Black Adam (2022) | Transcript

Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods--and imprisoned just as quickly--Black Adam is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.
Black Adam (2022)

Before Rome, before Babylon, before the pyramids, there was Kahndaq.


The first self-governing people on Earth, Kahndaq was a center of power and enlightenment. For centuries, they thrived.

But then… came King Ahk-Ton. Using the army to seize power, Ahk-Ton became a tyrant. But he had even darker ambitions.

Obsessed with dark magic, Ahk-Ton’s real goal was to forge the Crown of Sabbac.

If infused with the powers of the six demons of the ancient world, it would make Ahk-Ton invincible. To make the crown, he needed Eternium. A rare mineral of magic properties, found only in Kahndaq. So he enslaved his own people… and forced them to dig.




Kahndaq was teetering on the brink. What they needed…

Get off him.

Get off him.

…was a hero.

Why are we fighting each other?

Remember who our real enemy is.

Come with me.

Look. Eternium.

Let me see that.

The king thanks you.

He’s supposed to reward him.

Is that right?

I want what I’m owed.

You want a reward?

The king thanks you for your service.

You want the king’s reward too?

No, but my son accepts the king’s mercy.

I won’t always be here to protect you.

I don’t need protection. I want to be free.

If we fight together, we could overthrow the king.

Let someone else be the hero… the graveyards are full of them.

Stop dreaming and go back to work.

Someone to hold the hopes of the people. Even when all hope seems lost.

If we had more heroes… then maybe our freedom wouldn’t be a dream.


King Ahk-Ton knew that this spark could quickly ignite a fire. And so he ordered that it be snuffed out. They thought they were getting a martyr. Instead… they got a miracle.

The Council of Wizards, the magical guardians of the earth…

You have been chosen.

…sought to restore the balance. They empowered him with the gifts of the ancient gods. And turned a boy… into a champion.



Give it to me!

But the crown had already been completed.

Give it to me.

And when the Champion arrived at the palace to challange him… King Ahk-Ton summoned its demonic power. In the ensuing battle, the palace was destroyed, but the Champion was victorious. The wizards hid the Crown of Sabbac… so that it would never again fall into the hands of man. And the Champion was never heard from again.


Today, Kahndaq is occupied by international mercenaries, the Intergang, the latest in a series of foreign invaders. But legend says, whenever Kahndaq needs him most, the Champion will return to restore freedom to the people. It has been a long, long wait.

Show me your papers.

INTERGANG CHECKPOINT Sector 5 – North Shiruta

Have your documentation ready.

It’s all our three documents, yeah?

Don’t judge the picture, it’s after my girlfriend broke up with me.

Open the back. Need a look inside.

Yeah, it’s unlocked, man. It’s just a bunch of old TVs. I’m an electrician.

Watch where you’re going. You know the drill, back of the line.

Come on, man, you see me every day.

And every day I tell ya, if it’s got wheels, it’s a vehicle.

Back of the line, mate.

You’re not my mate.

I’m heartbroken. Now, go on, piss off.

No, what you are is a neo-imperialist enforcer, from halfway around the world, sent here to steal my country’s natural resources, strip-mine our sacred lands, pollute our water, oppress our heritage, and make us wait in lines all day.

Hey, boss man. Can I go?

Go on, get out of here.

Yeah, yeah.


Adrianna, we’re clear.

Kahndaq isn’t safe for us anymore.

Let’s just move the crown first, and then we can worry about safe.

I got Intergang watching my house.

I gave up my job at the university and moved four times.

It doesn’t mean I’m gonna abandon my country.

I’m just saying, no one stays a step ahead of them forever.

We can’t wait for things to cool down this time.

If I’m right, they’re days away from finding it.

What are you doing? – I want to come with you.

You know it’s too dangerous. You shouldn’t have gotten involved.

Come on, I want to help you beat those bastards.

Adriana, keep your head down, please.

You want to be a hero, huh? – I do, yeah.

Go home, do your homework.

Your time will come one day, but not today, son.


Go, little man. You did good.

That would get you a fortune on the black market.

Is that real Eternium?

Show us a little magic.

It doesn’t work like that, it’s unrefined.

You guys should get some rest.

I thought Intergang seized all the old relics.

Hey, come on. Stop it.

I’m just curious how she got it.

My grandmother gave it to me.

How did she get it? – It’s not a museum piece.

It’s a family heirloom, going all the way back to the days when Kahndaq was free.

You happy now?

Cool story.

And all I inherited was a sweater.

That’s not true. Baba left you his van, and his bald spot.

You know, some women like a bald spot.

Curly on the outside, smooth on the inside. You know?

Are you sure about this?

The inscrptions we found are clear.

And I’m positive about that translation. There is something inside that mountain.

What if it really is the crown? Then what?

It’s a source of great power. Who gets to keep it?

No one. We hide it again someplace else.

Get it out of the country if we have to. It is too dangerous for anyone to have.

