The Regime – S01E05 – All Ye Faithful | Transcript

As Christmas approaches and amid escalating violence Elena remains determined to not abandon her people, despite being advised to leave the palace.
The Regime - S01E05 - All Ye Faithful

Original air date: March 31, 2024

Plot: As Christmas approaches and amid escalating violence Elena remains determined to not abandon her people, despite being advised to leave the palace. Meanwhile, Schiff, Singer, and Huber imagine a scenario where the increasingly unpredictable chancellor could be removed, and Peter proposes a way for Agnes and her son to get out of the palace to safety…but with a price.

* * *


Speaker: Biting doesn’t necessarily signify aggression.

Dreams about biting our partner may reveal a desire to establish intimacy.

Yes, but I, I was biting her fingers really hard, like, you know, almost chewing them off.

No, no, no. As a dream reader,

Marina’s saying that the biting is not literal, though, right?

Marina: Exactly.

Yeah. So, by biting her hand…

Elena Vernham: Yeah.

…the hidden need, it’s not to wound.

It’s to engender trust.

I mean, Elena’s not scared in the dream, is she?

She’s terrified.

Okay. Also normal.

You’re wired to equate love with pain.

And dreams are a-a safe space for you to work through that.

Yes… Yes.

Marina: Mm-hmm.

Yes, I guess so.

Good, good. Okay, so, today’s homework, I want you to focus on fixing what truly wounds Elena, hm?

If you wish, put her hand in your mouth, but don’t bite.

Just think about what it means to be vulnerable with her and to protect her.

And then let’s see if this starts to initiate a feedback loop in your dreams. Good?

Yes. That’s very good.

Good. That’s good.

No biting! No biting, no biting.

(Herbert moaning)

(both moaning)

Elena: Ah!

Ha-ha! No biting!

(heavy breathing)

Oh, well done.

No biting.

No biting.

Oh, my darling.


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

(both breathing heavily)

(distant rumble)

What is it?

It’s Kerbel Heights, probably.

They’re coming closer.

Oh, no, no.

I don’t mean the rebels, hm?

It’s you.

What is it?


Just something he told me.


Keplinger? Oh, God. No. Fuck all that.

No, come on. He’s dead. He’s gone.

I did it again, Elena.

Did what again? What?


Hurt someone so you would love me.

Herbert… he was a first-class prick who would say anything he could think of to seduce you.


(rumbling continues)

Listen, how about this?

You be you and I’ll be me, yeah?

Two little lunatics who fit like a glove.

(missile whistles, explodes)

(Herbert chuckles)

Oh, God, that’s wonderful, mm, a-actually. (moans)

♪ I like a sleigh ride, I like a sleigh ride ♪

♪ I like a sleigh ride, I like a sleigh ride ♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

Malcolm: Time to pick the Christmas carp, young man.

Oh, God… Look at them all. Utterly beyond reason.

You know, my father used to let me choose the Christmas carp.

I was really rather good at it.

He’d let me use a mallet to stun it. Herbert?

(distant warfare)


That one.

Elena: Oskar… we might break with tradition this year and, uh, keep the window closed, yeah?

Oskar: But how will Baby Jesus get in?

Oh, don’t worry, darling, he’ll weasel his way in somehow.

(helicopter roars above)

(items clinking)

It’s one of ours.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, I’m sure it is.

Agnes? Music, yeah?

Here. Come. Sit down then. Sit, there we go.

Um, yeah, and we’ll-we’ll have a bit of a funny old Christmas this year.

Yeah, we’ll keep indoors mainly because it’s, you know, it’s… noisy and a bit dangerous outside.

(nearby rumbling)

And we’ll just, um, yeah, we’ll keep inside, and, uh,

Herbert will keep us safe, yeah?

♪ Jingle bells ♪


(items clinking)

Family photo! Yeah.

Family photo.

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

There we are.

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

Smiling, hm.

♪ Jingle all the way ♪

(camera clicking)

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride… ♪

Smiling. Happy, happy, happy, happy.

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

(helicopter rumbling)

♪ I like a sleigh ride ♪


(plucky, orchestral theme playing)


(theme concludes)

You hear about Anton?

Which Anton?

Sous-chef, twitchy little shallot peeler.

