The Witcher – S03E04 – The Invitation | Transcript

Yennefer pitches a bold idea to the Brotherhood, Geralt strikes a dangerous deal with a ferryman, and Triss digs into the mystery of the missing novices.
The Witcher - S03E04 - The Invitation

Original release date: June 29, 2023

Emperor Emhyr commands Cahir to assassinate Francesca. Upon reaching her and the Scoia’tael, Cahir persuades her to join forces in their search for Ciri. Fringilla enjoys her newfound freedom. Aboard a ship to Aretuza, Geralt, Ciri, Jaskier and the rest of the crew are attacked by an aeschna which Geralt and Ciri kill. At Aretuza, Yennefer convinces the Brotherhood of Sorcerers to host a conclave for mages to strengthen unity of the North against Nilfgaard, and later, she visits the Redanian court in person to invite Philippa Eilhart and try win the support of King Vizimir who orders not only Philippa, but Dijkstra and Radovid to attend as well. On her way back, Yennefer is ambushed. Meanwhile, Triss and Istredd investigate missing Aretuzan novices and the Book of Monoliths, respectively, and, similarly to Yennefer and Geralt, they arrive at the conclusion that Stregobor is the mastermind behind those events, as well as Rience’s actions. Ciri and Jaskier are kept in a safe haven; Radovid tracks Jaskier down and they kiss. Geralt, Yennefer and the Northern mages gather at Aretuza to begin the conclave with a banquet.

* * *

[wind gusting]

[Geralt] Ciri!


[echoing snatches of voices]

[Ciri] I’m not afraid of him anymore.


[Gallatin] The only human who’s gained my loyalty so far is you.

[echoing whisper]

[Ciri] You’ll pay for this.

[distorted] Nilfgaardian scum.


I’ve known you since your voice cracked. Never seen you sleep past dawn.

[Cahir] My lord.

I wanted to welcome you back myself.


[soldiers drilling outside]

I have a mission for you.

I… I, um… I didn’t expect an assignment so soon.

No? Well, you did what I asked you to do without hesitation, and then…

[Cahir sighs]

Then you cleaned up your mess.

That is all the proof I need to know that you are ready.

All necessary supplies are at your disposal. Weapons, transport, men…


But we must move quickly.




This is ambitious.

Francesca will not be an easy target.

Perhaps we should enlist Frin…

[Emhyr] Fringilla?

What became of her?


She is dead.

[sighs] And you are here.

[sighs] You said you knew a good leader when you saw them.


How do you know you’re doing the right thing?

When you have finished this mission, we shall have everything that we want.

We’ll be able to knock the North over with a feather, and I’ll have my daughter by my side, where she belongs.

Let go of the questions.

Embrace what we have done together.


You leave today.

[door opens]


[sighs shakily]

[Yennefer] My plan is to open with a traditional ball.

Is it me, or is she like a bad fungus?

[Yennefer] Then spend the next two days strategizing a Northern alliance against Nilfgaard.

An alliance led by a traitor will only serve to fan the flames of division.



Let her speak.

She says she’s here to help. I believe her.

We must set our differences aside to create a stronghold between Verden, Kaedwen,

Temeria, Aedirn, Lyria…

[chuckling] Oh, come on!

And Redania!

Redania acts in their own interest with complete disregard for anyone else.

A posture Yennefer understands intimately!

Redania has the most powerful army in the North.

Foltest’s soldiers, Henselt’s, their combined forces are still shy of what Vizimir could provide us.

We believe Philippa Eilhart can deliver her king.


[Vilgefortz] And who is “we”?

Yennefer has my full support.


Of course she has your support!

[Yennefer] If I may… I would like to thank all of you.

Not only for your cooperation now… but for your forgiveness of the past.

This conclave is my first step on the path of regaining your trust.

If we are to unite the Continent, and let me be clear, we have to, we must first agree.

No more division.

No more secrets.

We can all be our best selves.

For the Brotherhood.

[wistful music]

Like a fungus.

I felt his hand grab my shoulder.


Specters aren’t supposed to do that, right?


There’s a theory that the monoliths are conduits to other spheres, and your power is the key to opening those conduits.

In Kaer Morhen, you portaled us to the same sphere the Wild Hunt inhabit.

