The Handmaid’s Tale – S04E10 – The Wilderness [Transcript]

June draws on all her resources and relationships, risking everything to ensure her own kind of justice.
The Handmaid's Tale - The Wilderness

Original release date: June 16, 2021

* * *

[people talking indistinctly]

[mellow music playing]

[June] It has to look like love. That’s what he needs. Pretend you like it. Pretend you love it. Pretend you want him. He is your Commander. Make him your whole world. Your sun, your moon, and all your stars. Make him believe. Because your motherfucking life depends on it. Don’t run. Don’t kick. Don’t scream. Don’t bite it off. Don’t… bite.

[door closes]

[footsteps approaching]

Good morning, Ms. Osborn.


I really would prefer it if you weren’t here.

I understand. I’ll be as quick as possible. This way, please.


Commander Fredrick Waterford has been offered leniency in exchange for his cooperation. Before the plea agreement is approved, you have been invited to make a statement to the court, giving your comment on Commander Waterford’s potential release. It will be shown at his I. C. C. sentencing hearing and remain a permanent part of the tribunal record. Do you have any questions I can answer at this point about the status of the Commander’s case?


[door opens]

[door closes]

I apologize that we couldn’t arrange an in‐person hearing.

Judges have busy schedules.

There was certainly no disrespect intended.

[June scoffs]

Ms. Osborn, I should caution you. Sentencing agreements like this one are usually approved by the court. Commander Waterford will, in all likelihood, be granted immunity in exchange for his cooperation.

So I should just get comfortable with the fact that he’s gonna get out. No matter what he did. No matter what I say.

No. I don’t expect you to be comfortable with this.

Is he everything you hoped for?


He’s already rewritten our understanding of the Gilead command hierarchy. He is proving to be an intelligence asset of great value, yes.

You won’t be able to shut him up.

[door opens and closes]

Weak men, hmm? They do make the world go round.

I am on your side, Ms. Osborn.

I was a prisoner that Waterford would sometimes take out to fuck. And you’re gonna set him free. You don’t have a side.

Thank you for continuing to participate in the process.

[door opens and closes]

Just two minutes. I’m so sorry.

Take your time.

Blue. I let it take me. Blue moon. Blue velvet. Blue Man Group.

[bed thumping]

No, I… yeah. I‐I understand that.

[Moira] No, no, no.

Is there anything that we can do about it?


[June] Hi.

Well, how was it?

[Moira] Nothing!

It was shitty.


And it’s done.



No, I‐I get it.


[Nichole calling out]

Your royal highness.

[Moira] Yeah, thank you.

I’ll get her.


Look, I… You… You’re here, right? Nichole is here. That’s a miracle.

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Right? So, we just… we just gotta count our blessings and…

[Moira] No. No, thank you.

I know, you’re right.

[Moira] Well, thank… thank you.

I ca… I’ll be back.


[Moira] But when did they do it?

You’re back.

Praise be.

[Moira] Uh‐huh.


I have tea, or are you hungry?


[Moira] The decision, Rachel.

I’m gonna need you to stop serving me. And I need you to stop cleaning.

Oh. I am working on it with my therapist. So, sit down.

[Moira] Yeah, I understand.


[Moira] I‐I understand. Yeah, thank you.

They’re sending Waterford to fucking Geneva!

They’re gonna fly the prick there and have his immunity hearing.


And then he’s a free man. He’s free to just set up wherever the fuck he wants, with his Viking‐ass wife.

When? When is he leaving, do you know?

End of the week. He will be gone by the end of the week.

Well, good. Out of sight, out of mind.

Hey. You need to go to Geneva.

No. I don’t agree.

We’re gonna raise the money and then you can go there and testify in person.


[Moira] Why?

Because it’s pointless, they’ve made their decision.

[Moira] No, look, forget about the I. C. C. You can do interviews. You can talk to the press.

You do it. You’re good… either of you. Don’t include me in this.

I mean, they won’t do this, right? Like, he can’t just be out. I mean, shit, they’ve gotta listen to you. You’re June fucking Osborn.

Maybe he’s more important than I am.

[Moira] Waterford? That’s fucking crazy.

[June] Well, I told my story. I got up, and I told them everything. They know what he was. What he did and how it felt. They made a deal with him anyway. So maybe what he’s giving them is more valuable than what he took from me.

Don’t say that.

