The Nevers – S01E05 – Hanged [Transcript]

As the city buzzes with anticipation over a pending execution, Penance (Ann Skelly) grapples with a moral calling at odds with Amalia's plan. With the two women at a crossroads, the Orphans must decide whom to follow.
The Nevers - S01E05 - Hanged

Original air date: May 9, 2021

Maladie is sentenced to a public hanging, which outrages the Touched. Despite this, Amalia’s goal is finding the Galanthi, which is currently underground and under the care of Hague and Lavinia, who notice it begin cracking but are not too worried. Amalia is held back by a malfunction in Penance’s drill. The Council is divided on the execution, but does nothing to stop it. Effie continues to annoy Mundi while Massen discusses the Touched with the Beggar King. Penance decides she wants to save Maladie, but fails, partially because Maladie hangs herself after killing many of the spectators. Penance returns to the orphanage to find Amalia was about as successful as she was. Mundi realizes the woman who hung was one of Maladie’s followers, and out in the streets, Effie takes off her disguise, revealing was Maladie all along.

* * *

(shovels clacking)


(sudden snap)

(heavy breathing)

(soft moaning)


(Amalia moans)

Judge: After five weeks… five grueling weeks of testimony as to your heinous and unrepentant malfeasance…

(Amalia moans)

this court finds you guilty of the crimes of burglary, theft, assault…

(passionate moaning)

Extortion, indecency, kidnapping, and 15 counts of murder.

Désirée: You’re clear.

Judge: The court therefore sentences you, Maladie, to be hanged by the neck until you are dead.

Sentence to be carried out in the public square.

(gasps, indistinct chatter)

So that all who wish may see the punishment for such wickedness, and the end of your reign of terror.

May God, assuming He ever gave you one, have mercy on your soul.



(shovels clacking)


(birds cawing)

A public execution?

A travesty we abolished 30 years ago.

A necessity. All of London is watching.

The world is watching.


As we turn savage.

Turn into Darwin’s ancestral apes.

My cousin, His Majesty, the king…

Oh, yes, please remind us again who your cousin is, because we wake each dawn having forgot.

We are not apes, Your Grace.

We are managing a crisis.

The Certification Act, the Blue Badge Act.

We keep the Touched accountable, visible.

The woman is chained like an animal.

She’s not in pain, and that’s the point.

Pain gives her power she could use to escape.

And not allowed to wash, or change.

Does she gain power from that, hmm?

Or are we violating…

Maladie hangs as Maladie.

Not some anonymous prisoner.

This is a case where justice must be seen.

Lord Allaven-Tyne: There is a legitimate concern, and it’s not just the Prime Minister, about enflaming the Touched.

A minimal risk, at worst.

I have ordered troops deployed around the square, and any potential targets in the city.

But no marching, dress uniforms, or bayonets.

Well, except around the palace.

The queen will have her pageantry.

But nothing resembling martial law.

We must keep control, not seem to be grasping for it.

I’m not talking about some rabble hurling brickbats at patrolmen.

It’s the long-term.

We showed our hand siccing that ghastly gunman Kroos on Mary Brighton, and for what?

Within a week, The Orphanage had doubled its roster.

If Kroos hadn’t silenced Brighton, it might’ve increased tenfold.

And Maladie’s not some fetching chorus girl. She’s a pariah.

Maladie’s hanging will cause a brouhaha, we all know, but it is in the long-term that…

Prince Albrecht: Gentlemen.

We took a vow to protect the Empire, not to kill for sport.

We’ve learned nothing of the origin of the illness, or the creator of these horrors.

You ignore my reports on the menace of electricity, and then when I am absent…

(glass clinking)

I think, Prince Albrecht, there was some concern as to the nature of your absence.

Massen: About your sympathies with regard to the Touched.

In particular, why the princess was, uh, bundled off to Zurich in the dead of night.

Bettina has lumbago!

And we wish her a speedy recovery.

But our patient is, as you say, the Empire.

(inhales) And it requires a bloodletting.

Lord Allaven-Tyne: You know that won’t be enough.

Not for a lasting peace.

Amalia: X-ray.

Penance: Spectralacle.

You X-rayed London.

