Blue Valentine (2010) | Transcript

The film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.
Blue Valentine

Dean Pereira and Cindy Heller Pereira are a young working-class married couple with a young daughter, Frankie. Dean currently works as a painter and Cindy is a nurse at a medical clinic. Despite their relatively tender ages, they are both ravaged by the life they’ve eked out together and by the experiences they’ve had leading into their marriage. High-school dropout Dean comes from a broken home and never really had a mother figure; he never imagined getting married or having a family despite falling in love with Cindy at first sight. He has no professional ambition beyond his current work–which he enjoys since he feels he can down a beer at 8AM and it won’t affect his work–although Cindy believes he has so much more potential in life. Cindy also comes from a dysfunctional family; her parents didn’t set an example of a harmonious married or family life. One of her previous serious partners, Bobby Ontario, has had a profound effect on many aspects of her marriage to Dean. Dean and Cindy head off on an overnight getaway together without Frankie, seeking a clearer picture of whether their marriage can survive its many issues.

* * *




[NEARBY] Megan!






Get up, get up.

We have to go outside.

What’s the matter, baby?



OK, sweetheart, go check in the house, see if she’s in there.

MAN: Megan!


When’s she gonna get back?

Oh, buddy, she’s gonna come back.

You know, we’ll put some, uh…

…some water in her bowl, you know, and some food.

She’s gonna get hungry. She’s gonna have to come back to eat, right?

I’m hungry right now. Are you hungry?


You know, I’m so hungry, I could just eat your hand.

Oh, no! Aah, aah, aah! [GIGGLING, GROANING]

Yeah. No, no, just let me have a bite of your hand, OK?

Just one bite.


How come I can’t have one bite?

Just one finger.


You’ve got five of them.



OK, we got to be quiet when we wake up Mommy, OK?

MAN WHISPERING: Do you want to get thrown or do you want to get dropped?

GIRL WHISPERING: I want to get next to Mommy.

…I’m gonna go on to Mommy, then jump on the pillow.



No, no!

We’re tigers!

I’m sleeping! Stop!

It’s too early.

We’re tigers!




Stop, stop. Stop. Come on, I get to sleep in more.




GIRL: No, make pretty music.

I must get my breakfast.



♪ Tum, tum, tum, ♪ ♪ tum, tum, tum ♪



♪ Tum tum, tum, ♪ ♪ tum, tum, tum, tum ♪


WOMAN: Here comes your oatmeal.

That’s beautiful. You ready to eat?

You gotta eat up, OK? You can’t be late today.

Blow on it first.

I don’t like it.

MAN: Why don’t you like it?

GIRL: It just yucky. Aah!

MAN: Baby, what did you do? You just put water in that?

Yeah, it’s instant oatmeal.

DEAN: Baby, you gotta soak the oats.

They’re fine.

Yeah, it’s delicious, you eat it.

Here, come on, let’s eat like leopards. That’ll make it better.

Here, just eat the raisins OK? At least.

WOMAN: Oh, come on. Dean, I don’t need to clean up after two kids.

Frankie, Frankie…

Use a spoon, honey.

What do you mean, use a spoon?

Come on, use a spoon. You know how to use a spoon.

We’re eating like leopards. Hey, that’s mine!

Show your daddy how you use a spoon.

You’re a big girl now, huh? You know how to use a spoon.

FRANKIE: We were being leopards.

DEAN: What do you mean you’re a big girl?

You’re a big girl now, sweetheart, so don’t have any fun.

Stick it on your face.

WOMAN: Frankie, we’re leaving in two minutes.

Come on, don’t eat like that, come on.

Come on, come on. If that’s the way you’re gonna eat, breakfast is over.

No! Dad was doing it!

I know your dad was doing it. Come on, kiddo.

I was doing it!

FRANKIE: Daddy, you made me in trouble!

I’m sorry.

WOMAN: Let’s go, let’s go. We’re late, we’re late. Come on.

You wanna wear this one?


OK, but you have to be fast.

Ready? One…

…two… three… four…

…five… six…

…seven… We’re gonna do it.

Eight! You did it in eight!



Silly Mommy.

Hey, Frankie, you gonna be good for Ms. Alex today?

You promise?

OK, I love you like crazy.

FRANKIE: I love you like crazy!

Oh, really? ‘Cause I love you like crazy!

OK, guys, we gotta go. We’re gonna be late.

FRANKIE: See you at the recital, Daddy!

Hey, Cin, put your seat belt on.

Hey, Cindy, put your seat belt on.

I got it.

Would you please put your seat belt on?

This road is crazy, all right?

Watch out for this guy. Watch out for this fucking asshole.


Hey, fuck you! Why don’t you slow down, you fucking jackass!


You’ll fucking kill somebody, asshole!

This is my least favourite patient. Did you see this folder they gave me?

Yeah, I know.

Hey, there you are.

CINDY: Oh, hi.

Sorry, I’m almost done here.

MAN: Did you get a… Do you have a second?

Yeah, sure.

Did you get a chance to talk it over with your family yet?

Oh, um…no. I mean, you know, I will. I will.

That’s OK.

No pressure, it’s just, you know, it’s just a good opportunity.

I’ll know for sure by Monday.

By Monday? All right. I’ve got to have my best nurse up there with me.

CINDY: Your first baby?

WOMAN: So exciting.

CINDY: Yeah, I know, isn’t it? Do you know what you’re having yet?



Do you want to know or are you going to wait for a surprise?

We want to know.

You want to know. Yeah.

Having the baby is surprise enough.


Let’s see… It’s a girl.


CINDY: Is that good news?

It’s great news.

Oh, good.


[MAN ON RADIO] …but it should clear up by the afternoon.

This not gonna interfere with your July Fourth plans…

…clear skies for the fireworks tomorrow night.

And remember to dress warm, folks…


♪ I can’t stop thinking about it ♪


♪ I see your face everywhere ♪

♪ Still you say we belong to the light ♪

♪ We belong to the thunder ♪

♪ We belong to the sound of the words ♪

♪ We’ve both fallen under ♪

♪ Whatever we desire or embrace ♪

♪ For worse or for better ♪


♪ We belong ♪

♪ We belong, we belong together ♪

We belong ♪ ♪

We belong to the light… ♪


♪ I’m the kid that’s all the candy ♪

♪ I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy ♪


♪ I’m glad I am, so’s Uncle Sam ♪

♪ I’m a real live Yankee Doodle ♪

♪ Made my name and fame and boodle ♪


♪ Just like Mr Doodle did ♪

♪ By riding on a pony ♪

♪ I long to listen to the Dixie strain… ♪

♪ A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam’s ♪

♪ Born on the Fourth of July ♪


♪ I’ve got a Yankee Doodle sweetheart ♪

♪ She’s my Yankee Doodle joy… ♪

Excuse me.

♪ I am the Yankee Doodle boy ♪


WOMAN: Very good.


WOMAN: OK, we have one more song left.

My Country, ‘Tis of Thee. It will be acapella.

