Bob Marley: One Love (2024) | Transcript

The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music.
Bob Marley One Love film

Bob Marley: One Love (2024)
Music, Drama
Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green
Stars: Kingsley Ben-Adir, Lashana Lynch, James Norton, Tosin Cole, Micheal Ward

In 1976, amidst Jamaica’s armed political unrest, Bob Marley decided to perform at the Smile Jamaica concert to foster peace among warring factions. Despite an assassination attempt that left Marley, his wife Rita, and band members injured, they survived and Marley proceeded with the concert, later revealing his wounds to the audience in a poignant moment before leaving for London with his band. While struggling initially in London, inspiration struck from the film “Exodus,” leading to the creation of their hit album of the same name, which propelled reggae and the Rastafari movement globally. Despite personal and professional challenges, including Marley’s diagnosis with a rare skin cancer, the journey led to a reconciliation with Rita and a return to Jamaica for a peace concert, culminating in the iconic “One Love Peace Concert.” Marley’s legacy was further cemented by his performance in Zimbabwe before his untimely death in 1981.

* * *

[voice humming melody softly]

[birds chirping]

[person] Take care on di road, Nesta.

[melodic humming continues]

[cameras clicking]

[people clamoring]

[reporters shouting questions]

[voices fade]

[reporter] Is it true your family has been threatened?

[reporter 2] Jamaica is on the brink of civil war.

[reporter 3] They say Edward Seaga is affiliated with the CIA.

Do you think this will impact the election?

[reporters clamoring]

[reporter 4] Jamaica’s been in turmoil for 14 years.

Why get involved in politics now?

[reporter 5] Mr. Marley, please, tell us whose side are you on?

[clamoring continues]

All right, settle down, settle down.

Smile Jamaica is a non-political event.

A free concert that Bob Marley has planned for all di people dem.

My goal is to unify di people through the message of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I,

King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Earth’s rightful ruler.

[all] Rastafari.

Do you really believe music can end the violence when the government has been unable?

Well, every government pon di face of dis earth is illegal, man.

Not one of dem is legal.

That’s why mi don’t deal wid no politics.

And, yeah, reggae music come to feed a revolution

that no guns can stop.

You’re not concerned you’ll be seen as choosing sides

when you have gang leaders like Bucky Marshall

and Claudie Massop fomenting violence on the streets

and both political parties are involved?

Mi tell di people mi a go play, so mi a go play.

[manager] Thank you for your questions.

[“Get Up, Stand Up” playing]

[all clamoring]

♪ Get up, stand up ♪

♪ Stand up for your right ♪

♪ Get up, stand up ♪

♪ Stand up for your right ♪

♪ Get up, stand up ♪

♪ Stand up for your right ♪

♪ Get up, stand up ♪

[Bob laughs] Jah! Jah!

♪ Don’t give up the fight ♪


♪ Preacher man don’t tell me ♪

♪ Heaven is under the earth ♪

♪ I know you don’t know ♪

♪ What life is really worth ♪

♪ It’s not all that glitters Is gold ♪

[people shouting]

Mi have 20 pon skins! [laughs]

♪ So now you see the light ♪

♪ Stand up for your right ♪

♪ Come on Get up, stand up ♪


♪ Stand up for your right ♪

♪ Get up, stand up ♪

[machine gun firing]

♪ Don’t give up the fight ♪

[people shouting]

[Bob] Stephen! Ziggy!

You all right? Yes, Daddy.

[Bob] Come. Let’s go. [person] Everybody all right?

[newscaster on radio] …approach of next week’s election…

Yu see me score the winning goal?

Yu think yu better than Pelé? Pelé?

Pelé soft compared to me, man.

Yu think dem call mi Tuff Gong fi joke?

Daddy, why di man dem shoot up di place?

Don’t worry ’bout dat.

[singsongy] Don’t worry about dat

♪ Don’t worry ♪


♪ ‘Bout a thing ♪

♪ ‘Cause every little thing Gonna be all right ♪

[horns honking]

[soldier] All right, next. Show me your papers.

[soldier 2] Come through. Come through.

Move along!

[people chattering]

Halt! Halt! Halt! Halt!

Weh yu going, sir? Bull Bay, Officer.

Come out here! [officer] Yow, yow!

Yu nuh see a who dat?

Let him through.

Dirty dread.

[Bob] See dat?

One time when police dem see Rasta,

shoot first, ask question later.

That’s what dem used to say.

[“Roots, Rock, Reggae” playing]

♪ Play I some music ♪

♪ Dis a reggae music ♪

♪ Play I some music ♪

Two six is 12. Two seven is 14.

[horn honks] Daddy!


[child 1] Yu stayin’ for dinner? [Bob] Oh, sorry, next time.

Mi have to work. [child 2] Again?

Mommy, some man was shootin’ at di football game today.

And den di police just come and just block up di road.

[mother clicks tongue, sighs]

Go on and play.

Ziggy. [children chattering]

Rita, yu all right?

I don’t know why yu have the boys in dem kinda environment.

Suppose somethin’ did happen to dem.

Nuttin no happen to dem. Dem will learn.

I startin’ to wonder if you need to take it serious, Bob.

I don’t think is a coincidence that you doin’ this concert

and all of a sudden,

Manley feel is time to vote.

Mi no control dem politics, Rita.

Please. Think about cancelin’ the show.

Mm? [children laughing]

For everybody’s safety.

[laughing, chattering]

Greetings. [person] Gong!

Too much comings and goings, too much people in a yard!

We need fi clear some of dem out.

What’s cooking tonight, Gillie? Fish tea I mek for rehearsal.


Give dem some stamina. Yeah, man.

What you say, Gong? Wa dat?

Mek di people dem stay, yu know.

Bob, mi a beg you some help.

Mi want open a little shop fi make a little money.

Please, if you can do somethin’.

Where Don?

Don, set up di sistren yah. Make sure she get what she need.

Bob! Bob, another interview! [Bob] Hold on, Jeff.

Where dem running to? They’re scared.

They’ve seen enough.

[laughs] Scared of what?

Everything here is politicized, Bob.

I really don’t think you should go through with this concert.

Chris, listen. There’s no way we back down.

That’s Bob’s decision though, isn’t it?

Thank you, Don.

Let me go help this woman. Yeah, man.

Be right back. All right.

You know I was called into the American ambassador’s office.

Oh, yeah? And what dem say?

Apparently I have been associating with someone

who could destabilize the country.

Who, me?

[both laugh]

Bob, listen to me. This is bigger than Jamaica.

I’ve chartered a jet. Chris, we good.

Jah protect I and I, yu know.

Jah has a lot of people to protect.

[“Lively Up Yourself” playing]

♪ You gonna lively up yourself ♪

♪ And don’t be no drag ♪

[people shouting, laughing]

♪ Yeah, lively up yourself ♪

♪ Oh, reggae is another bag ♪

[rockets exploding] Wow!

♪ Yeah, lively up yourself ♪

♪ And don’t say no ♪

[all chattering]

♪ You gonna lively up yourself ♪

♪ ‘Cause I said so ♪

Hey, sista Rita. Greetings.

