The Gentlemen – S01E07 – Not Without Danger | Transcript

Bent on vengeance, Susie goes against her father's orders. Eddie offers to help her but is less certain than ever about where his allegiances lie.
The Gentlemen - S01E07 - Not Without Danger

As Jack lies comatose in hospital, Susie blames Eddie. She oversees the assassinations of Collins’ lieutenant and the Uzbek boxer, but Bobby reigns her in, stating he will handle Collins himself. Eddie learns Johnston wants the names of the other 12 landowners who host Glass farms. Eddie and Freddy obtain them from Lord ‘Tibsy’ Whitecroft, a former Glass associate. Freddy confesses he asked Susie to have Eddie murdered, angering Eddie. Jimmy also confesses he told Gabrielle about Susie’s whereabouts, prompting Susie to threaten Gabrielle. She reveals she works for Johnston and that he is the mastermind behind the thefts of the weed shipments, de Groot’s shipping delays, Keith’s betrayal and Collins’ attacks, all in bids to weaken the Glass empire. Eddie hands the names over to Johnston’s chief of staff, Stevens, but then visits Bobby, hinting at an alternative plan. Susie ambushes Collins and seriously wounds him, but he reveals Eddie’s secret meetings with Johnston. In revenge, she calls John Dixon and reveals the truth behind Tommy’s murder. Finally, a pregnant Charlotte returns from university, surprising the family and Geoff. Worried for her safety at the estate, Geoff tells her about the drug empire.

* * *

[suspenseful music plays]

[line ringing]

[suspenseful music continues]

♪ Couldn’t say I was innocent ♪

♪ Couldn’t say I was blind ♪

♪ Couldn’t say I didn’t know ♪

♪ Couldn’t say nothing at all… ♪

[Susie] Susie Glass. Leave a message after the tone.

[cell phone beeps]

[song continues playing]

[Eddie] Tell me what happened.

[Jimmy] So the two of them just went at it.

And then the Uzbek guy was like, boom, boom.

But Jack, he just kept fighting,

punching, like, bam and shuffle, shuffle.


But the Uzbek geezer, he was a ringer.

And then Jack just dropped.

And that just made us all sad.

Jimmy, what about Susie? What was she saying?

[Jimmy] A lot of bad words.

Like “F” and “C.”

What about Henry Collins?

Yeah, I think he was the “C.”

Has she been back to the farm yet?

Nah. I think she’s at home, innit.

Being sad.

Where’s that?

[Jimmy] What? Her home?

Yes, Jimmy. Where’s her home?

Your Grace, that’s, like, a secret. Not even I’m supposed to know.

But you do know, don’t you, Jimmy?

S-Sort of.

♪ The river still rolls on ♪

[doorbell chimes]

♪ The river still rolls on ♪

How d’you know where I live?

[Eddie] Good morning.

Let’s have a chat.

I’m sorry about Jack.

It had nothing to do with me.

[Susie] Why should I believe a word out of your mouth?

You pushed me. Remember, Susan?

You didn’t give me a way out, so I had to find one.

With Henry Collins.

[Susie] Don’t think you can handle Collins.

You haven’t the faintest fucking idea what you’re dealing with.

[Eddie] We are where we are, Susie.

Your brother. How is he?

He has a fractured orbital socket and a bleed on the brain.

Apparently, we should be grateful it’s not a lot worse.

All because you let yourself get used.

Look, I can fix this, all right?

I can find him. I can flush Collins out.

This world isn’t for you, Eddie.

That’s why you wanted out in the first place. Remember?

I can help you.

You know that.

I don’t need your help. I can handle this on my own.

[Eddie] Fine.

[somber music plays]

[operatic music plays]

One job, three targets. No margin for error.

And the old man’s given the go-ahead?

What do you think?

I’m sorry.

What do you mean?

About Jack. What happened.

What have you got to be sorry for? Didn’t do anything, did you?

Right. You’re sorry. I’m sorry. Everyone’s fucking sorry.

Don’t make much of a difference though.

Let’s just stick to the task at hand.

Sure, boss.

[Bobby] What?

Oi, oi, oi.

Nice and easy. Come on. Wee.

Come on. Come on.

