The Gentlemen – S01E06 – All Eventualities | Transcript

Eddie's doubts about Susie continue to grow. But there's 15 million pounds of dirty money to be laundered before she'll consider leaving the estate.

Eddie’s doubts about Susie continue to grow. But there’s 15 million pounds of dirty money to be laundered before she’ll consider leaving the estate.

* * *

[ominous choral music plays]

Like to join me in a glass of, uh, sloe gin, Your Grace?

Thanks, Geoff.

[music fades]

You can put Milligan on the floor there. It’s way past his bedtime anyway.


Yeah, anywhere will do.

Everything all right, Your Grace?


You were right, however, about Susie and the Glass family.

Some information has come to light that suggests Susie and the Glass family are…

If I try and extract us from the situation,

they’re willing to kill me.

I thought you two were getting along okay.

Well, we were.

But not anymore.

You might wanna sniff that.

What do you smell?


You gotta take your time when you’re making sloe gin.

It’ll turn that rich magenta color after a couple of weeks.

Most people leave it at that.

But to get that full flavor…

[foreboding music plays]

…you gotta leave it a couple of years.

Underappreciated quality these days,


Let it play out.

You continue to deliver on your end of the bargain and see how they respond.

Don’t let ’em know what you’re thinking.

And meanwhile,

prepare for all eventualities.

[lively operatic music plays]

Good morning, sir. A fresh pot of coffee, perhaps?

Why not?

I’ll take it in my study, Mr. Lawrence.

And, um, two cups.

[lively orchestral music plays]

God, I’m so fucking nervous. I haven’t been this nervous since I played Othello.

Don’t ask, it was different times.

Oh God, fuck me.

[Mr. Lawrence] Good morning, Ms. Glass.

I take it the duke’s ready to receive guests?

Very much so.

Jolly good.

[lively orchestral music continues]

[Susie] Freddy.

Susan, hi. Hey, Susan.

Sorry, something in my throat.

Susie, I know you’re busy with doing the whole gangster thing.

But I was hoping we could have a word.

Why aren’t you at work?


I am at work, boss.

I mean, that’s the thing.

That is the thing.

See, the thing is, is that

I think I may have… made something of a breakthrough.

I really think this is something that you should, um,

potentially take… seriously.

We’ll stick a pin in it, shall we? Gents.


You fucked it up.

[Eddie] Thanks for coming.

Take a seat, please.

I was in the neighborhood.

Would you like a coffee?

That’d be lovely. Ta.


Is all well in the dukedom?

It would appear so.

Profitability is up, distribution is ticking along nicely,

and productivity is arcing northward.

Business is good.

Does that mean we’ve exceeded the threshold

that triggers my exit from the organization?

[Susie] Hmm.

It does indeed.

However, we did discuss an extension.

And, as you say, the money’s rolling in.

And that will be reflected

in the increased payments you receive as part of your profit share.

[Eddie] Hmm.

Sure you don’t wanna reconsider?


While it’s a tempting offer, I’m out.

[Susie] Hmm.

Well, despite you reaching the agreed threshold,

the money can’t be considered profit until it’s been washed.

Well, that’s not my problem.

How long?

We need to bank a further 15.

I’d say that’s achievable within… three months.

Three months.

Look, I hear you,

and I see your very obvious agitation.

Why don’t I fast-track a meeting

between us and the gentleman who washes my money?


[crowd shouts]

Fucking nice!


When are we gonna meet your man?

Plenty of time for that later. Chucky’s not going anywhere.

He loves a good ruck.

Who exactly is Chucky?

Come on, Jackie!

That’s Chucky.

Go on, finish it!

Come on!

[boxers grunt]

Go on.

Come on!

Go on, Jack!

Fucking nice!

[crowd shout]

[crowd noise slows down]

Told you I’d knock him out in the third, didn’t I, Suze?

You did, to be fair.

Told her, the third.

[man] Great work, Jack.

Now, that was a fucking masterclass.