[band playing “I Shot the Sheriff”]

♪ I shot the sheriff ♪

♪ But I didn’t shoot no deputy ♪

♪ Oh, no, oh ♪

♪ I shot the sheriff ♪

♪ But I didn’t shoot no deputy ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Yeah! ♪

♪ All around in my hometown ♪

♪ They tryin’ to track me down ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ They say they want to Bring me in guilty ♪

♪ For the killing of a deputy ♪

♪ For the life of a deputy ♪

♪ But I say… ♪

♪ Oh, now, now ♪

[person laughs]

♪ I shot the sheriff ♪ ♪ I shot the sheriff ♪

♪ But I swear It was in self-defense ♪

♪ Oh, no ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Yeah, I said ♪

♪ I shot the sheriff ♪ ♪ Oh, Lord! ♪

♪ And they say It is a capital offense ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

Hold it right yah so. That feel good!

Yeah, man, feel good.


[bassist] Skip, di show name Smile Jamaica.

Why we don’t start with dat one? It have a more irie vibe.

Hold on. What happen to other song,

like, uh, “Stir It Up,” yu know?

[drummer] “Stir It Up”? Yeah, man.

It’s the girls you want play for.

True. [all laughing]

I nuh lie. [laughs]

Hey, loverbwoy. [laughing]

Jah soon tell me the right song fi sing, man. Yu know?


Fams, go work di horn section. Yes I.

[all chattering]

I have another rehearsal. You need me right now?

Mi always need yu.

Come on. Not all di time now.

You busy, huh? Yes.

If yu hafi do your thing… See you tomorrow.

[Bob] Take five.

[all murmuring]

[newscaster on radio] Jamaica’s been in a state of emergency since June.

And whilst politicians have argued,

gunmen have been shooting it out in the streets.

[Manley] The whole communist charge is really an attempt

to sort of upset and confuse people.

[guard groans] [gate creaks]

It’s worse than just dishonest. It is really quite vicious.

[newscaster] Manley describes himself

as a Democratic Socialist and perceives…

Skip. Sounding good.


Wa dat?

[Don] Must be dem youths with di firecrackers.

[distant chattering]

[Bob] Don, yu on top o’ everyting?

[Don] I think everything is in line for the concert.

[whispering] All right, listen.

[distant chattering continues]

[Bob] Orange woulda work betta.

Yow, Don! You can do dis?

[Don laughs]

[breathing shakily]

[gunshots] [Don grunts]

[people shouting]

Yow, take cover!

[gunshots] [shouting]

[all chattering, shouting]

Look at dem. Dey down, man. Skipper!

Gillie, come here! Git ’em. Lift him up.

Don cough up!

Stay alive, Don. Call an ambulance, please!

I’ll call an ambulance.

Wake up, wake up. Call an ambulance, please!


[Manley on radio] …periods of domination,

all Third World countries begin with a first commitment

to the preservation of their own national sovereignty.

[all chattering]

[doctor] Her dreadlocks stopped the bullet

an inch away from her brain.

She’ll make a full recovery.

She’s a very lucky woman.

[door opens, shuts]

[whispering] Rastafari.

[young Bob singing faintly]

[guitar playing]

♪ Yeah, little darlin’ ♪

What’s the meanin’ of this?

Dis a joke to you?

Yu makin’ fun, sendin’ mi love notes?

Yu sleep in here? Yeah.

For how long? [pages shuffling]

Since mi madda moved to Delaware.

She want mi come work in America,

but I can’t leave di music.

She give mi dat before she leave.

My madda said I look like him.

My madda leave me, too. Take my bredda instead.

Guess we’re both on our own.


Why yu so hard in rehearsal?

Actin’ like yu can’t stand me.

I think yu no like brown-skin man.

When I was in school,

the other children call me “blackie tootus.”

[chuckles softly]

Dem call me “yellow bwoy.” [Rita chuckles]

Don’t let that trouble you.

What I like is a man with ambition

who want him life to have meanin’.

[knocking on door]


Don is being airlifted to Miami.

[door shuts]

We must pray for him.

Yow, Skipper, everybody knows yu are dere.

We need fi get up on higher ground.

Can’t leave her right now.

Well, yu can’t stay here, Skipper.

If the gunmen dem come look fi yu,

yu gonna put her in danger.

Him right, Skip. We hafi move now.

All right, give mi a minute.

Yes I.

[door shuts] [groans softly]

[“No More Trouble” playing]

♪ We don’t need ♪

♪ No, we don’t need ♪ ♪ No more trouble ♪

♪ No more trouble ♪

♪ We don’t need ♪

♪ No more trouble ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ We don’t need ♪ ♪ We don’t need ♪

♪ No more trouble ♪

[driver] Raasclaat, Skipper. Di gunmen dem, yu know.

[Bob] Dat’s cool, man. A Claudie.

You sure I can trust Claudie?

Yu must know I had nuttin to do with dis.

Di order never come from mi.


[car door opens]

[person] Play di show?

You crazy? Skippa need fi get di hell outta here.

What you going to tell di organizers?

Nesta, di shootin’ is a sign. You have pure intention,

but Rasta shoulda never get mix up in a Babylon system.

It nuh go work!

What about the thousands of people

who will be waiting for you?

You have a machine gun fi him fi take pon stage?

His guitar is his machine gun.

Who di bloodclaat dis white boy?

[Bob] Claudie.

Him all right, man.

Jeff, yu have somethin’ to say?

Look, I know it’s easy for me,

but if you don’t play the show, then they win.

They get what they want.

How you want to handle it, Bob?

Hail, young lion.

‘Tis natural to be frighten.

Dis is perilous time.

Di two seven clash.

A year of reckonin’ coming.

Mi see it in a vision, yu know. Di shootin’.

Rasta. Mi never listen.

I’m a never believe seh my own people

dem would try a kill mi.

Is Jah make dat happen?

Dat’s not di right question.

Den a what? Not why dem try kill you,

but why dem could not succeed.

Rastafari know

dere is a purpose and a reason fi everyting.

So wa you a go do with dis chance Jah give you?

[drums pounding slowly]

Bless dis Holy Herb

as I and I begin dis Nyabinghi

with di sound of creation!

Blessed is the man dat walketh not in di counsel of di ungodly

nor sitteth in the seat of di scornful.

His delight is in di law of Jah!

[all] Rastafari!

[singing] ♪ Mi say leave o leave ♪

[young Bob] I neva really know my faada,

but him is not from Africa.

Robbie, when your family reject you,

Rastafari accept you.

♪ Rastafari is I shepherd ♪

♪ I shall not want ♪


♪ I and I shall not want! ♪

♪ For he has maketh I To lieth ♪

♪ Green pasture ♪

[singing, drumming fade]

[person on speakers] After the cowardly attack,

this show was to be a tribute to Bob Marley.

[Bob] Bucky, what happen?

Sorry, Bob. I should have been dere dat night.

Jah know, mi upset with what go on.

All right. Bob, listen, they are ready.

You gotta get out there, man. We’re good.

Yu all right? Yeah. Mi all right.

Skipper, we can’t find Fams,

so Richie from Third World a do di show.


Rita? Praise Jah.

What yu a do?

I checked myself outta the hospital.

You somethin’ else.