It’s a spectral-acle.

Because it can see through the… but, yes.

The square bits are where we’ll need to drill.

The rest should be open air.

Be easier to go straight down.

Not if we want to come back up.

The Galanthi’s right under Grand Abbey, and Nimble says it’s covered in thugs.

Amalia: But we still don’t know whose.

We’ll find that out on our reconnaissance.

I’ve studied the angles, and this is the best place to get in.

So what’s this?

The Royal Military Army.

Which is better?

Not usually.

But we do have an opportunity.

Which is?

This is the part I don’t like so well.

Horatio: Maladie’s hanging?

The whole place will be dark for the day.

Augie has a friend from school who says everyone’s being deployed.


Grand Parliament. Buckingham Palace.

Are they expecting a rebellion?



Are you planning a rebellion?

A reunion.

You’re afraid.

I’m not.

You’re afraid to go see the Galanthi.

Yes. Yes, of course I am.


Nothing’s happened the way it should’ve. I…

What if I… Stop that.

No, don’t stop. You’re a bad person.

(moans) Oh. Uh-huh.

What if that’s because…

Uh-huh… What if it’s because of me?

What if it sees what a horror I’ve been?


(whispers): I think that every night.

Don’t bring up Katherine.

Okay. It’s… It’s gonna…

It’s gonna work, all right?

It’s… It’s gonna be worth it.

It’ll heal us. All right?

Heal us. Us.

Heal this.

(stammers) I, I don’t know. I…

They’re murdering women, but this is a sin.




(Horatio groans)

(shovels clacking)

It’s hatching.

No, uh, more chrysalis than egg.

Speaking loosely, it’s moving from a liquid state to…



We’re keeping exact track of the pulses.

They’re dimmer, but…

Lavinia: Kill it.

Dr. Hague: Ma’am?

It has a crack in it.

Kill it!

If it can crack, it can break.

No, it cracked. I didn’t crack it.

I… and I still can’t.

We have the bunker ready.

Another week of digging, and we can lay the tracks.

This thing will be miles away from the city when it emerges…

Our hopes for a cure were childish.

Its power grows by the day.

There’s a fever spreading through London.

Do you forget we’re on the eve of a public execution?

You think that’s coincidence?

I think it’s justice.

(distant thudding)

When we hang someone in America we watch.


F-forgive me.

Maladie killed great men of my profession.


I may seem all numbers, but


(energy pulsing)

I am still a man.

I am still capable of rage.

Of pettiness, and hope.

The two of us have been more exposed down here than anyone, but your moral compass hasn’t fluttered.

I’m still capable.

Neither of us has sprouted wings.

This creature isn’t all-powerful.

If Satan himself is in there, I doubt he’s a match for Lavinia Bidlow.

We’re taking a terrible risk.

It means to destroy us.

If we’ve lost hope it already has.


(indistinct chatter)

(children laughing)

Woman: (grunts) Ooh.

Oh! Oh…


“And what of those looking down from above,

“jud-ging… judging these women

“without knowing where their own jud-g-ment ends.

“When He who sits above all

“and yet looks down on no one calls ’em to account,

will they explain how celebrating murder was the righteous path?”

She’s terribly compelling.

Ah, so you liked it?

Telling all to Désirée.

‘Course you did. You are so predictable.

Hey, it’s Mrs. True’s orders.

And talking to Désirée, baring the soul, among other things, it takes a weight off.

Among other things.



And now everyone’s comfortable with me being here, except around the silver, and trinkets, purses, keepsakes


(energy pulsing)

Annie: Smug.

Won’t be this easy tomorrow.

Can’t skip away in a dark cave.

Oh, I’m not skipping.

Good. I don’t want to talk about it either.

Go on, then. Go. Everybody’s glad you’re going.

She smiled because you’re going!

Nimble: Men.

We truly are the unfairer sex.



“When Maladie is swinging in the sight of lords and little girls, will that bring peace to London?”

I guess maybe the Galanthi will.

Whatever they are.

Well, not in time for her, but…

Is it even gonna work?

Hanging Maladie.

Mrs. True said she gets stronger from pain, yeah?

From pain.

Not from damage. Not from death.

Read the end.