What’s wrong?

You ready, ladies and gentlemen?


[WHISPERING] I found Megan.

…five, six, ready, sing.


♪ My country, ’tis of thee ♪

♪ Sweet land of liberty ♪

♪ Of thee I sing… ♪

How many times did I tell you to lock the fucking gate? Huh?

♪ Land of the pilgrims’ pride ♪

♪ From every mountainside ♪

♪ Let freedom ring… ♪



Hey, I had an idea…

I thought maybe you should go visit your grandpa today.

What do you think?


Did you find Megan?


But I was thinking maybe she moved out to Hollywood, and she became a movie dog.

You think? You think she moved out to Hollywood to be a movie dog?

She had the looks, don’t you think? Maybe that’s what happened, huh?



Hi, sweetheart, how are you?

Here, look what I have for you. Look at this.


PA: Want me to show you a magic trick?

You coming up?

I can’t smoke around the oxygen tank.




Hi, Gypsy.

Honey, go say bye-bye to Daddy, OK?

You’re not gonna see him until tomorrow.

Watch out for the water. Oh! OK, go, you’re clear!

Bye, Dad!

Bye, buddy.

Hey, I love you.

I love you.

Have fun, OK, buddy?


You remember what to do when Pa snores, right?

Cover his mouth and hold his nose.

That’s my girl.

OK, go have fun.

CINDY: All right, run to Mama!

Come on, you can do it! Come on, sweetie pie.

Yay, that was great.

That was great. All right, you ready to go inside?

So what’s with him, you two fighting again?

CINDY: We’ll talk about it later.

FRANKIE: Why isn’t Daddy gonna come in?

CINDY: I don’t know.

Mr. Benatti, good to meet you.

Have a seat.

What kind of job are you applying for?

Driver? Helper? Packer?

Whatever, one that pays.

Do you have any experience at all?


Where have you worked?

I mean, you know, I’ve helped people move before.

You mean, what are my jobs?

But you’ve never worked for a moving company?


OK, so that would be “no experience.” Where are you from?


And how long have you been here?

Like two years.

And where are you living?

I live in Brooklyn.

Can you get here every day?

Yeah, I’ll get here.

I need you here by 7:00am.

I’ll get here.



Hold it. There you go.

All right, Marshall.

Good job!

You’re a man amongst men. No homo!

MARSHALL: Sit up, son! Sit up, sit up!


Don’t worry about it. You ain’t a professional yet, that’s all.

DEAN: How do you meet girls?

MARSHALL: I just walk up, talk to them.

Whatever comes in my mind at that moment.

MAN: He honks the horn.

I gets out of the truck.

I get out the truck and talk to ’em.

MAN: Or he screams out, like, “chocolate thunder.”


Something like that.

DEAN: See, I don’t know. I feel like men are more romantic than women.

When we get married, we marry, like, one girl.

‘Cause we’re resistant the whole way, until we meet one girl and we think, “I’d be an idiot if I didn’t marry this girl, she’s so great.”

But it seems like girls get to a place, they just kinda pick, pick the best option or something.

I know girls that get married, they’re like, “Oh, he’s got a good job.”

I mean, they spend their whole life looking for Prince Charming, and then they… then they marry, they marry the guy that’s got a good job and who’s gonna stick around.

MAN: Take your share and go home, OK? Let’s call it a good night.

Thanks, Jamie.


Lemme tell you something. When I get old, I’m gonna look good.

When you get old, you’re gonna look like him.

What do you mean “when” you get old?

It’s gonna be a long time, another 50 years.

MARSHALL: Damn, it look like World War Ill in this motherfucker.

JAMIE: OK, look, box everything in the kitchen, bag everything upstairs.

Let’s get this truck loaded, up to Pennsylvania and back by tonight.


Well, This is a small, small room here.

Here we go.

How’s all the stuff gonna fit in here?

JAMIE: It’s probably not gonna, so strip the furniture.

OK, I’ll bring you boxes, you start unpacking, placing.

Flatten all the cartons, we’ll get ’em outta here.

What happens to all the other stuff?

JAMIE: Not our problem.


MARSHALL: Come on, come on, speed it up, speed it up.

Gotta go. We gotta go. We gotta go.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

MARSHALL: We gotta go. We got another job to do, we gotta go.

JAMIE: Dean, you ready? Let’s get outta here, OK?

Job’s over, here. I’ll give you your pay.

One hundred…


One hundred and ten… and 20 is part of your tip, OK?

Let’s go, we’ve got a two-hour ride back to the city.


OK… Don’t be mad.

I hung some of your stuff, I hope it’s OK.

You wanna walk in here? You don’t wanna get wheeled in here.

This is your new house.

I hung your uniform. I hope that’s OK.

It’s just so handsome, you know?

I noticed you had a lot of matches, so I stuck ’em on the wall.

If you don’t like it, you can just take ’em down. It’s tape.

Do you wanna sit down in the chair?



Here, let me get this out of your way.

You got it?

OK, Walter, I’m gonna get in trouble, I gotta go, but I’m gonna show you a few things, OK? That’s your shoes, see?

Hey, Dean we gotta go, all right?

Yo. OK.

I’ll meet you in the truck.


And… He’s not the boss of me, by the way. What else?

All your stuff’s in here. That’s your pants, sweaters, shirts.

Hey, Walter, is this your wife? Is this you and your wife?


She was a beautiful woman.

OK, nice to meet ya.

Thank you.

Good luck here.

OK. I’ll see ya down the road.




[WHISPERS] I’m sorry.


I know.

[SNIFFS] Don’t be sorry, baby.

It’s OK.


Oh, fuck.

I’m just tired, you know.




I’m just fucking tired.

Come here, boy!

DEAN: Maybe it’s because we didn’t make it comfy enough in there.

Maybe we made it too girly.

DEAN: Too girlie?


DEAN: Well, I think it… Maybe we just need to put something…

…like a nice blanket in there for him to lay on.


DEAN: You think that’s a good idea?

FRANKIE: Yeah, let’s get a blanket.

DEAN: OK, buddy.

FRANKIE: But don’t take the one I usually do.

DEAN: OK, you better ask your mom which blanket’s OK to use, because I don’t want to get in trouble.

FRANKIE: OK. Will you open this up?

DEAN: Watch your hands.

FRANKIE: ‘But close it quickly because the doggy is in there.’

DEAN: ‘Okay.’

Can you take the trash out?

Yeah. Baby, do you know where we put that…

DEAN: I got an idea.


I’m calling to see if I can make a reservation for tonight.

I have a gift certificate.


What’s our options?

They have Cupid’s Cove room available.

I’m not going to some cheesy sex motel. I’m on call tomorrow.

What else? That’s it?

Oh, and there’s a Future Room. Can you hold on one second?

Baby, will you make the decision?

I’m on call. I can’t go.

Baby, please.

Listen to me for a second.

What do you want me to say?

Can you hold on one second? Listen to me for a second.

Would you stop cleaning for one minute?


I’m asking you. Please.