This is it?

Not yet.

Are you coming? – Bad knee. I’ll keep watch.

This way. Almost there.

“Men were given the gift of magic, but their hearts were too easily corrupted.”

Keep reading.

“The ultimate power was banished from the earth and hidden… here.”

Until now.

This mountain has kept the Crown of Sabbac safe for 5,000 years.

We’re 100 percent, totally, no take-backs certain that we want to move it?

We don’t have a choice.

What happened to Ishmael?

Great. Don’t worry, I’ll find him.


Samir, what happened?


I can’t hear you. What are you saying?

Don’t move. Unless you want to join your mate.

Stay where you are.

Oh, hey. Oh, hey. Hey…

“Turn back.”

That’s what it says, no?


Where is Samir?

Claustrophobic. Needed some air.

Is this the way to the crown? – I think so.

It’s a tomb.

“Speak not his power, so he may suffer a dreamless sleep for all eternity” Teth Adam.

The slave who became champion and defeated the king.

The legend was true.

Kahndaq… really did have a hero once.

If he was such a hero, why’d they bury him down here?

The crown.

It’s over.

Now, give me the crown.

Run, Addy. Run.

Hold fire.

Don’t hit the crown. Get her.

Go. Move. – Circle around.

Get down.

Say goodbye to your brother.

In five…





I’m over here.

One? You let them get to one?

Any last words?

Please tell my son…

“Mightiest of mortals… god of gods, Six Immortal Elders by name…”



Who the hell is that?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Check him out.

Boss say you go.

Chief say your turn.

Hey, amigo. Let me see your hands.

Open fire.

Your magic is weak.

Go. Go.

We need immediate backup. Send everything you’ve got.



Let’s go. – This is as fast as I can go.

Samir. What happened?

What didn’t happen.

Samir fell off of a cliff.

I had a gun to my head.

Ishmael is buried under a mountain.

And you summoned some flying magic man. All for what?


Not for nothing.

Light him up.

Shit. Where the hell did he come from?

Rotor out. Go. Go.

I can’t maintain altitude.

Oh, shit.

Stop. Stop the van.

Behind you.

Did he just catch a rocket?


God willing, we won’t see him again.

Wait. Hey. Hey. What are you doing?

Don’t touch him, he’s made of lightning.

Good point.

You get him, you’re the electrician.

Raptor team, come in.

What’s your status?

Help me.

I told you to make it look real, not punch me in the face.

Raptor team, come in. What is your status?

Status is that everyone is dead.

Ishmael, is that you? What happened?

The crown wasn’t the only thing waiting for us down here.

Do you have it? – No. But I know who does.

Copy that. We’re en route to your location.

We need immediate backup. Send everything you’ve got.

This rare, magical mineral has been mined for centuries…

…reports of an Eternium blast. It is unknown who or why…

…has decimated a number of troops. We are waiting on…

…an unidentified male. This being is somehow able to harness…

What do you think?

I think this loose cannon needs to be locked down…

before innocent people start getting hurt.

Oh, and good mornig to you, too.

Shove it up your ass, Carter.

He’s been asleep for 5,000 years.

He’ll be disoriented at first.

The longer he has to adapt, the harder it will be to take him down.

Wheels up in 30.

Who’s on the team?

Welcome. Please state your name for identification.

Hi. I’m Maxine Hunkel. I’m here to see Mr Hall.

Confirmed. Welcome, Maxine.


Maxine Hunkel, aka Cyclone.

Wind manipulation powers, computer skills, smart as hell.

Basically a tornado with a 167 IQ.

Sounds delightful.

But please tell me you found someone who can pack a punch.

That’s where Atom Smasher comes in.

Al Rothstein, nephew to the original Atom Smasher.

He inherited his uncle’s powers.

Uncle Al

How’s my suit? Does it fit?

No, yeah. It’s perfect. Thank you again for letting me borrow it.

You know, I used to watch you all the time as a kid?

This is literally the only thing that I’d ever wanted in my…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t let anything happen to it.

It’s Vintage.

And don’t let anything happen to you, either.

Don’t do anything crazy. You listen to Carter.

I’m gonna make you proud, Uncle Al. I promise.

They seem green.

That’s why I called in Kent.

Кent’s been out of action for a little while,

but I can’t do this without him.

Takes magic to fight magic and the man’s got nearly god-level powers.

It might take a lot than that. Are you sure they can take him?

Waller, you find us a cell that can hold him…

we’ll take care of the rest.

Good luck.

This is gonna be fun.

We’re here, sir.

Oh, right.

Was I staring again?

Only half an hour or so, sir.

Maybe next time, honk the horn.

Of course, sir.


So what’s the op?

We’re headed to Kahndaq to apprehend and contain…

a Class-A rogue metahuman.

I didn’t bring passport.

We don’t need passports. We’re the Justice Society.

Is this entirely made out of Nth metal?