“Maladie’s hanging is more than a barbaric spectacle. It is a crack in the soul of the city, and who knows what venomous vapors will billow from below, infecting it with the oldest, most animal rage, and making Maladies of us all.”

Well, I don’t much like the sound of that idea.

There’s no legal argument for this.

Look, the 1868 amendment made executions private, only subject to change in order to prevent abuse or to give greater solemnity to the act.

This will do the opposite, and the government knows it.

They’re hanging Maladie for being Touched.

(footsteps departing)

Name, address, employer.

And you’ve got your letters of support?


Clerk: New Touched who are here to register, get in this queue.

(sighs) Right.

Clerk: You’ll get your turn soon enough.

She wears this everywhere.

If she’s seen in public without it, that’s jail for a month.

Now, you wait over there while she’s in the demonstration room.


What… what you gonna demonstrate?

It’s ju… It’s just the ears.

Nah, I’ve seen this one in me henhouse last week.

Aw, don’t worry, pet.

(daughter gasps)

We’ll get out the hounds and horses. See how fast you can run.

Frank: I told you when you first started nosing around here, Boyle, you can’t interview her.

Five minutes.

She’d kill you in four.

Three and a half minutes.

Oh, come on, Mundi. I need this.

They need this. All this registration nonsense, it’s just a milder form of what’s going on with Maladie.

Maladie… Maladie is the worst killer in London’s history.

The less she’s heard from, the better chance we’ve got of controlling this fucking circus.

You don’t want this hanging either.

No, I want order.

I want the wicked punished and the good protected.

Then do something besides sitting at your desk ogling the Touched women.

I can’t see the Touched women, and you can’t see Maladie, ’cause it helps nothing except your sales.

My sales matter.

I’m the only one showing the human side of the Touched.

Mundi, people can print whatever they want.

I am still in favor of the truth.

Who’s this?


Railmen tried to throw it on Maladie’s pile.

With no ID, no one missing, it fits the description.

Effie: Well, they didn’t put much effort into matching the writing.

I have that coat.

Or that style.

It’s popular with working women.

It’s a sharp cut, and it’s cheap.

I’ll wager she worked in an office but was out a lot of the time.

She was in the underground, city council, a secretary, or a… “secretary.”

You put a name on her, I’ll take you to Maladie myself.

You mean it?

I do not.

After all that, both the ostriches were females.


Well. Oh


(Lavinia whimpers)

Lavinia, are you all right?

Oh, it’s nothing.

Slight ache behind the eyes.


Did you buy that waistcoat on your own?

It looks like one of Swann’s.

No, I just… I just thought…


You need to steer clear of him in future, and now that that ghastly club of his has become a matter of public record.

He’s my friend. (Clears throat)


He was your friend, as well.

Do you… (laughs)

Do you remember when you took us ice skating with you?

He made you laugh all day just pretending to be an ice dancer.

Yes, he was charming at 10.

Augie, the devil may take a pleasing form, but you trust people, and I think… I…

You know, you must call Dr. Waterson about those headaches.

Or I’ll tell Hugo that you think he has a pleasing form, then you’ll never hear the end of it.

Stop it.

Diner: They should hang her, and shoot her.

Just to make sure. (Laughs)

Woman: How early are we going?

Can we pay a boy to hold a place in front?

Why don’t they just bring guns and shoot her themselves?


We are not murderers, madam.

No, you just like to watch.

At least Maladie has a work ethic.

(whispering inaudibly)

What are you saying?

Oh, noth… noth…

Don’t apologize for me.

How dare you?

I’m not someone’s dotty mother.

There are vultures everywhere.

Dressed up in hats and fine silks.

(patrons muttering)

(dishes clattering)

(diners chattering softly)

Yes, I was quite good at skating.

Rings around the rest of us.

You know, that, that’s something that hasn’t changed.

You’re not to be in the city at all tomorrow, Augie.

Don’t argue.

No, no, of course, no. I, um… I’m going to Brighton for the day.

Uh, thank you.

Um, a… a building’s opened up that might make a… A good new bird sanctuary.

There’s been a lot of interest from the public of late.

Yes, the more barbaric we humans are to each other, the more we pamper our pets.

