The Wheel of Time – S02E05 – Damane | Transcript

Moiraine and Rand flee for their lives. Egwene and Nynaeve encounter a new foe.
The Wheel of Time - S02E05 - Damane

Original release date: September 15, 2023

Perrin and Hopper leave Elyas to save Loial and the Shienarans. Perrin then returns to the town where they were attacked, which has now been seized by Whitecloaks led by Dain Bornhald and Eamon Valda. During the following fight, Perrin saves Aviendha, a young Aiel woman they had imprisoned, and spares Bornhald’s life. Aviendha pledges to help Perrin rescue the others as she is indebted to him for saving her. Meanwhile, Suroth is demoted for disobeying the orders of the Seanchan leader Turak. However, Ishamael gains his favor by delivering him the Horn of Valere. Later, Suroth receives Nynaeve, Elayne and Egwene as damane from Liandrin, who acts on Ishamael’s orders. However, Elayne and Nynaeve manage to escape and are taken in by Ryma, an Aes Sedai hiding in Falme. Egwene is leashed and presented to Turak by Suroth. Verin arrives at the White Tower to investigate the disappearance of the three girls. This leads her to evidence for the existence of the Black Ajah, Aes Sedai sworn to the Shadow. Rand and Moiraine manage to escape Lanfear and take refuge with Anvaere and her son Barthanes. Moiraine decides to have Rand enter Tel’aran’rhiod, the World of Dreams, where he might be able to learn what Ishamael is planning. Upon entering, Rand finds himself immediately captured by a waiting Lanfear.

* * *

[Loial] The Ways, ancient pathways.

One wrong step, and you plummet.

[Valda] Those two… bring them to me.

Sir, please.

Call me Child Valda.





[Perrin] Who are they? What do they want?



[Alwhin] Those who will not swear the oaths will have the oaths sworn for them.

[Nynaeve] Perrin and Loial have been captured.

I’m going to Falme to free them.

Liandrin Sedai.

I am sorry for this.

[yells, grunts]

[Perrin] What are we?

[Elyas] Wolfbrother,

they call us.

Let’s go. He likes you.

[Perrin] Hopper.

That’s his name.

I need an oath of allegiance.

You will simply have to trust me.

[Rand] They say when men go mad, they kill people they love first.

Are you saying you love me?

You killed her.

[Moiraine] I haven’t ’cause that is Lanfear, most dangerous of the Forsaken.


♪ ♪

[birds squawking]

High Lord Turak, royal commander of the Hailene…

Lady Suroth will speak for herself before the High Lord.

As the High Lord commands.

[Turak’s Voice] You disobeyed an order.

You invaded a village without permission.

[Suroth] But I’ve brought back a Ogier slave, a Shienaran, Lord.

By what right do you claim to make decisions over your Lord Commander?


Perhaps my lord made a mistake.

[crowd gasping]

I do not make mistakes.

I am guided by the Light.

We have a mission: uniting all the people of the world under our empress to fight the Shadow.

A mission you have carelessly jeopardized by seizing a village too far beyond our current reach.

A village we cannot hold.

I beg my lord’s forgiveness.

Lady Suroth, you are barred from this court’s council until you are once again presentable. Kneel.

[scoffs softly]


♪ ♪




Take her to her chambers.


[Ishamael] My lord,

one more thing.

A gift from the village we captured.

I know you are a collector of ancient things.

[crowd murmuring]

High Lord Turak, I give you…

The Horn of Valere.

♪ ♪

With this… the whole world will be ours.

♪ ♪


[groans softly]

[Rand] Why are we running? You killed her.

That wound will barely slow her down.


[groans softly]


[guttural groaning]


[loud, guttural gasp]




[rolling thunder]

[Rand] I don’t understand.

She’s a Forsaken. How did she…?

If we survive tonight, I’ll explain everything.

[rolling thunder]



[horses neighing]

[horse neighs]


Oy! Payment first.

I’m commandeering your fastest horses on behalf of the Amyrlin Seat and the White Tower.