Everyting down to the screws. Completely indestructible.

I’ll be in the cockpit if you need me.

It’s pretty cool. You got any snacks?

It takes a lot of energy to smash atoms.


Oh. Thanks.

I’m Al, by the way.


What do you do?

Wind. You?

I grow.



Don’t worry about that. I can get another one.

My mom’s not much of a doctor, but you should probably leave th…

Or do that.

I know you have a lot to catch up on.

But, I was thinking we could help each other.

Мove. – I’m Amon, by the way.

I didn’t ask for your name.

You’re Teth Adam, right? Everyone in Kahndaq knows your story.

I said move.

My mom said you took out a bunch of Intergang soldiers in the desert.

Because they wouldn’t move out of my way.

So you can really fly and stop bullets, ’cause that’s really crucial to my plan.

And is it really you stopping the bullets or is it the suit?

Wait, what’s your top speed?

I’m sure you’re fast, but how fast? Like Flash fast?

Wait, did you not have mirrors back then?

Wow, I guess a lot does change in 5,000 years.

Five thousand years?

Yeah, that’s how long you were in the tomb.

Until my mom woke you up.

So you’ve got stopping bullets, check; flying, check;

and lighting thing, that’s a big check.

I don’t know this place.

This is your home.

Then my home is gone.

What happened to the crown?

Too much?

You know it’s cursed with demons, right?

“Life is the… only path to death.”

No shit.

“Teth Adam was a Bronze Age Kahndaqi demi-god.”

“He defeated King Ahk-Ton in approximately 2,600 BC.”

There. That’s you. See?

That’s the statue they built of you. And now you’re back.

Our country’s been oppressed by one invader…

after another over since you left.

My point is, Kahndaq still isn’t free.

We could really use a superhero right about now.

I’m no hero.


Superman, Batman, Aquaman… You’re way more stacked than any of them.

And they’re not coming to Kahndaq to save us.

But you could stop Intergang all by yourself,

just like you did King Ahk-Ton.

You’re our only hope.


I can fix it. Don’t worry.

I’m not a wizard.

Hey, Mom. He’s awake.

I told you not to go in your room.

It was you who spoke.

You woke me.

I didn’t have a choice. I’d be dead if it hadn’t worked.

The men in my tomb, they were your enemies?

Then your enemies are vanquished,

condemned to the eternal sleep of the damned.

Actually, we still have a lot of enemies that need vanquishing.

Then destroy them.

Intergang have guns and flybikes and Eternium rockets.

We have my mom.

Prove your strength. Destroy your enemy and all he cares about.

Make him beg for mercy, but deny it until his final breath.

Interesting, okay?

I appreciate what you did to for me,

but I do not want you teaching my son violence.

I understand. You want his father to teach him violence.

Gross, that’s my brother. – That’s my sister.

His father’s dead. – I’m sorry.

Who do you want to teach him violence then?

Yeah, Mom. Who do you want to teach me violence?

No one.

I want a champion to help free Kahndaq from Intergang.

Please, help us.

Wait. Wait.

Where are you going? – I shouldn’t be here.

You don’t feel any loyalty to us at all?

Not really, no.

You’re not seeing the full possibilities here.

I don’t know what is was like in ancient times,

but having superpowers is kind of a big deal in our world.

Maybe clean up your outfit a little bit, get a cape, change your name.

Teth Adam is a very strong name.

It’s a little outdated. And you definitely need a catchphrase.

Something blackout bad-ass to say,

right before you absolutely cook some dude.

I don’t waste words on the dead.

Well, yeah, kind of like that, but more catchy.

I was thinking, like, “Tell them the Man in the Black sent you.”

Them? – You know, gods, demons…

Whoever’s waiting for us in the afterlife.

And you wear a lot of black, so we should really lean into that.

My point is, you could be famous.

Magazines, lunch boxes, video games.

And the superhero industrial complex is worth a lot of money.

I don’t need a box for my lunch.

Anyone you’ve ever known is dead.

What else are you gonna do?

Wait. Where are you going?

Waller’s file needs a bit to be desired.

Most of this was considered a myth until yesterday afternoon.

He’s a bad man, Kent. What else do you need to know?

When you’ve seen as many different futures as I have,

you cease to believe in absolutes.

What are you laughing at?

I’m not laughing. That was a smirk.

I know. That’s how you laugh.

I’ve missed having you around to spout old cryptic shit like that.

Almost as much as I’ve missed having you around to ignore all my advice.


This is not a very good plan.

Yeah, well…

A bad plan is better than no plan at all.

If only there were a third option.

I wouldn’t touch that if I was you.

Why not?

‘Cause that helmet is from another planet.

It’s millions of years old.

It chooses who it lets touch it.

Like Kent? – Yeah.

Like, Kent is leterally possessed when he puts it on.

What happens if I touch it anyway?

Soul crushing terror? Or… something.

