Fatherhood (2021) – Transcript

A father (Kevin Hart) brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter's birth.
Fatherhood (2021)

Fatherhood is a 2021 American comedy-drama film directed by Paul Weitz from a screenplay by Weitz and Dana Stevens, based on the 2011 memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Matthew Logelin. The film stars Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, Frankie R. Faison, Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan, Melody Hurd, and Paul Reiser, and follows a new father who struggles to raise his daughter after the sudden death of his wife.

* * *

[somber instrumental music playing]

[sighs deeply]

[clicks tongue]

This sucks.

[indistinct chattering]

You haven’t seen Matt, have you?

Yeah, I saw him go upstairs.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Hi, Mom.

[Mom] Hi.

Don’t dress me.

You’re gonna be okay.

The both of you are gonna get through this because the Lord has a plan for you.

I know, Mom. But don’t put on my shoe.

You’re just gonna pick yourself up and be this wonderful, special guy you’ve always been.

Yeah, I don’t need you to tie my shoe.

Don’t tie it, Mom.

[door opens]

[door closes]


We have to do this soon.

[Matt] What do you mean by soon?

The baby’s not due for another two weeks.


[doctor] Your amniotic fluid’s low, and your daughter’s already a healthy size. So let’s get her out.

It’s a girl.

I heard her. I heard what she said.

[doctor] Oh, sorry. Were you waiting to find out?

You would’ve knew that if you were our regular doctor, who chose this week of all weeks to go to Maui, which is insane.

Why not go bodysurf?


You know, it’s just our first kid.

Also, she’s still breech, so I wanna schedule a cesarean for this evening.

For this evening?

[doctor] Mm-hmm.

Well, I haven’t even set up the crib. I didn’t…

Are you serious?

See, I knew I should’ve taken care of it. You told me to take it off my list.

‘Cause I wanted you to take it off your list. I’m handling it. I got it.

That’s really reassuring.

Honey, I’m handling it. [chuckles]

Are you really ready for this?

Yes! No… Who’s really ready?

Like, what does that mean when you say, “Are you really ready for this?”

This evening? Can we do it tomorrow?

‘Cause I got a fantasy football draft. Um, me and some guys from work.

We put a nice little pool together, and we…

I’m kiddin’. Why are you taking me serious?


Stop. Relax, honey, all right?

That’s a good one. [chuckles]

All right. [chuckles]

[doctor] You good?

Yeah, my hands started sweatin’.

I know.



[both] Whoo!

Why couldn’t you guys give us adequate warning?

Well, we just thought it’d be fun to surprise you.

We said, “You know, we should have this baby tonight and mess with Marion.”

Love your sense of humor, Matt.

Yeah, well, at least I got one. Bye-bye.

Oh, okay. Mom, we’ll call you as soon as it’s over, okay? I love you.

[Marion] No, no! Skype me while it’s happening.

What? Mom!

Okay, now we’re just being weird.

I want to be in the room with my daughter and to see my granddaughter when she enters the world.

Well, I’ll be here to take care of her.

Like you took care of Cousin Janey’s baby?

Mom, that is ancient history.

Here we go. Here we go.

[Marion] Not that ancient.

You don’t put a baby on your lap and then strap a seat belt over you in the passenger seat in an automobile driving to 7-Eleven.

I know you don’t hold a baby in your lap and strap a seat belt over you while you in the passenger seat of an automobile driving to 7-Eleven.

I know that!

Terrific. Skype me.

Sweetie pie, Mommy will see you tomorrow.

[Matt] Okay, bye. Bye.


[chuckles] Give Daddy a kiss, hmm? [kisses]

[kisses] And a kiss from Mommy.

Two kisses.

Wake up.

Oh my God.

I’m ready. I’m ready to dance.


[somber instrumental music playing]


[man] Matt. Hey, man.


What’s goin’ on?

Oh hey, stay away from that tuna casserole.

The one in the middle tastes like ass.

[voice breaks] My mom made that casserole, Oscar.

It’s really good. It’s really… It’s got, like, a tang.

It’s all right, man. It’s okay.

Like a tangy…

[sighs deeply] Come here.


Jordan, I don’t…

Come here.

Nope, come here. Bring it in. You need this.

Bring it in.

Let it out. Breathe, breathe.

[exhales deeply, grunts]

Come on, man.

Let me tell you something. That speech…

Your speech.

You went up there, and you talked.

I don’t, um…

I don’t know what to say.

I… I would’ve assumed you’d have written something,

but you said, “No, I’m freestyling this.”

Okay, we done? ‘Cause I can’t do this right now.


No. Nope, Matt. Look at me.

You can, and let me tell you why.

You’re not listening to me.

Remember Camp Winapoo? You remember we went to Camp Winapoo?

I do.

And you got the poison ivy in your face.

Your face started blistering. It was… it was bubbling, and the bumps…

Then the bumps was poppin’, so you had pus comin’ out of your face.

And you looked crazy as hell, right?

You came to lunch, and your crush was there, Marcy.

You used to love Marcy.

And when she saw him, she screamed.

And you was devastated.


But you got through that.


You got through that?

Because you’re strong and confident.

And you’ll get through this too.

This is so much worse than that.

How is that the same?

[softly] I’m just trying…

I promise you… I’mma punch you in the face. Don’t say nothin’ else to me.


I told you I can’t.

Jordan, I swear to God.

Why you ballin’ up your fists?

Swear to God. Stop.

[soft uplifting music playing]

[monitors beeping]

[Matt] How do you feel?


It’s gonna be okay, all right?


I love you so much.

I love my anesthesiologist. [laughs]

Stop it. Stop playin’.

You’re so beautiful.

[Marion on monitor] Matt! Matt!

Yes, Marion?

I can’t see. Come on!

[doctor] You’re doing great, Liz. Might wanna look away now, Matt.

It’s happening. I wanna look, but I don’t wanna look.

But I do wanna look, but I don’t want to look.

[doctor] You’re doing great.

Oh my God. We about to be parents.

I love you.

[Matt] I love you too.

Okay? How we doin’, doc?

Here she comes.

[Matt] See the baby?

[doctor] I do.

Oh my God, Liz.

[baby crying]

[doctor] And there she is.

[“Almost (Sweet Music)” by Hozier playing]

We got a baby.

♪ I came in from the outside Burned out from a joyride ♪

♪ She likes to roll here In my ashes anyway ♪

♪ Played from the bedside Is “Stella by Starlight” ♪

♪ “That Was My Heart” The drums that start off “Night and Day” ♪

♪ The same kind of music Haunts her bedroom ♪

♪ I’m almost me again She’s almost you ♪

♪ I wouldn’t know where to start Sweet music playing in the dark ♪

♪ Be still, my foolish heart Don’t ruin this on me ♪

♪ I wouldn’t know where to start Sweet music playing in the dark ♪

♪ Be still, my foolish heart Don’t ruin this on me ♪

♪ I wouldn’t know where to start… ♪

Um… I just wanted to, uh…



Oh, you didn’t have to.

I know I didn’t have to. I wanted to, ’cause you deserve it.

It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Let me put it on you. [chuckles]

Thank you. [chuckles]


You’re still gonna have to do diapers.

As long as they promise to change my diapers when I get old, I’m happy.

Love you. Thank you.

Love you. How you feelin’?

A little sore but…

How are you doing, Liz?

I wanna see Maddy.


I thought you might.

[Matt chuckles]

[Liz groans]

Matt, I’m gonna need you to come around here and help me.


She’s gonna be a bit wobbly.

[Matt] Okay.

We’re gonna take this slow, okay?

[Matt] Take your time. Take your time.

Let’s get you to the chair. Easy, easy.

Ready for a 10K.

[Matt chuckles]

All right.

Guys, I feel light-headed.

Take your time, honey. Take your…

[Liz gasping]

Liz? Liz? Liz? What’s wrong with her?

Was she dizzy earlier?

What’s wrong? Liz? I don’t know!


She’s having trouble breathing.

[Matt] What do you mean?

I’m gonna get help.

Look at me!

Medical emergency!

Liz! Liz! Look at me!

Give her space.

What’s wrong with her?


[nurse] I need an oxygen mask!


[nurse] Can you hear me?

I need you to step back now!

Wait a minute.

That’s my wife.

[nurse] She collapsed.

There were no precursory signs.

What’s goin’ on? Liz!

That is my wife!

[nurse] Her pressure dropped.

[doctor] Two milligrams of epi.

Wait a minute, man. Liz! Wait a… Liz!

[doctor] Mr. Logelin.

Hey. What’s up, doc? What’s… what’s goin’ on, man?

[doctor] Your wife had a pulmonary embolism.

Uh, a blood clot traveled to her lung.

What does that mean?

What’s that mea…

[softly chokes back tears]

[sniffles, crying]

[sniffles, voice breaking] Don’t tell me my wife is dead.

[sniffles] Don’t tell me my wife is dead.

[Marion] What? What? What?

What is it? Is it Maddy? What? Jus… Matt!

[door opens]

[Marion yells in anguish] No! No! [wails]

[somber instrumental music playing]

[Maddy crying]


[inhales deeply]

[softly] I would trade everything to spend one more day with you.

Here she is.

[Maddy cooing]

[soft instrumental music playing]

[Marion] He’s not ready for a baby.

He hasn’t even put the crib together.

Well, you know, he’s always been extremely immature.

Oh, hi, Matt. How are you, dear?

I’m extremely immature.

Can you give the baby, please?

I just gave her a bottle.


