The Witcher – S03E01 – Shaerrawedd | Transcript

Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri journey to the far reaches of the Continent in search of a safe haven. King Vizimir puts his charming younger brother to use.
The Witcher - S03E01 - Shaerrawedd

Original release date: June 29, 2023

Having left Kaer Morhen, Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri are on the run from bounty hunters while continuing Ciri’s training as a witcher and a mage. After six months, they finally settle down in a home provided by Yarpen Zigrin, but when a monster attack orchestrated by Rience forces them to flee, the three decide to lure Rience into a trap. Francesca Findabair and the Scoia’tael are looking for Ciri whom they see as the destined savior of the elves. In Redania, King Vizimir is disillusioned with his spymaster Sigismund Djikstra and sorceress Philippa Eilhart’s failure to capture Ciri whom he intended to marry, so he entrusts the task to his brother Radovid. Jaskier, who secretly negotiates with Philippa and Radovid about persuading Ciri to go to Redania, is asked to help Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri with their plan. At the elven ruins of Shaerrawedd, they are confronted by Rience and the Scoia’tael and a battle ensues. Yennefer learns a powerful mage is the mastermind behind Rience and suggests they seek help at Aretuza.

* * *

[ominous music]

[goats bleating]

[shopkeeper] How may I help you?

We’re seeking a girl and a witcher.

Her with ashen hair and patrician countenance.

Him a mannerless, blanched brute.

Master Rience will recompense you handsomely for illumination as to their whereabouts.


We’ll pay if you’ve seen them.

[door bangs]


[metal rings]

[dramatic music]

[henchman] Step back, Professor.

[Professor] Ah…

I importune you, benignant sir…


[blood splatters]

[Yennefer] Dear friend, if our time at Kaer Morhen proved anything, it’s that the world is changing underneath our feet.

Days pass, but the threats keep coming, fast and furiously.

Sometimes I wonder if we will ever stop running.

For your discretion.

[man] Thank you.

[Geralt sighs]

[Yennefer] There is another ghost that haunts us.

What I did to you.

I know I cannot change the past, but I will do everything in my power to help Ciri grow her magical skill.

And to help keep her safe.


By proving that to you, maybe trust will find its way back to us.

In the meantime, wish Ciri luck.

It’s going to be a long road ahead for all of us.


Your friend, Yennefer.

[Yennefer] This was the first lesson Tissaia taught me.


[rock falls]

Give it a try.

[Yennefer] Dear friend, even in your silence, I know you’re wondering how Ciri’s training is progressing.

She has great potential but little talent.

[slight rustling]

[Ciri sighs]

[Yennefer] That will change over time.

Someday, she’ll be able to conjure something tastier than the squid you’re likely bringing right now.


Your friend, Yennefer.

You need to focus on your breath.

From here. Okay?



[seabirds calling]

[Geralt] Not again.

Ciri, Yennefer, we’re leaving!

[man 1] Quickly!

[man 2] Stop!

[man 3] Quick, do that.

[man 2] That side!


Missed them again! Where the fuck are they?

Burn it all down!

[dramatic music]

[music intensifies]

[calm music]

[Geralt] For your discretion.


[lively music]

[Ciri grunts] That was brilliant!

[Geralt groans]

[Ciri laughs]

[Yennefer] Dear friend, it seems that you and Ciri are thoroughly enjoying our fourth house in as many months, finding time to bond so delightfully.

I will remind you, though, that you asked, nay, begged me to teach her magic.

Please conserve her energy so that I may properly do so.

Also, less meat, more wine.



[Yennefer] Success only comes with repetition.

[speaking in Elder]

[wind whistling]


[speaking in Elder]

[Yennefer] You can do it. Don’t give up.

[unsettling music]

[horse snorts]

[woman shouts] Stay together! Hurry up!

[Yennefer] They’re just villagers, Geralt.

Let’s go.

[horse neighs]

[adventurous music]

[horses neighing]

[wind whistling]

[horse snorting]

[wistful music]

[Ciri] Yarpen!

[Yarpen] You really wanna hide, you’d dye that mop.

No one’s lookin’ for the Black fuckin’ Wolf.