So we should probably put a towel on it, right?

Coming up on it.

Ready stations in five.

Hey, why is this Adam dude so pissed off?

He’s not some dude.

He’s a weapon of mass destruction.

You don’t have to raise your hand.

Question: if he’s so powerful, how are we supposed to stop him?

If we can get him to say the word, “Shazam,”

Teth Adam will lose his power.

And we’re hoping since he’s had a few thousand years to sleep it off,

we can peacefully negotiate the terms of his existence.

From the footage you showed us,

he doesn’t really seem like a “peacefully negotiate” kind of guy.


Look alive.

We’re here.


Forgive me.

This is a message for all Intergang soldiers.

Kahndaq has its own official superhero now.

Тeth Adam.


There he is. Move.

Тeth Adam. – Move.

Тeth Adam…

Who’s gonna save you now, mate?

The statue?

That’s my son.

He’s just a boy. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

What are you doing?

Hang on. I recognize you.

Where is the crown?

Let’s go.

You could’ve showed up a bit sooner. But that was dope.

We need backup down here.

Tell them the Man in Black sent you.

Well, yes, but not to me. Say it to the bad guys.

But before you zap them.

Catchphrase, then kill. – Yes.

He’s here.

You sense his presence?


I assume he’s the only person in Kahndaq that can do that.

Fate and I’ll take the lead. Listen.

Now, you two hang back ’til we call you.

We’re the anvil, you’re the hammer. You’re ready.

He just dropped the…


Be prepared.

Behind you.

Let us be.

I don’t know their crimes,

but whatever they are, these men should face due process.

Then let the gods make their judgment.

Yeah. – Yeah.

You don’t look like an Intergang.

We’re the Justice Society.

Our mission is to protect global stability.

We’re here to restore peace to Kahndaq.

And we will use force if necessary.

Force is always necessary.

Teth Adam.

We know who you are and what you are capable of.

There’s no place for you in the world of man.

You have two choices: kneel or die.

I was a slave until I died.

Then I was reborn a god.

I kneel before no one.

Fate, give me a distraction.

Just say, “Shazam.” We all go home.

I don’t have a home.

Look at that suit. It’s cool.

Thanks. You, too.

Thank you. It was a hand-me-down. It was from my uncle.

Hawkman just does not give up, does he? – Nope.

Amon, where are you going? Wait.

To help him.

Cyclone, Smasher, now is your time.

Let’s roll.

What are you doing? Hey.


I’ll be right there.

You have the Crown of Sabbac.

I can’t hold him much longer.


I’m coming. I’m zeroing in on your location.

I got him. Guys, I got him.

It’s me, Al. In case you didn’t recognize me.

There’s something different about you. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

You know, it’s probably because I’m six stories tall now.

But you… You’re like a tornado.

I thought the two of you did great work.

First time out… Bravo.

Thanks. I mean, I got a little turned around back there,

but, it all worked out, right?

You’re damn right it did.

Let’s hope Waller has that cell ready for him.

You want me to keep my hand here, right?

You’d better not let him up.

What do I do? Guys?

Long live the Champion. Long live the Champion.

Long live the Champion.

Long live the Champion.

Yeah, he’s definitely still breathing.

Long live the Champion. Long live the Champion.

Where are you going? We need to go after him.

We’re not strong enough.

Oh, well, maybe next time use your powers of prediction…

to figure that out before we gor our asses kicked.

I’m working on it.


Excuse me, you mind if I look in your bag?

Yes, I do mind.

Where are you going with this, Kent?

She’s got the Crown of Sabbac.

One catastrophe at a time. We can’t give him a chance to regroup.

He’s been spotted entering the palace.

It safe to say he’s not going there to surrender.

Why do you want Teth Adam to surrender?

He’s the Champion of Kahndaq? Who are you?

The Justice Society?

We have been living under military occupation for 27 years,

and never seen you before.

You didn’t come when Intergang invaded our country,

when they stole our resources and killed my husband.

But now, we finally have our own hero…

and you decide to fly down here and save us?

Thank you, but… we’re covered.

Go and protect inernational stability someplace else.

Oh, and second, I don’t have the crown.

Let me spell it out for you.

Teth Adam can’t be Kahndaq’s champion because he is not a hero.

Tell that…

to all the people he just liberated.

I know what this looks like. I do.

But I can assure you that my t…

I am so sorry. Was that expensive?

Me and you. When we get back to the ship…

Yes, sir. – Me and you.


Can we please just see the crown?

I don’t have it.

We don’t have time for this.

Teth Adam first, then the crown.

You don’t have any authority here. Teth Adam has done nothing…

Teth Adam is not who you think he is.

And how whould you know?

We have access to ancient texts that have been kept secret for centuries.

And what exactly do these supposed ancient texts say?

They say that his rage nearly destroyed Kahndaq.

And we flew all the way over here to stop it from happening again.

