Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) | Transcript

The people of Wakanda fight to protect their home from intervening world powers as they mourn the death of King T'Challa.
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M’Baku, Okoye and the Dora Milaje fight to protect the kingdom of Wakanda from intervening world powers in the wake of King T’Challa’s death. As the Wakandans strive to embrace their next chapter, the heroes must band together with the help of War Dog Nakia and Everett Ross and forge a new path for their nation.

* * *

Bast… time is running out.

Please allow me to heal my brother of this illness… and I will never question your existence again.

His heart rate is dropping fast. Where are we?

We are finishing a sequence now.

GRIOT, give me the controls.

As you wish, Princess.

What is the confidence rate?


We’ll have to try another way.

King T’Challa’s heart rate has fallen to 31 beats per minute.

Princess, you should go be by his side.

I have to think. Everyone, get out.

Get out!

What is the confidence rate?


Print it!

Princess, I am aware of the urgency, but I must warn you… this synthetic HeartShaped Herb… has a minimal chance of producing the desired effects.

I don’t care! Has to work.


Yes, Princess?

What’s my brother’s heart rate?

Your brother is with the ancestors.


We give thanks for the gift of King T’Challa.

The Black Panther.

Son of King T’Chaka.

My son.

Descendant of the most revered King Bashenga,

the first Black Panther.

We release you.

Praise the ancestors.

T’Challa, T’Challa, T’Challa

T’Challa, T’Challa, T’Challa

T’Challa, T’Challa, T’Challa

T’Challa, T’Challa, T’Challa

T’Challa, T’Challa, T’Challa

T’Challa, T’Challa, T’Challa


I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

It is an honor for me… to invite her majesty, Queen Ramonda… daughter of Lumumba, sovereign ruler of the kingdom of Wakanda.

Mr. Chairperson…

I believe I speak for all the member states here… when I say that I am deeply disappointed in Wakanda’s… failure to stand by promises to participate in global efforts… to tackle international challenges, to share resources… and full cooperation… concerning vibranium.

France has information that vibranium can be used to make weapons of mass destruction.

It does not trigger any known metal detector.

It is a threat to global security and the nonproliferation regime.

I now give the floor to Her Majesty, Queen Ramonda.

It has always been our policy… to never trade vibranium under any circumstance.

Not because of the dangerous potential of vibranium… but because of the dangerous potential of you.

I just lost security visuals.

Down on your stomachs right now!

Face to the floor! Go! Go!

Where are the vibranium tools?

Who has access?

You perform civility here.

But we know what you whisper… in your halls of leadership and in your military facilities.

“The King is dead.

“The Black Panther is gone.

“They have lost their protector.

“Now is our time…

“to strike.”

Aneka, where is your spear?

Shuri gave me these to try.

You know, I like them better.

Our foremothers gave us the spear… because it is precise, elegant… and deadly.

It will not change under my watch.

Yes, General.

I told you not to bring them.

Last night there was another attack on one of our outreach facilities.

Proof of the involvement of a member state… is being uploaded to your mobile devices as we speak.

And as for the identity of the attackers…


You’re welcome.

Let our gracious response to this incursion be an olive branch.

Further attempts on our resources… will be considered an act of aggression… and met with a much steeper response.

We mourn the loss of our king.

But do not think for a second that Wakanda has lost her ability… to protect our resources.

We are aware of the ongoing efforts by some… to find vibranium outside of Wakanda… and wish you the best of luck.

This is Rotor 625 requesting clearance to land.

All right. Meet you down there.



I thought you retired!

I thought I had too.

They said that machine had a one in a billion chance of finding vibranium.

Oh, less than that.

Here we go.

Cabin pressure is stable at negative one PSI.

At 800 feet… passing through thermocline.

All my life supports in the green.

Copy you.

We’ve touched down.

Perfect. So, Salazar, you are near the site right there.

Yeah, it’s astonishing.

The drill seemed to make contact with a metallic substance.

Whatever it is, it’s solid.

I’ve never seen a drill bit chewed up like this before.

I’ll be.

Vibranium in the ocean.

Let’s go ahead and get the detector out of there… since it’s the only one we’ve got.

Heading towards the vibranium detector.

Okay, Salazar, we just went dark.

Yeah. The rig lost power.

Copy that. I’m gonna fix it up here.

What the hell was that?

Jackson… tell me you’re seeing this?

Hang on. Salazar’s heart rate.

Hey, Salazar, can you give me a visual?

It’s a phantom jellyfish.

I’ve never seen one this color.

Emergency dive team, stand by.

Salazar, we just lost Jackson’s vitals.

Can you see him?

No. He’s gone.

Can you clarify? What do you mean by, “He’s gone”?

Salazar, do you copy?


Smitty, we got a situation out here.

What’s that sound?

West, you got a visual on what’s making that sound?

West, how copy, over?

West, you got a visual?

It’s some kind of sonic attack.

Hey, Smitty, earplugs.

We are under attack.

You need to send in a strike team immediately.

Copy. Mayday, mayday, this is Rotor 625.

We are requesting assistance immediately.

It’s the Wakandans.

It has to be.


Smitty, we gotta go.


Let’s go.

What’s going on?

Get off the edge.


Go, go, go!

Now! Go!

Spin! Spin them off!

Okay. They’re gone!

Oh, my God!

Just get us out.

We’re good.

We’re good.

Where is the strike team?

It wasn’t the Wakandans. They were blue.

Everyone is dead…

Shit. What is going on?

We’re getting pulled backwards.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God! Hang on!

Queen Ramonda of the nation of Wakanda… gave an electrifying speech at the UN yesterday… while members of her military escorted captive mercenaries… onto the floor of the UN.

A year has passed since Queen Ramonda… was reinstated as ruler of Wakanda… after King T’Challa’s sudden death from an undisclosed illness last year.

All eyes are on the tiny, powerful nation… as it finds itself increasingly isolated…

My Queen.

Approaching the river border.

We are home.


Just a moment. I’m in the middle of something.