And left the door open on my way out.


[sighs] Great.

So now we have to go Aretuza?


I thought you said it wasn’t safe because of what you saw in the castle.

It’s the best option for all of us.

[sighs heavily]


What happened?

Why don’t you wanna go there?

[sighs] Because it’s filled with catty women who… who gossip, and get sloppy drunk, and…


And I said some things to Yennefer that I regret.

She’ll forgive you.

[horses nickering]

What if I’m just not good enough?

[Geralt scoffs]

Your power is beyond measure.

[Ciri chuckles]

It’s your job to say that.


This isn’t my area of expertise.

Perhaps you’re struggling because you’re scared of your abilities?

Maybe, if you truly embrace who you are and your power…


…you’ll be able to access it whenever you wish.

[Ciri] Hmm.

[Geralt] And close all doors behind you.

[optimistic music]

[Yennefer] Invitations are going out across the Continent.

We expect responses within the day.

[Tissaia] You know, for someone who disdains politics, you do excel at it.

It’s just personal agenda wrapped up in a different package.

If this is what it takes to keep us all safe, it’s worth it.

The Council already agreed to the conclave.

You can drop the groveling now.


[both laugh]

This is new.

Mmm. It’s a gift from Vilgefortz.

He says it’s for protection. I say it’s for love.

[both chuckle]

I can feel it.

Somewhere, Philippa is rolling her eyes.

You know, I never understood what happened with you two. You were so close.

There’s nothing to understand.

The friendship just ran its course.

Then I think I’ll deliver my invitation to her in person.

Groveling is the sincerest form of manipulation.

[Triss] Tissaia.

Another novice has gone.

Elizabet. Her room is empty.

[Tissaia] All the rooms are empty.

I told the novices to relocate to Loxia for the conclave. I’m sure she is fine.

But there was blood. What if she’s hurt?

Well, then, we need to get less clumsy novices.

Um, Yennefer, I hope your ward can carry herself.

Geralt is bringing Ciri.

He told me everything that happened at Kaer Morhen.

Thank you.

She’s the reason I’m doing all of this.




[chuckling] Hey.


I haven’t seen you since, uh…


Too long.


[both chuckle]

You here for the conclave?

Uh, officially, yes.

Unofficially, you’re here for the great reading material.

Oh, so are your clandestine library excursions far more exciting than this?

Exciting isn’t the word.

[sighs] I’ve been tracking the novices who’ve gone missing this year.

Yeah, three or four in my year got scared they couldn’t hack it.

I know these girls. This feels like something else.

All of them are half elven. This can’t be a coincidence.

[Istredd] What are you thinking?

I think they’ve been taken by force.

Something’s been bothering me.

I traveled with the Scoia’tael for a while, trying to help the elves.

Instead, I watched them instigate the same cycle of violence that victimized them.

Now, the book I’m looking for, the Book of Monoliths, it holds the key to traveling between spheres.

I thought if I had it, I could break that cycle, offer the elves safety away from the Continent.

But someone at Aretuza beat me to it.

What if the person who’s kidnapping those girls is planning to use the book to banish them for good?

[unsettling music]

[man] Got some more boxes…

[Ciri] Chain ferries are slow.

[Geralt] Riding back to Gors Velen would take longer.

Besides, the passage has already been arranged.

[man] Gonna take my head off!

[optimistic music]

Well, if it isn’t my favorite pocket-sized princess. How are you?

[Ciri chuckles]

How are the lessons going?

Tread lightly around the magic lessons.

He’s not actually talking about my lessons.

He’s talking about your lessons in smiling.

Work in progress.

[Jaskier] Yeah.


Why are you not on board yet?

The ferryman won’t cross.

He’s convinced there’s a monster in the water.

[whimsical music]

Can we go around the gulf?

[Jaskier] Adds two days to our journey.

Besides, we’re witchers.

Is that so?

Judging by the time of year and the depth of water in this part of the North Sea, I doubt it’s anything that dangerous.

Maybe a kelpie…



We’ve been focusing so much on my magic. What about my hunting skills?

My ability to protect myself.

I wouldn’t want that to rust. Would you?