You want to go in there alone? Are you sure?

You want to go in and fight Teth Adam again, be my guest.

But if you actually want to resolve things peacefully,

without destroying the rest of my city, I’m your only shot.

You brought the invaders with you.

They only want to talk.

They can talk. I won’t listen.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me the story…

of how the Champion came to this exact spot…

to free the enslaved people of Kahndaq by defeating King Ahk-Ton in battle.

But according to the Justice Society, that’s not really what happened.

They say that you didn’t come here to seek justice.


Give it to me.

That you came to exact revenge.

And in your anger…

Don’t kill me. I can give you anything you want.

This is what I want.

…your power grew until it became uncontrollable.

And the Council of Wizards was forced to deem you unworthy…

of the gifts that you were granted.

We have chosen recklessly…

and humanity has paid the price.

And now, Teth Adam…

you must pay.

It wasn’t your tomb that I opened, was it?

It was your prison.

And now there’s a statue of you.

Out of the hope that someday Kahndaq’s champion would return.

But it’s built on a lie, isn’t it.

I never said I was a hero.

I never claimed to be anything.

You may not have been a hero.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be one now.

I will hear them out.

But if they choose to fight, they choose to die.

Uncle Karim.

I can’t believe you’re sitting around watching TV…

when the most epic day ever is…

In here, little man.

Ishmael. My mom said you got buried in the tomb.

Funny story, he didn’t.

Where’s Adrianna?

She’s back at the square… – We should go bail her out right now.

But she’s the one who sent me home to make sure the crown’s safe.

It is safe, okay? Somewhere else.

Definitely not here. Let… Okay…

Put the bag down. – What are you doing?

Back away. Put the bag down, now.

Give him the bag. Give hime the bag.

Very good. Back away.

Back away. – Oké. I’m…

It’s all going to be okay, little man.

Let me teach you some history that you’ve never learned…

in one of your mother’s classes.

When we had a powerful king,

Kahndaq used to be something much better than free.

It used to be great.

Run, Amon, run.

Crash the building. I lost the kid. He has the crown.

We’re here to negotoiate the terms of your peaceful surrender.

I’m not peaceful. Nor do I surrender.

What have your powers ever given to you? Nothing but heartache.

You have no idea.

Then why are you making this hard on us?

We both know you’re not supposed to be here.

It is you who is not supposed to be here.

I want you all to leave Kahndaq and never return.

Gladly, with you as our prisoner.

How ’bout I rip you little wings off instead?

I’d like to see you try. – Okay, more fighting won’t solve this.

I disagree. – Me, too.

Looks like we found common ground.

This can only end one way.

Мom? – Amon.

I got home and Ishmael was in the kitchen.

Ishmael’s dead.

No, he shot Uncle Karim, and he’s after the crown.

Ground forces…

I’m hiding in our building, and Intergang’s here.

They’re coming.

Intergang are after my son.

They don’t want him, they want the Crown of Sabbac.

I know you’re not a hero.

But you’re not a monster, either. I don’t care what anyone says.

You saved me in that cave.

You didn’t know me and your first instinct was to save me.

I’m begging you. Please, save my son.

Check the whole place clean.

Cover all access points.

Keep looking.

Area’s clear.

There. Take him.

Right there, right there.


Move, move.

Don’t shoot him, I need him.

End of the road, kid.

Release the child.

Whatever you say.


Thank you.

But maybe be more careful with your word choice next time.

Оh. And remember your catchphrase.

Time to go, Amon.

Where’s the crown? – What crown?

You want to be brave, eh? – I want you to go to hell.

That’s the plan, little man. We’er gonna go for a ride. Come one.

Put me down. Put me down.

You should really be more careful with your word choice next time.

And tell them that the Man in Black…

He’s right behind me. Where the hell is everybody?


Amon, where are you?

No, no, no, what?

I’m on one of their bikes.

What bikes?


Can you hear me?

Mom, I’m okay.


Activate infrared.

What are you doing?

Searching for the child.

No, you’re murdering people.

How else do I find the child?

I can help you, but no more extrajudicial killings.

I don’t need any help.

Smasher, Cyclone. What are you waiting for?

Come on, let’s go. – Okay.

Okay. I got this. On the count of three.

One, two… This feels a lot higher than last time.

That was not cool.

Whoa, slow down.

I got you. I got you.


Hey, careful, dude. I almost hit you.

I am so sorry.

I don’t really have peripheral vision in the mask. It’s my uncle’s.

I’ll get it tailored.

Me and you.

Roger that.

Who are you? – Call me Dr. Fate.

How bad is it, Doc? Am I dying?

I’m not that kind of doctor.

But don’t worry, I can see the future.

This isn’t how you’re going to die.

How do I die, then?

Just stay away from electricity.

Wait, what? I’m an electrician.

How the hell am I supposed to do that?


Oh, God.

The Champion’s coming for you. You know that, right?

I’m counting on it.

