The Nevers – S01E03 – Ignition [Transcript]

Penance creates an amplifier to spread Mary's song across the city - but first, Mary must find her elusive voice. As danger mounts against her group, Amalia propositions an unlikely ally and sets out to expand the Orphanage's reach.
The Nevers - S01E03 - Ignition

Original air date: April 25, 2021

Amalia and Penance intercept Annie “Bonfire Annie” Carbey’s attempt to takeover one of the Beggar King’s territories. Amalia tries to recruit her but fails. In the morning, Mary is seen to have assimilated with other members of the orphanage, but her apprehension to use her power becomes a problem. Penance then reveals her plan to amplify Mary’s power and thus allow every Touched in London to hear her song. In Amalia’s office, Mary suggests that maybe she does not want to help Amalia, as she is unsure about Amalia’s motives. Elsewhere, the Beggar King is upset about the recent attack and demands information regarding Amalia’s plan. At a pub, Mundi meets Swann, and it is revealed that he helped Mundi organize the orphanage’s raid. Elsewhere, a captured member of Maladie’s gang, Kroos, is released from prison. Horatio is peacefully ambushed by Maladie’s gang, and is forced to heal the bullet wound she received from Amalia. While walking in the street, Penance and Myrtle discover a flyer for their orphanage, but with the wrong address. Amalia and Lucy visit, and are attacked by one of Hague’s creations. Amalia kills it, then takes several pieces of evidence to bring to Lavinia while Lucy takes the housekeeper back for interrogation. The interrogation gets to Mary, and along with an earlier discussion with Mundi, comes to the conclusion that she needs to use her song to help the orphanage. While on her way to the park from Lavania’s estate, Amalia is ambushed by Odium, a Touches henchman of the Beggar King with the turn of hydrophobicity. Amalia kills him, and makes it to the park. There, Mary begins singing her song, but is interrupted by Kroos, who shoots and kills her. Mundi kills Kroos. Feeling especially defeated, those at the park sadly return to the orphanage, where they find Annie waiting, along with several other Touched who heard Mary’s song.

* * *

(hooves clopping)


(banging continues)

Come on, lads.




(thugs yelling)

(thugs grunting)

Tell the Beggar King he’s done on these docks.

No pay-ups. No shipments.

From here straight to Dicker’s Wharf, Limehouse belongs to Bonfire Annie.

Thug: Let’s go.

He decides to argue the case, or send anyone else to, there’s not a shadow he can hide in.

Amalia: Not even this one?

(flame snuffer clattering)


Amalia: How about that one?



Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you.


I think you should, uh…

(flame snuffer clunks)

Fuck off.

I’ve enough snuffer in here to mummify you.

The same goes for you, Mrs. True.


This scenario’s a slight more violent than advertised.

You said we were going to speak.

We are. This is our language.

And now you’re no better than her.

I am much better than her.

Not if you punch her in the face…


Don’t. All right.


You can speak your peace, but I will burn us all to death if I have to hear you bicker.

Penance, you think maybe you could put out that fire before it spreads?


We won’t fight.

How in fuck’s name did that girl sneak up on me?

Amalia: We were here before you were.

The Beggar King’s men aren’t notably attentive.

Penance even sneezed once.

How’d you know I was here?

I saw it.

The fire, the cart. It’s my “turn.” Ripplings.

(sighs) I do still want to kill you a bit.

Go ahead. But I’m not covering for you when she finds out.

I don’t know where Maladie is, and I’m not turning myself in, or any kind of…

I want you to join us.

At The Orphanage.

(chuckles softly)

And you want to kill me.

We’re all contradictions.

You nearly killed my best friend, and you saved my life.

Yeah, that was an accident.

It was a reflex.

I think it was your natural instinct.

My natural instinct is to burn things down.

We can accommodate that.

Is that the mission you were going on about?

Mary Brighton brings in all the Touched with her little lullaby, then we overthrow the monarchy.

Nothing that grand.

Or that small.

I quit Maladie ’cause I was sick of riddles.

And we’d stopped making money.

You know we’re dying. The Touched.

We’re being attacked, locked up, and thrown in the street.

Not everyone got such a formidable “turn.”

And it’s getting worse. You have enemies you don’t know about yet.

So I should hide with your sad little gaggle?

I’m fine all by myself.

