Army of Thieves (2021) | Transcript

A prequel, set before the events of Army of the Dead, which focuses on German safecracker Ludwig Dieter leading a group of aspiring thieves on a top secret heist during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse.
Army of Thieves (2021)

In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, small-town bank teller Dieter gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, attempting to heist a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.

* * *




Uh, yeah.

For this video today, I will be switching into English for my international friends and fans.

The story I will be telling you today is one of my absolute favorites, and, um, I hope you too will get great enjoyment out of it, like I do.

[captivating music playing]

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Munich…

[clears throat] Far away, that is, if you’re one of my international friends.

There was an old brick building on the edge of the city.

The building was the factory of a respectable locksmith named Hans Wagner.

He was once a hard-working family man, a pillar of the community, until his wife and son died tragically.

In his waning years, his greatest work truly began.

A series of four safes, one for each opera of Richard Wagner’s legendary Ring cycle, comprised of four epic operas with roots in Norse mythology.

The four safes being…

Das Rheingold, Die Walküre or The Valkyrie, the Siegfried…

And finally the Götterdämmerung, also known as the Twilight of the Gods.

To Hans Wagner, a lock, a safe, were puzzles.

Puzzles that could only be solved by those truly worthy of the secrets they guarded.

Legend has it, if you attempt to crack the locks by force, the contents will be incinerated and they will lock forever.

But Hans’ work did not end with the Ring cycle.

He had one more safe to build.

The safe his whole life had been leading to, capable of containing all his anguish and misery, locking it away for good.

People tried to liberate Wagner from the tomb he had built for himself, but his work was pure enough that they could not.

The safe that Wagner died in was never opened.

It served as his tomb and was dropped into the ocean with his body still inside.

The Rheingold,

the Valkyrie, and the Siegfried

are all rumored to still be in circulation.

Their locations remain one of the greatest mysteries of the safecracking world.

As for the Götterdämmerung, no one knows what became of it.

[camera clattering]

Okay. Yes, this has been my video. Thank you for the viewing.

And as always, I’ve been your, uh, Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert,

your super safecracker. Please like

and, um, hit the button with the word “subscribe” on it.

That’s it.

Thank you and goodbye.

[in German] Perfect. That was perfect.

And upload. [sniffles]



Okay, and…

Time to start another boring day.

[exhilarating music playing]

[bell chimes]

[man speaking German]

Thank you.

Here you go.

[alarm ringing]


A very good morning. How can I be of help?

Now listen up, young man!

In the old days everything was better, far better…

[continues indistinctly]

[shouting indistinctly]




I’m taking my lunch break.


[laptop chimes]


[laptop chimes]



[in English] Oh, my God.


“Want to put your skills to the test?”

“The house at the end of Leipziger Str. Berlin.”

“Password: Götterdämmerung.”

[thrilling music playing]

[in German] Hello, I’m…

[breath trembling]

I’m not sure if this is the right address,

but I’m here for a very [whispers] secret issue.

Do you understand?

[in English] You understand? English?

Okay… [clears throat]

[whispers] I’m here for, um, a very secret thing.

I was told to say [whispers] Götterdämmerung.


[whispers] Götterdämmerung.

[announcer] Who’s ready for the main event?

[audience cheering]

[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our final competitor.

[announcer] Give him a big hand.

[audience cheering]

Sebastian Schlencht… [hesitates]

I don’t know how the fuck you pronounce that last name.

[all laughing]

Me? Is it me she’s talking about?

Of course. Go to work.

[metal clanks]


[announcer] Take your place.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Hello, uh, sir.

[announcer] …place your final bets.

My name is Sebastian.

May I ask what the hell is going on here?

[announcer] The clock is set.

Thank you.

Ready, and crack!

[gears turning]

[suspenseful music playing]

[announcer] And remember, only four competitors advance to the next stage.

[whispering indistinctly]

[whispering indistinctly]

[audience cheering]

And contestant number one is finished.

Three more slots still to be won.

Oh, wait. Oh, and now it’s two.

[audience cheering]

[announcer] Time’s running.

[audience cheering]


[announcer] One more slot.

That’s it.

[audience cheering]

[announcer] If your safe remains locked, please leave the floor.

Four contestants left for the semifinals.




and Mr. Nervous Guy.

[audience cheering]

[announcer] Quiet please.

[cheering stops]

[announcer] The clock is set.


and crack!

[thumping rhythmically]

[thumping rhythmically]


[announcer] Neo’s on to the second dial.

[audience cheering]

[announcer] And so is Mr. Nervous Guy.

[gears turning]

[audience cheering]


[audience continues cheering]

A second place finish from Mr. Nervous Guy.

Could we be looking at a new champion?

[suspenseful music playing]

[announcer] Your bets please. Place your bets.

The clock is set for three minutes.

If neither competitor finishes, we default to a tie.

[exhilarating music playing]

[announcer] Ready,


and crack!



[heart thumping]

[whispers] Already?

[whispers] That’s a difficult one.

Wow. Oh, no, only one minute left,

but I haven’t even started to crack my safe yet.

Yeah, probably because you don’t know how.

[whispers] Hey. So this is bad news for me, isn’t it?

I just want to clarify once more…

Zip it!

[whispers] Okay. If you say so.

[buzzer sounds]


[captivating music playing]


Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new kid in town!

[audience cheering]

I love you, Nervous Guy!

It’s just training and a lot of practice.

I’m gonna kill you!

I’m gonna kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you, you little shit!

Thank you.

Thank you.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Sebastian] That was when I first saw her.

The woman I would come to know as Gwendoline.

The woman who would change my life.

Eventually, I would come to learn so many things about her.

For instance, that she was six years old when she stole her first wristwatch.

That she was 16 when she first got her heart broken.

And when she stole her first car.

[exhilarating music playing]

I would learn that she had a red notice from Interpol since she was 17.

But at that moment, in that basement, I didn’t know any of that.

All I knew was of all the people in that basement,

she was the one smiling at me.

[audience cheering]

Thank you!

I have absolutely zero idea what’s going on, but thank you.


Thank you.

[music stops]


[solemn music playing]

[exhilarating music playing]

[in German] Thank you.


[in English] Hello, Sebastian.


[in German] Damn it!

[in English] Hold on, I know you.

You were at the strange house last night.

Sebastian, I am the reason you were there last night.

[Sebastian] Oh, my God.

You were my one view on YouTube, weren’t you?

[Gwendoline] That’s right.

And may I say what a shame that is.

Your videos are damn fine, Sebastian.

Thank you. I know.

[smacks lips] But, permit me to ask then,

who are you?

I am the woman who is going to change your life.


[gulps] Gulp.

Did you just say “gulp”?

Yes, I, uh… I said it and I did it. Yes.

You wish to know who I am.

You wish to know how I knew you were going to be in this cafe

at this time on this morning.

I would like to know all of those things, yes.

I know those things because I’ve been watching you.

I know you stop here between 8:43 and 8:47 every morning,

get a banana nut muffin and a coffee and eat it alone.