[Maddy coos]


[door closes]

You know, Maddy, if you could have only one parent, I wish you could’ve had your mom.


‘Cause she would’ve been better at it.

I think sooner than later.

[sighs] I don’t know.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Mmm, mmm, hmm?

I don’t know how he gonna do this.

[sighs] I know.

See? Will you tell him that?



[Maddy crying]

All right! All right, Maddy!

Okay. You win. You win, Maddy.

Tell me what it is. Are you hungry? Huh?

[Maddy continues crying]

You want your diaper changed again?

Okay. Wait a second.

Hold on, Maddy.

Okay. Here.

[sniffles] All right. Okay.

All right, all right. Huh? Wait, I didn’t get it all.

Oh my G… Shit!


[Matt] What are you doin’ up?

[scoffs] I probably will never sleep again.

What is that on that baby’s bottom?

It’s a diaper.

It looks like a balloon animal.

Is it inside out?

The diaper’s on fine.

I just came down to give her a bottle.

Already done. We heard her crying.

[Matt] Mm-hmm. Give her some.


[in singsong] There you go. There you go.

Matthew, darling, we’ve been talking…

We think you should move back to Minnesota.

It’s financially prudent.

[Mom] It is. You can find a job there.

[Marion] Your mom and I can help you raise Maddy.

We’ll all be together. You’ll have a church, a support system.

You’re all alone here.

I’m not alone, okay? My job is here.

There are no good tech jobs at home. My friends are here.

Your friends are kind of weird.

Okay. That may be true, but they’re my friends, Ma.

Liz is here.

And every place that I look here, every single place that I look makes me think of her.

Mom, you always talk to me about God’s plan.

I would love to know what the odds are of me meetin’ somebody from my hometown halfway across the country.

[Marion] God?

I had a plan.

Liz was to go away to grad school and then come back and work and live.

That was the plan before she met you.

Now, you want to stay, do that, but Maddy comes with us.

Marion, it’s…

[Marion] It’s the best thing for her.

Believe it or not, it’s best for you too. I care about you.

You think you can do this, but you can’t.

Raisin’ a child, that’s a… that’s a nonstop, all-day, all-night affair.

I understand, and I’ll… I’ll think about it.



[grunts] I thought about it.

Yeah, I just… I just thought about it. You’re right.

No, Marion, you’re right. I can’t. I… I can’t do it. But you know what?

I’m gonna do it.

Yeah, I’m… I’mma do it. I’m gonna bring Maddy up.

I’m… I’mma bring Maddy up because I’m her father.

And because I love her.

[Marion] I know you love her.

Do you know that I love her, Marion, because I doubt that you really do.

I have no doubt you love that baby.

I have no doubt you loved my Liz.

But you wanna keep Maddy to yourself because you need a life raft.

I’m sorry I messed up your plan.

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

You catch even more with a flyswatter.


If there’s one piece of advice that I could give you about bringing up a kid…

Let go.

Look, as a parent, we do all this shit, right?

Trying to make everything perfect.

[chuckles] But we don’t have any control.

You just have to accept that fact.

Liz loved you.

And it made me happy to see that.

And I also saw how much you loved her.


You are a, um…

You’re a good father.

She was lucky to have you, Mike.



[inspirational instrumental music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

I had an aunt who died this past year.

She was 99.

Wow. That, uh… that must’ve been a shock.

It was.

Listen, I want you to take as much time…


…as you need.

Thank you.

Five weeks, six weeks.

I don… Whatever.

I’ll probably need about ten, twenty years.

Well, yeah…

That would do it, but I… I need my job.

You know? That’s why I can’t, uh… I can’t have that time.

Listen, Howard, I was thinking maybe I could just work from home and… and come in as you need me. You know?

And when I come in, I’d have to bring my daughter with me.

You’re taking care of her?

That’s correct.

All right. Good. [chuckles] Great. Okay.

You don’t think I can do it.

It’s not that I don’t think you can do it…

Because I’m a man?

[smacks lips] No.

See, what is it that a woman has that a man doesn’t?

Patience. Emotional vulnerability.



Some men have breasts.

I’m gonna let that go ’cause you’re grieving.

Listen, I love babies.

You know, I have three of them myself.

They’re not babies anymore in the picture, but when they started, they were babies.

And I’m tellin’ ya, it’s brutal.

It’ll wipe you out.

She have solid poops yet?

No. Nope.

I’m, uh… I’m dealing with the creamy shit right now.

Enjoy the creamy shit. It’s a big jump.

When you get to solid poops, it’s not a picnic.


Save that. Put it in the… with your roses and your flowers ’cause it’s packed with nutrients, that stuff.

That’s… It’s… it’s a great tip.


The London account, I know it’s comin’ up in five weeks.

I just wanna tell you, I’m on it.

You know, I’m more than capable of doin’ the job that needs to be done.

You know, but if you feel like I’m… I’m not or I can’t be, maybe you could put Oscar on it.

Jesus Christ. Oscar?

And see… Yeah.

No, no, no, no. Nah, no, no. Forget Oscar.

Did you ask him?


Did you ask him, “Do you want Oscar to handle the clients?”

Yeah. I did.

Remember? Like we rehearsed?

I said it, Oscar. It worked.

I told you it would. That’s great news.

Yeah. Yeah. D…


It’s kind of cruel to send flowers to someone who’s grieving.

‘Cause, you know, flowers die, and then you gotta throw them out.

It’s just such a bummer.

You know, I’ve never seen, like, a… like, a person pass or anything.

But, um, you know, I’ve seen a squirrel pass.

It makes you wonder about the circle of life.

But it’s not really a circle. It’s like a line.

‘Cause there’s a beginning and an end.

Hey, Oscar.

Can you stop talking?

Man, you sound just like my wife.

[car alarm chirps]

You’re gonna swaddle Maddy, aren’t you?

Did you swaddle Liz?

I sure did.

Then, yeah, I mean, I’mma do whatever Liz would’ve wanted me to do.

But this… this looks insane.

I mean, that’s… that’s tight there, Marion.

What, do you think she’s gonna run away or somethin’?


[Jordan chewing] What up?

How you doin’?

These are Flamin’ Hots.

Anybody want some? Grandmas? Want me to give one to the baby? Mmm.

Y’all lookin’ good, ladies. Can I say that to you?

Thank you.

[Jordan] Yeah.

No problem. You know…

Stop it.

Your pajama-robe thingy…

[Matt] Jordan. Stop it.

What am I doin’?

You’re flirtin’ with my mother.

I’m not flirtin’.

I’m looking at you flirt with my mama.

I’m flirtin’ with both your mamas. Hey, Marion, how you doin’? Looking good.


Kind of a blouse-sweater, huh?


Jordan, stop it.

I can’t help your mom is a GILF.

[Matt] That’s it.

[Jordan] Yeah, I said it.

[Matt] Stop.

Look, man, I got a… a present for you. Can I give you a present?

Wait right here. I’ll be right back. I got somethin’ for you.

We’ve been makin’ a list. We need onesies.

And you need a lock. A toilet lock. You know, they can drown in the toilet.

Look, I’ve been meaning to ask, wh… How long… how long are you stayin’?

I wish I didn’t have to go back…

[Matt] I’m not talking to you, Mom.

We’ve discussed that. But, Marion, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about you.

Well, since you refuse to move back to Minnesota, I’ll stay six months.

Six months?


What about Mike?

[Marion] Oh, I don’t care about Mike right now.

[Mike] Hey, Matt.

Hey, uh, Mike. How you doin’, man?

[Mike] Doin’ well, man.


I want us to be honest for a second.

Okay, let’s be honest.

The first thing I want to say is that I love havin’ you here.

I know you do.

[Matt] No, I… I love it.

But what worries me is that if you’re here… you know, if you’re… if you’re here for an extended period of time, we’re gonna end up gettin’ on each other’s nerves.

In just six months?

That’s why I was thinking maybe you could leave when my mom leaves.

What would I look like goin’ home before I know that you are capable

of taking care of my newborn grandchild?

How are you ever gonna know if you don’t let me do it?

[Jordan] That is a great damn point.

Huh? Forty-love. [laughs]

Forty-love, Matt. Here you go, brother. Look what I got for you, huh?

What is that, Jordan?

I got you a pet.

That’s a goldfish.

And let me tell you somethin’, kids with pets are really happy.

Also, they don’t get any allergies. Did you know that?

That’s cats and dogs.

Damn it, you read the same article.

Okay. Jordan, this is… this is…

[sighs] All right, I’m bullshitting you, man.

I’m sorry. Excuse my French.

I hate this fish. You remember Tanya? She gave me this fish.

Tanya broke up with me and left this dirty-ass fish in my house.

Can you take me to the baby store?

Hell yeah!

Thank you.

Team Single Father! I’m here to help you at the end of the day.

Thank you. Okay, Marion. How about we do this?

How about… how about, when you go back, right,

I promise to give you updates, let you know how Maddy’s doin’?

Uh, I’ll post pictures on my Instagram all the time.

All right.

I will go home when Anna goes.

But if you are not handling everything all very well,

you move your butt back to Minnesota.

Why would I agree to that?

Because it’s not about you.

[clicks tongue]


[Jordan] Brother, real quick.

You good on the fish?

[Matt] I don’t want the fish, man.

[Jordan] How you doin’?

Good. You?

[chuckles] I’m doin’ fine. Here you go.

These are great.

Oh, well…

You better stop smilin’ at me like that. [laughs] Here you go.