Vanished from his own bed last night.

Well, he talked too fuckin’ much, didn’t he?

You can lose a cup. Berger and his wife have just fled to Helsinki.



How’d he get out? I thought the airport was closed.

Well, he’s the Minister for Transportation, isn’t he?


Or he was.

Fuck is that?!

Uh, it’s, uh, mine.

(softly) I can’t go home.

Kerbel Heights.

One more night and then you’ll have to sort it out, alright?

This is not a yurt.


Alright, everyone, listen up.

I know we’re… tired and I know we’re scared, but leave your troubles at home, alright?

And if you’ve no longer got a home, leave them out there somewhere in the smoke, alright?

(lights zapping)


I mean, what the hell are we all waiting for?

(laughs) For “The Barber of Seville” to play like it did in ’92. (laughing)

I was joking. There’s not gonna be a coup, alright?

Just keep your head down.

(helicopters rumbling)

Come on, let’s get on with it!

Look, Victor, we have to discuss our options.


The rebels could be at our door any day now, so just talk to me.

I believe in the virtue of loyalty, Mr. Singer, so there’s nothing left for us to discuss.

(hushed) Wake up, Victor! Wake up!

The pyramid door is closing and we’ll be trapped in here with this cock-mad pharaoh.

I have the utmost faith in my Chancellor.

And I refuse to be bullied into a rank conspiracy.

Oh, shut up and just smell the fucking phosphorus, you fool!

Oh, an exceedingly happy Noel, sir.

Corporal, before she arrives, we need to speak to you rather urgently about the gravity of our predicament.

If you have a problem, you talk to her.

Corporal, I’ve tried. Please.

You’re a sensible man.

You need to speak to her. Make her see reality.

(door opens)

(Herbert clears throat)

(kissing, moaning)

(Elena moans, giggles)

(Herbert clears throat)

(Elena giggles, exhales)

Oh, some new faces I’m seeing.

Since those traitors have left us.

Yes, Madam, um, Anna Grebetz,

Housing Minister, replacing the traitor Muentz.

And Leo Huber, former Minister of Civil Services and Sport, ascending to the role of Defense Minister, replacing the traitor Moros.

(Elena sighs)

And, uh, may I say, your Yuletide decorations are enchanting this year, Madam.

Let’s hear from our new Defense Minister.


Happy Noel, Madam.

Um… as you know, the Westgate Resistance Army has managed to capture several outer districts of the capital.

Our plan to pound their resistance into submission only doubled their numbers and their anger.

Uh, civilian deaths are approaching 13,000.

Targeted blackouts continue, as well as the shopkeepers’ general strike.

Army reinforcements are expected soon from the Uplands, but, uh, the insurgents appear to be closing in on the palace district.

Despite your best efforts, the popularity of the rebels is growing, and we are very much in the throes of a civil war.

Madam, given that many of our elites have already fled to China and Brunei, the Security Service would recommend relocation of yourself as a possible option until fighting subsides.

No, no, no.

No. No, impossible. No, no.

I shall stay right here in the palace.

I won’t abandon my people.

Madam, the Westgate rebels are at the pa…

The Westgate agitators have been fed lies by NATO tyrants.

They’re just confused.

They don’t know how bad it can get without me.

Do you see? They take my love for granted.

They push me away.

But then, they’ll find their way back to me.

Just as, just as Herbert did.

No, no, no. (chuckles)

(playfully) Stop it!

(clears throat) Uh, Madam?


Singer: On the comms of it all?

YouGov polling shows that barely half your support remains.

Mm, yeah, fake CIA numbers, but, uh, go on.

Nevertheless, to hold on to even these loyalists, you must remind people that you are still their best option.

So, with that in mind, we call this: “Elena’s Christmas Sack.”

Disgusting name.

Not terribly good, no.

It’s a, a raft of reforms and one-time bonuses.

An increase in pensions, a 6% reduction in school fees, subsidized internet, and a ration program to combat the threat of starvation.

(scoffs) Oh, please. Please.

This is Central Europe. No one is starving.

No, I won’t bribe my people for their love.

Uh, this is a self-cleansing process for the state.

You just have to let it play out naturally.

Madam, you cannot ignore…

Hey, shut the fuck up!