Or maybe the more we need them.


Bring your sister something fun back from Brighton.

Of course.

One of the guards did say Maladie sings.

Nursery rhymes and such.

How insightful.

Well, it’s just, you know, it’s all about mental capacity, really.

Hugo: Are you fucking playing with me?

He’s pressing charges. This is insane!

Lord Humphries was badly burned.

Bertie Humphries is a bully and a coward, and he wasn’t burned, he was frozen.

And he was frozen because he will not hear the words, “Don’t touch!”

(sighs) Ronald is a great act.

He can chill your drinks. You can see your breath, but you grab it, you’re only going to…

Ronald isn’t registered.

An unregistered Touched can’t contest a complaint.

If his lordship pursues this, you will…

Injury waiver.

You cannot apply for membership to the Ferryman’s without it.

(sighs) Does Bertie really want to go public?

Because I am more than happy to speak to Lady Humphries…

Extortion is still illegal.

This is not extortion. It is umbrage.


(sighs) Oh, God. Do you know how hard I am working?

(sighs) Dealing with petty legalities and excruciating paperwork, and now some idiot is wasting my time because he’s got angry with the Touched.

Bugger. Of course you do.

(sighs) What a strange fate.

We’ve become men with offices.

Frank: Yeah.

It’s like looking in a mirror.

How do I make this go away?

Do you think my acts want to be on a government list?

They know how people feel about them, even people who desire them.

Especially people who desire them.

A “turn” is unique.

It marks you, like a…

Like a Sargent portrait.

Or, um, oh, God, what’s that thing? Fingerprints!

Are really no two alike? That seems mad. (Chuckles)

We have to register your man.

I won’t list his place of employment, but you need to give satisfaction to Lord Humphries, not threats.

Send him a fucking horse, or whatever you rich people do, and no more of these.

If you can’t keep your people safe, I will shut you down.

You ain’t a man with an office.

You’re a pimp with a gimmick, and you’re playing with fire.

Again, it wasn’t fire…

It was someone’s life!

I don’t know how you always…

(breathing heavily)

Tomorrow, we are going to kill a woman for the public’s entertainment.

‘Cause that’s what London is now. It is… Jack the fucking Ripper grown into an ‘ole city.

You’re in entertainment. You should come.

Get in the dirt, smell the blood.

Then you’ll know what’s on your hands.

Frank, why did you take a job you hate?

‘Cause I work with the people who love it.

Effie: Oh. Excuse me.

Do know a bit about your…

Had your ear to the door, I hope?

Oh, I didn’t need to.

You’re Hugo Swann.

You don’t write about the Touched

and not hear about London’s most infamous impresario.

(inhales) I deny everything.

Oh, I’m not… I’m not after your story.

But you are after something.

Something you can’t get me.


So it’s a challenge, is it?

You’d like that.

I’d like it more over a plate of oysters at Pegini’s.

We’re both much too busy to spend the afternoon seeing who gets to use who,

but there is something you can do for me.


(water running)

(birds chirping)

(faucet squeaks off)

(door opens)

(birds chirping)

(chirping continues)

(chuckles softly)

(chirping continues)

(chirping continues)



(gasps, screams)

(yells) Go!


Were you a crow?


Up there, were you peering at me by way of bird?

Oh! Oh, G… No, good God, no-no.

No, no, I… I was… I was me.

I was me, in, in… in me.

I don’t… I don’t mean… I came, I came for the meeting.

So I would… I would never!

Wouldn’t you?

That bird seemed awful keen on my ablutions.

Well, I… I mean, it’s…

It’s a… It’s a bird. (Laughs)

I-I didn’t even know you were bathing, and that-that-that that was a redwing, anyway.

They never listen to a word, I think.

Am I being recorded again?

Of course not.

I s-should make more noise when I come in.

No, it’s just, um the madness of all this.

It’s as though sin is in bloom.

People doing what they oughtn’t, or doing nothing.

It’s like we’re being tested, but it’s that dream where the test’s over, and you’ve not found your pencils.

But you’re telling me the truth?

I would never betray your trust.

Wouldn’t sneak a quick glance at what a husband’s meant to see?


