The Stand – S01E04 – The House of the Dead [Transcript]

The Boulder Free Zone Committee looks to solidify their leadership and bolster the community with a town hall meeting, but Flagg continues to make inroads as he plots to destroy the newly-forming society from within.
The Stand (2020)

Release date: January 7, 2021

On the road together, Harold confesses his feelings to Frannie but she rejects him. They are ambushed by a serial rapist keeping women captive, who chains Frannie up and brutally beats Harold. Stu and Glen arrive, having followed Harold’s signs, and a firefight breaks out. Dayna Jurgens, one of the rapist’s captives, kills him with a crowbar. Stu explains the dreams and paintings to Frannie, who agrees to travel to Boulder along with a reluctant Harold. Nick and Tom, also traveling to Boulder, encounter an unstable woman named Julie Lawry, who kisses Nick but begins ridiculing Tom’s mental handicap, leading a disillusioned Nick to abandon her. She fires at the two men with a shotgun as they depart, and Tom saves Nick’s life. In Boulder, the committee vote to send three spies across the mountains to identify the threat made by Drogan: Frannie nominates Dayna Jurgens, with whom she has formed a bond; Larry nominates Judge Harris, the oldest member of the community; and Glen nominates Tom Cullen. Nadine approaches Harold and quickly seduces him, convincing him to help her kill Mother Abagail and the committee. Harold devises a plan to use avalanche control explosives. While taking the explosives from the outskirts of town, they are spotted together by Teddy Weizak, Harold’s friend and partner on the body crew. Nadine shoots Weizak dead to cover their tracks, and he dies in Harold’s arms.

* * *

FRANNIE: If you’re reading this, that means you’re alive.

I wish I could reach out to you, ask if you care how you got there, what kind of lines had to be crossed.

Doing our best to rebuild.

Start humanity again, like rebooting a computer.

That’s the plan, anyway.

♪ A young cowboy named Billy Joe ♪

♪ Grew restless on the farm… ♪

Come here.


How you feeling?

Uh, I’ve felt better.

Are you sure you don’t want to do this for me?

♪ And his mother cried as he walked out ♪

♪ Don’t take your guns to town, son ♪

♪ Leave your guns at home, Bill ♪

♪ Don’t take your guns to town ♪

♪ He laughed and kissed his mom ♪

♪ And said, “Your Billy Joe’s a man” ♪

♪ I can shoot as quick and straight ♪

♪ As anybody can ♪

♪ But I wouldn’t shoot ♪

♪ Without a cause, I’d gun nobody down ♪

♪ But she cried again as he rode away ♪

♪ Don’t take your guns to town, son ♪

♪ Leave your guns at home, Bill ♪

♪ Don’t take your guns to town ♪

♪ He sang a song as on he rode… ♪

All right, Kojak.

I’ll see you a little later, okay?

♪ He rode into a cattle town ♪

♪ A smile upon his lips ♪

♪ He stopped and walked into a bar ♪

♪ And laid his money down ♪

♪ But his mother’s words ♪

♪ Echoed again ♪

♪ Don’t take your guns to town, son ♪

♪ Leave your guns at home, Bill ♪

♪ Don’t take your guns to town. ♪

(indistinct chatter)

(generator whirring)

MAN: Michelle, honey, they’re starting soon. Grab a seat.

Uh, welcome. So, for those of you who don’t know me…

Speak up!


MAN: You got to speak up.

WOMAN: Speak up!

Sorry. Uh…

For anyone who doesn’t know me, uh…

I… How about you start by telling us about that poor fella you brought into the infirmary yesterday.

WOMAN: Who was that guy?

Supposed to have had wounds on him like we might’ve learned about in Sunday school.

(audience clamoring)

I still don’t think I should be the one doing the talking.

Yes, you should.

LARRY: Yeah, I mean, you have the most charisma, so…

STU: Yeah.

You guys just don’t want to do it. It should be Glen.

He’s way smarter than I’ll ever be.


Anything I say is just gonna be a warmed-over version of what he told me.

GLEN: Hey, hey, hey.

I appreciate the vote of confidence, East Texas, but no, no, no.

These people want to know things are gonna be okay.

The messenger…

Thank you.

The messenger, way more important than what comes out of his mouth.

FRANNIE: People are really scared, baby.

They need to be reassured.

What’s so reassuring about me?

