The Stand – S01E06 – The Vigil [Transcript]

The Stand - S01E06 - The Vigil

Release date: January 21, 2021


♪ I have been ♪

♪ To Abilene ♪

♪ The spirit world rising ♪


♪ I have seen ♪

[birds cawing]

♪ In Abilene ♪

♪ The Devil has Texas… ♪

[water sloshes]

Thank you! Thank you!

Purification, that’s what it’s called!

Superior in some ways, but inferior to many others.


♪ Purple robes ♪

[device beeping]

♪ They shall wear ♪

♪ The spirit world rising .♪


[rapid beeping]


God is real!

FLAGG: You are the man I want…


…the one who will bring me the great fire.






FLAGG [distorted]: Look at what I will give you.

WOMAN: Donald Merwin Elbert, what’s this I hear about you burning old lady Semple’s pension check?

Hey, Trash, you burned your cock off yet?

Don’t you know playing with fire makes you wet the bed?


[laughter echoing]

Where do I find you?

FLAGG: West, beyond the mountains.

My life, for you…


MAN: Mother A!

MAN 2: Mother Abagail!

WOMAN: Mother A!

MAN 3: Mother A, can you hear my voice?

WOMAN 2: Mother A, where are you?!

MAN: Mother Abagail!

WOMAN: Mother A!

MAN 2: Mother Abagail, can you hear me?!

[footsteps approaching]

[gasps softly]

Mother Abagail’s gone.

What? You mean, like, dead?

Gone like gone.


You think it was Him?

Actually, I came here to ask you that.

Well, how would I know?

Well, it seems like you have some way of communicating with our friend that I’m not privy to.

So, what has He been telling you that He’s not been telling me?


Does He have other people in Boulder?


You know, it is possible that…

there are things He’s not telling you, either.

No. He tells me everything.

He needs me.

He needs us.

Is that so?

So tell me, how badly does this fuck us?


Sideways, in fact.

Did you know that the Chinese character for “crisis” includes the Chinese character for “opportunity”?

There’s gonna be a vigil tonight.

At Mother A’s house.

And I’m betting just about every soul in Boulder is gonna be there, all crowded together.

Why kill just the committee…

When we can take out everyone?

There’s a smart girl, Nadine.

[zipper opens]

[laughs softly]

HAROLD: How do you like it?

Not bad.

Slim it down a little.

I might know the perfect place to put it.

[insects chirping]


[distant bellowing]


[electronic music playing]

[Trashcan Man moaning, shouting]



You like this?

I love this.

[laughs, screams]

LLOYD: You like the girls?


[slot machine chiming]

Thank you.

LLOYD: Maybe try not to freak out the guests.

You smell like gasoline and bird shit.

You’re gonna die.

I’m sorry.


♪ I am not completely like ♪

♪ Other people. ♪

[elevator music playing]

[chimes, dings]

[bells clinking]

FLAGG: I’ve been fiddling with this forever.

[grunting softly]

You wouldn’t happen to know anything about fire, would you?



Um, you got to let air in.

Oh. Air.


Do you ever think how strange that is, huh?

How fire needs oxygen to survive?

TRASHCAN MAN: Just burning. Always burning.

And they don’t know it, but I know.

The legendary Trashcan Man.


Lloyd, I do believe we’ve found our man.

I don’t know about that.

My life for you. My life for you.

FLAGG: What’s the biggest fire in history?


Sorry, I should have been more specific there.

What’s the biggest man-made fire?

And I’m not talking about a bunch of hikers getting careless with a Sterno can.

I’m talking about someone actually riding the animal.

Bending it to their will.

[mutters] 1961.

Tsar Bomba.

1961. Soviet nuclear test.

A chance to spit fire in the face of God.

They managed to produce the most powerful fire

mankind’s created since we first started rubbing sticks

together in the desert.


Well, speaking of deserts, there’s a military facility out there.

Several, actually, but I have a particular one in mind.

Now, I want you to go there…

…and bring me back thefire.

[squealing, muttering]

Grab him. I ain’t touching him.

My life for you.

My life for you.

My life– my life for you!

My life for you!

Oh, you build a hell of a blaze, Trashy, my boy.

My life for you.

I believe you’re gonna be very special to me.