I don’t have no kids. This is for my friend.

This for his baby. You know, man, he’s buyin’ all this stuff.

[laughing] He’s paying for everything.

[Matt] Oh, here we go.

This is, uh… this is your diaper rash ointment for you.

This one’s Maddy’s. Just do… do his separate.

Here. Just put yours over there

so she knows that you have to pay for the stuff that you got

for your problem by yourself.

And this one’s the one I’m paying for for Maddy.

That’s yours. This is Maddy’s.


He says situa… I mean…


Bumps. But it’s… it’s shavin’ bumps.

On your butt.

[Jordan] Not on my butt.

I have shavin’ bumps from shavin’ and…

On your…

And I saw a video

that people use diaper rash ointment to keep their skin clear

from gaining shavin’ bumps. That’s why I got such a smooth neck.

Look how…

You look great…

I look great?


See, look at that. Yeah, she said I look great.

Ask to see his butt.

“Now insert the eighth 44-millimeter screw.”

I don’t see it. I don’t see the eighth 4… 44-millimeter screw.

I don’t see it.

You’re not even looking for real. Look… look next to your shoe. Look.


Why do you keep acting like you dumb, huh?

Because I didn’t see it, I’m acting like I’m dumb?

You acting like a dumb mother-fudger right now.

Don’t cuss at me in front of my child.

I didn’t. I called you a mother-fudger.

Why are you sayin’ “fudge”?

There’s a baby. I don’t wanna curse in front of the baby.

So why not just choose another word?

I did. “Fudge.”

Man. You know, your daddy is a witch.

Yeah, I said it. He’s a dumbass witch.

[Maddy cooing]

Goofy mother-fudger.


See, it’s not…

Just reach under and flip the switch.

I did reach under. It’s broken.

You’ve always been so impatient.

Stop. This ain’t got nothin’ to do with patience!

I’m telling you I’m trying to do it, and you just… I can’t!

I can’t, Mom!


I can’t do none of it.

I can’t do it.

Not without Liz.

You just have to do what’s best for her.

That’s all you have to do the rest of your life.

And I believe you can do that.

[inspirational instrumental music playing]

Right here.


[Anna] I’m gonna be praying for you ten times a day.

Listen, if it’s nine, don’t kill yourself, okay?

Love you, Mom.


That’s real lucky.

“Goodbye, Nana.”

Come, come, come.

You got her?

We have a deal now.

If it’s in her best interest, you’re moving back. Okay?

No being selfish.


[Marion sniffles]


[engine starts]

[Marion] Love you!

[Mike] Good luck.

[Marion] I love you, Maddy. Grammy loves you.

[Anna] Bye!



[“Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa playing]

Oh. Hey.

[in singsong] Hey, hey.

♪ Ooh, baby, baby Baby, baby ♪

♪ Ooh, baby, baby… ♪

Mmm. Mmm.

Daddy in a sling. Look at that.

How do I look?

You look great. Like a king.

Don’t say it just to be sayin’ it, man.

You look like a king.

[Matt] You gotta buckle it.

[Oscar] Push it down.

I’m pushin’ down.

I’m pushing my side down.

So buckle it.

[Oscar] No, but it’s still wobbly.

Fellas! Fellas! Okay, have you even attached the third anchor latch? Huh?

[Maddy whines]

[gasps] Oh my God. Oh no, no, no, Maddy.

I’m sorry. Daddy’s sorry.


Come on.

That’s in there. That’s sturdy.

That’s steady.

Thank you.

I was a nanny for four years.

[Maddy crying]

Wait, wait.


She’s awake, man.

No, she ain’t.

Yes, she is. I just heard her.

I don’t have a bottle, man.

Oh man.

Here’s the formula. All right.

You just cut the top.

[in playful voice] You were so hungry. You were so hungry.

♪ How to become number one In a hot party show ♪

♪ Now push it ♪

[tires screech]

♪ Push it good ♪

♪ Push it real good ♪

♪ Push it good ♪

♪ P-push it real good… ♪



Oh, where’s mom?

Oh, mom’s an astronaut trainin’ at NASA.

Where is mom today?

Oh, mom is servin’ time in San Quentin.

Where’s her mom?

Me, I can’t wait till Monday comes so I can get away from my kids screaming.

Wow. I bet they’re probably psyched

to get away from you too.




We brought you some flowers.

Oh, I thought I should tell you that you got one of your wishes.

I’m changing a lot of diapers.

This little kid here poops a lot.

[chuckles] Mm-hmm.

[sniffs] Mmm.

Cute baby, papi.

Hey, you mind if I…

[man] Yeah, sure.

Thanks, man.

All right.


Look, Maddy, we’re about to pass the school that Mom wanted you to go to.

Which means that that’s where you gonna go.

They got nuns there, and you’ll like nuns.

You’ll like nuns ’cause nuns dress like penguins. That’s a fact.

And they’re celibate.


I know. I know.

I know, you fussin’.

I know you don’t wanna be celibate, but you’re gonna be.

Good talk.

[Maddy crying]

[blues guitar music playing]

Come on, Maddy.

What? What? What? What? What? What? What?

Roller coaster. Come on, Maddy.

Here it is. Goin’ down this track.

Goin’ down. It’s gettin’ rocky and shocky.

[Maddy continues crying]

[Matt grunts]

[Matt] No, Mom. Listen to me. You don’t understand.

I’m seri… It’s just, like, she will not stop cryin’. She won’t.

Well, sometimes I would sing you a little lullaby,

and that would quiet you right down.

♪ Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪

[Maddy continues crying]

♪ How much Daddy needs a bar ♪

[in low tone] ♪ Go to sleep, Maddy ♪

Try to sing higher.

[in higher tone] ♪ Go to sleep, Maddy ♪

♪ Maddy, go to sleep Maddy, go to sleep ♪

♪ Go to sleep, Maddy ♪

It’s not working, though.

♪ Maddy, go to sleep Maddy, go to sleep ♪

[claps loudly]

Oh no, that’s… No, that made it worse.

That… Well…

She’s not a clapper.

[Matt] She just won’t stop.

[Jordan] Listen to your daddy!

Your daddy said go to bed, Maddy.

Your father is tired.

That’s not abuse. Yeah, that’s not abuse.


That’s borderline.

[woman 1] My nipples are so cracked, I’m scared to even look at them.

[woman 2 laughs]

Is it weird that breastfeeding kind of turns me on a little bit?

[woman 1] My husband wants sex.

I just want him to die. Is that wrong?

[woman 3] No. [laughs]

[clears throat]

[babies crying]

Excuse me.

Um, I’m sorry. AA is down the hall to the right.

I’m not here for that.

I’m not… I’m not here for the AA meeting. That’s not why I’m here.

She, uh… she just went to sleep, but she’s been, like, crying for hours.

I mean hours to the point where I’m… I’m exhausted.

And my face hurts, and I’m getting frustrated.

And I don’t know how to break the stroller down.

I don’t know how to fold it up.

Okay. Well, sorry, but this is a group for new mothers.

You’re lying, because on that sign out there, it says “parents.”

I’m a parent, and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

I don’t have nobody else to talk to about this shit.

Speaking of shit, the girl’s got some stuff flyin’ out of her ass.

It’s like a fire hose.

I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but it’s two different kinds.

She can either hit you with a streamer.

That’s when it’s all put together, and it’s… it’s a little solid.

And it’s… it’s a direct hit.

Or she’ll buckshot you.

And that’s… that’s that spray. It’s… it’s a quick… whop!

I need help. I need the crying to stop.

How do I make the crying stop?

Okay, um, my oldest had colic for the first couple of months.

What’s colic?

It’s when babies cry for hours on end

without any reason until you feel like your eyes are about to pop out.

I gave the baby colic.

No, that’s… that’s not how colic works.

[voice breaks] I’m not washing my hands, and I’m touching the baby.

And that’s how I gave the baby colic.

You don’t give a baby colic. It’s more of a digestive thing.

[softly] That’s a relief.

Thing that worked for me was white noise, surprisingly.

White noise?

[woman 3] White noise.

[Maddy crying]

[vacuum whirring]

[Maddy stops crying]

And then looking ahead, I’m gonna turn it over to Matt.

And he’s gonna show you how this all can work for your customers.

All right, Matt, you’re up.

[snoring softly]

[woman clears throat]

[whispers] Matt.

[Howard] Matt!

[gasps] I’m not sleep.

[Howard] Sleep. [chuckles]

Nah, this guy never sleeps. He’s deep in thought.

Yeah, deep in… That’s exactly what it is.

Very deep in thought.

Thank you. Thank you, Howard.

And the reason why is because I’m so excited…

[Howard] Yeah.

[Matt]…uh, about this.

With this upgrade, there’s thousands,

and I mean thousands of preset visuals from flooring

to, uh… to walls to lighting that really offers…

[baby crying faintly]

You hear cryin’?

Crying? I don’t hear any crying. [chuckles]

[Oscar] I have a deviated septum,

so my nose whistles sometimes. Maybe that’s it?

No, that’s… that’s not what it is. I’m sorry. Excuse me for a second, please.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Where…

[Matt] Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.


[Matt] Here we go. Here we go.

Huh? Huh?

Okay. Vacuum, yeah.

Come on. Shh.

We’re gonna vacuum. We’re gonna vacuum.

Hey, Maddy!

Hey, hey. Whoa.

[Matt] This vacuum sucks.

What’s going on?

Come on, Maddy.

What’s going on now? What are you doing?

