True Detective – S04E01 – Part 1 | Transcript

In Alaska, scientists at Tsalal Arctic Station disappear, leaving a cryptic message. Detective Navarro links the case to a past murder. Danvers investigates, facing personal demons. Mysteries intertwine, leading to a frozen lake discovery

True Detective
Season 4 Episode 1
Episode Title: “She Is Awake”
Original release date: January 14, 2024 (HBO and Max)

Plot summary: On December 17th in Alaska, during a hunting expedition, caribou behave erratically and leap off a cliff. Concurrently, at the Tsalal Arctic Research Station, a scientist suffers a seizure, ominously declaring “she is awake” before the station loses power. Three days later, the station is found deserted, with a severed tongue and a message left by the missing scientists. Detective Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis), demoted after an assault case, joins Detective Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) in investigating the disappearance, linking it to an unsolved case involving a Native woman, Anne Kowtok. Navarro and Danvers, haunted by their pasts and mysterious voices, uncover connections between the scientists and Anne. Their investigation leads them to a frozen lake where three dead bodies are discovered, intensifying the mystery surrounding the scientists’ disappearance and Anne’s death.

* * *

…For we do not know what beasts the night dreams when its hours grow too long for even God to be awake.
—Hildred Castaigne



(light music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

(wind blowing)


(caribou grunting)

(prolonged exhale)

(caribou grunting)


(vocalizing continues)

(wind blowing)

(music intensifies)

(grumbling, huffing)


(caribou screeching)

(tense percussive music playing)

(vocalizing continues)

(music softens)


(heavy breathing)

(prolonged exhale)

(music fades out)


(“Twist and Shout” by The Beatles fades in)



♪ Twist and shout ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on, come on, baby, now ♪

♪ Come on, baby ♪

♪ Come on and work it on out ♪

♪ Work it on out ♪

(song plays through TV)

♪ You know you look so good ♪

♪ Look so good ♪

Hey, man. Have you seen my phone?

No, I don’t know.

♪ Like I knew you would ♪

(muffled) ♪ You know you twist, little girl ♪

♪ Twist, little girl ♪

(greeting each other)

New data?

No, same.

You’re too late, Veer, I’m finished.

This week, it’s your turn.


(person speaking Spanish)

(speaking Spanish)


(person convulsing)


Hey, Clark. Are you okay?

(tense music sting)

Clark: (unsettled) She-She’s awake.

(lights zap)

(power shuts off)


♪ I’ve been watching you a la la la la long ♪

♪ A la la la la long long li long, long, long ♪

♪ C’mon! ♪

(song plays in truck)

♪ A la la la la long, long li long, long, long ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Standing across the room ♪

♪ I saw you smile ♪

♪ Said I wanna talk to you-oo-oo ♪

♪ For a little while ♪

♪ But before I make… ♪

Supply guy: (echoes) Yo! Delivery! Emerson! Your stuff’s here! I got your Funyuns! Guys, come on! Goodies are here!

Supply guy: (mumbles) Nobody ever helps me around here. Come on, could somebody gimme a hand with this stuff?

(“Twist and Shout” playing in distance)

Supply guy: Guys. I need a signature. Come on, I have to get back.

(unsettling music playing)

Supply guy: Anton?

(lights zapping)

Supply guy: Hello? Anybody?

(person grunts)

(ominous music sting)

Supply guy: Hello? Hey!

(“Twist and Shout” playing on TV)

Supply guy: Guys?

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪

(crowd singing along)

(TV glitching)

♪ Twist and shout ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪


♪ Come on, baby, now ♪

♪ Come on, baby ♪

♪ Come on and work it on out ♪

(song continues in distance)

♪ You know you look so good ♪

(TV glitching)

(eerie noises)

(keys drop)

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪

(crowd screaming on TV)

(song ends)

(“Bury a friend” by Billie Eilish playing)

♪ What do you want from me? ♪

♪ Why don’t you run from me? ♪

♪ What are you wondering? ♪

♪ What do you know? ♪

♪ Why aren’t you scared of me? ♪

♪ Why do you care for me? ♪

♪ When we all fall asleep, where do we go? ♪

♪ Come here ♪

♪ Say it, spit it out ♪

♪ What is it exactly, you’re payin’ ♪

♪ Is the amount cleanin’ you out? ♪

♪ Am I satisfactory? ♪

♪ Today, I’m thinkin’ about ♪

♪ The things that are deadly ♪

♪ The way I’m drinkin’ you down ♪

♪ Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me ♪

♪ Step on the glass, staple your tongue, ahh ♪

♪ Bury a friend, try to wake up ♪

♪ Ahh-ha ♪

♪ Cannibal class, killin’ the son, ahh ♪

♪ Bury a friend ♪

♪ I wanna end me ♪

♪ I wanna end me ♪

♪ I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪

♪ Why aren’t you scared of me? ♪

♪ Why do you care for me? ♪

♪ When we all fall asleep, where do we go? ♪


(indistinct shouting)

Worker: Susie, where’s your hairnet?