Let’s get outta here. We gotta get outta here.


Baby, we have to get out of this house.

Let’s go get drunk and make love.

Now, do you want the Cupid’s Cove…

Dean, I don’t wanna…

…or do you want the Future Room?

Make a decision, baby, please.

I don’t want to get in the car at 7:30 and drive for two hours.

OK. I’ll make the decision. The Future Room.

For two.


You’re crazy.

DEAN: Thanks.

Pack your bags, baby, we’re going to the future.

[MAN CHUCKLES] Oh, my God. Is that Cindy Heller?

Bobby Ontario?

[LAUGHING] How are you?

CINDY: I’m good. How are you?

I… You know, I’m hanging in there.

Wow. Wow. It’s been a while.

How about you?

Yeah, here.

Here. Been here, stayed here, never left here.

Here’s good, here’s good.




That’s crazy. Lucky guy.

Have you been faithful to him?


Well, that’s a strange question to ask somebody you haven’t seen in forever.

Yeah, well, you know…



Yes you have, or yes you haven’t?

Yes… I have, I mean, I have… I have been…

Why are you looking at me like that?

I’m not looking at you like anything.

Oh, OK.



Come on, let’s go.

Let’s go.

What you thinking?

What’s on your mind?

You’re never gonna guess who I saw at the liquor mart.

DEAN: Richard Grieco?

No, but good guess.

Jon Bon Jovi.

Bobby Ontario.

What the fuck was he doing there?

CINDY: I don’t know… I mean, buying liquor, I guess.

DEAN: Jesus.

How come you’re just telling me now?

‘Cause I’m telling you now.

How come you didn’t tell me when we were there?

I don’t know, ’cause I was flustered and I’m telling you now.

You talked to him?

No. I mean like, “Hi, bye, how are you…”

How are you?

Yeah, he asked me how I was.

And you told him?

I mean, I didn’t want to, but we were stuck there.

We were in the same store, buying things together at the same time.

I wish you’d seen him. I wish you’d… You wouldn’t feel so bad. He’s fat…

What do I care?

I don’t know.

What do I care if he’s fat or not?

What does that mean? Make me feel better?

I don’t know. ‘Cause he’s a loser.

What does that have to do with me?

Whether he’s a loser or he’s fat or not? What the fuck do I care?

I don’t… What!?

What are you saying that for? That would make me feel better, he’s fat?

So what? If he was in good shape, I shouldn’t feel good?

I said the wrong thing. I’m nervous, OK?

What do you mean you’re nervous?

I feel funny, because you feel funny.

You’re nervous ’cause I feel funny?

What does that mean?

I feel like I said the wrong thing.

I feel like I shouldn’t have said anything.

Really? That’s an option?

You run into Bobby Ontario and it’s an option not to tell me?

I feel like you’re upset, and I upset you and I’m sorry.

And I said the wrong thing.

Baby… you can do whatever you want.


I’m sorry.



What are you doing?

I gotta pee.

Where, in this person’s house?

Fuck you.

Fuck me ?




You got him, you got him!




Good job, man, good job.




What are you doing?


Really, research.

So what, I mean, you’re supposed to be a quadriplegic?

No, quads can’t use their arms. I’m a paraplegic.

[WHISPERS] Really?



Why do you have to act like such a freak all the time, huh? Huh?

Come over.

Come on.

I can’t.

I can’t.

You know you want it.

I gotta go get Gramma.

I just came to say hi.

Call you later.

Yeah. Whatever!

WOMAN: Oh! I thought you were Dad.

Just us.

WOMAN: How was the beauty parlor?

Oh, lovely, just lovely.


What did it feel like when you fell in love?


Oh, dear.

I don’t think I found it.

CINDY: Even with Grandpa?

GRAMMA: Maybe a little in the beginning.

Bless us, O Lord, for these, thy gifts which we are about to receive…

GRAMMA: He didn’t really have any regard for me as a person.

‘You oughta be careful of that.’

You’ve gotta be careful that the person that you fall in love… is worth it to you.

CINDY: I don’t ever want to be like my parents.

I know that they must have loved each other at one time, right?

Did they just get it all out of the way before they had me?

PA: We’re supposed to eat this garbage?


WOMAN: I’m sorry.

Do you want me to make you some eggs?

PA: No!

I want you to enjoy your goddamned dinner!

CINDY: How do you trust your feelings when they can just disappear like that?

GRAMMA: I think the only way you can find out is… to have the feeling.

You’re a good person, honey.

I think you have the right to say, “Yes, I do trust.”

“I trust myself.”













CINDY: “Somehow, she didn’t want to confess to him that she was still wary of all those people who’d seemed to want to care about her. He touched her cheek gently, caressing her. Her heart was beating so loudly that surely he could hear it.”

Arms up.

CINDY: “He smoothed her hair back, the touch of his fingers sending waves of awareness through her. He was going to kiss her. That was what she wanted, wasn’t it? So why did she feel as if she trembled on the edge of a precipice, ready to topple over in an instant? Then his lips found hers and she stopped thinking at all, only feeling, feeling the tenderness of his kiss, the strength of his arms around her… the steady beat of his heart under her hand as she turned into his arms. There is a precipice, and she was falling. Head over heels. Falling in love with him. Chapter 11 …”




I want a cigarette.

No, Gramma, it’s bedtime.

You’re in bed. You can’t have a cigarette now, OK?

Do you want me to keep reading or are you tired?

I need a cigarette!


[DEAN FROM OTHER ROOM] I’ll see you down the road.


Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a second?


You think I stole that money, don’t you?

Yeah, you do.


Look, I’ve stolen money before, OK? I know what it’s like to get busted.

That’s what it feels like.


I didn’t steal it. I got a job.

OK? This is my job.

All right.

All right? I make money.

OK, I got it.

Money I can take girls out on dates with.


Just so you know.

Good to know. OK.


What’s your name?

Go away.

“Go away”?

Go away.

That’s a weird name.

Okay, hold on a second.

I wanna give you something. Look at that. That’s my business card.

I don’t have a phone… or a phone number, but if you call this number right here… and then you ask for me… they’ll tell me you called.


Who should I say is calling?



Where are we, huh?

We’re inside a robot’s vagina.


CINDY: Was this the only one that they had?

DEAN: I told you, you know… they had Cupid’s Cove or this.

You want me to see if we can get Cupid’s Cove?

CINDY: I’m gonna make a drink.

There’s no windows.

Cool bed, huh? Check this out.


DEAN: Whoa!

The bed turns. Hey, did you see this?


Hey, look at me.

I don’t think that there’s a fridge.



Rawk! Rawk!

Hey, that’s how they laugh in the future. Like this…



Rawk! Rawk!



Oh, God.

I thought the whole point of coming here was to have a night without kids.


Hello? Yeah, hold on.

Here, sweetheart, it’s your mommy. She wants to talk to you.

Hi, Mom.

CINDY: Hi, sweetie!


Ooh, ooh, ooh… Yeah, I have.