Plus, people love an accent. Hmm?

GLEN: It’s true.

I don’t have an accent.

Just a little bit.


I understand that… I-I understand.

They can’t even tell us when the goddamn electricity’s gonna be back on!

Remind me, who has more experience working a crowd?

(clamoring continues)

We’re-we’re look… We’re gonna address….

Wow. Wow.

Oh, Mr. Impening. Mr. Impening.

Everybody, please!

Mr. Impening, that is some incredible passion you have there.

But, as you know, there’s a bunch of folks in here who have been working in that power station all day, every day.

And I imagine they could always use another set of hands.

You know, put that passion to work. Right?

Matter of fact, let’s have all those people stand up.

Come on, really. Everybody who’s been on the power station crew.

Right, yeah.


LARRY: Please, yes.

And while we’re showing our gratitude, where are the guys from the body crew?

Body crew guys, stand up, please.

(cheers and applause)

And our teachers, Miss Nadine Cross and Sofia Jacobs.

Please, ladies, take a bow.


(cheers and applause)

Now, as far as Mr. Impening’s last question about the power, our hardworking power station crew has invited all of us to join them right back here this Friday night.

The power is coming back on!

(cheering and whooping)

LARRY: Which brings us…

Which brings us back to Mr. Impening’s first question.

And for that, I’m going to hand things back over to my friend Stu.

And I hope that you show him the respect he deserves.


(clears throat)

“What exactly do we tell them?”

GLEN: Well, you know where I stand. We tell them the truth.

“What’s the truth?”

(chuckles): Oh, it’s too early in the day for me to get all metaphysical.

I don’t really know.

FRANNIE: But, Glen, actually, we don’t know what happened to this guy.

All we know is what he told us.

GLEN: Well, we know

he didn’t put spikes through his own goddamn hands and feet.

I’m not saying he’s lying.

I mean, we actually can’t rule that out, for one.

All we’ve got is the deluded ravings of a brutalized and dying man.

And, okay, let’s say that we panic everybody.

We tell them that the-the “bogeyman” from their nightmares is real, and he’s on the other side of those mountains, and then it turns out that this kid just had schizophrenia, or-or he was driven to hallucinations.

(Larry scoffs)

I’m sorry, a-am I the only person here that saw this guy’s goddamn eyes turn black?

STU: I saw it. Yeah.

LARRY: Yeah?

But this is what I’m talking about. We don’t…

We don’t actually know what we saw.

GLEN: No, no, she’s right.

We risk a lot

by inferring more than we know.

STU: All right.

So, what do you want me to do? You want me to lie?

That’s not fair.

What? What’d he say?

STU: Frannie.

He’s asking if you care more about your personal sense of honor than protecting this place.

Okay, that’s… No.

What? No. That… Nick.

That is not true at all.

Protecting this place is all that I care about.

But I do think there’s some room in there for the truth.


STU: Yeah.

You wouldn’t have to lie.

Just-just… You just don’t say more than you know.

Never pegged you for a politician.

(Glen sighs)

Desperate times.

Uh, yeah. I guess most of you know by now that, uh, we found a fella out on the road yesterday who’s in pretty bad shape.

Simplest explanation is, well, he ran into the wrong guy out there.

And as awful as that is, it highlights what we’ve got here.

Why Mother A brought us all together.

Keep us safe in these uncertain times.

That’s why we’re asking for volunteers to start a city watch to patrol our streets.

Seeing as the body crew’s just about finished with their work, yeah, we, uh, we hope we can count on those selfless souls who took on that task to now take on this one.

Officer Teddy Weizak.

STU: Which brings us to our…

This really is the end of the world.

…last order of business.

(both laugh)

Mother Abagail asked these five people up here on this stage to help us take the lead in getting this place running, up on its feet.

Well, as I look around this room, seems to me we’re on our feet now.

(cheers and applause)

What happened?

And that means it’s time for you all to take a vote on who you want in charge.

HAROLD: Mr. Chairman?

Yes, Harold?


I think since you’re all doing such a fantastic job, I’d like to put a motion on the floor to accept the slate of ad hoc committee members in toto as the permanent committee.

If they’ll serve, that is.

MAN: Aye!

WOMAN: Aye! Let’s do it!


WOMAN: Good idea!


♪ ♪

(engine shuts off)

Hello, Harold.

Oh, f*ck.