You still feel it.

Mary’s song. You know what a better world could be like.

It isn’t real, that feeling.

It’s a fantasy. You don’t trust it any more than I do.

Might as well have been that cart full of opium I just torched.

Cart full of what?


Penance: Don’t roll away, lovely.

(coughs) I’ll make it up to you.

I fell on my snuffer. (coughs)

I don’t like all that smoke to come at me.

This hero broke my fall.

My back feels fine.

Tingling, like my hand fingers.

She found a better world.

(Penance coughs)

Ugh. That’s too many of me.


Amalia, come and see my soul trapped in a jar.

If you rub it, I’ll give you wishes.

You’ll never guess what the fire was.

It’s opium, my love.

But it was the air.

But also the cloud that wanted thunder but was too gentle to hold it.

Ugh… Bonnie Annie’s gone away.

Come on. That’s enough opium for tonight.

Well, maybe just…

Okay, let me check. You stay here.

(breathing shakily)

Did you feel the thunder that wasn’t?

I feel it all the time.

We have the best jobs.

(hooves clopping, indistinct chatter outside)


Amalia: Bonfire Annie, a flat no.

Mary’s too shaken to sing.

Myrtle’s “turn” is being incomprehensible.

I am really racking up the wins.

Oh, and I created Maladie.

You know you didn’t.

You made a difficult choice.

She doesn’t know that.

I still hardly remember her. Makes it worse, somehow.

Breathe without talking, please.

(exhales slowly)

All right.

Your lungs are no better for your wild night out.

You managed not to rupture a wound.

And Penance? She did stop vomiting.

She’s a strong girl.

But you got no business bringing her along on these dangerous excursions, after what Maladie did to her.

I didn’t bring her to Maladie’s.

You didn’t know what you were walking into.

Either time. Any time.

Right, you tried to bring Bonfire Annie into the fold.

That’s not a difficult choice. That’s just reckless.

She’s a killer, for Christ’s sake.

I’m a killer.

You’re a soldier, and Penance isn’t one.

She will be.

That’s a terrible fate to wish on a friend.

Do you think anything that’s happening has to do with what I wish?

Just try to keep her from becoming an opium fiend.

Well, you know young people these days. They never listen.

Yeah, and they’re not gonna learn it from you.


It’s not funny.

It’s not fun.

Watching you throw yourself at danger like you think it’s gonna propose.

Coming here, to patch you up over and over…

It could be fun.

Amalia, we’ve been through this.

It was fun.

It was more than fun.

Every night I have…

(orphans running)

Race you!


I sit at dinner across from my wife, and I know something that she doesn’t know.

Something that will pull her heart out, and the only comfort I have or I could give is the knowledge that I walked away from it.

You didn’t get very far.

Do you think it’s easy for me?

Horatio: Nothing’s easy for Amalia True.

She has the weight of the world.

I’m sorry I can’t be more generous about being your mistake.

(lively piano music playing)

♪ Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde ♪

All: ♪ And the band played on ♪

♪ He’d glide ‘cross the floor with a girl he adored ♪

♪ And the band played on ♪

♪ But his brain was so loaded ♪

(sings foreign languages)

♪ Poor girl would shake with delight ♪

All: ♪ He’d ne’er leave the girl with the strawberry curls ♪

♪ And the band played on… ♪

(voices trail off)

No need to stop on my account, please.

Is there a song you’d like, Mrs. True?

None you’d know, but keep playing.

(speaks foreign languages) -Mrs. True needs a different kind of song.

I should be working to get that voice back.

Oh, let her play.

Can I not be made the villain of the piece?

I said keep playing.

The other song will come when it comes.

I doubt a little fun will do anything but help.

Waiting’s only painful when you’re not doing anything else.

The gospel of Amalia True, patron saint of patience, and ironically, fist-punching. Good morning.

Miss Adair, you’re surprisingly sprightly this morning.

I had a vision in the night in between vomits.

First time Mary sang in public, only the Touched that were in the room could hear it.

But next time, we’ll make Mary’s voice loud enough that it can be heard by Touched across the city…

You say Candlemas Park is the place, right?

It’s open on all sides, and there’s the…

Penance: And it’s right in the center of the city.

But I was noticing last night that the city is loud.

Even pure truth would choke on the din.