[Geralt] Hello, old friend.

Don’t break my shite!

[chuckles] And I expect payment for my discretion!

[door closes]


[Yennefer] Dear friend, we’re so far off the map here that we may never leave again.

[Yennefer and Ciri] Ooh!

[both laugh]

[Yennefer] Come to think of it, would that be such a bad thing?

We’ll continue magic lessons before the ice melts, I promise.

But for now, perhaps the girl deserves a break.


[Yennefer] Perhaps you and I do too.

[both laughing]

Your friend, Yennefer.

[Ciri] Let’s go again.

Again. Ready?

[Yennefer laughs] Okay.

[Ciri] One foot…

[both gasp]

[both laughing]

I can magically intuit your thoughts, Geralt.

You’ve been wanting to invite me to dinner ever since we arrived.

Have I?

[chuckles] No. But I looked through your window and you have more wine.

And I’m begging for a refill.

[light music]

[Geralt] Hmm.

[Ciri] Thank you.

Just a bit of this.


[Ciri laughs] Mmm!

[Ciri] That one was a masterpiece.

[Yennefer] Right.

Made by chef Ciri.

Open your mouth!

Geralt’s favorite food is radish.


We always made that, so at least once…

[Ciri laughing]


[Geralt] Thank you.

I’m going to go to bed now.


Good night.

Good night.

Uh. Well…

[clears throat]

Good night.

[Geralt grunts]

Good night.

[ice creaking]

[Ciri speaking in Elder]


[sighs heavily]

Water magic is tricky.

That’s what you said about earth magic, and air magic.

Well, you have power like nothing I’ve seen.

Makes it hard for both of us.

That’s enough for today.

Considering the mess I make with every other kind of magic, how could fire magic be any worse?

Remember Rience.

That look in his eye. There’s always a source.

With fire magic, the source is you.

It takes something you never get back.

Your magic?


But magic isn’t everything.

You say magic isn’t everything, but you were willing to trade my life for it.

You almost lost me to Voleth Meir. You almost lost Geralt.

It was…

I know.

Well, if you knew, why did you do it?

Because… I’d given up.

But I’ll never make that mistake again.

[wheels rumbling]

[horse neighing]

[Yarpen] Wish I had more for you, but the Squirrels hit Henselt’s convoy.

Look at these. Potatoes the size of gnome nuts.

Did they attack your convoy as well?

[scoffs] I’d like to see them fuckin’ try it!

The elves’ gripe is with the kings, not us.

They’re just trying to soften the North for the grand cock of Nilfgaard.

Nilfgaard gave elves refuge, and now they’re fighting on their behalf.

Amazing what people will do when you give them a second chance.

Hold on.

Hold on!

Are you two fuckin’ again?

Subtle, Yarpen.

[Yarpen laughs] Who would blame you?

Spring’s almost here.

Ah, the whole world’s wakin’ up.

Our Belleteyn festival is just down the valley. You should come.

I’d love to.

It’s not safe.

Bad idea.

[Ciri] No one’s asked about me in months.


And everyone will be in costume.

And… I was born on Belleteyn.

[Yarpen] Ah! You’d have had a shot at bein’ May Queen.

Except my niece’s beard is comin’ in nice and full this year.


[Geralt hisses]

Just say yes, already!

About time for a fuckin’ thaw round here.

[Ciri] I promise I’ll be safe.


[growling and moaning]

[deep rumbling]



[man 1 yelps]



Now see how you like my new pet.


[man 2 laughs]

[loud screeching]

[thumping and screeching]

[man 2 laughing]


What is that thing?


[creature snarls]

I should have warned you before, you elven mutt.

That jackapace is trained to smell your kind from a league away.


[Rience] Then I’ve come to the right place.

[jackapace screeches]

[man 2] Show yourself.

Or I open that and you can be its dinner.

[footsteps approaching]

[fingers snap]

I need to find a girl with elven blood.

All my jacky needs is a scent.

Lock of hair, piece of clothin’… [chuckles]

I’ll do you one better.

[jackapace roars]

Put that fucking thing away.

[banging and screeching]

How much?