[phone ringing]

You’re going to Geneva. I’m gonna help them raise the money and then you’re going to Geneva.

[Commander Fred] I recognize her. Ryan? Riley, perhaps? I’m sorry.

[woman] Dr. Martina Burnell. She was an oncologist.


Her last posting in Gilead was at a Jezebel’s in Boston. Is that where you recall seeing her?

Contrary to what you may have been told, I did not frequent that establishment.

[woman] Of course. Did you have occasion to interact with her on any of your infrequent visits?

Not in the way you’re implying. We spoke. We may have danced.

[woman] Can you confirm that she is deceased? Mr. Waterford, I know this is very difficult, but you are bringing closure to many families.

I believe Riley passed away in an accident. Dr. Burnell, excuse me.

This was an accident at Jezebel’s?

Yes. Commander Johnston, I recall.

[woman] Brian L. Johnston. Did he face charges of any kind?

[Commander Fred] Oh, no. I don’t believe there was any intent of harm.

Good morning.

You’re late.

I wasn’t aware we had a scheduled meeting.

The Commander is giving you everything that you want. Military command structure, resources, the Colonies. Correct?


I’m sure he’s making you look quite good to your bosses.

Is there something I can do for you, Mrs. Waterford?

Yes, you can start with that woman. Her contempt is completely unacceptable.

Mrs. Waterford, your husband has confessed to brutal crimes, many of which you witnessed yourself.

She will refer to him as “Commander,” or this interview will end. The Commander needs much faster Internet access. The press requests are becoming overwhelming, and he has a constituency that he has every right to communicate with.

Already done.

Excellent. Now, house hunting. We’re going to need a home that is big enough for our family. Of course, security is a concern, so once the Commander returns from Europe, I would like to schedule some tours.

You are both still under custody until the judges’ ruling is issued.

The judges’ ruling needs to be expedited. June Osborn required another say in court to get it out of her system. It’s fine, but let it be done now. The Commander and I have discussed it. We will not have our son born in this place.

I will speak to the Prosecutor’s Office. You plan on living with the Commander… as husband and wife?

As a family. Of course.

Can you explain that to me, Serena?

I don’t believe I have to.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[woman] All right, bud, here we are.

You can play with your ball in the yard.

[boy] Okay.


[Emily] Hi.

We’re enjoying very fine weather.

Pious little shit.

Oliver, aren’t you freezing?

[Oliver] No.

They’re impervious to cold. Someone did a study. So, there wasn’t anybody there, in the courtroom, for your testimony?

No. They taped it.

They’d never stand for that in Gilead.

No. They prefer their justice with a personal touch.

Nooses and such.



My mom… My mom used to always tell me if you wanna know what they believe in? Remember that they bought a shitload more copies of the Old Testament than the New.

It’s a much better read.


The righteous will rejoice in vengeance and wash their feet in the blood of the wicked. It’s good stuff.


Emily, I really want to let go of him.



I want to focus on my family. I want to focus on Hannah and my Nichole. And Luke.

A good mother would be able to let go. A good mother. A good mother would be able to let go.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[Commander Fred] Blessed be the fruit.

What an unexpected pleasure.

Hello, Fred.

Blessed evening, June. May I call you June?

That is my name.

Yes, it is.

Always was my name, actually.

Of course. Well, then, June, why have you come?

Well… [clears throat] I heard that you were going to Geneva, so… I thought this might be my last chance.

Really? To wish me well? [scoffs] That doesn’t sound like our June. Out of respect, I hold no ill will. Even after those things you said in court.

I think you can leave us alone. Thank you.

[door closes]

Mmm. Fred, I think we both know what happened.

Yes, we do. I remember… quite well. I do understand that you had to… frame things in front of the judge. And your husband. Yeah, there were… discomforts in my house, I know, for both of us. More for you, of course. And for that I do have deep regrets.


I don’t know that I was… able to fully appreciate your situation until now. As a father, to… have my son taken away from me would be unimaginable. You must have experienced such terrible longing for your daughter. And, for that, I’m sorry. Truly, deeply sorry.

[sobs] I didn’t think you’d ever say that.





I need a drink.

Of course.



I could use one, too.


What we had, it was… vital. It was a… a relationship we both needed very badly. To survive in our own ways. I wouldn’t call it love, but… there was something else, something very strong.

Yeah. Yeah, there was.

It’s funny. I do find myself missing her.


Offred. I realize that must sound strange to you.