[Geralt] If we kill your monster, will you accept that as payment for the passage?

Ah… You’ve got yourself a deal.

[Jaskier] Yes!

Lessons paying off!



[ferryman] Glad I came upon you, witcher.

That beast’s been a right pain in my arse.

Put me out of commission.

Between that and the Wild Hunt ridin’ again… [scoffs]

You’re far too old to believe in fairy tales, Obin.

You sound like my wife.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Right up in the sky above that tower on Thanedd.

Came down on the ground. They were here.

Real. Powerful.

What do they want here? What do you think it means?

The Wild Hunt is an omen for war, missy.

No one’s ever seen them ride amongst us.

This is different.

Humans against halflings. Dwarves against elves.

A full-on bloody massacre. No survivors.

But perhaps best to leave fortune telling to the soothsayers, hmm?

[man] No more on the ship!

[man humming]

Looks like a peaceful day to me.

[humming grows louder]

Oh, you are fucking kidding me.

[troupe humming]

Who is that, Jaskier?

[troupe harmonizing]

Wow. That was… nice.

Good to see you again, Valdo Marx.

Well, hello, Johan.


Lovely to see you.


[Obin] Mr. Marx, a pleasure to meet you!

Me… me and the wife are big fans!

Oh, the pleasure is all mine, good sir.


My troupe is in a bit of a rush. How much for us all to cross?

For you… oh! Half price!

Half fucking pri… Are you kidding me?

Ooh… ooh…



The day just got better.


[Valdo] That G was sharp.

[man] Sorry.


[Vilgefortz] We appreciate the urgency of the conclave, and the stakes for everyone involved.

The Council will create a secure portal to get you safely to Redania and back.

If the rogue mage is somehow tracking you, you’ll be well camouflaged.

What makes you so sure they’re a “he”? Women can be arseholes too.

What is your agenda here, Yennefer?

Aside from helping your crumbling organization regain some semblance of control before Nilfgaard destroys the Continent?

[laughter in courtyard]

Tissaia will always protect you.

But every time you leave a mess behind, she’s the one who cleans it up.

I won’t let her get hurt again.

So if you have some hidden cause, if you’re here to use her and abandon her again, tell me now.

I’ve hidden nothing.

[snorts softly]

I couldn’t if I tried.

She knows me at my core.

[poignant music]

And I know her too.

She’s softer now.

More trusting.


For what it’s worth, I’m happy to see the person she’s become around you.


Your kindness is unsettling.


The procession has started, and your portal awaits.

Let’s go.

[bell tolling]

[mournful music]

[Aplegatt] I’ll get to the Navy’s Commander in three days.

[Dijkstra] Make it two. The fate of the Continent is resting on it.

Do you have it memorized?

A head of gold and an arse of iron.

Get on your horse and prove it.

I’ve consulted our networks.

Rience is a mystery in Nilfgaard too.

All communication goes through the woman without a voice.



You seem nervous. Worried we’re wrong?

Oh, our intelligence is sound.

So it’s personal?


I simply want definitive answers before we crash the Brotherhood’s party and start pointing fingers.

What’s the word here?

Well, our position has been strengthened by the influx of sympathy for our queen.

Even King Demavend is proposing an alliance.

Soon, all the Northern Kingdoms will be fighting at our behest.

[chuckles] Well done.

[troupe singing quietly]


[loud clanking]

Judging by the size and frequency of the ripples, I suspect it’s an aeschna.

An aeschna’s skin is rough and covered in spikes, and difficult to penetrate except for a tender patch on the top of its skull.

If we lure it into proximity, we can strike from above without any harm or damage to the ferry or anyone on board.



Bet you wonder what I’m doing in this part of the Continent.

You would lose that bet, Valdo.

Me and the troupe are playing an exclusive gig.

Party of the century.

Upper echelon only.

I was personally requested by the witch Sabrina Glevissig.

She admires both… my instruments. If you catch my drift.

That’s not the only thing she’d catch.


If only you had one of these… you could join me.


The pity is entirely yours, Valdo.

I… have… been… asked to do a very important job, very important… very important, uh, uh… stakes, personally requested by the witch Yennefer of Vengerberg.

Heard of her? Much more important than your witch. She blew up Sodden.