I didn’t mean to scare.

I’m Nadine.

I-I know.

I’ve seen you.

I mean, u-um…

I was… I was at your school last week.

I was on the body crew.

I know who you are…


Are you gonna shoot me?

Oh. (laughs)

Uh… (sniffs)

No. No, of course not.


Because we have a lot to talk about.

We do?

Can I get you a drink?

I didn’t come here to drink, Harold.

The man who gave me this?

He sent me here to find you.

He believes we can do great things together.

What man?

We don’t have time for this.

You know him.

He certainly knows you.

What do you want from me?

I want to make your dreams come true.

You’re a virgin, aren’t you?

That’s okay.

So am I.

And I’m gonna stay that way.

For him.

But other than that one little thing…

…between now and when we leave this place, we can do whatever you want.


We’re leaving Boulder?

Well, eventually.

But first, we need to complete our task.

What’s our task?

You want to kill Stu Redman.


Don’t you?


What about the others?

The others?

The old witch and her five little chosen.

And then we go to him.

I… am his queen, Harold.

And you… you can be his prince.

(Harold panting)


(whispering): All of your dreams…

(Harold grunting)

(breathing heavily)

(Nadine sighs)

I’m sorry.


Don’t be.

(chuckles softly)

Just figure out how we’re gonna kill them.

I guess that’s why he chose you.

(gasps, panting)

Another nightmare?


You slept at all?

(chuckles softly)

Can’t. Hmm.


Too much to think about.

I’m thinking about you, Frannie.

It’s all I ever think about.

Oh, no, no. No, no, no.

Yes. Yes.

Please. Please.

Stop. Stop it. Stop.

Stop, Harold. Stop.

Please, Frannie.



I love you.

You don’t. You don’t.

I l– I do.

No, you don’t. Stop it.

I love you, Frannie.

I’ve loved you since the day we met.

Stop it.

And now look at– look at what’s happened to the world.

Everything that’s happened, it’s…

This is how it’s supposed to be.

No, it’s not!

For us.

No, it’s not!

I don’t– I don’t feel these things for you.

I will never feel these things for you.

This is about Stu Redman, isn’t it?



♪ ♪

Are we good, Harold?

We’re fine, Frannie.

Go back to sleep.

♪ ♪



Well, look at that.


I was getting kind of worried.


Worried that Harold was gonna give up on that whole sign business.

In case you decided to follow him.

Eh, we keep going like we’re going, surprised we won’t catch ’em before sundown tomorrow.

Unless they get off the 81.

And they won’t.


Well, because Harold will be taking the optimal path.

Let’s just say we, uh…

He made an impression.

I’d say they both did.


♪ ♪

(engines shut off)

FRANNIE: This’ll be fun to get around.




Nice of the guy,

just leave his trailer exactly in the center of the road.

Screw us up from beyond the grave.

“He died as he lived, a f*cking douchebag.”

(Harold chuckles)

(gun cocks)


(chuckles): Man, we’re glad to see you.

We were starting to worry we were the last two people left on Earth.

Wh-What do you think, we’re some kind of threat?

Not to me.

Put those on.


Oh, rise and shine!


Something I want to show you.

Kind of a… demonstration.



Come on!


Way I figure… (exhales)

(handcuffs clank)


Oh, my God!


(Frannie panting)


…things all started to go south soon as people decided we all had to be equal.


Made a whole bunch of rules so beta male snowflakes like this one here wouldn’t have to compete on an even field.

We’re back to nature now.


Alphas on top.



I’m gonna give you a chance, kid.

(panting, wheezing)

Shot at the title.

You win,

you get to take over the pride.

Please don’t hurt him.


You hear that, snowflake?

That’s all the faith she has in you.

Might as well go around with your balls in her pocket.

Please. Please.

No, come on. (gasps)


Don’t tell me

that’s all you got.



Come on.







Come on. Here.





(Harold groans)



Oh, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Well, that’s a start.

Huh? Come on. Come here.

It’s okay.


Come here.

HAROLD (weakly): N-No.

(Garvey chuckles)


I bet there’s more where that came from, huh?


(groans, wheezes)


(Garvey laughing)


(Harold coughing)




What you looking at her for, huh?

She can’t help you.

(Harold panting)

This here’s your situation.



Yeah. Daddy’s not coming.

(coughs, gasping)

Mommy’s not coming.