But every voice is just vibrations, and an electric converter could make those vibrations a lot bigger.

Penance Adair, have you just invented the amplifier?

Ah, you gave it away!

And you gave it a very dull name.

I’ll be calling it “The Brightener.”

It’s a play on words involving your name.

(laughs) Well, thanks.

Um, that’s… Um, I-I don’t know what it is.

Oh, it, um… amplifies the sound waves.

It-it’ll make your voice heard for miles, or near a mile, I think.

They’re-they’re awful boxy. Design elements usually come later on.

But all I need is some copper wire, and we’ll have some prototypes.

I say we go to the park later on this evening, and we just run some tests.

And to think I slept.

You always were a lightweight.

(indistinct chatter)

Look, I think I am getting closer to it.

I mean, I… I feel little moments.

You don’t have to give me a status report every time you see me.

Just because you can enjoy yourself and be entertaining doesn’t mean you weren’t kidnapped a week ago.

It’ll come when it comes.

Has there been any word of Maladie?

I imagine she’s licking her wounds.

Or punching them.

And Bonfire Annie?

Heard you were trying to recruit her last night.

Hello, miss.

Amalia: Does that bother you?

Get out.

Mary: I wish I’d been told.

If I turned a corner and there she was…

I didn’t want to worry you for nothing.

And nothing is what came of it, so…

You’re keeping secrets.

Every woman keeps secrets.

Every Touched woman keeps a great deal more.

(laughs softly) That’s a dodge.

Was there a question?

I’ve asked the girls what this place is, and what we’re meant to be doing.

And they all have different answers.

I can sense that there’s something…

Some sort of mission beyond keeping each other safe.

But it’s all a bit vague.

What is it you’re looking for?

A conspiracy? A cult?

I’m not asking you to cut off your toes.

I’m looking for you.

I’m right here.

Are you?

Three years ago, I woke up knowing things that I shouldn’t, and was declared insane.

Which for a time, I thought I was.

So, yes, I keep secrets.

I also drink when I shouldn’t, fight when I needn’t, and fuck men whose names I do not learn.

I get nervous in crowds.

I see things that aren’t there.

When I meet someone, the first thing I think of is how to kill them.

I do have some good qualities. (chuckles softly)

I genuinely like horses.

What is it you know that you shouldn’t?

You want me to sing so that more people will come here?

Maybe I’m struggling because I don’t know if they should.

(footsteps departing)

(passionate moaning)

(both groaning)

(groaning crescendos)

Hugo: Yes! Now!

Tell me!

(both groaning loudly)

Nine, forty-two and eleven seconds!


(speaking French)

(speaking French)

Wh-where’s the purple light?

You’re supposed to fill the room with light when you spend.

I don’t fill the room…

I wanted purple light! Not Greenwich Mean Time.

Uh, I know the time.

(sniffs, exhales) -No one hires the Touched no more.

Hugo, sorry to barge in.

I just, I think… I think we’re being very, um…

Augie, this is Dominique. She’s been auditioning.

Oh. I see. No, I see, I see.

Best of luck.

(softly): Do you… Do you audition all the girls?

Uh, and the boys. I’ve got a set of, uh, boy-girl twins who are bonded in the most fascinating way.

If you spank one of them, the other…

Oh, Hugo…

I’m just not sure I can be involved with this.

It’s all signed and sealed, old boy.

But you haven’t filed them yet with the… With the company’s house.

Well, the moment they were signed.

What, 4:00 AM?

The day they were signed. You are the sole proprietor of the Ferryman’s Club, and turning a pretty profit to boot.

He’s boss.

He is boss.

Profit? Already?

I paid this all off privately before we started.

There’s just, uh, the staff, the talent, and, uh, our generous salaries.


I know. Isn’t it common? (laughs)

We dwell amongst the nouveau riche. (chuckles)

I audition to you?

Hugo. Hugo! Hugo…

If Lavinia finds out…

She won’t.

You haven’t invested a penny.

And the contracts are under seal.

Uh, uh, don’t smile. You have mystique.

The Touched are her personal cause.

Lavinia, if she finds out what you…

Your next candidate.

We… No, you are making them do…

Paying them to do.

Paying me to do.

Voice (echoing): Ask him… ask him for housing…

And housing them. Quiet, you.

And keeping them safe.

