Wednesday – S01E05 – You Reap What You Woe | Transcript

During Parents Weekend, Wednesday digs into her family's past - and accidentally gets her dad arrested. Enid feels the pressure to "wolf out."
Wednesday (TV series)

Original release date: November 23, 2022

32 years ago, Gomez is arrested on suspicion of killing Garrett Gates at Nevermore. At present time, the Addamses visit Wednesday for parents’ weekend at Nevermore. A family therapy session is cut short when Wednesday confronts her parents about the suspected murder. Meanwhile, Sheriff Galpin learns that the coroner has committed suicide after admitting to fabricating Gates’s autopsy report. Galpin concludes that Gomez is guilty and arrests him. In prison, Gomez reveals to Wednesday that Gates was killed by accident, while Morticia confesses to killing Gates. Wednesday and Morticia dig up Gates’s grave to find that he had been lethally poisoned before he could be killed, but are caught by police and arrested for the night. Later, they confront Mayor Walker who reveals that Garrett intended to poison the entire school due to his father’s hate for outcasts. Mayor Walker agrees to release Gomez after admitting to covering up Gates’s motive. Back at Nevermore, Weems reluctantly admits to covering up Rowan’s death by means of shapeshifting in an effort to evade controversy at the school.

* * *

[tense, enigmatic music playing]

[Wednesday] How well do we really know our parents?

Take my father.

I’ve always considered him an open book.

A man given to misguided schemes and exaggerated displays of affection.

But when he was a student, he was accused of a murder that took place right up there.

Which leads me to wonder…

[intense, unsettling music playing]

…what really happened that stormy night 32 years ago?


[music swells]

I think he had a sword, and they certainly have issues.

I don’t like to tell tales, Sheriff Walker, but it’s all Morticia Frump’s fault.

They were fighting over her.


I don’t know what to say, Gomez. Seeing you in handcuffs, accused of murder… I’ve never loved you more.

Cara mia.

All right, that’s enough, Addams.

Let’s go.

Let’s move it out. Let’s get going.

[officer bangs on car]

[jauntily macabre music playing]

[quirkily dreary music playing]

Ah, the fetid air of teenage angst.

These were the best years of our lives, were they not, Tish?

They certainly were, mi cariño.

I hope Wednesday’s happy to see us.

I left a dozen messages on her crystal ball. Still no reply.

Fret not, my plum-lipped cupid.

I’m sure she’s dying to see us.

[Gomez] Mmm.

[Pugsley] Come on, let’s go.

[bell tolls]

Nevermore was created as a safe haven for our children to learn and to grow, no matter who or what they are.


I realize most of you have heard about the unfortunate incident involving one of our students.

But I’m happy to report that Eugene is on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery.

So let’s focus on the positive and make this Parents’ Weekend our very best yet.

[Wednesday] On the mend?

Try in a coma.

Have you been to see him?

You’re his friend.

I’m the reason he’s in the hospital.

That is not your fault, okay?

The monster hasn’t attacked anyone in the past week.

Maybe you finally scared it off.

Or maybe it went into hiding to avoid this weekend.

[Morticia] Look at this. Some things never change.

[quirky music continuing]

I knew I should have worn my plague mask.

Would you look at my family?


Talk about toxic pack mentality.

I give my mom 30 seconds before her judge-y claws come out.

[Enid sighs] Let’s get this over with.

There she is.

Oh, how we missed those accusing eyes and youthful sneer.

How are you, my little rain cloud?

I thought Thing was filling you in on my every move.

I uncovered your feeble subterfuge almost immediately.

So, how’s the little fella doing?

Does he still have all his fingers?

Relax. I haven’t snapped any of his digits.


So tell us everything.

Since you’ve abandoned me here, I’ve been hunted, haunted… and the target of an attempted murder.

Ah, Nevermore. I love you so.


Oh, let me look at you.

One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand…

Have you not been waxing?

Three seconds. That’s a personal best.


Are you feeling well? You’re looking a touch anemic.

Have you been eating enough red meat?

It’s good to see you too, Mom.

And you, Dad.

[somber, inquisitive music playing]

Not sure how much more of this family togetherness I can take.

Think you skipped where you apologize for acting like a jerk last weekend.

I’m sorry for what happened at the dance.

I shouldn’t have asked you to siren-song me like that.

Guessing your dad’s a no-show again this year?


I got a text this morning. You?

Gabrielle hasn’t shown her face since I started here.

Probably sunning herself somewhere in the Seychelles.