Well, is my naked frame a source of dullness then?

(footsteps approaching)

Am I interrupting?

Yes, please!

I’ve got the drill all ready. Let me show you.

Augie, how’s the bird watching?


You ready to make them sing tomorrow?

Oh. Oh, yes, yes.

(clears throat) They’ll make all sorts of noise.

They’ll swoop about. I’ve been practicing.

Be the perfect distraction for the drilling.

What do you, um, what do you think you’ll find down there?

If-if-if it’s all right for me to ask.

Um, I’m not sure what I’m… What level of…

I-I know it’s Galanthi, uh, even in the singular.

The timing on the explosive bolts was the issue, but now



We’ll find answers.

Is it safe, who’s down there with it?

What do we need to get it away from them?

There’s more, but can I just say hope?

You could have only said that.

(loud drilling)

And when you reach the proper depth, you just…


Uh… uh…

(whirring, clacking)

Uh, that… That’d be the floor that it…


Yeah, that’s not coming back.

No? Mmm…

Man: Keep it movin’.

Maladie hangs tomorrow.


You mustn’t rush, my sprouts.

It ain’t a hangin’ if she don’t swing.


Chop chop!

Bring him ’round the back.

Slow and steady.

You’s got all night.

Gilbert Massen.

Captain of industry, Peer of the Realm.

Am I meant to call you “lord”?

Am I meant to call you “king”?

This machine’s impressive.

Penance Adair’s work, I think.

Yeah. It’s fun.

I let the kids tool about the yard in it.

(liquid pouring)

Not very practical, though.

(glass clatters)

If I ever crash, I like a nice fat horse in front of me to take the brunt.

What the fuck do you want?

I want London under control.

Meaning yours.

Meaning not overrun by monsters.

Monsters, yeah? Well, Maladie stretches tomorrow.

While Bonfire Annie is free to set fire to both our holdings, while an uneducated Irish girl builds something in days that men of industry have labored over for years.

A thing that threatens the natural order is by definition monstrous, even if it’s pretty.

There’s nothing natural about order, Gilly.

There’s chaos. Savagery.

And then there’s men like us, who carve out just enough order to make ourselves absolutely necessary.

You didn’t come here ’cause you’re afraid of the pretty ladies.

You just get ugly men to murder ’em.

Isn’t that right, Odium?

(door bangs open)

(growls, grunts)


My man Odium was sent to kill Amalia True.

Thought it was an order sent down from me, which the law would’ve happily confirmed.

Now you look me in the eye, hand on heart, and you tell me that this man is not ugly.

I see only a soldier who was laid out by a woman one-fifth his fighting weight.

(footsteps departing)

We have a common enemy.

Someone, some group, is rewriting the rules of reality.

If we don’t find a way to control it…

You know why they call me the Beggar King?

Hmm? ‘Cause I had fuck-all, and men followed me anyway.

The Touched are gonna change things.

So did the fucking longbow. I’ll adapt.

I’m not looking for an ally, Mr. Orrun.

I have a job. It pays obscenely well.

Now was that so fuckin’ hard to say?

We have looked for the source of all this, for a cure.

We’ve taken steps to…

But we’re behind, reacting when we should act.

Maladie’s hanging presents an opportunity to change that.

To be ready.

Be ready? You expecting some kind of daring escape?

No, Maladie hangs. Justice will be seen.

But in the short run, it will stir up emotions as much as it placates.

The Touched, the Purists, their defiance is at a fever pitch.

Right, and you want my men to keep the peace.

Maintain the natural order, as it were?

As far as my people know, yes.

But, uh, it’s become apparent to me that if London is going to be saved from chaos, it needs to see chaos.

What I want from you is just enough.

(slow breathing)

(soft sighing)

(door squeaks closed)

Are you heading up?

I have to finish rebuilding the drill.

How are the girls?

Mmm, a bit jittery.

Except for Myrtle, who’s angry she doesn’t get to go.

I’m pretty sure that’s what she was angry about.

She has to get on with her writin’ lessons.

I would take her if I knew it was safe.

She speaks Galanthi.

A couple of the girls were saying you killed Lucy.

Annie shut them down, but she’s a bit frightening herself.