OK, honey. Don’t forget to go potty before you get into bed, OK?

Bye… Bye, I love you!

Frankie, this is how they laugh in the future.


Awk! Aw-haw-haw!

Awk! Try it.



[BLOWS RASPBERRY] Frankie, are you tooting? Is that you tooting?


[BLOWS RASPBERRY] Frankie, I can hear it.

I love you, OK?

I love you like crazy. I gotta go, OK?

Kiss, kiss. [KISSING SOUNDS]


DEAN: What are you doing?

What? What’s it look like I’m doing?

Getting all wet and naked.

I’m gonna go order some food. Do you want some?

You know what I like.

Can you close the door?


What are you doing?

What does it look like I’m doing?


You wanna warm up?


CINDY: All right.

Come up.

Get up. Get up.





What are you so grumpy about?

Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know why.

CINDY: Do you want a drink?

DEAN: Yes, please.


♪ You and me ♪

Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪ ♪

Hey, hey, hey ♪

You and me, you and me ♪ ♪

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ If the stars don’t shine ♪

♪ If the moon won’t rise ♪

♪ If I never see the setting sun again ♪

♪ You won’t hear me cry, this I testify ♪

♪ Please believe me, boy ♪

♪ You know I wouldn’t lie ♪

♪ As long as there is ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ You and me, you and me ♪

♪ My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ If you love a soul ♪

♪ More than fame and gold ♪

♪ And that soul ♪

♪ Feels the same about you ♪

♪ It’s a natural fact ♪

♪ There’s no turning back ♪

♪ And here’s some advice for you ♪

♪ You got to say it’s ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me… ♪

Hey, how are you?


You’re Gramma. It’s great to meet you.

Cindy, come on.

Cindy, could you…could you talk to me for five minutes, please?

I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

Gramma, you know you have an amazing granddaughter?

Oh, of course I do.

She’s unbelievable.

I got these for you. Would you please take them?

Cindy, come on, would you give me five minutes?

This is ridiculous. You’re not even gonna talk to me?

Come on, Cindy.

I’m trying to say I’m sorry, and you’re acting like a total bitch!

DEAN: I don’t know, I just feel like I should just stop…

You know, just stop thinking about it, but I can’t.

Maybe I’ve seen too many movies, you know, love at first sight.

Anyone call?



DEAN: What do you think about love at first sight?

You think you can love somebody just by looking at ’em?

MARSHALL: By looking at ’em?

But the thing is, man,

I felt like I knew her. You know? You ever get that feeling?

MARSHALL: Yeah, like, you’ve seen her before and you just know her…


MARSHALL: It’s a feeling.

But, actually, you really don’t know her.

Yeah, I probably… I don’t, right?

MARSHALL: That’s right.

I felt like I did, though.

If you get a little pussy…

…I think all the mental-ness will go away from you.

DEAN: You think I’m too much in my head?

Yeah, too much.

MARSHALL: You already know where she live at, right?

DEAN: No, she was just, like, visiting her grandmother.

MARSHALL: So why don’t you go back to that grandmother… and ask her where she lives?

DEAN: I should go back, right?

MARSHALL: Yeah. If you like her, yeah.

DEAN: She just seems different, you know? I don’t know.

MARSHALL: Wait. How different?

DEAN: I don’t know, I just got a feeling about her.

You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?



Do you know what happened to Walter?


DEAN: Walter.

He’s the gentlemen that just moved in across the hall about a month ago.

I don’t know anything or anybody named Walter.



Hey, can I ask you something else?

What’s the story with that girl that was in here like a month ago?

The blonde, the young blonde?

DEAN: I gave her my card, but she never called me.

What’s her name?

GRAMMA: Cindy.

DEAN: Cindy.

Will you tell her I say hi?

GRAMMA: OK. Why not.



Do you think I could sit down, because all these other seats are taken.


Hey, thanks.

You know, I just talked to your grandmother.

That sounds weird, huh?


OK, let me put it into context.

I went out there to see Walter, who’s not there anymore.

That’s why I talked to her.

Do you know what happened to that guy, Walter?

Yeah, do you know what happened to that guy, Walter?

No, I don’t know what happened to that guy, Walter.

What happened?


You gotta do it like that?

What do you expect?

What do you mean?

They’re old. Would you want to live like that?

Like what? In that home?

CINDY: Yeah.

Well, no but I’m not getting old and he’s a dummy for dying.

CINDY: Walter’s a dummy for dying?


CINDY: What are you gonna do, wise guy?

Not do it.

Are you gonna die?



What’d you say?

I said definitely.

Well, with that kind of attitude, you will.

Don’t do it. It’s for suckers.

Don’t do it.

CINDY: What are you gonna do?

Just not do it.

I went out there to give him this.

Isn’t that nice? I found it.

Look at that.

Is that him?

Yeah, and his lady.

Isn’t he handsome?

CINDY: Look at her, she’s so pretty.

DEAN: So she’s probably nuts, then.

In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is.

Which makes you insane.

You’re probably nutty-coo-coo crazy.

It’s not your fault. You know, it’s just like…

Everybody treats you different.

Like, you make jokes and they’re not funny, but people laugh anyway.

That’s gotta make you nuts.

I like how you can compliment and insult somebody at the same time.

In equal measure.

What’s an insult about that?

That I’m crazy and I’m not funny.

Well… I don’t know if you’re not funny, tell me a joke.

So there’s a child molester and a little boy walking into the woods.


The child molester and the little boy keep walking further and further, and it’s getting darker and darker and they’re going deeper and deeper into the woods and the child molester…

…and the little boy looks up at the child molester and he says,

[HIGH-PITCHED VOICE] “Gee, mister, I’m getting scared!”

And the child molester looks down at him and says, “You think you’re scared, kid? I gotta walk outta here alone.”

You don’t think that’s funny?

[CHUCKLES] No, I’m sorry.

I do.

DEAN: You get along with your grandma, huh?

Yeah, she makes me laugh.

Nobody else talks in my family. And when they talk, they just yell.

DEAN: I’m never getting married.

DEAN: This is a nice place, you live. You like it?

It’s all right.

Where you wanna go?

I wanna go away to school.

What are you gonna study?


[HISSING] Really?

Yeah, really.

Yeah, right.

Yeah, right.

Girls like you… Girls that look like you don’t go and study medicine.

What do I look like?

Girls like you are supermodels.

You got any, like, talents?

Like hidden talents?



♪ Washington, Adams ♪

♪ Jefferson, Madison ♪

♪ Monroe, Adams, ♪

♪ Jackson, Van Buren ♪

♪ Harrison, Tyler, ♪

♪ Polk and Taylor… ♪

That’s all the presidents.


♪ Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan ♪

♪ Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, and Hayes ♪

♪ Garfield, Arthur ♪

♪ Cleveland and Harrison ♪

♪ Cleveland, McKinley, ♪

♪ Roosevelt, Taft ♪

♪ Wilson, Harding, ♪

♪ Coolidge, Hoover ♪

♪ Franklin D Roosevelt, ♪

♪ Harry S Truman ♪

♪ Dwight D Eisenhower, ♪

♪ John F Kennedy ♪

♪ Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon ♪

♪ Ford, Carter, Reagan ♪

♪ Bush, Clinton, Bush I ♪

That was rad.