[gentle orchestral music plays]

[Bobby exclaims]

[gentle orchestral music continues]

[guard clears throat] Mr. Glass…

You all right, Dad?

How is he?

Yeah, he’s good. Prognosis is looking really good.

You know how fit he is.

[Bobby] Right.

Then why are you going around killing people?

You think I don’t know everything that’s going on around here?

You see, uh…

you’ve gotta fucking stop.


Because if I know, fucking Collins knows,

and I need to get Collins without him fucking knowing.

What did you think you was doing?

Broad daylight!

Bent ref, claret on the lawn outside his house,

fixing a fucking BMX!

Now you’ve finished your amuse-bouche, you move on to the starter.

240 pounds of prime, sweaty Uzbek.

Drive-by, on the jog, in the park.

Out the fucking window!

You’re on the main course, Henry Collins himself.

But you can’t find him, so you threaten the bookie.

You don’t nick one bollock,

you nick two.

But you don’t get your man.

I’m just the money guy.

I don’t know where he is!

[Bobby] You’re not thinking with your business brain.

You’re thinking with your emotional feelings.

And now Collins knows you’re coming.

Good. I want him to know I’m coming.

[Bobby] He’s up to something.

Otherwise, why is he walking about like Billy Big Bollocks?!

A rush of blood? I don’t know! Who gives a fuck?

He needs to be stopped, Dad!

Well, that’s fine.

That’s fine.

But not by you.

You fucking stand down.

I’ve got people to do this.

Do you hear me?

You’re my angel of life, not my angel of death.

This ain’t for you.



look, look.

I don’t wanna lose you too.


Fucking hell, Dad. He’s not dead.

[Bobby] I know.

What are you gonna do?

You leave it to your old man.

You go home, have something to eat,

and put your feet up.


Yeah, I will.

[Bobby] Oi.

I love you.

I love you too.

[somber music plays]

[grunts softly]



[somber music continues]

[Stevens] Thank you for coming, Your Grace.

Mr. Johnston is very much looking forward to seeing what you can do for us.

And by way of apology for his absence,

he procured a box of cigars for you as a symbol of good faith.

Seven inch, 50-ring gauge,

favored by Churchill himself.

Apparently, Sir Winston had a trick he would use during negotiations.

A simple hatpin inserted into his cigar

so that, when lit, he would have the full attention of the room,

all waiting in anticipation

for when the impossibly long column of ash would fall.

[Eddie] Hmm. Rather clever.

Please extend my gratitude.

Unfortunately, since my last conversation with your superior,

circumstances have arisen which make me, uh, reluctant

to negotiate without the Glass family’s knowledge.

Yes, we heard about the heinous attack on the young pugilist.

Uh, Jack, is it not?

[Eddie] That’s right.

And we are as disgusted by whoever this Mr. Collins is

as I’m sure you are.

Violence and trickery has no place in our way of business.

Your concern for the Glass family is admirable, Your Grace.

We believe we may have an approach

that may present a peaceful and yet mutually beneficial end

to all this… unpleasantness.

Hmm. Go on.

As you are aware, Mr. Johnston is a huge admirer of your house,

which, of course, is off limits.

But we also understand

there are other houses that offer the same opportunities as yours.

Eleven, we believe.

Thirteen, actually.

We would like you to obtain the names

of those lords in possession of said houses.

How do you intend to use their names?

Mr. Johnston believes the key to a good deal

is to give everyone something they want.

With those names, Mr. Johnston gets the leverage

with which to negotiate with Bobby Glass,

by taking away the secrecy which protects his empire.

For you and your family, of course,

the freedom from the Glass family you so greatly desire.

And all just for a list

of names.


[operatic music plays]

Since when have we been locking the gates?

Yeah, can’t be too careful.

So, university holidays already?

Uh, yeah, not quite.

I’ve had to take a little enforced leave of absence.

A baby?

[chuckles] Well, yeah, I hope so.

Either that or I’ve really let myself go.

How do you think my mother’s going to react to being a grandma?

[Geoff] She’ll be profoundly moved.

Actually, she’ll probably be moved to tears, I’d imagine.

Thank you, Geoff.

Fingers crossed, eh?

[lively orchestral music plays]

[horn honks]

[lively orchestral music continues]

[Charly exhales]

[Sabrina laughs softly]


Something’s different.