Hugo, this isn’t a schoolyard prank.

There are things being done here that are illegal.

And quite, quite possibly immoral.

Speaking of which, uh, Charlotte says hello.

Uh, so does Lufima.


You wouldn’t…

There you are.

Augie: Wh-wha-what I did that night was not the conduct of a gentleman, I know.

But w… We didn’t… We didn’t break any laws.

That I know of.

What you did, they don’t have laws for.

Then I didn’t break any.

Look, just give it a try.

I’m all alone here, Augie.

I-I can’t do all this all by myself.

I don’t have the time.

Nine forty…


Everything’s just moving much too fast.

I’m, I’m sorry I filed the papers, but I had to use up a lot of favors, and I can’t help…

I… Of course, I will. I’ll-I’ll set you free. Just give me time.

And, and meanwhile, enjoy being in charge for a bit, ’cause I have a meeting.

No… In charge?

Well, you don’t have to audition anyone. Just… look important. Say no a lot. Roma!

Where the hell is my purple light?

You sent me a pocket watch.

(whispering): And can you get those fucking contracts filed now?




Mrs. Beechum: Ronald will have those maple branches pruned before you get back.

This union business should only take a few days.

Unions is just organized laziness, if you don’t mind my saying.

Should be grateful for a wage and your guiding hand.

What the hell is all this?

We’re installing a telephone, not a trapeze.

I’ll make sure they’re out of sight.

The degradation of progress.

We build homes to keep other people out, and then build machines to let them all in.

Well, it will help with ordering from the butchers and such.

Speed it up.

Yes, because the measure of a thing’s worth is how quickly it arrives.

Well, if you was to come unexpectedly, or with company…

It’s only the under-butler heard you talking to Parkins about a widow you’d met.

A friend of Miss Bidlow’s.

You’ll fire him yourself?

Of course, sir.

And Mrs. Beechum, you will give up your romantic yen for a mistress.

This house has all the company I can abide.


Little Annie Carbey, the Bonfire of Limehouse.

I’ve known her since she was a dusky urchin, following her old man around when he collected for the Top Hat Lads.

Now, she’s got a “turn.”

A terrible fuckin’ “turn.”

Fire. And what have you got that can compete with that?

You got fucking guns!

People saw you running.

By the light of my shipment ablaze, people saw the Beggar King’s men on the run from a fucking girl!

Now, Mr. Odium here wanted to take you for a walk along the Thames, ’cause he knows that when you wear my brand, what you do reflects on me.

I circled back, but she’d gone.

And the other ladies were there.

Other ladies?

The widow.

And the science one.

She had a horrible device.

Well, I-I didn’t know if they were gonna…

I’ll do better.

Shh, shh, shh,


Oh, no. How new that scar is.

No, no. You’re a pup!

Ha! Now, a man carrying my mark for eight years, I’d expect him to stand his ground.

Maybe he’s become tired of wearing my mark. Huh?

Maybe it’s become a burden, my brand.

We wasn’t told what to expect.


Pain and disgrace.

But it’s all right.

‘Cause you’re expecting it.


(flesh slicing)




So, what the fuck is Mrs. True up to now?

(thug groaning)

(phone ringing)

(indistinct chatter)

(typewriters clacking)

(phone ringing)

You know about this?

Anyone see who left this?

(phone ringing)


Mrs. Beechum: Try the attic, and make sure they’re out of sight!

(distant hammering)

Humph. “Try the attic.”

Try not telling me my business, how about?

(distant hammering)

(distant indistinct chatter)

(thuds softly)

(distant chittering)

(loud bang)


Don’t go near the dogs.


They’ve gone rabid. Try around here.

(squeaks open)

Can you believe that man?

“Electronics is nothing for a girl to be dabbling in.”

Have you ever seen me dabble, Myrtle?

I’ll dabble his face.

Señora True?

What does it say?

(speaks foreign languages)

Penance: That’s not our address.

Barmaid: What’s your preference?

We only got two on tap.

A pint of the dark.

(liquid pouring)

(indistinct chatter)


Dr. Cousens. What a treat.

I’m sorry. Have we met?

Oh, yes. As it happens, I promised you your own carriage.

And at last, it’s here.

Huh. I never thought you meant it.

Ah, I never lie. I never boast. (chuckles)

As it happens, a wealthy patient is waiting for you within.