Never a dull moment when you’re in that ring.

You are a proper weapon, son.

It’s time we start talking about giving you a shot at a proper belt.

Now, that sounds amazing.

Don’t it, Suze?

Well, brains, brawn, and beauty. You’re a triple threat, Jack.

Suze, are you gonna be joining us this evening?

Gonna raise a glass to your brother’s glittering future.

‘Course I will.

But Eddie and I, we’ve got a little bit of business to attend to first.

Oh, this is the duke?

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. Henry Collins. How do you think the boy performed?

Best I’ve seen him.

Get yourself cleaned up, Jack, and I’ll see you later.

See you later.

[Henry] Come on.

Let’s have this meeting with Chucky, then.

Okay. Well, before I introduce you,

I should warn you, he’s a bit of a strong flavor.

These corn dogs, they’re gonna blow up. They’re the new money spinner.

[Eddie] Corn dogs?

No. That’s not good enough. In fact, it’s ridiculous.

Suze, I love you, I respect you, I wouldn’t lie to you, you know that.

This is no ordinary corn dog, yeah?

This is a spicy Korean corn dog.

They’re the future. My Stella put me onto it.

She’s into K-pop and all that shit. Can I have a drink?

‘Course you can.

[Chucky] Thank you.

I’m thirsty. Diabetes.

[man] Vodka okay?

Eddie, look, I can see that you’re a bit dubious, yeah?

I’ll be honest with you. You got a weird fucking vibe.

But that don’t matter.

To make you feel better, all you need to know

is that when it comes to cleaning paisa,

we are the best in the street.

I’m ahead of the game on a lot of things.

He is. It’s true.

Yeah, man. Fucking juice bars, pioneered ’em.

Fucking poke bowls. I don’t know what a poke bowl is. Do you?

Who fucking cares? I’ve sold millions of ’em. Yeah?


People paying top fucking money for something that tastes like a house brick.

Are you mad? I sold ’em.

All right, I… I get it. Thank you. What’s the timeline?

How much is it?


As discussed.

What about four or five months?

No, no. I told you. That’s not good enough.

Brother Eddie.

What’s wrong with you?

Yeah? Chill the fuck out.

Have a massage. Have a wank.

Even better, get a good woman in your life. Gimme that.

There she is.

My Stella. Yeah?

I don’t fall in love. I’m not a pussyhole.

But this woman here, she’s done voodoo on me.

I’m in love, proper, yeah?

She’s the most beautiful bastard I’ve ever witnessed personally.

What do you reckon?

You’re a very lucky man, Chucky.

Thank you.

Where is she anyway, by the way?

I will go get her for you.

Thank you, Sister Suze.

You guys wait here.


[operatic music plays]

[heavy breathing]

Jack. You’d better not be doing what I think you’re doing.

Just give us a couple of minutes.

You taking the fucking piss?

[Chucky] Suze, where are ya?

There’s a time and a place. What’s wrong with you?


Hold on a minute.

What the fuck is going on in here?


Chucky. [chuckles]

It’s not what it looks like.

What’s not what it fucking looks like?

You motherfucker! Have you took advantage of my girl?

Not exac…

[Chucky] You don’t know who I am! You think I’m scared of you, behenchod?

Chucky, calm down.

I’m not calming down. You!

I’m not scared of you.

Let’s have it! Let’s have it right now.

I am Chucky “The Cobra” Kubra. No…

[funky music plays]

[Ishy] What the fuck, bro?

What the fuck’s going on?

Someone wanna tell me what’s going on?

Do you know who you fucked with?

This is Chucky “The Cobra”!

[Stella] I was just looking at his cuts. You know I’ve got a first aid certificate.

Keep your head tilted back.

What do you think I’m doing?

Look, Chucky, I’m really sorry about all this.

Susie Glass, you can go and fuck yourself, yeah?

I’m not cleaning nothing for you. We are done. Wankers!

Well, that went well.

I’ll leave him to cool his jets. I’ll un-fuck the situation in the morning.