I understand, Princess, however…

You’re disrupting my train of thought.



I was trying to tell you. The Queen is here.

Thank you.

That thing unnerves me.

I think that one day artificial intelligence is going to kill us all.

My AI isn’t like the movies, Mother. It does exactly what I tell it to do.

Yeah, if only children were the same.

Everyone seems to be working diligently.

Yes. Rapid emergency response task.

There could be any number of… unknown threats on the horizon, and they’re creating solutions.

Oh, what is this?

Exo Suits for our army.

It grants the user superhuman strength, speed, and durability.

But, as always, Okoye had notes.

What were her notes?

She hates them.

What about recreating the HeartShaped Herb?

Have you made any progress on that?

Excuse me, Princess.

Nakia, daughter of Yaa, is trying to reach you again.

Maybe you should…

Maybe you should continue your calculations… as I instructed.

As you wish, Princess.

We do not need the Herb, Mother. We need new technology.

What of the Black Panther?

The mantle has unified our nation for centuries.

The Black Panther is a relic, Mother.

I wasn’t trying to save the mantle with the Herb…

I was trying to save my brother.

Oh, Shuri.

Do you know what day it is?


The date, child.

Brother’s passing.

One year ago today.

Have you planned anything?

Yes. It involves you taking your mother for a drive.

Right now?

Right now.

And you can leave your Kimoyo Beads here.


No, no.

You won’t need them where we are going.

And the other two. Yes.

You need to sit here with me. And with yourself.

It is the only way you are going to heal… from the wound caused by T’Challa’s death.

I’m fine, Mother.

You don’t have to worry about me.

He’s gone, but I’m moving forward.

T’Challa is dead, but that doesn’t mean he is gone.

When that illness took your brother from us… I had to lead a wounded nation and a broken world.

But I still took time in the bush.

I wandered until I found water.

And I sat.

Then I did this ritual… that I am about to show you now.

I found your brother in the breeze… pushing me gently, but firm.

Like his hand on my shoulder.

It took some time… but he was there.

He wasn’t there, Mother.

The presence that you felt… was just a construct of your mind.

Brought on so you could feel some comfort or joy.

That’s all.

What construct does your mind create… when you think of your brother?

Does it offer you comfort?

Or torment?

Come, child.

How did you get this?

What does it matter?

What does this have to do with your ritual?

Burning of the funeral garments… marks the end of the mourning period… and the beginning of a new relationship… with our loved ones that have passed on… I’m not doing this, Mother.

If I sit… and think about my brother for too long… it won’t be these clothes I’ll burn.

It will be the world… and everyone in it.

Shuri… Shuri, there’s something that I need to tell you… about your brother.

Mother, wait!

What are you doing?

This better not be a part of your ritual.

It isn’t.

Stop! Right there!

Who are you? And how did you get in here?

This place is amazing.

The air is pristine.

And the water…

My mother told stories about a place like this.

A protected land with people that never have to leave.

That never have to change who they were.

What reason do you have to reveal your secret to the world?

I am not a woman who enjoys repeating herself.

Who are you?

I have many names.

My people call me K’uk’ulkan… but my enemies call me Namor.

The American military detected vibranium under my nation’s domain.

I was able to stop them from minin’ it… but we need Wakanda’s help to prevent it from happenin’ again.

They use a machine designed by an American scientist.

Vibranium only exists here.

In Wakanda.

Mother, he’s covered in it.

Your son exposed the power of vibranium to the world.

In response, other nations have begun searching the planet for it.

His choice has compromised us.

I think Wakanda could find the scientist and bring them to me?

It is only fair that Wakanda helps to resolve our dilemma.

You do not sneak into my country and tell me what is fair.

I have more soldiers than this land has blades of grass.

And they have incomparable strength.

I would hate to come back under different circumstances.

When you have the scientist, blow into this… place it in the ocean.

I’ll be there shortly afterwards.

For your own sake… don’t mention anything about me to anyone outside of Wakanda.

Did you see the wings on his ankles?

How did he do that?

We must convene the Council.

Heaven Scrapers had no evidence of any activity at all.

Oh, the river border has been breached?

If my soldiers were present… this “fish man”… would be bound before us as we speak.

If your muscle brains were present… they would still be there choking on their fuzzy adornments.

You baldheaded demon…

Show some respect, you two.


These men should be ashamed to show their faces!

Watch your tone, Jabari!

As I was saying… there was no aerial surveillance footage of him.

And nothing on the radar as well.

So, he swam underwater for 100 kilometers.

He was not alone. And claims to command a massive army.

He wants us to deliver one American scientist?

So he can kill them?

Do it.

We never had to face an enemy with access to vibranium before.

And we have no Black Panther to protect us.

That is because this wise Council allowed Killmonger to take the throne… and burn up all of your precious HeartShaped Herb.

M’Baku, what would you have us do?

We should find the fish man and kill him.

If we do what he is asking for now… what is to stop him from coming back and asking for more?

As you were.

Is it just me, or does this keep getting uglier?

It’s you.

So, does it work?


This thing can detect the altered frequency of vibranium… through water, stones, even heavy metals. Whoever built this is brilliant.

Come, look.

Some are custom parts and others look like… they gathered it from a junkyard.

I am still struggling to believe… that vibranium exists outside of Wakanda.

Perhaps there was more than one meteorite.

Our planet is covered of mostly water, so it’s reasonable… that the other one just landed there.

This changes everything that we know.

The Great Mound. All of the legends and fables.

Those stories are seared in my mind.

That sounds very painful.

So we have to find this scientist after all.

I do have an idea.

I’m going to need the princess.

Out of the question.

She is in no state to be in the field.

My Queen, it may do her some good to get out.

It might just be exactly what she needs.

Besides, I can do this American operation with my eyes closed.

It’s not the Americans that I’m worried about.

This Namor… he snuck past our defenses.

That will never happen again.

He was not alone.

She’ll be with me.

So… when are we leavin’… so I can see my favorite colonizer?

Come on.

