X-Men ’97 – S01E02 – Mutant Liberation Begins | Transcript

When Magneto is forced by the UN to stand trial, a group of anti-mutant rioters test his resolve.
X-Men '97 - S01E02 - Mutant Liberation Begins

Original release date: March 20, 2024

While trying to live up to Xavier’s legacy, Magneto has taken to saving humans and mutants alike and refraining from killing anti-mutant militants. Distrustful of him, Cyclops and Jean stay to observe Magneto while Rogue sympathizes with his struggles. When UN forces led by Valerie Cooper arrive at the Institute to arrest Magneto for his past terrorism, he surrenders peacefully, hoping to gain the X-Men and humanity’s trust. During his trial at the UN’s headquarters, the FoH stage an assault on the building. Their leader, X-Cutioner, attempts to shoot a de-powering radiation blast at Magneto, but Storm takes the hit for him. Magneto stops the assault, after which the UN grants him a pardon and discuss the possibility of integrating the mutant nation Genosha. Meanwhile, Jean goes into labor and Rogue is forced to absorb an obstetrician’s knowledge when he refuses to deliver a mutant’s baby. Jean gives birth to a son, whom she names Nathan. When Beast informs Storm that X-Cutioner’s blast de-powered her permanently, she leaves the team to find new meaning in life. While discussing her decision, the X-Men are surprised by the sudden arrival of a woman who looks identical to Jean.

* * *

[theme music playing]

Workers have unloaded all passengers save one in what has become a Coney Island nightmare.

Any sudden moves and the wheel could come crashing down.

It’s okay, honey.

Come to me nice and easy.

Real slow.



[crowd gasps]



[crowd screams]

[metal creaks]


Ladies and gentlemen, I…


Is that who I think it is?

Saving humans?

But while it’s too soon to tell how recent events will impact mutant-human relations, one thing is clear to both humans and mutants.

[sighs] I don’t get it, Jean.

Did the Professor not trust me?

Maybe we’re seeing this wrong.

Maybe he did this for us.

Across the globe, reports are flooding in.

Mutants and humans aided and saved by the former mutant terrorist who had gone missing after failing to launch a mutant rebellion following Charles Xavier’s assassination last year.

And we’re hearing the international community is closely monitoring the situation, with some demanding this unlikely savior answer for his past crimes.

[grunts] This is our home, you pig, it’s all we have left, all you dogs left us.

You think regular folks can sleep knowing you demons are down here, lurking?

Please, don’t hurt Leech.

[Magneto] The depths you humans go.


Even denying these outcasts the indignity of your waste.

Electricity and magnetism are intimately acquainted.

How unfortunate for you that I am the master of magnetism.

Dirty mutant.

You’ll get what’s coming… [mumbles indistinctly]

You’re him!



And I promise you, child, you shall never be afraid again.

What was the Professor thinking?

“The only safe and sure way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend.”

Mark Twain.

Beast isn’t wrong. The Professor had a plan.

Seen a lot of futures, but Magneto leading the X-Men?

That’s a new one.

Maybe we go change it back, huh?

Look, plenty of us at this table have paths so dirty they don’t squeak no matter how much spit you got.

Maybe we should take a page from the Professor’s playbook and give Erik a second shot.

I have arranged for the Morlocks to travel to the mutant nation of Genosha.

It saddens me that none of you, nor Xavier himself, thought to use his considerable finances to do the same.

But this is one of many mutant matters on which we can and will improve, my X-Men.

Guess we can assume those jerks in the sewer are…

Alive, but not unharmed.

The tragic fact that I did not consign those sapiens to the waste bin of history is proof of my desire to honor Charles Xavier’s dream of mutant-human… [sighs] …coexistence.

Okay, prove it.

Let Jean scan your mind, see your real plans.

Scott, no.

What? You did it with Gyrich.

I accessed Gyrich’s mind for information.

Using my powers to assess honesty is another matter.

Even if I sensed Magneto’s intentions were sincere, that’s today, this hour, this minute.

Then we check every minute of every day.

