The Stand – S01E08 – The Stand [Transcript]

Risking everything, the Boulder travelers face off with Flagg's followers in New Vegas, among them a very different - and pregnant - Nadine.
The Stand - S01E08 - The Stand

Release date: February 4, 2021

* * *


So, Glen… is it everything you thought it’d be?

Fabulous Las Vegas.

Yeah, pretty much.

Bunch of lost, scared people following somebody who makes ’em feel just a little less lost.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Meaning what?

They’re no different than us?

I take it you don’t agree.

They’re fucking evil, Glen.

Just as long as we’re not being overly simplistic.

LARRY: You do realize that they lined the Strip with crucified bodies, right?

Realize it? I welcome it.

Means this Dark Man can’t count on his own people.

Making public displays out of all those who defy him.

That’s not strength.

It’s weakness.

I’d be much happier… if his next display wasn’t us.

I hope Stu knows what he’s missing.

(pills rattle)

(Kojak whines)



What are you looking at?



Aw, fine.


You win.

(grunts) Not yet.

You happy?

♪ ♪

And thank you all for being here.

Court is fucking in session!


Hit it, baby! Hit it!

You three are accused hereby of entering New Vegas as spies, with seditious intent with stealth and under cover of darkness.


(whistling, cheering)

Know you all that the cohorts of these men have sent other spies among us and they have been fucking killed.



MAN: We fucking got ’em!

(cheering quiets, stops)

But our savior, in his mercy, has decided that these three particular shitbirds have a chance at a different fate.

And all they got to do is renounce the witch and her lies and swear loyalty to the one true motherfucking king.


That’s right!



MAN: Yeah, that’s right!

Come on, now.

Let’s hear it.

Here’s your chance.

What, are you defending the old witch?

You think the witch would be protecting you if she was here in your place?

I don’t think so.

(gallery murmurs)

I didn’t see her dragging her big old saggy boobies across the Rocky Mountains.


Come on.

You don’t owe her shit.

She sent you here to die.

Okay? Now, come on over to the good side.

Come on over to our side.

How ’bout you, Betty Lou?

Larry Underwood.

You all know Larry Underwood, right?

He’s the rock star.

You sing those songs, that song on the radio…

♪ Ooh, wee-ooh ♪


♪ You I can’t quit, no, baby ♪

♪ Can’t get enough. ♪


LLOYD: Well, guess what?

All’s you’re gonna be able to do is sing heavy metal if you slit your throat.

(imitates heavy metal singing)


Is that what you want to do? (laughs)

How long do you plan on going on with this?

(gallery exclaiming)



Order! Order! Let it happen!

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask.

Whose authority is this court under?

Who do you think, dummy?

Uh, M-Mr. Henreid.


This court is convened under the authority of Mr. Randall Flagg!


The greatest purveyor of justice the world has ever seen.

Randall Flagg, the Mother of Dragons, the Queen of the Andals and everybody else above himself.

You shut the fuck up!

Test me again.

WOMAN: Piece of shit!

WOMAN 2: Shut the fuck up!

LLOYD: You better be careful,

’cause you know, he’s watching up there, so…

(cheering, shouting)

I-I really need to understand this, Lloyd.

What are you all so afraid of?

He can fly and he fucking, like, ate a dude last week.

What are you talking about?

Well, he-he flies and he… if he can do all that, then… why does he need all this?

RAT WOMAN: Mr. Bateman, if you can’t keep quiet,

I’m gonna have to ask the bailiff here to gouge out your eyes and skull-fuck the holes.

Right, right. Of course, of course. But…

I don’t understand why he won’t face us himself.

Are-are these on?

What makes you think you’re so special that he’d come down and come to see you?

Is he watching this, Lloyd?

Hey. Hey!

Are you watching?

Come down here, you-you son of a bitch, and show us…



(shouting, cheering)

That’s my man, right there! That’s my man!

Yeah, don’t fucking talk to him that way, huh?

My God.

You people are terrified of him.

Is that all he has over you?

Is fear?

That’s it?

LLOYD: Don’t you

fucking talk about him that way.


It’s way more pathetic than we thought, guys.

RAT WOMAN: Mr. Bateman,

you are now in contempt of court!

Hey, why don’t you go fuck yourself?

Bailiff, shoot that man.

Lloyd. You’re the bailiff?

I thought you were the prosecutor.

Lloyd, fucking shoot that man.

Stop fucking telling me what to do, okay?

You stop talking, fucko. Okay?

You’re talking yourself into getting shot.

You’re gonna shoot me, Lloyd?

I don’t think so.

RAT WOMAN: Counsel, please approach the bench.

What the fuck is your problem?

Why are you being such a crybaby?

You want to disappoint Flagg?