[Rita moans softly]

[crowd roaring]

[voice humming softly]

[sound fades]

[humming continues]

[no audio]

[humming continues softly]

[crowd cheering]

“War”! [drumsticks tapping]

[band playing “War”]


♪ Until the philosophy ♪

♪ Which holds one race superior And another ♪

♪ Inferior ♪

♪ Is finally ♪

♪ And permanently ♪

♪ Discredited ♪

♪ And abandoned ♪

♪ Well, everywhere is war ♪

♪ It’s Jah war ♪

♪ And until there’s no longer ♪

♪ First-class or Second-class citizens ♪

♪ Of any nation ♪

♪ Until the color Of a man’s skin ♪

♪ Is of no more significance ♪

♪ Than the color of his eyes ♪

♪ I’ve got to say war, yeah ♪

♪ And until the basic Human rights ♪

♪ Are equally Guaranteed to all ♪

♪ Without regard to race ♪

♪ This Jah war ♪

♪ ‘Cause until that day ♪

♪ The dream of lasting peace ♪

♪ World citizenship ♪

♪ And the rule Of international ♪

♪ Morality, yeah ♪

♪ Will remain But a fleeting illusion ♪

♪ To be pursued ♪

♪ But never attained ♪

♪ Yes, everywhere is war ♪

♪ War ♪

♪ Everywhere Everywhere, everywhere ♪

♪ War in the east ♪

♪ War in the west ♪

♪ War up north ♪

♪ War down south ♪

♪ War! ♪

♪ War! ♪

[crowd singing] ♪ War! ♪

♪ War! ♪

♪ War! ♪

[crowd roaring]

[song ends]

♪ And verily, verily ♪

♪ I’m saying unto thee ♪

♪ Unite yourself ♪

♪ And love I-manity ♪

♪ ‘Cause puss and dog They get together ♪

♪ What’s wrong with Loving one another? ♪

♪ Puss and dog They get together ♪

♪ What’s wrong with you My brother? ♪

[cheering fades]

[gunshot echoing]

[Rita] Bob! Bob, are you all right?

What are you goin’ to do?

I need fi take some time fi find some answers.


Can’t stay inna Jamaica right now.

I need yu fi take the children and go America.

Stay with mi madda in Delaware until things cool down.

Without yu, Bob? No.

Yu nuh safe around me, Rita.

Dem try kill yu because of mi.

Can’t risk dat again.

What we going to tell di children?

Mi all right, will see dem soon.

Mi love yu, yu hear?

[voice cracking] Yu hear?

[father, echoing] Why did you bring him here?

[mother, echoing] Please, we need help.

Yu him faada, Norval.

[Norval] I told you that boy cannot stay here.

[mother] But him need someone fi look after him.

I can’t take him to Delaware.

[Norval] Then leave him with your family.

He’s not my son.

[airplane approaches]

[The Clash playing “White Riot”]

♪ White riot, I wanna riot ♪

♪ White riot, a riot of my own ♪

♪ White riot, I wanna riot ♪

♪ White riot, a riot of my own ♪

♪ Black man Got a lot of problems ♪

♪ But they don’t mind Throwing a brick ♪

You know, I got shot? Like six times.

It’s my first night out in a while.

Dem a rebel, yu know. But dem no sing ’bout Rasta.

Dem rock the English monarchy, yu know? Yeah, man.


Who you lookin’ at, mate?

Oh, here’s a brave bwoy.

Huh? What?


Don, come now!

I’m his manager, yeah.

I’m his number one man. Everything goes through me.

♪ And everybody’s doin’ ♪

♪ Just what they’re told to ♪

♪ And nobody wants ♪

♪ To go to jail! ♪

[glass breaking] [people shouting]

[horse hooves clattering]

Skip, dis here remind me of Trench Town.

[person] Skip, hold on, man.

Hafi catch my breath.

[Bob] Nuh yu say yu can’t take di cold up here?

Yu said. Yu hafi keep moving fi stay warm

in dis English weather, bwoy, yu know.


Yow. Look pon dis now.

Dem take the conquerin’ lion and a try tame him.

Yeah, man. Plenty people walk past everyday

and dem see it,

but dem no see di meanin’ of it, yu know?

Skip, what are we doing here?

It’s been months.

Skipper! Skip!

What you skivers doin’, eh? Stay there! Stay there.

Mi no have anything. Dat nuh necessary, yu know.

All di ganja is mine, yu know!

[Fams] No have nothing. Him no have nothing, either.

[metal clangs] [distant shouting]

[young Bob] Yu nuh afraid for come here?

Police arrestin’ Rasta, yu know.

I no care.

I and I come here to learn after Selassie visit Jamaica,

and I see fi myself that he was the true King of Kings,

the Christ return.

“I and I”?

Rasta know that we are all one.

Words like “you,” “me,” “they” and “them” separate people.

Dat’s why we say “I and I.”

So is a unity thing?



[Planno] The prophet Marcus Garvey said,

“Look to Africa fi di crownin’ of a Black king.”

Our god is not a white man

with blond hair and blue eyes.

Our god is Black!


[all] Rastafari!

Preach, Kumi!

Hail, Rita. Who dis?

This is my husband.

What is your name, young lion?

My madda name me Nesta, sir.

But sometimes dem call me Robbie.

Nesta! Di messenger!

A man can’t see di message unless him search.

[keys jingle] [lock thuds]

[distant chattering]

[Bob] Chris, mi want to talk to yu about something.

Mi no want just to think about di shooting.

It’s time fi get back in di studio.

[Chris] What do you have in mind?

Something different.

Something big.

Mi hafi keep searching.

Everyone need Jah message.

Mi nuh have no time fi waste.

We need fi reach a new audience.

Mi want to cross everybody with dis next record.

Tell me, what is this big sound you’re thinking of?

Mi want to experiment

and go in a different headspace fi dis one.

Mi really need fi add another sound to di band.

Yu can think of anyone?

Leave it with me.

Just make sure we have a good engineer

and mi will take care of di rest.

I’ll make some calls.

Music will run like river.

[band playing reggae beat]

Mm-mm. [music stops]

What di problem now, Skip? [Bob] Nuh feel natural.

It sound different to yu?

Wa you mean?

‘Cause to mi dat sound like di same thing

we have played for di last four hours.

Yu know what I mean? Is different

but it feelin’ like di same thing.

Carly, yu know di meanin’ of dis song?

[Carly] Yeah, man.

“There’s a natural mystic blowin’ through di air.”

“There is a natural mystic blowin’ through di air.”

Right? “If yu listen carefully now…”

“If yu listen carefully now, you will hear.

Dis could be di first trumpet…

[all] …but it might as well be di last.

[all] Many more will have to suffer.

Many more will have to die.

Don’t ask me why.”

It’s a revelation now!

Because di time is now. [murmuring]

We don’t want our children come suffer

inna di streets again like how we suffered.

[Fams] Never. True, never. [Bob] Nah, man!

And music can lead di way.

And you drinkin’ Red Stripe. Yu giddyheaded.

Yu nuh listenin’ to what I-man have to say.

Nah, man, I hear what yu say, man.

I hear what yu say.

Di message is di feelin’ inna di song dat we hafi create.

Yeah, it’s a natural mystic, like a–

like a creepin’ sensation.

Yes, man. It hafi creep up on yu like a fog.

[chuckling] “Like a fog.”

All right, come, Tyrone. Try a ting for me now.

No, man! Is Carly a di drums.

What yu mean? Yu want mi play a little harder?

Gimme a one-drop, man. All right.

[drums playing]

[Bob] Slower.

[drums playing slowly]

[bass playing]

Stop di music.


We here fi work, right?

Go again.

[Bob on phone] Mi feel like mi can’t find

the right sound fi dis record, yu know.

Something still missing.

So yu writing plenty?

Oh, no, dis a trial and a tribulation, yu know.

Di pickney dem good? Dem good.

Yu hear di news from back home?

I hear dem burn down di orphanage

while di baby dem sleeping,

den shoot up di water truck that come fi put out di fire.

Police still digging out di bodies.