And then you go to work and go home alone.

As for who I am,

I have been in this coffee shop for no more than seven minutes.

Do you see that woman over my shoulder?


I see her.

This is her wedding ring.

And that man three tables to my right…


…this is his watch.

And the dude in the back corner…

[gasps] Are you crazy?

This is the concealed handgun

he had strapped to his inner thigh.

You want to know who I am, Sebastian.

Well, there is no way to say this that will make it sound not insane.

And so I’m simply just going to say it.

I am an internationally-wanted jewelry thief,

and I belong to a crew that executes international bank heists.

And I want to recruit you.

Oh, and don’t worry about these.

I will, uh, return them to their proper owners.

Oh, well, maybe not the gun.

[chuckles] Shouldn’t have brought that into a family establishment.


Am I being spunked?

“Spunked”? What do you mean?

You know what I mean. Spunked.

[sighs] Do you mean “punked”?

No, you’re not being punked or spunked. This is real.

[whispers] But why me? I am no criminal.

Because the next job we intend to take on, you are the only one who can pull it off.

Nobody knows more than you do about Hans Wagner.

And now that I know you’ve got the skills to match,

I think you’re the man for the job.

[gulps] Gulp.

Please stop saying “gulp.”

I’m nervous.

It’s okay if you do it.

But saying it is incredibly stupid.

Okay, so… [clears throat] Um…

What kind of criminating question am I supposed to ask?

Should I say something like, um…

What is the mark?

A reasonable question.

It couldn’t possibly be…

It is.

The Ring cycle?

[whispering] The fucking Ring cycle.


[Gwendoline] Yes.

It’s the Ring cycle.

Holy shit! [chuckling]


Uh, wha… Which one? The Rheingold? The Valkyrie?

[whispers] Yes.



Yes. And the Siegfried.

The outbreak in America, you’re familiar?

Yes, I heard something about it.

In 96 hours, the owner of the Wagner safes will be transferring them

to a vault in Geneva where they will be decommissioned.

The puzzle that Wagner spent his life developing will be destroyed.

This is our last chance to solve it.

So you’re saying, in a span of four days, we execute a series of not one,

not two, but three international heists, and we drive off into the setting sun?

That is exactly what I’m saying.

You realize what you’re asking of me?

Even if I wanted to help,

the Siegfried is a seven-turn tumbler system

with over one trillion possible combinations.

Yes, trillion with the letter “T.” Trillion, yeah?

Listen to me, Sebastian. Look around.

The world’s fucked.

This window of opportunity isn’t just our only chance, it’s yours.

My only chance…

For what?

A life less ordinary.

Sleep on it. You’ll find me here.

We could have fun together, you and I.

[shouting indistinctly]

[thunder rumbling]

[indistinct chatter on TV]

[in German] In Nevada, a virus outbreak of unknown origin continues to spread,

causing a rabies-like response in those who contract it.

This has led to the public deeming the outbreak “the zombie apocalypse.”

Amidst the epidemic, groups of civilians are stepping up to do their part

in helping to rescue survivors stuck in the infected zone.

Let’s check in with one of our correspondents,

Gil Pedretti, on the ground in Las Vegas.

[in English] Gil, can you hear me?


[zombies snarling]


[reporter, in German] Dear viewers,

I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on right now,

but as you just saw, this is reality.


[reporter] This was really happening.

[shouting in distance]

[dog barking]

[reporter] As we get more information,

we will certainly give you an immediate update.

[siren wailing in distance]


[bells chiming]


[tires screeching]

[car honks]

[car crashes]

[scratching at door]

[playful music playing]

[breath trembling]

[bell chiming]


[bells chiming]

[door closes]

[breath trembling]






[breathing heavily]

[Gwendoline] Look around. The world’s fucked.

This is our perfect moment, Sebastian.

Join us.

[thunder rumbling]

[mysterious music playing]

[clears throat]

Well, hi.

Hi, um…

I’m sorry. I did not know the secret knock to let you know…

There is no secret knock.

It’s just a door. You knock on it.

Oh. Of course. I… I just thought [whispers] because we’re criminals now,

there might be some sort of special code that I didn’t know.

[whispering] No need to whisper.

Just get in here.


[Sebastian] Oh, wow. That’s a lot of kitties.

We needed the most inconspicuous place possible

to stage our planning operations.

Somewhere they wouldn’t suspect, couldn’t track us.

Korina found a flyer on a telephone pole for an old lady

who will pay us in cash to cat-sit for a week.

We’re off-the-grid.

But we’re on the cat grid.



Um, who’s this Korina you’re speaking of?

Sebastian, I’d like you to meet Korina Dominguez.

She’s in charge of logistics and is a master hacker.

[in Portuguese] That movie looks fucking awesome.

Would you like to see it?

It’s not out yet.

[Gwendoline in English] When she was ten, using only her laptop,

she bypassed the security systems for a major motion picture studio

and stole an early copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Holy shit. I remember when that was leaked. That was her?

Yes, that was me.

[cat meows]

She’s done cooler things.

I just figured that would interest you the most, seeing as you’re…



Not really a way to make friends.

I meant it as a compliment from a nerd to another nerd.


No need to cry.

My tears are because I have a cat allergy.

Cat allergy. But thank you for the compliment, Miss Dominguez.

And this is our getaway driver.

The best drifter you’ll ever meet.

Sir, there’s your ticket.

[man] Don’t park it. I’ll be back in 15.

Your wish is my command.

[engine accelerating]

[tires screeching]

[laughs] Save me one of those laptops.

Hey, there you go, sir.

No tips? No problem.


See ya.

Getaway driver to the stars.

The fastest there is. Nobody… When I say nobody,

I mean nobody knows their way around an engine better than me.

I’m gone in 50 seconds. Mr. Nicolas Cage, eat your heart out, baby.

You understand what I say when I say what I’m saying?

The name is Rolph.

Pleased to meet you.

Thank you, um…

Your name is Rolph?

Yes, my name is Rolph. What’s your name?

My name is Sebastian.

Oh, Sebastian, yeah?

That’s a shit name.


Who’s this dickhead?

[man grunting]

[Gwendoline] And last but not least, our very own real life action hero.

Mr. Brad Cage.

[both grunting]

[Brad] Hey.

I’m Brad. Leader of this, uh, little band of misfits.

Leader… Or so he fancies himself.

Well, if you were me, you’d fancy yourself too.

Pleasure to meet you.

Pleasure to meet you too.

One word of advice.

Don’t fuck this up.

I don’t know why Gwen trusts you, but if she trusts you, we trust you.


Yes, sir.

Okay. Don’t fuck this up.

Now I’m nervous.

That’s good.


[Brad grunts]

Of course, you and I already acquainted.

Sebastian, meet the team.

[cats meowing]

Um, what? This is the whole international heisting crew?

It’s four people?

Five now, isn’t it?

The size of our crew is precisely why we don’t get caught.