Yeah, I got it.

I got it.

Will you slow down?

You didn’t think to call?

Now, why would I have your number?

We are looking for the scientist who built the vibranium detector.

So it was you guys in the Atlantic?

Come on. Mining ship.

Lot of casualties.

What happened?


It was a joint operation. Us and the SEALs.

Thirty of their top guys, two of our best officers… friends of mine.


Just like that.

You throw in the fact that they were tracking vibranium…

I can assure you Wakanda had nothing to do with this.

So who was it?

God, look, the way that this is supposed to work… is that I give you information and you reciprocate.

For our own safety, we cannot tell you.

It’s imperative that we get to the scientist… before anything else happens.

You owe me, Ross.

You owe my brother.

Okay, look.

There are agents who have been sentenced to death… for less than I’m about to give you now.

And we got a new director.

She’s watching me like a hawk.

We will be very, very careful.

Not just careful, you gotta be fast.

The US needs another machine… and this kid is the only person in the world… who knows how to build one.

So they’re comin’ for her.

A kid?


You forgot to Venmo me.

It slipped my mind. It’s eight hundred, right?

Eight hundred was yesterday’s price. It’s a band today.

That’s predatory.

I built the whole robotic hand.

You just corrected the grip algorithm.

And what grade did you get?


Is that an iPhone I see?


My Queen.

We have located the scientist.

She is in the American equivalent of a Wakandan village school.

A school?

Please tell me it is a professor.

It’s a student, Mother.

We can’t give her to Namor.

Bring this student back to Wakanda.

Yes, my Queen.

I’ve got it from here.

Wait. Maybe I should speak with her.

It will be more discreet.

I can be discreet.



Is it the makeup?


It’s the wrong shade, isn’t it?

It’s the right shade.

Fenty 440. You look good.

I can blend in as a student.

I can do this.

You get five minutes.



Riri Williams?

Yo, I don’t do dropbys no more. You gotta go to the website.

It’s an encrypted file.

I wanted to airdrop it.

You the…

You’re Princess Shuri.

What the hell are you doing here?

Oh, shit, am I getting recruited?


I’m here about the vibranium detector that you built for the CIA.

I ain’t built no detector for no CIA. I made that for my metallurgy class.

A school project?


My professor said I’d never be able to do it.

To be young, gifted, and Black though, right?

Y’all probably don’t say that in Wakanda.

How old are you?


Brilliance at a young age is not always accepted by the elders.

How long did it take you?

Couple months.

Couple months?

The hardest part was… finding big enough mylar sheets to cover the…

Wait, did I piss off Wakanda?

Not just us.

This place is no longer safe for you.

Gather your things and come with me. Right now.

I got Differential Equations class in, like, 15 minutes.



You wait right here.

I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’m just gonna…

I had it under control.

I said five minutes. I gave you six.

Get out. Get out of my dorm.

Get out!


I’m warning you! Do not take another step toward me!

See how they teach the children to treat their guests?

You brought a spear in here?

You brought a spear in here.

I like her.

Hey, hey, hey. Put it down, put it…

You’ll hurt yourself. Come on.

It’s all right, Princess.

Small, small girl.

I am going to give you two options.

You can come to Wakanda… conscious or unconscious.

You need to be conscious of the way that you look.

Walking round here, all that ash on your head.

Oh, it’s funny?

No, it’s not.

I told you!

You look good.

Calm down. We’ll leave, okay?

And she can deal with that merman with the winged ankles… who wants to kill her all by herself.

You got this.

With your heater.

Come on. Let’s go.


What exactly is this place?

I fixed a few trucks for the head of sanitation.

He lets me work out of this garage in exchange.

I just have to grab my work laptop.

Please don’t touch anything.

You don’t have to worry about that.

It may not look like much, but it’s my life’s work in here.

So, the design for the machine is on that laptop?


And you just leave it on a desk in a car garage?

I got 2065byte encryption on that thing.

That’s impressive. Ever locked yourself out?

Took me the whole semester to get back in.

Had to build a functional quantum computer… just to crack my own encryption.

What is it you’re building here? Is it Stark Tech?

I said don’t touch anything.

Princess, American law enforcement has arrived at your location.


Who was that?

My AI.

They are surrounding us.

I thought you said a merman was after me.

That’s the feds.

I do not need this shit right now!

I swear to God, I was doing so well!

Goin’ to class on time. I must be dumb as hell.

Real dumb thinking that the Princess of Wakanda… is gonna show up at my doorstep and then shit about to pop off.

I think that I’m actually gonna take my chances with this merman… because at least he never brought the FBI to my garage!

Hey. Namor sank an entire ship of CIA operatives…

This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

…because of your little machine.

So those popo out there…

We have surrounded the premises.

…are the very least of your worries.

Listen, we need to work together to get out of here.

General, they’ve got us surrounded.

Maybe we should just split up.

Out of the question.

Does this vehicle work?


Everything in this lab works. Including this bike.

Don’t even think about it. Besides, there are three of us.

Two of y’all. I’m takin’ this.

I knew it.

Don’t tell me that you built this in two months.

I spent years on this. On and off.

Nice. Have you flown it yet?

That thing can fly?

There’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to sightings of me.

That’s awesome.

We have a warrant to detain…


…the student Riri Williams.

Wireless transmitter… so we can communicate.

Don’t try to scurry off.

General Okoye, Princess Shuri… come out with your hands up.

What a hunk of junk.

Hey, please be careful.

You will not be placed under arrest.

Keys are on the seat.

Once we get to the other side of the bridge… we can lose them in Boston traffic.

General, we really need to split up.

Listen to me. We are not in your lab. We are in the field.

Now, get her in the car.

Always shouting at me.

The tactical unit will breach the entrance in three, two… one.

FBI! Don’t move!

What the hell is that?

Oh, shit! She got an Iron Man suit? Fall back!

Stay where you are!

Guess it can fly.


Yes, Princess.


Remote piloting activated.

Shuri! No!

Let’s go!


Give me a visual.