A new client, of whom you’re not remotely afraid.

Hush, Colonel. Don’t take away his fear.

He might need it.

(door closes)

(latch clicks)

Are you afraid?

It’s well known how you pay your doctors.

They were compensated in kind for the services they provided.

You don’t mess about with brains, you’re all right.

You know who I work with?

Everyone knows the Beggar King has a doctor on call with healing hands.

Yes, I know. Mrs. True.

But this ain’t about her. It’s about the gift she gave me.

And if I heal you, how do I know you won’t…

What, strike you down to get at Molly?

If you’re frettin’ on that, you two must be… dear friends.

Oh, you do go back a ways.

We all do.

Except I don’t remember you so well.

Although there was a Black in a doctor’s coat, which I thought my mind made up.


I’m real.

Do you want to show me the wound?

Yes, sir, doctor, sir.

Whew. (inhales sharply)

It’s a persistent little pinhole.

Kiss it better.

Hmm. Still a bullet fragment in there.

I’ll have to take it out before I can help you.

This is going to hurt.


(liquid sloshing)

(gasps sharply)

(breathing heavily, groaning)

Man gave me this.

I was told to wait two hours. Sorry.

And another whiskey.

Frank: Swann.

Not bad on the eyes.

Yeah, all right, though.

Hope we aren’t in trouble.


(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

(door squeaks open)

Sometimes I think you want to get caught.

Barmaid told me you were here.

Did she?

Mmm, no, no.

She and I are bosom friends. I’ve known her since half noon.

She wouldn’t squidge on me.

One day, you’re gonna walk into a place that don’t think you’re charming.

Don’t think your money’s charming.

My money is adorable.

What are you doing, Swann?

What are you spending your day doing with this panto Moriarty crap?

This what you think a job feels like?

I’m… I’m worked to the bone, Inspector.

Whilst I’ve had nothing of worth from you about Amalia True, or The Orphanage.

Do you know what it cost to arrange that raid?

What do you think I’ll find, hmm?

A bunch of girls longing to leave the safety of their community to come whoring for you?

Uh, a few.

You do have a talent for it.

What about Mary Brighton?

Her “turn,” I mean.

I told you. It’s a song.

Only the Touched can hear it.

It makes ’em feel happy.

Amalia True risks life and limb for a lullaby.

No, there’s more.

Mary don’t know anything about Mrs. True’s plans.

Mary left you on your wedding day.

I think it’s safe to say she does keep things from you.

She did you a favor, of course.


Such a dramatic disappointment.

No one would question you not rushing to the altar a second time.

(liquid pouring)

I often wonder, did she realize she could never give you what you wanted, or did she find out I was?

I was drunk!

I was blind drunk.

The Ferryman’s is a massive venture.

More even than I’d hoped.

But it depends on an immeasurable level of change.

Amalia True?

I do not believe she has any interest in giving the Touched a safe haven. Do you?


Seeing the future… that ain’t her whole story.

She has a purpose.

And now she has Mary.


(footsteps approaching)


(indistinct chatter)

(door slams)

Look at you.

A shadow afraid of shadows.

Such a lonely life.


Where are all your friends then?

The first time, Frank.

(door slams)

You were drunk the first time.

(hooves clopping)

(indistinct chatter)

(huffs) My toes itch.

The ones you’ve got, or the ones you haven’t?


(energy buzzing)

(breathing shakily)

The new moon has made me a virgin.

There’s still some infection on the surface.


Here. Take two of these a day, and keep it clean.


(bullet clinking)

Is this what Molly’s atonement looked like?

You think it’s enough?

I think you blame her for something she couldn’t control.

I wonder who you’ll blame when the time comes.

On you go.

Go? This is my carri…


(bullet clatters)


Don’t scratch at it.




(distant yelling)

(distant chains clanking)

(footsteps approaching)

(cell clangs open)

Winemar Kroos, get up.

What’s this?

Shut your cunt and come on.

Shoot up a new lock when they let you out.

You’re the luckiest fuck in the world.

Can I please have my weapon?

Shut it!

I need it!

Hanging in the market in broad daylight.

Been out there a while by the state of it.

I have no idea how many more there are.

Oh, I didn’t know about these.

I mean, I’m out and about more than most.

I feel like I should have seen.