The cavalry’s not f*cking coming.

You got two choices, Romeo.


(shouts, groans)

You can man up and do something…

(gasps, groans)


Or lay there… and watch.



Come on.

(zipper opens)


(vehicle approaching in distance)

(glass shatters)

(tires screeching)






(bullet ricochets)








(pipe clanging)


(gasps, panting)

FRANNIE: Oh, my God.

(Dayna panting)

(shouts, panting)

(gasps, panting)

Whoa. Easy.

You’re all right.

(Dayna crying)


(crying echoes)

So that’s why we… came after y’all.

Want to see if you want to join our little caravan to Boulder.

What do you think about that?

See if there’s any meaning behind all this.

(Kojak whimpers)

That’s, um…

That’s a lot to take in. (chuckles)

I understand.

(breathing heavily)

How come we never figured out we were having the same dreams?

Well, I suppose we had one or two other things to think about.

Look, Mr. Redman, all this stuff you’re asking us to believe…

I ain’t asking you to do anything, Harold.

I’m just…

I’m telling you what I know.

And what do you know?

A bunch of people having similar dreams?

Doesn’t mean we should all go looking for the magic lady in the cornfield.

FRANNIE: She’s not in the cornfield, Harold.

She’s in Colorado.

Didn’t she tell you that?

Y-Yes. Yes.

No, I…


Okay. I was making a point.

I bet we’ve all dreamt about falling, too.

Didn’t mean we actually were.

I think I know what Harold’s problem is.


GLEN: No, no, no.

You are a man of science.

Am I right? Harold?

I thought I recognized a fellow traveler.

See, because I can see the mistake you’re making, Harold, ’cause I made the same one myself.

The mistake I’m making?

GLEN: The reason we have spent our entire lifetimes not believing in what so many of our species were so… determined to believe in–

God and magic and…

Not because it wasn’t true, Harold.

It’s because there was no proof that it was true.


Think about the first man to look into the microscope.


What’s it all mean?

Could be that psychic is nothing more than just a germ.

Or maybe it’ll turn out that every word of the Bible

was true.


The point is, as a man of science, don’t you kind of want to know?

Come with us.

Let’s see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

♪ ♪

(soft snoring)

(gasps, panting)



FRANNIE: Can’t sleep either, huh?

Yeah, I’m surprised anyone can.


Are you having other dreams?

One with a man in them?


Calls himself the Dark Man.

Mostly, I just see his wolf.

You didn’t mention that earlier. (sniffles)

Well, you didn’t mention it either. (chuckles)

I know.

It’s a little easier to admit that you’re seeing a nice old lady instead of a leering psycho with a coat hanger.



I’m pregnant.

Well, I guess that figures.

Glen’s painting?

The one we told you about, the reason we came after you?

You’re pregnant in it.

Like, more pregnant.


You didn’t mention that before, either.

Well, we didn’t want to say anything in front of the group, ’cause we didn’t… we didn’t know if you wanted to keep that a secret.

No, I’m not keeping it a secret.


…haven’t told anybody.

Just my dad.

And now me?


Now you.


I’m so f*cking scared.

(Frannie cries)

It’s okay.

You’re okay.

Telling us you couldn’t get cop uniforms?

We didn’t look.


‘Cause we ain’t cops.

Look, I told you all this before.

It bears repeating.

We got no laws to enforce.

Most of you were on the body crew.

That was about maintaining public safety, same as this.

Do we at least get guns?

Oh, boy.

Look, you want to carry a gun,

God knows there’s plenty of ’em laying around, but, Teddy, you want to shoot your dick off, that’s on you.


I ain’t taking you to the doctor.

(Weizak chuckles)

You shoot somebody else, better be because you had no choice.

Is everybody clear about the, uh, duty schedule and radio channels and all that stuff?



Oh, and when they do turn the juice back on, all right, remember to keep your eyes peeled.

You see any light, we need it turned off.

No undue stress on the grid, right?

STU: Everybody got that? All right.

(others voicing assent)

We thank you all again.

Appreciate your efforts.

Means a lot. Don’t forget your walkies and your headlamps, flashlights over here.

Come on up.

All right.


Thank you.

Check it out, Hawk.

Boulder Baywatch.


If you say so.

Oh, hey, Greizman came across a bunch of Blu-rays last night at the Gas ‘n Sip.

She’s giving me first crack. Be right back.