Yes, General?

…take me to the princess… or I will drive my spear so deep into your CPU… you will not be able to process basic input for a millennia.

Just one moment, General.

Okoye, I’m on my way to you.

GRIOT, give me control of this vehicle right now!

I am clearing you a path.

She’s all yours, General.

Manual drive engaged.

We need to find an extraction point.

There’s one across the river.

Hey, yo, they cuttin’ off the bridge.

Princess, there is a surveillance drone locked onto you.

How high?

Thirtythousand feet.

Hang on.

I got it.

Come on, Riri.

You gotta find these differential equations.

Once the relative velocity evens out…

Riri, I’m not sure you can reach that drone… without an oxygen mask.

Oxygen level is now 55%.

Twenty-eight thousand feet.

Oxygen level is now 30%.

Maximum acceleration. I just need to adjust my Euler angles and that should… drop it right on the…

Oxygen, 0%.

The drone is no longer tracking you.

Altitude, 500 feet and falling.

Riri! Are you okay?



I’m good.


Get out of the way!

Oh my!


And no worries.

I got a special delivery for y’all in three… two, one…

Nice one, Riri!


What just happened? Shuri!


The Princess’s vitals are stable, General.

She should regain consciousness momentarily.

Take another step closer… and I will kill you all.

Drop your weapons!

Kill the scientist.

I’ll deal with the witnesses.


Hey, is she blue?

Kill that woman first.

Drop your weapon!

Go to Namora.

You’re not worth my blade.

What’s taking so long?

This is not a time for games.



Activating interpretation.

I’m Shuri.

Princess of Wakanda.

I demand that you take me to Namor.

Do not bring harm to this girl.

Do we take them both alive?

Yes, Attuma.



Ross, from the Agency. You got any witnesses?

None. But we think it was the Wakandans.

Excuse me?

Our field office got a tip from Langley that they were coming.

Right. Who made that call?

She did.

Director de Fontaine.

Director de Fontaine.



Agent thinks it was the Wakandans.

Yeah, we’ve been on every one of them since they took out our ship.

That’s why I wanted you here.

You’re lookin’ good.

Well, I try.

You put that home gym in?

Yeah. Last year.

Maybe I’ll drop by sometime and jump on your Peloton.


I’m special agent in charge.

Oh, good for you. You wanna walk me through the evidence here, or what?

Yeah. Okay. After you.

Yeah. Okay.

All right.

So, what happened here?

We think it was a car crash… but we’re having trouble finding the cars.

What do you mean? It was just like this when you found it?

Yes. We think someone involved got rid of the vehicles.

Got rid of them how?

They dumped them into the river.

You’re kidding me.

It’s got an MIT sticker on it.

I want that transferred to the NSA immediately.

Hey, Ross? You got a full tank of gas?

Can you give me a ride back to Langley?

It’s an eight-hour drive.

Yeah. We can talk about the case.

Actually, wouldn’t mind… apologizing to you for a couple of things I said during our marriage.

They were blue.

And they had superhuman strength.

And they came from the water on the backs of whales.

I struck down three of them with blows that should’ve killed them… but they rose again.

I wish to leave immediately to retrieve our princess.

Okoye… you will be stripped of your rank as General of Wakanda’s armies… and your status as Dora Milaje.

Permission to speak… my Queen?

You may.

I beg of you.

I have given everything.

Let me die saving my country and that throne.

I’m asking you, mother.

Allow me to make this right.

“Make it right”?

I do not know if my daughter is alive or dead.

Perhaps we are being too hasty.

She raised a spear against her own husband for Wakanda.

Where is her treacherous husband now… but in a place where she can visit if she wished? Mine… is with the ancestors.

I am Queen of the most powerful nation in the world… and my entire family is gone!

Have I not given everything?

On your feet, General.

I stood by you… after Killmonger took the throne… and you and the elders in this room stood by him… while I ran begging to the Jabari for protection.

And I warned you about taking my daughter on this mission… and you lost her.

So, today… I am done.

Are you here, GRIOT?

Yes, my Queen.

Were you with Shuri when she was abducted?

I was.

Are you able to track her Kimoyo Beads?

Ballistics found slugs all over Cambridge.

Those Wakandans really took a tour of the city.

I can’t see how they figured out who built it.

That information is highly classified.

What is that? That’s a new ringtone?

Oh, shit.

Director, I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to take this.

It’s enough with the titles. Just take it. I don’t care.

Hey, honey sweetheart.

No, I’m with my boss. Now.

Actually, she’s leaving.

All right.

I’m gonna work from home, and then have a shower.

Everett Ross.

Queen Ramonda?

What are you doing with Shuri’s Kimoyo Beads?

I didn’t know they were hers. All right?

I just found them at a pretty ugly crime scene.

Do you have the student?

Shuri was trying to save her when they were both taken.

What? Taken by who?

My agency assumes it was you.

And I’m worried they might be onto the fact… that I pointed Shuri and Okoye in the right direction.

Look, if they’re in danger, I wanna help.

But I can’t if I don’t know what’s going on.

I am afraid there is a new world power at play.

A country that’s already on our radar? Or you mean someone else?

That is all I can say for now.

Please… alert me if your government decides to act on their suspicions.

Yeah. Sure.

Look, if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

I owe Shuri my life.

GRIOT, did Shuri have her earrings with her?

I lost track of them in the North Atlantic… but the people who took her spoke Yucatec Mayan.


You’re here for the headmistress?

She’s there.

Very good.


Please excuse us for a moment.




Queen Mother.

Everything is a lesson here for the children.

They painted the walls, they feed the fish… and they grow everything we eat here.

I recognize some of the concepts here.

But you are using different material.

Yes, we use strictly what we can find here in Haiti.

You were missed at T’Challa’s funeral.

Queen Mother.

It’s been six years since you left us.

I thought you would at least come back for the ceremony.

I was afraid… of how final the funeral would be.

Nakia, daughter of Yaa… wherever you go, you are still Wakandan… and you know death is not the end.