[woman] My darling daughter.

I made it.

Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

I guess you misjudged her.

[music builds ominously, fades away]

[gasps softly]

Our old yearbook.

I haven’t laid eyes on this in over 20 years.

Such good times we had, didn’t we, Larissa?

Some of us better than others.

Oh, don’t be so modest.

You always filled a room with your presence.

Like a stately sequoia tree.

And I guess that would make you the lumberjack.

[laughs] There’s that biting sense of humor that I always adored.

Do you remember when we did that duet for the Solstice Talent Show?

Your Judy Garland impression was a dead ringer.

Sounds positively suicidal.


My picture’s gone.

Really? Well, that is odd.

May I borrow this for the weekend?

That way Gomez and I can take a little walk down memory lane.


[purrs playfully]

[Weems] All right.

Let’s get down to the matter at hand, shall we? Hmm?

Unfortunately, Wednesday’s assimilation has been rocky at best.

Because I refuse to embrace the culture of dishonesty and denial permeating this school.

Starting with the monster that killed Rowan and put Eugene in the ICU.

Although I do hear he’s on the mend.

We’ve always encouraged Wednesday to speak her mind.

Sometimes her sharp tongue can cut deep.

Apparently her therapist feels she hasn’t been very open to the process.

Their time together has not yielded the results we’d hoped.

I’m not a lab rat.

Dr. Kinbott and I have spoken, and we both agree it would be most beneficial for you all to attend a family session this weekend.


I thought that might be your reaction, but your parents can see the wisdom in it.

Um, not to side with Wednesday, but, um, we’re only here for the weekend.

Oh, come on.

What can it hurt? To be honest, I’ve always been a big fan of head-shrinking.

It’s not that kind of head-shrinking, mon chéri.

Well, that is disappointing.

But anything for our little girl.


[quirkily dreary music playing]


You make sure they search that cave for any sign of that creature.

No stone unturned. They bag and tag everything, all right?

And then follow up with the lab. I want the DNA results on that claw.

We already got one kid in the ICU, a bunch of people in the morgue.

I don’t want any more.

All right.

[foreboding music playing]

Son of a bitch.

What’s wrong?

Just hard to stomach a murderer wandering around town scot-free.

At least they care enough about Wednesday to go to therapy with her.

Tyler, come on. We’ve been through this.

I’m just… I’m not comfortable dredging up the family past with some complete stranger.

Think it’s easy for me to sit there and talk about my crap?

[phone ringing]

I’ve got a lot on my plate now, bud.

You got the results already?

All right. Tape off the scene. I’ll be right there.

Dad. You okay? What’s going on?


You know Reggie, the local coroner?

He just blew his brains out.


So, who wants to start?

Maybe we can discuss what it’s like having Wednesday away from home?

I mean, for me…

[hesitating]…it’s been hard not having Wednesday around.

I never thought I’d miss being waterboarded so much.

Morticia, Gomez.

How have you been coping?

It’s been torture for us too.

[Gomez] Fortunately, my brother Fester’s rack fits two people.

[Morticia] Nothing like a good stretch to bring out the best in each other.

Querida mía.

[kissing passionately]


[long, protracted smooch]


I think it’s high time my parents faced the music.

It seems they’ve been lying to me.

Keeping secrets.

Murderous secrets that need to be addressed.

[dramatic music playing]

Who was Garrett Gates, and why are you accused of murdering him?


Those charges were dropped. Your father is an innocent man.

Local sheriff doesn’t seem too convinced.

Wednesday, stop.

This is neither the time nor the place.

Actually, this is exactly the place.

These sessions are…

Doctor. This does not concern you.

And I refuse to debate a decades-old witch-hunt with you right now.


Darling, maybe we should…

No. This session is over.

Have it your way, Mother.

Wednes… Wednesday?

If you refuse to tell me the truth, I’ll just have to excavate it myself.


Thanks for the candy.

Actually, that’s potpourri.

Why don’t you take the bowl?

[cuckoo clock chirps]

What were you thinking?

How could you ambush your father like that? Wednesday.

How could I? You insisted I go to this school.

Did you really think I wouldn’t find out your secret?

You don’t know the full story. Your father did nothing wrong.

I’ll be the judge of that.


[car door closes]


How did you find me?

MorningSong community misses you.

I miss you.

And by community, you mean cult?

We are a personal development movement that helps people take control of their lives.

After you take control of their bank accounts.

I haven’t come here to fight, Brandy Jane.

My name is Bianca.

New name. New life.

It’s time to come home.