Ah, so is it like in a movie film,

where each one of us has a different skill set,

and it’s only working together that we can pull off that which needs the pulling off?

Yes, it’s exactly like that.


Everyone, meet Sebastian… Unpronounceable last name.

Safecracker extraordinaire. Has a lifetime of theoretical expertise.

But he has never applied his skills in real life.

Until now, that is.

It’s so nice to be meeting you and joining the team.


[Korina] Okay, ladies and gentlemen.

Over the last three years, we’ve assembled from various sources

the locations of the three safes,

as well as more information about their construction.

[Rolph] Yeah. We already know this.

Can we go play Mario Kart while you fill in Mr. Scrawny over here?

[Brad] Hey, show some respect, dude.

Lady’s talking.

All right, man.

Thank you, Brad. Korina, please continue.

[Korina] The Rheingold, in a small bank in Paris, France.

Four hundred thirteen million combinations.

The least complex of the three, which means it’s the least guarded.

It also contains the least amount of money.

Frankly, I’m not sure why we’re bothering.

Because it’s not just about the money, Brad.

It’s about the quest.

Ah, right. Yeah, the quest.

[Rolph] The quest, yeah.

The quest.

[Korina] Next.

The Valkyrie, in a high security bank in Prague, Czech Republic.

About 235 billion combinations.

Estimated to contain the equivalent of $40 million.

That’s American goddamn dollars.

We’re getting in.

[Rolph] Yeah, Brad, let’s get that money.

[Korina] And the Siegfried, in a casino in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Seventy-two trillion combinations.

Said to contain as much as $100 million.

All of the Wagner safes are under the ownership

of infamous billionaire, Bly Tanaka.

A man whose money we most certainly do not wish to be caught stealing.

Any questions?


Yes, many. Hundreds.

We’ll have to answer them on the way then.

We’ve no time to waste.

[thrilling music playing]

[cars honking]

[Brad] This is gonna be a breeze.

Old Joe’s looking extra old this morning.

Yeah, and very lazy.

And old.

[spluttering] Guns. We have guns?

Yeah, only as a last resort.


Didn’t tell me we have guns.

Don’t worry, I don’t actually let him load it anymore.

[whispers] He thinks it makes him look cool.

What are you two whispering about?

I’m trying to comfort the poor man,

so please put the gun away. He’s in a panic.

It’s away.


What’s wrong with him? Why’s he freaking?

Perhaps because we’re about to do the robbing of a bank.

It’s not a bank, it’s a credit union.

What’s the difference?

It’s a bank for children.

Why would there be a bank specifically for kids?

[Gwendoline] Okay, she means it’s child’s play.

Remember we said we are carrying out the heist in order of difficulty.

Yeah, you’re right.


So they get more dangerous and more exciting with each subsequent one. Fuck.

No, it’s so that if we get caught in the next ones,

we already have some money stashed away for when we get out of the joint.

What? Oh, no.

Oh, God. Oh, shit. I’m getting dizzy. [sighs]

Oh, no.

We’re good. The cameras are looping.

What if we get caught?

We won’t get caught.

This one will be almost comically easy.



You know how sometimes in a heist movie,

they show flash-forward of how the heist should work?

And it never goes according to plan,

and everything gets messed up in some way.

Yes, I do know this.

Well, this one is actually gonna go that smoothly.


[Sebastian sighs]

Shall we go over it once more?


[Brad] All right, you’ll go in first.

[Gwendoline] And remember, you will no doubt be sweating profusely.

So be sure to wipe it off of your face.


[Brad] Once you’re inside,

don’t look around too much. Head straight to the bathroom.

[Gwendoline] We have scoped out the location

and found people go into the bank all the time

exclusively to, uh, take shits.

[Sebastian] My God.

[Gwendoline] I’ll follow, lifting the keys off the security guard,

which may be the easiest part of all of this…

[in French] Excuse me, sir. Could you hold these, please?

My pleasure.

Very kind.

[in English] …as he is effectively

the human equivalent of a dummy in a cop car.

[speaking French]

[in French] I have an appointment for the deposit room.

Ah, yes, please wait.

[buzzer sounds]

[Gwendoline in English] I’ll ask to see a safety deposit box…

[in French] That way, please.

[Gwendoline in English] …that we have set up under a fake name.

[in French] I’ll leave you to it.


[in English] Korina will enter…

[Korina] And I will ensure that the teller leaves the hallway.

[in French] You speak English? A little bit?



Just a moment.

[cell phone ringing]

You speak English? A little bit?

Of course.

[in English] Um, how can I say, uh… I’m in, uh, trouble?

Uh, I lost all my credit cards and my husband…

[in French] So sorry. [chuckles]

[Gwendoline in English] At which point I will slip out.

Then I’ll pick you up…

And we’ll descend into the vault.


[breathing heavily]

Holy mother of shit.

She’s beautiful.

[breath trembling]


The hell you doing?

Um, I’m warming up my instruments.

Oh. All right.

You know the story of, uh, Wagner’s Ring cycle?

Yes, I’m familiar with it.

But I admit I don’t know the intimate details, which is why we have you.

Of course.

If you could just please…

Um, ironically enough, it concerns the corrupting influence of money and power.

The dwarf Alberich stole gold from the depths of the Rhine

and crafted it into a ring so powerful,

all the gods under the sun wanted it for themselves.

Sort of like a more Norse Lord of the Rings.

Hmm, yeah. Fascinating. If you could…

As Alberich tricked the Rhine maidens

for their gold,

I too shall plunge your depths, my love.


[clears throat]

These three locks, I think they represent the Rhine maidens.

Yes, Sebastian. But as old as all the people upstairs are,

we don’t have all the time in the world.

So show me why I found you.

I shall begin.

[“Das Rheingold” playing]


Could you please stop pacing?

Thank you.

[music stops]

[gears turning]

You did it.

I’ve done it.

Sebastian, you did it.

I did it. I cracked a Wagner!


I’m invincible! [laughing]

I’m invincible!

Okay, Mr. Invincible.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

There’s no way it will fit.

It’s not about getting all of it, it’s about where we’re getting it from.

Don’t you see?

This is Everest.

This is [chuckling] shooting Bigfoot.

This is about becoming legends.


Nothing, it’s just all very exciting! [chuckling] It’s, uh…

Focus on the 500s.

[Brad] Once you’ve done that, I’ll provide the final part of the distraction…

[phone ringing]

…while Rolph waits in the van,

ready at a moment’s notice to make our getaway.

Bonjour, monsieur.

[Gwendoline] Then I’ll take you back to the restroom.

You walk out…

[buzzer sounds]

…and I follow.

And that’s that.

And that’s that?

[Brad] That’s that.

[Sebastian] It cannot be that easy.

Sebastian, it’s already done.

[engine accelerating]

[Sebastian laughing] We did it!


[in German] Whoo-hoo! Madness! Whoo!

[in English] Fuck me.


[ominous music playing]

[woman] Sir.

[sighs] Sir?

[in French] Yes.