Sit down… sit down!

(tense music playing)

You listen to me.

We don’t run.

And we never back down.

We stay here, and we protect her.

We fight for her because, without her, nothing makes sense!



Thank you, Herbert.

Ladies. Gentlemen.

(door closes)


(wind blowing)

(footsteps approach)

(distant explosions)

(Peter inhales)

(radio chatter)

It’s gettin’ late, ya know?

I should tell you somethin’.

I know. (chuckles)

What do ya know?

You’re wearin’ fuckin’ Italian leather shoes in a war zone.

Is it the Americans?

I can’t be seen with you.

I don’t care, I can’t watch it anymore.

What she’s doin’ to your boy, I can’t.

You’re the only good sort here, and she’s killin’ ya.

(distant explosions)

Two seats on a turboprop for you and Oskar

flying to France straight after Christmas.

If you’re worried my feelings aren’t incentive enough for ya,

you’ll be pleased to know I’m being paid on delivery.

They want your knowledge. “The palace ghost.”

Look, it’s dangerous, I know,

but it’s the only way to get ya both out.

(light, tense music playing)

I’m not lettin’ ya say no, okay?

Whatever this place was for ya, it’s over now.

Gather what you need.


(radio chatter)

Madam, as I’ve told you many times this past month,

the intel is clear.

America believes this civil war

will trigger one of two scenarios:

Either you agree to leave power voluntarily

in exchange for immunity from trial,

or traitors in your regime will stage a coup.

They see no future in your leadership.

No, no, I can’t, I can’t do it.

I’m just, I’m just not ready.

Elena, you are ready.

This is what we have been working towards, yeah?

Madam, are you listening to me?


And where does, um, China stand?

As I’ve said before, China opposes regime change philosophically,

but refuses to lend material support

to our counterinsurgency.

We cannot rely on China to save us.

He won’t be happy, I’ll tell you that.

He will not give you any trouble, trust me.

And you won’t let me buckle?

Do promise.

I promise.

Madam, may I remind you the cobalt mines

have not operated in months.

The refinery sites are in shambles.

We’re cut off from the cash flow.

We have lost five provincial capitals in three weeks.

I really must urge you…

Mr. Laskin!

You seem to have forgotten your job.

You do not urge me to do anything.

You just whisper your sweet nothings

and then vanish into the gardenias.

I do beg your pardon, but…

(distant rumbling)

(birds chirping)

My duty lies with my country.

No, your duty is to serve me at my pleasure.

So, why don’t you go home,

pour a cup of mulled wine,

and have yourself a merry little Christmas, yeah?

Go on… Off you fuck.

(tense music playing)

(door opens)

Daddy, this is Herbert.

Herbert, this is Daddy.


Um… Daddy, we’ve been doing a lot of work,

um, my friend and I, on each other,

and… there’s something we’d like to say to you.

You are a very poor influence on Elena.

The time has come for you to step away.

For a while.

For good, Elena.

Yes, I know…

Elena needs to separate from you…

which you have not let her do.

It is the time to step aside, quietly.

So, from now on, you will respect her autonomy,

are we clear?

You will no longer be in control of her anymore.

(plucky, tense music playing)

(singers vocalizing)

(door closes)

(distant explosions)

Hm. (chuckles)


(loud explosion)

Ooh. (chuckles)

That was a big one, wasn’t it?

It’s rather cozy in here, though,

knowing they can’t get us.

(slight chuckle)

(knocks on door)


Yes, Agnes?

Oh, is it six already?

Well, I’ll let you have your 20 minutes with him. Mm.

I’ll see you later, baby.

(Agnes sighs)

Hope you’ve not been touching that.


Elena? You called the-the fish “Elena”?

Well, she’ll be swimmin’ in sour cream soon,

so… let’s not get too fond.

They won’t really eat her, will they?

Agnes: Do ya know, if ya like fish,

(whispers) I can get you a goldfish.

(softly) How ’bout that? Would you like that?

(normal) So… the French.

Been meaning to talk to you about this.

Um, the French sometimes smell of sweated onions…

and, uh…

they have sort of dead eyes,

dress a bit like bank clerks…

and worship this very small, dead man

who ran screaming from Russia, but…

(whispers) they make a lovely tart.