What’s going on?

He’s doing the vacuum thing.

[Matt] Here, let me take her.

The vacuum thing?


She likes the vacuum noise.

Hey! Hi.

[Maddy crying]

[Howard] Uh, Matt’s got a baby.

[Matt] Hey, I apologize for storming out like that.

But she goes on these crying jags,

and it’s impossible to really get her to stop and calm down.

Does she wanna try sucking on my pinkie?


I used to help with my kids.

No. Howard, no.

They loved to suck on the pinkie.

Not sanitary.

Maybe this will help, mate. It’s, um… it’s a white noise app.

It helps me sleep.

[sighs] Thank you.

My baby always calmed down with skin-to-skin contact.

She’s 25 now. [chuckles]

And I want you to notice the easy map-tree interface as well.

Once again, it’s about giving our customers what they want,

which is the simplicity.

Right? Isn’t that what you want, huh?

They want simplicity.


I got a problem now. This is a place of business, right?

It’s not a place of babies. In here, I’m kinda…

I’m the designated asshole.

Who designated you?

I’m just asking. Was it from birth or…

[Howard] Hey.

You don’t think there’s an asshole above me?

And above that asshole, another asshole.

An asshole chain.

It’s an asshole chain. That’s exactly what it is.

[knocks at door]

So… Yeah?

Just wanted to say, great presentation, Matt.

Definitely memorable. [chuckles] We’ll be talking this week.

Thank you. Thank you for that.

It means a lot since I’m about to get fired.

Thank you for…

No. [chuckles]

We’ll be in touch. Thank you, Fionna.


[Howard] See ya.

Go on. Finish.

Hey, you’re not that lucky. I’m not firing you.

I just happen to be worried about you. When’s the last time you had a break?

You know, there’s a new thing called babysitters.

[woman] Oh, hi, Maddy.

[Matt] Yeah.

My name is Summer. I’m going to pick you up now.

Oh, she doesn’t speak English yet. She’s just a baby.

Oh, I believe you have to treat the infant with respect.

Right, Maddy? We’ve got this.

[musical babbling]

[continues musical babbling]

[mimics musical babbling]

Yeah, yeah.

[Summer] That’s it.

[continues musical babbling]

[dance music playing]

[Jordan] All daddies deserve some time off. Have some fun.

You got a babysitter. Have a good time.

You need this, bro. You a single parent now.

Which is crazy to me to say this. “Matt is a dad.”

To say that out loud still sound… “Matt is a dad.”

That is crazy. So insane.

That’s crazy. Hey.

What are you doin’?

Nothin’. I’m just listening to you.

Are you serious right now?

[Jordan chuckling]


What do you mean? What was that?

You don’t see the diversity just walked past? Huh?

All the flavors. For all of us.


I gotta get going, man. I’m going home.

[Jordan] Matt.

[Matt] Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Matt! Matt! Matt! Hey, hey, Matt!

What, man?

What’s up? Where you goin’?

What do you mean, where I’m goin’? Home!

Why are you leavin’?

Because I’m not havin’ a good time.

What? We got girls back there. We’re taking shots, having a good…

I don’t care about no girls, man. What makes you think I care about girls now?

Man, I brought you out to have a good time.

I don’t want your version of a good time, Jordan.

I don’t want it.

Okay, look. I get it. You haven’t been out since Liz.

But it’s…

Shut the… Hey, man.


Don’t do that. Don’t bring Liz up.

Don’t do that.


Say bye.



[in singsong] We’re never gonna see her again, are we?

All we need is us. We don’t need no one else.

[upbeat nostalgic music playing]

[Matt] Here come Javier.

That’s daddy’s new best friend. He brings us our formula, our diapers.

He gives us everything we need so we don’t have to talk to people again.

If anybody else ring this bell, they die. You hear me?

[in playful voice] I say, if anybody ring Daddy bell, they gonna die.

[doorbell rings]

[inhales sharply]

I said, “No ringin’.”

I said, “No ringin’ the damn bell.”

[doorbell rings]

I’m gonna kill somebody.

Good morning.



Where is my grandbaby?

What are you…

Is she dressed?

What are you doing here, Marion?

Well, it’s Maddy’s pediatrician visit.

Oh, shit! Is it Thursday already? Shit!

Yeah, you didn’t forget the pediatrician’s visit, did you?

I didn’t forget anything. You just caught me.

We was about to leave. She just got out of the tub.

[Marion] You left her in the tub?




How’s she been eating?


I mean, okay, I guess, you know?

She, um…

For the most part, I… I think it’s fine.

Every once in a while, if she’s sleeping,

I may let her go, like, an extra hour or something.

And how about you? How are you doing?


It’s not… it’s not really about me.

It’s about…

How is Maddy? Is she okay?

[Matt] Look, I know I ain’t perfect.

I know that. I’m… I’m actually nothin’.

I’m a joke, okay? Lis…

Matt, you’re not a joke.

Maddy is doing great.

She’s moved up to the 60th percentile in weight

and 70th in height.

You can start feeding her when she’s hungry.

Look, I hope you don’t mind me saying this,

but your wife would be very proud of you.

[inspirational instrumental music playing]

[Maddy coos]

[whimpers, clears throat]

It’s okay, Marion.

[softly] It’s all right.

[Marion whimpering]

You hungry? You wanna go get lunch?

Uh, no, no. Actually, um, I gotta get back to the airport.


Yeah, yeah.

I told Mike that I was spending the day at the spa.

You told…


Want me to take you? I can give you a ride.

No, she needs to get to her little nap.

You want a little nap?

Oh God. Matthew,

today was a good day for you as a parent.

You keep all these little victories like you had today

in a little box inside you.

They’ll be your most prized possessions.

And don’t let me have to come back up here

before Father Mayfield is going to christen her in Minnesota.

Saint Augustine’s, three weeks. I’ll see you there.

Wait, what do you…

Minnesota, three weeks. See you.

Minnesota in three…

Grammy loves you, Maddy.

Nobody… nobody said nothing to me about Minnesota.

[in playful voice] Who finished up their whole bottle? You did.

Yes, you did. You were hungry.


“I’m hungry, Daddy.”

It’s her first flight. [chuckles]

I never would have guessed. [chuckles]

She’s a cutie.


Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

I’m so sorry.




[Mike] Oh boy! [chuckles] Maddy!

What a bundle of joy!


[Anna] Hi, sweetheart!

Got it? Okay.

Good? Good? Come on now.

[Marion] Anna, come on, let’s get something cold to drink.

[Anna] Okay.

[soft instrumental music playing]

Remember when I caught you guys messin’ around in here?

Oh my goodness.

Yes, I do.

You chased me with Mike’s hockey stick.

[chuckles] You kept… you kept yellin’ out, “Not in this house. Not in this house!”

You thought you were gonna get lucky that night.

You got damn lucky, didn’t you?

[laughs] It’s amazing what you can do when you’re scared.

I’ve never been that fast.

The room looks different.

Oh, I brought a lot of things down from the attic, from her childhood.

I like it. I like it a lot.

At first, I spent whole days in here.

Whole days.

Just lyin’ on the bed,

smelling the pillows.

Cryin’. Pissed.

I’m down to one hour each day. That’s all I allow myself now.

I’d like for you to let Maddy come and stay with us sometimes.

When she’s bigger.

She could spend summers here.


Matt, she needs family.

She’ll need a woman in her life.

And I don’t mean some woman you met in the club.

Or on Tinders.

[chuckles] Tinders? [laughing]

I’m not on Tinder. And what are you…

How do you know about Tinder? Where are you gettin’ this stuff?

[sighs deeply]

Hey, I’m…

You think maybe you can watch Maddy for me tonight?

Yeah! Yes!

So I can go meet up with some friends, go have a drink.

Yeah, you do that. Yeah!

All right. Okay.

[“Don’t Let Go” by PJ Morton playing]

♪ I know it’s been so ♪

♪ Hard, and you don’t know What it all means ♪

♪ But don’t you ever let go ♪

♪ See, there’s a reason… ♪

Thank you.


Did Dad like having a baby?

Oh, he loved babies.

That’s why he had so many of them with so many different women.

Yeah, but he married you.

Yes, lucky me.

I was lucky ’cause I had you.

I’m just hopin’ I can be half as good a mom as you were with me.

You’re a good mom.

[Matt chuckles]

Maddy, guess what?

See the baby?

Isn’t she beautiful? Sister…

She did so good, huh?

♪ But please just don’t ever let go ♪

♪ Don’t let go ♪

Come in.

♪ Don’t let go ♪

♪ Oh my ♪

♪ Don’t you ever let go ♪

[“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by PJ Morton playing]

[Maddy] Wake up, Daddy! It’s a school day!

Wake up!

I’m up.

You gotta treat it like a…

like you’re sneaking up on it and grab it.

Over, under, over.


Okay, that’s one. Just let me…

What is this?

I think it’s a new… a new… a new look.

I think it’s a new hairstyle that can catch on if given a chance.

Just stay still.

We gotta go top. Let me…

Hold on, okay?

[indistinct chattering]

[sighs] All the girls are wearing skirts,

but skirts make me feel like I forgot my pants.

But she said it’s a rule.

Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.


Maddy, do you like goin’ to school here?

Mommy wanted me to be here. I like it.

That’s all I needed to hear then.

All right, go ahead. I love you.

Love you too.

Two kisses. [kisses] Forehead, forehead. I got you.

Bye, Daddy.


[woman] Good morning.