That’s for you.

Thank you.

Pardon me. Excuse me. Greizman, hey!

Hey, looks good on you.

Thanks, Stu.

(chatter continues)


♪ ♪

(bird screeching)

♪ ♪

(Weizak exhales)

STU: All right, we’re all set. Looking good.

Oh, what’s wrong?


You think he’s still alive?


The Rock.

I mean, he could be, right?

Yeah, he could be.

No way to know for sure.

Wouldn’t that be great, Hawk?

I mean, you think it’s possible?

These days… anything’s possible.


(pats back)

GLEN: Trouble is, we still don’t know what we’re up against with regard to this “Darkest Man” or whatever the hell we’re gonna call him.

Nick says Mother Abagail only see bits and pieces.

Right? Seems to me we need to send somebody, or bodies, out to Vegas and just see what the hell’s going on.


Well, I’m just gonna call ’em “scouts.”

Okay, well, whatever you call ’em, they’re not gonna learn anything just by watching.

They’re gonna have to get in there, inside, secretly.

Fair enough. Spies it is.

Well, that’s gonna be dangerous.


How many people will we send?

Seems right. Just got to make sure the three of ’em don’t know about each other.

We couldn’t ask for volunteers?

I’ll do it.



It’s out of the question.

Why? Why not?

It can’t be any of the five of us.

Oh, thank God.

Why? ‘Cause we’re all so irreplaceable?

GLEN: Well, now that you bring it up, yeah.

Five of us are kind of crucial to the running of this place.

But even if we weren’t, I mean, given the visibility of the committee, it’s bound to be noticed, anybody disappears.

Word’s liable to get to Vegas before we did.

STU: I don’t like it. I don’t like the idea of hanging back in the weeds and sending some other poor souls to maybe get crucified on a telephone pole.

I’m not a politician, but don’t you feel, Stu, like we should do something?

Now, look, if we’re gonna go down this road, I think it’s important to acknowledge this is a direct violation of Mother Abagail’s instructions.

I think we can all agree there’s no point in asking her permission to send a bunch of spies out to Vegas, ’cause, she’s not gonna give it.


So the question is– we gonna do it anyway?

He says, “If we’re not prepared to lead, then why are we here?”

FRANNIE: If we’re ready to start choosing, I have a name I’d like to put in for nomination.

Dayna Jurgens.

DAYNA: So you want me to drive myself across the Rocky f*cking Mountains with no ability to call for help, so pretty much any significant car trouble’s probably a death sentence?

And then you want me to talk my way through whatever trigger-happy sadists that this Dark Man has installed as his border guards on the remains of Las Vegas, and then slip back past the border guards, haul my ass through the desert and the mountains again to show up here and then tell you what I saw?

All right.

I’m in.

GLEN: Who else?

Larry, you got one?

Judge Farris.

True, she’s on the older side, but maybe that’ll make the Dark Man less… less primed to suspect her.

You know he’s got to be looking for a move like this.

Also, I’m certain she’ll say yes.

Is everything okay?

LARRY: At the risk of being blunt, if we lose her, we won’t have lost someone with 50 good years in front of them.

Yeah. Objections?

FARRIS: Of course I understand the risks.

And… of course I accept.

Honored to, in fact.


Wouldn’t I have to be an awful coward to say no?

So, does anyone have a third?

(chuckles softly)


I was hoping somebody else would have a name on the tip of their tongue so I wouldn’t have to say this one out loud, but…

hey, I really think we ought to consider Tom Cullen.

Oh, God.

I know what you’re gonna say.

No, you don’t.

I think you might be right.

He’s the last person that Flagg would ever expect.

Yeah, but do you think he can pull it off?

I think he’d say yes. You know, he-he loves this place, loves Mother Abagail, maybe more than the rest of us.


Is he capable of making the decision?

Look, he survived for a long time before he met any of us.

Even Nick told us that he was doing fine even after Captain Trips.


(drops pen)

…who are we to say what he’s capable of?

“Tom will surprise you.”

TOM: M-O-O-N, and that spells

“Hemingford Home.”

Shame we can’t just ask Mother Abagail for directions, but…

guess it doesn’t work that way.

♪ ♪

You dangerous?

I guess you’d probably say no either way.

Did you follow me in here?


You deaf?

No fooling?

Still, it’s…

it’s not like you’re not hot, anyway.