Would you like a French tart?

I think you would.

Yeah, you would.

(light, melancholy music playing)

(water gurgling)

(singer vocalizing)



(music intensifies)

(gasping echoes)


She did nothing!

Marina: I-I don’t know if you’re aware of this Herbert, bless you,

but when you dream,

you are everyone and everything in the dream.

Elena: That’s right, that’s right.

Okay? So, yes,

you were sinking,

but you were also Elena.

You were also the water.



No, I wasn’t. I was me. Drowning.

I was dying and she didn’t care.

Of course, I cared.

No, Elena. You were standing at the shore.

You were looking at me. I could see your eyes.

There was nothing. Nothing there.


Look at them now.

Elena, tell me why I still feel like this.

Feel like what, Herbert?

Like I’m her weapon.

And in the end, she will leave me.

Herbert, I’m an expert in dreams.

You have to trust me when I say that this was a, a healthy dream,

a lovely dream.


Marina: Your unconscious is telling you

Elena trusts you to swim all on your own,

to be self-actualized.

What does that mean?

Marina: It means taking charge, Herbert,

and reaching your full potential.

That’s it.

Right, Elena?

Yeah, right. That’s… You see,

that is exactly… that’s very good that.

That’s the whole point of this.

My love, I want you to thrive.

(distant explosion)

(tense music playing)

(indistinct shouting)

♪ Deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ♪

♪ ‘Tis the season to be jolly ♪

(camera clicking)

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ♪


Yes, darling?

When will they kill Elena?


My fish.

Oh! (chuckling) No.

Don’t worry about her.

She’s had a fine fishy life.

It’s starting, my love.

(turns on TV)

(festive music playing on TV)

Welcome, one and all, to the Annual Christmas Village celebration.

Hark the herald angels sing of a glorious Yuletide feast.

So let your hearts be light,

knowing that a Christmas carp awaits your table tomorrow.

“Let them eat carp.” Well, that’ll play swimmingly, I’m sure.

The rebels won’t let her forget this.

Eh, at least the blackouts mean half the country won’t see it.

C-Can we talk about anything else?

“Come downstairs,” you said.

“Just a drink and a wallow,” you promised.

How close are the rebels now?

Leo Huber: Huh, based on my last update,

about seven kilometers from the palace?

And gaining.

Tidings of comfort and joy.

(festive music playing on TV)


Dear country women, dear country men…

Singer: Oh, Christ,

look at this. The Swiss Miss.

…as you know, I have been taking a break

from my official duties to recuperate

from an episode of gout here in the Val d’Anniviers…

(mocking Nicholas) Lucky fucker.

I’d love to overdose on sleeping pills

and then moan around the Alps.

…also forgiveness for the trespasses of the heart.

(distant explosions)

The letters I have received from my fellow citizens

have moved me deeply.

Hopefully, I can return

and share my love with you as soon as humanly possible.

So, let’s, uh, open our gifts, shall we?

Oh. (chuckles) You’re worse than Oskar.

Go on, then.

(Herbert exhales)

(Nicholas speaking on TV)

(Herbert sings to himself)


I wonder what it is. Goodness!

Did you, did you…

Yes, do you like it?

Ye… Y… I-I, I… Yes, I do, I do.

Yes, yes!

It’s a… Ah, well,

(stammers) it’s a profound example

of, of what they call a, um, naive art, isn’t it?

So, you-you do like it?

When describing art, “like,” “dislike,”

they’re not really useful terms.

I… appreciate it.



So, where, where should we hang it?

Um… my love…

Herbert Zubak: Here?

…well, (sighs) maybe the way you feel about me

is just too precious to be displayed…

Yeah, here is better.

…but, (sighs) but I-I-I do love it.

You do?

Yes, I do.

(distant explosions)


Thank you.

(“Jingle Bells” playing on TV)

Time for your gift.


Ha. Oh dear, it’s so heavy. (chuckles)

(techno Christmas music playing)

Oskar. Oskar. Oskar.



It’s among the finest in the world, apparently.


They did show me a few, but this one spoke to me.

It, um, seemed the most you.


It’s art, do you know? But functional.

Well, you’re not exactly easy to shop for.

Thank you. (stammers)

I-I appreciate it.