[in English] Um, I think I speak for all of us

when I ask why does this concern us right now?

Uh, I only mean… Don’t get me wrong, but lest we forget,

there’s a zombie apocalypse happening in the world right now.

So why are we spending time on this and not on…

Well, you know, matters related to the zombie…

Screw the zombies.


This is why.

Excuse me, who’s the old guy?

Did nobody read the fucking briefing packets?

I’m not going to spare you the trouble of reading your packets.

For the sake of time,

I will indulge you in the abridged version of the story.

This man, decades ago,

built a series of four safes that are now subject of legend.

This morning, the first of those four safes was robbed.

And I think I know who did it

and where they’re going next.

This is the last confirmed photograph of Gwendoline Starr,

before she dropped off-the-grid.

And this is the last known photograph of Alexis Broschini.

Although, we have reason to believe he now goes by the name of Brad Cage.

They’ve pulled off five bank robberies in the last four years.

We almost had them once.

Managed to catch a member of the team. The safecracker.

Would have gotten them all if Brad fucking Cage hadn’t shot me.

[man] He shot him?

[Beatrix whispers] In the ass.

And that brings us to yesterday,

when this van was captured by traffic cameras

leaving the scene of the Paris heist.

And the maker of the safe? One Hans Wagner.

So they must have recruited a new safecracker.

That’s right. They are going for Hans Wagner’s magnum opus.

And as you pointed out, they have chosen now,

when the world is completely distracted

by your fucking zombie plague to do it.

They don’t think anyone is watching them, but they’re fucking wrong.

If they’re truly going for the Ring cycle,

that means…

That means we have two chances left to catch them.

And Goddamn it,

I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna do it.

Yeah, he means, uh, we are going to do it.

Uh, me and him leading the investigation together.

So he’s right.

Uh, read your packets and I’m going to make sure he’s not having a heart attack.

[upbeat music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Gwendoline] Come on.

[Brad] …about two more tries.

[both cheering]


Lucky shot.

In your face.

[Brad] Easy. You ready for this?

[Gwendoline] Yes.

[Brad] Huh?

[Gwendoline cheering]

Yes! [exclaims]

Whoo! That’s game over.

Huh, huh?

Don’t worry. We’ll get them next time. Go on.

May I ask, are we doing the bonding right now?

Yeah, if you like.

You know how I like to do my bonding?

Over some sandwiches. Let’s go. Come on.

[Brad] Losers.

[Gwendoline] Whoo!

Yeah, yeah.

[whispers] I love sandwiches.

Yeah? How do you say sandwiches in German?



How do you say salad?



He did it.

[both chuckle]


[Gwendoline] He did it.

Yeah, he did.

[Rolph] Big day tomorrow.

Protein in the meat absorbs the alcohol in your body.

You need that one plate of meat for every five beers that you drink.

But you’re gonna wake up feeling fresher than ever.

My grandma taught me that.

Scientifically proven.

[upbeat music playing]

What did he just say?

I don’t know, I never understand him.

Having fun?

Yes, I’m having so much fun.

This is the first real party I’ve been to in many moons.

I don’t judge.

The music is very, very cool.

Who is the maker?

You’re looking at her. [whispers] I only DJ my own music.

Oh, wow, that’s very cool.

So you want to make out or whatever?


Uh… Do I wish to, uh…

Oh, my God. Um…



Good luck with that.



[cat meows]

I’ve worked with Gwen for quite a while and I like her a lot.

But how much did she tell you about who she is?

Not the most.

Not to go crying out somebody else’s sob story, yeah.

But she’s had a tough go.

Her parents were rich as shit.

But she ditched them when she was 17,

then joined a gang of other rich shithead kids.

Brad was one of those kids.

Ah, now I understand. Okay.


Yes. Um…

Okay. [sighs]

[speaking indistinctly]

[Gwendoline sighs]



Oh. Hi.

Are you all right? I, uh… I brought you some water.

Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going over the plans for tomorrow.

Fun time tonight?

Yes. Uh, very much fun.

I think me and Rolph are becoming very good bros. Yeah.


And in fact, my heart is still racing from, you know…

You know, uh…

Today was incredible. [sighs]

How are you?

Uh, I’m… I’m all right.

Well, I had a little tiff with Alexis.

Who’s Alexis?

[chuckles] Of course. You know him as Brad, don’t you?

[splutters] Wait.

His real name is not Brad Cage?


Nobody’s real name is Brad Cage.

[Sebastian] Why did he change it?

I don’t know. Alexis grew up watching American action movies.

He idolized the heroes. [scoffs]

You know, he said he wanted the most badass possible American name.

Like, I quote, “If, uh, Brad Pitt and Nic Cage

fucked and had an even hotter baby.”

And it’s…

It’s really how he sees himself.

It’s sad that he could not learn to love the name he was born with.

Yeah, but we can’t all be called Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert.

What’s wrong with my name?

[chuckles] Nothing.

No. What’s wrong with my name?

Well, it’s a… You know, it’s a bit of a mouthful, that’s all.

You’ve never considered something simpler, ever?


[Sebastian] Do you want to hear a secret?



[clears throat]


When I was, like, a little kid…

My God, this sounds so stupid. Um…

You know, I never really fit into this world.

While others were doing stuff that kids do…

[in German] Silence!

[in English] …I retreated into my own world and improved my skills.

[in German] I did it. Yes!

I’m a master!

[in English] And to document my passion, I used to write my own comic book.

It was about a master safecracker and explorer named

Ludwig Dieter.

Ludwig Dieter. Yeah.

I thought it was, like, the coolest name ever.

Now I realize it’s pretty much as dorky as my actual name.

[chuckles] Sure, but… Ludwig Dieter.

Yeah, well, it’s easier to pronounce.

Um, can I ask you a question?


Why do you do what you do?



Well, you could say it runs in the family.

My father was a rich asshole,

one who got richer from the collapse of the housing market.

I mean, he stole from people who had next to nothing.

[Sebastian] Look at me,

old Sebastian talking to the most interesting girl in the world.

Can you believe my luck?

This was the greatest evening of my life thus far.

She would tell me many things that night. A great many things.

Some of them happy,

some of them decidedly less so.

That she never felt that she fit in with her parents.

And longed for a more exciting life

than the one they had chosen for themselves.

How stealing made her feel alive.

How she met Alexis when she was 19,

and thought she saw kindness in him and the rest of the crew.

The kindredness of spirit.

Kindredness. Is that a word?

[Gwendoline] I’ve done a lot of stupid shit. [chuckles]

But I always felt like if I could do just one really great thing in my life,

something people would remember,

whatever happened before or after,

it wouldn’t matter.

[whispers] The Ring cycle.

The Ring cycle. [chuckles]

[Brad] That little asshole.

[Rolph] Hmm.

He thinks he can spend the whole night talking to my girlfriend?

I mean, is my company not good enough for her, huh?

I’m fucking delightful.

Maybe they’re just starting to form a meaningful friendship.

Sebastian is a likable dude.