Evangeline: Not a whole lotta crab, huh?

Nah, it’s been shit this year. Getting worse every year. Where’s the ambulance? We don’t need nobody dyin’ in here.

Evangeline: They’re comin’. I was closer.

Y’all get your asses back to work! (claps) Them loads ain’t packin’ themselves. Let’s go! Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Evangeline: Sir?

Fucker’s not gonna die. He’s just too drunk to get up.

Evangeline: Sir? Sir? Sir?

Bee: I told you. He’s just too wasted.

Evangeline: Did you hit this man, ma’am?

Asshole hit Blair, then I hit the asshole.

Evangeline: With a metal bucket?

What’s your name, hon? Who’s your Aaka?

Evangeline: Did you or did you not hit this man with a metal bucket, ma’am?

Damn right I hit him with a metal bucket. You puttin’ me away for that, hon?

(scoffs) Hell yeah. I mean…

Evangeline: Sir, I’d like to speak with these women now.

If he fuckin’ dies…

Evangeline: Now, sir.

(indistinct chatter)

Evangeline: Alright… what’s the story here?

He hits me, I moved out, he didn’t like it.

She moved in with me, mind you. Not with some guy.

Evangeline: Did he…

No, that’s just the job. Playin’ with sharp things after a first or second shift on some other job will get you chopped.

(groans) You fucking bitch! You broke my fucking nose!

Evangeline: Hey, hey!


Evangeline: Miss, are you pressin’ charges?


Damn right she is.


Evangeline: Sir, you’re under arrest for assault and battery.

The fucking bitch hit me! Fuck you too!

(phone ringing)

Fucking bitch-pig! Ah, fuck!

(phone ringing, buzzing)

Evangeline: I can’t talk right now.

You actually on the phone? You’re on the fucking phone?!

♪ One’s for sorrow ♪

♪ Two’s for joy ♪

♪ Three’s for a girl and four’s for a boy ♪

♪ Five’s for silver, six for gold ♪

♪ Seven’s for a secret never told ♪

Liz: So, this is what this place looks like on the inside, huh? You ever been out here?

Hank: Oh yeah, Liz, with my polar chemistry Ph.D., you mean?

Liz: (groans) Can’t find my glasses. Any vehicles missin’?

Hank: Nope. This is it.

(quiet, tense music playing)

Liz: We don’t think that they just went out for a stroll?

Hank: (chuckles) No.

Liz: Well, shit.

Hank: Yeah. Just the third day of dark and it’s already gettin’ weird.

(“Twist and Shout” playing in distance)

Liz: Where is that fucking song?

(song getting louder)

Liz: Where is it?

Peter: Morning, Chief. Uh…

(song playing)

Liz: Where’s…

Peter: Yeah, sorry, we-we can’t turn that off. It’s gettin’ on my nerves too. Tried to cover it up, muffle the sound a little. There’s no buttons. Can’t find the remote. Those don’t open. That does not open. Nah, those don’t open either.

(Liz grunts)

Peter: Oh… look at that.

(TV glitching)

(grunts, exhales)

(song stops playing)

Liz: Not a Beatles fan, okay? (sighs) Alright, what do we know, Pete?

Peter: Um, a supply guy found the station empty this morning. He called it in. The scientists’ last contact was…

Hank: Speak up, Peter.

Liz: I can hear him just fine. So, when was their last contact with town?

Peter: It was a week ago. They called for some supplies.

Liz: And… who’s contacting the families?

Peter: Lulu, but they’re from all around the world, so, ya know, takin’ a minute.

Liz: And who pays for this place?

Peter: Government grants?

Liz: You askin’ me?

Peter: I’ll check on the funding.

Liz: Oh… look what I found.

(quiet, tense music playing)

Liz: It’s like they went to take a leak, never came back. Alright. Here we go.

Peter: Alright. Tsalal Station’s been operating for 18 years, uh, researching Arctic geology, biology, and the impacts of climate change.

Peter: Ralph Emerson, geology. Anton Kotov, geophysics.

Liz: All men, huh?

Peter: Yep.

Peter: Li Jie, geobiology. Raymond Clark, paleomicrobiology.