Can you dance?

You can tap dance?

Can you?

No. Here, I’ll play a song and you dance.


Come here.

Come here, like this.

Right here, behind the heart. In front of the heart.


I can’t really sing.

I have to sing goofy in order to sing. Like, I have to sing stupid.




♪ I You always hurt the ones you love ♪

♪ The one you shouldn’t hurt at all ♪

♪ You always take the sweetest rose ♪

♪ And crush it until the petals fall ♪

♪ You always break the kindest hearts ♪

♪ And with a hasty word you can’t… ♪

You’re actually good.

OK, slow dance.

Slow dance to this part.


♪ And if I broke ♪

♪ Your heart last night ♪

♪ It’s because ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Most ♪

♪ Of all ♪




You’re not gonna eat that?

Why don’t you do something?

What do you mean?

I don’t know.

What does that mean?

Why don’t I do something?

Isn’t there something you want to do?

There something you want to do?

Like what?

I don’t know.

You’re so good at so many things, you could do anything you wanted to do, you’re good at everything that you do, isn’t there something else you wanna do?

DEAN: Than what? Than be your husband? To be Frankie’s dad?

What do you want me to do?

What… In your, like, dream scenario, of me, like, doing what I’m good at, what would that be?

CINDY: I don’t know, you’re so good at so many things, you can do so many things, you have such capacity.

DEAN: For what?

You can sing, you can draw, you can…


[DEAN SIGHS] Listen, I didn’t wanna be somebody’s husband.


And I didn’t wanna be somebody’s dad. That wasn’t my goal in life.

Some guys it is… Wasn’t mine.

But somehow, I’ve… It was what I wanted.

I didn’t know that.

And it’s all I wanna do… I don’t want to do anything else.

That’s what I want to do. I work so I can do that.

CINDY: I’d like to see you have a job where you didn’t have to start drinking at eight o’clock in the morning to go to it.

No, I have a job that I can drink at eight o’clock in the morning.

What a luxury, you know?

I get up for work, I have a beer, I go to work, I paint somebody’s house, they’re excited about it, I come home, I get to be with you.

What’s… like… This is the dream.

It doesn’t ever disappoint you?

DEAN: Why? Why would it disappoint me?

Because you have all this potential.

I could still do whatever I could do.

So what? Why do you have to fucking make money off your potential?

Look, I’m not even saying you have to make money off it.

Don’t you miss it?

What does even potential mean?

What does that mean, potential? Potential for what?

To turn it into what?

[SIGHS] You know, we rarely sit down and have an adult conversation because every time we do, you take what I say and you turn it around into something I didn’t mean.

You just…

…twist it.

Start blabbing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

If you’re not interested in what I have to say, then maybe I just shouldn’t say anything.


That’s funny, huh?

What’s funny about that?

Good luck. I…

I’d like to see you think about what you say, instead of saying what you think all the time. Good luck, give it a try!


DEAN: What do you mean?

You wanna fight me?

Yeah, I wanna fight you.



DEAN: OK, there you go.

CINDY: On your back.

On your back, motherfucker!



CINDY: Ow, ow, ow!


DEAN: Cheers, you’re the best.


♪ I of course replied… ♪

You drunk? You drunk, drunk?

Don’t go to sleep, hey.

Don’t go to sleep, OK? Stay awake.

Hey, look at me, look at me, look at me. You awake?

You awake? Yeah? OK.

I gotta pee my diddy, I’ll be back.



♪ All who love are blind ♪


♪ When your heart’s on fire… ♪



CINDY: Are you OK?

DEAN: Come here!

I may or may not have fallen.

Come here!

Come here! Come here!


Hey, beautiful, come here.

Give me a hand. Help me back into the future.

Come here.

CINDY: Give me your hand.

Get up.

DEAN: This is funny.

Come here. Come on down here.


Probably a big mistake.


That is a… That is a huge mistake.



Come here, you saucy little minx.




You are so beautiful.

Do you wanna have another baby with me?


Will you have another baby with me?

Do you want to make a baby with me?

I want to have a baby with you.


Stop what?

Stop. Stop.

What? Shh.

Shut your beautiful mouth.

Shut it. Come here.

Fuck. Ouch!


What are you doing, huh?

What’s the matter with you? Come here.

Come here.

Baby. Baby, baby, baby, baby…

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby-






Oh. Ah.

Would you cut it out? Would you fucking stop it?

Come on, stop, stop, stop! What’s going…? What are you doing?

What are you doing? Why are you doing that?

It hurts!


What do you want?

How much rejection am I supposed to take?

You know, I deserve a little bit of affection.

I’m good to you. I’m good to you and I’m good to Frankie, and I love you. I don’t deserve this.

What are you doing? What do you want?

That’s how you want it?

[WHISPERING] This is how you want it?

This is how you want it? Come on.



OK. OK. Come here.




[GASPING] Baby, I can’t do it.


I can’t do it like this, baby.

Baby, baby, baby…

I can’t fucking do it like this.

Stop it. Stop.

Stop. Don’t give me this shit, this fuckin’, like, “you can have my body,” bullshit.

I don’t want that. I want you.

I’m not gonna do it like this. What, do you want me to rape you?

CINDY: I want you to stop.

Is that what you want?

Stop it.

You want me to hit you?

Stop it.

What’s the matter with you?

Fucking stop it!

You want me to hit you?

Yeah, hit me.

Is that what you want?

Yeah, that’s what I want.

Would that make it OK for you to treat me like this?

Yeah, that’s what I want, baby. Hit me.

Come on, hit me.

Is that what you want?

I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna fuckin’ do it!


I don’t give a shit how much you want it, I’m not gonna do it.

OK, I’m not gonna do it!


I’m not gonna do it.

You want me to hit you?


I’m not gonna do it. I love you.

OK? I’m getting up.



Let me out.


Open the door. Open the door.


Open the door.

Hey! Open this door!


Hey! Open the door!

Open the door!


Open the door!

Can you open the door?



No! No!

[LAUGHING] Ow… ow. Ow.

DEAN: What is going on? What kind of operation are you running…


…around here?





MAN: Do not touch the young lady in my taxi!

Please, sir! Don’t touch her back there, please?

Thank you! Thank you very much.

Come on! Why not?

Sir! Please there’s no sex in my taxi!

Do not touch the young lady in my taxi!

I’ll have you know that she was putting the moves on me.

That’s not true. Would you believe a face like this?

That doesn’t…

Look at that face. Look at that face.

MAN: I will not have you trying something that’s wrong in my car!

What’s wrong?

MAN: This is my car, this is like my home.

You’re in my home now, OK?

It’s not my business what you do with this girl, but you’re not gonna do it in my cab.





Oh, God.


God. Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no…



Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, oh, my God.