There’s no way I’ll let you just take my horses.

You’re coming with us, and if they are not saddled in two minutes, I swear you will regret this night for however much longer your life lasts.

[stablemaster gasps]

[horse neighs]

The White Tower?

Are we going back to…

Hey, what are you doing?

There are four horses.

I cannot give her a way to follow us.

[horse squeals, chuffs]


[horse squeals]


[calls to horse]

[Rand calls to horse]

[horse neighs]


[horse neighing]

[horse sputtering]

[man] Good evening, my lady.

Do you need help?

Yes, actually.

So polite of you to ask.

Where does this road lead?

Why, Tar Valon.

Of course it does.

What happened to your h…

[sighs] A horse.

Is there anything slower than a horse?

[neighs loudly]

[birds calling]

[animals hooting]

My eyes. Will they change like yours permanently?

In time.

Soon, if you’re lucky.

Man-eyes can’t pick out deer in tall grass, can’t see cliffs ahead at night. Useless.

Like everything else we’re born with.

[Perrin] You must miss civilization sometimes.

I miss beer.


Not much fun drinking alone.

I’m never alone.

Now, neither are you.

[insects chirring]



That’s Atuan’s Mill.

That’s where we were when those soldiers came.

We’re not following the caravan.

We’re going the opposite way. You lied to me.

Better than being dead… or a slave.

Oh, like my friends?

They’re not your pack.

Neither are the humans from the Two Rivers.

Neither was your wife.

No, no, no, you don’t know anything about my pack!






I’m going to find my friends.

I don’t care who has them.

You can’t run from what you are, boy.


[horse neighs loudly]

[rolling thunder]

[hoofbeats thundering]



It’ll be a day or two before she discovers the truth.

If we’re lucky.

[Rand sighs]

I knew. Somehow, I knew you’d be back.

Tell me the truth.

All of it.

You did not defeat the Dark One at the Eye of the World.

You set his strongest lieutenant free…

Ishamael, the leader of the Forsaken.

But the Forsaken… they were trapped.

By you… in your last life, and now Ishamael is loose, and he has released Lanfear.

And the rest of them?

If he releases them all, well, then, we have no hope of winning the Last Battle.

[Rand sighs softly]

[animal hooting]

[insects chirring]




[whining, barking]

What is it?



[insects trilling]

Hmm. Huh.

[sniffs softly]

[growls softly]

I told you.

We’re not going back to that town.

We need to work out where they took Loial and Ingtar and…


[animal howling]


♪ ♪

They didn’t even bury him.

But you wait for me here.

[chuffs softly]

[whines softly]

[distant, indistinct shouting]

[indistinct shouting]



[indistinct shouting]


[metallic squeaking]

[groans softly]


[woman] That’ll be loud, wetlander.

Don’t want them to hear you.

[panting softly]

[man] I wouldn’t get too close.

Last man who touched her cage had his arm broken and practically ripped off.

You can’t trust an Aiel.

Some water for you.

What did she do?

Did the Seanchan put her in here?

You’ve met the strangers.

There’s a curfew.

You’ll have to stay the night.

Come. Show you the… closest excuse for an inn this town has to offer.

[indistinct, distant shouting]

Atuan’s Mill doesn’t see too many visitors.

[Perrin] Just passing through.

Looks like Two Rivers work.

But you’re on the wrong side of the Mountains of Mist.

What was that you said earlier about strangers?

[Dain] Barkeep, another round.

[distant, overlapping chatter]

What did she did do?

The Aiel woman?

She wandered into the wrong town at the wrong time.

Don’t try to help her, Two Rivers.

She’s past that now.

You understand me?


[barkeep] Come here, Lady.

Lady, come here! Sorry, sir. She’s…

She’s never like this.

[distinct, indistinct shouting]

Actually, I’ll see that room now, please.

[Dain] Barkeep, make up a room for our new friend.

[barkeep] Yes, of course, Child Bornhald.

Thank you.

[barkeep] Lady, come.

[dog barking]

I hope you find your way back home, Two Rivers.