But you know I didn’t.

Oh, of course not. No, you would never.

No, I would.

I wanted to. That’s how you know I didn’t.

And yes, I miss Lucy, too.

I wonder if Mary does.

No, I’m not saying that…

They’re either with us, or…

Well, what about forgiveness?

I mean, forgiveness still exists in the world, doesn’t it?

Or did we come up with a cure?

Was kindness just germs all along?

This time tomorrow, I promise you won’t be worried.

It’s just, I always… I always say that I won’t make weapons.

But most of my gimcracks, they could kill someone in the wrong circumstances.

So could a candlestick. A pail of water.

They’re violent things, my engines.

Sometimes energy itself, it just seems… relentless.

Penance, the Galanthi will know your heart the way I know…

(loud banging)


(running footsteps)

(breathing heavily)

(ropes squeaking)

(ominous music playing)

I need to finish the drill.


Maladie: ♪ Unmindful of the roses ♪

♪ Unmindful of the thorn ♪

♪ A reaper, tired, reposes ♪

♪ Among his gathered corn ♪

♪ So might I… ♪

♪ Till morn’ ♪

♪ Cold as the cold Decembers ♪

♪ Past as the days that set ♪

♪ Whilst only one remembers ♪

♪ And all the rest forget ♪

♪ But one remembers yet ♪

♪ But one remembers yet ♪

(Maladie sobs)

(birds chirping)

How did you sleep?

Standing up, with my eyes open.

And working. I didn’t sleep.

What am I seeing?

This is how we do it.

Amalia: How we do… what?

This is how we save Maladie.

I know the Galanthi is the key to our hopes, and it needs us to come for it as soon as we can, but…

But Maladie is going to be murdered this day out in public, and I can’t let it happen. I know I’m not meant to.

I’ve seen it done once, and if I have the power to stop it, then that is the reason I have power at all.

Maladie is not Mary.

She tried to kill Mary, and you.

I’m not saying she…

She murdered a dozen people, also in public. Remember that?

This is the legal execution of a genuine threat who is also violently unhappy.

So it’s a mercy killin’.

Sometimes it’s a mercy.

But this time it’s a lynching.

For them to crow at, and for us to expect.

It’s a noose in a row of nooses next to a row of nooses.

You expect me to turn my back on the only power that can make all of this right that told me a month ago it needs me so that we can prove to the public we’re all in league with a psychotic killer?

How is that… That’s all the nooses.

That’s putting the Touched at risk much more than letting a crowd foam over one…

I know you’re not comin’, True.

I’d feel better if you did, but…


I can’t let you do it.

Oh, let’s please not go down that road.

If you get hurt, and you will get hurt…

Oh, yes, ’cause I know, I’m a child. I’ve not been in battle.

I’ve not killed and eaten a dozen fierce men.

I also haven’t.

But I am in the world.

I am a part of God’s world.

And I don’t believe He means for us to go backwards, killin’ each other for sport.

Amalia: We’ll go save a dozen people tomorrow. Children.

That’s not the point.


It’s her. It’s now.

Something inside me broke.

It, it, it snapped like a rib, True, and it hurts.

I will not live with the thought that I ignored that s-sign.

So God is telling you to save Maladie.

No. Is He telling you to abandon her?

Would your Galanthi look kindly on that?

And could it not heal Sarah?

Make her who she was before?

Have you… have you never even wondered on that?

There are things you can’t come back from.

That’s a theory you’re awful anxious not to test.

So this is about what I did to Sarah.

It’s about the girls.

All of them, in here and all out there.

(muffled yelling): Not just their safety.

It’s about how they see the world.

A part of them breaks or goes quiet for always when the world turns beastly.

When we just let it.

You’re not bringing her here.

I mean, after many, many people shoot you, and Maladie stabs you because it’s funny, she doesn’t set a foot in this place.

I said I had a plan.

Look, True, I know it’ll be harder in a few days with more people around, but the Galanthi is still…

No, I’m… what?

I’m going. Today.

I’m going.

I’ve got my drill, my breathers. You’ve done your part.

I’m sorry, did your plan not get as far as this?

Did you not see my potential energy potentially doing the fucking job?


