umpire] Game, Zweig.

[indistinct chattering]

Final set, tie break.

[crowd cheering]

[man 5] Come on, let’s do this.

Let’s close it out. Let’s close it out, baby.

[music fades out]

[upbeat music playing]

[line judge 2 grunts]


[music fades out]

[upbeat music playing]

[music fades]

[Art grunts]

[ball thuds on racket]

[Art and Patrick grunting]




[crowd cheering]

[Art and Patrick chuckling]

Come on!

Ah! [laughs]

[crowd cheering]


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