[sheep bleats]

[elf calls softly]

[distant horse neighs]

Gage, take your best fighters and head west to Maribor.

Filavandrel, take yours south to Caed Dhu.

She is out there.

Have there been sightings, or are we chasing more rumors?

We don’t know if Cirilla has Elder Blood.

We’re basing it all on the words of… of some mage who came and went just as fast.

You have your orders.

I want to kill them all for what they have done to your child.

Our hope.

But, sister, it is not enough.

My aim has not wavered.

I will find Dol Blathanna.

But how? Where? There is no sanctuary left for elves here.

All will become clear once we have Cirilla. She is our new hope.

Do you doubt me?

[elfyn] Wake up! Hurry!

[elf] Move the carts out!

The others are starting to.

Gallatin and the Scoia’tael, they’re back!

It’s not good.

[elf] We need help!


[horses neighing]

[elf] Get the healer.

[elf] I need help!

[elfyn] Help!

[screaming and groaning]

He doesn’t need you to play nursemaid.

He needs you to play soldier.

[elf coughing]

[elfyn sobbing]

[Gallatin] Fuck.

[elfyn] Leave it! It’s spent.


Let me know if you plan to start holding weapons back next, leaving unarmed Squirrels to fight for our freedom.

I told you. I’ve given you all the fighters I can spare.

We both know that’s bullshit.

Your best fighters are running secret missions to who the fuck knows where, while the rest of us are out there, following orders, attacking convoys, doing the work to get our land back.

Doing the bidding of yet another self-important human.

You think I give a shit about that White Flame nonsense?

I give a shit about food in my stomach and a place to call home.

I have plans, and they don’t involve dying in the woods because of your selfishness.

Plans with Nilfgaard?

What don’t you get?

If Nilfgaard takes the North, elves are free everywhere.

The whole Continent is our Dol Blathanna.

We tried sharing the Continent for centuries.

If there’s to be another genocide, this time, it’ll be the humans’.

You keep spouting off about ancient times, prophecies.

I don’t know what you’re looking for out there.

But you want to keep elves alive?

Here we are.

[horse neighs]

[elfyn wails]

[music and conversation]


[Vizimir] You promised me a princess.

Now every king knows about her, thanks to Tissaia de Vries.

It’s not a good look, Dijkstra. You swore Cirilla would be mine.

Perhaps a tad quieter, your Highness.

We wouldn’t want your beloved to catch wind.

Being the king used to mean something.

It’s been six months. What have you got to show for it?

Excuses, expenses, but no sign of the new princess you wanted me to marry.

Sir, our attention has been diverted because of the Squirrels.

Oh, yet more excuses.

Don’t even get me started on those bastards.

Blaming us for murdering that stupid elven baby. [scoffs]

That definitely wasn’t us?

You have the North’s largest army and spy network.

We are the most feared kingdom of the North.

What do I have to show for it? [scoffs]

A spy master who can’t find one girl.

No. It’s time for a change.

[sniffs] I’ve decided to put my best person on it.

Someone who I can trust.


What’s that?


[woman shrieks]




[Philippa] The king’s baby brother?

Now we have to chaperone that royal seed-waste too?

[Dijkstra] No, it’s all for show.

Vizimir just needs to remind everyone who wears the crown.

He wears it thanks to us.

By gods, we’ve been doing this too long, Dijkstra.

[chuckles] There’s no such thing.

Our alliance, however old, keeps us young.

Now, as for Prince Seed-waste,

boulder, parchment, dagger.

Absolutely not.

I was the one who seduced the Lyrian baroness last month, and the only secret she was hiding was syphilis.

And that’s worse than the week I spent perched over a shit-filled moat in Temeria while they debated timber prices?


Perhaps I can order someone to babysit the prince while he looks for the girl.

Mmm. We don’t trust anyone else.


If I do this…

I’ll be the only one giving orders when I get back.

[Ciri] I’ve never been to a Belleteyn festival outside of Cintra before.

You know, this one year, Sir Lazlo tried to jump the bonfire in full armor.

What do you think?

[sighs] I think you need to hide your hair and mask your eyes.