[loud boom]

[Obin] Have no fear! We’ve a witcher on board.

Fear? A churlish cad whose name I do not know.

[Valdo and Obin chuckle]

You all right there, Jorma? Need a new pair of breeches?

[wind whistling]

Let’s talk about why you’re struggling with your magical abilities.

Your pride in my witchering skills really would have been a better conversation.


I thought if I learned magic… it would make me a better leader.

Maybe my grandmother was right.

Maybe it’s better to govern with steel and steel alone.


As a witcher, I will accept coin from someone, no matter where they’re from.

Nations are invisible lines that people assign meaning to.

A life, however…

A life has real meaning.

It’s warm skin and a beating heart.

It should only be taken as a last resort.

Righteousness can easily become rage.

Justice can easily become scorn.

If you want to be a queen, be a queen.

[poignant music]

I think you’ll make an excellent one.

[bell tolling]

[solemn chamber music]

[Vizimir] We are gathered here today to honor the memory of my beloved Queen Hedwig.

To many, Queen Hedwig was a stern and distant figure.

But to me, she was as large in stature as she was of heart.


I’d like a word.

Is this really the time?

[Vizimir] Though you were barren…

You’d have made it harder for me if it wasn’t.

[Vizimir] …in many ways, you were a mother to me.

I was expecting Tissaia to send a liaison for your little party.

If I’d known it was you, I would have fire-proofed this place.

[Vizimir] …and indeed…

So you’re aware of the conclave.

We’re Redanian Intelligence. We’re aware of what you ate for bloody breakfast.

Look, I know you haven’t been on good terms with the Brotherhood lately.

But Redania, of all kingdoms, can appreciate the gravity of the situation.

[Vizimir] Dear brother…

The need for us to unite against Emhyr.

[Vizimir] …know you will be there…

How is your hunt for Rience going? Hmm?

[Vizimir] …join us in a bedchamber…

Nice speech.

[Vizimir] …quite close to our own.

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

But let us think of him no more.

For now, I cry vengeance on those Nilfgaardian scoundrels!

We will march into battle…

[Yennefer] …I understand that…

[Philippa] Sometimes we are blind to…

…led by the memory…

of my queen’s steely countenance…

We both…


And we start today!

Right now! Go. Prepare.

In your homes!

[snaps fingers]

Traitorous elven mage.

She was just leaving, Your Highness.

I came here to offer my deepest condolences, my king.

And to assure you that the incident at the abbey was misguided.

Serving nobility is a mage’s greatest purpose.

I also wanted to invite Philippa as an honored guest at the Conclave of Mages.

Which she has no inclination to accept.

In times like these, monarchs need more reliable protection.

Like the Brotherhood offers.

Completely unnecessary, my lord.

[Yennefer] Just look at your darling wife’s fate.

I insist she attend.

And Dijkstra.

And Radovid. I won’t take no for an answer.

[Philippa sighs]

[wind whistling]

[troupe member] How is this…

[quietly conversing and tuning instruments]

[woman vocalizing]

This is not to insinuate in any way that I’m in acceptance of this particular path, but what will you do if I go to Aretuza?

Go after Rience again?

This is bigger than Rience.

Because of what you saw in that castle?

[Valdo] Again. Be better!

You know you can trust me, right?

I’m still piecing it together myself.

[Valdo] One, two, three!

[concertina plays lively tune]

♪ A jinx upon that minx ♪

♪ Her rough hijinks ♪

♪ That did perplex me… ♪

For fuck’s sake.


♪ A hex upon my ex ♪

♪ The lad did vex ♪

♪ And so distress me ♪

♪ A pox upon that ox ♪

♪ Who did accost ♪

♪ And so depressed me ♪

[troupe] ♪ All I’m dreaming of ♪

♪ Is a spell of love ♪

♪ From the Gods above ♪

♪ To heal my heart… ♪

Would you mind being quiet?

You’re gonna disturb the aeschna.

♪ A witch’s brew to bring back… ♪

Shut up!

[concertina plays off-key and fades]

You’re going to disturb the aeschna.

That’s the point, my dear. And are you quite sure it’s an aeschna?

I heard a song about one, and they definitely can’t swim.

We’ll know when we find it.