I was under the welcome impression that you and Mrs. Summers were leaving us.

Not a chance. I’m keeping an eye on you.

Scott, read the will again.

Like it or not, this is what the Professor wanted.

Please, my intentions here were not to cause drama or discord.

You must understand. You have been our fiercest foe for years.

A desire for you to prove yourself is only natural.

And Storm, you are the closest thing to a goddess as we will ever see.

So, I do not lightly deny your request and demand your trust instead.

Xavier wanted this.

Maybe he was wrong.

After all our têteàtêtes, you have finally realized what I did ages ago.

Even Charles Xavier can make a mistake.

Haven’t worn this old thing since that battle in the Blue Area of the Moon.

I was possessed by a malevolent cosmic entity intent on consuming all of existence.

But there was Scott, fighting by my side.

[Storm] You are afraid that he will no longer leave now that Magneto has taken charge.

Can I tell you something?

I need to tell you something and I need you not to judge me too harshly.

Or tell Scott.

[Storm] You have my word, Jean.

There are times when I think about the baby, his future, and I…

If he’s a mutant, how do I tell him he’s different?

That the world will remind him of it every day.

That he must always be careful, always be on guard, or else…

You wish him to be born human.

I have wondered what it would be like to be human.

It is a tempting daydream.

But then I remember how my mutant gifts brought me to this mansion, to this family, to a sister.

Thank you, Storm.

[sighs] Just ever since I was in Gyrich’s mind, I can’t shake this feeling that something terrible is coming.


Boy, I sound like a fool.


No, Jean.

You sound like a mother.

[Rogue] Well, your little pep talk went about as smooth as a dozen cats in a yarn store.

[Magneto] I wish to be alone, Rogue.

Ugh! Giving me the heebie-jeebies, pouting with that old bucket of yours.

[Magneto] Back when we were friends, I would always sense Charles in my mind.

Not invading, more a presence.

I was in his thoughts and he in mine.

When we parted ways, I told myself I needed this to protect myself from his psychic powers.

[Rogue] But you were worried if you still felt how much he loved you, you wouldn’t be able to go through with your crusade.

And yet, here you are, dragged in like a kitty cat’s prize.

Xavier’s sacrifice brought about a world more tolerant towards mutants.

I am indebted to honor his last wish, even if his X-Men won’t trust me.

Perhaps they are right not to.

My past is too littered with error.

[Rogue] Mine was, too, remember?

But the X-Men still took me in.

The thing is, I didn’t go about demanding their trust.

I earned it.

I feared you would do your best to avoid being alone with me, Rogue.

Do you think your team would still trust you if they knew?

That was a long time ago, Erik.

And that cat’s got to stay in its bag, you hear me?

[helicopters whirring]

Ready yourselves, my X-Men.

We don’t lose our cool when the good guys show up.

[rifles powering up]

You were saying?

[Dr. Cooper] We’re here for Magneto.

Think twice.

Our rifles are resistant to your electromagnetic powers.

[alarms blaring]


I should have thought twice?

Magneto, by order of the UN Commission on Superhuman Activities, I hereby place you under arrest for crimes against humanity.

You will stand trial at the UN Headquarters.

Should I successfully vindicate myself in what I will generously assume is a fair trial, will I earn your trust?

That is how due process works.


I yield.

[inhibitor collar beeping]

These acts prove Magneto’s guilt beyond any doubt and offer a preview of the zeal with which he would resume his quest to dominate this planet, should he be exonerated today.

Justice is overdue.

Any updates?

Cooper’s listing every nasty step

Magneto’s taken from here to Asteroid M.

Folks outside are pissed he’s even getting a trial.

Can’t say I blame ’em.

Have you seen Scott?

He’s there with the others making sure Magneto doesn’t pull one of his stunts.

Oh, he didn’t tell me.

Lot of that going around lately.

[increases volume]

Down with muties!

Down with mutants!

Come out here, cowards!

[Denti] People will look back on today and say it was the beginning of a new age.

The day mankind made Magneto pay.

Folks out there want the UN’s heads just as much as his.