What happened to the previous owner, Missus Amudee?

She followed the caravan that took her granddaughter.

And the Whitecloaks?

They pushed out the Seanchan a couple days back.

But truly, we were better off before.

Oh, once you swear their oaths, they leave you alone, more or less.

The Questioners, though…

[Lady whines]

[Valda] She was to be given nothing, Child Bornhald.


[Dain] It took 11 of your Questioners to take her spears and another five to cage her.

She’ll take double that number before she submits to any of your… questions.

You think it’s a coincidence that we find Aiel this far west of the Spine at the same time these strangers invade from the sea?

The more questions I ask, the more answers I get.

The strangers have established a base in Falme.

It’s there that we will push them back into the sea.

[floorboard creaks]

[Valda] Who’s there?

[Lady barking]

Don’t worry, Valda.

No wolves here.

Heavy is the suckling child.

The day will come when your father’s name will not save you, Dain Bornhald.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[wind howling]

[thunder rolling]


[horse sputtering]


[horse chuffing]

[Lanfear] Where are they?


The woman and man traveling with you.

Oh. They told me to race the horses to the Tower as fast as I could, even though that’s not good for them.

That amount of riding without a break, even though I’ve been train…

Stop talking.

Whose idea was it?

This little trick?

The Aes Sedai’s.

The young man, he seemed to be half in a daze, only following…

Of course he was.

He’s still so young.

I must remember that.

She’s more ruthless than I imagined, using you as bait.

Well, eventually, they’ll have to sleep, won’t they?

Then I’ll have them.

Very good, my lady. I’ll not tell nobody you were looking for them.

Oh, I know you won’t.



[muffled shouting]

[horse neighing]

[muffled shouting continues]

[indistinct, overlapping chatter and shouting]

[horse neighing]

[indistinct chatter continues]

[door opens]


You’re back, Verin.

For how long? Why?

Can’t a retiree pop in without an ulterior motive?


Absolutely not.





I come seeking knowledge from our Great Library and the company of my Sisters of the Brown Ajah.

[Nyomi] My goodness, it is wonderful to see you.

Shall I open this?

Oh, yeah. It’s from Adeleas, with love.

[wind whistling]

Hmm. Oh.

Hand it over.


[Verin and Nyomi laugh]


How goes the History of the World after the Breaking?

Are you making progress?

Oh, and Tifan’s Well! We’ve been meaning to visit, but there’s just so much to be read.

Tell us where you’ve been, where you’re going, everything.

Yes, yes, all in good time, Yasicca.

Adeleas says I am not to return without gossip in exchange for her heady brew.


Oh. So…

I hear we have some new and very powerful novices?

[thunder rolling]

[thunder booming]

[grunts softly]

You’re shielded and bound.

I’d warn you not to try anything, but…

[grunts, pants]

[thunder rumbling]

How did you attack us with the One Power?

You broke the Three Oaths.

I’ve broken many more than that.

[loud thunderclaps]

Do you know why the Aes Sedai swear the Three Oaths in the first place?

A thousand years ago, a great king threatened to burn the Tower unless we bound ourselves with the Oaths.

[laughs softly]

Our power didn’t frighten him as much as our humanity.

That’s why the White Tower has so many rules and rituals and formalities.

If we look inhuman and predictable, like the tides, men won’t measure themselves against us, have to tear us down.

You weren’t recruiting me for the Red Ajah, were you?

You were recruiting me for him.

It would make what’s to come easier for you.

I’ll die before I join the Dark.

No matter what you do or say, or where you take us.

Every woman has her price.

A burden she can no longer carry, or a… a hope for a future… impossible in this world.

[thunder rumbling]

Your son is dying.

You’ve betrayed your Sisters, and you’re sitting in the dark trying to justify yourself to a woman you kidnapped.

Was your price worth all this?

[lightning crackles]

[thunder rolls]

Alwhin, leave us, please.

[distant shouting]

[door creaks]

[door closes]

Finished pouting?

You’re the one that wanted to go to that filthy fishing village.

For what?