Thank you.

How is everyone at home?

Shuri has been taken.


You have infiltrated many nations before.

That was a long time ago.

I was a different person then.

I need someone who can find where she is being held… and rescue her, without being seen.

Who on earth would risk war with Wakanda?

Oh, my God.

Okay, breathe. Breathe.

Don’t tell me to breathe.

Where the hell are we?

We’re in a cave. I’m not sure where.

Oh, my God!

What is that?

Glow worms. Their larva gives off light.

Just calm down.

Okay, is there, like, a new Black Panther… that you can call to come and get us?


Why not?

Because it doesn’t work like that anymore.

The Black Panther is gone.

So y’all stopped having Black Panthers when I get kidnapped?


Here royalty wears traditional clothing.

We had this made for you.

Do you understand her?

Not completely.


That is some supervillain shit right there.

That’s in every movie.

Princess Leia.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

That white chick from Indiana Jones.

It’s fine.

You should see what I have to wear at Warrior Falls.

Come with me.


You’re not leaving me in here, are you?

I’m coming back.

I’m coming back.

Stay calm.


Hello Ma’am. It’s nice to meet you.

What can I help you with?

My name is Maria Aldana. I’m a student from Merida…

I’m not interested. Go away. Please.

Yes, of course. I don’t mean to bother you. Just give me a second…

My professor mentioned a study where you told researchers that you encountered something…

Someone unimaginable.

Nothing good came of speaking with those outsiders.

I’m begging you.

Leave. Now.

I’ve encountered him too.

Sometimes we would catch a glimpse of a man with winged feet…

…on the shore of the beach.

We thought he was a spirit.

The K’uk’ulkan.

Our Feathered Serpent God,

…of this realm and the realm below.

I would very much like to visit that beach.

Be warned…

K’uk’ulkan has been here for much longer than you and I.

Others who have searched for him with ill in their hearts…

have never returned.

Lost to the depths…




Please, feel free.

This is beautiful.

That was my mother’s.

These are all Mesoamerican artifacts.

Most likely 16th century.

Have you been alive since then?

Your mother was human.

She was.

Then she became something else.



“How” is never as important as “why.”

My mother and her village were driven from their farms… by Spanish conquistadors who brought the smallpox… a hateful language, and dogma from another world.

Facing starvation… war, and disease… my people turned to Chaac… our god of rain and abundance.

Chaac gave our shaman a vision… a way to save his people.

Chaac led him to a plant sprouting from a blue rock.

My mother was pregnant with me at the time… and she did not want to ingest the plant… for fear of what it may do to me.

No. My baby.

But the Shaman was convincing.

Your baby is sick.

Only this can heal him.

Your baby will be the first to be born in our new home.

Take this gift as a promise…

He will be our new king.

They all fell sick.

And their lives… their existence there… ended.

The plant took away their ability to breathe air… but enabled them to draw oxygen from the sea.

They settled in the ocean… away from war and diseases.

Let’s go!

My mother gave birth to me there… and I became the firstborn son of Talokan.

The plant gave me wings on my ankles… and ears that pointed to the clouds.

I was a mutant.

I could swim in the sky and age slower.

Breathe the air our ancestors breathed.

As she grew older… my mother mourned the life on land that she once knew… and died with a broken heart.

She made me promise to bury her in the soil of her homeland.

Nothing could prepare me for what I found there.

Whose child is this?



Thou art a demon.

Son of Satan.

A Spanish man of faith cursed me.

As he died by my hand… he called me…

Thou art a child without love.

The child without love.

The child without love.

And I took my name from there.


Because I have no love for the surface world.

Why are you telling me all of this?

So that you can understand why I have to kill the scientist.

What if we took her to Wakanda?

Let us go.

I give you my word.

She will remain in my country.

I cannot risk that, Princess.

Then keep me instead.

I’d love to see your nation.

Well, you can’t go down there in that.

Hypothermia will grip you almost instantaneously.

Your blood will become toxic… and the pressure of the ocean will break every bone in your body.

Or you can wear a suit.

We have some of them. Come on.

Stay close.

Hey! Namor, wait!


It’s beautiful.

It’s made of vibranium.


In the depths of the ocean… I brought the sun to my people.

I know you wished me to spare the life of the scientist.

But now you see what I have to protect.

Nakia, your hunch was correct.

I have picked up a location on Shuri’s Kimoyo earrings.

The signal is coming from an underwater cavern… approximately 140 meters below the surface.

Queen Mother, I’ve found her signal.

It’s coming from an underwater cave.

If she’s down there, I’m sure I’ll encounter resistance.

How would you like me to proceed?

Retrieve the princess by any means necessary.

I will attempt to draw Namor out.

You are the first person from the surface to come to Talokan.

Please take this as a token of our gratitude.

It was made with the plant that saved Talokan.

You are young, Princess.

When you age as I do, you realize… we all lose everyone we love.

But when I lost my brother… it just felt different.

He suffered in silence.

When he finally asked me to help him, I couldn’t.

How does that make sense… that the ancestors would give me gifts and skills… to help me save my brother, and I couldn’t?


I don’t have an answer for that question.

My ancestors would often say… “Only the most broken people can be great leaders.”

I admire what you have built here.

And how you’ve protected your people.

But as princess of Wakanda… I will not stand for you killing that young woman.

My nation will not rest until I’m returned.

I’m not leaving without her.

We need to find a peaceful way to resolve this.

It is no longer about the scientist.

For centuries, the surface nations have conquered and enslaved people like us.

Over resources.

Since the day I buried my mother… I have prepared my people for the time they will come for us.

And that machine is the sign that the time is now.

I need to know if Wakanda is an ally or an enemy.

There is no in-between.

So you plan to wage war on the entire world…

and you want Wakanda to help you?

That’s madness.

There isn’t a nation that wouldn’t plunder Wakanda if given a chance.

If we make an alliance… we can protect each other by striking them first.

Then, when the threat of these nations has been eliminated… the scientist will be returned to Wakanda.