Please don’t.

Teth Adam. Where are you?

You followed me?

My mind and body can exist in different places at the same time.

Did you find the boy?

Caught one of the bikes, but he didn’t have the child.

Bring me the prisoner. I’ll break his mind.

You killed him, didn’t you?

He didn’t make it.

The bullet’s extracted. The tissue damage has been repaired.

Blood pressure, 120 over 81. Heart rate’s at 74 bpm.

He’ll be back on his feet in no time.

That is insane.

The nanobots did most of the work.

No, no, no. I’m not gonna let you downplay this.

I literally just witnessed a miracle.

What? I say something stupid?

No, it’s just that you can transform your molecular structure,

grow a hundred times your own size.

You’re an impossibility and the world still amazes you.

I don’t know, it’s… It’s cool.

Thank you.

But it’s not as cool as nanobots.

That’s how you do your wind thing.

Well, the wind thing is called aerokinesis.

And the nanobots were injected into my bloodstream…

by this really messed-up scientist who kidnapped me when I was 15.

I’m… so sorry.

No, you’re good.

It seems like you really turned it around.

Found your calling.

Hoping this is mine.

There’s no point in dwelling in the past.

It’s already moved on from you.

Why did you say that?

You were blaming yourself for trusting Ishmael.

Your thoughts are beter spent on the things you can change,

not those you can’t.

You see the future?

Tell me how I get my son back.

By trusting us.

Karim will live. We will save Amon.

It’s what we do.

I suppose they didn’t have doors in your day.

Well, of course we did. That’s how we entered rooms.

What I did there is called sarcasm.

Where’s Amon? Did you found him?

Not yet, but I will. The men who took him will suffer.

Maybe these guys can help.

There’s an upside to keeping prisoners. They can answer our questions.

What did you do with my son?

Adrianna. Adrianna.

I’ve learned that in this modern world, we shouldn’t hurt our prisoners.

We should treat them with dignity, respect.


Let’s start with just one simple question. Can either of you fly?


I think I’ll sit this one out.

Tell me what you did with Amon.

You’d better not drop those prisoners.

I’m not going to drop them.

I’m going to drop one of them.

Whoever ansers first lives. Where is he?

I don’t know.

He’s at our mine in the desert.

I can show…

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

You said you wouldn’t hurt the prisoners.

That was sarcasm.

No, technically, it was just a lie.

Intergang have a mine in the desert.

Amon is there. – I know it.

It’s near the Al Hadidiyah Mountains.

Let’s go.

I told you, stop killing people.

They look alive to me.

Because I saved them.

Well, that’s why I waited until you were there.

I got the information I needed, no one died.

I did it your way.

He does have a point.

I know it got lost in all the confusing,

but we still have some issues to settle here.

We know where Amon is. We have to go.

There’s no “we” here.

There are only heroes and there are villains.

You think yourself a hero, but you would let these criminals go free,

knowing that many more will suffer at their hands unless we end them now.

Heroes don’t kill people.

Well, I do.

Here we go.

Is that what I think it is?

23 pounds of pure Ethernium,

much denser than typical artifacts of the period.

King must have had a really strong neck.

No, it snapped when I killed him.

What’s that?

There’s writing on the inside of the rim.

“Life is the only path to death.”

That’s what it says.

Life is the only path to death.

Well, that’s surprisingly obvious. Could it have another meaning?

What if it means, like…

“Life is short. You gotta hold on to what you love.”



It doesn’t matter what it means.

It should be buried under the ocean for eternity.

That’s not far from what we had in mind for you when this is over.

Or I could bury you with it.

We can’t get rid of it now. It’s the one thing that Intergang wants.

Believe me, I know more than anyone what this crown is capable of.

But we have to keep it until my son is safe.

Adrianna… Trust me, we will get your son back.

They don’t care about him. They just want to defeat me.

Hand it over.

We can’t risk letting this crown fall into the wrong hands.

We will find another way.


You like to split the world into good and bad,

but that’s easy to do when you’re the one drawing the line.

All I care about is Amon.

And until he is safe, we’re all on the same side.

And you… you will work together.

Set a course for the Al Hadidiyah Mountains.

We’ll go in at dawn.

I hope you can be a team player.

I love teams.

That was sarcasm again, yes?

Very much so.

Good. Just checking.

A wise man once told me a bad plan is better than no plan at all.

That was before we had a very bad plan.

Let it go.

I’d rather be fighting with him than against him.

He’s a murderer, Kent.

If he turns on us, that kid is as good as dead.

You don’t get to decide who lives or dies.

That’s… up to Fate.

What’s the helmet telling you?

Somebody’s gonna die.

Who is it, Atom Smasher? It’s Atom Smasher.

Surprisingly, no.

Is it me?

When it’s time for you and I to say goodbye, you’ll know.

All I can tell you is…

There is still time to change the future.

Let’s use it.