I’m not turning my back on the Galanthi because you got a fucking pain the ribs.


The future of the world depends on what I’m doing.

The future of the world depends on the present.

Isn’t that why you’re here?


I don’t know why I’m here.

I don’t know how it got this far or what I’m doing next.

I know what I’m not doing.

I’m not mistaking my pain for an idea.

(distant chatter)

So let’s see who still thinks I should lead.

(door clicks open, closed)

All right, everybody, gather around, since you already have.

If you weren’t listening in, Miss Adair and I have come to a bit of a crossroads.

I am leaving in a few minutes to find the Galanthi, as we’ve planned.

I know I’ve been vague about what that means, but it’s the first step to learning why we were brought here together, and what we’re meant to do next.

(quietly): And I’m going to Maladie to save…

I’m going to the square to stop that hanging.

I’m going to save Maladie.

That’s mad, right?

Acting like she’s still a child of God. Well, we all are.

We all have a soul, no matter what viciousness people are spewing.

I am going to pluck Maladie right from out their bigoted claws, and let the world see that the Touched are not here to be slaughtered for show.

I have practiced saying this, and I feel sweaty!

Amalia: All right.

We had a plan. Now there are two.

I can’t compel anyone to stay with me, but that’s… that’s mental. Don’t do that.

I wish you’d reconsider.

I wish I could.

Always assumed Maladie had a plan to escape.

Never guessed it was you.

Nimble: Where Miss Carbey goes…

I’ll pay you.

Nimble: Mmm…

That’s cheating!

Well, sorry!

Uh, my plan sort of doesn’t work without you.

Nah, it’s nice to be needed.

(gasps softly)

Do we all have to make a speech?

(clears throat)

(breathing heavily)

I know that I’m younger than most of you here, but I feel like it’s my duty to say that I love you both very much, and…

I don’t think anyone should do anything.

Be careful.

(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct chatter)

Frank: Effie Boyle.

“My sales matter.”

Her sales will turn this crowd into a mob.

Do you think Hugo Swann got her in to see Maladie?

No, no one got her in. This is fiction.

I honestly thought she was better than this.

I never trusted her, myself.

Have the men keep a rough count of people coming in.

Get to 400, close the gates.

But there’s thousands of people waiting.

Then lock the gates.

Judge said public, not packed.

Bring ’em in.

(crowd chattering)

(crowd yelling, clamoring)

You two are there to help us get in and out, nothing more.

Um, George and Violet, yous’ll be back here with the prototype.

No one goes into that square apart from me until…

I thought you was going spelunking.

True said take care of you.

Right. That’ll make this easier, then. Come see.

Nimble, it’ll be the same, only…

Yeah, I’m happy to stay up here.

We’re gonna need to practice this bit.

Hey, get off!

Oi, watch it!

Top marksmen in the country.

They won’t fire unless they have to.

But they won’t miss.

How did you, um… (clears throat)

How did you fare in the underworld?

The king was unresponsive.

He said his men weren’t trained to stop fights.

I suppose anarchy is a boon to him.

His dealings go unnoticed.

I did tell him which neighborhoods to stay out of.

Do you think we should deal with him more permanently?

A beggar’s palace coup?

In time, perhaps.

Crowd’s a bit thin.


(chuckles) Oh. General Pecking.


Developed a taste for blood, have you?

Uh, blood, yes.

Just, uh not blue.


Can I help you, sir?

As it happens, you can.

For I am your favorite uncle come from abroad, just to see you.


You’re just here for the hanging. Not for me.

Oh! We got a tub of gin inside.


Tom, this is my uncle.

Hello, Tom!

(horse snorts)

Remember, George, when you hear the…

It’s two minutes, and then that lever goes down.

After the prototype’s been deployed, you drive out, and you go to…

Porchill Road, after the drums, down.

(energy whirring)



Aneel and I studied together.

He knows I mean to practice, but when we marry, I’m supposed to give up my hobby.


(door slides, thuds shut)

I’m a better student than he is.

(Désirée grunts)

He’s gonna leave me because I’m a better student than he is.

Désirée: Don’t be daft.

A pound says he shows up with flowers and apologies tomorrow at the latest.