No. [sniffles] I miss her, too. Some things, so much. I miss her strength.

She was very special. Inspiring, in a way.

Mmm. To Offred.

To our Offred.

[Luke] So, we’re going to have some more police at the house for a little while ’cause Waterford’s always gonna have some crazies who, you know, wanna worship him. There’s nothing we can do about that, so…

They can have Fred the Redeemer. I know what he is.

Mmm‐hmm. Yeah, I get that. I get that. You want to stop and get something? Like… should we just get some food? Do you want a beer?


How about a fucking beer?

Ah, naw. I’m kinda tired. I just want to go home.

Home, like Boston home? We could… we could get some Pepe’s, catch a Sox game.


That’d, that’ll be… that would be fun. You know, someday…

I’m going to put Fred on the wall.

June? June, they… they are going to let him go. Okay? So, you gotta let it go.

On the fucking wall.

[breathing heavily]

Ms. Osborn. Good morning.

Fred’s not gonna get out, Mark.

I understand how difficult this is to accept.

You should probably change. We’re going to need your car.

Ms. Osborn…

You’re gonna help me. We’re not having a discussion.

No, we are going to have this conversation. Yes, we are. Because we are human beings, trying to work together. Because we have respect for each other. I mean, this is my home. You have my cell, my email. This is fucking… inappropriate and completely unacceptable.

[breathing heavily]

I apologize for my tone.

No need. You’re right. I’m sorry. You know, Gilead turns you into a bit of a cunt. I just… I need Fred to get what he deserves.

I understand. I just… I don’t know what I can do for you.

Just listen. Please? Give me a ride, and just listen.

You spoke to him directly?

Yeah. The embassy arranged the call.

And he personally guaranteed safe passage?

Yeah. He did.

All right.

June Osborn. As I live and breathe.

Joseph. Thank you for coming.

Oh, it was such an intriguing offer. How could I resist?

So, you want to make a deal for Fred.

Deal. He’s not a… used Subaru. He is my fellow countryman. Lost and far from home. Mr. Tuello, we’d… we just want to get Commander Waterford… Fred home.

I’m sure you would. Waterford is talking, and you’re scared.

No, he’s having a crisis of faith. Be a mistake to rely on his words.

Thank you for the warning.

You said he’s been talking, he’s already been helpful.

Yes, he has. And we hope he will continue to be an asset.

We would be willing to discuss a range of monetary policy changes.

Commander Lawrence, you are wasting your time.

Joseph. Don’t be a dick.

It was worth a shot. Uh, I do have another offer. A trade, if you will. Uh, Michelle Torrence, Courtney Tan, Adrienne Gedney. Twenty‐two of these women worked with the Resistance, isn’t that right?

Yes. We thought they were dead, most of them.

Well, good news, then.

And you can save them.

And we can bring our brother home.

I get that Fred Waterford is giving you information that you feel will save lives. I get that. But these are the lives you’re trying to save. And you cannot say that Fred Waterford is worth more than these women, these 22 women. You can’t say that.

I will take it to my boss.

Oh, good.

Thank you.

Glad you haven’t lost your touch. It won’t be enough, you know. Whatever happens to him if we get him won’t be enough for you.

God bless you, Joseph.

[Luke] No, look, if they make that trade, Waterford is going to end up in Gilead. They will put him on trial, and he will go to jail.

Or the Colonies.


Not free but still alive.

[Rita] At least a trial is proper. Justice of a sort.

[Emily] Would we ever know what happened to him?

[Moira] I don’t care. I just want him gone. I’ve spent too much of my life thinking about him. I just want him gone.

What do you want?

I want him to be afraid. Because I was afraid for so long.

How afraid?

Like in the woods when I was caught. And they took Hannah.

More than that.

Mmm. I want him to be scared to death.


…he is out of the country. As I said. Yes. Sure, call me back.

It’s the I. C. C. press relations. She’s the competent one if you can believe it.


You’re off to the airport?

Yes. And… I’ll return a free man. A husband and a father.

It really is a miracle, Fred. What you’ve done.

I am guided by His hand and my love for the two of you.

Thank you. Here is your airplane reading. I’ve marked the changes in the court documents, and here are the revised appendices.

Oof. I imagine this means I won’t have time to watch any in‐flight movies. I wish you could come with me.

We’ll have to divide and conquer for a while. Call me when you land.