Stir the pot, boys, and keep ’em distracted.

I’ll only have one shot.

[gavel bangs]

[judge] The defendant may now speak.

As a boy, my people’s homes were burned to ash because we dared to call God by another name.

Then, my people hunted me with those who had once hunted them.

I was a freak, born a mutant.

An abomination to their misnamed gods.

In history’s sad song, there is a refrain.

Believe differently, love differently, be of different sex or skin, and be punished.

We sing this song to one another.

The oppressed become oppressors.

Xavier knew this and dreamed we could change, find harmony.

A future where human and mutant could relinquish the past and finally…

[sighs wearily]

You claim justice is overdue.

Indeed, but so is healing.

Your words, while kind, do nothing to heal those hurt by your crimes.

And your soundbite indignation will not heal mutant wounds.

You build robots to hunt us, collars to chain our power.

Humanity must protect itself.


That is extermination.

I have only ever acted to avenge crimes against my people, as you act to avenge those against yours today.

If that were the case, are we truly to believe, then, that in the face of what you consider to be extermination, you would walk Charles Xavier’s path?

Not the worst thing, this don’t go Magneto’s way, don’t you think?

[guard over radio] They’ve broken through the barriers.

We can’t hold ’em back.

Deploy smoke! Deploy smoke!

Protesters are breaching the perimeter.

They must want Magneto.

And the judges, ma’am.

What in the blazes did we do?

You gave a monster a trial.

Now, you are traitors to your kind.

Oh, to play by the rules and still they come for you.

Storm, watch Magneto and the judges.

The rest of us will back up the guards.

Our goal is de-escalation.

[reporter] Protesters are demanding…

Jean, gotta get into the city.

Crowd’s lost their blasted mind.

[grunting] Logan, he’s…

He’s here.

Who? Apocalypse?

The baby!

Oh, crap.

[tires screech]

[man gasps]

Careful, Logan!


[Wolverine] Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Hang tight, Jeanie.


Almost there.

Almost there.

[protestor 1] Can’t hide forever, you freak!

[protestor 2] No more mutants!

Rogue, secure the perimeter outside.

This way to the traitors!

[Beast] I am unable to ascertain the nature of the weapon on his back, but his armor is constructed from an energy-resistant titanium-laced alloy.

You got a name?


Here to make sure gene freaks like Magneto pay for their crimes.

Darn mutants!

[goon] Get ’em!

[Beast groans]

Round two. Absorb this!


Hurt my friends?

Well, now you answer to me.

[Denti] Humanity answers to no one!


Know what I hate about your kind?

You act like you got it so bad.

Normal people have it hard, too.


We just have the dignity not to whine about it.

You see? It’s the whining.

I hate your whining just as much as I hate you.


[claws slashing]

[Jean] Scott, hurry!

Jean, you’re in pain.

[Jean] The baby’s coming, Scott.

Storm, Jean’s in labor.

Morph’s here, but they’re losing the line!

Rogue, fly Cyclops to Jean immediately.

Magneto and I will protect the judges.

[Cyclops] Be careful, Storm. It’s still Magneto.

Circumstances do not offer us a choice.

I need your men stationed at every door.

I want those in the lobby to assist the other X-Men.

You, uncollar Magneto. You…

Well, now who does she think she…

Do not think.

Be silent. Heed my commands and you shall survive.

[inhibitor collar beeps]

[yelps in pain]

What do you mean, “don’t do mutant births”?

You people can lose control of your powers.

And if she needs a C-section…

I’ll show you a C-section, bub.

[Cyclops] Jean.

Darling, I’m here.

This doctor won’t deliver our baby.

Rogue, can you use your powers to siphon his medical expertise?

Excuse me? Do what?

Cyclops, if I slip and touch your baby, my powers…

Rogue, I trust you.

We both do.

Enough! You all need to…

Sorry, sugar.


Prep an IV and get this lady to a room.

[rioter 1] Found you, muties!

[rioter 2] Go! Go! Go!

[rioter 3] Filthy muties!

[Storm] Magneto.