Penance: Mmm.

You can see now. Time for a visit.

Been long since you and I did a proper ladies’ out, isn’t it?

It has, as that.

(horse neighs)

(indistinct chatter)

(knocking on door)

Yes! Yes, I’m coming!





(door bangs open)

Who are you?

What on Earth is this all about?







(electricity buzzing)


Fuck a drumstick, he’s ugly.

Is this one of those guys what come after Myrtle?

Amalia: He was.

(electricity buzzing)

Lucy: What is it?

Get handsome to The Orphanage and take grandmother with you.

You need fare?

No, no, no, no. I’ve got money.

It’s not from stealing.

We need to know everything that they’ve been doing.

Ah, Désirée will get it out of her.

Or I will.

Is Penance still doing her what’s-it test?

Yes. We need to be set up the day Mary is ready to sing.

I’ll meet Penance in the park at dusk.

Where are you going?

Miss Bidlow needs to see this.

(knocking on door)



I, uh… I, um, didn’t mean for you to rush over.

I don’t want to waste your time.

Oh, no, I’ve got other people doing that, thanks.

But you’re not in any…

No, no, no.

No. Noth… nothing dire. Just, um…

Well, I… I, I don’t suppose that Maladie’s been, um, oh, you know, captured and sent off to Australia.

Did, did something happen?

Is-is Mrs. True up to something?

I mean, you, you can tell me. It’s unofficial, of course.

No. It’s just stranger than I expected, you know, being around so many of the Touched. It’s…

My, my… my song used to be mine. It was like a little… little piece of comfort.

But then, now that I’ve gone public, it just… I don’t… I don’t know how to find that… voice that I have.


I could… I could… I could find you a place.

You know I’ve got that, the spare room, if there, there’s nothing else.

And I, I wouldn’t try to…

No, it’s…

I know you wouldn’t.

I, I… Frank, I didn’t mean it… It’s, uh…

As, as a gentleman, I know that you wouldn’t.

But also as a man who…


You’re a good man.

But there’s a part of you that you hate.

I, I won… I won’t say any more.

Except that… I will never hate you.

Not for who you are.

You’ll always be the man that I call when there’s trouble, and when there’s not trouble, I guess.

Can I ask you for something?

Of course.

N-next time you sing, not that, that kind of singing… I-I’d like to be there.

You know that only the Touched can hear it.

Yeah, I want to feel like, ’cause at least just give it a go.

People change.

At the worst, I’ll watch.

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen you on a stage.

Arrangements have already been made, and we, uh…

Forgive us, we have to begin.

Of course, of course.

I got the gist on my telephone.

What are the confidence levels on the investment’s return?

Regrettably, we are among those who cannot see into the future.

But we do have a clearer view of the field.

It appears the new players are in motion.

We need to get those fliers taken down.

They could be all over London.

Leave them.

I’ll have someone watch the house in case anyone turns up, innocent or otherwise.

What can I do?

I need to know who owns the building.

I can get that information for you in a day or so.

Although I doubt it will reveal much.

What about Mary Brighton?

Is she doing her siren call, or what have you?

Amalia: I’m not sure. She’s been struggling.

We’re doing the test this evening, in the park.

If Mary can find her voice, we’ll make sure it’s heard.

Distorted voice: What did you tell them?


What? What…

N-nothing. I-I never said…

What did you tell them?!

I, I, I, s-swear.

I, I didn’t tell anyone anything.

I didn’t!

Désirée: Well, now that your blood is up,

how’s about we start then?


(metal clanging)


Who are all you people?

We’re the people who answer your flier.

Well, I’m not answering any of your questions.

Who do you work for?

A man. Tall. Had a fur coat.

Well-spoken but not too posh.

You think they’d send the boss around, showin’ his face?

What do they do to the girls?

Experiments, I think.

Why you?

They knowed about my tragedy, I guess.

About my daughter, and all the suffering.

Did you hear a name?

Water. She made everything water.

Any liquid. She did it with wine, which is the opposite of Jesus. (laughs)

Plus, it cost me two shillings.

There was a well, made everyone sick.

She fixed that, but that’s not for a person to do.

But she was never afraid of it.

She stopped being afraid of anything.

She would just say, “Water is life.”

Sitting up nights with her needlework, just knowing something.