Penance: Did you not hear my shushing?

Guard: All right, settle down!

Oi! You!

Stop pushing, or out you go!

Oi, is that a bottle?

Gimme that. You want something…

(glass shattering)

What, you gonna cry? Fuck off.

He’s in an uproar.

Thank goodness.

It’s less work for me.

(indistinct chatter)

Tent cop: 15,000 pounds of gold!

Shh, we do not tell the others.

Put your backs into it, lads.

Tent cop: Yes, uncle!

My dad never even looked at my paintings.

He said a copper’s life is good enough for me.


Then he takes my brushes, Windsor and fucking Newton, no less, and…

(crowd laughing, chattering)




(drum beating)

(crowd booing and hissing)

It’s Maladie!

(Maladie giggles)


(yelling, chattering)

(Maladie laughing)

(rumbling, cracking)


(crowd exclaiming)

(rumbling, cracking)

Quit yelling, love. I’ll be down in a minute.

(crowd laughing)

(Maladie laughing)

(crowd booing, chattering)

(barks, giggles)

You give the devil what for!

You’re a fuckin’ animal!

They should burn you!

Go on, then! Drop the bitch!

Go on! Drop her! Drop the bitch!

Crowd (chanting): Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

(horse snorts, neighs)

Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

Drop the bitch!

Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

Drop the bitch!

(chanting continues)

Tent cop: Careful.

Oh, blimey, this is heavy.

My back is killing me.

(tent cop laughs)

Tent cop: You’re a fucking animal!

Crowd (chanting): Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

Drop the bitch! Drop the bitch!

(chanting continues)

(tense music playing)

Oh, hi.


(crackling, whistling)

General Pecking: Shoot! Shoot, guards!






(crowd exclaims)


She didn’t want to be rescued.

(crowd murmuring)


She wanted people to see.

An audience.

She’s gonna kill us.

Everyone who came to see her die.

Get out!


No, you have to get…

No, just shut up.

What are these power lines under us?

They don’t go to the prison.

Are those barricades metal?

(both gasp)

It’s been a privilege.

Away from the railings!


(electricity sparking)

Frank: Birch! Get ’em off the railings!


Get ’em off the railings! Get ’em off!



Move! Move!


Guard: Move back!

What the hell’s happening?

Fucking electricity.

Move out. Out.

Ev… Everyone… Everyone out.


George, don’t deploy! (Grunts)

Don’t touch the lever!

(electricity humming)


They deserve worse.


(buzzing, sparking)

(crowd clamoring)




(muffled shouting)

(yelling, clamoring)

Man: Open it! This way!

(yelling, clamoring)

Oi. Come here.

(gun cocks)

(Hugo grunts)

No! No, no, no. No, don’t!

(crowd clamoring)

(punching, grunting)

True said take care of you.

(door clangs open)


Désirée: Oh! Harriet! Harriet!

(door thuds)

(screaming, clamoring)

(muffled yelling)

Désirée: I’ll, I’ll get help!

I’ll be back!

(baby crying)

(running footsteps departing)

(blows softly)

(crowd yelling)



Man: Come on, come on! Go, go!

(yelling, clamoring)




Désirée: Oh, God, Harriet!



(running footsteps approaching)

Crowd (chanting): No more Touched! No more Touched!

(thugs yelling)

Crowd (chanting): No more Touched! No more Touched!

(chanting continues)

(distant gunfire)


(rope stretching)


(squeaks open)



Over there.

Aah! (Groans)

Horatio: Bring her in.

Go all right?

Horatio: Put her feet up.


Uh, it was a riot.

(door creaks)

I only kill angels.

She talked about the detective who was smart, and honest, and she didn’t marry him because he was sad.

(shrieks, yells)


(chuckles evilly)


(gasps, giggles)



Effie: My sales matter.

Her sales will turn this crowd into a mob.

Effie: It’s popular with working women.

Gordy: Inky fingers don’t make you a reporter, Boyle.

Cop: You see the stab wounds?

Frank: You were there.

Who’s this?

Frank: Murder.

(crowd clamoring)

(glass shattering)

Don’t be stupid!


(glass shatters)


This way!

(shrieking laughter)



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