Peter: Lucas Merens, environmental chemistry. Facundo Molina and Veer Mehta, biophysics. And Anders Lund, founder-director, structural biology.

Liz: They live here all year long? All alone? Just like monks? What are they looking for? Digging that ice up.

Peter: I think… the origin of life?

Liz: Ah, that thing.

(music intensifies)

Peter: Sat phones are back there. Uh, these are the cells I could find. This one was charging, and that one was just there, just like that. Dead battery.

Liz: Who leaves their cell behind?

Hank: Well, it’s not like there’s a lotta cell signal out there.

Liz: It’s not like there’s a lotta anything out there. Alright, well, let’s get the cell records and the radio log, Pete.

Hank: Yeah, that ham seems pretty fresh.

Liz: Alright… we’re gonna call in rescue. Let’s get the choppers, ping this site as an LKP, and then 15 miles POA.

Hank: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Word’ll spread. Their families will be upset. And if these dorks turn out to be just out on some geek expedition, don’t you wanna hold off for a bit?

Liz: No, Hank, I don’t. We’re late to the party already. Um… the ham and the sandwich may seem fresh, but… the mayo is like syrup. Mayo doesn’t go runny until a couple days out of the fridge. But your processed cold cuts, they’ll survive the apocalypse. (chuckling) The things you learn when your kid leaves their lunch in the back seat of the car. You were never much of a sandwich-makin’ kinda dad, was he, Pete? (Liz sighs) Clothes in that washer stink. It’s gonna take wet clothes a couple of days to stink that bad. These men disappeared 48 hours ago, at least. Least.

Liz: (sighs) Alright, let’s take a look at that tongue. (Liz grunts) Oh, two days… startin’ to discolor.

Peter: Maybe it’s not human.

Liz: Oh, it’s human all right. See there?

Peter: That a bite?

Liz: No. Those are marks left by a repetitive behavior. Remember that Native auntie that we found a year ago, frozen solid?

Peter: Yeah, yeah. Um, outside Saint Joseph of the Arctic, right?

Liz: Yeah. She had the same marks. Comes from lickin’ the thread when you’re fixin’ the fishin’ nets. That is a native woman’s tongue.

Peter: Jesus. Dead or alive, you think?

Liz: Gonna have to wait until the lab in Anchorage processes this baggie. In the meantime, Hank?

Hank: Yup?

Liz: Why don’t you hit up command and see if they got a tongue-less lady in some fridge somewhere. (sighs) Prior… call Central. Your father’s havin’ a brain fart.

(radio beeps)

Hank: Hey.

(radio beeps)

Hank: Lulu, Hank Prior. Put me through to Central.

Lulu (over radio): Right on it, Hank.

(radio beeps)

(unsettling music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

Radio host: Alright, folks, Christmas is coming. Can’t stop it. Ya have your presents lined up? (laughs) Yeah. Me neither. We’re gonna take calls, though. Alright. Anyone out there? Hello? Hello?

(wolf spasms)

(eerie, ominous noises)

Is there anybody there?

(wind blowing)


Rose: Hello, Travis. (heavy breathing) What do you want?

(truck screeches)

Lulu: No, no hablo español, señora. I left a few messages…

Liz: Hey, Lulu.

Lulu: …and I’m trying to reach Dr. Molina’s family. Has he called? El lla-llamo? Un momento.

Lulu: Uh, you have a message. (stammers) There’s someone in your office…

Liz: Coffee.

Lulu: …but it’s her.

Liz: It’s not her tongue.

Evangeline: How do you know?

Liz: It’s been six years. Can’t be her tongue.

Evangeline: But it’s a woman’s tongue?

Liz: I don’t know.

Evangeline: Right. Let me see it, then.

Liz: No. You got bounced off the case, ‘member? You’re a trooper now. You’re not A.P.F. anymore, ‘member that?

Evangeline: It’s a woman’s tongue. It’s an Inupiaq woman’s tongue.

Liz: And you know this because… your spirit animal came to you in a dream?

Evangeline: Nah, my spirit animal eats old fuckin’ white ladies like you for breakfast, Danvers. Careful.

Liz: (chuckles)

Evangeline: Ah… how’s daddy Connelly? Treatin’ ya good?

Liz: Ah, right. Is that all, Trooper Navarro?

(station phone ringing)

Liz: I’m sure you got some caribou to scrape off the road somewhere.

Evangeline: You never even wanted to look at her files. And now you’re just brushin’ her off like… like she’s… Did you get all that?

Peter: What file is she talkin’ about?

(phones ringing)

Liz: Alright, go look in the cold case files. Get me, uh, Anne Masu Kowtok. … Hello?