That place was never my home.

Gideon said you’d resist.

Don’t say that man’s name to me.

You think he’d give a damn about some single mom and her daughter if we weren’t sirens?


That is no way to talk about your stepfather.

You actually married him.

He wants you to come home, so that we can be a real family.

Hard pass.

He’s already got one siren to do his bidding.

Goodbye, Ma.

I don’t want to see more MorningSong bracelets anywhere near this town.

My siren song is drying up.

[distressing music playing]

Recruitment numbers are down, and the wrong people are starting to ask questions.

This wasn’t a request.

And if I refuse?

Then everybody here is gonna know how you siren’d your way into Nevermore.

I finally make something of myself and you want to destroy it.

You haven’t made squat, Bianca.

[laughs maliciously]

You’re just scamming a higher class of people, but they are not your friends.

Sooner or later they will see through you.

A siren can never change her scales.

You got until the end of the weekend to say your goodbyes.

[music builds, fades away]

[Wednesday sighs]

I harvested hive number three.

[monitor beeps]

The bees miss you, Eugene.

[labored breathing]

We all do.

[melancholy music playing]

[Thing tapping]

Thanks for keeping an eye on him.

Any updates?

He didn’t deserve this.

I should be in that bed.

Why did you go without me?


Didn’t mean to startle you, dear.

You must be Wednesday.

Eugene’s moms. Sue and Janet.

You were all he could talk about lately.

He was so happy you joined the Hummers.

Eugene hasn’t had the easiest time fitting in at Nevermore.

[Sue] He was so excited to finally make a real friend.

I brought him some honey.

Eugene loves those dang bees like they’re his kids.

His fuzzy-buzzy babies.

[Sue] He’s gonna be okay, right?

I should go.

[poignant, melancholy music playing]

[mysterious music playing]

First time someone’s killed themselves in the morgue.

Guys don’t know what to do with the body.

What do you got?

Gun was legal and registered in his name.

Colt .45.

Janitor said he kept it in his desk.

I just saw Doc last week.

He was planning a cruise with his wife. He seemed excited all about retirement.

Guess you never know what’s going through someone’s mind.

A bullet, apparently. We got security footage?

Nope. Camera was obscured. Black bubblegum.

I got them scrubbing through video to find out how long it’s been there.

[Galpin] Black bubblegum.

You don’t say…

The suicide note says he felt guilty about an old case.

Says he covered it up, faked the coroner’s report, and has been living with guilt for all these years.

[Galpin] What case?

Uh, Garrett Gates.

Garrett Gates. You gotta be kidding me.

You heard of it?

I’ve been waiting 30 years to put away his murderer.

You know who did it?

There’s only ever been one suspect.

I always thought they were covering up the truth.

Now I got my proof.

[low, menacing music building]

[inquisitive music playing]

[birds cawing]

[Morticia] Mmm. I am famished.

You’re not hungry, darling?

My appetite eludes me, Mother.

The same way the truth eludes you.

We need to tell her.

She’ll never believe us.

We must stay strong.

And hope that something more morbid comes along to distract her.

[dramatic music playing]

So are you going to make me ask?

Ajax and I haven’t defined our relationship yet.

I’m not talking about boys.

Have you wolfed out yet?


Well, that is a disappointment.

That’s me.

A huge disappointment.

Can I ask what this is about, Sheriff?

What’s happening, Ms. Thornhill?

I have no idea.

[Galpin] Gomez Addams.

How can I help you, Sheriff?

You’re under arrest for the murder of Garrett Gates.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.

[foreboding music playing]


[handcuffs unlocking]

[Thing sliding against pane]

My little tormenta, how’s your mother?

Devastated. She hates you in orange.

I caught her laying a rose on a grave earlier today.

The headstone read “Garrett Gates.”

The very boy you’ve been arrested for murdering.

Care to explain?

[tense music playing]

Garrett was infatuated with your mother.

He mistook her kindness for interest.

His infatuation turned into obsession, and he started stalking her.

Why didn’t you call the police?

We tried.

But his family were the oldest and richest in Jericho.

No one believed us.

Garrett’s father, an outcast-hating bigot, was furious that your mother had accused his only son.

It all came to a head the night of the Rave’N Dance.

Your mother and I stepped out to catch our breath.

[intense, sweeping music playing]


And that’s when I saw him.

He had broken into the school.

His twisted love for your mother had made him insane.

His eyes bore into me, brimming with murderous intent.

Go. Get out of here. He won’t hurt me.