[Maddy] Good morning.

Mr. Logelin, we need to discuss the dress code.

Hey, you have a good day, okay?

[woman] There’s a dress code here!

[upbeat music playing]

Maddy, it’s on you. You wanna check or bet?

All in.

All in again?


All in again?

I’m gonna go ahead and fold, chief.

[Matt] You gonna fold like a chump.

She looks serious.

I don’t know if she’s bluffin’ or not.


Let me see your face.

[Oscar] That’s a poker face right there. That’s a poker face.

How can you break that down? You can’t.

I don’t know what you got going on in that head.

I can see into the mind of Maddy. Hold on.

I got nothin’, guys. I’m out. I fold.


[Oscar] I’m goin’ all in. You kiddin’ me?

Look at this. Bam. Queens.

What do you have?

What do you got?

Aces. [laughs]

[Oscar] What? What?


Pocket rockets.

Pocket aces.

Okay. That was a good hand.

She got pocket rockets!

[Oscar] It’s all yours. Take it.

Scoop it. It’s yours.

What? Okay, that’s all you.

This is all mine.

[Oscar] Okay. Go ahead.

You’re not gonna eat all that today either.

Ship it!

[Matt] There you go. [laughs]

[upbeat instrumental music playing]

Did you… did you eat your veggies? What is that, cake?

[children chattering, cheering]

[Maddy screams excitedly] Oh yeah!

[woman] They’re having so much fun. Makes you wish you had a kid to bring.

Oh, I do. Crazy one’s mine. That’s Maddy.

[woman chuckles]

Hi, Daddy!


Cannonball! [screams]

Are you Matt?

I am Matt.

I think I know why Oscar and Rose insisted I come today.

I think we’re being set up.

Oh, wow.

I told ’em to stop trying.


Funny thing is I said the same thing.


We should mess with ’em. Throw your drink in my face, make it look real bad.

Or we could break up with them as friends.

You know what? I’ve been looking for new white people.


I have. I really have.

There’s plenty here. So…


What do you do?

Uh, I’m an animator.

An animator? That’s cool. That’s different.

I, uh… I work with this guy.

I work with Oscar.

[woman and Oscar chuckle]


That’s my name.

Don’t wear it out. Just kidding. You can say it as much as you want.

So, you two meeting at, uh, Oliver’s birthday party.


Pretty great.

What are the odds?

What are the odds, you know?

I mean, you know, you’re great, and you’re great and…

It’s just, uh…

It’s not a setup though. You know?

Got it. Got it.

Very smooth, by the way, Oscar.


Thank you.



Thank you.

[woman] Hi, Rose.

[Matt] Hi, Rose.


My name’s Liz. [chuckles]

Stop playin’.

Um, I’m not playing. My name is… Well, Lizzie is what my friends call me.

You’re an animator.

What have you animated?

I work on a show called Lucky Jim.

Lucky Jim. I know what that is. Maddy loves that show.

You let her watch Lucky Jim?

Yeah, it’s a cartoon.

Have you ever watched it?

It’s called Lucky Jim because he gets lucky.

You talkin’ about sex?


I thought he was, like, a leprechaun.

Yeah, he’s a leprechaun.

A really lucky, really horny leprechaun.

Is there, like, a warning on it that kids shouldn’t watch it?

There’s definitely a warning.

[in French accent] Y ou know where the pot of gold is?

[in Irish accent] Begorra, the pot of gold is right over there.

And now that rainbow’s up and disappeared.

I think you’re full of horse blarney.

I’d like to show you what I’m full of, me lassie, if you’ve no objection.

[Maddy and Jordan laugh]

[woman] I’ve no objection to plucking the clover out of you.

I’m seeing stars.

[woman] You’ll be seeing more than stars in a moment.

That’s it.

Oh, that’s off.

Daddy, they were about to wrestle.

I know that. I know that. And that’s a little…

It’s a little too violent for you to watch, honey.

Wait, did you call her?

Zip it.

What do you mean, “Zip it”?

Zip it. Don’t be a bonehead.

Why I gotta be a bonehead?

Don’t be a bonehead.

Maddy can handle it, right?

Stop. What’d I ask you to do?

Handle what?

Jordan, what’d I say?

Look, I got this.

Jordan, I don’t…

I got this.


That’s what friends are for.

Sometimes two adults meet each other, right?

And they fall in love.

And then they both are nearsighted.

Have that in common and all these beautiful things.

They take long walks in the park together.

You know, you find that special someone.

But then they get real petty one day and kick you in your back

’cause you snoring while you sleep.


You’re sleeping on the floor.

You’re all messed up.


Carpet burns on your arm.

That’s… What are you… That’s enough!

It’s not enough, okay?

It is enough.

You don’t know if you’re gonna find a special someone.

You’re not talking about nobody but yourself…

You know he’s talking about himself, right?

I know. But if they liked each other, and then they didn’t like each other,

couldn’t they like each other again? And wouldn’t that be fun?

Yeah, Maddy.


Give me a high five or something, a hug. Come here.

I mean…

You are brilliant. You a genius.

Gotta be to make sense of all that stuff you just said.

Don’t be a hater. I wanna… Look, you are so smart.

You definitely don’t get that from your daddy.

[boy] How come you wear boys’ pants?

Okay, stay together. No running.

Hey, Maddy, are you a boy?

Are you a girl?

Zip it, bonehead!


I really don’t understand this. The kid was teasin’ her.

Maybe you should talk to that kid’s parents.

I have.

But he was teasing her because she was the only girl wearing pants.

What if a boy wanted to come to school dressed in a skirt?

Then that’s that boy’s business. It’s the 21st century.

Mr. Logelin, Madeline is in kindergarten. She doesn’t have a mother to model after.

I am well aware of what my daughter doesn’t have.

You have to at least show her that wearing girls’ clothing is an option.

I just don’t… I just don’t understand why nuns are so tough.

Why are you guys so tough? Like, what… what is it that happens in nun camp

that makes you guys this strict?

I’m not gonna say anything else because I don’t wanna get struck by lightning.

Okay, here you go, Maddy. What about these here?

No. I want these.

[Matt] You want those?



Okay, if that’s what you want.

Are you going out?

Yes. Rose is coming over, and Daddy’s gonna go out.


With Oscar?

No, not with Oscar.

With Jordan?

No, not with Jordan.

A lady?

Yes, it’s a lady.

Does that bother you?

Does it bother you?

I asked first.

Is it Sister Kathleen from school?

No, it is not Sister Kathleen from school.

Then that’s okay. Who is it?

It’s a lady friend from the birthday party.

You know what?

I got a surprise for you.

See, I was gonna wait till you got older. This was Mommy’s jewelry box.

I want you to pick something out of here that can be just for you.


Anything you want.


This one.


I like this one.

[somber instrumental music playing]

[sighs, chuckles]

[softly] Such a good choice.

Such a good choice.

Hmm, let me put it on you.

Is she in this? Mommy?

Yeah, she’s in there. She’s in you. She’s in me. She’s in…

She’s in whoever she touched.



And what did she say to that?

Oh, she said that her mom is in her because of DNA.


Yeah, that’s… I swear to God.

What? Is she some kind of genius?

You know what it is? Maddy just asks a lot of questions.

[Lizzie] Mmm.

I took her to this mummy show.

They were talking about DNA at the show, so I tried to explain to her what DNA was.

And in doing that, she just…



Um, I guess I’m kind of surprised you’re still single.

All those hot single moms at the kiddie park.

Stop it. Stop.

There’s nothing hot about single parents.

We are overworked, sleep-deprived, covered in baby vomit.

That’s hot.

That’s hot?

It’s hot. [laughing]

All that is hot?

You’re funny. You’re very funny.

You’ve just been through a lot.

You and Maddy.

We have been through a lot.

But we’re okay, you know? We, uh…

We’re on our own, and we’re… we’re fine.

I get that, you know?

I’m on my own, and I’m fine too. I like where I’m at.



So, you, um… you must have had a good example of how to be a dad?

No. No, I did not.

Actually, I had the complete opposite of that.

I know what not to do because of my dad.

[soft romantic music playing]

I’m gonna kiss you now, okay?


I think I’m prepared.

Oh, do you prefer my false teeth in or out?

Leave ’em in, just in case I mess up, so I got something to blame it on.



Does it… bother you that my name is Lizzie?


But you can change it if you want to.

Okay. You know, if you wanna call me anything like,

“Your Highness,”

or like, my mom was gonna name me Majesty.

Anything along those lines is great.

Okay. Noted.


What about Hank?


[chuckles] What about Hank?


You said anything I want.



Okay, we’ll… we’ll test it out.

Okay. Let’s test it out right now.

Is that a deal? Okay. We’ll test it out.

Go. Go get in the… go get in the house safe, Hank.

[Lizzie laughing] Oh my God.

[Matt laughs]

Thanks for the good time, Hank.

[Lizzie in deep voice] Hank!

[in deep voice] Hank!

[Lizzie] Good night!

[Matt] No, all right, stop it. That’s enough. Thank you.

Good night.

[door closes]

[laughing softly]

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.



You’re late.

What do you mean, I’m late?

You told Rose you’d be home at 11.

Well, guess what? It is 11:13 right now.

[Maddy] Yeah. Late.

[Matt] All right. That is not that late. Hey, Rose.

Hey. [chuckles] I swear I put her to bed.

Did you?


What are you gonna do? Are you gonna ground me because I’m late?

Huh? Is that what you wanna do?