Best keep our enemies close.

I couldn’t say.

I am beloved by all and have no enemies.

[Valdo] Boris!




[Valdo whimpers]

[Obin yelps]



[aeschna roars]

[dramatic music]


Ciri! Sword!

[aeschna roaring]

[chain groaning]

[aeschna screeching]


I thought it would have gills like a zeugl.

Now you know.

I prefer the balance of your sword, by the way.

It is a finer sword.

[Valdo] Slowly.

[concertina plays off-key]

[Geralt] Monster hunts are never easy.

And you adapted at every turn.

I’m proud of you, Ciri.

Now let’s find Yennefer.

[somber chamber music]

[deep rumbling]


[wind howling]

[Geralt] Yennefer.



Where are we?

Where’s Ciri?

We don’t have much time.

I thought she was with you.

What happened?

[distorted buzzing]

What’s wrong?





[breathing shakily]

[echoing breath]

[energy crackling]






[rumbling fades]

[Triss, muffled] What do you think…

[running footsteps]

[door opens]


Are you all right?

The portal, it was… it was corrupted.

[breathing heavily] Like… like it… it was intercepted.

Don’t be dramatic.

Tor Lara’s been emitting strange frequencies lately.

Retrograde nonsense.

No, I was… I was attacked.

An illusion.

It was stellacite ruins and… a black sea, I… I need to talk to Tissaia.


Something is going on here. Something sinister.

I know you want this conclave to bring us together, but… you need to be careful who you can trust.

Don’t we all?

[melancholy music]


Let me.

[echoing whoosh]

[soft squishing]

[breathing shakily]


Bringing Ciri here, it’s a bad idea.

But Ciri’s power is neither good or bad.

Her choices will shape her destiny.

That’s not what I meant.

[whispers] It’s her blood.

Yes, she’s elven.

So am I. And do you know when I was most dangerous?

When I was desperate. And powerless. And alone.

And that will not happen to her. Not as long as I’m around.


[walking away]


[Ciri] It’s not too late.

[troupe chatting]

We could go somewhere remote. Live off the land, slay beasts.

Look, Ciri…

In that castle, I found young women who were part of some horrific experiment.

Their bodies melted into a mound of flesh, and veins, and blood.

Only one of them survived.

Her name is Teryn.

And she believes that she is you.

What do you mean?

They’ve implanted your memories into her head.

Whoever Rience is working for, their ultimate plan is to manipulate you.

And those women, they’re using them as test subjects.

There’s nothing I want more than to return to our normal life, but…

We have to protect more of these women from getting hurt.

And find the mage who’s behind this.

That’s why we have to go to Aretuza.

[lively music]


I’m not dead!

Ooh, surely we are needed elsewhere.



I’m okay, actually.

Gregor, I’m empty.

What? You can’t get more ale for a fortnight?

I just said I’m parched.

This is a bloody tavern. What the fuck do we do without ale?

Aretuza has drained us dry. Every bloody mage in the world will be there.

You know how that lot fucking drink.

Boy, don’t I.

Well… at least I’m not a mage.

That’s just the start of our problems. The roads aren’t safe for the caravans.

I’m hearing boats are goin’ missin’ up and down the western coast.

War is in the air, Gregor.

You say “boats”?

[Gregor] Who keeps filling these with flowers?

Will this shut you up?

We’ll have to see.

Whilst he tells me about the boats.

[woman] …head injury!

[Boris] I forgot. Across the hair, it…

[Valdo] Boris! You’re on pitch!

[Yennefer] So, the intrepid explorers have arrived.

You look like you had quite the adventure.

You stink. Vile.

[troupe begin playing]

What happened to you, Yen?

Are you all right?

I’m fine. I’ll tell you later.

[bards harmonizing]

[Geralt] Yes, we have a few things to discuss.

[Jaskier] Hello again, witch. I know you were too embarrassed to invite a big name like me to headline at the, uh, conclave thingy, but I just wanted to let you know I’m…

[loudly] I’m happy to do the other, very important job that you requested.

Excellent. You’ll be looking after Ciri tonight.


[Jaskier] I mean, I was vamping, come on.

I shouldn’t have left.

I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t have given you a reason to leave. I’m sorry.