Garrett, no!

Garrett, stop!

[bold, combative music playing]

[both grunting]

[sword clinking]

My life flashed before my eyes.

Driven by jealousy and hate, Garrett was unstoppable.


[Gomez straining]

When I saw the sword,

my survival instinct kicked in.

[Garrett grunts]

It was a terrible accident.

[wet squelch]

[Weems shrieks]

[Wednesday] If I’m being objective, his confession sounds entirely plausible, delivered with the perfect degree of sincerity.

Perhaps my father is exactly what he says.

Thank you for being honest with me.

But then there’s the matter of his tells.

The way he smooths his mustache.

The way he delivers a comforting wink.

I’ve been playing Russian roulette with him since I was 12.

I know them well.

I’m sorry I wasn’t a better father.

Could we please do without the overt display of emotion?

I know they make you feel uncomfortable.

How many fathers hand their daughter a fencing blade when she’s five?

Your saber strokes were an essay in perfection.

Or teach her how to swim with sharks?

They found you as cold-blooded as I do.

The right way to flay a rattlesnake?

They really do taste like chicken when prepared properly.

The point is, you taught me how to be strong and independent.

How to navigate myself in a world full of treachery and prejudice.

You are the reason I understand how imperative it is that I never lose sight of myself.

[lachrymose music playing]

So as far as fatherhood goes, I would say you’ve been more than adequate.

Gracias, Wednesday.

[Wednesday] We need to talk.

How the hell did you get in?

Bernice? Bernice!

Bernice may or may not have received a call that her tabby cat Swifty is being held for ransom.

My father did not kill Garrett Gates.

Well, I have his signed confession, and he identified the saber he used to do it.

Both of which I’m about to deliver to the District Attorney.

Don’t you find the timing convenient?

The coroner kills himself out of remorse for a decades-old murder case the very weekend my father, your prime suspect, deigns to return to town.

All I see is a guilty man who’s finally going to pay for his crime.

And cuffing him myself, oh, that was the icing on the cake.

How are you failing to see that someone is desperately trying to derail my investigation?

I found the monster’s cave, and I gave you the DNA evidence.

Did you even bother to test it?

This may come as a shock, but the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Here. DNA results.

No match. Inconclusive.

So you truly believe this is all some coincidence?

Whoever hurt Eugene also murdered the coroner.

Unfortunately, someone sabotaged the security camera in the morgue, so we don’t know what happened.

They stuck bubblegum on the lens.

Black bubblegum.

Maybe I should run DNA on that?

Someone is trying to throw me off my game. This is all a distraction.

No, this is about justice being served.

Garrett Gates’s family deserves closure, even if none of them are around to take comfort in it.

What happened to them?

His mother hung herself in the backyard.

His father drank himself to an early grave.

Even his little sister didn’t escape.

She was orphaned, sent overseas, ended up drowning.

Every last one of them’s gone.

Your father doesn’t just have Garrett’s blood on his hands, he’s got the whole damn family’s.

[dramatic music builds, trails off]

[pack growling playfully]

Here. I brought you a gift.

That’s so sweet. You didn’t have to get me anything.

I know, but I thought we got off on the wrong foot this weekend.

I just want you to know that all I want is the very best for you.

[gentle, perturbing music playing]

What are these?


For summer camp.

These aren’t just ordinary summer camps.

These are camps for lycanthropy conversion.

Oh, no need to be dramatic, Enid.

You want to send me to conversion therapy for werewolves?

It worked wonders for your cousin Lucille, didn’t it?

Seven weeks in the Balkan countryside and she was howling at the moon in no time.

As it should be.

Don’t you want to wolf out and finally be normal, honey?

Go away.

You forgot your fishing gear.

Stop trying to be nice.

It doesn’t suit you.

Father packed your favorite bait.

[Pugsley] What’ll happen to him now?

Well, he’s confessed, so there won’t be a trial.

After he’s sentenced, he’ll be sent to a state penitentiary, where he’ll lose his mind being separated from Mother.

Did you know they haven’t spent a night apart since they tied the knot?

I always thought I’d be the first one in the family behind bars.

Lurch and I had a bet going.

Come on. Let’s see if the fish are biting.

[grenade pin clicks]


[Wednesday] That’s quite a catch.

I’m gonna miss him, Wednesday.

It’s not over yet. He’s innocent.

Well, if anyone can figure out who really committed the crime… it’s you.

You have to find out the truth and free Dad.

Well, until that happens, we both know Mother will be falling apart.

Which means we have to be strong.