[rioter 4] Get ’em!

Be animals and be caged!

Let us see how their mob manners fare against the shock of good conduct.

[weapon powering up]

[Storm] Magneto!

[Storm yelps]



[Storm groans]

Ahh! [grunts]


[gasps] The breeze is gone.

I cannot feel it, nor the moisture, nor the air.

What has he done to me?

[Storm sobbing]

Magneto, this was not what we wanted.


This is your dream.

My kind splayed before you, powerless and afraid.

All the X-Men have done is use their awesome power to protect a world that hates and fears them.

Behold their reward.

What must we do to be good enough?

Is this the high road’s destination?

If so, I say, as I have too many times before, never again.



[people screaming]

[judge] No!

Let us go! No!

Oh, dear.


[all shivering]

Bigot, ingrate, sycophant, worm.

So small I could smite you with a step.

There was a time I would smite you all for what was done to Storm.

But today, I have saved you from your own, for an old friend has challenged me to remember this view of Earth.

How vast it is versus how small we make it.

Charles Xavier entrusted me with his dream, and it does not ask you to love or embrace my kind as your own, but merely to accept that this is a shared world with a common future, and that my kind, like yours, have the right to live in it.

I am trying to be better.



Do not make me let you down.


Look, he has your eyes.

[Cyclops chuckles]

Well, doesn’t he need a name?

I was thinking “Nathan.”

[Cyclops] Yeah.

That’s my boy, Nathan Summers.

Nathan Charles Summers.

The United Nations stunned the world this week when it issued a pardon for Magneto, due in no small part to the former mutant terrorist’s efforts in saving the tribunal and quelling the insurrection.

In another gesture of goodwill in our efforts to improve relations with our mutant brethren, we will begin talks to admit the mutant nation of Genosha into the United Nations.


Dark roast.

Genosha, a UN nation.

Never thought I’d see the day.

I hear you and Jean have begun to make arrangements to leave.

Does this mean you trust me to carry on Xavier’s dream?

The Professor trusted you, and I trust him.

I guess that’ll have to be enough.

If I may offer advice, Scott.

Be wary.

Be vigilant.

Tragedy lures with fortune first.

This was a good week for our people.

Yet it was not without cost.

[clears throat] Inhibitor collars use radiation to temporarily neutralize our mutant powers.

The X-Cutioner’s laser rifle fired a concentrated dose of that same radiation.

It affects genetics on a cellular level, suppressing a mutant’s abilities without the need for a collar itself.


[Storm] How long?

Additional tests will be needed before…

Hank, please.

How long?

The effects appear permanent.

[gasps softly]

[Jean] We’ll fix this.

Scott and I aren’t going anywhere, okay?

Not until you’re well again. I swear.

Beast, we need to contact Muir Island.



[Storm] Jean, my sister.

You of all the X-Men know the heartbreak of saying goodbye, having said it so many times.

So I ask that you help the others understand why I could not stay to say it this day.

My faith in your family’s future is strong.

And I cannot rob you of a bond you have more than earned.

It is human nature to crave connection, as it is also mutant nature to be heard, seen, to feel another soul finally seeing yours.

Connection is a fragile treasure.

One we sacrifice so much to maintain.

[growling playfully]

[Logan chuckles]

[Storm] Only to then sometimes watch it break in a blink that changes your life forever.

We are no longer connected, Jean.

And now we walk in two very different worlds.

But trust that I will cherish what we shared as X-Men, memories that already feel like a lifetime ago.

[Jean reading] “Like another woman’s life. Or another person’s dream. Love, Ororo.”

[Beast sniffles]

If only I hadn’t left the UN, I could have…

[Bishop] You did what you had to.

Storm did the same.

And we will respect her decision.

[Gambit] That so?

The blast had your name on it.

Should be you leaving, mon ami.

[Morph] I don’t buy it.

Not one minute.

Storm will spend a day schlepping it with the basic folk and come right home, happy as a…

[doorbell rings]

Ha! What did I say?

She’s back!


I need the X-Men.

What? Jean?


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