You are fucking embarrassing us.

You’re embarrassing us.

Do it!

Your hand’s shaking, Lloyd.

LLOYD: I ain’t shaking.

You never done it before, right?

Shut up!

Killed a man.

You don’t have to start now.

I’m not begging for my life, mind you.

I’m begging for yours.


If you don’t stop talking, I’m gonna have to put a bullet through you.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is in our stars, not in ourselves.”

What do you mean?

You don’t have to do this.

Why are… why are you saying that?

You can stop this. Just look in the camera, tell these people what I already know, that without your fear, he’s nothing.

He’s seen him!

He knows this guy!

Shut up.

GLEN: Without your adulation, he’s nothing, Lloyd!

Look at the camera and tell these people what I already know!

That he’s nothing without y…

(gallery exclaiming)


It’s all right, Lloyd.

You… you don’t know any better.



the fuck up!

(gallery murmuring)

What is everyone staring at? Get ’em out of here.

Okay? Get them out of here, right now.

The sentence is death.

Clearly. Prosecution rests.


(crying): Jesus, Larry.

He just fucking shot him.

I’m gonna tell you something, Larry.

I’m a baby about pain.

I never even liked going to the doctor to get a shot.

If I could figure a way out of it, I would.

You think you could work your way over here and sit beside me?

I just wish I knew what it was all for.

All I can see is he’s gonna make a show out of us dying.

Is that what we came all this way for?

Ray, I don’t know.

(door opens)


Bitch, you look bad.

Wes, take her away.

I’d like to speak to Larry alone.

Son of a bitch. Fuck you!


(door closes)

I thought I’d never see you again.

What the hell happened?

He called, and I came.

And now I’m carrying his prince.

Jesus, you-you fucking hear yourself?

Did any of the others make it?


You somehow managed to not kill everybody with that bomb.


It was Harold, wasn’t it?

Nadine, what the fuck?

How do you mean?

The vigil.

You kept the kids away, you…

You kept me away.

I didn’t want you to get hurt.

But you wanted to hurt them.

So you could come here and become this?

This is who I always was.

Larry, don’t you see?

It took me coming here to really, truly understand.

Nadine, just look… just look at yourself. Fucking look.

Nadine, fucking look.

He’s made me complete.

Nadine, look!

I don’t understand…



Oh, I think he’s coming!

(grunting, moaning)

Somebody help! Help us!

We need help!

(indistinct chatter)

Move! Come on!

Go, go, get out of the way!

Get out of our way!

(stifled scream)

Out of our fucking way!

Go, go, go. Go, go, go, go.



Shh, shh.

Look at me. Look at me. Breathe.

(Nadine screaming)

Relax, honey.


It’ll all be over soon.

It doesn’t feel right! Something’s not right!

Help me!



(shushes) Hey!

No, no, no! Listen to me.

You’re not listening to me. Something’s wrong.

It’s not right! (screams)

(grunts, panting)

You knew, didn’t you?

Knew what?


I was never meant to survive bringing this thing into the world.

Don’t be silly.

You’re my queen.

No. No.

That thing growing inside you…

…it’s our prince.

It’s kicking.

“Nadine will be my queen.”

That’s my girl.

NADINE: Larry was right.



(people screaming, exclaiming)

(indistinct clamoring)


(crying): My son.



cancel the nursery.

(low snarl in distance)

(low snarl)



(both barking, growling)

Kojak? Kojak!


(barking, whining)

(squealing, barking stops)


(laughs softly)


Come here. Come here.

(panting) Hey.

This your blood, boy?

Doesn’t look like much. You all right?

You did a hell of a job, boy.

For a minute there, I thought we were in real trouble.

(elevator bell chimes)

(soft music playing)



You heard anything?

He’s still in there…

with the body?

With what we could scrape off the floor.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

What are we supposed to do now?

What do you mean, “we,” White?

This has got nothing to do with me.

I’m just the entertainment director on this cruise, remember?

You know, I’m surprised you’re even showing your face after you shot that hippie, point-blank.

You fucking told me to shoot the…


I was acting. It was a fucking show trial.

What am I supposed to do?

Give me a sign, like a wink, a wink, or a fucking, like… (squawks)

This has got nothing to do with me.

He said show trial, not a snuff film.

I really shot the hell out of that goddamn loudmouth, didn’t I?

Yeah, Lloyd. You didn’t miss.

I keep seeing his face in my head.

Every time I blink my eyes, I see that goddamn look he gave right before he saw the light.

Are you crying?

No. (crying)



You got to keep it together, okay?

Gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine.

I’d be a lot less worried about that hippie and more about what Flagg did to the last guy who shot somebody he wasn’t supposed to.

Why would you bring it up?

Why would you…

‘Cause we got to figure it out.

