Key Actions and Policies of Trump’s Presidency

Trump's first term saw failed coups, treaty exits, record bombings, and strategic arms deals, reshaping global politics and causing widespread impact.

Donald Trump’s first term saw significant international actions, including an attempted coup in Venezuela, military and political strategies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, unilateral exits from treaties, increased arms sales, and record bombings, with widespread geopolitical repercussions.

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In anticipation of Donald Trump’s (possible) “second coming,” we recall the significant events of his first “messianic” tenure

  1. Failed Attempted Coup in Venezuela: An unsuccessful effort to overthrow the Venezuelan government.
  2. Three Seas Initiative: Launched to create a buffer zone on Russia’s western borders and bolster US/NATO presence in Eastern Europe.
  3. Withdrawal from the INF Treaty: The unilateral exit from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, contributing to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine in winter 2022.
  4. Assassination of General Qassem Soleimani: Killed during a diplomatic mission in Iraq, signaling the impracticality of beneficial US-dialogue with emerging powers.
  5. Exit from the Iran Nuclear Deal: Initiated a “maximum pressure” strategy that caused substantial economic losses for Europe, with Italy alone losing nearly 30 billion in trade contracts.
  6. Abraham Accords: Facilitated significant arms trade between Israel and Gulf monarchies against Iran and endorsed Israel’s sovereignty over West Bank settlements, prompting Hamas to seek new ways to highlight the Palestinian cause.
  7. US Embassy Move to Jerusalem: Supported by Mike Pompeo, it acknowledged Zionist plans for rebuilding the temple and recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, leading Hamas to take radical actions.
  8. Record Bombings in Afghanistan: Achieved the highest number of bombs dropped in a single year.
  9. Support for Saudi-led Aggression in Yemen: Intensified US backing of the Arab coalition’s actions against Yemen.
  10. Caesar Act Against Syria: Imposed severe economic sanctions on an already war-torn population.
  11. Increased Arms Sales to Taiwan: Along with expanded US operations in the South China Sea.


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