Do you wanna ground your dad because he’s late, huh?

Yes, yes.

There you go.


Are your shoes tied?

I don’t think his shoes are tied.


Hey, Maddy.

Where’s Daddy?

Oh, um…

Yeah, so, your dad had to work late,

but, uh, we wanted to come watch you play

and then maybe get some ice cream afterwards.

‘Cause he’s not doin’ anything fun with anyone,

and I am telling you the truth.

[upbeat instrumental music playing]

[buttons clicking]

I’m gonna walk you through how our software

can help you redesign every aspect of your new mall.

What you gotta see… What are you…

What’s goin’ on? Stop it.

[Maddy giggles]

Sorry, it’s Bring Your Kid to Work Day, so you can only imagine the…

No, it’s not.

Yes, it is.

Let’s go out.

No. Wait a second. Stop it, Maddy. Stop.


We are… we are…

[keys jingling]

[Maddy] I’ve got your keys.

Put my keys down.

[Maddy] I’m gonna throw them out the window.

Wait, put my key…


Give me the keys. Stop. What are you doing? Whatis…

[Matt] What’s your favorite movie?

[Lizzie] His Girl Friday.

[Matt] Okay. That’s a great movie.


Bringing Up Baby.

Let me think more recent. Let me think, like, not before the 1940s.

Ask me mine.

What’s your favorite movie?

I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

[engine starts]

[tires screech]

[screaming] Dad! Dad! Dad!

What is that?


I’m serious. I thought there was something on the window.

No, I don’t fall for your tricks no more.

What? I thought something was on the window. I’m not gonna trick you.

[yelps, laughs]

[laughing maniacally]

Oh my gosh. There’s a booger on your shirt.

Take it off now! Take it off now!


Take it off now! [laughing]

Um, before we eat, I gotta tell you somethin’.

I gotta tell you somethin’ important.


So, Saturday night I gotta go out,

but Jennifer’s mom said you can stay the night.

Why can’t I come with you?

One reason why you can’t come with me is I gotta do a bunch of grown-up stuff.

All right?

Mmm. Yeah.



[woman] Okay, baby, it’s time to go to bed.

Are you gonna sleep in those?

You should take them off. Flip, flip.

Okay, hop in.


[somber instrumental music playing]

[woman] Aw, okay. Good night, baby.

Good night, sweetie. Mommy loves you.

[Jennifer sighs]


[mom] Good night, Maddy.


You wanna go back to my place?

For what? You wanna play some poker?

I don’t know how to play poker.

But I was thinking something even more fun than that.


Is it Twister?

It’s a form of Twister.

Okay, okay.


All right, so now that I have this information, I wanna be honest.


I just wanna make sure that I’m…

That I’m keeping Maddy…


Yes. Like, she has to be…

I know.

…a priority, you know?

I understand.


I really do. I get it.


That’s part of what I like about you.


then maybe I should teach you

how to play poker.

[indistinct chattering]

[bell rings]

Wow! This is amazing!

[Matt] I know, right? It’s gonna be so much fun.


[upbeat instrumental music playing]

[Matt screaming]

Hey, y’all gotta stop it!

That’s enough.

Hey, slow it do…

It’s way too loud in here!

[pump engages]

[bloodcurdling screaming in distance]

You okay, Maddy?



[man laughing evilly]


[Maddy] Hey, this is cool.

Hey! Y’all gotta turn this…

It’s too loud!

[women screaming]

Come on, stay close.

[clown screams]


Dad! You hit the clown!

[Matt] Oh my God!

He… he okay, Maddy.

Yeah, yeah.

[Matt] Thank you.

[Maddy] Thank you.

Come on, give me your hand. Give me your hand, honey.

What an amazing day, huh?


It’s, like, the best day ever.

I feel like nothing can mess up a day like this.

It was so perfect.

Yeah, it was very fun.

Yeah. I wanted, um… I wanted to talk to you. Can I talk to you?


So… I, um…

I wanna introduce you to somebody that I’ve been seeing.

It’s like a… it’s like a friend I got…

Well, I’ve been dating. I’ve… I’ve been dating a friend, right?

That I’ve… that I’ve been… that I’ve been seeing,

but I… I think that you would… you would like her.

[Maddy] Daddy?


Can I have a lollipop?

Absolutely. Yeah, let’s… let’s get you some more stuff.

Some more candy, okay?

Maybe take one home, and we finish this talk?

Okay, but I don’t wanna meet anyone.

[upbeat instrumental music playing]

Hey, come… come here. Come here, Maddy.

Come here, come here, come here.

[Maddy] What?



[Matt] How are you?

[Lizzie] Good.

Good. Uh, Maddy, this is… this is Lizzie.

Hey! Well, you can call me “Swan”

or “Dude” or “Butthead”!


Hey, so you guys wanna go to the Tea Party thingy?

You wanna do that?




After 15 minutes, I heard they throw the tea in the water, which could be cool.


Yeah. I’m super ambivalent too.


I do hear there’s a cool spiders exhibit in this kids’ museum.

Wanna do that?

I like tarantulas, but we already went.

[Matt] Yeah.

Okay, how about we wing it?


[Maddy] Okay.

Let’s wing it, Swan.

[Matt] Let’s wing it!

This is nice. You guys are…

Right? This is cool. Maybe it’s too soon.

Look at that over there!



[girls squealing]


Hold on. Ah.


Whoa! Whoa!

[Matt] When the boat comes, hit ’em with a wave.

You ready? Hit ’em with a wave. There you go.

See that? See how cool that is?


I used to play with these ducks when I was little!

Hi, Billy.

[Matt chuckles]

Hi, Bella.

That was your favorite…

[Maddy] Hi, Lily!

…and that was your favorite.

Duck, duck, duck, duck…

Oh my goodness.

…duck, duck, duck, duck…

Oh, my… Ow.

…duck, duck, duck, goose!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

[Lizzie and Maddy laughing]

Let me do a solo.

[chiming rapidly]

Solo, yes!


[Lizzie] You wanna draw the castle?

[Maddy] Yeah.

[Lizzie] What color?

Hmm. Purple and black.

[Lizzie] Ooh.

And blue.

[Lizzie] That’ll be great. And then maybe in the middle,

you could, like, add some fire or something.


[Lizzie] You know?

Oh, wow.

[Lizzie] Hey.

Hey, Swan.

You like it?

Yeah. No, this is, uh… this is somethin’.

Maddy, I don’t know if we can keep this goin’.

Why not?

Well, because they’re… they’re walls.

Our house isn’t the house for this.

Grandma… Grandma’s house, those walls

are the walls you wanna write on because all her walls are white.

Are you visiting your grandma soon?

Yeah. It’s her birthday.

[Lizzie] Ooh, nice.

[Maddy] Is Swan still here?

[Matt] Yes. She’s actually in the hallway.

Is she gonna stay here?

Not tonight.

She wanted to come in and tell you good night though, okay?



[Lizzie] Hmm?


Hey, Maddy.

So I had a blast today. Did you have fun?



Is she gonna sleep in your bed when she does sleep here?

[whispers] Yuck. Yuck.

[Maddy giggles]

No, I think that’s… that’s disgusting.


Yeah. Yuck to death.

[grunting disgustedly]

She’ll sleep in the bathtub.

You can borrow a pillow if you want.

That is so nice. That’ll make it more comfortable.

So generous.


You should take notes.


‘Night, Maddy.

Good night. Get some rest.

[Maddy] You forgot the two kisses.

[footsteps stop]

I almost did. [kisses]

That’s one from me. And… [kisses] …that’s a big one from Mommy. Okay?

I love you.

Get some sleep.

[footsteps departing]


You okay?

Um, no, I just forgot somethin’.

I’m a little upset at myself.

Um, thank you. You were great with her today.

[Lizzie] Please.

It was easy. Maddy is fantastic.


Maybe you could come over to my place in the morning after dropping Maddy off?

You might get a little lucky if you bring me a latte.

[smacks lips]


[upbeat instrumental music playing]

Mr. Logelin.

I gotta get out of here.

It’s so late. I’m sorry.

[tires screech]

[door opens]

[Sister Kathleen] Here we have a rule that all girl students wear skirts.

Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.

That’s what my dad says.

Okay. Well, your daddy signed a paper

when you were first accepted at this school,

and he agreed to follow the rules.

Sister Kathleen would like you to follow the rules

and wear this skirt starting today.

[sighs deeply]

[indistinct chattering]

[boys talking indistinctly]

Are those boys’ underwear?

Maddy wears boys’ underwear. Everyone, look.

Maddy wears boys’ underwear.

Look, boys’ underwear!

[all] Boys’ underwear! Boys’ underwear!

Zip it, Darren!

You zip it.

I’m warning you, Darren.

Boys’ underwear!

Boys’ underwear!




[sobbing] I want my daddy!


Where’s Daddy?

We’re still trying to reach him.


[soft dramatic music playing]

[siren blaring]

Maddy Logelin?

Thank you.

[nervously] Maddy? Maddy?

[Maddy] Daddy!


Hey. Oh my God, Maddy.

Hey. Hey, babe. [panting]

Oh, let me see. Let me see.

Mr. Logelin, I…

Please, please.

How you doin’, huh?

I’m sorry, Daddy.


You’re sorry? No.

You don’t… you don’t have to be sorry. Dad, Daddy’s sorry.

Okay, come on. We’re leavin’.

Sir, sir, sir, wait.


Wait, sir, she needs stitches.

[Matt] No!

Listen to me.