Look, man, we just got a show to do, okay?

We got to keep on task.


(quietly): Fuck.

Hey. How’s it going in there?

Obviously not great. Um, uh… I realized that we never really got a chance to talk about what happened at the trial, ’cause we got sidetracked with the, uh…

Not-not– mm– saying that we shouldn’t have gotten sidetracked, of course, it’s… But…

If you didn’t want me to kill that hippie, I just wish that you would’ve told me you didn’t want me to, ’cause, obviously, I didn’t want… I’m not, like, criticizing you or anything, I’m just saying, like…

Do you remember when you gave me this?

Do you remember giving me this?

You told me it was the beginning of a brand-new friendship, and I’ve been with you since the very beginning, so…

She fucking told me to do it.

(panting): Hey! I…

She fucking…

Is the stage ready?

Yes, sir. All set.

Five by five.

Broadcast, too, sir.

Just waiting for your go-ahead.

Do you want me to go get the prisoners?

Just one thing I want you to do for me first.

Waste not, want not.

(elevator bell chimes)

Uh, Mr. Underwood?

Larry Underwood?

Compliments of Mr. Flagg.


LLOYD: Rise and shine, rock star.

Time to go live the rest of your life.

The fuck you got to smile about?

You all put her head here to rub my nose in it.

To show me there’s no hope.

But you don’t even know what it means.

What does it mean?

This place is falling apart.

She was his queen. She was… the mother of his child.

That’s how she ended up.

Who do you think he’s gonna send your head to?

Okay, get him up.

Get up. Let’s go.

(cheering in distance)

(Ray whimpering)

LARRY: Is that you, Ray?

RAY: Larry!

LARRY: It sounds like it’s showtime.

RAY: What the fuck is happening?

LARRY: Hey, it’s almost over for them.

No, hey, it ain’t almost over for us, it’s almost over for you.

Next few minutes are liable to be unpleasant.

LARRY: Nadine’s dead, Ray.

RAY: Larry, I’m so sorry.

Aw, come on, Romeo. Don’t spare us the details.

All right, shitbirds, you ready for your close-ups?

And… hoods!

CROWD (chanting): Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Make them pay! Make them pay!

Ha! Cut to Julie.

All right, shut the hell up, y’all!

I’m back now, y’all.

And guess who I’ve got here.

My man, and the right-hand man to everyone’s man,

Mr. Lloyd Henreid!

(cheering, applause)

Now, ain’t he just the cutest?

Makes me want to eat him up.

All right, Lloyd, we just watched you escort these traitors in to face their punishment.

How are they feeling today?

Sorry, what?

The prisoners, how are they feeling? Yeah.

Oh, yeah.



Well, in a word, Julie, they’re feeling scared.

(cheering, applause)

JULIE: Well, that is understandable.

They got to know what’s coming to them.

Crossing Mr. Flagg’s got consequences.

Ain’t that right, baby? Ain’t that right, y’all?

(cheering, applause)

LLOYD: Yeah. That’s right, Julie.

Yeah, fuck them!


Now, it’s my pleasure to introduce the man who will light the match, the man who shook the world!

The Walking Dude himself, the real deal, Mr. Randall


(cheering, applause)

CROWD (chanting): Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

(cheering in distance)

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg!

(chanting in distance): Flagg! Flagg! Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!

Flagg! Flagg! Flagg!


Stay on him.


From the ashes of Captain Trips, we have risen!

And we are heading toward the golden promise of a future we never could have dreamed of in the world that was.

(cheering, applause)

But that future is now under threat, ’cause a new infection looms.

The traitors kneeling before you today were sent here by people who don’t want you to enjoy the freedom this new world has to offer.

They want to shackle you once again in the chains of their invented morality.

(crowd booing)

Boo, that’s right. You tell ’em, doll.

You’re going down, bitches.

That’s what you get. That’s what you get!

That’s right.

(indistinct shouting)

These deluded fools

worship an old witch.


It’s true.

An old witch who has brainwashed them into believing that Captain Trips was the apocalypse.

But you– you know that the apocalypse happened long before anyone had even heard of Captain Trips.

‘Cause there’s never been enough to go around.

Nature contains winners and losers.

Predators and prey.

Only now, we are the predators and they are the prey!


Now, let’s get this party started.

♪ Feels like in heaven ♪

♪ Feels like in Heaven ♪

♪ Call it love, call it sin it’s the state I’m in ♪

♪ Feels like in heaven ♪

♪ I am blessed and obsessed mysterious angel ♪

♪ Feels like in heaven ♪

♪ Call it love, call it sin… ♪

On the crowd. Let them see themselves.

♪ Feels like in heaven ♪

♪ I am blessed and obsessed mysterious angel ♪

♪ Feels like in heaven. ♪

♪ ♪

First we drown the rats, and then we burn the witch!