Um, have you had a haircut?

No. No, must be your eyes.

[Sabrina laughing] Oh, darling!

Oh God, I can’t believe you left it so long before you called.

I haven’t told your brothers. I thought I’d let you do that.

[Charly] Oh, a big one!

[both laugh]

Chuckles! What the fuck is this?

I mean, how exactly did this happen?

What happened? Oh, well, um, see,

when… when a man plants a seed in a lady’s garden…

I’d implore you to never use the word “seed” again. Who’s the father?

Frederick, that’s Charly’s prerogative.

You’re not to ask who the father is. She’s not going to tell.

[Charly] Look, does it matter?

Would you love your niece or nephew any less?

I mean, quite possibly, yeah.

Well, come on, then. Let’s hug and stuff.

Congratulations, I guess.

Wanna touch it?

No, thank you. I won’t be doing that.

Auntie Wham Tam?

[Tammy] No. Thank you.

Makes me think of cats in bags.

[Eddie] Afternoon, everyone.


Well, I’ll be damned.


I’m not gonna ask. You have been busy.

[Charly] Yeah, just a bit.

I’m sorry. I was going to give you a ring,

but then, um, well, you know, essays, tutorials…



I hear you’ve been working.

Yes. Yeah, you could call it that.

Boring stuff, really, around the estate.

I need to have a chat with Mother about it.

I presume you’re staying.

At least until I’ve squeezed this one out.

Or the first couple of months when the baby’s here,

something like that.

[laughs] Is that all right?

Of course.

[Eddie] Of course. Yes, yes, of course.

Look, let me clean up this business, then we’ll have a proper catch up.

I can tell when I’m not wanted. I was gonna have a bath anyway.

See you in a bit.

[Sabrina] Bye, darling.

Doesn’t she look wonderful? I’m so happy for her.

[Freddy] Yeah, not exactly great timing, though, is it?

Look, at least in the short term, there’s gonna be some, um, turbulence

as a result of some problems in the Glass empire.

That is why I need your help, Mother.

I need a list of the other locations. The ones in the same position as us.

Darling, I wouldn’t know. That was your father’s domain.

Can’t you just ask Susie?

Wouldn’t be advisable. Not right now.

So you’ve spoken to her then?

She, uh… She happen to mention me?

[Eddie] No, Freddy, you didn’t come up.

But, darling, do you know, there… there was a dinner.

I mean, it was years ago.

It… it was around Christmastime.

There were 11 lords and your father,

and then this sort of, I don’t know, a kind of barrow boy type.

Where was this party?

It was at Faringbourne.

Faringbourne? That’s Tibsy’s place.

Do you know him?

Dad used to insist on taking me skiing with him when you were in prep.

Nanky fucker. Bit weird, actually.

I hear he’s gone a touch wonky donkey,

developed a problem with the old disco dust.

Well, if anyone would know, it would be him.

Right. Freddy, you need to call him.


[telephone rings]

[telephone continues ringing]

[ominous music plays]

Tibsy’s not picking up.

[Eddie] Right.

We need to go and see him.

I want you to come with me, considering you knew him.

[suspenseful music plays]

How do you think Susie’ll react when she finds out what we’re doing?

She’s looking after her family. I’m looking after mine.

Right now, how she reacts,

that’s none of my concern.

[suspenseful music continues]




[Freddy] Yeah.

[Freddy] Eddie, hey, wait.

[Eddie] Come on.

[Freddy] The place is a mess.

What the fuck?

[Eddie] Yeah.

[Freddy] Maybe he’s moved.

Oh, well, we tried.

Come on, come on.

[Freddy] Oh!



[Eddie] Hello?

[upbeat music plays]

Hold on. [sniffs]

That’s weed, man. Smells modern.

[Eddie] Yeah.

♪ It’s the R-A-D-I-C-A-L ♪

♪ They know me well ♪

♪ The only thing subtle is the detail ♪

♪ On the darkest of nights I was Christian Bale ♪

♪ Rather me be the slave But that ship done sailed ♪

♪ May God bless the rebels Protect me from the devils ♪

♪ The puppets and Gepettos Flowers and the petals ♪

♪ My seeds from the mountains The gully and the ghetto ♪

♪ Foot to the pedal and the metal ♪

♪ True follow fashion Them think like zombie ♪

♪ Boom, bye-bye, while I bypass nonsense ♪

♪ Couldn’t lose conscience They say I’m too conscious ♪

♪ Love, then they hate, man I see it too often… ♪

[man] I’m coming.