[sighs shakily]

Mi no want to think about that.

What do you say? Can come a England?

Why yu ask me dat, Bob?

Mi can’t make this album without yu, yu know.


Mi need dat nice flavor, yu know.

Yeah, yeah.

See if Judy and Marcia will forward, too.

Yu no have other company, still?

Rita, please. Mi need yu beside mi.

Dis album important.

Mi want to make a record dat can shake up di place, yu know?

Who dat bredda?

I don’t know, yu know. Him have a vibe still.

Junior’s been recording with Stevie Wonder.

[all murmuring]

[Carly] Big shot, dat.

Skippa, what make yu feel like di people’ll like this?

Dem don’t hafi like it.

Dem just hafi hear it,

and when dem hear it, dem’ll like it.

Mm. All right.

I agree, Bob. I think this could be very special.

Where yu born, Junior?

Jamaican-born, British-raised.

Jazz, soul and rock and roll, Junior Marvin’s in control.

[all laughing] Rasta is in control.

A lyrics man.

English bwoy are different, yu know, man.

“No chains around my feet, but I’m not free.

I know I am bound here in captivity.”

It’s one of my favorite lyrics from “Catch a Fire.”

It’s really good.


What kinda hairstyle dat?

[Carly] Mi other look, Skipper.

Di man curl up, curl up.

Mi just a joke with yu, brethren.

What yu know about Rasta? Yeah, tell him now, Skip.

Yu know yu Bible?

I know Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

But music is my passion, Bob.

For we, di music and di message are di same thing.

Can’t separate.

No, man. It’s I and I right to live in unity.

Yes, man. Dis reggae music is di vehicle.

And dis album going to transmit di message to everybody

pon di face of dis earth today, because dem must unite.

Yes I.

Must hafi unite. Yu dig?

Yeah, man. I and I dig.

Jah Rastafari.

[all cheering, laughing]

Yes, I.

[Tyrone] Sound great, dere be another.

Hey, man, make we try dis again.

But dis time make it a little less giddyheaded.

Little less psychedelic.

[laughing] [plays rock riff]

[playing intricate riff]

Yeah, man, make him play. Him can play.

Yeah, man. Come in, Mister Perm!


[“Natural Mystic” playing]

♪ There’s a natural mystic Blowin’ through the air ♪

♪ If you listen carefully now You will hear ♪

[newscaster on TV] Another wave of political violence

rocked the tiny island last week,

when five members of the Jamaica Labour Party

were killed by rival PNP gunmen in a bloody late-night ambush.

♪ Many more Will have to suffer ♪

[singing indistinctly]

♪ Many more will have to die ♪

♪ Don’t ask me why ♪

[newscaster on TV] Last week’s murders marked a grim escalation

in the already deeply divided nation.

Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley

has denied any responsibility

for the violence leading up to last year’s election

and instead blames opposition leader Edward Seaga

for fueling the flames that led to the murders.

The perpetrators are now held

in detention camps known as Gun Courts.

Among those taken into custody

are Claudie Massop and Bucky Marshall,

rival gang leaders suspected of fomenting the violence.

♪ Such a natural mystic ♪

♪ Blowing through the air ♪

♪ There’s a natural mystic ♪

♪ Blowing through the air ♪

♪ Such a natural mystic ♪

♪ Blowing through the air ♪

[guitar plays]

♪ Woe to the downpressor ♪

♪ They’ll eat The bread of sorrow ♪

♪ Woe to the downpressor ♪

Wa– Rita.

[both laugh]

[laughing] You frighten mi, man. Wow.

You catch mi.

You dere a long time?

Uh-uh. Not too long.

It sound good. Sound good.

Thank you.

The melody could use a little work.

Well, yu know, mi figure it out little by little.

[Bob] How di children?

Dem good. Mm…

Ready to see you.


Him good.

“Woe to the downpressors. They eat the bread of sorrow.”


Di whole album a go be like dis?

Wa yu mean?

It sound like you vex.


Don’t say mi vex.


Hear dis one and tell me what yu think.

All right.

♪ Turn your lights Down low now ♪

♪ Turn your lights Down low yow ♪

♪ Turn your lights down low ♪

♪ And then pull Your window curtains ♪

♪ Oh, let Jah moon Come shining in ♪

♪ Into our life again ♪

♪ Singin’ ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ It’s been a long, long time ♪

♪ And I wanna get through… ♪


♪ But it seem ♪

♪ I was never on time ♪

Somethin’ like that. [chuckles]

♪ But I wanna get through… ♪


And the chorus go…

[guitar playing]

♪ I want to give you some love ♪

♪ I wanna give you Some good, good lovin’ ♪

[Rita sighs]

♪ Oh I, oh I, oh I ♪

♪ I wanna give you Some good, good lovin’ ♪

[playing stops]

How yu feel about dat?

[Rita chuckles]

I always like your love songs.

Don’t let what dem did to us

take away dat side of yu, Bob.

Yu hear mi?

[“Theme of Exodus” playing on record player]

[brass fanfare playing]

[music crescendos]

Hey, Aston! Yow!

Which track yu play down dere?

Yu know, someone album mi pick up di other day.

It’s a movie soundtrack.

Which movie dat? Exodus.

[music continues]

[Rita] Hmm? Exodus.


Like the Bible?

Yeah, mi like dat fi di album name.

You have a song with dat name?

I mean…


[music continues]

Yu hear dat?

[music continues playing] [humming]

[Aston] Yu hear di sound? [Tyrone] Beautiful, man.

[Aston] Vibes, yu know.

All over. [chuckles]

Yes, Gong.

Mi have a little idea mi wanna try out.

Now? Yeah.

Yes I.

Can we hear it now?

This one hafi big like how di movie soundtrack feel.

Epic sound, man. Yes, I. Yes, I. Yes, I.

[Seeco] Yu make a movie? Yeah, man. One day, Seeco.

[singsongy] One day.

[strums chord]

[bandmates murmuring]

[guitar melody playing]

[electric bass playing]

♪ Exodus! ♪

Junior Marvin, where you at?

[Junior strums electric guitar]

♪ Exodus! ♪


♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

Seeco, yu there? [Seeco] Yes I.

Play somethin’ now, Neville. Pick somethin’ up.

[Seeco] Yes, Skipper. [Neville] Yes, Skipper.

♪ Exodus! ♪

[teacup tinkling to rhythm]

♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[Neville playing tambourine]

♪ Men and people Will fight you down ♪

♪ When you see Jah light ♪

[Neville] Tell dem, Skipper!

♪ Let me tell you If you’re not wrong ♪

[all] ♪ Well, everything Is all right ♪


Walk. Yeah, man, like marching, yu know.

♪ March through di roads Of creation ♪

[murmuring] [Junior strums electric guitar]

♪ Trod through Great tribulation ♪

♪ In this Exodus! ♪

[Neville] Yeah, Skipper! Yeah, Skipper!

♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

♪ We’re leavin’ ♪

[Neville] Rastafari! [screams]

♪ We’re goin’ To our father’s land ♪


♪ Exo– ♪


♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

Yu go.

♪ Movement ♪

[Bob] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[all] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪


♪ Movement– ♪


[all] ♪ Move! ♪

[bell tolling]


[Claudie] Gong, di band tell mi you would be here.

[Bob muttering] Bumbaclaat.

We need fi talk. The two of yu together now?

Di whole island in a crisis.

Dey had mi and Claudie lock up inna Gun Court.

So we decide we must make peace.

A ceasefire.