Well, I love it, personally.

Just will be a tick.

(car alarm sounding)

(distant explosions)

Agnes (hushed): Oskar! Oskar!

Come back inside! What are you doing?!

What are you doing with the fish?!

They’ll kill her!

Oh, come here.

(sighs) God.

It is awful, I know. I know.

(melancholy music playing)

I tell you what, you were born in a horrible time,

and I’m really sorry for that.


Tomorrow, we’re gonna go to France.

We’re gettin’ out of here, alright?

Tomorrow, you’re going to go to France.

What about Elena?


(singer vocalizing)

Just chuck her in.

(“Santa Baby” playing)

♪ Santa baby, just slip a sable ♪

♪ Under the tree for me ♪

♪ Been an awful good girl ♪

♪ Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight ♪

(applause on TV)

That’s right.


♪ Santa baby, a ’54 convertible, too ♪

Now see, when I look at that, I get worried.

Worried how?

Oh, the delusion,

the obliviousness…

to be so out of touch at a time like this.

My mother, rest her demented soul,

had episodes just like that.

He’s sayin’ it.

You are sayin’ it.

I’m not saying anything.

Oh, yes, you most certainly are.

Singer: What?

What am I saying, Victor?


You’re saying the unsayable.

“Psychiatric.” “Medical.”

All I said was “episodes.” What are you, a mind reader?

♪ I want a yacht and really that’s not a lot ♪

Although, I will say…

Ooh, here it fucking comes.

…as long as we’re squeezing lemons here.

Squeeze a lemon in your fucking arse.

Go on.

Well, I’m not saying we do this,

but there is always the option of saying to the Chancellor

that she has to step down.

And making her do so.

It’s just… on the scale of options,

that’s all I’m saying.

And when are you saying this would happen?

I’m not saying this would happen.

Oh, yes, you are.

But if it did happen,

then… I would have to say very…

incredibly close to now.

(sighs) Shit.


Because, obviously, the whole point of saying it…

Which we’re not.

…which we’re not, is that if we did

make her stand down,

it would forestall further bloodshed.

And damage to the private sector.

Thus hastening an economic rebuild.

Now you’re both sayin’ it.

What does the constitution say on chain of command?

In a medical contingency?

You wrote the fucking thing!

So, we are saying it’s a medical contingency?

No, not saying it.

Merely asking.

Well, in the event of an acute psychiatric episode,

now that does seem to describe our circumstances…

♪ A ring, I don’t mean on the phone ♪

…power is reverted…

to, well… us.

(tense music playing)

And how are you?

(sighs) Nicky, don’t do that voice, please.

That sad, theatrical voice.

I-I’m not being theatrical. I’m just asking you.

But you are, you are!

It’s manipulative. You know you’re doing it.

Just, please, just talk normally.

I-I’m sorry.

(sighs) Stop apologizing.

See, that’s my point. Just stop being so hurt.



I will try (laughs) to stop being hurt.

It makes me not miss you.

Makes me feel like

I’m to blame for what you did to yourself.

And I’m-I’m not.

You know, that was your choice, not mine.

I shouldn’t be punished for it, should I?

No, you’re right, of course. Of course, my love.

(speaking French)


(speaking French)


No, I don’t think so, Nicky.

But then… why did you call?

To make sure you didn’t try and end yourself again.

(muffled explosion)

Do you… promise you won’t?

You mustn’t, alright?

(Nicholas crying)

Just do promise. Just say it.


I’m… I-I promise.


Yeah, I promise.


(whispers) Merry Christmas.

(softly) We’ll speak again soon.


Alright… Bye. Bye-bye.

(Nicholas whimpering)

(distant explosions)

(chuckles) What is it?

Go on. You’re making me nervous.

Why did you give me a gun?

Oh, stop. It’s just a gift.

It doesn’t mean anything.

Swear to me.

What? Swear?

Oh, please, Herbert. (chuckles)

We’ve been over all of this.

I need your promise.

Swear to me that you will never abandon me again.


Swear to me.

I swear to you.

I promise.

I would never leave you.


(drunkenly) We shoot the ox first. He’s too dangerous.

(drunkenly) We’d transfer executive power

to a, a transitional body

with us and select members of the opposition, and…

Find a stopgap chancellor, a meat puppet.