[music blaring]



Freddy Horniman. Am I glad to see such a friendly face, old boy!


And who’s this?

Edward Horniman.

This is my brother. He’s the new duke. Hmm.

Ah, Your Grace.

You must forgive my appearance. I wasn’t expecting guests of your caliber.

That’s all right.

[Tibsy] Congratulations.

Thank you.

[Tibsy] Are you mixed up in this business too?

Listen to me. Get out while you still can.

[Eddie] Let’s have a chat.

Let’s go somewhere more peaceful.

♪ But I ain’t Diddy yet, Footwork DDA Show you how it really get… ♪

[Tibsy] My secret supply.

I have to keep it hidden from them, if you see what I mean.

[Freddy] Tibsy, old boy,

um, who are those, uh, interesting-looking young chaps out there in the hallway?

[Tibsy] Ah, well, you see, I had a bit of a run-in with the Glass family.

They didn’t renew the contract.


[Tibsy] Then this lot moved in.

Right. Have you spoken to Bobby Glass?

[Tibsy] No, it’s fine. I made my own bed, didn’t I? May as well sleep in it.

[Eddie] Thank you.


You know you don’t have to live like this, don’t you?

Like what?

You should see some of the young ladies they bring around.

[Tibsy chuckles]

[Eddie] Right. Uh, we might be able to help you with this little situation here.

But the reason we came is, our mother told us you had a business meeting

some, uh, eight or nine years ago.

Twelve other lords, yourself, and our father included.

We were wondering if you knew the names of the others.

Well, if they’re anywhere, they’ll be in my diaries.


I’m writing my memoirs.

Freddy, look for anything between, uh, 2014 and 2018. December.

[Tibsy] You’re very much like him, you know. Your father.

Who? Me?

Good God, no.

I introduced him to Glass initially.

He was very reluctant to join us at first.

Your father negotiated the deal for us.

It was less than half before him. Hmm.

The others were too faint-hearted

to ask for more from a criminal.

Then Archie declared, “Non sine periculo.”

What’s that?

Your family motto.

Right. Not without danger.

[Tibsy] I rather think he began to enjoy it.

[Freddy] Eddie.



This is it.

Uh, do you mind?

Take it.

The juicy stuff’s in the ’70s and ’80s anyway.

[man] Oi, Whitey!

Not trying to keep the good stuff for yourself again, are ya?

I didn’t say you could have guests.

Okay, uh, Tibsy.

Thank you for hosting us. It has been…

Well, it’s been, anyway.

Great, yeah.

[Freddy] Okay…

What’s that there?

Well, it’s a diary.

[man scoffs] I can see that.

But I think you’ll find it’s my diary.


Everything in this house belongs to me.

I look after it for old Whitey here.

[Eddie] Oh, I see.

Maybe that explains why you’re wearing a 75-year-old man’s dressing gown.

[chuckles] I think it looks quite good.

It… it doesn’t fit me any longer.

I’m not entirely convinced it does go with that tracksuit.

Why the fuck are you talking?

You’re right. It’s not my forte.

Edward, we have everything we need.

No, hang on, because if you wanna leave with that,

it’s gonna cost ya.

Normally, if someone wants something from this place,

they pay for what they take.

[Eddie] Oh, is that right?


Your kettle’ll do nicely.

Oh, my watch?

[quiet tense music plays]

I’m not giving you my watch.

Eddie, just give the man your watch, and we can get the fuck…

You know what, while I’m at it,

’cause you keep fucking talking, I’ll have your trousers as well.

‘Cause you’re right, these don’t match, and I’m trying to up my game a bit.

Yeah, that’s not exactly what I meant…

[man] Give me your trousers.

Yeah, okay.

Let’s not start any trouble.

[man] Exactly.

I’m gonna take your trousers and his watch.

Take off your trousers.

[Freddy] Eddie? I just…

Take off your fucking trousers.

[Eddie] All right.

All right, all right, all right.