But di peace nah go hold fi long.

So why yu come to mi fa?

[Bucky] The violence hafi stop.

We want yu to come play a unity show fi di people.

Yu di only man what can do dis. Yu inspired us to make peace.

We come fi guarantee yu safety.

[Claudie] Trust mi. It different dis time.

Nah, man.

Jamaica need yu fi come home now, Rasta!

Nobody dare touch yu dis time!

Di people dem need you, Bob!

[“Jamming” playing]

[Bob] Rise and shine.

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Well, all right! ♪

♪ We’re jammin’ ♪

♪ I wanna jam it with you ♪

♪ We’re jammin’, jammin’ ♪

[laughing, chattering]

♪ And I hope You like jammin’ too ♪

♪ Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow We can do it anyhow ♪

♪ I and I will see you through ♪

♪ ‘Cause every day We pay the price ♪

♪ We’re the livin’ sacrifice ♪

♪ We’re jammin’ Till the jam is through ♪

♪ We’re jammin’ ♪

♪ To think that jammin’ Was a thing of the past ♪

♪ We’re jammin’ ♪

♪ And I hope this jam Is gonna last ♪

♪ No bullet can stop us now ♪

♪ We neither beg Nor we won’t bow ♪

♪ Neither can be Bought nor sold ♪

♪ We all defend the right ♪

♪ Jah-Jah children must unite ♪

♪ Your life is worth Much more than gold ♪

Raasclaat! Yu no see di goal? Mi score! Yu got to pay mi, man!

I see it, Skip. I see it. Tuffer than tuff.

♪ We’re jammin’ ♪

[all chattering, laughing]

♪ We’re jammin’ Right straight from yard ♪

Yes, Chris, I roll yu a spliff.

♪ Holy Mount Zion ♪

Just ’cause it’s from you, Fam.

Here’s the new reverb.

♪ Holy Mount Zion ♪

[chord reverberates]

♪ Jah seated in Mount Zion ♪

♪ And rules all creation Yeah, we’re– we’re jammin’ ♪

[Chris] I got to introduce my friends.

Seeing as you guys don’t see the light of day,

I thought I’d bring the light to you.

[Neville] Skipper!



Like this, album cover.

What yu think?

♪ We’re jammin’, we’re jammin’ We’re jammin’, we’re jammin’ ♪


No? Somethin’ else.

♪ I hope you like jammin’ too ♪

Somethin’ else?

♪ Jammin’, we’re jammin’ ♪ ♪ Jammin’ ♪

♪ Jammin’, we’re jammin’ ♪ ♪ Jammin’, jammin’ ♪

♪ I wanna jam with you now ♪ ♪ I wanna jam with you now ♪

♪ We’re jammin’ ♪

♪ We’re jammin’ ♪

♪ Hope you like jammin’ too ♪

♪ I hope you like jammin’ too ♪

♪ Jammin’, jammin’, jammin’ ♪ ♪ I wanna jam it ♪

♪ Wanna jam it ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

[song ends]

[Carly mutters] [laughs]

Yeah, man. That’s nice. [all laughing]

[Chris sighs]

[Neville] Yu nuh like it.


No, I, uh– I do. It’s, uh– It’s striking.

I’m a little concerned you can’t read the name of the band.

And there’s no photo of Bob. So…

[Bob] Mi not inna dis thing fi my ego, brethren.

Mi in it because, yu know–

Mi in it because of a cause.

[executive] Um…

I’m sorry, say again?

[Bob laughs] What do you, um…

What do you think about it, Bob?

Mi love it. [Neville] Rastafari.

It’s beautiful, man. Beautiful. Give thanks. Give thanks.

Bob, I commend your humility, but we need to sell records.

Album cover sell record?

I mean, Neville, tell ’em what yu wanna tell ’em.

Finish yu thing about your artwork.

The first cover was a bit busy, seen?

Dis one more simple.


The title is derived from the Ethiopian Amharic script.

Appearing less,

but meaning more.

Right. Know what I mean?

But it looks like a Cecil B. DeMille poster.

I mean, this isn’t Sunday school.

[chuckling] We…

[stammering] I’ve read the Bible.

Christ, I had to memorize half of it

and I can tell you one thing for sure:

Young people do not like it.

You know? [chuckles]

Thanks, Howard. Let’s move on, shall we? Um…

Let’s talk about the European tour dates.

What yu tell dem about the Africa tour date dem?

Africa? Yeah, Africa.

It’s in di Bible, too, yu know.

Or dat is the half you never memorize?

[Don] I leave for Africa next month,

to talk to the promoters, see what they need,

what they want, check out the venues.


Mi good enough, Skip.

[Chris sighing] Yu all all right?

Good. Yes I. Yes, man.

[Don] Howard. Chris.

[Chris] I’ll call you later.



Yeah, man. Don tell mi you and him talk about it already.

No, no. We did. We did.

Uh, it’s just– Just what?

Yeah, man. Want Africa

after di European tour date dem, yu know?

We have ten shows already lined up

in the States for after Europe.

It’s an important audience.

You’ll reach millions of Black Americans there.

Look, I’ve been to Africa. There’s no infrastructure there.

So we build it.

Yu know?

We can build it. We can build it.


Yes, man. [chuckles]

All right. I hope you’re right.

[Bob] You’d be surprised what we can build from nothing.

[person] You bwoys ready? [young Bob] Yes.

No need fi nervous.

That yu get, yu fucker!

Don’t ever come back talkin’ about no royalty payment.

Dis my label!

Mi own it!


[chuckles] Coxsone.

[Coxsone] Have some trouble, too, bwoy?

Don’t tell mi yu come here fi money, too.

No, no, Coxsone! No, man, dis di band

mi done tell you ’bout.

Dem name di Wailing Wailers.

Wailing Wailers? Wa dat? Yeah.

‘Cause we come out our madda belly crying

and we don’t stop yet.

Mi no like crying. Hold on!

Mi like singing.

Relax now, man. Calm down. It’s cool.

Shake yu up, eh, boy?

Just a joke, man. Nothing fi worry about,

if yu any good.

[“It Hurts To Be Alone” playing]

[all murmuring] Look, just relax, huh?

♪ Just because you think That you’re so smart ♪

♪ Goin’ around ♪

♪ Breakin’ lovers’ hearts ♪


Ghetto music is drum and bass.

[Coxsone] Nuh feel this, yu know, Scratch.

[Scratch] Dis nuh carry no weight.

Dis nuh move earth, yu know.

[music continues]

Dey nuh have soul.

I get a drink.

[knocks on counter] You not ready yet.

Got some talent, but yu need fi practice some more.

Maybe come back in a few years.

Joe! Yu need fi teach dem bwoys right.

Not just some rip-off soul tunes from di States.

Wait! We have songs like dat, with message!

Yeah, man. We save di best for last!

“Simmer Down.” [drumsticks tapping]

[band playing “Simmer Down”]

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ You’re licking too hot, so ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Soon you’ll get dropped, so ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Can you hear what I say? ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Why won’t you Why won’t you simmer down? ♪

♪ Long time people Dem used to say ♪

♪ What sweet nanny goat A go run him belly, so ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Oh, control your temper ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Oh, the battle Will be hotter ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Can you hear what I say? ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

♪ Oh, that I’m Leaving you today ♪

♪ Simmer down ♪

Cut. [music stops]

So what yu say? Dat’s a hit!

How would you boys like to record?

[all cheering]

[journalist] Why has reggae become so popular?