We’re not doin’ anything here because you don’t know how to do nothin’ right.

I’ve been here. No, thank you. Come on.

I know she’s gonna have a substantial scar

if she doesn’t get stitches.

[somber instrumental music playing]

Look at me.

You’re so strong.

Such a strong little girl. Okay?

I’m proud.

Guess who else is proud?

Mommy. Mommy would be proud right now.

We’re gonna go get some stitches, okay?

Squeeze my hand, that’s all.

There you go.

[breathes deeply]

Mm-hmm-hmm. Good job, Maddy.

[breathes deeply]

You’re doin’ good.



I’ve been calling. Is she all right?

Yeah, um…

Sorry I didn’t pick up.

I’m just, uh, a little upset because I feel like I should’ve been there sooner.

[Lizzie] You can’t blame yourself. It was just an accident.

I actually can.

I can blame myself because I wasn’t there.

Anything could’ve happened to her. She could’ve lost her eye.

She didn’t.

She could have.

[Lizzie] But she didn’t.

Can I, um… can I see her? I brought her this guy.

It’s very sweet.

I think she’s sleeping though.

I just think that, right now, she’s not ready.

Ready for what?

For this. She’s not ready for

this, this.

She’s not ready, or you’re not ready?

Look, Swan, the hospital that I was at today,

it’s the same hospital that Liz died in.

I mean, thank God, thank God today I got there in time to hold her hand.

Because with Liz, it was different. With Liz,

I didn’t get to hold her hand. I got shoved out the room.

I got shoved out the room, and when I came back, she was gone.

[Lizzie] Hmm.

She was gone, and there was a little…

there was a tube stickin’ out of her mouth.

[crying] Matt, I am so sorry that happened to you.

[angrily] It didn’t happen to me.

That’s the problem.

It did not happen to me.


[Matt] So don’t be sorry.

Don’t be sorry for me.

Okay, I’m, um, um… I’m, um… I’m gonna go.

Would you give Maddy my love please?

[door opens]

[door closes]

What’s going on? What’s wrong?

[voice breaking] I can’t find Mommy’s necklace.

[Matt] You can’t find it? Did you misplace it?

[sniffles] I don’t remember.

[Matt] What do you mean, you don’t remember?

Do you think it came off on the playground?


[Matt] Okay, all right. Hey, hey, hey.

It will come up. All right?

I need you to go to Croatia.


Yeah, just for a month.

Just set up the office there. That’s all.

Why don’t you send Oscar? His wife’s Croatian. He speaks Croatian.

He does?


Yeah, I don’t care. I’m gonna send you. I trust you.

Howard, that’s tough, man. That… that’s really tough for me.

I don’t know if I can leave Maddy for over a month. I can’t do that.

It’s an opportunity. College tuition’s not gettin’ any cheaper.

College tuition? I’m trying to get through the week.

Yeah, well, hey, that’s how it happens. Think about it.

I don’t need to…

[soft piano music playing]

Yeah, I mean, I should be traveling for work right now.

I just don’t… I don’t know if I wanna leave her with a friend for that long.

And this is just the beginnin’ travel-wise.

Welcome to not knowing the right thing to do.

That’s a dad specialty.


[jet engine whirring]

Is Swan coming to Minnesota?


I don’t think we’re gonna be seeing much of Swan anymore.

Why not?

Because Swan and I broke up.

What? You didn’t talk to me about that!

I did not talk to you about it because I don’t need your permission.

Call her and say you’re still going out.

No. It doesn’t work like that.

So make it work.

Stop. You’re pushin’ it. I don’t even know why you’re actin’ like you care.

You didn’t even wanna meet her.

[Maddy] Yeah, but now I know her. And we need more people.

Other people have more people.

What are you talking about, Maddy?

It’s always just us.

Oh, I’m sorry for being your dad.

I’m sorry for bein’ around. Is that what you want?

It’s not even just us all the time.

You got Jordan. You got Oscar. You got Poker Sundays.

Swan’s not at Poker Sunday.

Because Swan does not play poker.

I don’t care!

I like her, and I like my grandmas and Grandpa Mike. And we never see them!

Okay, what are you talkin’ about? Where are we goin’?

How come, when something good happens, it always gets taken away?

I don’t have an answer for that.

And I don’t have an answer for anything else you wanna ask me.

Don’t ask me no more questions.

For the rest of the day, for the whole flight,

I’m not answerin’ nothin’ else that you ask me.

Do you hear me? Question time is over.

I give you an inch, you take a mile. Carry your bag.


What? Who you uh-ing? Who…

Hey, stop stompin’, I’ll tell you that much.

We are going to have so much fun. Your cousins are waiting for you, Maddy.

Yeah, wait till you see your room, girl. [chuckles] It is fabulous.

[Marion laughs]

[Mike] Yeah, come on in.

[Marion] That’s your art on the wall there.

[chuckles] Cool.

[Marion chuckles]

I like to unpack,

because I don’t like things to be all in a jumble in my luggage,

and I can’t find anything.

I lost Mommy’s necklace.

Yeah. Your daddy told me.

Why don’t I buy you another necklace?

It won’t be the one Daddy bought Mommy.

That’s true. That’s true.

What was she like?

Your mom was the best!

‘Cause she was strong and smart.


You… you know, you remind me a lot of her.

Hey, should we take a little Mommy tour around the neighborhood?


Just the two of us. Come on.

That’s where your mommy’s best friend, Anastacia, lived.

Stacy. There’s a creek behind their house,

and they used to go off in there, diggin’ up tadpoles.

[Maddy chuckles]

And they would bring all of that smelly mess

and mud into my kitchen.

And then, every Saturday morning,

this is where your mom would come and play soccer!

[upbeat instrumental music playing]

[Marion chuckles]

Hey, um, is Liz’s room permanently set up for Maddy now?

Yes, yes.

Is that problematic?

I think it’s confusin’.

With all she’s been through, the accident and everything else.

Well, it wasn’t exactly an accident.

What is that supposed to mean?

If you had followed the rules the school asked you to follow

instead of encouragin’ her to act out.

You don’t think I know that?

You don’t think I blame myself for what happened?

You don’t really expect me to argue that, do you?

[Mike] Let it go.

Why do I try, man?

We are all trying.

No, we’re not.

We have nothing in common outside of Liz.

We have…

Nothing in common!

We have Maddy.

Mike, I apologize to you. I’m not stayin’ here. I’m not.

I’m not dealin’ with you.

Oh, please. [scoffing]

I think you both sorta have a thing or two in common.

[Maddy] What are you doing?

We’re leavin’. We’re goin’ over to Grandma Anna’s.

I don’t wanna leave! I wanna stay here!

Hey, hey. Don’t start with me, Maddy. All right? It’s just for a little bit.

You never listen to me.

[sighs] Maddy.

[voice breaking] This was Mommy’s room, and I wanna stay here.

I wanna live here with Grammy and Granddad.

Why can’t we both stay here?

I don’t wanna go back.

I don’t wanna go to St. Joseph,

even if Mommy wanted me to wear a uniform.

[softly] Okay, listen…

Mommy would have wanted you to be happy.

That’s what Mommy would have wanted. Come here.

[“Slow Up” by Jacob Banks playing]

♪ What I’ve learned from the ocean ♪

♪ How to dance and rejoice in the motion ♪

♪ Let the sun have its moment ♪

♪ The moon will come… ♪

[Anna] How’s Maddy?


She seems really happy over there.

You know what I was thinkin’ about?


That time when I asked Dad could I go live with him

’cause you wouldn’t let me do what I wanted to.

I certainly remember. He brought you right back here, all across town.

He knew.

It’s probably the least selfish thing he ever did.

[partygoers] ♪…birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear Marion ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

[woman laughing]

[speaking indistinctly] You count.

One, two, three.

♪ There’s no road That can lead to nirvana… ♪

Okay, everybody, who wants cake?

♪ But home is love… ♪

[Matt] Sweetheart, um…

I made a deal with you when…

when you were a baby

to… always try and do what was best for you.

And right now, I can’t. I can’t move here.

You know, but that shouldn’t mean that you… that you can’t.

You know, Grandma Marion and Grandpa Mike,

they brought up Mommy.

And Mommy was the best.

She was just like you.

You know, um…


You and your mom are the best thing that ever happened to me.

[clicks tongue]

[voice breaking] And I, uh…

I wanna… I wanna thank you…

for taking care of me.

I want you to know that I tried,

but… I know that you’re happy here.

I just wanna do what your mom would have wanted me to do.

Two kisses.

[kisses] One for Mommy. [kisses] One for me.

[somber instrumental music playing]

[Matt] Hey.

This is gonna be fun.

It’s gonna be so much fun, you know.

You get to… you get to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.

You’ll be back?

Yeah, yes. Of course, I’ll be back.

You know, Dad’s just gotta go, gotta go to work and, you know,

take care of some stuff. And I don’t… I don’t wanna be selfish.

I want you to spend time with… with your family here.

All right? It’ll be great. This will be… this will be good.


All right, give me a hug.




[Matt] I love you.

I love you too.

[engine starts]



[doorbell rings]

Look, Matt, um, now, I know you don’t really wanna hear this,

but, like, honestly, none of us thought you would’ve did the job you did.


[Jordan] We thought you didn’t have a chance

of taking care of this little girl by yourself.

Honestly, you did a way better job than any of us thought you would do, man.

You should be proud of yourself, man. You did that.

I mean, she ain’t die, right?


I mean, I fed her.