And if Wakanda does not accept, what then?

The scientist will die.

And Wakanda will be the first nation to fall.

An attack on my people?


And I want you to listen to me.

Wakanda cannot win a war with Talokan.

You have been summoned…


I heard you that night, with your mother at the river.

You said you wanted to burn the world.

Let us burn it together.

Queen Ramonda won’t sell us any vibranium.

And now they abducted a young woman who built the machine.

Yeah, with all due respect, Riri Williams is a child prodigy… who was running circles around all of her professors.

The Wakandans were recruiting her as part of their outreach program.

Nothing more. And then… you guys send in a SWAT team under cover of night… to arrest the Crown Princess of an international superpower.

The President wants to take offensive action against Wakanda.

What type of offensive action?


Well, Special Officer Ross is our expert.

So, Ross, what do you think?

My sources are telling me that there’s someone else out there.

Another nation?

Could be. I don’t know.

You’ve gotta give me enough time to investigate this properly… otherwise we’re gonna find ourselves at war… with a country whose military capacity… we can’t even comprehend.


I think he’s the expert.

I think it would be a mistake to attack Wakanda.


We have a problem.

Is my daughter alive?

The princess is alive and well.

She requested to be taken to Talokan.

She will remain there for the time being.

What can I offer you in exchange?


I beg to differ.

The Americans are preparing to blame Wakanda… for your attack on their mining ship.

Return my daughter and the scientist… or I will inform them of your existence.

If you tell the Americans about us… if you try to find us… or if I discover a single Wakandan ship in the ocean…

I will kill the princess.

I will come to Wakanda… and I will kill you.

So, what happened?

He wants to go to war with the surface world… and asked me to help him.

I need to think.

We ain’t never gettin’ out of here.

Drop your spear!

Kill the Princess!

Drop your knife.

You… You killed her.

Let her go and you don’t have to die.


Move your left arm.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Give me your Beads!

Let’s go.

Give me your Beads. I can save her.

We have to go.

Shuri, I don’t know who this lady is, but we need to listen to her.

Listen, I hit her with a sonic round.

It is lethal from this distance. There is no chance.

You don’t understand. This will mean war.

We have to go.


Did they hurt you?

No. No.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.


Yes, my Queen.

Return us to Wakanda at once.

What happened my child?

The Wakandans.

They came for her.

K’uk’ulkan… can you save me?

Is she dead?


Rest child.

They came… while you spoke to the Queen?

We should not have trusted her.

The Princess has seen our home.

What is stopping them from coming for Talokan?

I will.

Rise Talokan!

Rise Talokan!

I was blinded by hope of partnership.


I have compromised all of us.

Talokan will not move again.



When we are done with them they will never think of approaching


Rise Talokan!

Princess, it is good to have you back.

The city has been on edge since you left.


Fortify the sonic barriers for all waterways.



Thank the ancestors.

I just wanted to return these.

No. Keep them.

Might need them soon.

Did you get that from down there?

Is it true you saw an underwater empire?


It is beautiful.

But these people are dangerous, Aneka.

So, Miss Riri Williams… what do you think of Wakanda?

The stories just don’t do this place justice.

It’s great.

But I really would like to go home.

You will need to be patient.

Can I at least call my mom?

The Princess has been brought home by the War Dog Nakia.

Glory to Hanuman.

Glory to Hanuman.

The spy saves Wakanda once again.

The Queen will reward her… with lifetime banishment. I’m sure of it.


Thank you, my sister.

After Thanos’ attack… when you left without saying a word… it hurt.

I regret not being there with all of you.

It was not easy.

He was… King and Black Panther to everyone.

But to me… he was everything.

My T’Challa.

When he was taken away from me, just like that, I… I had to step away… and let myself break.

I couldn’t just… keep going as if nothing had happened, you know.

We are under attack.


Take this one.

Are you okay? Are you all right?

GRIOT, activate the Sunbird.

Shuri, where are you?

Making my way to the city right now.

Stand down! That is an order!

Mother, I’m with Aneka. We can provide air support.

Aneka, do not let her leave the lab.

Mother, you’re breaking up.

We can’t hear you.


Love you. Bye!

You just hung up on the Queen.

I just hung up on my mom.

There’s a difference. Come. Let’s go!


Mama! Mama!

Let us turn! Turn around!

EMTs are suffering a form of sonic hypnosis.

Take the child.

General, plug your ears.

Yes, my Queen.

Can I help?

Come, quickly.


Cross your arms… my child.



We’ll find your mama, OK?

The fish man.

The defenses have been lured away from the palace.

It is up to you now.



Shit, he’s too fast.

He’s even faster in the water.

Activating system override.


Wait! I’ll fix it.

Can’t leave you here, Shuri!

Do you see her?

Yes. Right there.

Go, child.

Wait, what? And leave you here?


Okoye, move now!

Help the child.

She did this.

In one week’s time, I will return with my entire army… and you will join us against the surface world… or I will wash Wakanda from the face of the Earth.

Come on, my Queen.


Keep her back!


Mama! Mama!

Bury your dead.

Mourn your losses.

You are queen now.



Get off of me! Mother!





Wake up, my Queen.

Let me see.

Wake up.

Help me!


Wake up, Mother.

She has passed.


Jabariland offers you their comfort for your loss.

You must mourn her… in accordance to the rituals of your ancestors.

Do not bury yourself in your technology.

Why are you here?

I promised your brother… that I would provide you with counsel… and protection.

But I am in need of your advice today.

Your tribal elders have approached me with a proposition.

They wish to evacuate the city and set up camp… in Jabariland.

So, now you are keen to hear from a child… who scoffs at tradition?

The world… The world has taken too much from you… for you to still be considered a child.

It is in my people’s interest to know… which way your mind is leaning.

The elders are desperate.

The city is vulnerable.

If you are to provide for them… they will be in great debt to you.

And what of your heart?

Which way is your heart leaning?

I just buried the last person who truly knew me.

My heart was buried with her.

Oh, man.