Let’s never do that again.

[quiet music]

Jaskier, if you would.

[Jaskier] Hmm?

Ooh, yes. Uh, yeah, absolutely. Come on, kiddo.

Why don’t you tell me all about how you slayed the sea monster

all on your own whilst Geralt sat around on his arse all afternoon, eh?

[as Yennefer] “Oh! What the hell were you thinking, fighting monsters?”

That’s not what she’s saying.

Now, that is the role of poetry, Ciri.

To say what others cannot utter.

[as Geralt] “Oh, you fed her to the magical lion’s den. I trusted you.”

You’re just making this all up.

[Jaskier chuckles]

Meh. That’s also the role of poetry.

[as Yennefer] “At least she was in disguise there.”

“Not clanging stupid swords when I told her not to draw attention to herself.”

[Ciri clears throat]


[Jaskier laughs]

[as Geralt] “Funny, I wonder how she learned such complete and utter disregard for authority.”

That was a good one. [laughs]

“You’re unbelievable!” [laughs]

“You’re delusional!”

“I forgive you for your various foolish words and deeds.”

“Your lack of faith and hope.”

“For your obstinacy. Doggedness.”

“For your sulking and posing, which are unworthy of a man.”

“I forgive you for being a wily witch who rarely listens and even more rarely admits to being wrong.”

“Who is stubborn, and stuck-up, and self-righteous.”

“Let’s never do that again.”

[Jaskier as Yennefer] “Mmm. Oh. Oh! Oh yes, take me.”

[as Geralt] “Do that thing with the tongue that I like.”

“Oh, you mean this? Bleugh, bleugh!”

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Is there a unicorn nearby, by any chance?”

[both laughing]


[Ciri sighs]

Come on, you deviant.

[wistful music]

[music fades]

Give me all your money.

[lively music]

Oh, come on! Every time!


Wh… Ah… Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


I thought we were playing for fun.

I assure you, it truly is a delight taking your coin.

Yeah, I’m sure you do.


Um… I’m sorry you’re here with me. Instead of at the party.

Oh, I’m not.

Valdo’s off-key warbling would make my ears bleed.

[Ciri chuckles]

Besides, I’m better off here.

Playing nanny.


You don’t have to do that.

You don’t have to prove what you’re going to be in the future.

My two orens?

I think you’re pretty all right right now.


That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.


Ah, it’s all part of my hustle.

Just wait until this next hand.

I’m going to mop the floor with your royal arse, milady.


Now I’m tired.

[whispers] All right.

♪ For if your goal be paradise ♪

♪ A life with your true love ♪

♪ Ponder all your wants in life ♪

♪ And make a little sacrifice ♪


[Radovid, outside] Ow!


[unsettling music]

Uh… Uh, if… if anyone is out here, I need you to know that I am… armed.

I tried to knock. It, uh… it didn’t go well.

What are you doing here?

My brother asked me to accompany Philippa and Dijkstra to the conclave.

Why is everyone invited to that fucking event but me?

Dijkstra wants me out of his way. Philippa wishes me to draw you out.

Get information.

And what do you want?

The only good part of this mess was meeting you.

I’ve slipped away from my security detail. You’re in no danger, I promise.

Yeah, well, that force field that blew you back, it, uh… lasts till dawn.

Let them try it.

I’m scared, Jaskier.


Just saying that makes you braver than you know.

That’s it. That’s what makes you so special.

You don’t just see people.

You see the best in them.

May I?


Yeah. Yeah, all right.

♪ Keep your words on ice ♪

♪ Your gaze lights the fire ♪

♪ They say, “Keep on playing nice,” but… ♪

♪ I have no desire ♪

You learned my song.


My… my playing’s shit, and I did have a…

Maybe that’s something we can work on.

I can’t take you inside. I’m sorry.

Then take me here.

[elf 1 yells] Incoming!

[elf 2] Archers!

[elf 3] On my right!

[elf 4] Yah!

[elf 1] Through there! Move up!

[horse neighing]

Is this the price for my life?

[Cahir] No.

The contrary. This is an offering for your compliance.

Provisions and weapons.

[Filavandrel] What of Gallatin?

[Cahir] He attempted a coup.