An Ogier, or your pet wolf?

My desires are my own.

But I’m paying the price.

We should just kill Turak and be done with it!

And plunge the empire into civil war?

It seems your stupidity is second only to your inability to control your temper.

It’s my army you need for your war.

My ships, my leashes.

You may be Chosen, but you are not of the Blood.

You are here at my invitation.

And I know why you swore your oaths to the Dark.

I forget myself, my lord.

Tarmon Gai’don,

the Last Battle, will be won right here,

in Falme, written in the skies above this city.

The Dragon will join us.

I have a gift for you, too.

They should be here shortly.

[Suroth grunts]

[floorboards creaking]

[door creaks]

[indistinct chatter and shouting]


[metallic creaking]

[Perrin] Hold on.

[Perrin grunts]


[Perrin groans]

[distant shouting]

[Perrin groans]

Are you all right?

Think you can walk?

[indistinct shouting]

Look, we should get going.

But we won’t get very far if I have to carry you.

One wetlander puts me in a cage.

Another takes me out.

Why do you help me?

People shouldn’t be in cages.

♪ ♪

My name is Aviendha.

Of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel.

Far Dareis Mai.

My water is yours.

Um, I’m Perrin Aybara.

[chuckles softly]

[distant shouting]

Look, we need to go now.

[swords ring from sheaths]

I told you not to help her.

We don’t want a fight.

We just want to go our own way.

[Dain] I’m sorry.

Attack all at once on my signal.

One at a time, and she’ll have you.

[both panting]

Mm, no.


♪ ♪

Perrin Aybara…

do you like to dance?



♪ ♪


[man screaming]


♪ ♪

[bone snaps]

[man yells]




He gave you water.

He helped us, remember?

What are you?

Let him go.


The rest will come down on us.

We have to hurry.

[bell tolling]

[horse neighs]

She’ll know we’re here.

We need food, clothing and fast horses.

Then we’ll ride for a few days, put some distance between us.

[Rand] Sleep, we’ll need sleep eventually.

No. That is the most dangerous thing we could possibly do.

What are you talking about?

Lanfear was famous for two things among the Forsaken.

Her casual cruelty and her mastery of Tel’aran’rhiod.


The world of dreams. She can hurt you just as easily there as here.

And the moment you fall asleep, she will have you.

You can keep us awake with the One Power.



[door opens]

[bell tolling]

My lady, you’re-you’re injured!

Where’s my sister?

She’s in the kitchen, but… but, uh, your nephew’s with her.


Oh, good, you’re back.

And you’ve brought a friend.

Aunt Moiraine.


I-I could hardly believe it when Mother said you were here. It’s… it’s been 20 years.

I think you were as high as this table the last time I saw you.

You… you… well, you look almost exactly the same.

If somewhat bedraggled.

I’m imagining you didn’t

come back for the royal wedding tasting?

[Barthanes] Come on, Mother.

She’s got better things to do than pretend she can taste the difference between raspberries and thimbleberries.

You must be my aunt’s Warder.

I’m not a Warder.

This is…


A pleasure, Rand.

I’m, uh, Barthanes Damodred.

And this is my…

We’ve met.

We need horses, two.

Coursers, if you have them.

[Anvaere] I’ll have them brought to the house.

We have a whole stable of the very best.

A gift from the queen.

[Barthanes] And you must come to wedding.

It’s just a few weeks away.

Can you believe that I will be marrying Queen Galldrian?

Now that makes me your king.

So I shall expect full subservience.

It’s a happy match, I hope.

The name Damodred is held in high esteem.

That is happiness enough.

Well… I shall go and wash upstairs.

Perhaps a meal for Rand in the meantime.

And then some fresh clothes for him before we leave?

[Barthanes] Yes, of course.

We’ll find him something fitting from my wardrobe.

Thank you.

Is that… blood?

It truly has been good to see you, nephew.

Or… should I say, My Liege.


[footsteps recede]

[door closes]

[door creaks open]

Oh. [laughs]

Heartening to see the dust on that switch, sister.