Well, I guess we’re sticking with a very bad plan.


The Al Hadidiyah mine is Intergang’s most valued asset.

I’m gonna land us right here, cut off their access to reinforcements.

But the perimeter of the mine creates a natural fortress.

There is only one way in, one way out.

We’ll be an easy target for their flybike patrol.

Communication is key. We keep in step or we get outflanked.

We move through the mine, inch by inch, until we find Amon.

This is where you come in. Are you ready… Damn it.

Or we could just do that.

Pure Eternium Shield. Unbreakable, even with your powers.


You hurt him, I will kill all of you.

Nobody has to die. We just want the crown.

We don’t have it.

Believe me, nothing good will come from that crown.

No crown, no negotiation.

I have it.

It’s right here.

Release my son, you can have it.

What do you think you’re doing?

Intergang killed my husband. I’m not letting them take my son, too.

Not your son. Not your country.

Not your decision to make.

Stop there.

It’s okay. Nothing is gonna happen to you.

Hand it over, now.

I’m sorry, Mama. – No.

Now, let Amon go.

I thank you.

And I thanks your friends for returning this crown to its rightful owner.

What kind of Champion of Kahndaq sides with foreign invaders?

You have what you want.

Let him go.

Ishmael, what are you doing?

Taking back what’s mine.

I’m the last living descendant of King Ahk-Ton the Great.

And you have just given me everything I need to become the next…

king of Kahndaq.

My family passed the knowledge on, you know, one to the next.

This crown, crafted by our ancestors, stolen by the wizards and hidden away.

But still a source of great power, if only we can wield it.

They say when Hurut died, you wept like a baby.

I wonder if you’ll do the same for them.

Please, Ishmael.

Sorry, Amon.

Fate, get ready.

Death is the only path to life.



He’s alive. But we need to get him to the medical bay.

Where is he shot? – It wasn’t a bullet.

It was me.


We’re going with you.

Just find the crown. Get it on the cruiser.

I found the crown. But it’s not alone.

How long we gonna keep doing this?

There’s no point in fighting. We both know no one can stop me.

You’re right.

Only you can.

Ishmael said you cried when Hurut died.

Who’s Hurut?

Hurut was a true Champion of Kahndaq.

And he was also… my son.

I won’t always be here to protect you.

I don’t need protection.

I want to be free.

Freedom is for the birds.

Let someone else be the hero…

the graveyards are full of them.

I tried to protect him.

But I wasn’t strong enough.


The wizards decided that he would be their champion.

But after the Champion’s many victories,

the king went after what Hurut loved the most.

Our family.

Hold on, Father.

Stay with me.

With my powers…

you’ll be safe.

I couldn’t protect your mother.

Repeat what I say.

Shazam. – Shazam.

Instead of battling the king…

Instead of saving Kahndaq…

Hurut chose to save…


But he couldn’t save himself from the king’s assassins.

The powers were not a gift from the wizards…

but a curse.

Born out of rage.

The statue of the Champion isn’t you.

It’s Hurut.

My son dreamt of a better world.

That’s why he saved me.

But the world was only a better place with him in it.

Kahndaq needed a hero.

Instead, it got me.

All this power…

And the only thing I can do with it is hurt people.

I will speak the word my son gave me, and I will give up my power.

And when I do, you must ensure I never speak it again.


Some men are not meant…

to be heroes.



So beautiful.

Surprised to see us?

Surprise is a dirty word in this business.

Are you sure you can handle him?

You’re the one who can see the future, you’ll tell me if we can’t.

Just be careful with this one.

You know, they say the gods created us,

but we’re the ones who always wind up burying them.

Waller sends her regards.

They’ll know how to deal with him.

To keep him from regaining his powers, they’ll keep him in suspended animation.

As long as he’s submerged, he won’t be able to speak.

He’ll never say another word again.

Hey. There he is.

Not all heroes wear capes, but I think you earned this.

Well, statistically, most heroes don’t wear capes.

But yeah, try it on.

Yeah, looks pretty good.

That’s a nice touch.



Mission accomplished?

My vision hasn’t changed.

But Teth Adam’s out of the equation.

Kent, if this isn’t over, I need to know what’s coming.

What is the helmet telling you?

My vision has always shown me great calamity.

The world in flames.

We can stop it…

but you die.

You should’ve told me sooner.

I have no fear of death.

That’s precisely why I didn’t tell you.

The world needs the Justice Society.

The world needs you.

But you can’t choose who lives and dies.

That’s Fate, right?

Well, that sounds familiar.

I remember seeing my first airplane.

It was an RAF deployment, headed to the Western Front.

Everyone on my street came out to see them off.

But I didn’t cheer.

Even though I was only a boy.

I knew where they were headed, and what awaited them.

Thanks to this, I’ve lived longer than I could’ve ever have hoped for.

I have seen the world change in more ways than I could’ve imagined.

I’m still a sentimental fool.