Caller: Is this Elizabeth Danvers?

Liz: Um, yeah.

Caller: This is Kerri Gillard. Sheri’s mom. Sheri Gillard, from Leah’s class?

Liz: Oh, yeah. I-I can’t talk to you right now.

Caller: I really, really need to talk to you, Mrs. Danvers.

Liz: I-I’m gonna call you back later when…

Caller: No, we need to talk now! Like, right now!

Liz: (sighs)

Kerri Gillard: She’s 15 years old!

Liz: I got it. I understand.

Kerri Gillard: 15 years old!

(angry crosstalk)

Kerri Gillard: Do you understand?

Kerri Gillard: (stammering) No, this is your daughter initiating this.

Liz: Alright, let’s not escalate it. Let’s talk about it in a week, see if it improves.

(Kerri groans)

(footsteps crunching)

Leah: I didn’t do any…

Liz: Shut up. A video? (scoffs) Really?

Leah: You know, you don’t have to freak out about…

Liz: I’m not talkin’ about it. I thought you were smarter than that, Leah. Well, you know where those videos end up? They end up on porn sites. For the rest of your life, every single time somebody looks you up…

Leah: Okay, well, we didn’t post it. Her mom took her phone and she freaked out. It was just for us…

Liz: Don’t be an idiot. People break up, ‘kay? Phones get hacked.

Leah: Oh, right. Thanks, Chief Danvers. All criminal angles noted. Stop pretending like you give a shit now.

Liz: I-I don’t give a shit! But that woman was screaming in my face because you…

Leah: “You” what?

Liz: Because you made a video of, uh…

Leah: Of what?

Liz: Of you screwing a 15-year-old girl! Okay?! You made a video that I had to watch…

(tires screeching)

(car horn honks)

(both breathing heavily)

Liz: Hey… Hey, are you okay?

Leah: Did we hit something?

Liz: Nah. We didn’t hit anything. It’s okay. Leah, Leah. It’s just an ice slip. Alright? Alright, calm down. Calm down.

(radio beeps)

Liz: It’s Danvers.

Lulu (over radio): Chief.

Liz: We got in an accident.

Lulu: Sending ambulance, Chief.

Liz: Yeah, send an ambulance. Possible injuries. We’re at 5th and Front.

(driver crying)

(light music plays)

(crying echoes)

(yells) Is that fucking Stacy Chalmers again?!

Stacy:(crying) I’m so sorry.

Liz: Stacy, you idiot! Are you fuckin’ drunk?

Stacy: (crying) I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Liz: Alright, get outta the car. Get outta the car.

Stacy:(slurring) Hey, Mrs. Danvers.

Liz: Hey… You don’t even have your license anymore.

Stacy:(crying) My baby! She’s not speakin’ to me!

Liz: Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Stacy:I’m so sorry.

Liz: Get your fuckin’ hands off me! Turn around! Come on! Turn around! Put your hands up right now! Move it! Hands fuckin’ up! Fuckin’ bitch!

(Stacy crying)

(sirens wailing)

(police radio chatter)

(Stacy crying)

(engine starts)

Leah: She’s 16.

Liz: What?

Leah: Sheri’s 16, not 15.

Liz: Oh, for fuck’s sake.

(solemn music playing)

(indistinct chatter)

Ryan: Agent Navarro, it’s been a while.

Evangeline: Hey, Ryan.

Ryan: You got a break in her case?

Evangeline: I’m not sure yet. Want a beer?

Ryan: The ex asked me to watch Evan tonight. Wanna come over?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Evangeline: So, Annie never mentioned Tsalal? Never talked about it? Anything?

Ryan: No. You found Annie had some connection?

Evangeline: I don’t know, just… goin’ over any angle I might’ve missed back then, you know?

Ryan: Last of my stash.

Evangeline: (softly) No… Maybe just some water?

Ryan: Water’s bad. Turned to shit about three days ago. Annie’d say, “I told you so.” Look… don’t take this wrong. I loved my sister… and I wish like hell she was still here, but I’m not sure it’d do much good to go through all this again.

Evangeline: Listen, you don’t really think that, Ryan. Hey. Hey, listen to me. I know it wasn’t easy for you. Annie protestin’ the mine… mine guys going at her. It was a mess.

Ryan: Yeah. We got into some shit fights. I told her, “You kill the mine, you kill Ennis.” No jobs, no mine taxes, no schools, nothin’. She didn’t care. We were barely speakin’ that last year.

(TV playing in background)

Ryan: Do you believe in God, Agent Navarro?