Rid ourselves of this infection for good.

Cut to the airport.

(crowd cheering)

As we speak, a plane is being readied to carry the biggest fire mankind has ever seen to the witch and her minions.


He doesn’t know she’s dead.


Mother A.

W-What does that mean?

One of my loyal servants is on his way to the plane with his precious cargo.

And as soon as it’s loaded,

I will personally board that plane and unleash holy hell on the other side of those mountains.

On the drone in three, two, one, go.

CROWD (chanting): Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Track with Lloyd.

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!

Burn them down! Burn them down!


LLOYD: Yeah!

Yeah! Fuck!

I always liked your music.

All right.

Any last words? Now’s the time.

I will fear no evil.


I will fear no evil.

Shut the fuck up.

(shouting): I will fear no evil!

Shut up!


LLOYD: Don’t fuckin’ make me do this.

Shut up.

I will fear no evil!



LLOYD: Shut up!

I will fear no evil.

(people gasp)

LLOYD: God damn it! Stop.

I will fear no evil.

WOMAN: I will fear no evil!

Who said that?

(crowd murmuring)

Who was it?


Who said that?!

WOMAN: I will fear no evil!

WOMAN 2: I think she’s over there.

Lloyd, shoot that woman.

Lloyd… shoot that woman.

Lloyd, sh-shoot her.

JULIE: Lloyd, get your head out of your ass and shoot that motherfucker.



You’re weak, Lloyd!

You’re a weak little lamb!

I will fear no evil!

Fear no evil! I will fear no evil!

(crowd shouting)

WOMAN: I will fear no evil!


MAN: Fear no evil!

(Trashcan Man speaking indistinctly)

Don’t worry, everybody, I forgive you.

I forgive you. I forgive me.

Lloyd, do as you’re told!

Give me the key.


Get the keys.

Let’s fucking get ’em out of here before they fucking drown. Get the keys!

(laughs) Wonderful.

As more traitors in our midst.

I forgive you. I forgive you.

FLAGG: Oh, the old witch must have been desperate.

(crowd shouting, exclaiming)

FLAGG: Whoa. Are there any more?

(device crackling)

Point them out.

TRASHCAN MAN: Excuse me, everybody.

Better yet, tear them to pieces.



(singing a tune)

FLAGG: Parasites!

Rip them out!

They don’t deserve to live in this world.

You shouldn’t be here.

I brought you the fire.

I told you to bring it to the plane!

My life for you!

I did it.


My life for you.

My life for you.

(rapid clacking)

(thunder crashes)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

For you.

(electricity crackling)

(people screaming)

Don’t run!

I command you to return!

Get out of the way!


Hurry up!

Oh, shit!

(crying): Oh, God.

Look at it, Ray.

Oh, God. (gasps)

It’s okay.

Don’t be afraid.




(Flagg shouting)

(weakly): ♪ She brought me ♪

♪ A little coffee ♪

♪ She brought me tea… ♪

She brought me everything but the workhouse key.




(rumble in distance)

(rumbling intensifies)

No! Kojak!

(barks, whimpers)

♪ ♪

(barking in distance)



Kojak! (laughs)

Hey, Miss Sofia tells me you’re getting pretty good at that thing.

Maybe, uh, you can sing a few lines next time you play a song.


Joe, we got to get you inside. Come on.

Joe, come on.

He’s gone.

Who is?

The Dark Man.

How do you know that?

Can you see what’s happening?

Can you see him? Can you s… can you see Stu, Joe?

Joe? Joe, tell me, can you see Stu?


Oh, shit.

♪ ♪

♪ Don’t you ever feel sad ♪

♪ Lean on me when times are bad ♪

♪ When the day comes and you’re down ♪

♪ In a river of trouble and about to drown ♪

♪ Just hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ I’m going my way, your lover ♪

♪ If you get cold, yeah, I will be your cover ♪

♪ Don’t have to worry ’cause I’m here ♪

♪ No need to suffer, baby, ’cause I’m here ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ ‘Cause hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Lookie here ♪

♪ Reach out to me ♪

♪ For satisfaction, yeah ♪

♪ Lookie here, babe, that’s all you got to do ♪

♪ Call my name now ♪

♪ For quick reaction, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Now don’t you ever feel sad ♪

♪ Lean on me when the times are bad ♪

♪ When the day comes and you’re down, baby ♪

♪ In a river of trouble and about to drown ♪

♪ Just hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Just hold on ♪

♪ Don’t you worry ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Here he comes ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ Hear I’ve got to say ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ Don’t you worry ♪

♪ I’m coming ♪

♪ Here I come ♪

♪ Hold on… ♪


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