Let’s just take a beat, okay?

Everyone, relax.

You’re right. Okay? It’s a fair trade.

I will give you my watch

for the diary.

But you’re not taking my brother’s trousers.

[suspenseful music plays]

[Eddie] You shouldn’t have done that.

Yeah, well.

I’ve experienced my share of shame recently.

What difference is one more dose?

[man 1] Nice legs, sweetheart.

[man 2] Do you wax?

[Freddy] Yes.

Pretty bloody embarrassing, to be honest.

Oh, I embarrassed you?


Oh, I’m sorry. I was actually trying to look out for you.

Looking out for me?

Yeah, to protect you!

I am your older brother.

Of course.

It’s kind of my fucking… I shouldn’t have bothered. Fuck this.

How are we here again, Freddy?

Okay, truth is,

I’ve been having some dark fucking thoughts recently. Okay?

Like, real fucking dark.

I wanted you dead.

That’s what I said to Susie at the boxing. That if you were somehow… out of the way,

then I could fucking take your place or something.

I know that’s fucked up, I know it’s dark, and I don’t know what fucking happened.

This whole thing since Dad died just started to get inside my head,

and I’m sorry, okay?

I will never… never forgive myself

because I… I love you, man.

Every step of your life,

I have been there for you, Freddy.

[Freddy] I know.

[Eddie] Picking up the pieces every time you fuck up!

And do I expect anything in return?


You’re a disappointment, Freddy.

I’m sorry.

[Eddie] Look at this place.

It’ll happen to us if we let it. It’s gotta stop.

[Freddy] I’m sorry. I’m sorry!


[Sabrina] Oh, Geoff.

[Geoff] Your Grace, dandelion root.

The tea is very good for pregnant women, apparently.

[chuckles] Thank you.

I remember.

Um, I was thinking,

Halstead Manor is not really the right place

for young Charlotte right now.

But i-it’s her home.

Sh-She wants to be here.

That’s because she’s nesting. That’s natural.

Maybe she would rethink it if she knew the truth.

The truth?

Geoff, you were the one who insisted that we kept it a secret.

You wanted her to grow up believing that Archibald was her father.

But I was talking about what’s going on underneath the dairy.

And all the violence that’s happened because of it.

My dolls!

[Sabrina] Hello.

[gasps] I can’t believe you kept all these.

[Charly chuckles]

Oh yeah, Freddy drew pubes all over my Barbies.

All right, Geoff?

Miss Charlotte.


[doorbell chimes]


[cell phone buzzes]

[Henry] Hello, Susie.

[Susie] Fuck off, cunt.

How’s your burger?

I had it specially made for ya. Extra jalapeños, just how you like it.

Too scared to deliver it yourself?

Should’ve taken your chance while you could.

Don’t have the arsehole, do ya?

You touch one of my people again, and I fucking will.

When I get the thumbs up, I’m coming knocking.

Sleep tight.

[ominous music plays]

Is yours overdone too?

Mine’s shrunk.

Have mine.


Good afternoon.

Now, I’m not claiming to have the most exciting of social lives,

mostly box set marathons and feeding my pet fish,

punctuated by the odd casual fling,

but I do like to have a semblance of work/life balance,

so, therefore, my home address is supposed to be secret.

How did you know how to find me?

What does it matter?

It matters because Henry Collins knows where I live now, too,

so now I can’t go back to my apartment, can I?

Right, I see.

[Susie] Especially now that that arsehole’s on the prowl.

So, if I’ve got a leak, I need to know how to plug it.

Your Grace,

I told you it was a secret.

How did you know to tell him in the first place?

[Jimmy] Shipping label.

Do you remember that day you bought those sick shoes?

The ones with the red bottoms.

And you opened them here.

You said I could have the box for my condiments.

No, I don’t, Jimmy.

[Jimmy] I do.

Never forget an address.

It’s from when I used to do deliveries, innit?

Who else knows, Jimmy?

No one, Your Grace. It was a secret.

[Susie] Yes, Jimmy,

but you told Eddie.

So, who else?


Has anyone been asking after me?

[Jimmy] Yeah.

Do you lot remember that girl that you lot thought stole our van,

but… but she didn’t?


Her name’s Gabrielle.

I told you she’d call.