(light music playing)

Evangeline: Yes.

Ryan: Mind if I ask why?

Evangeline: My last tour…


Soldier (whispers): Listen.

Evangeline: It doesn’t matter.

Ryan: Must be nice.

Evangeline: What? (sighs)

Ryan: Knowing we’re not alone.

Evangeline: No, we’re alone. God too.

(phone ringing, buzzing)

Evangeline: Hello?

Cooper (over phone): Hey, Navarro. Cooper here. It happened again.

Evangeline: I’ll be there right away.

(unsettling music playing)

(singers vocalizing)

Evangeline: Hey, Cooper.

Cooper: Hey, Ange. How’s Troopers?

Evangeline: You know, same shit, different badge.

Cooper: So, she called in hysterics, said there was someone inside the apartment, but the door is bolted from the inside and the windows are all shut tight.

Evangeline: Thanks for the call.

Cooper: Yeah, you got it. It stays between us.

Evangeline: Thanks.

(dog barking)

Evangeline: Hey, Jules.

Jules: Hey, Angie. (exhales)

Evangeline: What’s going on?

Jules: Nothing, I shouldn’t have called. I’m sorry. It was just a little freak-out. I’m okay. I’m just tired.

Evangeline: Alright, so… why don’t you come over to my place, we eat some junk food, watch “The Bachelor,” come on.

Jules: (sighs) I never should’ve moved here. I’m so sorry.

Evangeline: Hey, Jules, Jules. Come here. Hey, look at me. Hey. I wanted you here. I’m glad you’re here, okay?

Jules: Listen, I’m not like Mom.

Evangeline: You are nothing like Mom. You are not her, okay? You hear me? If you’re worried, we can start talking some options.

Jules: No hospitals. You promised me no hospitals.

Evangeline: ‘Kay, so make sure you’re good, Jules.

Jules: I’m okay… I promise. I got this.

(“Sivulivinivut” by Tanya Tagaq playing)

(singer vocalizing)


Peter: Alright, so, if you look at the funding, most of the funding to Tsalal comes from an NGO, but some of it comes…

Stacy (muffled): I want to go home!

(Stacy yelling)


Peter: But if you try and…

Stacy (yelling): Please!

Liz: (Liz breathes deeply) Like she’s dying.

Peter: (exhales) So…

Stacy (yells): Lemme go!

(yelling continues)

(yelling stops)

Stacy (muffled): Oh, thanks.

Hank; Here we go.

Liz: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What are you doin’?

Hank: Putting us all out of our misery.

Liz: The fuck you are! She’s still drunk.

Hank: Yeah, so, I’ll drive her home.

Liz: Nah, I’m not letting a still-drunk DUI out just because sometimes she blows you.

Stacy: Hey!

Liz: End of story! Back in. Back in!

(Stacy huffs, groans)

Stacy (muffled): I need some toilet paper!

Hank: You know, for the record, I have a fiancée.

Liz: Oh, yeah? Natasha from the catalog?

Hank: Oh, she’s not from a catalog. She’s from Vladivostok, and she’s coming for Christmas. We’re getting married, just so you know.

Liz: Ah, a Christmas wedding. That’s festive. This girlfriend stays in.

Hank: Sorry, Stace. You heard the man.

Stacy (muffled): I hate you!

Liz: Yeah, and I need the Anne Kowtok file. You got it.

Hank: Do I?

Liz: Yeah. It’s at your place. You took a bunch of case files home after the flood.

Hank: I don’t think so. I’ll check.

Liz: When?

Hank: Soon.

Stacy (muffled): I hate you all!

Liz: Shut up!

Peter: He has the files?

Stacy (muffled): I hate you all!

(Stacy yelling)

Peter: What you doin’ down there, Darwin? Doin’ a drawin’? Oh, what’s this?

(Darwin babbles)

Peter: You do this?

(blows raspberry)

Peter: Uh, Kayla?

Kayla: Yeah?

Peter: What’s this?

Kayla: Just a local legend.

Peter: You, uh, leave him at the laundromat with your grandma?

Kayla: Yeah, I did.

Peter: Right.

Kayla: You know why?

Peter: Okay, uh… Yeah, I’m sorry I was late. It’s just the Tsalal thing. It’s been kinda crazy, so…

Kayla: It’s fine. It’s all good… but I have classes, so my grandma’s there to take care of Darwin, and she happens to like to tell him stories from his culture.

Peter: Alright, so when the stories that his grandma tells him, they give him bad dreams, I can just put you on the phone, right? You’ll, you’ll talk to him, explain why it’s important.

Kayla: You’re such a white boy.