TRASHCAN MAN: My life for you!


Lloyd, hang back a sec.

Can I assume the airfield will be ready by the time he returns?

Uh, yeah.


Yeah. It’s right on track.

Can I ask you something?

Do we really need this frickin’ joker?

Okay? Because anything that he can do,

I can do better. I’m telling you.

And I don’t even think we need to set a fire.

Lloyd, my precious flower.

Jealousy doesn’t become you.

I ain’t jealous.

The fire’s for the holdouts.

Another of the witch’s spies is on the way.

Been hiding on the edge of the desert, biding her time.

Oh, that’s probably because they want to scatter their arrivals, less that we don’t associate them with each other.

I figured that out on my own.

I need her alive.

Yeah, here’s the thing, though: like, my Bordermen, they aren’t exactly “surgical.”

They’re a little more like big, mean shit kickers, man.

They get a little trigger-happy…


She’s gonna tell me who the third spy is.

You still can’t see him?

I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m sure they’re staggering their arrival, too.

That’s probably why you can’t see it, ’cause they ain’t even here yet.


Even before I could see the old hag at the motel, I… I could feel her.

But this, this last one, every time I try, it’s exactly the same.

All I see is…

…the moon.





Big Man. You got your walkie?

They need you upstairs. Somebody puked in the fountain again.


U-Uh, excuse me, miss?

C-Could you, uh,

could you tell me what this word is?

[laughs softly]

[exhales sharply]

What do you need, boy?

Could you tell me what word this is?


You can’t read “run”?


You mean like…

[laughs]: Like run.

Yeah, run. Run your big ass upstairs, and get the puke out of the fountain. Okay?

Run. Run.

Run now. Run.

Run, Forrest, run!

[piano playing]

[muted thumping reverberates]

[snarls, barks]

You think he’s smarter than us?

STU: I know this is hitting you harder than any of us.

Okay, you are closest to Mother Abagail, you and Nick.

Oh, yeah, one of us won’t stop looking.

The other won’t even start.

Only time he goes outside, isn’t to join the search, it’s to bring me in.

Yeah, I read the note– I’m the one who found it.

I’m rested enough.

Restored all my faculties, my powers of observation.

You know, I think it’d be appropriate for Mother Abagail’s handpicked representatives to be just a little bit more concerned that she’s gone.

Ray, that’s not fair– you know we’ve all been here all night.

RAY: Yeah.

You’ve been working so hard, you’re almost fatigued.

Thank God you’ve been able to recharge yourselves with Professor Bateman’s mandated rest periods.

Ray, listen to me, we’re looking for her.

Okay, she doesn’t even want us to look for her.

We’re just looking smart, that’s all.

GLEN: She’s a 108-year-old woman.

She’d be the first to tell you this place’s got to be able to run without her.

Fuck you, Glen, you… condescending, ivory-tower, wasi’chumotherfucker!


Uh, sorry.

Hey, big man.

We interrupting?

No, no, no, just everybody’s, uh, nerves are a little frayed at the moment.

Come on in.

NADINE: The kids all made, uh, Mother Abagail cards, wishing her to come back to us.

So said I’d bring ’em by.

That’s really nice, Nadine, thanks.

NADINE: Oh, well, it was the kids’ idea. [chuckles]

Yeah, thank you.

They made me promise to put them out, you know, in each room, the cards, just so that everyone would see them tonight when everyone’s in here stacked on one another.

Hey, you, uh, need some help?

[clears throat]

Uh, well, uh, no.

I’m cool, thank you.

How about I-I at least look after the kid for a little while this afternoon?

I mean, I know it was a long day for you, too.

You got a pretty big role to play tonight, so…

maybe just save your energy.

Nah, come on. I mean, we’ll have a mini jam session and…

get rid of my pre-show jitters.

You can pick him up when you come back for the vigil.

NADINE: Um… you-you aren’t talking about… having Joe there tonight, are you?

Tell me you’ve thought this through more than that.

The vigils, you remember the vigils at the very beginning when everyone started getting sick?

Well, the children sure do, and mostly what they remember is going to those vigils and then coming back home and everyone they knew and loved getting sick and dying.

How do you think that’s left them feeling about vigils generally?