[Gwendoline] I know we’re an odd bunch, but we’ve just stuck together for so long.

A little family.

[sighs] But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes think about

striking out on my own.

[clicks tongue] Okay, where… where would you go?

America. Nevada specifically.

Where the zombies are? Are you crazy? Why?

There’s a rumor that’s where it is.

[Sebastian] The Götterdämmerung.


Could you imagine… [chuckles]

…if we got here and cracked the safe?

[continues indistinctly]

[exhilarating music playing]

[Rolph] Ladies and gentlemen, if you look to your left,

that’s the bank we’re about to heist the shit out of.

[Sebastian] Holy moly, this looks bigger than the last one.

Why would it be smaller, hmm?

What were you expecting, huh?

[bell chimes]

[Delacroix over radio] Anything?

Nope, nothing.

Okay, stay sharp. It has to happen today.

Or they have no time to pull off the third job before the safes are transferred.

Unless they’re pulling off the third job now while we’re here.

No. They’ll do them in sequence.

Sorry. I know they will.

If you say so.

Yes, I say so.

“Junior branch coordinator.”


Prestigious position, Madam Secretary.

Why am I a secretary?

Blame her, she made them. Move.

Sorry, Gwen.

How’s it looking, Korina?

[Korina] As good as can be expected.

Excuse me, a question.

This sounds less good than super great.


All right, this isn’t a credit union anymore.

This is the real deal.

The real deal?

They have a million extremely complex security protocols in place

to detect exactly what we’re trying to do here.

Literally a million?

[Brad] Yeah, literally a million.

I’ve been reconning their systems for months to test their capabilities.

Reconning? What does this mean, reconning?

You know, reconning. Fucking reconning. I’ve been reconning them.

Now get out of my asshole, Mr. I Don’t Want To Make Out.

Ah, okay. Got it. Okay, reconning.

I can only be in their system for 16 seconds at a time

without them detecting me.

Then I have to drop out, do the whole thing over again,

repeat until I can get your asses into the vault, so…

Um, okay, uh, not to be all Johnny New Guy…

Not an expression.

But this sounds much riskier than Paris. Are we sure it will work?

It will theoretically work, yes.


[Brad] Theoretically.

According to theory rather than experience or practical application.

Realistically, I give you about a 5% chance of survival, so good luck.

Not helping.

It will work. We’re ready.

You good, bro?

Good, brother.

Hey. Hey, talk to me.

What’s going on? How are you feeling?

About the going to the bank?

Very, very scared.

About the safe breaking itself,

“Hey, I feel great. I cracked a Wagner.”

Nothing can stop me now.

[bell rings]


I’m in.


Two seconds.

And I’m out.

Did he get through?

[whispers] Holy shit, it worked.

[Korina] What were you expecting?

[Brad] You’re a fucking genius.

Yes, I know.

Sebastian, in front of you are two doors. Take the left.

I’m going to lead you through a series of evasive steps, okay?

In case anyone is watching.


Go to the elevator at the end of the hall.



[Korina] Gwen’s elevator is busy.

I got to go, bye.

[whispering] Wait. Korina, what elevator?

[elevator dings]

[Korina] Gwen, go up to level four.

Cross the office and I’ll send the other elevator.

First door on your left.

[upbeat pop music playing]

[in Czech] Hi.

Pavel, for the last time, you can’t drink in here.

[Pavel] Did you see that?

Where did he go?

He disappears.

[in English] Anything?

Still negatory.

Sebastian, the vault elevator behind the locked door ahead of you.

Go up, pretend to unlock it, and I’ll open it, okay?

[in German] Just pretend.

[in English] Pretend to unlock.

Thank you.

[Korina] Bye.

[computer trilling]

Come on, let’s go.

[clears throat softly]

[clears throat]

You all right?

May I ask, you didn’t tell me about you and Mr. Brad.


The two of you are together in the romantic sense.


I, of course, understand.

He’s amongst the handsome…

Is this really the time…

I never said one way or another whether I had a boyfriend or not,

and frankly, I don’t know what it is to you.

I only ask why did you hide this from me?

[scoffs] Okay.

I was…

Hold this, please.

[guard in Czech] Show me your ID.



[in English] Oh, fuck.

[both grunting]

Gwen! Gwen!



What the fuck was that?


[guards groaning]

You karate’d two men.

You did not say that was part of the plan.

It wasn’t. I improvised.

Always be prepared.

[breathing heavily]

Always be prepared.

[muffled grunting]

Did you know that Richard Wagner spent 31 years writing the Ring cycle?

Much longer than even Hans spent building the corresponding safes.

[“Ride of the Valkyries” playing]

Yes, actually, I did know that.

Wagner’s work had many themes of great importance to him,

but all of them touched upon love.

For instance, the story of the safe that has brought us here today.

The Valkyrie.

The first act of the story takes place on Earth

as the children of Odin or Wotan,

the siblings, Siegmund and Sieglinde happen to cross one another

and fall in love.


No, it’s okay.

They did not know at the time they were brother and sister.

The second act of the story takes place far above Earth,

in a kingdom meant to represent Valhalla.

It’s the gods’ plan, a course of action,

and Wotan sends his daughter Brünnhilde to kill Siegmund.

But moved by his love for Sieglinde,

she does not and helps her instead.

This angers Odin, who decrees the most dire of punishment,

stripping Brünnhilde of her immortality

and casting her out of her Valhalla.

I believe the locks are to be solved in the order of the story

and then the cycle begins anew.

The themes of these stories were the model, still relevant,

such as deception and double cross in love.


[Gwendoline] Great. Yeah.

Let’s get on with it now, shall we?




[“Ride of the Valkyries” continues playing]

Why… Oh, okay.

[Delacroix] Anything?

[man on radio] Still negatory.


[in French] Something’s not right here.

Yes, I’m inclined to agree.

I’m not missing our shot. If they’re inside…

We’re going to catch them.

[in English] Let’s go.

We’re moving in.

[dramatic music playing]

[guard in Czech] Got him. Camera 52.

What the fuck.

Someone’s in our system.

[alarm beeping]

[in English] Oh, fuck.

What is it?

They triggered their silent alert. Locks the elevators until they investigate.

So, what? They’re onto us?

They’re on the path to being onto us.


All right, time for plan B.

Plan B now?

Yes. Plan B, Rolph.

Yo, come on, man.

Mr. Delacroix,

there is really something that you should know.

[Delacroix] Open the gate.

[door buzzes]

[Korina] You ready?

[Brad] Yeah.

Okay. Go.

What the fuck?

[horn honking]

[tires screech]

This is not a Wagner.

We’re in the wrong bank.

[people screaming]

[Delacroix] You traded your safe.


What the fuck?

Listen. Listen.

Given its impenetrable nature,

they decided its purpose would be better served

at one of our more prestigious locations.

Where? Where did you send it?

[people screaming]

[Brad] Everyone get on the ground!

You, pass me that bag!

Move, move, move.

Thank you very much.

What was that?