And by “we,” I mean you.

Now, give me one of those.


Where is Mother anyway?

She said she wanted to be alone.

Somewhere where no one would find her.

[chilling music playing]

[Wednesday] Hello, Mother.

Hello, Wednesday.

So you’re a Nightshade.

That didn’t take long.

Actually, I rejected them.

Why? Because I was a member?

I’ll never live up to your legacy here, so why try?

I win the Poe Cup, you claimed it four times.

I join the fencing team, you captained it.

Why would you send me somewhere I could only ever exist in your shadow?

It’s not a competition, Wednesday.

Everything is a competition, Mother.

But mostly I rejected them because they’re a trivial social club.

We used to be so much more.

Our mission was to protect outcasts from harm and bigotry.

In fact, the group was started by an ancestor of your father’s from Mexico.

One of the first settlers in America.


I saw her painting at Pilgrim World.


How ironic, since she was the one who killed Joseph Crackstone.

The Nightshades were her secret, but deadly, answer to his oppression.

I know why you’ve come here, Wednesday.

So go on. Ask.

Father didn’t kill Garrett Gates, did he?



[swords clanging]

[Morticia] By the time I made it up the stairs, I found your father fighting for his life. It was terrifying.

Garrett, no!



[both grunting, struggling]

[Morticia] Garrett!

Garrett, stop!

Leave him alone!

I’ll never forget the way he looked at me.

He was even foaming at the mouth.

It was like I was staring into the eyes of a rabid beast.

[grandly menacing music playing]

[wet squelch]


[blade rasps]

Oh, no.


[Weems screams]

[Morticia] It was only when I heard the scream that I realized what I’d done.

Your father was so… calm and brave.

[dramatic music swells]

Tish, you need to leave right now.

Go to your room and lock the door.

You were never here.

[erratic panting]

You understand me?


Put this back on the table.



Your father took the blame in order to protect me.

I was so grateful when they cleared him of any wrongdoing.

But I knew, someday this would come back to haunt us.

You said Garrett was foaming at the mouth.

His eyes didn’t look human.

I’ve never seen someone so blinded by rage.

Maybe it wasn’t rage at all.

Foaming saliva, dilated pupils, mental confusion.

What are those all textbook symptoms of?

[delicate, inquisitive music playing]

[Morticia gasps]

But how can that be?

There’s only one way to find out.

[sighs dreamily] This reminds me of when you got your first grave-digging kit.

You were so happy, you nearly smiled.

Are you sure you don’t want to join?

Uh… mm… No, that’s okay, darling.

I don’t want to spoil your fun.

[scoffs, grunts]

[hollow thud]


Moment of truth.

[inhaling fondly]

Hello, Garrett.

I was right.

[Santiago] Well, well, what do we have here?

Guess there’s gonna be an Addams family reunion in lockup tonight.

You’re both under arrest.

[Galpin] Get comfortable. You can post bail in the morning.

[Morticia and Gomez kissing passionately]

Not even the long arm of the law could keep us apart.

At least we’ll have one last night together.


I’ve seen jackals with more self-control than you two.

Neither one of you are strong enough to serve hard time.

And thanks to me, you won’t have to.

I knew our little jailbird would have an escape plan.

[tense music playing]

It’s a souvenir from our outing. I borrowed it from Garrett.

He died from nightshade poisoning.

The remarkable preservation of soft tissue and blue tint confirms it.

Which means Garrett was dying…

Before you stabbed him.


You look even more ravishing as an innocent woman.


For once, could you two get off of each other and focus.

[eerie whooshing]

Prove to me you’re still worthy to be called my son!

Kill all those outcasts!

Sneak into that dance and spike the punch bowl.

[thunder crashes]


[shattering reverberates]

[Morticia] Wednesday.

Did you have a vision?

What happened?

What did you see?

The night Garrett died, he had a vial of nightshade poison that broke in his pocket.

He wasn’t just trying to kill father.

He was going to use the nightshade poison to murder the entire school.

Thank you for seeing us at such short notice, Mr. Mayor.

Yes, well, veiled threats have that effect.

Garrett Gates wasn’t killed by a stab wound.

[Walker clears throat]

That blue sheen is a telltale sign of nightshade poisoning.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Because back when you were sheriff, you were in charge and covered it up.

[inhales, exhales deeply]

Ansel Gates hated outcasts and Nevermore.

He claimed the land the school was built on was stolen from his family over 200 years ago.

Garrett went there that night to spike the punch and kill all the kids at that dance.