No. Wow, uh… that hadn’t even occurred to me.


Empathy’s not really your strong suit.

FRANNIE: I mean, it didn’t, it didn’t occur

to any of us, I don’t think.

Guess ’cause we’re not… parents. [chuckles]

Nadine, I’ve said this before, but the kids are really lucky to have you.

What do you say, bud? Want to head over to my place,

I’ll show you the new amp? Let’s go.

STU: Have fun.


Uh, Stu?


You said the next search shift starts at 3:30?


As a matter of fact, Harold, I was just… making my way back out there.

You coming?

Uh, no, I’m on Gremlin detail.

Give Mommy Nadine some rest.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling run-down, Miss Cross.

Uh, thank you, Harold.

You know, sleep is actually more important to your health than food and… yet there are still things worth losing it over.


When was the last time you slept?

STU: I don’t know.

You’re the one sleeping for two.

That doesn’t make any sense.

You said it yourself to Ray.

You can’t maintain…

STU: I’ll be fine.

You should probably drop it.

Just be careful.


Yeah, don’t worry about me, I’ll just be working on yourspeech for tonight.

Much appreciated, Professor Bateman.

We’ll see you.

[laughs quietly]

[door closes]

Well, nobody told me I was gonna be here for the long haul, so, um, I better go get some more prenatals.

Last thing this kid needs is a folic acid deficiency.

[wind whistling]

I guess there’s something You want me to see, Lord, and I’m just not seeing it.

And that’s why You think I can’t lead these people.

But I want to tell You that You…

You can’t take this out on them.

‘Cause they… they just need to…

[low growling]

I know what you fear, old Mother.

It ain’t you.

Oh, yes, it is.

God sent Moses mountain climbing,

Noah boat building, and let His Son get nailed to a cross, and said not a word, not even when

He asked to have the cup taken from His lips.

Said nothing.

You think my fear’s greater than His?

Well, having observed a number of crucifixions, I’d have to say no.

Get thee behind me, Satan.

That’s not my name, you know.

Oh, I know.

You’ve got many names.

I do, indeed.

[echoing]: My name is Legion, for we are many.


I know what you’re afraid of.

Oh, do you now?

You’re scared that when them people see you and look right through you and realize there’s nothing there… they gonna see you for what you are.


[laughs softly]

Oh, He’s gone quiet, hasn’t He?

Is that why you’re out here in the middle of nowhere?

40 days and 40 nights?

If that’s what it takes.

You’re not looking for God, Abagail Freemantle.

You know as well as I do, He left this world a long time ago.

You’re looking for Death.

I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say.

Every night, you close your eyes hoping it’ll be the last time.

Wake up in the morning wishing you hadn’t.

Every ancient fiber of your body cries out for it.

Begs for it.

Oh, I know you fear Him.

I can send you somewhere He’ll never find you.

Give you an ocean of endless peace.

Now that’s where you’re wrong.

You can’t send me anywhere that God can’t find me.

And if it’s my time to go, I’ll be gone.

Well, perhaps we can speed Him along.

[exhales sharply]

[heavy winds howling]

[crow cawing in distance]

[crows squawking]


Fought like a bastard, this fella, huh?

Yesterday’s entertainment…

today’s meat Popsicle.

Well, I guess you can handle loading all the rest on your own.

Leave the keys on the driver’s seat when you’re done.

You understand?

[door creaks open]

MAN [in distance]: Let’s go, hurry up!


Smells like shit down here.

Are you actually gonna pick a tard over me?


How about I try something a little louder?!


[“Black Betty” by Ram Jam playing]

LLOYD: Those bodies really smell like dead bodies.

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

[woman moans]



Oh, yes!

♪ Whoa, Black Betty, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ Whoa, Black Betty, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ Black Betty had a child, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ The damn thing gone wild, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ She said I’m worryin’ outta mind, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ The damn thing gone blind, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ I said, oh, Black Betty, bam-ba-lam ♪

♪ Whoa, Black Betty, bam-ba-lam. ♪


Damn bitch drew down on me.

I’m just supposed to stand there, and let that fucking cunt shoot my fucking dick off?

Okay, you expect us to believe that this lady just rolled down her fucking window and took a blast at you like it was a drive-by?