Yes. Um, we could try to Zoom. I’d like to see you.

Sure, Fred. We can Zoom.

[phone ringing]

Serena Joy.

It’s my conference call. Have a safe flight.

Praise be.

Yes, yes. I’m here. Yes. Who else are we waiting for? Yes, well, I was hoping we could discuss the case strategy. Given our last conversation, I thought it would be appropriate.

Good afternoon, Commander.

Good afternoon, Michael.

Your car’ll be right up.

Praise be. Oh, would you…


[Mark] Yes, he’s here.

Thank you. Very much, ma’am.

Ah, Mr. Tuello, what a surprise. I was told you wouldn’t be coming along to Geneva.

You’re not going to Geneva.

What are you talking about?

What is this posturing? I want to speak to my lawyer immediately!

You no longer have a lawyer. Commander Waterford, the I. C. C. Court…

You liar!

…have ruled you unfit for leniency…

You two‐faced fucking coward!

They have turned your dispensation…

You’re a liar!

…over to…

‐…the American government.

Two‐faced fucking liar!

You are now in my custody.

This is absurd. This is insanity! I have rights! I’m a man, and I have rights! Do you hear me, Tuello?

[knocks twice on door]

[indistinct conversation]

[helicopter hovering]

[dogs barking]

This way.

Mr. Tuello, we had an agreement.

We’re exercising a provision within that agreement.

How, by taking me to some dark road to be executed?

No, you’re going home, Commander. Tell them we’re ready. Twenty‐two coming back. Check the names, get ’em on the bus. I want ’em on the move as quickly as possible.

Yes, sir.

I got him.

Come on.

[helicopter hovering]

A prisoner exchange? You can’t.

Your government has made us a guarantee that you will be tried under the formal Gilead justice system. You helped write those laws, didn’t you? It worked for these women, now it’s your turn.

You’ll have to face God with this decision, Mr. Tuello. He’ll be the judge of you, not I. He knows what’s in your heart. He knows what you desire, what you covet!

Goodbye, Commander.

Let’s go!

[helicopter hovering]

[breathing unsteadily]

[police sirens wailing]

[Lawrence] Fred. Praise be. You’re home safe. The nation’s prayers have been answered.

Praise be. [scoffs] Everything I did, I did to protect my family. I won’t apologize.

All right.


Commander. Commander Lawrence. The Eyes will take the prisoner into custody.

Nick. Nick, what are you doing? Son?

If I object, will it make a difference?

No, sir. At the border, I’m afraid the Eyes maintain tactical control.

Well. He seems to have us over a barrel. Go in grace, Fred.

Nick? Son, this is wrong. Son, you will regret this. Son, you’ll regret this. Son. Nick, listen to me. Nick! Where are we going, son? Where are we going? Nick!

[inhales deeply, unsteadily]

[brakes screech softly]

You, uh… You, Nick, you know this is all wrong. Mmm? Where are we? Are we even in Gilead anymore? Hmm?

Just keep moving, Commander.

What jurisdiction do you have to hold me? Hmm? No! I have questions and they deserve…

[cries out] Fuck!

[spits, gasps]

You’ll regret this, son. You know this is wrong. Keep moving.

Tell me where I am.

You’re in No Man’s Land, Commander.

My God.

Do not be deceived. God is not to be mocked. For whatever man sows, so shall he reap. You did this to yourself, Commander.

That’s a lie. That’s idiocy. Nick, son? Help me. Help me.

[breathing heavily]

Fuck. What the… What the fuck is this? It’s fucking sick.

Thank you.

[breathing heavily]

You are a good and kind woman. And a mother.


I know you can’t shoot me.

All right.


Offred, please. No. I have a son! A son!



[June] It has to look like love. That’s what he needs. Pretend you like it. Pretend you love it. Pretend you want it. He is your Commander. He is your whole world. Don’t run. Don’t kick. Don’t scream.

[breathing unsteadily]





[screaming and grunting]

Don’t bite.






[car alarm chirps]

[car door opens, closes]

[car starts]


[door opens]

[door closes]

[Nichole cooing]

Hi, sweetie. Hi.


[Nichole babbles]

Come here, baby. Come here. Hi. Hi. There she is. There’s my girl. Here’s my girl.

[door opens]

Who’s that?


I know. I’m sorry.

Just give me five minutes, okay? Just give me five minutes with her, then I’ll go. Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you so much.


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