And abandoned his post when the White Flame chose to back you.

Liar. Gallatin would never do that.

Emhyr asked you to join his search for Cirilla of Cintra.

What is she to you?

She is the one who was prophesied.

Hen Ichaer.

A savior of the elves who will lead them to their rightful home.

What is she to you?

She is a princess who deserves to be in her rightful home.

There is a way to both get what we want.

But it will require cooperation.

[Dara] He’s using you.

It’s what they do. He can’t be trusted.

What of Fringilla?

Did she abandon her post as well?

There seems to be a theme among your allies, Cahir.

Why should I trust you?

Because it’s the only choice you’ve got.

Your people have lost enough.

Don’t let them lose you too.

[poignant music]

This is our first mission as allies.


For the White Flame.

For the White Flame.

[Aplegatt] I hereby bring official word to the King’s Navy of Redania.

By order of Sigismund Dijkstra, reinforcements are required at Aretuza at first dawn.

Reinforcements are required at Aretuza at first dawn.

Reinforcements are required…


[water dripping]

I never knew these tunnels were under Aretuza.

[Istredd] The elves created secret passages everywhere, and clearly… you didn’t sneak out enough.

No. I stayed above ground like normal people.

Well, you said we needed privacy.

It’s Yennefer.

She was attacked in the portal.

Attacked? What happened? Is she okay?

Yes. But those novices aren’t.

We keep talking about a rogue mage, but the enemy is here, Istredd. Among us.

Yeah, the person who took the Book of Monoliths.

We can test that theory. Yen had stellacite dust on her.

What are the chances your book does too? A locator spell could show us.

Take my hand.

Repeat with me.

[speaking in Elder]

[both repeating spell]

[portentous music]

[both continue repeating spell]

[Triss gasps]

Holy shit.

Oh shit.

You saw that?


It was you. The illusion.

But it was dead inside. It was trying to kill me.

[Geralt] Sounds like it almost did.

It didn’t have a chance. I obliterated it.


It’s all connected, isn’t it? Everything that’s happening.

Whoever’s backing Rience is here.

And they know we’re close to sniffing them out.

Who uses illusions…

Hates me…

And has a history of experimenting on young women?

[both] Stregobor.

We have to be smart. It’ll be our word against his.

He won’t have any words, because I’m going to kill him.

Geralt, if we strike first without solid proof, we’ll only throw the mages and Northern Kingdoms into further suspicion.

And division.

And hand Nilfgaard the Continent in the process.

If Stregobor is behind this, he’s a traitor to the Brotherhood.

They’ll do far worse to him than even you could.

You’re asking me to play at politics.

I’m asking you to play along. Let this unfold at the conclave.

We will not let him hurt Ciri.

I promise.

No one will get to her with the spell I put on the cabin.

She’ll be safe until the morning.

[gentle music]

And I have you.

The real you.

In the flesh.

He can’t hurt us.

[deep rumbling]

[ominous music]

[Dijkstra] Are you sure about this?

[Philippa] Mmm.

We get our answers. Then we act.

[Triss] Are you sure about this?

We do this together.

[dramatic, ominous music continues]

Are you sure about this?

Not in the slightest.

[Geralt] No one told me I’d have to dress up.

[Yennefer] I’m sorry. Can you not tolerate a little discomfort?

Lilac and gooseberries.

Now that, I can tolerate.

Are you sure about this?

[sighing] Are you?

[dramatic music builds]

[music fades]

[lute plays]

[Jaskier] ♪ Keep your words on ice ♪

♪ Your gaze lights the fire ♪

♪ They say, “Keep on playing nice” ♪

♪ But I have no desire ♪

♪ Why waste our words ♪

♪ When lips were made For extraordinary things? ♪

♪ It’s not a want, it’s a need ♪

♪ It is paying no heed ♪

♪ To what others say to sing ♪

♪ The greatest songs are made up ♪

♪ Of unspoken words of love ♪

♪ Of them, I’ve had enough ♪

♪ With you, I have enough ♪

♪ With you, I am enough ♪

♪ I am ♪

♪ Enough ♪


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  1. I absolutely loved the latest episode of The Witcher, especially the thrilling plot twists and strong character development!

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