[Bob] Reggae is a people music.

It appeal to di natural self of everyone.

Reggae music is di consciousness of di people comin’ together.

[shouting, chattering]


You okay? Yeah, man.

I’m so sorry. Yeah, man.

It wasn’t on purpose. We’re good.

What happened? It was accidental.

I tried to get the ball– [Chris] It’s fine.

Old injury, it’s nuttin. You’re good?

Yeah, man.

[Bob] Mi good, mi good.

Yow, Gillie!

[grunting] [players shouting]

[crowd murmuring]

A man never forget him first time, eh?


[Junior] Set list.

I ain’t get a set list. [Aston] No set list, man.

It’s like jazz.

All right. Like jazz, yeah.

Where yu wanna start, Skip?

From the beginning.

[Carly] Beginning. [Rita] Hmm.

All right.


[cheering, applause]

[Rita, singers humming]

[humming continues]


[horse whinnies]

[flames crackling]

[crowd cheering]

[drumsticks tapping]

[band playing “Exodus”]

♪ Exodus! ♪

♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

♪ Men and people Will fight you down ♪

♪ When you see Jah light ♪

♪ Let me tell you If you’re not wrong ♪

♪ Well, everything Is all right ♪

♪ So we gonna walk ♪

Come on!

♪ Through the roads Of creation ♪

♪ We the generation ♪

♪ Trod through Great tribulation ♪

♪ In this Exodus! ♪

♪ Good God Almighty! ♪

[crowd] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[music continues]

[no audible dialogue]

[people clamoring]

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]

Is it true you smoke a pound of weed every day?

A pound? [laughter]

[reporter] Bob, how are you handling this sudden fame?

[crowd] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[Bob, crowd] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[crowd roars]

[cheering, laughter]


[crowd] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[voices fading] ♪ Movement of Jah people ♪

[all chattering, laughing]

[Tyrone] Pure gold album.

[Don] ♪ Exodus! ♪

[Tyrone] We did it! Believe now?


[elevator bell dings]

[phone ringing] [Muzak droning]

[Bob] Don.

Skip. Yes.

What happened?

Weren’t you supposed to meet mi last week?

I got held up in Gabon.

Yu sure yu didn’t get held up in a Gucci store?

[chuckles] Well, my name is Don “Tailor,” after all.

How would it look if I didn’t dress to impress?

Letters been coming nonstop from back home for you.

Thanks, but what di African promoter say?

Dem ready?

Yeah. They want you and Jimmy Cliff

to play a few shows together.

They already put down a good deposit,

but I think I can get some more on the back end for you.

As long as we can pay di band,

mi nuh fussy ’bout di money fi mi.

Just make sure di hotel set and dem have a good sound system.

Yes, Skipper. I’m on it. All right.

How Bob look so?

Him not feeling well?

More like too much gallivantin’.

Yu all right? Yeah.

All right.

[bandmates chattering indistinctly]

[Judy] Yeah.


Let me see.


We need to make a doctor look on it, Bob.

Yu hafi come off of di foot little bit.

I’ll talk to Chris.

Yeah, mi look ’bout it when di tour done.

Claudie and Bucky fly out.

Ask mi to come back, do a show in Jamaica.

[Rita] What kind of show?

Same kind di man almost kill us for.

Police treat Rasta worse than dog.

Gunmen run di place.

Dem claim dat dem done wid politics.


Yu nuh see how much bullet dem fire after we?

When all dis over, we’re goin’ to Africa.

Buy some land there.

Yu know? Settle down.

Don book di show dem already?

Yeah, him say him get di advance.

Him tell yu how much money him get?


[“You Should Be Dancing” playing]

[reporters clamoring]

See you in a moment.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Bob Marley & The Wailers!

[applause, cheering]

Bob, let me introduce you

to the Duchess of Monaco and her sister.

Nice to meet you.

And Françoise from Chanel. Hi. How yu doin’.

Jean, who curates the Rhône Gallery.

[Jean speaking French] Hi. Nice.

Oh, and of course– I apologize–

this is, uh, Rita Marley.

Greetings. Rastafari.

I’ll leave you here for one second. Bob, uh,

I’d love to introduce you to Marcel.

He’s an important man to know in Paris.

Marcel, this is Bob Marley.

Hey, Bob Marley, it is a pleasure to meet you.

You’re the Third-World superstar.

Nah, I nuh superstar.

I Rasta.

He can be both. He’s both. Rastafari.


[laughs] Look pon him suit.

No, thank you.

Mi no know where dem come from.

[“Rock Your Baby” playing]

[Rita] Who is that Don whispering to?

Is the African promoter.

You know, Don skimming the fees.

Little thief.

[Don] Take care. You have a good night.

Excuse me. Mm.

[“Young Hearts Run Free” playing]

[all laughing]

[bandmates chattering]

[Chris] To The Wailers, yeah?

[all toasting]

[Chris] To The Wailers not getting arrested in America.


See you later. All right.

Kind of a strange fellow, right?

[chuckling] [all murmuring]

A who dat?

Some producer. Him want to record di I Threes.



What yu laugh about?

Mi a go get some fresh air. All right.


Where you goin’? Where you goin’?

Oh, God. Huh?

[shouts] Move. Move, man!


Why yu actin’ like a jealous teenage boy so?

Oh, yu think, mi would change?

Some things don’t change,

but some things definitely change.

We never used to do all of dis.

Di winin’ and dinin’, parties, clubs.

I mingle with all type of people

from who knows where, doin’ who knows what.

And how you think the music a go spread?

Mi sitting in a corner like mi betta than everybody else?

Now I know why Peter and Bunny didn’t stay.

Peter and Bunny left ’cause dem never wanna

do di work that mi hafi do. Mm-mm.

What dem want mi do?

Just suffer and suffer and mi children dem suffer?

We are suffering! Nah, man!

Di children dem suffer and yu don’t even know, Bob!

You suffer?

How you suffer?

I have to be a wife and a soldier.

How much longer I can do that?

A wife?

You think mi nuh know what goin’ on?

What you know, Bob?


Di guy you have down in Jamaica.


[scoffs] Where yu a go?

[grunting] Where you a go? Where you a go?



Yu think yu can do what you want

and mi get nothin’ in return? You get nothin’?

You get nothin’?

I need more than a house and a car.

More than money!

[stammering] You come and go

while I make a home fi yu children,

including di ones dem from yu other women!

On top of all of that, I sing in di band and–

Yu nuh like it?

Yu nuh like it?

Yu nuh see where we are? Paris!

Yu think I care about Paris?

Yu didn’t think I had my own opportunities?


I had The Soulettes, I had offers.

And I give dem up fi di message. For us!

And yu throw it in mi face!

[clicks tongue, groans]

Who really know yu? Who really care about yu, Bob?


Di marketin’ genius?

Or Don?

Signing deals in di dark.


Yu swim in pollution, yu get polluted.

We used to talk about dis and everything else

when you only had one shirt!

I give yu everything yu ask me fa.


Yu so naive.