Would it kill you to say, “You look lovely”?


I knew this was a bad idea.

You look lovely.

[thrilling music]


[crowd cheers]

[crowd] Whoa!

Stay close.

Should we, uh, find the ale tent?

Read my mind.

[Ciri] Cods, I’ve missed this.

I’m going dancing.

[Yennefer] Be safe.

[lively folk music]


[Yennefer] Look at what happens when we let her have one good night.

Let’s not pretend your motivations aren’t entirely unselfish, Yennefer.

[man] Play “Old Times”!

Happy birthday to you too.

You remembered.

I don’t forget much.

So you remember our good nights.

After the djinn.

The library in Kovir.


So much for staying quiet.

The farmhouse.

In Murivel.

The overnight carriage ride from Ellander to Moën.

And the ride back.

Don’t forget the ride back.

[Yennefer] How could I? That would be like forgetting our night in Caingorn.


That dragon hunt.

Those nights were amazing.

But the mornings…

They were lonely.

You often left before dawn.

Or you did.

I know why I left, but why did you?

Scared of what would happen if we really tried?

I was unsure if it was actually what I wanted.

Not just some trick of the djinn’s magic.

And now?

[Ciri] Let’s go in the maze!

Come on!

Come on!

[folk music continues in distance]

[women laugh]

[couple laughing]

[folk music fades]

[plangent music]

[Geralt grunts]


[distant laughter]


[women screaming]




[Geralt] Ciri!

[Yennefer] Ciri!

[Geralt] Ciri!

[Yennefer] Ciri!

[Ciri] Yennefer!








[speaking in Elder]

[speaking in Elder]

[jackapace screeches]


[Ciri] Geralt!


We’ll find another home.

I liked this one.

We all did.

How did that thing find us?

[Geralt] A jackapace hunts by scent.

It found Ciri because it knew her.

Her scent? How?

Vesemir told me that Rience stole Ciri’s blood from Kaer Morhen.

He must have used the blood as a scent marker.

[Yennefer] So wherever we go, he’ll find us?

[Geralt] Yes. Unless we find him first.

We draw him out.

We give him the thing he wants most.


[Yarpen] Look, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have invited you if I knew it weren’t safe.

We know. But now you can make it up to us.

You have a caravan leaving tomorrow, don’t you?

Aye. To Hagge.

I want to go with you.

By yourself?

[Yennefer] Not quite.

We’ll be there too.

[Ciri] But it’s important no one knows that.

Or else this plan isn’t going to work.


Count me in. Tell me what I need to do.

[Geralt] There’s only one monster handler reckless enough to cage a jackapace.


[Geralt] Name’s Veldhoek.


[Geralt] Nasty fellow with a nasty habit.

[Ciri] Rience hired Veldhoek to find me.

Now they’ll want to hear about your convoy.


[Yennefer] We need you to complain about the spoilt brat who ruined Belleteyn for everyone.

And what’s worse, now I have to haul that ivy-eyed brat’s pale arse all the way to Aedirn with my caravan.

Gonna charge them double if I have to put up with any of her yappery.

Come on, you elven mutt.

[Ciri] They’ll know who you’re talking about.

[creature growling]

[Ciri] And how much that information is worth.

[Rience] Enjoy your reward.

[Yarpen] Hold up, buttercup.

You think this mage is gonna believe you’d let Ciri ride without an escort?

She’ll be traveling with someone we trust.

Someone… seemingly innocuous.

Oh, come on! No…

[woman grunts]

[yelps] It was one time!

Admittedly, with many different people.

And it meant nothing!

I mean, these aren’t even mine!

Did you think you were the only one having some fun on the side, you lying, wretched son of the devil?

Well… yeah, kinda! [yelps]

This is what we do, my sweet. We are creatives.


All is fair!

Is it, though?

Ah! Oh!

Ooh! When will magic, sexy women just stop jumping out at me?

Usually it’s you coming at me from above.

She doesn’t have a crossbow, does she?


Possibly. Yeah, no, I wouldn’t rule it out.

No crossbows!

And you can fuckin’ have him!

And his pox-marked cock!