And you gave her my home address?




[Jimmy] We talk a lot, innit?

About everything.

Hopes, dreams…

Sh-She wanted to send you flowers.

You know, for Jack.


Jimmy, you’re gonna call your little friend, Gabrielle,

and you’re gonna set up a meeting.

Yes, boss.


Well, where do you normally meet, Jimmy?

[whimsical music plays]

[Gabrielle] Hello, Jimmy.

I got your message.

Everything all right?

[Susie] Hello, Gabriela.

Don’t worry. This is Susie, my boss, innit.

And Your Grace.

Well, my Grace, but he could be your Grace too.

[Susie] It’s time to be quiet, Jimmy.

[quiet ominous music plays]

[gun cocks]

[Susie] Where is Henry Collins?

[Gabrielle] I… I don’t know who that is.

[Susie] Maybe a dead Jimmy will cure your amnesia.

Now, I think the mood she’s in, she means it.

[Susie] Oh, well, I tried. Kill Jimmy.

Johnston. I… I don’t know no Collins.

I was hired by a man named Stanley Johnston.

With a “T.”

[Susie] Tell me everything.

[Gabrielle] It was a job for someone I’d never met.

Twenty grand to nick a van.

I didn’t realize it was full of weed until after we stole it.

He’s agreed to meet her for dinner tomorrow night.

[suspenseful music plays]

Excellent news.

Mr. Johnston will be tickled… pink.

[suspenseful music continues]

[Gabrielle] They didn’t want the product. They just wanted to disrupt your business.

They threatened to kill me if I didn’t cozy up to Jimmy.

When they found out I had an in,

they made me use him

for all he was worth.

It was Stanley Johnston that stopped the flow of products to the continent.

I was absolutely certain she had stopped all the shipments.

[operatic music plays]

[Gabrielle] Maneuvering behind the lines to gain the upper hand.

You’re being paid very handsomely, Mr. de Groot.

Do not let my client down.

[Gabrielle] But no matter what he did, you found a way around it.

[operatic music continues]

[Gabrielle] Wasn’t just me he had working for him.

He had another inside man. Keith.

But you got around that as well.

So he went for a different strategy.

[Stanley] Mr. Collins,

I believe it’s time to start applying pressure,

as discussed.

[Gabrielle] I guess he must’ve used that man Collins.

But Collins went too far.

It was never the plan to put your brother in a coma.

Johnston just wanted the business.

And he still does.

Now blood’s been spilled, he’s not gonna stop until he’s got it.

There’s nothing he won’t do.

[music stops]

I mean, it all stacks up. He’s been sniffing around for months.

He was just biding his time.

He’s trying to use our infrastructure to peddle out his product

like McDonald’s for junkies.

If he gets control of all the estates, he’ll double his bubble

and be the biggest operator on the continent.

We’ll deal with that problem in due course.

First, I gotta deal with Collins.

Hold on. What about your father?

He’s not here.

I need to get to Collins before he gets to me.

You’re with me, right?

[quiet suspenseful music plays]

Of course.

[Gabrielle] I’m so sorry, Jimmy.

I don’t know. Why’d you…

[Susie] Hey.

All right, princess. Just because I didn’t put a bullet in your face

doesn’t mean I won’t.

You work for me now,

and you’re gonna do exactly as I say.

Do you understand?

[cell phone buzzes]

Seems I’m not the only one that’s been busy, Edwina.

Ah, didn’t think to knock, Chuckles?

Mother told me about what happens under the dairy farm.


I see.

I knew something was up.

There’s no way Dad was making that sort of money investing.

[Eddie] Please take a seat.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.

Well, I can’t exactly talk, can I?

Sorry I brought you into all of this.

Mummy said you’re trying to draw a line underneath it?

Hmm. Problem is, I’m currently on the precipice of a difficult decision

about which side offers the best chance of an exit…

with the least possible fuss.

What are the options?

Frying pan or fire.

[Charly] Ah.


You know, when I first found out that I was pregnant,

I just wanted to ring you.

Because I didn’t know what to do.

But… I stopped myself because

I knew I had to make the decision myself.

That’s why I didn’t tell anyone.

So at least I could be the one in control.

Like you.

[Eddie] Hmm.