BOBBY: Good job.






You OK?

Yeah, you OK?

DEAN: You gonna talk to me or what?

You gonna tell me what’s goin’ on?

You’re not gonna tell me?

I don’t know what you want me to say.

I want you to tell me what’s going on. I wanna know.

You got me feeling sick, you know?

I’m very intuitive.

I know there’s something up.

I don’t know what to do.

OK, you’re not gonna tell me?


Stop! Stop, stop! No, no, no, stop!

You gonna tell me?

Stop! Come down!

You gonna tell me?

Just come down! I’m not kidding you!

You’re gonna tell me what it is?

Come… Please come down!

Come down. Please… Please stop.

You want me to go over the edge?

No, I want you to come down!

Tell me what it is.

Come on, it’s dangerous!

You gonna tell me?


No, stop! Please come on!

Please! I’m pregnant! Stop, come back, please!

Please come down. Please come down.

Is it mine?

I don’t know. I don’t know.

You don’t know?



Probably not.

What are you gonna do?

What am I gonna do?

What are you gonna do?

I don’t know…

You’re gonna have it? You’re not gonna have it? What are you gonna do?

You thought about this?

I don’t know.

You don’t know?


NURSE: You’ve opted for our vacuum-aspiration abortion today.

I’m just gonna ask you a few questions.

They’re sensitive in nature, so if at any time, you’re uncomfortable, you just let me know, OK?

At what age were you when you first had intercourse?



That’s not unusual.

OK, and how many sexual partners would you say you’ve had from when you first began?


…twenty… twenty…



Do you know which partner you were with at the time that you became pregnant?

OK. And is that partner supportive to you?


No. OK.



DOCTOR: Good, all right, now I’m gonna put my hand on your belly…


…then I’m gonna introduce a finger.

You’re gonna feel it. OK, there you are.


DOCTOR: All right…

Aah. Aah.

All right, that’s it. OK, good.

Deep breathing. That’s it. All right, I feel the uterus.

Indeed, it’s probably 11 and a half, 12 weeks.

It’s in a safe position for the procedure.

OK, I’m gonna insert a speculum. It’s gonna cause some pressure.

Here it goes, this is it.

That’s it. I know it’s uncomfortable. I know it’s uncomfortable.

But as much as you can relax, the easier it goes, OK.

It’s set right where I need to have it.

Good work. Keep that breathing.

You’re making me breathe hard.

WOMAN: You’re doing great.

DOCTOR: The next thing I’m gonna do is I want to give you some local anesthesia.

It’s a little uncomfortable, so what I want you to do…

Right now, I’m gonna give you the first injection.

Take a giant breath and cough.

Go ahead. Breath… Cough.

OK, fine, fine, fine.

OK. I’m just gonna put that down and let it take effect.

Breathe deeply, slowly, deeply…

Now what I’m going to do is apply an instrument.. so I can hold the cervix still.

Shouldn’t feel this. Maybe a little pressure.

I can’t.

NURSE: Oh, sweetheart, are you OK?

DOCTOR: Cindy?

Stop. Stop.



DOCTOR: OK, I’m sorry and I will stop.

All right, you wanna sit up? OK, all right.

You want me to just stop the whole procedure, is that correct?


All right, I’m gonna step out. Felicia?



-NURSE: Do you wanna put your things back on?

Can I see my friend?


Can I see my friend?

Sure, honey.

Let’s do it.

Let’s be a family.

Let’s be a family.

CINDY: You don’t have to do this, you know.

It’s not your fault.

DEAN: I love you.

I love you, too.




Hey, it’s me Cindy. Hi.

We need you to come in…

[GROANS] Who else did you call?

I called Janet, and I called…

I’m out of town, too.

What time is it? What time is it?

Six, seven, eight, nine…

Nine o’clock.

If I’m there at nine? I’m coming if I’m there at nine.









I’m gonna fuckin’ kill her.


[MAN ON RECORDING] This is your 11 :00am wake up call.

OK. Thank you.

” [KNOCKS] ” Cin?




Yeah. Um…

Where’s the nearest bus station?

[ANSWERING MACHINE] Sunday, 11 :16 p.m…

BOBBY: I just want to say to you, thanks for making all bets off and for freeing me of my human decency.

All your shit is going in the trash.

All your books are gonna get fucking ripped up.

You want to go to war? I mean, we’ll go to war, we’ll see who wins.

I know who the fucker is, OK? And I’m gonna destroy him.

[ANSWERING MACHINE] Sunday, 11 :58 p.m.

BOBBY: You probably don’t even know what you did.

I want you to hear something, OK?

I have never… I have never cursed at a girl in my life.

Fuck you!

Fuck you, bitch!

Do you understand that?

I’m gonna find him and I’m gonna fuck his ass up!

I hope he looks so beautiful to you…

I hope he looks so beautiful to you when I’m done.

Do you hear me?

[ANSWERING MACHINE] End of messages.






Hey, I’m looking for Dean.

For Dean. I’m looking for Dean. You know where he’s at?

Yeah, I’m Dean.

Oh, OK.

Come on, man.


Come on, let’s go.

BOBBY: Your little boy’s gonna call me Daddy from now on.





Fuck you! Bitch!

MAN: Such a little bitch. Pussy.

Piece of shit!

MAN: Fuck him up.



You fuckin’ piece of shit!

Fucking pussy!



Dr. Feinberg’s Office. Mm-hmm. OK, when were you looking to come in?

Ugh! Oh! Busy! Haven’t sat down yet.

What do you have? Can you walk with me?

I’ve got a woman in five, Hispanic… Excuse me.

Doesn’t speak much English, and she’s complaining of pain in her left breast.

All right, I’ll be in in a minute. Oh, hey, you know what I was thinking?

I realize it might be hard for you to move the whole family up to Riverdale, ’cause your daughter’s still in school and everything, and I thought maybe you get an apartment.

You know, work during the week, drive home on the weekends.

Wouldn’t have to worry about being lonely. We could hang out together.

You know, get dinner sometimes.

Anyway, that was not a proposition.

I was just trying to, uh…

I’m married.

Just trying to… Just trying to help.

I thought you wanted me there because I’m good at my job.

Yeah, I thought…

Anyway… I’ll see you in a minute.


I can’t do that over the phone. I can’t do it over the phone.

Hold on, please.

Sir, could you just fill that out and when you’re done bring it back up to me?

[WHISPERING] I don’t need this.

Could you hold on just one second, please?

OK, thank you.

I was looking for my wife.

I don’t need that.

OK, and who is your wife?


Oh, you must be Dean.

OK, yeah, let me get her, she’ll be right with you.

MIMI: Cindy, sweetie, you have a visitor.

CINDY: Who? MIMI: It’s your husband.


MIMI: I think he’s been drinking.


Oh, there you are.

What are you doing here?

Oh, well, you’re awful friendly right now, aren’t ya?

No, I’m just surprised to see you.

Oh, this is where the smiles happen.

This the smile room? Huh?