We shred for days, and we claim

that we have been acting as an active resistance

within the regime for years,

and we reset the table!

(drunkenly) Uh, no, I-I-I don’t know, I don’t know.

This is our moment to seize history.

Yes, but she might still pull it off.

The cat with nine lives.

Yeah, which one is she on now, Victor?

Show some fucking respect

for a fucking great woman.

I’m not saying that she’s not great.

Yes, of course, she’s great!

We all agree she’s great.

She’s great. She’s great, yes.

She’s great.

(applause on TV)

(person speaking on TV)

Oh, look at this wobbly tart.

Anna Grebetz (on TV): …understands the needs of the people,

and is so caring to all the people of…


Oh, nothing fucking works in this doss house!

(opera singing on TV)

Oh, my God! “The Barber of Seville”!

(gasps) Jesus Christ! It’s actually happening!

State Channel One…


State Channel Two, State Channel Three.

Fuck! The Westgate rebels have taken over every channel.

Yeah, there’s no signal.

Listen, (sighs) my love, it’s fine.

This is what they do to get my attention.

This is not good, Elena.

(knocks on door)

(Elena gasps)


(knocks on door)

Go inside, go inside, go inside.

Guard (shouts): Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!

(Elena screams)

(indistinct shouting)

Don’t move! On the ground! Show me your hands!

Show me your hands! Show me your hands!

I’m here to pro…

I’m here to protect her!

Herbert: Identify yourself!

Sergeant Hartl, sir!

We’ve, uh, we’ve established a three-ring perimeter

ar-around the palace and the grounds,

as per your contingency instructions, sir!


(distant explosions)

Stand up.

What happened to comms?

The rebels have cut all the phone lines, sir.

Guards every door. We need guards, you understand?

Yes, sir.

Laskin, the ministers, where are they?

Hartl: I’ll find out.


Hartl: You two stay.

(door closes)

(sighs) Herbert,

listen, they wouldn’t touch me.

They, they just need to see…

Listen to me. Listen to me.

They hate you, and they want to kill you.


(nearby explosions, gunfire)

(tense music playing)

(indistinct shouting)

Soldier: Go, go, go, go! Move it!

This way!

(news intro music plays)

“The Vernham government, which has lost its legitimacy,

“has been dismissed from office.

“The Westgate Resistance Army hereby declares itself

to be the provisional government of this country.”

Fucking Westgate trash.

Reporter: “In the coming days,

Chancellor Vernham will be brought to justice…”

What are they resisting with? Cabbages? (sighs)

Your ministers, Madam Chancellor.

Corporal, I found them in the disco.

They’ve been there all night.

Victor Schiff: Madam Chancellor, the disloyalty shown

by these Western-backed demons is

(stammers) unconscionable.

Where’s Mr. Laskin?

Mr. Laskin has… not been heard from.

We believe he’s possibly defected.

Madam, we should escape to the summer palace…

Sorry, I’m told the rebels have the summer palace.


I just need to speak to them directly.

Let me address ’em from the balcony.

They just need to see that I’m here!

No. No, Elena.

Outside is too dangerous.

But I’m not afraid, my love.

Well, if we secure the balcony and broadcast the speech?

That could turn the tide.

I’ve reached out to the bandits who seized the broadcasters.

They do not wish to communicate.

(sighs) Well, maybe I’ll just kill myself.


Well, that’s what they seem to want is for me to die,

so… why don’t I just die?

Actually, no.

(mumbles) No.

Nobody really wants that.

Victor: No, never, Madam.

No, no, of course not.

(sighs) Oh, what do you suggest, my love?

(nearby explosions)

(Herbert takes deep breath)

(tense music playing)

Tonight… I shall announce my resignation as Chancellor.

Once I’ve resigned,

my successor will be immediately sworn in.

And there is only one sensible choice:

The Foundling’s heir.


Right. N-No, no, right, of course.

Well, he polls well.

A Westgate soldier, reformer, new blood.

Are you sure this is what you want?

Yes, I’m sure.

And how-how would it, um, how-how do we…

Singer: We close-door the debate.

Elena: Exactly.

And the hearing, we fast-track it

for a simple majority through parliament.