Suffice to say, my backside still recalls Sereille Sedai’s heavy-handed punishments, centuries after the fact.

Why, Verin Sedai.

I was unaware you’d be visiting us.

No need to stand on my behalf.

I grow weary of all the formality.

You’re making me feel old. [chuckles]

Uh, what can I do for you, Sister?

I was hoping to have a word with two of the girls in your care, Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara.

Do you know where I might find them?

Uh, they are likely busy doing their chores.

In fact, they aren’t.

Nor are they in their class, nor in their rooms.

And, um, also the Daughter-Heir of Andor is nowhere to be found.

Is it possible they may have left Tower grounds?

The Daughter-Heir?

It’s worth taking a look, don’t you think?


Uh… [clears throat]

Oh, goodness, yes. Here it is.

A visit to Elayne’s home in Caemlyn.

The three were signed out just the other day.

That seems worth remembering.

It is.

I, um… I don’t know how it slipped my mind, frankly.

It’s quite unusual.

That it is.

But it appears the three were accompanied by a force of Queen Morgase’s soldiers, so I’m sure all’s well, and we will hear from Caemlyn in a few days’ time.

Yes, I’m sure.

Oh, yeah, I have another question for you.

I was in the library asking after a book, Meditations on the Kindling Flame?

Oh, yes, I’ve been meaning to return it.

It’s in my room, actually. Do you need it?

Just for a short passage on the Amyrlin Tetsuan, uh… if you could.


[door creaking]

♪ ♪

Now this is where my eidetic memory comes in handy.

On the 72nd page is the notation about the three girls’ departure, apparently to attend

Elayne’s brother Gawyn’s name day ceremony.

But the interesting thing is that there is a slight tremor in the notation.

Show me.

See, this is Sheriam’s usual writing.


But here… it looks as if her hand was moving more slowly.

[gasps] Or perhaps it was someone trying to mimic her handwriting?

No, Sheriam remembered making the notation herself.


Do you think it might look like this… if a weave of Compulsion was being used?


That would break the Three Oaths.

It would mean that someone in the Tower has sworn to the Dark.


…Black Ajah really exists.

We need to find the name of every Aes Sedai that left the Tower for any reason over the past few days.

♪ ♪


[horseshoes clopping]

♪ ♪

We expected you hours ago.

The Ways are unpredictable.

I had expected our master to meet me himself.

Our master has more important things to do than play fetch with his dog.

What you do to these women is an abomination.

Perhaps the Seanchan should learn proper respect for the One Power.

[Suroth] On the contrary, we respect the One Power so much, we don’t believe that anyone should wield it by accident of birth.

Our sul’dam train for years to prove themselves worthy.

They earn their right.

Unlike the Aes Sedai.

Our master’s needs will change with time, you know.

And all marath’damane will be leashed eventually.

Perhaps I will be the one to place the collar around your lovely throat.

Our master’s needs will change.

I’ll remind you of it… on the day you kneel to me.

If you last that long.

[Suroth] Bring them to me.

[gasping] Do something.

I can’t.


[indistinct shouting]


[shouts in Old Tongue]

Wait. Where’s Egwene?



[birds chirping]

You do not dance the spears badly, Perrin Aybara.

I thought your people never left the Waste.

Wetlanders call it “the Waste.”

It is the Three-Fold Land.

A shaping stone to make us, a testing ground to prove our worth, and a punishment for the sin.

What sin?

Nobody remembers, it was so long ago.

Why did you leave?

I’m searching for the Car’a’carn.

Our… chief of chiefs.

So where are you going, then?

Where you go, wetlander.

But you just said that…

I have toh.


Ji’e’toh is the Aiel way.

You saved my life.

My water is yours.

Don’t know about that.

It is not a lover, wetlander.

Though, I… would not be opposed.


[Perrin chuckles]


Don’t worry, Perrin of Two Rivers.

I will not attack you in a fit of lust.

[both chuckle]

So… where will we go now?


♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

[camels grunting]

[horse neighs]

[indistinct chatter]

This city… it’s Falme on Toman Head.