She talked for a little bit, said some shit about being a federal judge, or some shit like I’m supposed to… bow down and kiss her old wrinkled ass.

Oh, Bobby-Terry, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby-Terry.


Fuck, man.

Maybe it ain’t her.

I mean, she’s from Boulder, so she ought to be coming from the east, right?

[chuckles] You think a spy might take some precaution far as disguising where they’re from?

BOBBY-TERRY: She sure did seem like one of those old Portland hippies you’d read about.

[chuckles softly] Well, used to.


[chimes, dings]

Well, let’s hope that’s all she was.

All right, no harm, no foul.

JULIE: This will be fun.



BOBBY-TERRY: It’s not her?

Well, of course it’s her.

Lloyd impress upon you the importance of taking her alive?

I told ’em all in no uncertain term…


I’m just saying that they all…


Uh– I’m sorry for interrupting, Flagg.

Apology accepted.

You see how easy that was?

Lloyd took responsibility for his misbehavior.

And he was forgiven.

I’m sorry, Mr. Flagg.

What for?

For, uh… you know.

No, I… don’t know.

Lloyd says you told him it was self-defense.

Should my men have to apologize for defending themselves?

No. Mm-mm, absolutely not.

No. Mm-mm.

Absolutely not.

Bobby-Terry, an attack on one of my men is an attack on me.

And if I’m attacked, I hit back harder.

I expect my men to do the same.


what are you sorry for?

No way you could’ve de-escalated, huh?

The little lady was that much of a threat.

Old bag of bones.

A hundred pounds soaking wet.

Only way it could’ve gone, you or her.


Are you sorry, Bobby-Terry?


[button clicking]


You screwed it up!

[button clicking]

[elevator bell chimes]

[elevator music playing]


[low growling]



[woman screams]

[all gasping]



Out of my way! Fuck…



[elevator bell chimes]

[people gasping]

My sincere apologies to the housekeeper.


[Flagg clears throat]

[blood squishing]

No problem, Mr. Flagg.

I will get that handled for you right away, sir.

I mean, I didn’t know he was gonna do that.

RAT WOMAN: Give me six of your best guys right this moment.

Make sure one of ’em is that big fella, Mr. M-O-O-N.

That guy. The big guy.

[echoing]: Yeah.

LLOYD: A guy named Moon?

There’s something with “moon” I was supposed to…

RAT WOMAN: What, Lloyd?


RAT WOMAN: Yeah. Yes, Moon.

LLOYD: Moon.

Wait, Moon?


What? What?!

He’s about the best goddamn janitor I ever saw.

Where do I find Mr. Moon?

[truck creaks]


[grunting, panting]

[door opens]

[man speaks indistinctly]

Mr. Moon?

Come out, come out, Mr. Moon.

Where the fuck are you?

MAN: Hey, anybody seen Mr. Moon?

STU: Norris, can you read me? Frannie?

MAN: Mother A!

STU: Anyone?

All right, anyone can hear us, we’re in a little bit of a dead spot out here, so we’re gonna have to get back to you when we get a little more altitude.

Uh, grid square 26 is complete.

Moving on to 27. Over.

WOMAN: Mother A!

I got a little idea. Why don’t we park it, take a nap, see if Mother Abagail comes to us in a dream.

[Harold chuckles]

Maybe she’ll let us know where she’s at.

HAROLD: You’re too used to getting lucky.

STU: I don’t know, might be worth a shot.

At least we’ll get a little shut-eye.

HAROLD: You know, a few months ago,

if you told me there was gonna be some magical old Black lady who could crack into your dreams, I would have laughed in your face.

STU [chuckles]: Well,

I would have laughed right with you, my friend.

You ever step back and… just think about how far we’ve come?

Well, to tell you the truth, Harold, mostly I think about how far we still have to go.

HAROLD: Nah. That’s a Sunday stroll compared to what we’ve been through.

This time last year, no one’d even heard of Captain Trips.

You’d never heard of Frannie Goldsmith.

She’d never heard of you.

STU: I don’t know what to say, Harold.

I wish I knew why things end up the way they do, but I don’t.

But I do know that must seem unfair to you, so I’m sorry.

You know, I’m starting to get used to not knowing.