Peter: Oh?

Kayla: How the hell did I fall for a white boy?

(light music playing)

(pants unzip)

(phone buzzing, ringing)

Kayla: Oh, no you don’t.

Peter: Seriously?

(phone buzzing, ringing)

(both chuckling)

(heavy breathing)

Peter: (whispers) I gotta take this.

(bites neck)

Peter: Fuck! Kayla!

Kayla: Seriously?

Peter: It’s work.

Kayla: Work ends at six. That’s Danvers.

Peter: I gotta take it. (softly) Fuck.

Peter: Hey, Chief.

Liz (over phone): I need you to get me something from your dad’s.

Peter: Wha… Sorry, Chief. No. Please?

Liz: Did I hear no? Huh? Weird. Yeah, I think it was a no. Must be the connection.

(“Black Sedan” by Charley Crockett playing over speakers)

♪ The summer season is turning cool ♪

♪ Though the days are still hot ♪

(knocks on door)

Hank: Hey.

Peter: Hey, Dad.

Hank: Everything okay?

Peter: Yeah, uh, I promised Darwin I would show him an old photo of me when I was his age.

Hank: Ah, okay.

Peter: You mind if I take a look?

Hank: Ah, that’s fine.

Peter: Whoa.

Yeah, careful. Still wet.

Peter: Wow… that is, uh… really blue.

Hank: Well, Alina likes blue.

Hank: Too blue?

Peter: Um, it’s-it’s blue, but, uh…

Hank: Too damn blue.

Peter: No. No, no, no. It’s-It’s great. It’s a change.

Hank: Yeah, you want a beer?

Peter: Uh, no. I’m good, thank you.

(light music playing)

Peter: (softly) Fuck.

Hank: You sure?

Peter: Uh, yeah. Actually, uh, you got anything to eat? Like, chips or somethin’? I’m starvin’.

Hank: Oh, let me check. Oh, pretty tapped out. I gotta grocery shop. You want an apple?

Peter: No, I’m, I’m good.

Hank: You want to, uh, go out, grab a bite?

Peter: Nope. I promised I’d put Darwin to bed, so, uh.

Hank: Let me see what you took.

(wind blowing)

Hank: Didn’t know I still had that. Watch yourself on the ice. It’s slick as shit out there.



(eerie breathing)

(unsettling music playing)

(knocks on door)

Leah: You take Darwin to see Santa yet?

Peter: Not yet, but, uh, I’m working on it.

Leah: Well, dude, you better be or else Kayla’s gonna kick your pink ass.

Peter: I think I liked it better when I babysat and she couldn’t talk back.

Liz: Thanks.

Peter: So this case is connected to Tsalal?

Liz: No.

Peter: No?

Liz: No.

Peter: That’s all I get? Chief, my dad is gonna kill me if he finds out I took these.

Liz: Alright, take the Christmas tree box into the living room. Did you eat?

Peter: Nope. (under breath) When have I got time to fuckin’ eat?

Liz: Well, you gotta eat. The body was found on the edge of the Villages. Navarro was the first on the scene.

(tense, solemn music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

Liz: Her name was Anne Masu Kowtok. People called her Annie K. Stabbed 32 times… with a sharp, unidentified object. Star-shaped wounds. Murder weapon never found.

Peter: Missing tongue?

Liz: Yeah. Never recovered.

Peter: I knew about the dead girl out in the Villages, but… I didn’t know about the tongue.

Liz: Yep, we kept that from the public.

Liz: She was a midwife, activist, protester. You know, fighting the mine like crazy, drivin’ everybody nuts… workers, mine folks. A lotta haters.

Liz: But this? (sighs) Nobody deserves that.

Peter: You lied to her. Navarro. You do know the case. You studied it.

Liz: Mind your own business, kid.

Peter: You made it my business when you asked me to steal these for you.

Liz: I asked you to relocate them.

Peter: Fine. I will relocate them back to my dad, and you can ask him for them.

Liz: You bluff for shit, you know that? Alright. Okay. Sit down. It’s gettin’ cold. Here’s the story. (sighs) Navarro was obsessed with the case. She’s got this thing about women who get hurt. I don’t know. She didn’t get anywhere with it, but she wouldn’t let it go and started buggin’ the wrong people. Mine people. Kate McKittrick, specifically.

Peter: Fuck.

Liz: Yeah. Showed up at her house, started demanding answers, and… and she got in a couple of fights with some mine workers. Your dad had to take her off the case. And when I came to town… we started working together, and… she asked me to pick it back up.

Peter: And you didn’t?