Now who’s lying, Vespula?

We’ve lost patience, Sandpiper.

I… I’m doing everything that I can. I…

You’re doing nothing.

Except fucking people over.

We invested a lot in your operations.

And we’ve gotten nothing in return.


Dijkstra and I are ready to cut you loose.

But King Vizimir is more forgiving.


He’s ready to welcome the girl with open arms. Shall we?

Yeah, and an open pair of pantaloons.

Yeah… Uh, no, darling…

No! Look at me.

Look at my eyes. There is no need to harm the innocent!

No, no, no, don’t!


I thought I left you cradling a pint of ale some distance away.

You did. I got bored.

Hmm. Oh.

How fortunate that is. I’ve long wanted to see you in person.

“Song of the Seven” is my favorite.

Yeah. That’s… slightly ironic, but thank you.

You see? People like me.

I’ve got fans. Sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name.

Uh, Radovid.


Comma, Prince.

Comma, wow. Whoa… wow. You’re…

Ooh! The Prince of Redania.

Fuck, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to… Bow?

Or curtsy, or… Been holding your hand a very long time. I’m so sorry.

Listen, I wish I could help you, truly. But…

But nothing, Sandpiper…

If I may offer a thought.

Ah, this poor Cirilla girl has enemies everywhere, and, truth be told, Redania’s not a bad place.

Bit cold in the winter and humid in the summer, but the food is spectacular.

And my brother’s not bad.

As monarchs go.

Redania may not be perfect, but it’s her least bad option.

You could be our royal bard.


Uh… Ha, ha!

No. No, a staid life at court is not for me.

If your time at court’s been staid, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Either deliver the girl, or we will single-handedly undo every good deed you have done for the elves.

We will kill them all.

Yeah, yeah, I got the gist.


I’ve got business in town before we portal back to Tretogor.

You… have five days.


[Yarpen] Oi, you lute-playin’ walloper!


Again with this fresh hell…

Mr. Zigrin! [chuckles]

Julian Alfred Pankratz.

Yeah, I know. I know.

I fucking know!

I know you know. It’s a rule of threes thing. Has to be done.

What can I do for you, Yarpen?

I’ve got ears and good taste, so… nothin’.

But… your friends need help.

[sighs] Of course they do.

[horses neighing]

[Jaskier] Bait!

I rode for days to get here, battling hunger, battling the elements, only to discover upon my arrival that I’m being used as…

Jaskier, me.


I am the bait. Rience is after me.

Yes, which means he wants you alive, and me very much not alive.

You see my anxiety?

We’re not gonna let anything happen to you.

I saved your arse once. I can do it again, Pankratz.

You didn’t save me…

She didn’t save me. She…

[horse snorting]

She didn’t!

But seriously, you are gonna save me, right?

We won’t make Hagge by sunset.

We should make camp here.

[dwarves shouting]

[epic music]

[Ciri] What is this place?

[Geralt] It’s Shaerrawedd.

[Yennefer] Tread lightly. This land is full of stories.

Never seen so many wild roses in one place.

They’re beautiful.

Their story, sadly, is not.


A brave and inspiring elven warrior who thought she could defeat the humans.

She was wrong.

A rather condensed version of the story.

[Ciri] And what’s yours, then?

After the Conjunction, humans arrived.

The elves thought the humans were just a nuisance, like a plague of locusts or a drought.

That they would die off in the blink of an elven eye.

But the humans kept multiplying.

And killing.

Aelirenn knew the threat wasn’t going away.

So she rallied all of the young elves to fight, at Shaerrawedd.

Sounds like she fought for what she believed in.

To protect her people.

[Geralt] She did fight for what she believed in.

She led those young and passionate elves to war.

They revered this place.

This is where they fought.

They fought for her.

And they died with her name on their lips and their honor and integrity intact.

And in doing so, they condemned their species to annihilation.

She led them all to their deaths.

Neutrality. [sighs]

It won’t get you a statue.

But it’ll certainly help in keeping you alive.

[elf 1] And fight!

[elf 2] Weak humans!

[elfyn] Ahh! That’ll teach them!

[elf 2] Yeah!