Elena: Yes!

I must say this is marvelous.

I have long held the utmost respect

for incoming Chancellor Zubak,

and I would be honored to join your team.

What about you?

My love, this is it.

This will now be your country.

You see? All your dreams,

your reforms for the working people.

You can make it a reality, you see?

Oh, yes. This… It, it, it must happen tonight.


You will do it?

You will, you will do it for me?

(singers vocalizing)


Yes, I will do it.

Sure, yes.

(intense music playing)

Right, gentlemen, Singer, speech time.

(anticipatory music playing)

Singer: Elena will deliver her farewell address

live through social media,

and directly following the outgoing Chancellor’s address,

a, uh, motorcade will come

and take you from the palace to parliament.

Once there in parliament, you will give a speech

swearing your allegiance to our constitution

and announce the formation of your government.


(indistinct chatter)

(nearby explosions)

Elena (softly): Herbert… Herbert.

You’ll do fine.


This is everything we’ve been moving towards.

Can’t you feel it?

Yes, I think so.


It’s the rebirth. Like in your dream. Remember?

It’s happening. It’s all, it’s all happening.

And I’ll be right here watching over you.

Director: We’re ready, Madam.

(quiet chatter)


Five, four…

Wait, wait.


Director: Ready?

(sniffs) Yes.

Four, three.

Country men and women, Happy Noel.

I have the privilege of addressing you this

sacred Christmas Eve with important news.

But first, a little history.

Since I’ve taken on the supreme burden of national service,

we have grown considerably as a country.

Literacy now stands at 97%.

Our GDP per capita has tripled.

And of course, we have reunited with our brethren

in the Faban Corridor.

(nearby explosion)

But this is not the full picture.

(quiet, apprehensive music playing)

You see, I’ve made mistakes.

I’ve not always met my own standards.

But today, I’d like to…

correct that.

Because, effective immediately,


despite gains such as female participation in the workforce,

which has increased by 37%…

today… I…


I would like to announce… a ch… a change.

A very important… change to happen…


Quite soon.

You see, (sighs) today…

(people shouting)

Speaker: Get back, get back!

I w… I w… I…

(frantic chatter)

Palace breach!


They’re in the grounds! We have to get her out!

No. What? No, no, no, no, no.

Elena, come here.

Come here, get up. Cover her!

Elena: What?!

Take this.

You stay behind me.

Herbert… Wh-What…

(intense music playing)

(shouting, chaos)

(items breaking)

Stay behind me.

(Elena panting)

Hartl: Crew on floor nine, are you secure?



(people yelling)


Floor nine, are you secure?

(Elena yells)

Automated Elevator Voice: Going up.

Oh, God, what’s happening? What’s happening now?

(lights zapping)

(Elena panicking)

Herbert: Fuck! Shit!

Elena: No!


(people shouting)


(Elena whispering, whimpering)

Keep me safe. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.

(banging on door)

(radio chatter)

What’s happening?!


(panicked chatter)

(alarm sounding)

Herbert: Stay behind me, stay behind me.

(indistinct chatter)


Go, go, go!


(items breaking)



(rebels cheering)


(car honking)

(indistinct yelling)

Hartl: We have the Chancellor!

She’s not the Chancellor, you calf!

She’s just some fucking woman!

Let her in!

Shut the door!

(indistinct shouting)

Hartl: All of you, out!


(Elena screams)

Farewell, my fucking cuckoo!



(people shouting, chanting)

Get away from there.




(all cheering)

(muffled shouting, gunfire)

(tense music playing)

(heavy breathing)

(door slams)

Guard: Don’t shoot!

(Elena yelps)

It’s the Corporal, stand down.

(muffled shouting)



(music intensifies)

(muffled shouting)

(Elena panting)

Go down… Down, Elena.

Guard: Go, go, go.




(both panting)

Oh, we forgot Oskar.

No, no, no, we can’t.

We can’t, we can’t, we can’t, we can’t.

Fuck! Shit!


(glass shattering)



(muffled gunfire)

(Oskar crying)

(somber music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

(intense music playing)

(both panting)

Herbert: Hurry up.


(heavy breathing echoing)

(music fades out)

(solemn music playing)

(singers vocalizing)



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