Liz: (scoffs) This one was never gonna be solved.

Peter: What do you mean?

Liz: Ennis killed Annie. This fucking place. No killer was ever gonna be found.

(phone beeps)

Liz: (sighs)

Peter: That a Tinder match or somethin’?

Liz: Fantasy football. I got two running backs on I.R. I got a wide receiver who’s a klutz. I don’t know who the fuck I’m gonna start on Sunday.

(dogs barking)

♪ Oh, my love, I think I’m drownin’ ♪

♪ Take me down into the deep ♪

Eddie Qavvik: Evangeline.

Evangeline: Qavvik.

♪ Been so long since I’ve been found, yeah ♪

♪ Won’t you come, won’t you come ♪

♪ Rescue me ♪

(Qavvik breathing heavily)

♪ Spend my mornings just searching ♪

Eddie: Wait, fuck.

♪ Wandering down ♪

♪ These roads alone ♪

Eddie: Wait!

♪ Sleepless nights ♪

♪ I’m left believing ♪

(moaning, groaning)

♪ That you’ll come, that you’ll come ♪

♪ Rescue me ♪


♪ Save me ♪

Eddie: Fuck, Gi.

♪ My love ♪

♪ And come, say you’ll come ♪

Eddie: Fuck.

♪ And rescue me ♪

(toothbrush vibrates)

Evangeline: SpongeBob? Really?

Eddie: SpongeBob is cool. He cleans your teeth. (chuckles) He lives in a pineapple. Hey, what are you doing? Don’t do that. No.

(toothbrush vibrates)

Eddie: It’s disgusting. No.


Evangeline: I gotta go.

Eddie: Oh, your sister?

Evangeline: Why, has she been actin’ off?

Eddie: Uh, no. She’s, uh… she’s just been missing some work, it’s nothing major.

Evangeline: Gotta swing by the booze depot.

Eddie: Don’t go. You can take a gallon of my homebrew.

Evangeline: (scoffs) Yeah. I don’t wanna go blind yet.

Eddie: My homebrew brings all the boys to the yard.

Evangeline: Are you tellin’ that to a cop, Qavvik?

Eddie: Hey. Next time you call, I’m not gonna pick up the phone.

(light music playing)

(toothbrush vibrates)

Eddie: Hey. No, that’s my toothbrush. Well, I need it!

(door slams)

(footsteps approach)

Leah: Hey, about earlier.

Liz: You mean about you makin’ dirty videos?

Leah: No. About people driving drunk. Ya know, it’s really stupid that we never talk about that day.

Liz: We’re doin’ Christmas this year. I’m gonna cook.

(water running)

Liz: (spits)

Leah: (quiet scoff) Ya know, you don’t really have to be my mom, Liz. Think my dad would’ve understood.

Liz: I’m takin’ a shower.

(melancholy music playing)

(water running)

(indistinct chatter)

Evangeline: Night, Manny.

Manny: Night, officer.

Ace: She’s gonna come right back begging for this, and I’m gonna give it to her so hard, her eyes are gonna pop right off that fugly face of hers, and I’m gonna stuff her mouth with all the fuckin’ bills I’ve been payin’.

Yeah, man.

Ace: Bitch broke my fucking…

(chatter continues)

Evangeline: Merry Christmas, motherfucker.

(light music playing)

(singers vocalizing)

Child (whispers): Mommy?

Liz: (whispers) Holden?

Holden: She’s awake.

(music intensifies)

(bird caws)

Evangeline: Hi, Miss Irniq. Thanks for returning my call.

Miss Irniq (over phone): I hope I didn’t wake you up. I’m not sleeping much these days.

Evangeline: No, no. I was just going through some old notes, filing some stuff, um, reaching out to Annie’s contacts. Do you remember Annie ever mentioning the Tsalal Station?

Miss Irniq: Tsalal? That place with the scientists?

(call breaking up)

Evangeline: Hello? Ma’am, hello?

She’s awake!

(brakes hard)

Evangeline: (heavy breathing)

(polar bear grumbles)

(tense, ominous music playing)



(“State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)” by Jim James playing)

(white noise playing)

♪ Daylight come ♪

♪ Daylight go ♪

♪ How far will it reach? ♪

♪ Ain’t nobody know ♪

Liz: (sighs)

♪ A. E. I. O. U. ♪

♪ E. I. O. U., A. E. I. O. U. ♪

♪ I used my state of the art ♪

♪ Technology ♪

♪ Supposed to make for better living ♪

♪ But are we better human beings? ♪

♪ We’ve got our wires all crossed ♪

♪ All from the lord above ♪

♪ A. E. I. O. U. ♪

♪ E. I. O. U. A. E. I. ♪

♪ I used my state of the art ♪

♪ Technology ♪

♪ ‘Cause the power’s goin’ out ♪

♪ I hear the power’s goin’ out ♪

♪ I mean it, the power’s goin’ out ♪

♪ I really mean it, the power’s goin’ out ♪

(unsettling music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

(voices whispering)

(eerie sounds)

(muffled scream)

(wind blowing)

(singers vocalizing)

(lights flickering)

(distant footsteps)

Liz: Ennis Police! Step out slowly.