What happened to your eye?

Never made it with a deaf guy before.

♪ ♪

Oh, my God, I’ve been so lonely.


TOM: Hey, mister, look what I found.

Oh. Hey, hey.

Guns aren’t toys.

Yeah, you bet your ass!

Who the hell are you?

(Tom sputters)

My name is Tom Cullen.

I’m 42 years old and developmentally disabled.

What are you, some kind of feeb?

Ms. Sykes says, “Labels are limitations.”

What, is he some kind of feeb, too?

Is that why he don’t talk?

No, ma’am, he can’t talk.

Can’t hear, either.

He can write, though.

Problem is, I can’t read. (sighs)

Did I tell you that already? Sometimes I forget.

It’s a lot to remember.


Jesus H. Christ!

A deaf-o and a feeb.

Oh, these really are the end of times.

All we need now is a leper.


Read that.

Oh, shit.

He really can’t read, can he?

Ah. You see, your friend here wants me to tell you his name.

It’s “Amari Tard.”

Come on now. Say it with me.


a… ri… Tard.

Wait. Are you sure that’s what he wrote?

Oh, I’m sure.


His name’s Nick Andros.


Nick. My friend Nick.

Hmm. The Nickster.

Well, her-her name is “Mother”?

No. Mother Abagail.

That’s who we’re gonna see.

Why don’t you just head over to the plumbing section, and chug a little drain cleaner, all right?

(giggles) Hey.

Don’t you think that it’s time for you to ditch that tard?

(inhales and exhales loudly)

I mean, don’t tell me you like dragging his sorry ass around.


(Tom groans)



Well, I’m just being honest.

It… It’s what he is.


Even he knows it.

What, are you leaving?

You really choosing a tard over me?

All right, fine.

Just go then, you deaf faggot!

You’re not even that hot anyway.

Probably got a tiny little dick.

Hey, wait.

Please don’t leave me.

I’m-I’m sorry.

Oh, you can’t hear me, can you?

You know what?

How about I try something a little louder?

(racks shotgun)

(racks shotgun)

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.


(glass breaking)


(racks shotgun)



Yeah, you better run, feeb motherf*ckers!


(Tom panting)


Nick. (laughs)

Oh, Nick.

I’m sorry she turned out to be a bad person.

I know it’d be nice for you to have a girl along with us.

I guess we’ll have a girl along with us once we find Mother Abagail, but that’s not really the same, is it, slugger?


What are we looking at?

(Tom whooping)

MOTHER ABAGAIL: I guess you’re right, Gloria.

I don’t think anyone’s coming.

I don’t think there’s much water left.

And the pills– I’ll be lucky if I see tomorrow morning.

I’m just not sure I will.

(door opens)

Mother Abagail? Hello!

Is anybody here?

What if there’s nobody here?



Hello, Nick.

I’m Tom. From my head.

Tom Cullen.

(Tom gasps loudly)

You know my whole name?

I know your whole name.

You’re Mother Abagail.

I am.

We found you.

Yes, you did.


TOM: Spells “Mother Abagail.”

That’s right.

GLEN: Tom, can you say that back to us?

“Go and watch.

Then come back and tell.”

Tell what?

How many people, how many guns.

Did I see the bad man from your dreams?

That’s really good, Tom.

GLEN: You come across their people in Las Vegas when you first arrive, and they ask you how you got there, what do you tell them?

Rode my bike from my hometown, May, Oklahoma. Boomer, Sooner!

(laughing): After everyone died.

And, Tom, how do you know when it’s time to come back?

I’ll see the… the full moon.

(imitates howling)

M-O-O-N, and that spells “full.”

Then what?

Then I’ll start walking back in the direction the sun comes up.

When it comes up, I’ll find a shady spot to rest while I wait for it to go back down again.

Sleep in the light, walk in the night.

And if the Dark Man sends people after you?


STU: And if they find you?

If it’s more than one person, run.

If it’s one person, kill ’em.


GLEN: They have no reason to doubt him.

There’s no way to check out that story.

Can you remember any of the towns you passed through?

Hell, he can’t even read the signs.

How the hell does he know where he’s been?

No, I…

I vote “yes.”

I’m with you.

I think he can do it.

Gonna need a lot to break for him, but yeah, “yes” for me.

I got to say this whole thing makes me feel like a pay toilet, but… yes.