Oh, uh, don’t worry about it.

It’s just a little distraction to buy some more time.

I’m sure.

But we should hurry it up.

[softly] Okay.

All right.

[breathes deeply]

You’ll see. This will be easy.

[chuckles softly]


[speaking German]

[Gwendoline] What’s going on?

It just…

It just what?

It just detected my presence.

[heart beating]

Okay. What do we have here?

Tell me. What do you want me to do?


Nothing to worry about.

Uh… [chuckles] Okay, what does that mean?

That if I fuck up again, it locks forever.

That’s all.

That kind of sounds like something to worry about,

Mr. Warming Up My Instruments.

You just said this would be easy.

I realize what I just said, okay?

This fit’s slightly more complicated than I’ve expected.

I don’t understand why you are so stressed.

I’m not stressed.

You’re stressed.

You’re stressed!

Do you know what? Do your job.

Stop, stop, stop!

[tires screech]

Get out of the car. Get out of the car!

[in French] Okay! Let’s go!

[in English] Come on!

[in French] What? Shit!

[Beatrix] What the fuck was that?

[in English] Come on, move. How are we getting on?

All of you, get in the middle of this floor.

Let’s move. Let’s move.

Let’s move!


[people screaming]

[guard in Czech] Fucking Christ!





[whispers in German]

[clears throat]

[mouthing] Come on.

Let’s go. Come on.

Let’s move! Let’s move!

[in Czech] Damn it.

[alarm blaring]

[in English] Shit.

They triggered the alarm.

[Brad] Hello?

Fill the bag. Come on!

Faster. Faster. Faster.

[mimicking gunshot]

[siren wailing]




[clanging continues]

[Gwendoline] What?

What is it?

Is this a good freeze or a bad freeze?




Oh, my God!

You did it! You did it!

I did it!

You did it!


Oh, you strange, beautiful strange man!

[both laughing]

Strange twice. I’ll take it.

[Korina] Guys, status?

We got it. We’re on our way out.

[Korina] Brad, get out. We got it.

[Brad] All right. Let’s zip the bag.

Zip it!

[Korina] Okay, Rolph, let’s go.

[in Czech] Freeze!

Hands up!

[breathing heavily]


Where are you?

[alarm blaring]

[both grunting]


[ears ringing]


[Brad groans]


[people screaming]

[tires screech]

[Korina] Come on!


What happened?

You good?

Yeah, I’m fine.

[Korina] He’s shot in the shoulder.

[people screaming]

[Gwendoline] This way.

[Brad] Slow down, Rolph.

Gwen’s coming.

Come on! Run!

Come on!

Come on!


Come on. Run!

The bags.

[Brad] Gwen, grab my hand.

Go, go, go!

Grab my fucking hand, now!

[Brad] Move, Rolph. Drive.

[in German] Fucking asshole.

[sirens wailing]

[horn honking]

[Sebastian grunting]

[in English] What are you doing?

[in Czech] Stop!



[in German] I need the bicycle!

[in English] Sorry.

[in Czech] That’s my bike!

[in English] I’m sorry.

[in Czech] Fuck you, asshole!

[in German] Shit.

Whoa, whoa.

[tires screeching]

[in Czech] Going to Old Town.

[in German] Make way!

I’m sorry.

[siren chirps]

Watch out!

[in Czech] We lost him.

Out of the way!

[in English] Make way!

Excuse me. [mutters]


[screams hysterically]

Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!

[officer in Czech] Stop!



[helicopter hovering]

[in English] I’m so sorry.

[officer in Czech] Stop!

[in English] Make way! Make way!

[officers shouting indistinctly]



What? Oh, yeah. Fuck.

Interpol. Anyone hurt?

Uh, no one. They used tranquilizer darts.

Looks like they wiped the cameras on the way out.

It’s pretty cool actually. Almost feels like we’re in a spy movie.

Oh, cool. “Like a spy movie. It’s so cool, man.”

Shut up!

Shut the fuck up.

I need space to think.



[in German] Crazy! How did I do that?


[Brad groans]

[Brad] Korina?

[Korina] Nothing.

If they caught Sebastian, they haven’t announced it yet.

[Brad sighs]

All right, so be it. We ditch the van,

trade it for something less conspicuous and get the hell out of here.

All right?




Fuck. What is wrong with you?

Are you upset about the scrawny safecracker?

Don’t pretend that you didn’t know the plan.

That wasn’t the plan.

The plan was to finish the job before we cut him loose,

not throw him into the street like a sacrificial lamb!

Just for the record, I was startin’ to like the little man.

But business is business, so…

Shut the fuck up, Rolph, and drive.

We were always gonna have to lose him eventually, all right?

They almost had us. Somebody had to go down.

We could’ve all made it.

He’s not one of us. He never was.

How are we gonna do the Siegfried without him?

Who gives a shit about the Siegfried?

We got cleared. That is all that matters.

Do you know how fucking rich we are right now, huh?

[Brad chuckles]

Fuck you, Alexis.

[Brad] What did you just call me?

You heard me.

[Rolph whispers] Korina.

Who’s Alexis?

Stop the van.

[Rolph] Huh?

I said, stop the van! I’m getting out.

Don’t stop this van, Rolph!

Do not stop. Nobody’s getting out.


Hey. [yells]


I love you.


I don’t give a shit.

I’m done.

I’m done!

Oh, you’re done? You’re done?

Goodbye, Alexis.


Oh, fuck this shit.

Rolph, drive the car.

[Gwendoline] Get off me!

Get your hands off me.

You wanna go?

You wanna go, then go.



[tires screech]

[indistinct shouting]

[Brad] Where are you goin’?

I’m talkin’ to you.


I’m coming too.



[sighs] I put a lot of work into planning the third heist,

and Alexis is an asshole.

So let’s be legends.

[Brad] Come on.

[speaking Portuguese]

[Brad] Yeah? Good luck.

You too! Rolph, drive!

So what do we do now?


Probably should’ve waited till we were near a town, huh?

Yeah, probably.

Let’s go.

Come on.

[water running]

[machine whirring]

Do we say something?


Too much time has gone by. It’s weird now.

Should we just leave and then knock?

Or how about when he comes back in, we yell “surprise”?

That seems like a terrible, terrible idea.



[gasps, groans]


[in German] Shit, shit, shit!

[in English] All the hairs on my chest burned off.

You sure they were there to begin with?

They’re blonde, so you cannot see them,

but they were there and they were glorious.

[Sebastian sighs]

What the fuck are you guys doing here?


I’m sorry.

That’s it?

I’m so sorry, Sebastian.

It wasn’t about the myth of the quest for Brad and Rolph.

Not like it is for us.

For them, it was about finding a mark and making a buck.

Right, Gwen?

I can’t forgive myself for being a part of it.

And I wouldn’t expect you to either.

Well, thank you,

but who gives a shit, right?

Whether I forgive you for almost getting me sent to prison

or whether I don’t, you’re going to leave.

I’m going to go back to my stupid job, and that’s that, right?