Sitting and knowing.

A young man saw it, too. It was unnatural.

My heart bleeding for the burden on, uh, on, on me.

And she went for a bath.

And it was so hot. It was so hard to… hold her down like that ’cause she didn’t understand.

She was splashing and struggling and trying to cry out.

I could see it all ’cause she made the water so clear.

(exhales sharply)

I had to bear that.

I had to be strong… till she stopped.

Till she was free.

Her and the child inside her.



Let go of me!

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.

Abominations! Abominations, all of you!

(speaks foreign languages)

You need to…

(electricity buzzing)



Lucy’s “turn” came sudden.

She didn’t know she was Touched till she lifted her baby boy up from his bassinet.

Six months old and the first person to ever love her back.

And all his bones broke before he could even make a sound.

I don’t think she would hurt ya.

We should call in the law.

She confessed to murder in front of seven people.

Yeah, seven Touched people. What policeman’s gonna care?


Your brightener worked a charm. That’s good news.

Aye. It needs some tinkerin’.

But I’m not in much of a mind right now.

We’ll have to send word to True.

Tell her we’re not going to the park.

Mary: Yes, we are.


We are going to the park. I’m ready.

Will this be workin’?

Yes, ma’am.

Tell Inspector Mundi to come.

Let everyone know, especially Lucy.

How many?

What, love?

Girls… that’ll never hear Mary’s song.

We should have asked her how many.

(hooves clopping)



(carriage door thudding)


(tense music playing)

(footsteps splashing)



(Odium yells)

(Odium yells)






(grunting, panting)

(footsteps thudding above)








(Odium yells)

(Amalia gasps)




(chain clanging)


(water splashing)


(spits, pants)


(horse snorts)

Is it that you just hate dresses?

Someone overstepped.

How many people do you need for a test?

Oh, it’s not a test.


(brightener buzzing)




I love them, you know.



I think they’re just wonderful.

(sings in foreign language)

(continues singing in foreign language)

(continues singing in foreign language)


(wind blowing)

(singing continues)



(bullets firing)




(gasping, yelling)

(Amalia panting)

(Frank yelling)


(screams): No!

(firing continues)


(sobbing softly)



(fire crackling)


AMALIA TRUE: Whoever did have Mary Brighton killed was making a public statement.

The longer we wait to find the killer… the greater the chance we never do.


AMALIA: I was left here with nothing but a mission I was never actually given.

PENANCE ADAIR: You know better than anyone what pain does.

You don’t want more violence.

ANNIE CARBEY: This is London, doctor.

There’s always more.

HARRIET KAUR: How are we ever gonna see justice if we’re not a part of justice?

Is vengeance going to make the world better?

LORD MASSEN: You are a casualty of war.

AMALIA: So we’re at war.

LAURA DONNELLY: Amalia finds herself…


…suddenly thrown into a lake, and looks up to find that it’s Odium standing there.

And within moments, she sees Odium walk on the water.

That brings on a fight of a kind that I have certainly never seen myself on a screen.

ROWLEY IRLAM: This is, without a doubt, I would say, probably the most challenging sequence of the whole season.

At the beginning of the sequence, we’re with Amalia, and she falls out of the door, into a lake.

And then, our character, Odium, who’s played by Martyn Ford, who is absolutely massive.

He’s… He weighs about 350 pounds. The guy’s huge.

He starts to walk into the lake, or so we think, until you suddenly realize he’s walking on water.

JANE ESPENSON: Odium is established in the pilot, as someone who works for the Beggar King.

And the Beggar King offhandedly says, “You cannot get that man in a bath.”

And it isn’t until episode three that you learns what he means.

That he literally can’t get into water.

The writing staff observed that, “Wow. If he got in a fight with someone on water, he could just whack-a-mole them. He could just stomp them down every time they came up for air.”

And that observation led to this fight.



DONNELLY: The tension in that fight is that Amalia can’t come up above water, or she’s going to be beaten by Odium.

And if she receives one or two hits from a guy that size, then she’s in real trouble. But at the same time of course, she can’t stay underwater either, because she can’t breathe.

So, it’s this constantly trying to get away, where her enemy has all of the power, and all of the advantage.



JOHNNY HAN: From the moment we got the scripts, we were kind of excited it was in episode three and not one, because it gave us a little bit of time to figure it out.