Not knowing all the whys and the hows of it all.

Why’d all those people have to die, hmm?

And we lived?

Shit, that ain’t fair.

It just… Well, it just is.

You make it sound like it’s all random.

You think it’s not random?

It’s destiny.




NORRIS: Yeah. Trying to raise you on the walkie, this piece of shit.

Glen wants you back at the house.


Go over what you’re gonna say at the… at the vigil.

We got an another hour left on our shift.

Yeah, I… I got more hands out here than I got work for, Stu.

You know?

Everybody wants to be a part of getting her back.

But… it’s probably a waste of time, though.

What do you mean by that?

NORRIS: I never say never.


[chuckles]: Not these days.

And especially not about her.

But she’s a hundred-year-old woman

[chuckles]: out here with no cold-weather gear, right?

It’d be a miracle if she made it through last night.

WOMAN [in distance]: Come on.

Come on, let’s go. It’s starting.

[door creaking]



[doorknob rattling]

[whispers]: Okay.

If I’m right, doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter.

If I’m wrong… “Remember that time Frannie’s pregnancy brain made her, like, crazy paranoid?”


If I’m right, it doesn’t matter.


[light buzzing]


[gasps softly]

[Frannie gasps]

N-No, Harold! Fuck!

What is this? What the fuck is going on?

What are you doing?

You weren’t supposed to see this.

Why are you here, Frannie? It’s so wrong.

This is all wrong.


It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

Captain Trips was supposed to be my great adventure.



Harold Emery Lauder.

The kid everybody looked right by.

The kid whose own fucking parents pretended like he didn’t even exist.

And then one day, theydidn’t exist.

Not just them; everybody.

And it was just you and me.

You were the only girl that I’d ever wanted or cared about.

The girl that I wouldn’t have a shot with unless I were the last man on earth.

[laughs]: And then I was.

And then came Stu fuckin’ Redman.

And I was still alone.

[breath trembling]

And you all threw me away.


So I’m gonna fix things.

I’m gonna fix this whole world, Fran.

One… blast of violence.

One pointed stroke of cruelty to set the world right.

So you’re gonna pay.

And I’m gonna kill every last one of Mother Abagail’s little fuck-wit disciples.

Except you.

Harold, what happened?

This isn’t you. I know you.

You don’t know me.

I do.

I might be the only person left in the world who knows you.

We might be the only people left who know each other.

You’re my only connection to… to the world before all of this shit happened.

I n… I need that.

Don’t start pretending

like you care about me!

You think I didn’t see how you treated me?

Like I was the plague itself.

You think nobody cared about you, but it’s just not true.

We were there all along.

All the people who cared about you were there all along, and we still are.

The world didn’t turn its back on you.

[softly]: I tried… and I tried… again and again, and all I got was 86 fuckin’ rejection letters and a world that hates me.

It is our responsibility to keep trying, Harold… to keep going, to survive, and that means more now than it ever has, you understand?

We can’t do it alone– the only way to do it is together.

And you taught me that, Harold.

We’re the future, remember?

I’m sorry, Frannie.


It’s okay.

[sobbing]: It’s okay.

I’m sorry.

No! No, Harold, no!

No, no, no!

Harold! No!

[keys jingling]

Don’t do this, Harold!

You might want to save your screaming for someone who’ll actually hear it!

They’re probably on their way to the vigil by now, Fran!

Oh, my God, the vigil. Harold, you don’t have to do this!

I do. It’s the only way.

I’m gonna show you all what I’m fucking worth.

[sobbing]: No, Harold!

Please don’t do this!

[banging on door]



LARRY: Hey, buddy, I’m telling you, you got to play it slow until you play every note right.

Got to take your time, man.


You didn’t have to come all the way up here. I mean, I would have dropped him off last… before I went to the, uh…

Um, can we actually talk for a second?

[Nadine sighs]

We’re talking right now.

You were right before.

Empathy is not my strong suit.

[chuckles]: Never has been.

I, um, spent my whole life focused on one thing, and I guess I just never really made time for other people.

Not even my mom.

NADINE: No, I’m sorry.


Look, I know you care about Joe’s feelings more than anyone in the world.

I just…

Not just Joe.