Yeah, your olive oil’s about to go bad.

What are you doing here?

I’m hungry. And…

Tragedy strikes the international community.

Sources can now confirm that Queen Ramonda, daughter of Lumumba, has died.

Western allies say that civil conflict was the likely cause of the Queen’s…


You have any comment?

I wonder what else your friends are keeping from you.

What are you talking about?

I have no unsanctioned contact with the kingdom of Wakanda.

What about the Beads?


The Beads.

I had them bugged… before you ever even got there.

I’ve been privy to every conversation you’ve had… including that treasonous call with the Queen.

May she rest in peace.

But it’s good.

Well, for us.

All right. You know what? The Wakandans saved my life.

They’re a good people.

You ever thought for a second… what they could be doing?

Ever thought what we would be doing… if the US was the only country in the world with vibranium?

I actually dream about that.

Val. Val, please.

It’s Director de Fontaine.

Your mother protected me like I was one of her own.

The least that I could do is try to return the favor.

We need to find a way to weaken Namor.

Even weakened, he’s still gonna be a problem.

The Black Panther has never failed to protect Wakanda.

I thought the Black Panther was gone.

My brother is dead.

But it doesn’t mean the Black Panther is gone.


Let’s start by running a comparative analysis… between our attempts at creating a synthetic Heart-Shaped Herb… and the fibers from this bracelet.

Yes, Princess.

Since this was grown from vibraniumrich soil…

they may share some baselevel similarities that we can exploit.

As you wish, Princess.

Please upload my brother’s DNA also.

Uploading now.

Why doesn’t he look like them?

His physiology is completely different.

None of them fly or have pointed ears like him.

The women that were guarding us, they had water over their mouths… and on their necks.

He didn’t have that.

Several organisms don’t need gills to extract oxygen from the water, so…

It’s like a jellyfish.

He just absorbs the oxygen from his skin.

It’s a process called diffusion.


Every day that passes without selecting the ruler… is a day wasted.

We must deal with Namor before he brings his warriors back here.

And how are we to deal with a man with that much power?

In that attack, before he took out your plane… he jumped back into the water.

What if that’s what makes him strong?

He’s breathing air and getting oxygen from the water on his skin.

If we could find a way to dry his ass out, he won’t be as strong.

Yo, that’s it.


We need to convert the Royal Talon Fighter into a pervaporation chamber.

Is that even possible?


You’re going to help us trap him.

Please show Miss Williams where she’s working.

Right this way.

How old were you when you built your first machine?


My stepdad was a car mechanic. He wanted to build airplanes.

He gave me these tools and let me just work it out.

So who taught you how to do all that you do?

My big brother.

I was the tip of the spear of Wakanda’s army.

This is not me.

Besides, I’m a civilian now.

I turned in my weapon.

I built you a new spear as well.

A new one?


What is this contraption’s name anyway?

The Midnight Angel.

Midnight Angel?

Listen to me.

This will even the odds against them.

Sister, I need you to be ready when I call you.




How many of these did you make?

I looked for you at the Jabari outpost.

I won’t be forced out of my home.

You have such a rebellious spirit.

Why did you join the Dora?

Why do you care?

I still have a lot of fight left in me.

Tell me, Aneka, daughter of Kyana… do you still have some fight left in you?

What do you have in mind?

GRIOT… what’s the confidence rate?

98.7%, Princess.

Would you like me to print the HeartShaped Herb?

Hey, Shuri.

Thought you’d be back in Haiti by now.

I’m still Wakandan, you know.


this is what you’ve been up to.


What you have here, now… is a chance to restore Wakanda’s protector.

It would be the greatest gift… since Bashenga’s discovery.

We’ll soon find out. Come.


Yes, Princess.

Print it.

How will we know if it works?

If it glows.

You did it!

I mean, shouldn’t we be burning incense or something?

Only Bast knows how the ancestors will make it to this lab.

Are you sure you don’t want me to bury you?


Need you to have access to my chest… just in case I go through cardiac arrest.

“Cardiac arrest”?

She’s joking… right?


Allow this HeartShaped Herb… to give you the strength of the Black Panther… and take you to the Ancestral Plane.


We beg of you, come to your daughter.



Lil’ cousin.


How is never as important as why, right?

You chose me.

Impossible. I would never choose you.

Why did you take the Herb?

To see my family.

No, that’s bullshit.

You didn’t believe the Ancestral Plane was real, did you?


So, why did you take it, then?

You don’t have to lie to me.

So I can be strong.

Strong to do what?


We’re more alike than you think.

I took it to avenge my ancestors too.

I’m nothing like you.

You took it for yourself… then destroyed the rest.

Unworthy king… afraid of being replaced.

Just a coward.


I had the courage to do what was necessary to change Wakanda.

How many people like your scientist… did Wakanda protect before I took the throne?


That was the Panthers that came before me… and before T’Challa.

Don’t mention my brother.

You’re the reason why he’s dead.

You burnt the Herb, left us with no protector.

Then Namor struck and killed my mother.

Their blood is on your hands.

That ain’t on me.

And don’t you dare… take that away from your mother.

She sacrificed her life to protect a young girl from the lost tribe.

Your father, he was a hypocrite.

He would’ve killed that girl.

Shit, he killed his own brother.

T’Challa was too noble.

He let the man who murdered your father live.

And here you stand.

Are you gonna be noble like your brother… or take care of business… like me?

Are you okay?

Are you OK?

Who did you see?

No one.

What’s going on?

I failed.

It didn’t work.

Hey, Shuri.

They abandoned me.

They would never do that.

I did everything I was supposed to do.

I recreated the Herb.


I just did your stupid ritual, and for what?


Why didn’t they come for me?

Just relax.


Can I get some of that too?

I think… you’re going to need a suit.

There are more people coming from the city.

They need more space.

So what?

You are visitors.

It is a wonder how anything gets done with you people.

The princess!

She has done it!

The Black Panther lives!

Namor believes Wakanda is on her knees.

Our Queen murdered.