[Gallatin] When will the humans learn to travel with more guards?

[elf 3] How many men did you kill?


[elf 3] Here they are.


Got to fatten you up. Need you back out there.

[elf 4] Well done, brother.



Food goes to the ones who fought.

We fight just like you.

Then eat what you captured.

All elves share equally.

Otherwise, we’re no better than the humans.

All elves must risk equally, as well.

You were right.

Our Scoia’tael forces should be united.

In purpose, but also in action.

Must’ve been an eventful morning.

What did you see out there to change your mind?

[Francesca] Nothing. I simply had time to consider your position.

We have different ideas of what Dol Blathanna looks like.

But we both want a home.

And we can find it faster together.

You should get out of that tent more often.


Tomorrow, we make our next move.

I’ll be by your side. As long as it takes.


[sighs softly]



You two really think I’m that shitty of a guard?

I had another dream.

[Geralt] A nightmare?

No, it wasn’t frightening.

Just couldn’t sleep thinking about Aelirenn.

And my grandmother.

They lived centuries apart, but burned with the exact same mission.

Wipe the other species off the Continent.


When I finally fell asleep, it came to me.

If I can offer something different…

A way forward that doesn’t divide, but unites.

I’m part elf, I’m part human.

I understand both because I am both, and that is my strength.

I understand what you’re saying.

History, it… [sighs]

…has a way of repeating itself.

Even for the idealistic.

You say Aelirenn’s idealism is what led to the massacre of the young elves, but maybe if her elders had supported her instead of abandoning her, they could’ve won.

Yen, you overheard something when you were taken prisoner by the elves.

You told me they had a saying.

[speaking in Elder]

What has been need not always be.

Francesca, the elven queen, she believed she could offer something more to her people.

And so do I.

Geralt, you taught me how to fight. Just like Calanthe.

And Yen, you’re teaching me how to harness my powers. Like Mousesack.

What if this is the reason destiny brought us together?

Nenneke said I have the power to change the cycle of hatred.

And I want to.

To be the balance between kings and mages, and to align the Continent, instead of constantly pitting parts against each other.

Because I am sick and tired of destruction and loss.

I don’t doubt you, Ciri.

I do doubt the world, though.


[low rumbling]

Let’s go. Now.

[Yennefer] We’ll be right here.

Are you ready?

[Yennefer] How long do we wait?

[Geralt] Until she draws them out.

[sighs shakily]

She can do this.

[thudding steps]

[Rience] Cirilla of Cintra.

Alone at last.

Well, not quite. I’ve brought more friends this time.


Last time, I beat you with my wits. This time, you meet my magic.

[man 1] With me!

[man 2] Get in there, lads!

I like my odds.

[Yarpen] I like our odds better!

[dwarves yelling]

This is too easy!

[Yennefer] Geralt!


[Rience] Fuck!


[Ciri] Can you keep it open?

Some new strain of Chaotic insanity.

But I will. We just need to wait for Geralt.

[Yarpen] Archers! Get down!

Where the fuck is the caravan?

She’s all that matters.

You have your orders. Go.



[Ciri] Keep it open.

[elf 1] Follow me!

[elf 2] Right!



You don’t look so special.

[dwarf 1] Motherfucker!

You bastard!

[Yarpen] Move!

[Jaskier] Come on.

Come on, I got you. I got you.

You call yourself an elf.

She’s Hen Ichaer.

And she belongs with…


[roaring sound]

[Francesca yells]

[Filavandrel] We need to get her out of here!

Come on, Geralt.

[voices whispering in Elder]

[Rience] Your mage is out of her depth.


[yelling and screaming]

[Yennefer grunts] The elves came for Ciri.

[Yarpen] This way!

[elf 1] Move!

[elf 2] Come on. She could be in here!

[elf 3] You two, with me!

[Yarpen] You’re gonna fuckin’ die, Squirrels!

Go. Fall back.

Fall back!

Fall back!

Fall back! Quick!

Follow me!

Come on, come on. Wake up. Come on, get up.


Oh, ho-ho!

I’ve got her! I’ve got her!

[Francesca] No! No!

[screams] No!