You take off, you leave me, you don’t tell me what’s going on?

I was so goddamn worried, I thought something might of happened to Frankie!

I don’t know what the hell happened.

Meems, can you give me a few?

You just take off like that?

I’ll be right here if you need me.

Yeah, Meems, can you give her a few?

I don’t know if there’s an emergency… You’re just gone!

Frankie’s fine. Come on, lets go.

Well, good to know.

Cindy, I’m here if you need me.

OK, come on, let’s go.

Don’t let him brainwash you.

Can you give me a hand with this?

“Don’t let him brainwash you”?

Can you give me a hand?

Oh, God…

Look, OK, I know everything got fucked up last night.


Can’t believe you’d show up here drunk.

Hey, I’m talking to you!

Hey. I know that…

Can you drive?


I said can you drive?

What do you mean? What kinda question is that?

Of course I can drive. I know how to drive…

Take the keys, go home.

You don’t even care if I fuckin’ can drive.

You’d love it if I got in a goddamned accident.

Yeah, I’d love it. I’d just love it, you’re so right.

DEAN: That’s the point. You don’t have any goddamned time anymore.

It all goes to this fucking place.

And these fucking people don’t give a shit about you.

Do they? Hey!

Just go home!

DEAN: Hey, come here for a second, I’m gonna come in there!

I’m gonna come in! All right, I’m coming.

Just have a seat and we’ll be with you as soon as we can, OK?

Thank you.

Are you OK? Is he gone?

CINDY: I fucking hate him.

MIMI: Why don’t you just give her a couple of minutes?

No. Dean, you can’t come back here.

CINDY: Oh, God.


MIMI: You can’t be back here.

It’s OK, you’re OK.

CINDY: I can’t do this, I can’t take this shit.

Come outside with me.

Dean, I cannot take this shit anymore.

Just come outside.

I cannot take this shit.

I am not going outside with you. I’ve had it!

I’ve had it. I’ve had it.

Come and talk to me…

I am up to here! I’m done, OK? I’m done!

Let’s go outside…

I’m done. I’m done.

Look, no… I am done. I am done.

I’m done with this. I’m done being angry like this.

I’m done having you drunk like this. I am done!

Don’t close that door!

I’m closing the door.

Don’t… Don’t talk like that.

CINDY: Mimi?

MIMI: Are you OK?

DEAN: Hey, don’t talk to Mimi.

Hey, Mimi, you know what? We’re gonna take a little minute.

We’re just gonna take a second.

You know what, this is why I don’t talk to you.

‘Cause you go from here to here in no time at all.

This is why you talk to me. Because I’m here.

This is the only reason you’re talking to me.

You fuckin’ asshole.

I’m a fuckin’ asshole?

DEAN: You can call me stupid?

CINDY: I’m so out of love with you.

I’ve got nothing left for you, nothing, nothing!

Nothing! There is nothing here for you! There is nothing here for you!

I don’t love you. I don’t…

Don’t say stuff you can’t take back.

CINDY: You fucking asked for it, you asked me. You asked me. I talk to you.

I couldn’t drive you crazy unless I love you.

I gave you the goddamn answer and you don’t like it.

Are you gonna hit me?

That’s why I don’t talk to you.

No, I’m not gonna hit you.

You’re the bad guy, not me, asshole.

I’m the bad guy?

Yeah, asshole!


Fuck you! Fuck you!

Yeah, I’m more man than you are, you f*cking c*nt.

Don’t say that shit about being a man.

I am, I am. I can handle it.

What is it with this shit and being a man? What is that?

What does it even mean?

What is that?

What does it mean?

What does it mean to be a man?

You’re scaring us, you’re scaring us!

It doesn’t mean you can come here…

Don’t say that stuff.

“Be a man!” What is that shit?

I mean, don’t bully…

I’ll be a man. You want me to be a man? Here you go.

Is this what men do?

Oh, just Stop it! Stop it!

I’m a big man!

MIMI: Get out!

Get out. Stop it!

Look at me, I’m a big fucking man!

I’m being a man!

No, I’m the man!

I’m being a man now.

Stop it! Stop it, now.

Stop it! Stop it!

Hold on. This is what men do.

I’m tired of talking. I’m fucking tired of talking.

Hey, hey…

Stop it!

Excuse me! Excuse me!

What are you doing?!

CINDY: He’s being an asshole.

Hey, stop!

Who are you, by the way?

Hey, take it easy.

Who are you?

Who am I? I’m a doctor. I’m Dr. Feinberg.

You’re fuckin’ Dr. Feinberg? You’ve been e-mailing my wife?

Excuse me?

You’re the guy e-mailing my wife?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Stop it!

Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!

I’m gonna hit you in five seconds.

No one is hitting anybody.

I’m gonna hit you in five seconds…

I’m gonna hit you in five seconds!

Mimi, call the cops.

Five! Four!

They’re coming!

Will you take it easy?

Get out!

Get out!

Take it outside, my friend!

Three! Two!

Think about your wife, will you?

Take it…

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

You fucking son of a bitch!

I’m sorry… Look…

I’m so sorry!

I’m so sorry.

Buddy, get up. Just get up.

What the fuck is the matter with you?

You got a glass jaw or something? You can’t take one hit?

All right, that’s enough!

It’s one hit!

What is wrong with you?

Oh, my God, you fucking son of a bitch!

You fucking asshole!

I’m gonna kill you!

That’s enough.

You son of a bitch!

I fucking hate you!

DR. FEINBERG: You two, break it up.

That’s enough. -Stop it. Don’t. Just leave.

DR. FEINBERG: That’s enough. Mimi, please!

Cindy, would you get out of here? You are done here, get out!

Get out! You’re done!

CINDY: I’m trying to take him!

She’s done?! You’re gonna fire my wife?!

Hey! This is between you and me, motherfucker.

Don’t you fucking blame her for that shit!

Yeah, you’re going to jail, my friend.

I’m going to jail?

CINDY: Please, come with me!

MIMI: Just get the hell out of here!

DR. FEINBERG: That’s it. Keep moving!

Come on!

MIMI: Leave. Leave.


Give me the keys.

I fucking want a divorce!



Where are you going?!

What the fuck are you doing!?




Mr. Heller.

You must be Dean.


I didn’t know if it was pot luck, so I brought an eggplant.

Very funny. Come in.

Thank you.

Let me see. Let me see.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. See what?

Let me see.

See me through the flowers?

Do you like ’em?

Oh, babe.

Does it hurt?


Like right now, when you’re doing that.



Cindy doesn’t usually bring her boyfriends home for dinner.

So… I’m thinking this might be serious.


GLENDA: Don’t listen to him.

Well, I hope so.


You hope so.

Yes, sir.


I mean, I’m pretty serious.

What do your folks do, Dean?

Well… I don’t know…

My mother, I don’t know, to be honest, what she does.

But my father is a janitor… and he’s a very talented musician.

GLENDA: What does he play?


He can kind of play a little bit of everything.

He’s one of those people.