Our capital destroyed.

He believes we have no protector.

But now… now is our time to strike.

How, when we don’t even know how to find him?

We’ll bring Namor to us.

Here, again?


A distant location at sea.

All right.

Let’s say this does work.

Assuming we can kill this man… who can fly and is potentially as strong as the Hulk… is murdering him the right solution?

You were calling for his head… when his only crime was intimidation.

What has changed, Lord M’Baku?

His soldiers… did not call him General or King.

They called him K’uk’ulkan.

What is that?

The feather serpent god.


Do you think because we are living in the mountains… we do not have access to books?

Elders… with your permission…

I would like to talk with Lord M’Baku alone.



Namor’s not finished.

He promised to destroy the surface world.

Now is our opportunity to take him.

What are you afraid of?


If Namor is indeed a god to his people… killing him will risk eternal war.

And so what?

Was my mother’s life not worth eternal war?

Of course it was.

Of course she was.

But it is not what she would have wanted for you.

And it is not what I want… for my people.

You speak of my mother as if she’s still here.

Of what she would’ve wanted for me.

Her hopes and her dreams.

But she’s dead.

She’s gone!

Namor drowned her, right in front of me!

So, her dreams… her goals, her hopes for me… it doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

What matters is what I want… and what I want is Namor dead!

And you’re going to help me get it.

Are we clear?

We leave in the morning.


Good morning.

If we survive this… I want you to know you have a home with me in Haiti.

Here. Take my hands.


Shuri, I want you to be honest with me.

Who did you see when you took the Herb?

If you go to war for vengeance… it will not fill the hole left from her loss.

It will only grow larger… and it will consume you.

It already has.

K’uk’ulkan, another machine to detect vibranium is in use in the ocean.


Get out of the water!

For the Queen.

Riri, how’s it going up there?

Hey, Mr. GRIOT.

I could really use that backup right now.

I thought you’d never ask.


Shit, he’s fast.

But I’m faster.

I got you.

It’s on you now, Shuri.



I am the Black Panther, and I’m here for retribution!

Pervaporation cells activated.

What’s wrong?

You need a glass of water?

Yo, we got him.


Namor has been captured.

Retreat back!

Back to Wakanda!

Move out!

What is going on?

The sonic emitter has been destroyed.

That can’t be good.

Panther, the Sea Leopard has lost power… and they are experiencing significant casualties.





It is time.

For Wakanda!


GRIOT, what’s the damage?

Catastrophic. His spear is made of raw vibranium.

The ship could explode at any second.

Get us to the desert.


Sink the ship!

I got you, sis.

Hold on.


You speak the mother tongue?

You can greet your ancestors with it…

Get off me!

All right, come here.

You will greet your ancestors.

May the ancestors save us… if the princess does not hurry.

We may be going to join them.

If so, hey… let us take as many of them with us as we can.

It could’ve been different.

I need water.

Are you gonna be noble like your brother… or take care of business… like me?

I’m not my brother.

Namor will beg me for mercy… as I stand and watch as he dies.

Imperius Rex.

Wakanda forever!



Show him… who you are.

Yield… and Wakanda will protect your oceans.

We will protect your secrets.

Yield… and your people will live.

Vengeance has consumed us.

We cannot let it consume our people.

I yield.


Let us return home.

Our fight here is done.

Wakanda forever!

Wakanda forever!

Thank you, my love.


All set to head home?

As long as you’re sure the police won’t be waiting for me at the airport.

Don’t worry. Took care of that.

But you might want to slow down on your homeworkforhire business.

Get caught slipping, I can’t help you with that.

They said you wanted to talk to me about something?


Your suit. It’s a great design… but can’t let you leave with it.

It’s all good.

Figured the least I could do is help Wakanda clean up my mess.

I have one more thing to show you.


Took me a while to find all the parts from the river… but it was worth it.

How did you…

It’s my dad’s car.

We used to work on it before…

You sure this is her?

Every part.

Have it shipped to Boston.

Be there before you arrive.

Bring it in, man.

Panther, Miss Williams’ transport has arrived.

Look after yourself.

Sure you’re not trying to slide to Chicago?

Catch a Bulls game?

Sounds fun, but I have something I need to take care of.

And now I present to you… Princess Shuri… the Black Panther!

The Black Panther sends her regards… but she will not be joining us today.

I, M’Baku… leader of the Jabari Tribe… son of Wakanda… wish to challenge… for the throne.

What is troubling you, my child?

I looked forward to fighting alongside you my entire life…

The thought of you kneeling to the Wakandans…

The Black Panther had every reason to kill me.

Why do you think she didn’t go through with it?

The Black Panther is the most powerful person in the most powerful nation on the surface.

But she has no allies.

Now she has empathy for the people of Talokan.

With this alliance… Talokan will be stronger than ever.

The surface world will come for Wakanda and Wakanda will turn to us.

Trust me.

What the hell is this?

Can we turn around?

I don’t know, man. We’ll lose an hour.

Why don’t you go check it out?


Yeah, this is Shauver.

Yeah, looks like we got a tree blocking our way.

How do you want us to proceed?

What the…

A colonizer in chains.

Now I have seen everything.


Let’s go.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.



It’s good to see you.

Everything is ready.

Just give me one moment, eh?

Actually… I think I should do it on my own.

Of course.

Shuri… can we join you now?

This is my son, Toussaint.

Toussaint… this is your aunty, Shuri.


We agreed it was better for him to grow up here.

Away from the pressure of the throne.

Your father… your baba… prepared us for his death, didn’t he?

But he didn’t want us to go to the funeral… because he felt the time was not yet right.

So we had our own ceremony for him here.

Did my mother meet him?

She did.

It’s nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Toussaint is a beautiful name.

It holds a great history.

Thanks. Yours is cool, too, I guess.

My mom says you are good at keeping secrets.

Is that true?

Yes, I can keep a good secret.

Toussaint is my Haitian name.

Who are you?

My name is Prince T’Challa, son of King T’Challa.


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