Thank you for coming here,

but I must ask you now to leave.

Sebastian, no.

It’s not over!

How is it not over? Huh?

Unless you’ve cracked the Siegfried and didn’t tell us about it,

it’s not over.

[whispers] It’s not over.

No, I have not yet cracked the Siegfried.

I do not even know if I can.

Of course you can.

Did you see what happened with the Valkyrie? I fucked up!

[Gwendoline] And then you succeeded.

There is more adventure waiting for us.

If you think having those two assholes fuck us over means we are done,

you are sorely mistaken.

We could still do it.

And not just the Siegfried. We could earn our place in history.

We could go together, the three of us, a team,

to search for the Götterdämmerung.

But we can’t do it without you.

You may not believe in yourself anymore,

but I believe in you.

So you’re saying…

We need you.

You need me that the three of us alone can rob a Bly casino?

That’s right.

[gulps] Gulp.

Did he just say “gulp”?

[Sebastian] Yes, and I did it.

What’s with you, Korina? Hmm?

You feel the same way?

That you need me?

You know, I mean, look, statistically,

it’s very difficult to heist a casino, so I…

Yes, I need you, Sebastian.

All right, fine.

I’m not saying that I trust you because very much, no…

I get it.

And it’s not about the money either.

[Gwendoline] I know.

I just really want to get my fucking hands on that fucking safe.

Okay, so, what’s the plan, ladies?

[Delacroix sighs]

[sighs] No.

[murmurs indistinctly]

[in German] Hello, my dear friends. It’s me again, your great safecracker.

I hope you don’t mind, but the video today…

[in French] I know him.

I know this guy.

Oh, fuck! This is the same guy.

Beatrix! Beatrix!


Damn it!

Come to my office, please.

Yes. Now.

I found you.

[knocking at door]


[door opens]

So I hope this is super important news because I…

That’s him.

The guy who opens safes, the safecracker, that’s him.

This guy’s been living alone in Germany making shitty YouTube videos.

He’s not a criminal.

He’s an outsider.

And how does he know them?

They found him like this,

through YouTube.



Maybe he’s a patsy.

Look at the poor guy. They dumped him on the road.

He’s scared shitless like Bambi.

I almost feel bad for him.

And that’s all?



What? Yes, that’s all.

That’s all?

Yes, that’s all.


Super important information.

You could have told me over the phone.

[in German] Nice to meet you, Sebastian.


[fast-paced music playing]

[zombie growls]

[in English] Hey, it’s okay, it’s just me.


[panting] I dreamt of them again.

Of zombies.

[Korina] Maybe they’re prophecies, not dreams.

Maybe you saw your own death.

What’s that now?

Or maybe simply your psyche’s manifestations

of your own self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

You know, you should be that big, tough man. Be able to fight them.

And yet again and again,

they just destroy you.

Or maybe you just had a nightmare about zombies

because zombies are scary.

But they’re just dreams, Sebastian.

Or prophecies.

[in a raspy voice] Zombies…

[imitates growling]

[Delacroix] Southside?


[Delacroix] Southwest corner?

No sign.

[Delacroix] Northwest corner.

[man] Clear.

Okay, report back every two minutes.

[radio chatter]

T-minus eight hours until the safe is moved.


Did you really just say, “T-minus”?

Yes. I did.

And you’re sure we have the right casino?

Sorry. Sorry.

Clearly a sore spot.

I’m not missing my shot.

At least if we cooperated with the casino…

No. We are not cooperating with the casino.

If we tell the casino, they might move up the time of transfer.

If they move up the time of transfer, we miss our shot.

I’m gonna catch them.

And end it…

[man] Whoa!

Listen to this.

[Sebastian] I’m ready.

My fingers are suitably warmed up and ready for the cracking of the safe.

[Korina] We wait for the shift change at 5:00.

That’s our best shot. Copy?

[Sebastian] Yes, I copy your copies.

[Korina] Just say copy.

Is this what I think it is?

It seems it is.

On an open channel?

Not open, just not encrypted enough to stop me.

Okay, guys, 5:00 a.m., we move in then.

Don’t you think it’s just a little too good to be true?

As I was saying, keep watch on the perimeters.

I don’t want to miss any tricks, understand?

Okay. Go, go, go!

Interpol. We’re here about a possible security risk to your vault.

Yes, yes, we know.[in French] We are informed about the risk.

[Delacroix] What do you mean?

Please follow me.

[singing jazz song]

[Delacroix] Who told you about the risk?


And when you contacted us, we took action immediately.

What do you mean when we contacted you?

[woman] You did. And as agreed, we brought transport time forward.

The safe left an hour and a half ago.

You brought the transport time forward?


Last night, when you informed us of the risk.

But the transport is already underway.

[Beatrix] Hmm. See, I told you it was too good to be true.


It was planned for 5:00.

[camera shutter clicking]

[Korina] Hello. This is Interpol.

Are you aware that the safe scheduled for transfer tomorrow morning

is the third in a sequence of safes,

two of which have been robbed in the last 72 hours?

One moment, please.

Call the bank.

See if they’ll authorize us moving the vault sooner than planned.

Of course.

Call me if there’s a problem. You’re welcome.

[man in English] Can’t believe you drink that.


Being American makes it trash.

What about Zac Efron? American actor, very good.

Too bad he’s a zombie now, isn’t it?



The zombies got Zac Efron?


You bastard. [laughs]

[man] You should’ve seen the look on your face.

What the…

[all grunting]

[muffled scream]

[Sebastian] But what about the security inside the casino?

[Gwendoline] We’ll be gone before they even know we’re here.

[man] Whoa! Listen to this.

[Korina sighing]

Fresh air feels so good.

Ma’am, you cannot be up here. You have to go back inside.

I’m just here for a smoke.

Ma’am, please.

I’ll tell you what,

we can share. And I’ll be gone in a second, huh?

Now listen… [grunts]


[Delacroix] Southwest corner?

[man] All clear.


So you’re sure you can crack it while we drive?

I shall attempt to do so,

but please keep it as steady as you can.


I’ll make my way to the pier. I’ll get us as close as we can.

[operatic music playing on phone]

Siegfried. Hello, Siegfried.

Do you know what happens in Wagner’s Siegfried?

No, no. I don’t know.

Please tell me.

In it, the hero Siegfried faces his darkest of trials

in order to understand what it means to truly be afraid.

He slays the dragon Fafnir

and then he slays the dwarf who raised him,

when confronted with his betrayal.

Then he finds Brünnhilde and the two of them fall in love.

After all the pain and fear,

there’s a happy ending.


But what about the next opera?

The Götterdämmerung?

Siegfried dies and Brünnhilde throws herself on his funeral pyre.

[sighs] Gulp.

Okay. [breathes deeply]


Calm down. Calm down.

What do we have here?

What do we have, Siegfried?

[whispering indistinctly]

[breathes deeply]

[in French] Five o’clock!

[in English] I swear to God, if they find them before we do…

The fucking balls to double-cross their own team.