[“No Woman, No Cry” playing]

♪ I remember ♪

♪ When we used to sit ♪

♪ In the government yard In Trench Town ♪

♪ Observing the hypocrites ♪

[gulls calling]

♪ As they would ♪

♪ Mingle with The good people we meet ♪

♪ Good friends we have ♪

♪ Oh, good friends we’ve lost ♪


♪ Along the way ♪

♪ In this great future ♪

♪ You can’t forget your past ♪

♪ So dry your tears, I say ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right, Jah ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right, Jah ♪

♪ Everything is gonna Be all right ♪

♪ So woman, no cry ♪

♪ Oh, no, no Don’t shed no tears ♪

♪ No, no, woman! ♪

♪ No woman, no cry ♪

♪ Ey, ey ♪

♪ Oh, my little sister ♪

♪ Don’t shed no tears ♪

♪ No, no, woman! ♪

♪ No woman, no cry ♪

♪ Little sister Don’t shed no tears ♪

♪ No woman, no cry ♪

[song ends]

[crowd cheering]

[Bob] Thank you, London.

Yay, Skipper!

Hey, guys, Bob. Wicked show, Skip.

That was amazing. That was amazing.

[all chattering]

[Neville] What do you want?

[Neville] Champagne and wine, no worries.

Coming right up.

[all chattering]

[Bob] Don!

Don, come.

Don Taylor, come here!

Don! Bob.

What di one thing mi tell you from day one?

What di one thing mi tell you from day one?

Didn’t I tell you don’t lie to mi? Don’t lie to mi!

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Didn’t I tell you that?

Don’t lie to mi!

Skip! Yu don’t lie to mi!

Don’t lie to mi!

[all shouting] Don’t lie to mi!

[Neville] You’ll kill him, Skip.

Dat’s cool, dat’s cool.

Yu charge di African promoter extra and yu pocket it?

Is a bloodclaat thief. [spits]

What you think, mi wouldn’t find out?

Mi tell you,

Africa is not a money thing!

[Don] Everyone say Bob Marley is a hero!

I took six bullets for you!

This is what I get in return?

No. No. Bob! Bob! Bob. [all shouting]

Don’t, stop it! Stop it! [panting]

Put it down.

[chair clatters]

You’re lucky.

[Tyrone] Lift up, man. Come on.

All right, cool now, man.

Get up, Don. Come on.

[Gillie] Pray to Jah-Jah.

Yu all right? [panting]

Bob, you okay?

Yeah, man.

[Chris] Oh, God.

Nobody create no excitement, Chris.

Bob, you need to see a doctor.

[birds twittering]

[Bob] Two sevens clash.

[doctor] I’m sorry?

Two sevens clash.

Marcus Garvey say on the day the two sevens clash,

di ruled will rise up ‘gainst di rulers.

[doctor] Seventh of July 1977.


Mr. Marley,

did you understand what I’ve said?


You said it’s cancer.

Acral Lentiginous Melanoma.

It’s a skin cancer.

Mi can’t get skin cancer from a man stepping on mi toe.


Well, the injury to your foot isn’t the cause.

But the fact that it won’t heal is the result of the illness.

It’s very rare.

Do you know if it runs in your family?

No. My faada was a white man.

I never know him, Doc.

[guitar strumming]

[young Bob] ♪ But my hand Was made strong ♪

♪ By di hand of di Almighty ♪

♪ We forward in dis generation ♪

♪ Triumphantly ♪

♪ Won’t you help to sing ♪

[breathes shakily]

♪ These songs of freedom? ♪

[strumming guitar]

Dem say mi have cancer.

[Chris sighs]

I and I all right, man.

Dem can’t raas kill me.

What’s the treatment?

Dem say if mi cut off mi toe, might stop it from spread.

But mi nuh inna dat.

Bob, you have to listen to the doctors.

This is your health.

And look, if it heals quick enough,

then we can make the American tour.

You won’t have to miss any of it.

Leave mi, man. Mi hafi work.

Well, Bob– Leave mi, man!



[all chattering]

[announcer on TV] Looking for chances to counterattack,

George Best being their brightest hope there.

But Germany in control.

[Gillie] Food is ready!

Now a tremendous scuffle down on the right.

Now it’s Flohe, and he’s done it!

[crowd roars on TV]

And the fans celebrate yet another goal!

[knocking on door]


Sister Rita, greetings. What’s going on?

What yu mean? Where’s Bob?

Mi knock, but him no come down from mornin’.

From mornin’?

[clicks tongue]

[whispering] Oh, God. Him can’t do nothing.

You talk to mi madda?


Di band know?

[Rita sighs]

Why yu never tell mi, Bob?

Never wanna burden yu, Rita.

All I ever wanted to do

was to help yu carry di weight.

Dis no different than any other time.

Mi sorry ’bout what happen in di club, yu know.


Dat all water under di bridge, Bob.

We have more serious things to think ’bout now.


What is that?

Some sistren drop it off.

Dem say is a gift from di Ethiopian Crown Prince.

Nuh really inna no jewelry thing, yu know?


mi feel dis mean somethin’.

[sighs] Ooh.

Then why you nuh put it on?

[Bob] Mm.

[clicks tongue]


I never know so much struggle

from the day I born.

Everything just happened. Yu know?

What dem think mi can bring peace

if mi can’t even get a little peace fi myself?

[sucks teeth]

And yu can’t see di reason?


All dat struggle.

That’s the source of your power.

Yu nuh see?

The stone that the builder refuse

become di head cornerstone.


Who Jah bless

no man curse, Bob.

Just like Joseph.

Mm. Yu remember his story?

Dem attack him?

And him hand was made strong by di hands

of di Mighty God of Jacob.



That is you, Bob:


The Most High always protect his anointed ones.

[“Selassie Is The Chapel” playing]

You have

plenty life to live…

and nuff work to do.

♪ Haile Selassie is the Chapel ♪

Yu know, sometime…

♪ Power of the Trinity ♪

…di messenger has to become di message.

Time to go back to Jamaica.

♪ Build your mind In this direction ♪

[Rita] Don’t be afraid.

♪ Serve the livin’ God And live ♪

♪ Take your troubles To Selassie ♪

♪ He’s the only King of Kings ♪

♪ Conquering Lion of Judah ♪

♪ Triumphantly We all must sing ♪

♪ Well, I’ve searched And I’ve searched ♪

♪ This great book of Man ♪

♪ And in Revelation ♪

♪ See what I find there ♪

♪ Haile Selassie is the Chapel ♪

♪ And all the world Should know ♪

[Rita singing along] ♪ That man is the Angel ♪

♪ And our God The King of Kings ♪

♪ Conquering Lion of Judah ♪

♪ Triumphantly We all must sing ♪


Yeah, man. Yeah.

[song ends]

[airplane approaches]

[crowd roaring]

[“Three Little Birds” playing]


♪ Don’t worry ♪

♪ About a thing ♪

♪ ‘Cause every little thing Is gonna be all right ♪

[crowd clamoring]

♪ Singin’, don’t worry ♪

♪ About a thing ♪

Watch it, watch it! Daddy, Daddy!

♪ ‘Cause every little thing ♪

Slow down! Hey!

♪ Gonna be all right ♪

Come here.

♪ Rise up this morning ♪

What are you doing?

♪ I smile with the rising sun ♪

Where you come from?

♪ Three little birds ♪

♪ Sit by my doorstep ♪

♪ Singin’ sweet songs ♪

♪ Of melodies pure and true ♪

♪ Sayin’, “This is my message To you-ou-ou” ♪

♪ Singin’, “Don’t worry ♪

[people shouting]

♪ About a thing ♪

♪ ‘Cause every little thing Gonna be all right” ♪

♪ Singin’, “Don’t worry ♪

♪ About a thing ♪

♪ ‘Cause every little thing Gonna be all right” ♪

[hands thumping on car]


[children chattering]


[Bob laughs]

♪ “This is my message To you-ou-ou” ♪

Mi miss you, too.