Well, vote’s already three-oh, so I could vote “no” and save my conscience, and he’d still be sent into the lion’s den ’cause we have a feeling that it might save us all.

But I think if we’re gonna do this, we should do it together.


So I vote “yes.”

(indistinct, overlapping chatter)

Sorry, folks.

That’ll be all for today.

Come back bright and early tomorrow morning.

(quiet chatter)

MOTHER ABAGAIL: I know it must be very frustrating to have to wait for His will to tell us what to do, especially since I can’t tell you what His will is, which is why I insist that we take no action.

There are just too many unknowns out there.

Do you understand?

FRANNIE: I know I haven’t written to you for a couple of days.

Trying to keep a record of our debates, part of the history of our new civilization.

Your history.

LARRY: Thank you.

♪ ♪

FRANNIE: 75,000 years ago, the entire human population dropped to a few thousand individuals, not enough to fill the U Maine rink in Orono.

Few thousand people–

ancestors to every single human since, however many billions there have been.

My loop-de-loop.

Oh, my ambulance.

FRANNIE: Wouldn’t have taken much time to wipe them out once and for all, but they survived.

And here we are.

Do I care how they did it?

Do I judge them for it?

All right, Tommy, you got to… you got to ride the rest of the way.

I wish my main man Nick could come.

I wish I didn’t have to go all alone.

Watch the moon, and you’ll be watching the moon?

Hey, Tommy, do you understand why Nick can’t go with you?

Laws, yes. “Go and watch.

Come back and tell.”

You have an earring. (laughs)

Bye, guys!


(Tom whoops)

FRANNIE: Hope you’ll forgive us for what we’ve done.

HAROLD: Soon as I could ditch Weizak, I headed to the library and started reading up on avalanche management.

Turns out the charges they use are thermobaric, because those produce the biggest shockwave.

They also sometimes call ’em “fuel-air explosives” because they pretty much set the air on fire.

NADINE: We should keep our voices down.

What are you worried about?

I told you, the Watch is bullshit, ’cause Stu Redman is bullshit.

(Harold chuckles)

♪ ♪

This is our situation, Nadine.

(doors squeak)

(indistinct chatter)

STU: All right, here we go.

Headlamps off, flashlights off, please.


How do I do this? Okay.

Yeah, you got it. Here.

Yeah, you’re good.

Uh, five, four, three, two, one!

MAN: Oh…


(electrical whirring)

MAN 2: Yeah!


(lights buzzing)

(cheering and whistling)

(applause and cheering)

(guitar playing rock riff)


(cheering and whooping)

Yeah, Larry!

(playing “America the Beautiful”)

♪ ♪

(applause and cheering)

Come on, man!


Like you mean it!



Whoo! Shred it, Larry!

All right, Larry!

(both laughing)

♪ ♪

Ms. Cross?

(laughs softly)

It’s Teddy Weizak.

From the body crew.

Of course.

(chuckles): Of course.

Uh, hi.

Well, I… I guess you heard at the meeting, we all transferred over to the Watch.

(chuckles): Yeah. Anyway…

You know, we’re all out looking for extraneous lights that might overtax the grid when the, uh…

What-what do you got there, school supplies?


Here, I’ll help you out with them.

Actually, you know what…

Holy shit. Hawk.


I thought that was your truck out there.


WEIZAK: Well, you, uh,

you remember Ms. Cross.

Hawk. Run.


(“America the Beautiful” playing)

♪ If you do want me ♪

♪ Gimme little sugar ♪

♪ If you don’t want me ♪

♪ Don’t lead me on, girl ♪

♪ But if you need me ♪

♪ Show me that you love me ♪

♪ And when I’m feeling blue ♪

♪ And I want you ♪

♪ There’s just one thing that you should do ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my baby ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my darling ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ If you do want me ♪

♪ Gimme little sweet talk ♪

♪ If you don’t want me ♪

♪ Don’t lead me on, girl ♪

♪ But if you need me ♪

♪ Show me that you love me ♪

♪ And when I’m feeling down ♪

♪ Wearing a frown ♪

♪ You be there when I look around ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my baby ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my baby ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my baby ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my darling ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign… ♪

♪ Ooh, sign… ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my baby ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign, girl ♪

♪ Oh, my darling ♪

♪ To show me that you’re mine, girl ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Just gimme some kind of sign… ♪


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