To be fair, we did also do a double cross on them.

This is not the time, Rolph.

[Delacroix] They must have an accomplice right here in town.

Search the town, every hotel, come on, every van, everywhere.

Where are they going?

Do we follow them?


I don’t know.

I don’t know. I don’t know.

[Sebastian] First of seven.

Okay, good.

Listen, not to be an asshole, but you did check the GPS, yeah?


You checked the GPS to see if her phone’s still on?

You think I’m an idiot?

I never said that.

Of course I checked the GPS.

You mind if I see?

You see?

Is that them?

[hesitates] Why did this just show up?

[Rolph] That must be them!

[Brad] Come on, let’s go!


No, no, no.

[sirens wailing]


Get her phone!

Get her phone!

Get the phone!


Oh, fuck.

[cell phone chimes]

Damn it.

Sebastian, Korina says they’re coming.

Where are we?

I need to go faster.

Lock four of seven.

Okay, is there any way we could possibly speed up the process?

Hey, I go as fast as I fucking can!

Sorry, yes.

Keep going.

[Delacroix] Where are they?

Where are who?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m just a girl on the street, taking a walk.

So you’re not Korina Dominguez?

Known associate of Gwendoline Starr and Alexis Broschini?

Tell me you’re not that girl.


Let her…

Where the hell are they?

[in French] Let her go! Stop it!

[in English] Where are they? Don’t fuck with me.

Never heard of them. Never.

Allow me to apologize for him.

But, come on, woman to woman,

do you really want all of this pinned on you alone?

Just tell us how they were gonna escape.

Wait a moment.

Just one piece of information,

then I promise I’ll do everything in my power

to make sure your little brother is looked after.

We’re fucking getting them.

You’re just gonna scare them, right?

[Delacroix] Okay. Come on, guys.

We know where they’re going.

Let’s go.

[Beatrix] Good luck, team.

[Sebastian over radio] Six of seven.

[Gwendoline] Oh, no.

Shit. Left turn!

Okay, sorry, right turn!







I’m fine! I’m fine. Okay.

[Gwendoline] Sebastian?

You good?

There is a happy ending.

[gears clanking]

I… I did it.

Gwen, I did it. [laughs]

You did it?

I did it.


I cracked the Siegfried!


I did it. I fucking did it!


I’m a master. I did it!

One thought that I’ve not been able to cast out of my mind is…

How sad it is that this great man,

he devoted his life to this work.

Nobody ever really appreciated it,

or even understood his genius.

Because in order to understand a work, you must engage with it.

And until now with Wagner’s Ring cycle, nobody could.

What are you saying, Sebastian?

I’m saying…

I finally understand.


It’s over, Gwen.

You made your choice.

What are you going to do? Shoot me?

Yeah, maybe.

Will you take me back?


Are you serious?

Does that seem like something an action hero would do?

Point a gun in a girl’s face and tell her to come back to him

or he’ll blow her brains out?

Fair point.

Well, maybe hero time’s over.

Maybe I’m the villain after all.

Not a villain. You’re just a dick.




Oh, Gwen! Oh, God!

No, no, no.



I took the firing pin out!

You what?

Okay. I really think you could have told me this.

I did tell you, but guess what?

This gun works.

I disabled yours when you shot that Interpol agent…


…because I was afraid that you would actually kill somebody.

It’s them or us. It was always them or us.

It was just about you playing action hero, compromising the team.

You’re nothing without me.

And me having to clean up…



[Brad mutters]



Oh, you fucking pussy.

This guy?


Get to the truck now.

Is it too late for me to change sides?

Get to the fucking truck!

[Sebastian groaning]

[Sebastian] Fuck me.

[sirens wailing]

This isn’t over! You hear me?


I will find you, Gwen!

You’ll see. I’ll find you both!

[Brad] Bonjour.



That’s for shooting me in the ass.

I’d do it again, Mr. Delay-croix.

[both grunt]

[in French] Delacroix, asshole.

[in English] Whoo! Take them in.

Uh, Gwen, um…



I really like you a lot.

And I just wanted to take this opportunity to say it.

You know you always choose the worst time to…

I’m, uh… [clears throat] I’m sorry.

You know, I really like you a lot too.

[Delacroix] Freeze.

Hands in the air.

Turn around.

Turn around.

Lower the gun or I shoot.

[Sebastian] Gwen, what are you doing? He’ll shoot you.

One more step and I shoot.

Even if you make it to the boat, you’ll never make it out of the lake.

It’s over.

Put your gun on the ground.

We could work something out.

We have three backpacks of cash. You could take one of them.

[Delacroix] I don’t want your money.

You have no idea how long I’ve been chasing you.

So get on the ground now.

[whispering] Sebastian, he’s right. We won’t make it.


But you can.

There’s no reason he has to get both of us.

What are you saying? No, Gwen.

We can’t make it.

Stay back!

I’ll come with you, but he goes.

He’s not going anywhere.

You said it yourself.

It’s me you want. Me and Alexis.

He has no part in this. He’s not a criminal.

He’s nobody.

So if you want to take me in, he goes,

or I’ll shoot you in your other fucking leg.

Get the fuck out of here.


Get the fuck out of here! Go!



I didn’t see you.

[Gwendoline] Sebastian, get out of here.


No, I can’t.

Sebastian, get out of here.

I can’t.

When I get out, I’ll find you.

And we’ll find it together.

If not, you find it for me, okay? You find the Götterdämmerung.

No, Gwen, no, I can’t.



[melancholy music playing]

[Sebastian] Seeing that she had not just gotten me a passport, but a plane ticket to the same place she was going, it broke my heart.

“Ludwig Dieter.”

It broke my heart thinking of all the adventures we could have had, the things we could have shared, because in that moment, I knew that of all the people in the world,

there was only one I wanted to be with.

And it was her.

But that was okay.

I would wait for her.

And we would one day be reunited in the vault of the Götterdämmerung.

[man] What are we doing here?

You told me you needed a safecracker.

Might be our missing piece.

[operatic music playing over speakers]

You the locksmith?

Can you make sense of this?

[woman] Hey, the guy in the front…

You saw the old man in the front and he sent you back here?

[woman] Mm-hmm.

You must really have a problem.

How would you like to make 250 grand for one day’s work?

Oh, my God.

[man] Can you crack it?

Can I crack it?



Can I crack it?

This is like showing me a picture of Botticelli’s Madonna of the Magnificat, and asking me if I want to fuck her.

Okay, the man who designed this wonderful work of art,

Hans Wagner, he named it the Götterdämmerung for the final chapter in his namesake,

Richard Wagner’s epic opera The Ring of the Nibelung.

Can it be opened, and by me?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t.


Watch your fingers, Mr. Big Hand.

But of the world’s living locksmiths,

do I represent your greatest chance of opening it?

I can, with humility, say yes.

You’re in?

It’s a doorway to another realm, my friends.

And providence has brought you to me.

We go through it together.

[exciting orchestral music playing]


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