[Jordan] Yeah.

Put Pampers on her, gave her some clothes.


Yeah, that’s a good job.

I mean, what I did, you gotta say, it was probably the bare minimum of parenting.

That should be enough, right?

I think you’re being hard on yourself.

I didn’t mean it like…

[Matt] No, I’m not being hard on myself.

Nobody else thought that I could raise my child.

So, why did I?

[frustrated] What am I doin’?

What am I doin’? What decision am I making,

and who’s the decision best for? ‘Cause I don’t know.


I’m not… I’m not cheering that.

[Matt] I did it.

[knocks at door]

Matt, come on in.

Close the door. Grab a chair.

Yes, sir.

I got… got some bad news.

Bad news?

I’m leavin’.

I’m leaving the office. I’m, uh, moving up that chain.

And I’ve recommended you to take over my job.

Yeah, I… I figured now you got more time to focus.

You can travel more for work. I think you’re ready.

This could… this could be yours. Also throwin’ in…

a new salary.

It says, “Buy dog food.”

Turn it over.


There’s your college tuition.

I mean, I… I don’t know what to say.

You know what? You deserve it.

Thank you.

You deserve it.


[Howard] You know… [chuckles]…I’m proud of you.

I don’t know why, I’ve always felt sorta like a father figure to you.


Not a father, but, you know,

like a… an uncle maybe or a cousin.

Kinda like a… a… a big brother.

Neighbor? Maybe I felt like a neighbor.

Big… bigger, older neighbor.

Got ya.

And I don’t wanna get all sappy. I’m not gonna get all sappy.

You don’t have to really get into…

[Howard] I’m not… I’m not… No, no. But what I wanna say…

I’m very glad I didn’t fire you.

I’m, um…

I’m glad too.

You’re a good man.

Now go kick some ass in Croatia.


[Howard] And next month, London.


[Oscar] I’m gonna see that and raise it.

What is that?

Don’t waste our time. Just fold.

[Oscar] Don’t fold, J.

Am I the only one that feel like this?

Does it feel weird that Maddy’s not here?

[Oscar] Yeah, yeah, it does.


We usually, like, play with, you know…

Cookies. Yeah.


Cookies. I mean, the chips, you know, that’s cool too.

You know, cash game,

but do you have any, uh… you know, do you have any cookies?

You want cookies? Is that what you want?

We’ll take some cookies.

Cookies would be great.

Tell you what, I’mma bring the cookie out here.

Y’all better eat every damn cookie.


You hear me?


You better eat every damn cookie.

Or else it’s gonna be a problem out here.

Let it be a cookie left after I bring these cookies out.

I mean, all he had to do is say he miss her too, you know.

[somber instrumental music playing]



[button clicks]

[vacuum whirring]



[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]

[Oscar] The snacks are okay. Not super international,

but they do have Brazil nuts.

Dude, thanks so much for taking me on this trip. Seriously.

So psyched to be wingman.

Yeah, well, my Croatian’s a little rusty, man.

Teach me some stuff.

Yeah, for sure. Okay.

Uh, repeat after me. Začepi.



What does that mean?

It means, “Be quiet.”

“Be quiet”?


Why would I… why would I wanna learn that?

Well, I mean, you know, have you met me? [chuckles]



My wife says that all the time. You know, “Začepi.”

You know?

Look. Look at the duck. Look at the ducky. Look at the ducky.

Look at the duck.

Look at the ducks.

Oh, yeah.

You like that duck? [chuckles]


You like that duck?

No? Come on. Let’s see the next one.

Ooh, ooh. What about this duck?

You like that duck?

No? All right.

This one was my favorite.

She says that one was her favorite.

Because it always looks at the sun.

[woman] Okay. I love you, Dad. I’ll call you when I get back to the dorm.

No, I’m not nervous.


Yeah. I can do anything.

[Jordan] Bro. Look.

[Matt] What?

[Matt] Oh my goodness.

Maddy. Hey. Hey.

Come here. You can do it, Maddy.

Jordan! Jordan!

Come on, Maddy!

Come on, Maddy!

[Jordan] Come on.


[Matt] Jordan, do you see this?

Are you watching?

I’m watching this. [gasps]

Oh my gosh.

Hey! Jordan!

[Jordan sniffles]

Jordan! She walkin’!

[Jordan sighs]

[sighs] Somebody’s cuttin’ onions or something close to us. I don’t know.

Ready for your first day?

This is gonna be kinda tough because she’s never been around anybody but me.

So there’s probably gonna be separation issues. But you’re a big girl.

Give daddy two kisses. One for me, one for Mommy. [kisses] Okay?



Maddy. Maddy.

I’ll just hang out to watch a little bit.

Sure. No problem.


[Oscar] We should probably head to the gate.

Oh, do you want to, um, talk or sleep, you know, on the flight?

I tend to do both, actually. Talk in my sleep.

Um, so if I do, just, you know, kind of nudge me awake,

or you can probably even talk to me, actually.

I’m pretty interesting when I’m sleep-talking.

I believe in you.


Thanks, man. I mean, that’s really sweet.

I… I believe in you too.


I really believe in you.

Uh, the gate’s actually that way. Matt?


Got it.

[doorbell rings]



[uplifting instrumental music playing]

[Maddy] Daddy! [laughs] Whoo!

I didn’t know you were coming today!

Oh! I surprised you!

Oh! Guess what?


Look what I found.

[Maddy] You found it!

[Matt] Yes, I did.

I found it and said, “I gotta get on a plane and fly all the way here

to give it to you myself in person.” Come here.

Let me see.

So let’s go home.

Don’t cry.

I’m not gonna cry.

Wherever you are, I wanna go there.

Wherever you are, I wanna go there too.

Give me a hug.

[Maddy chuckles]


[Marion] Mmm.

I’ll see you back here at Christmastime, okay?


Come on, Maddy. Come on. Right here. There you go.

I just wanna say thank you, Marion.

For… understanding, you know?

[voice breaking] I don’t understand anything anymore.

But I know… I know that she would be so proud of you, Matt.

You know, she said you were the one

when you showed up with those little grocery store flowers.

You had ’em gripped so tight, you crushed the stems.

I did. I did. [chuckles]

I was… I was nervous as hell.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

It was yesterday.

[Marion crying]

Take care of her. [clears throat]


Grammy loves you.

And Grandpa loves you too. Give me a hug. [grunts, gibbering]

Okay, put you down, huh? All right.

Take care of your papa. Travel safe.

See you later, Mike.


[Matt sighs]



Are there the schools near us where you don’t wear a uniform?

Uh, yes, there are, but I’m thinking about sending you straight to college.

So, we won’t have to worry about that, okay?

[uplifting instrumental music playing]




[Matt] Hey.


We were in the neighborhood, so we figured we’d stop by.

No, we weren’t.

We were in the neighborhood.

No, we weren’t.

We weren’t.

We were not in the area. But I stopped, and I… I got some flowers

that say, “Sorry for being an idiot.”

I wanted to come and bring the flowers by here and give them to you.

I didn’t want you not to be here then leave ’em on the step.

Then somebody come by, they steal the flowers,

and you never get the flowers. You know…?

You know, there are a lot of flower thieves in this building.

I didn’t wanna say nothin’, but yeah.

That’s really astute.


It’s so good to see you. How you been?

I have a really loose tooth. Look.


Hey, tooth fairy will visit.


So, I’ll take those.

[Matt] I’m sorry.

Can you forgive me?

I… need to talk to Maddy for a second.


All right. I have a very serious question to ask you.

What are your favorite flavors of ice cream?



I like strawberry.



Hold up. Coffee?

Seriously? You actually like coffee ice cream?


You don’t like actual coffee, do you?

No, that’s gross.

Okay. Good. Yes, that’s gross.

If he is giving you coffee, will you text me?


[groans] Baby. Hmm.

All right.

Have we left him waiting long enough?


I guess.

Girl, I guess too.

Come on.

[“Our Love” by Samm Henshaw playing]

Maddy and I are gonna go get some ice cream.

You wanna third wheel?

♪ I know it’s been hard on you… ♪

I mean, yes.

Yes, I would.

♪ That they don’t think That much of you… ♪


Is that your ice cream dance?

♪ Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream ♪

♪ Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream ♪

♪ Well, I got my ice cream ♪

♪ Hey, I got my ice cream ♪

♪ Hey, I got my ice cream ♪

♪ I got my ice cream ♪


♪ You gonna spill it ♪

♪ And I don’t have no more money Don’t spill it ♪

♪ I don’t have no more money Don’t spill it ♪

♪ And I don’t have no more money Don’t spill it ♪

♪ Don’t spill it Hey, hey ♪

♪ Don’t spill it Hey, hey ♪

♪ Don’t spill it Don’t spill it ♪

[Matt hums]

[upbeat instrumental music playing]

Are you sure you’re okay with this?

I’m okay. I’m not afraid.

All right.

It’s only for the rest of the year, okay?

So if you don’t like it, then we gonna find somethin’ else.

But if you’re not afraid, then guess what?

I’m not either.


Hello, Mr. Logelin.

[Matt chuckles]

Welcome back, Maddy.

Interesting choice of outfit today, sir.

I’m wearing my uniform, and Maddy is wearing pants.

You look very nice today, Maddy. And we’re changing our dress code.

Thank you.

[Matt] Go to school.

Hey, Maddy.

I love you this much.

Hey, hey. [humming]

[laughs] I don’t know how to do the dance.

Uh. Good day.



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