You know, at first, we were stressing out, ’cause it’s like, “Oh, gosh. This is so like… This is difficult.”

We didn’t want Odium basically to try to just drown Amalia.

Amalia’s a fighter and she’s smart.

And she’s gonna figure her way out of things.

IRLAM: We’re always looking to find the moments that make people go, “Wow, that’s cool.”

Whether it’s within a fight, or whether it’s within a carriage chase, or whether it’s within a water sequence.

We’re always trying to find something that the audience hopefully hasn’t seen before.

HAN: Our stunts team, led by Rowley, choreographed this amazing sequence, that was full of wirework and incredible stunts.

Amalia climbing on top of Odium, and toppling him like a tree.

And… visual effects is figuring out, “All right, how are we even gonna film this?

Can we shoot it in the lake?” We decide no.

‘Cause it turns out it’s gonna be February, and it’s gonna be frozen.

IRLAM: Rolling, rolling. Hold your breath underwater, please.

HAN: We decided on a tank that’s specially designed for filming, and to wrap the whole tank in green screen on all sides…

IRLAM: And three, two, one… (YELLS)

HAN: …so that we could use the green screen water tank, and put our footage of the lake beyond the tank.

IRLAM: Action!


We had to… put a deck in that was literally five mil beneath the surface to make it look like Martyn Ford’s walking on water.

In addition, we put him in a harness and we flew him.

And so, he faked walking on water.

It was a massive deal to try and make this work.

HAN: With Odium, we didn’t just want the feeling of someone walking on a solid platform.

We feel kinda, has been done.

His power is that he can affect water with this field around him.

It’s not like he’s got feet that float, it’s simply that the water, when it comes near him, behaves differently.

We looked at references of insects that are light enough to crawl on the water.

We looked at non-Newtonian fluids, where basically, if you run across it fast enough, it stays solid, but if you stop, you’ll sink.

We actually went to a trampoline park, and I phone-recorded what we were doing.

We watch it, we’re like, “Okay, you know, that’s a good example of when his feet land.”

And you get a sense of the ground rippling out.

And we’re like, “Hey, that’s pretty cool.

Let’s try to do that.”



IRLAM: That’s great, Laura. Well done.

DONNELLY: It was the most incredible thing to shoot.

Rowley is wonderful.

Rowley allows me to do loads of stunts, and I like that.

Uh, he… yeah, he trusts me and I trust him implicitly.

We started training for that, by getting me used to being under the water, and using the breathing apparatus.

IRLAM: Laura was amazing, you know.

We did lots of scuba training with her, so we took her to the bottom of the tank.

You know, and we had her with two scuba divers down at, um, 20 feet.

Then she would literally swim from one diver to the other.

DONNELLY: That was a steep learning curve.

You know, it was just a few days of taking big steps.

Um, but then when it came to the actual shooting of it, I just felt completely comfortable in it.

To be honest, I think I was mostly running on adrenaline for a couple of weeks. It was… It was so much fun. (CHUCKLES)

IRLAM: Are you ready, guys? Head in underwater, please.

DONNELLY: Helen, my stunt double, will always do the first take of any stunt or fight, or anything like that.

IRLAM: Good.

DONNELLY: Just to make sure that everybody gets an idea of how it should be done.

And that, you know, there’s one take that is done incredibly well, because she’s amazing at what she does.

IRLAM: Three, two, one. Action!


DONNELLY: And then, I get to do pretty much everything after that.

IRLAM: And pull!


DONNELLY: It’s wonderful, because it gives me such confidence to know that they have confidence in me, to get those shots.






IRLAM: We’ve got one shot where Martyn’s lying on the water in a harness, Laura’s underneath him, upside down.

And an awful lot of people cannot hang upside down in water without water going up their nose.

You know, and it’s a… it’s an iconic moment in our show.

DONNELLY: You know, when upside down in the water… with no… like with, you know, your nose filling with water…

Your head filling with water, and trying to hold your breath, while you’re, you know, holding a chain around somebody’s neck just long enough that they pass out, is a…

It’s a challenge. But, um…

It was… It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve ever filmed.

IRLAM: …fourteen, and fifteen. Laura, swim away.


DONNELLY: I just am constantly looking forward to what they’ve got lined up for me next. (CHUCKLES)


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