[Charly] You know,

you’ll make the right choice.

You always do.


Mr. Johnston will be very pleased.

And this guarantees the security of my home

and that I and my family will never hear from you again?

That’s what was agreed.

As gentlemen.

As gentlemen.

[ominous orchestral music plays]

Thank you, Your Grace.

Thank you.

[cell phone buzzes]

We have what we require.

You may proceed… as you wish.

About fucking time.

You got a location?

You ever think a coma wouldn’t actually be that bad?

It’s like a really long sleep.

You flick through all the memories in your mind

’cause you’ve finally got the time.

You wake up

feeling… refreshed.

[Blanket] I read up about a woman who woke up speaking Chinese.

[Susie] Well, thank you for that, Blanket.

Now let’s go and clear the floor.

[pigeons coo]

Come, come, come.

[suspenseful music plays]

You’ve got some bollocks, ain’t ya?

Coming here.

Giving my money to the man who battered my son?

I’m sorry about Jack.

[Bobby] Hmm.

That had nothing to do with me.

But I wanted out, so I went to Henry Collins,

and that’s why I’ve gone to Mr. Stanley Johnston.

[suspenseful music continues]

[clears throat] To do what?

To help him acquire your business

by obtaining the names of the other lords in your stable

so he can take them over.

Whoever holds that list holds the keys to the kingdom.

So you’ve come here

to tell me that you’ve fucked me twice?

Not exactly.

[suspenseful music continues]

[PA system] Dr. Bailey to the nurses’ station.

Dr. Bailey to the nurses’ station, please.

Dr. Bailey to the nurses’ station.

[tense music plays]

Let’s go.

[Blanket] Boss.

[tense music continues]



[man groans]


[tense music continues]

[Henry] Fuck you, Susie Glass.



[Henry groans]

[tense music continues]

[Henry groans]

[Henry] Oh, there you are.

If you’re gonna do it, just fucking do it.

[Susie] Oh, no.

After you made my brother suffer,

I think I’m entitled to take my fucking time.

Make an example of you.

Make sure no one ever tries to steal my business again.

Especially Stanley Johnston.

That won’t make any difference.

Johnston’s gonna get it.

Never gonna happen.

[Henry] Oh, really?

I think it will.

He can corrupt anyone.

He’s got your posh boy on the hook.

Yeah, that’s right. The duke.

You didn’t know that, did ya?

You’ve been fucking played, Susie.

[dramatic operatic music plays]

[music fades]

[line ringing]

[tense operatic music plays]

Sorry, John.

Uh, Susie Glass on the phone. She said it’s important.

[tense music continues]


[Susie] Apologies for the interruption, Mr. Dixon.

Thought you might like to know who killed your brother.

Freddy Horniman blew his head clean off whilst dressed as a chicken.

[Eddie] Freddy!

Fuck off!


And him and his brother lied through their teeth to cover it up.

[tense music continues]

[dramatic operatic music plays]

[music fades]

♪ What an awful day ♪

♪ What an awful day ♪

♪ When the judgment comes ♪

♪ When the judgment comes ♪

♪ And the sinners hear ♪

♪ And the sinners hear ♪

♪ Their eternal doom ♪

♪ Their eternal doom ♪

♪ At the sad decree ♪

♪ At the sad decree ♪

♪ They’ll depart for aye ♪

♪ They’ll depart for aye ♪

♪ Into endless woe ♪

♪ Into endless woe ♪

♪ And gloom, endless woe and gloom ♪

♪ I’m paying now ♪

♪ I’m paying now ♪

♪ The penalty ♪

♪ The penalty ♪

♪ That the unredeemed ♪

♪ That the unredeemed ♪

♪ Must ever pay ♪

♪ Must ever pay ♪

♪ Though for help I cry ♪

♪ Though for help I cry ♪

♪ It is all in vain ♪

♪ It is all in vain ♪

♪ For alas, I’m doomed ♪

♪ For alas, I’m doomed ♪

♪ For aye, I’m doomed for aye ♪

♪ For aye, I’m doomed for aye ♪

♪ I’m paying now ♪

♪ I’m paying now ♪

♪ The penalty ♪

♪ The penalty ♪

♪ That the unredeemed ♪

♪ That the unredeemed ♪

[music fades]


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