We’re thousands of miles west of the White Tower, Nynaeve.


That’s where Liandrin said Perrin and Loial were being taken.

Come on, we’ve got to find out…


Don’t draw any attention to us.

They’re gonna be looking for us.

We need to be careful.

[indistinct chatter]

These soldiers, they’re not from Falme.

Or Toman Head.

They’re foreigners.


I don’t care where they’re from.

All I care about is finding Egwene and getting out of here.

[soldier shouts]

[soldier shouts indistinctly]

Stop. You’re gonna get us both killed.

First we need to change our clothes.

Our clothes? Not fancy enough for you?

Those soldiers at the Waygate were looking for us.

They will still be looking for us.

Here. Follow me…

I’m not taking orders from you, Princess. I don’t even know you.


[Verin] Sister!

Ah, you’ve returned.

Looks like I’m not the only one.

[both chuckle]

Is your incredibly long and dry History done already?

I, um, I thought you were in Jurene hunting a young man suspected of channeling.

Luckily it was nothing.


But… I did… bring back some white asparagus.

If you’d like some. It’s a delicacy from the village.

You can only…

Procure them there and only at this time of year.


[both chuckle]

What did you say had brought you back to the Tower, Sister?

Can’t have been white asparagus.

Though I know you love to eat.

[chuckles softly] No, I’m, um…

I’m hoping to meet a couple of our novices.

Girls with quite some power, if I’ve heard correctly.

Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara.


Quite extraordinary.

Especially the Wisdom.

An Accepted already.

Sadly, they’re not here.

That’s strange.

Novices shouldn’t be allowed to…

Well, they’ve, uh…

they’ve gone to a name day ceremony in Caemlyn.

I’d heard on the road back that a royal envoy going to Caemlyn was attacked south of here.

By whom?

Uh, a soldier at the inn. He said it was… bandits or Whitecloaks.

But if the girls were with them…

Come, we must talk to the Keeper immediately.

Those girls are worth more than gold itself.


[scoffs softly]

[groans softly]


[sniffles, sighs]



[inhales deeply, exhales]

[door creaking]

[door closes]

The horses are being saddled downstairs.

And if I asked you to tell me how you and that boy ended up in this state?

[water splashing softly]



I’m surprised you’re not downstairs prying the answers you seek from Rand.

Barthanes encouraged me to leave it alone.

Oh, well, he always had a kind heart.

Yes. Somehow my son came out more like our father than either you or I.

I know you won’t tell me what’s really going on with the boy or why you’re really here.

But I know you, Moiraine.

Your whole life,

you’ve always known what you wanted to do.

Yet now, I’m looking at you, and I don’t think you have any idea what you want to do next, despite all this bluster.

Rand, he…

He needs protection.

And I don’t know whether I can provide it.

Not from what’s chasing him.

And there’s every chance that you, Barthanes and this entire city will be caught in the crossfire if I make the wrong choice.

You should have stayed away.

I know.

[inhales deeply, shudders]

I know.

When I was a little girl… I got an excellent piece of advice once from my very smart, much older sister.

She told me that if something is upsetting you or making you afraid… you ask yourself one simple question.

Is it true?

Can you know, beyond any doubt, that it’s true?


Can you know, beyond any doubt, that Rand needs your protection?

[exhales sharply]

It was excellent advice, wasn’t it?


I’ve used it often in the last 40 years.

Whatever danger you’ve unleashed or encouraged…

…it means the world to Barthanes that you’ve returned.

Even if you cannot stay.

Perhaps I can.

♪ ♪

[Ishamael speaking Old Tongue] Are you playing in my dreams again Lanfear?

[chuckling softly]

How’d you know?

Subtlety’s never been your strength.


[Lanfear] I just have to pass the time here while I’m waiting for someone to get some shut-eye.

People blame us for ‘breaking the world’ but they didn’t bother to pick up the pieces.

Three thousand years later and they’re still bashing about [pouring wine] with swords and queens.

To the past.

To the future.