♪ Don’t worry ♪

Welcome back home, Rasta.

♪ About a thing ♪


♪ ‘Cause every little thing Gonna be all right ♪

♪ Singin’ “Don’t worry ♪

♪ About a thing” ♪

[song fades]

[footsteps approaching] [person clears throat]

I-man come fi forgiveness.

[breathes shakily]

I no carry no vengeance.


is a seed planted in di heart.

Only you can redeem yu’self.

[“Redemption Song” playing]

♪ Old pirates, yes, they rob I ♪

♪ Sold I to the merchant ships ♪

♪ Minutes after they took I ♪


♪ From the bottomless pit ♪

Who was that man?

Oh, him?

♪ But my hand was made strong ♪

Just a man come see yu faada.

♪ By the hand of the Almighty ♪

♪ We forward In this generation ♪

♪ Triumphantly ♪

♪ Won’t you help to sing ♪

♪ These songs of freedom? ♪

♪ ‘Cause all I ever have ♪

♪ Redemption songs ♪

♪ Redemption songs ♪

♪ Emancipate yourselves From mental slavery ♪

♪ None but ourselves Can free our mind ♪

♪ Whoa, have no fear For atomic energy ♪

♪ ‘Cause none of dem Can stop di time ♪

♪ How long shall they Kill our prophets ♪

♪ While we stand aside And look? ♪

♪ Some say It’s just a part of it ♪

♪ We’ve got to fulfill di book ♪

♪ Won’t you help to sing ♪

♪ These songs of freedom? ♪

♪ ‘Cause all I ever have ♪

♪ Redemption songs ♪

♪ All I ever have ♪

♪ Redemption songs ♪

♪ These songs of freedom ♪

♪ Songs of freedom ♪

[strums chord]

When yu write dat?

All my life.


That mean yu ready.

That mean yu ready.

[reporter] So what’s changed, Bob?

What’s made you return to Jamaica

to play a peace concert now?

Don’t you fear for your life?

Well, my life is not important to mi.

If my life is only for mi, my own security,

den mi no want it.

My life is for people.

Dat’s di only consciousness I have in myself,

dat I can be beneficial to a people.

You don’t have anger?

One time I feel like I shoulda take up my arms and do a thing.

But Jah say, “No, you, cool.”

We can’t think ’bout vengeance and do di work dat must be done.

Do you really think this world can make it?

Make it?


We must make it. Yu know?

We must make it. Yeah.

It must be made. There’s no other way.

Yu know?

[announcer on PA] Are you ready?

[crowd roaring]

Are you ready, National Stadium?

Selah. Yeah.

[announcer] Are you ready, Jamaica?

Are you ready for Bob Marley & The Wailers?

[sound fades]

[voice humming melody]

[person] Nesta.

[in Amharic]

[crowd roaring]

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty,

Emperor Haile I Selassie I.



[no audio]

[crowd cheering faintly]

[“One Love” playing]

[no audible dialogue]

♪ One love One heart ♪

♪ Let’s get together And feel all right ♪

♪ Hear the children crying ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ Hear the children crying ♪

♪ One heart ♪

[interviewer] Are you a rich man?

Possession make you rich?

I don’t have dat type of riches. My riches is life, forever.

♪ Let’s get together And feel all right ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪

♪ Let them all pass All their dirty remarks ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ There is one question I’d really love to ask ♪

♪ One heart ♪

♪ Is there a place For the hopeless sinners ♪

♪ Who has hurt all mankind ♪

♪ Just to save His own beliefs? ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ What about one heart? ♪

♪ One heart ♪

Yeah, mi see myself as a revolutionary.

♪ Let’s get together And feel all right ♪

♪ As it was in the beginning ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ So shall it be in the end ♪

♪ One heart ♪

♪ Give thanks And praise to the Lord ♪

♪ And I will feel all right ♪

♪ Let’s get together And feel all right ♪

♪ One more thing ♪

♪ Let’s get together To fight this holy Armageddon ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ So when the Man come There will be no, no doom ♪

♪ One song ♪

♪ Have pity on those Whose chances grow thinner ♪

♪ There ain’t no hiding place ♪

♪ From the Father of Creation Sayin’ ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ What about the one heart? ♪

♪ One heart ♪

♪ Let’s get together And feel all right ♪

♪ One love ♪

♪ One heart ♪

♪ Give thanks And praise to the Lord ♪

♪ And I will feel all right ♪

♪ Let’s get together ♪

♪ And feel all right ♪

♪ Give thanks and praise To the Lord ♪

♪ And I will feel all right ♪

♪ Yes, let’s get together And feel all right ♪

[“Is This Love” playing]

♪ I want to love you ♪

♪ And treat you right ♪

♪ I want to love you ♪

♪ Every day and every night ♪

♪ We’ll be together ♪

♪ With a roof Right over our heads ♪

♪ We’ll share the shelter ♪

♪ Of my single bed ♪

♪ We’ll share The same room, yeah ♪

♪ For Jah provide the bread ♪

♪ Is this love, is this love Is this love ♪

♪ Is this love That I’m feeling? ♪

♪ Is this love, is this love Is this love ♪

♪ Is this love That I’m feeling? ♪

♪ I want to know, want to know Want to know now ♪

♪ I’ve got to know, got to know Got to know now ♪

♪ I’m willing and able ♪

♪ So I throw my cards On your table ♪

♪ I want to love you ♪

♪ I want to love and treat ♪

♪ Love and treat you right ♪

♪ I want to love you every day And every night ♪

♪ We’ll be together, yeah ♪

♪ With a roof Right over our heads ♪

♪ We’ll share The shelter, yeah ♪

♪ Of my single bed ♪

♪ We’ll share The same room, yeah ♪

♪ For Jah provides the bread ♪

♪ Is this love, is this love Is this love ♪

♪ Is this love That I’m feeling? ♪

♪ Is this love, is this love Is this love ♪

♪ Is this love That I’m feeling? ♪

♪ Oh, yes, I know Yes, I know, yes, I know now ♪

♪ Oh, yes, I know Yes, I know, yes, I know now ♪

♪ I’m willing and able ♪

♪ So I throw my cards On your table ♪

♪ You’ll see I want to love you ♪

♪ I want to love and treat you ♪

♪ Love and treat you right ♪

♪ I want to love you ♪

♪ Every day and every night ♪

♪ We’ll be together ♪

♪ With the roof Right over our heads ♪

♪ We’ll share the shelter ♪

♪ Of my single bed ♪

♪ We’ll share The same room, yeah ♪

♪ Jah provides the bread ♪

♪ We’ll share the shelter ♪

♪ Of my single bed ♪

♪ We’ll share the same room ♪

♪ I want to love you Love and treat you ♪

♪ Love and treat you right ♪

[“Rastaman Chant” playing]

♪ Hear the words Of the Rastaman say ♪

♪ Babylon, your throne Gone down, gone down ♪

♪ Babylon, your throne Gone down ♪

♪ I hear the words Of the Iyaman say ♪

♪ Babylon, your throne Gone down, gone down ♪

♪ Babylon, your throne Gone down ♪

♪ And I hear the angel With the seven seals saying ♪

♪ Babylon throne Gone down, gone down ♪

♪ Babylon throne Gone down ♪

♪ I say fly away home to Zion ♪

♪ Fly away home ♪

♪ I say fly away home to Zion ♪

♪ Fly away home ♪

♪ One bright morning When my work is over ♪

♪ Man will fly away home ♪


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