(footsteps approach)

(deep breath)

Liz: This is an A.P.F. investigation.

Evangeline: I have a badge.

Liz: A trooper’s badge. You’re trespassin’.

Evangeline: Trespassing, huh? You gonna book me?

Liz: Still really carry it, don’t you? Annie’s case.

Evangeline: We carry ’em all.

Liz: No, we don’t. What are you lookin’ for?

Evangeline: I don’t know. (sighs) Anything that might’ve belonged to her. A shoe, an earring.

Liz: A coat? Alright… you can look around, this once… but the Tsalal men’s case is mine.

Evangeline: What coat?

Liz: This one.

(tense music playing)

Evangeline: So you did look into the case, didn’t you? Back then.

Liz: Yeah. It doesn’t mean shit. It’s one parka. Could be thousands of ’em.

Evangeline: Right… So what are you doin’ here, then?

Liz: Just followin’ up.

Evangeline: (sighs)

Liz: The only one with a room of his own.

Evangeline: Well, which one is him?

Liz: (Liz grunts) Raymond Clark.

Evangeline: Yeah, I’ve never seen this guy before. He’s not in any of our photos. Nowhere.

(camera clicks)

Liz: How about Annie’s brother? Miner guy?

Evangeline: Ryan… Yeah, I’ll show him a photo.

Liz: (sighs) That’s it. (sighs) It’s not here. No parka.

Evangeline: Maybe he had it on when they…

Liz: When they went poof?

Evangeline: You don’t really think they’re gonna find them, do you?

Liz: You’re the one who believes in miracles. Pickin’ up any spirit vibes?

Evangeline: Nope. All I’m pickin’ up is your shitty fuckin’ attitude.

(helicopter hovering)

Trooper (over radio): Five, acknowledge. Movin’ to sector 2-7-8.

(radio chatter continues)

Liz: Better watch out. That case sunk ya once.

Evangeline: The case didn’t sink me. You asked me to transfer to troopers. Had nothin’ to do with Annie. We both know what really happened.

Liz: Are you done?

Evangeline: Annie’s case isn’t closed. It’s not closed.

Liz: Just let her go. Let that poor girl go.

Evangeline: “Let her go.” You didn’t find her.

(melancholy music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

Evangeline: You didn’t see the hate. You could see the disgust in the way they cut her. Forensics showed that someone kicked her after they dumped her dead body, Liz. Poor girl’s just lyin’ there… and they still kick her. Broken teeth, broken ribs. And then they cut out her tongue. To shut her the fuck up. Wouldn’t’ve happened if she was white, though.

Liz: (scoffs) Wouldn’t’ve made any difference what color her skin was.

Evangeline: Yes the fuck it would have. They would’ve had the whole fuckin’ police force out lookin’ for a white ass.

Liz: Uh, no, you’re not gonna blame her on me. And I wasn’t even here. You know who was here? Huh? You. You were here. It was your case all those months. You didn’t close it. You.

Evangeline: Exactly.

(phone ringing)

Liz: (sighs) … Did you get the cell records?

Peter (over phone): No, we, uh, we got a call. They found something on the ice.

(lights zapping)

Peter: Chief? Chief, can you hear me?

Liz: Yeah, t-talk to me, Prior.

Peter: Uh… Rose Aguineau, Chief. Rose Aguineau found it.

(helicopter hovering)

(tense music playing)

(indistinct shouting)

Evangeline: Hey, Rose.

Rose: Morning, Missy.

Evangeline: How did you find them?

Rose: Travis showed me.

(wind blowing)

Evangeline: Travis. Travis is dead, Rose.

Rose: I know.

(indistinct chanting, singing)

♪ One’s for sorrow ♪

♪ Two’s for joy ♪

♪ Three’s for a girl and four’s for a boy ♪

♪ Five’s for silver, six for gold ♪

♪ Seven’s for a secret never told ♪

♪ Devil, devil, I defy thee ♪

♪ Devil, devil, I defy thee ♪

♪ Devil, devil, I defy thee ♪


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