After our Great Lord’s victory.

I assume

Rand learned the truth about your innkeeper act.

How did you tell him?

I didn’t.

Moiraine did.

I’m surprised you let her live in the first place.

A dead Aes Sedai is useless.

And one without power isn’t?

Desperation opens the mind to more… [chuckles softly] …interesting choices.

As it did for you.


Aren’t you worried I’ll betray you?

Will you?


[both chuckle]


[glass clinks]

Do you know why the Great Lord woke me first?

Why he speaks only to me?

Because… Moghedien’s insane, Graendal’s a vain idiot and the boys couldn’t execute a plan even if they were under Compulsion.

[chuckles softly]

Because, alone of all the Chosen… I actually believe in the Dark.

I believe the only way to stop all this suffering… is to stop the Wheel itself.

Stop everything.

So why release me?

Because I know what you want.

What you’ve always wanted.

[Lanfear] You’re getting better in the dream world.

I’ve had nothing if not time.

How does the current Dragon measure up to his predecessor?

[Lanfear] Rand is…


Takes no pride in his birthright and rejects his own power.

And what about the girls?

Is your little Aes Sedai pushing them along their way?

I’ve only just collected them.

But one craves power and the other one fears it.

And the boys?

Well, Mat was born mine,

and Perrin will soon be more wolf than man.

What do you think Rand will do when he sees his friends are all lost?

He will break.

[Da’covale] [muffled] My lord.

Time for you to go.

My lord.

I’m sorry, my lord.

The High Lord Turak wishes an audience with you.


[Turak] You are not of the Blood.

[Ishamael] I am not.

[Turak] Or even of our land.

Where is it that you’re from?

No Westlander has ever set foot on our shores.

I left my home so long ago, I barely remember it.

And yet you’ve moved quickly in our society.

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere in Suroth’s court.

And it was you, was it not, who first saw the omens that led us to begin the Return to our ancient homeland?

[Ishamael] My lord, my eyes are too low to see such things.

Only our empress, in her Court of the Nine Moons, can see and know the omens for what they are.

With this… you’ve earned my notice.

You may ask one thing of me.

The High Lady Suroth has a gift for you.

I beg only you receive it in good faith.


[inhales sharply]


[inhales sharply]



[inhales deeply]

[loud banging]


[breathing heavily]

Who are you?

Ryma, of the Yellow Ajah.

And my Warder found you just in time.

The High Lady Suroth has put out your descriptions, and everyone in this city is looking for you.

Do you have any idea what these Seanchan do to women who can channel?




I have brought you a gift, my lord.

[grunts, panting]


She was a novice being trained at the White Tower.

My sul’dam say she has more power than any damane we’ve seen in a very, very long time.

[Turak’s Voice] Collar her. She must be tamed.


[Egwene panting]





What is it?

Are you sure you don’t want to get some sleep?

Time to go?

No, actually.

We’re staying.

You said I can’t sleep or she’ll find me.


She will.

You want her to.

She’s been with you, what, two, three months now?

If she wanted to hurt you, she’s had ample opportunity.

But she hasn’t.

What does she want?

I don’t know.

If you’d asked me a few days ago, I would’ve said she wanted me.

To be with me.

Stories from before the Breaking are vague, because so much has been lost.

But every single one that mentions Lanfear agrees that she loved the Dragon Reborn.

And that he loved her, before he met his wife.

But she was a Darkfriend.

Only after he broke her heart.

She swore her oaths to the Dark to try to get him back.

And, what, you want to make her think she has?

You want me to pretend to be in love with a Forsaken?

Lanfear is working with Ishamael.

This could be our only chance to find out what he wants.

She’ll see right through it.


Maybe. She might.

I don’t know.

Whatever she is, I don’t think everything between us was a lie.

It’s your choice, Rand.

I mean that this time.

I’ll stay here.

If it seems as if she’s hurting you… I’ll wake you.

And if you fall asleep?

You’re exhausted.

I don’t have that option.



♪ ♪

[wind blowing]


[grunts, panting]


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


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