GLENDA: So you don’t see your mother?

No, I don’t.

GLENDA: Why? Not that it’s my business…

No, I understand you asking.

Um…I don’t really talk about it very often, to be honest.

You know, she just…

When I was ten, she… my father and her just decided that it wasn’t, you know, gonna work out and she… she met somebody, and I think… that was that.

MR. HELLER: You graduate from high school, Dean?

Well, sir, no, I didn’t, I didn’t.

But, you know, I didn’t feel like… there was a place for me there, to be honest.

I don’t think that high school is all it’s cracked up to be.


GLENDA: Cindy’s… studying.

I know. She’s…

It’s exciting.

She’s about the smartest person I ever met.

How’s it going?

It’s good.


Mm-hmm. It’s really good. Um…

There’s one teacher in particular that I’ve really enjoyed getting to know.

She says that I have a lot of potential.

What’s her name?

Professor Comstock.



What’s so funny about that?

Teachers, they just always have these names you know?

It’s never like… I don’t know… They always have these names. Comstock.

Is that funny?


I don’t know why, sorry. So you…

What.. what course is that?

It’s a… it’s a biology course.

That’s good.

MR. HELLER: Cindy wants to be a doctor.

I know, that’s…

She’d be a great doctor. I wish she’d be my doctor.

I’d trust her.

A lot of these doctors, they’re just in it for the money.

It would make me relieved to know that someone like Cindy was my doctor, or my kid’s doctor.

GLENDA: She’s got a lot ahead of her. It’s really exciting.

You know I’m not good enough for you.

Stop it.

It’s true.

Stop it.

Baby, it’s true.

No, it’s not.

It is true.

You’re hurting my feelings.

Don’t say that.

No, but nobody is.

You know, so as long as… that’s the case, I want the job.




DEAN: Baby…


I got you a present.

That’s it. Hold on… Boom!

Oh, baby…


Did you make it?

Well, I didn’t make it, but I got us a song.

You know, like our song that will just be for you and me.

Because everybody’s got songs, but they’re lame and they all share them.

You know, it’s disgusting.

Not us. We have our own song.

We have our own song.

What is it?

Do you wanna listen to it?


DEAN: OK, turn it up.

I love you.

Stop it. I love you too. Take it easy.

OK, easy.

Thank you.


♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ If the stars won’t shine ♪

♪ If the moon won’t rise ♪


♪ If I never see the setting sun again ♪

♪ You won’t hear me cry, this I testify ♪

♪ Please believe me, boy ♪

♪ You know I wouldn’t lie ♪

♪ As long as there is ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Nobody, baby, but you and me ♪

♪ Do do do do do, woo woo ♪

♪ Do do do do do ♪



You and me, baby

Ah, baby!



Look at you.





Are you OK?

I don’t want to talk to you.


I can’t play right now, OK?

What’s going on, Dean?


Dean, leave her alone.

Hey! You can’t lock me out of my own house!

I don’t have my oxygen out here! Hey!

You know, it’s not just us.

We got a little girl we gotta think about.

CINDY SOBBING: I know, I am thinking about her.

I can’t do this anymore.

DEAN: Baby, you’re just thinking about yourself. What about Frankie?

You want her to grow up in a broken home?

Is that what you want?

I am thinking about Frankie.

DEAN: You’re not thinking about Frankie.

I am thinking about…

No, you’re not.

Is this how you want her to grow up?

CINDY: I don’t want her to grow up in a home where her parents treat each other like this.


I’m sorry…

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.


Baby, I’m sorry.

I can’t do this anymore!


Baby, I’m just fighting, you know, fighting for my family.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what else to do.

Tell me what to do.

Tell me what to do.

CINDY: I don’t know what to do.

Tell me how I should be.

I don’t know.

Just tell me, I’ll do it.

I’ll do it.

CINDY: I don’t know what to say.

I’m so sorry, I don’t know what else to do.

I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Just tell me.

CINDY: We’re not good together, we’re not good anymore.

The way that we treat each other!

Don’t say that, baby.

I can’t stop, you can’t stop!

I can’t stop! I don’t know what else to do!

DEAN: I can stop, and I will stop.


No. No.

Come here, just come here.

Come here, come here, come here…

No, no, no…

No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Just come here. Just come here.





♪ Baby, I’ve got silver and I’ve got gold ♪

♪ But when push comes to shove ♪

♪ This is getting old… ♪

What are you thinking about?

I just wish they’d hurry up so you can’t change your mind.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

Baby, you made a promise to me, OK?

You said for better or worse.

You said that.

You said it. It was a promise.

I’m sorry.

DEAN: Now, this is my worst.

OK? This is my worst.

I’m sorry.

DEAN: But I’m gonna get better.

You just got to give me a chance to get better.

Up here, please.


Please face one another.


DEAN: I’m so sorry…

I love you so much.

Dean, I give you this ring…

MAN: …as a symbol…

…as a symbol…

MAN: …of my solemn vow…

…of my solemn vow…

MAN: …and everlasting love.

…and everlasting love.

MAN: For as much as you have consented in holy wedlock before God…

…I do, by the power vested in me, by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

♪ I wouldn’t have it any other way ♪

♪ No, I wouldn’t have it… ♪

Baby, baby, baby, baby…

You’ve gotta just give me some space.

Thank you.

MAN: You’re welcome.


PA: Hey, Frankie, come back!

Daddy! Daddy!


Frankie, you got to go back, OK?


Where is she?

She ran after Dean.

Go back to your mom, please.

Don’t go. Stay here.

Go back to your mom.

Just come back!

You want to race?


One, two, three, go!


Oh, sweetheart, it’s OK.

Who’s my big girl?

FRANKIE: I love him.

I know, baby.

I got you. Don’t cry.

It’s OK.


♪ It’s a fear that is near ♪


♪ The shape becomes ever clear ♪

♪ It bares teeth, extra sharp ♪

♪ That’ll cut you in the heart ♪

♪ It attacks really quick ♪

♪ Try and fight it with a stick ♪

♪ There’s no use, give it up ♪

♪ This is life and this is love… ♪

♪ You are ♪

♪ My alligator… ♪

♪ Alligator ♪

♪ Alligator ♪

♪ Alligator ♪

♪ Alligator ♪

♪ Alligator… ♪

♪ It’s a fear… ♪


I can’t really sing.

I have to sing goofy in order to sing. Like, I have to sing stupid.





♪ You always hurt ♪

♪ The ones you love ♪

♪ The one you shouldn’t hurt at all ♪

♪ You always take the sweetest rose ♪

♪ And crush it until the petals fall ♪

♪ You always break the kindest hearts ♪

♪ And with a hasty word you can’t… ♪

CINDY: You’re actually good.

DEAN: OK, slow dance. Slow dance to this part.


♪ And if I broke ♪

♪ Your heart last night ♪

♪ It’s because ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Most ♪

♪ Of all ♪



DEAN: Good job.

You got some pretty sexy moves.

[CINDY, LAUGHING] Hey, shut up.






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