We have to go.

[elf] Fall back!

[Ciri] Careful.

[Jaskier moans]

Oh, if I die, promise me Valdo Marx will not play at my funeral.

[Geralt] You’ll be fine.

Your lute, on the other hand, has seen better days.

[Yarpen] You helped my men.

[strings resonate]

You have my thanks.


You’re the bravest bait that ever lived.

[chuckles] Whew!

[dwarf laughs] You owe me one!

[Jaskier groans]

Promise me we will never do that again.

[breathing heavily]

Thank you, Jaskier.

[mournful music]

[Geralt] You said the portal was different from anything you’ve experienced.

What did you mean?

[Yennefer] It was dark.

It took me over.

I can still feel its residue.

Rience isn’t the only rogue mage we’re dealing with.

Someone very powerful is puppeting him.

You need to make more progress with Ciri’s training.


I’ll work harder.

It’s not about what you can do.

It’s about what I can do. I need help.

If I can talk to Tissaia…


You don’t know how difficult it is to embody power but not have access to it.

Going to Aretuza cannot be the only answer.

It’s the best thing for her.

Is it?

Come with us, then.

Stay and make sure she’s safe.

[Ciri] All I want

is for us to stay together.

[Yennefer] I can make this work.

If you can find a way to trust me.

I need to find Rience to finish him off.

I can’t go with you.

And we can’t go with you.

Then we have to split up.

[Francesca] ♪ In our dirt, young Baldrin sleeps ♪

♪ Ever sowed by human greed ♪

♪ Brave Hogal vows on bent knee ♪

♪ Let man-blood flood our reeds ♪

♪ In new dirt, still Hogal dreams ♪

♪ Of that vengeance… ♪

She has lost her brother.

And I have lost a dozen more.

We were supposed to attack the caravan together.

She lied to us.


All this loss because of one girl.

[Dara breathing heavily]

You knew that girl.



Princess Cirilla… of Cintra.

[sighs] I warned them.

She brings nothing but death.

The problem isn’t her.

It’s that one.

I’ve had enough. Lost enough.


Where are you going?

To get help from an old friend.

[horse neighs]

[Gallatin] Yah!


Wherever you’re going, please come back.

As soon as you can.

Jaskier’s waiting for me in Ban Gleán.

But we’ll meet again soon.

I’ve got her.

Whatever you think of me, that’s my promise to you.

I know you do.

Yen, I…

Just say this isn’t goodbye for good.

That there are more good nights to come.

That you will… in whatever form… think of me.

That’s my promise to you.

[poignant music]

[Jaskier] It has been… an eventful few days, and… I’ve been thinking about your… generous offer.

And your excuse this time is?

I’ll do it.

Ciri’s in danger. Uh…

And so are the people around her.

People I love.

It would be best if she landed somewhere… safe.

And you make quite the case for Redania.

For… eurgh, “settling down”.


We can escort her back tonight.

[Jaskier] No.

Not yet.

There’s a… mage with a fondness for fire.


I’m familiar with his work.

Get rid of him.

Get rid of him, and… you will have earned Ciri’s trust.

And Geralt’s.

And mine.

[somber music]

[Radovid sighs]

You’re good at this game.


If you say so, Pip.


[bell ringing]

[wistful music]

[Yennefer] Dear friend… I miss you already.

Or should I say, we miss you?

Your friend, Yennefer.

P.S., if Ciri decides Aretuza is not to her liking, I have my eyes on our next home.

A dollhouse on a squid farm.

[Geralt] Dear friend…

[thunder rumbles]

…you asked at Belleteyn if… I left after all those good nights because I was scared.

Perhaps I was.

Perhaps that is what led me to this very moment.

[thunder crashing]

Now, for the first time, I understand real fear.

[dramatic music]

Never seeing you and Ciri again.

Much is uncertain on this Continent.

[Rience whimpering]


[Geralt] The dangers we’ve seen foretell an even more menacing future.

[Rience gasping]



[Geralt] But, Yen, please know I will learn to trust you again.

You, Ciri, and I, we belong together.

Your friend,


[foreboding music]

[dramatic, epic music]


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