Ansel confessed the whole thing to me in a drunken stupor. It was his idea.

Why did you instruct Dr. Anwar to falsify the autopsy report?

You knew the truth about how he really died.

Listen, my job was to keep the peace.

If there had been a trial, Jericho’s and Nevermore’s reputations would have been trashed.

I think the only reputation you were worried about ruining was your own.

I remember Garrett bragging to me that his father had the sheriff in his pocket.

One year later, you get elected mayor. Hmm.

No doubt with the full support of Ansel Gates.

I resent your implication.

What I resent is that you could have prevented Garrett’s death if you had done your job when I lodged my complaint about him stalking me.

But no.

Men like you have no idea what it feels like not to be believed.


What do you want?

[quirky, intense music playing]

All charges dropped.

My father will be released immediately with a full and unequivocal apology from the sheriff’s office.

[emphatically] Do we have a deal?

You were very impressive in there.

When did your visions begin?

A few months ago.


Before I left for Nevermore.

I’m sorry you didn’t feel you could tell me.

I know we’ve had our difficulties lately.

Navigating the treacherous shoals of our mother-daughter relationship.

But I’m always here for you, Wednesday.


Sometimes when I touch someone or something, I get these very violent glimpses from the past or future.

I don’t know how to control it.

Our psychic ability resides on the spectrum of who we are.

Given my disposition, my visions tend to be positive.

That makes me a Dove.

And for someone like me? Who sees the world through a darker lens?

You’re a Raven.

Your visions are more potent, more powerful.

But without the proper training, they can lead to madness.

If I could help you, I would, Wednesday.

But we’re not trained by the living.

Somebody from our bloodline reaches out from beyond to help us when we’re ready.

Goody has.

I’ve seen her before.

Be careful, Wednesday.

Goody was a witch of great strength, but her vengeance pushed her too far, and even she couldn’t save herself.

Sorry about all this.

I don’t hold grudges, only blood debts.

So, your daughter and my son have become… close.

I pity any boy who gets caught in her viper’s gaze, but he must be a good egg.

She wouldn’t tolerate anything less.

He has his mom to thank for that.

[Pugsley] Dad!

I missed you so much, Dad. I missed you so much.


[Morticia] Mi amor.

[Wednesday] Don’t crowd me.

[curious music playing]

[bell tolls]

So, it’s decided. Six weeks at Camp Howl.

You’ll need to pick which activity…

No, I don’t.

Because I’m not going.

Not this summer. Not ever.

If I’m meant to wolf out, then I’m going to do it on my own timeline and not yours.

I hope that one day, you’ll finally accept me for who I am.

[somber, emotional music playing]

I’m proud of you, kiddo.

You do you.

I’ll come back and help you under one condition.

Wait until the school year is over.

How do I know you won’t run away again?

Because we both have too much to lose.

But after this, you and MorningSong are out of my life… forever.

[Wednesday] Don’t push it.

Well, at least we can’t say Parents’ Weekend wasn’t a nail-biter.

I knew you didn’t have what it takes to be a murderer.

As much as that stings, gracias, my little death trap.


As I leafed through the pages of this yearbook, I was reminded of all the wonderful times I had here.

But they were just that.


You have your own path to blaze.

I don’t want to be a stranger in your life, darling.

If you need me for anything, anything at all, I’m only a crystal ball away.

Thank you, Mother.

[wry exhale]

[air kisses]

[dramatic, resolute music playing]

I knew it.

I did witness Rowan getting murdered that night.

Excuse me?

When Rowan appeared the next morning, it was you.

When you participated in the talent show, not only did you impersonate Judy Garland, you became her.

You’re a shape-shifter.


That’s a fascinating theory.

I’m curious to find out how Sheriff Galpin feels when I tell him.

[low, menacing music playing]

You won’t tell a soul, Miss Addams.

And it wouldn’t matter much if you did.

Rowan’s father already knows what happened, and he fully supports my decision not to involve the authorities.

Why would he agree to that?

Because Rowan was not in his right mind.

His telekinetic abilities were driving him mad and he attempted to murder you twice.

His tragic death allowed us to rectify the situation without casting the school or Rowan in an unflattering light.

You and Mayor Walker are the same, aren’t you?

Burying bodies to cover your dirty secrets.

I did what I needed to do to shield this school from controversy and protect its students from harm.

Tell that to Eugene.

How are you protecting him?

[students clamoring, yelling]

What on earth?

[darkly menacing music playing]

[jauntily macabre outro music playing]


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