And I don’t want my friend to die.

Ishmael said, “Death is the only path to life.”

But that’s not what the inscription says.

Right. “Life is the only way to death.”

Maybe he got it backwards, like he read it in a mirror or something.

That’s it. In Kahndaqi mythology,

the souls of the damned are sent to the Rock of Finality.

The underworld is a mirror to our own. Here, turn the crown around.

Now mirror the letters.

See? That’s what I missed.

“Death is the only path to life.”

He kidnapped Amon on purpose,

because he knew that Teth Adam would kill him.

And he believed the Champion’s magic would send him to the Rock of Finality.

As life is the path to death.

Now your death is a path to life.

The wizards have their champion, now we have ours.

You will take the throne of Kahndaq…

and unleash hell on Earth.

Speak our name.


What the bloody hell is that?

Readout says it’s the demon, Sabbac.

Get me closer. Now, right now.

We’re 100 miles out, give me 20 seconds.

The king has returned.

The throne will be mine.

Brace yourselves.

Hold on.

Now prepare to die.

Wait, wait, where’s Uncle Karim?

No matter what happens, he does not sit on that throne.

Copy that. – We’re on it.

Heads up.

Activate infrared.

Sabbac, show yourself.



That’s for my cruiser.

This is it.

We can’t win, Carter.

Yeah, but the world burns if we don’t. Right?

Bad plan is better than no plan at all.

No, no, no. What are you doing?

Giving us a third option.

It’s supposed to be me.

I didn’t tell you my whole vision, old friend.

I did see your death.

But I also found a way to prevent it.

It has been an extraordinary life, but always with one foot in the future.

Carter, for the first time in 100 years,

when I look ahead…

I see nothing.

No, Kent.




Wait, Kent.



…my dear friend.


Hit it from every side.



I am Dr. Fate, sorcerer, agent of the Lords of Order,

defender against darkness and chaos,

but even my powers cannot defeat you.

There’s no one that can defeat me.

There is one… There is one…

Teth Adam.

I know you can hear me.

The battle your son was meant to fight is upon us.

Now you are the only one who can defeat the Demon Champion.

You have the power to be the destroyer of this world.

But you can also be its savior.

You believe you are not a worthy champion because the wizards did not choose you.

But Fate does not make mistakes. Neither did your son.

We were wrong about you.

The world doesn’t always need a white knight.

Sometimes it needs something darker.

Don’t you dare give up on us now. The world needs you.




What’s happening?

It’s Sabbac.

He commands the Legions of Hell.

Whatever happens…

you stay behind me.

Don’t worry, I die by electricity.

You want some Kahndaq? Come and get it.

Come and get it.

No, no. No.

Don’t send me home, I can help. – I know.

But you can do better than swinging a stick.

The Gods have brought us together again.

It’s not your time, Father.


What are you all standing around for?

This is our chance.

With these hands, we built Kahndaq.

And with these hands, we will set it free.

The people need a hero.

No, Father.

They need to be free.

What are we waiting for?

Say the word.


The people of Kahndaq rise up against you.


I got this.

Go get him.

You know what I have to do.

Beat his ass.

Let the fate of Kahndaq be decided by a true battle of champions.

Let’s end this.

It’s a lot of them.

It’s a bit more than I thought. – Yeah.

Just a bit.

Hey, mom.

These are our streets. Our city.

Free Kahndaq.

The wizards’ powers were wasted on you.

You are not a hero.

No. I’m not.

But he is.

You cannot stand against me.

I am Kahndaq’s true champion.

I learned this trick from an old friend.

You can control it.

You have to.

Tell them the Man in Black sent you.

Yes. – Yes.

I never tought I’d be happy to see you.

I’m only here because of him.

That makes two of us.

See you around, old friend.

Think you can keep him out of trouble?

As long as no one comes looking for it.

Fair enough.

Just be careful.

The kind of justice you dish out can darken your soul.

It’s his darkness that lets him do what heroes like you cannot.

I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

I tought we made a pretty good team back there.

Just saying.

We made a great team.

Maybe we could… – Don’t push it.

Smasher, let’s go.

Long live the Champion.

Long live the Champion. Long live the Champion.

You could lead them.

How does it feel?


So… what now?

Does this mean you’re finally gonna be our hero?

Kahndaq has always had heroes.

And it still does.

What is needs now is a protector.

Thank you, Teth Adam.

Perhaps that name is a little…


So what should we call you?


Okay, “Black Adam.”

My name is Amanda Waller. Congratulations, you have my attention.

This is gonna be your only warning.

You don’t want to stay in my prison, that’s fine.

Kahndaq is your prison now.

You step one foot ouside of it, you will not live to regret it.

There’s no one on this planet that can stop me.

I can call in a favor and send people who aren’t from this planet.

Send them all.

As you wish.

It’s been a while since anyone’s made the world this nervous.

Black Adam.

We should talk.


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