Last night, I, uh…

I, um… [clicks tongue]

I told Sofia that she could go to the vigil tonight.

You want me to come with you?

I think we both know you need to be there.

[laughs]: Yeah.

You’re a good man, Larry Underwood.

The jury’s still out on that one.

You knock ’em dead tonight, okay?

Come on.

Go ahead, dude.

Go hang with your friends and Mommy Nadine.

We’ll have another jam session tomorrow, all right?

[whispering]: Nadine and Mommy Nadine are two different people.

[sighs] Come on.


We got anybody on the north side?

Anybody north side?

[door creaks open]



[ignition sputters]

[sputtering continues]

What the fuck?

No fucking way.

[truck engine revving]

[grunts softly]

SOFIA: You sure you don’t need me?

You’re gonna miss the beginning.

Long as I don’t miss any of that Stu Redman.

[both laugh]

Go on, Joe.

Find yourself a seat. I’ll be right there.

I just need to take care of something first.

BAXI [over TV]: …so He can’t be entirely.

[explosion over TV]

Never talk to me like that again.

[zapping over TV]

No one created me!

I am evil.

Evil existed long before good.

Joe. Go.


I’ll be right back.

I promise.

That’s my good Joe.

Shit. Fuck. Fuck.




[groans, pants]

Help. Help!

[groaning, panting]

There’s a bomb! [panting]

There’s a bomb. Help!




Look how he spends his time.

43 species of parrots.

Nipples for men.

ROBERT: Slugs.

EVIL: Slugs!

He created slugs!

They can’t hear, can’t speak.


MOTHER ABAGAIL: You can’t send me anywhere that God can’t find me.

[wind whistling]


Started to think you weren’t gonna show.

I got tied up.

With Joe?

Or with Larry?

He broke into my house last night, by the way.

What? Why didn’t you tell me that this morning?

Because I needed you to hold it together.

So he knows?

About us?


About this?

Dumb fuck never got in my basement.

[indistinct chatter]

Good evening, Glen.

Hey. Hey, how you doing?

Hey there.

Hi there.

What’s up, man? Hang in there.

[indistinct chatter]


Hey, Glen?

No luck?


Haven’t heard from either of them?

No, no, Frannie’s not at our place, and Larry’s not answering his walkie.

Maybe they ran off together.


NORRIS: Stu? Stu, come in.

No, I’m just saying, it’s part…

Yeah, go for Stu.

I know. Just get the heat packs on her.

Belly and armpits.

Wait, Norris, Norris.

Slow down. Say that again. I didn’t catch it.

Holy shit, Stu!

What the fuck is he talking about?

Turn it up.

[staticky chatter on walkie]

You broke up, Norris. One more time. Come on.

We got her, Stu. We got Mother A.

Just drive.

They found her!


Ask-ask them where they are!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hang on. Norris, Norris, listen, listen, listen, listen.

Can you hear me?

We got her!

Where are you?

North side, by the school.

All right, get her to the infirmary.

We’ll meet you there. We’ll meet you there.

[muffled cheering]

They found her.

Mother A. Alive.

[sniffles, laughs]

They sent her to the infirmary.

I guess I’ll see you there?

[static crackles]

This is Harold Emery Lauder speaking.

I do this of my own free will.


Stu. [groans]



Frannie, what is it? What is it?


Bomb. [panting]

Get back!

[screaming, shouting]



[heartbeat thumping]

♪ Oh, it’s such a perfect day ♪

♪ I’m glad I spent it with you ♪

♪ Oh, such a perfect day ♪

♪ You just keep me hanging on ♪

♪ You just keep me hanging on ♪

♪ Just a perfect day ♪

♪ Problems all left alone ♪

♪ Weekenders on our own ♪

♪ It’s such fun ♪

♪ Just a perfect day ♪

♪ You made me forget myself ♪

♪ I thought I was someone else ♪

♪ Someone good ♪

♪ Oh, it’s such a perfect day ♪

♪ I’m glad I spent it with you ♪

♪ Oh, such a perfect day ♪

♪ You just keep me hanging on ♪

♪ You just keep me hanging on ♪

♪ You’re going to reap just what you sow ♪

♪ You’re going to reap just what you sow. ♪


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