We’ve gone from two months to four, and, by the looks of it, to not at all.

I’ll get it sorted.

[Jack] Yeah, sorry about that. She put it on me big time.

So we gonna go for a drink, then, or what?

[gentle orchestral music plays]

[music fades]

[Henry] Eddie, glad you made it.


Look at him.

Magnificent specimen.

Depends how you define specimen.

If you’re looking for a dog with six dicks, he’s your specimen.

Well, there is some truth in that.

You know, Jack’s biggest problem is Jack.

I worked with a lot of boys over the years,

six of ’em champions.

Difference is, every one of ’em, 100% commitment.

Mm. He’s 100% committed to the lifestyle.

The question is, does he have his family’s ambition?

I got us a nice table.

I’m curious, Eddie. How did you get ringside with Susie Glass?

I was a captain in the Queen’s Dragoon Guards.

My father died, I came back,

and I inherited some of his… business interests.

Oh yeah?

Two Para.

How many tours?

Three tours of Sangin.

War recalibrates a man’s philosophies, his priorities.

Indeed. Thanks.


[Eddie] Cheers.

You and Susie straighten out that business matter?

Ah, it was a minor domestic issue.

Hopefully, nothing that can’t be ironed out.

You worked with Chucky before?

I never mentioned Chucky.

He wouldn’t be my first choice, if you know what I mean.

He wouldn’t be my second choice either.

Do you know anyone more appropriate?

I know a lot of people, Eddie.

[operatic music plays]

[Rosie] I’ll be right back.

[Eddie] Thank you.


[Rosie] Look who’s here.


How are you? Thanks for meeting me.

To what do I owe the honor? Business or pleasure?

Little bit of both.

I managed to get myself embroiled

in a situation I’m not sure I can get myself out of. I might need your help.

Must be serious.

I can’t remember a single moment

I’ve seen you ask anybody for help about anything.

It’s about our friend Stanley Johnston.

With a “T.”

That’s why you wanted to see me?

Still in contact with him?

Yeah, I see him from time to time.

[Eddie] Good.

I can help you, if that’s what you want.

I should warn you, though,

he’s not a good person.

Oh, that’s fine by me.

[orchestral music plays]

[Eddie] Morning.

[Sabrina] Hello, darling.

[Tammy] Edwina.

[Eddie sighs]

Mr. Lawrence, could you remove that, please?

Of course, sir. It was left there by your brother.

Oh yes, I’m aware.

Eggs Benedict?

Yes, please. And some tea. Thank you.

Darling, you ought to talk to Freddy.

His recent obsession with marijuana production

is really too much.


He’s started talking to the plants.

And when he’s not talking to them, he’s talking about them,

and it’s very fucking boring.

All right.

[cell phone buzzes]

All right. I promise I’ll have a word with him.

Excuse me.

Darling, not at the table.

[Eddie] Sorry!


You slinked off a bit early last night.

I had to go and see an old friend.

How did it go with Chucky?

The situation turns out to be a little more complicated than anticipated.

This is a special shout out to all my mandem worldwide, yeah?

Brum-town boys.

When you see this skinny, handsome bastard, yeah,

fucking grab him by the neck and crush him like a cockroach.

[Susie] Chucky had a busy night in the world of social media.

[Chucky] On sight, smash all his nan’s windows, fuck him up, or shag his dad.

Whatever you like, man. Penetrate, penetrate.

The upshot is that my brother needs to take a sojourn for a few days.

We need him to focus on his training. No distractions.

On sight.

Bang bang.

Given how eager you are to move things on swiftly,

I wondered if you might be willing to let him come and stay.

For fuck’s sake. You were supposed to sort this.

And I’m in the process of doing exactly that.

After all, Jack did bang Chucky’s missus.

The polite thing to do is to allow sobriety to percolate.

Then I’ll remind him of how hierarchy operates.



[operatic music plays]

Are we expecting guests?

It would appear so, yes.

[operatic music continues]

Here you are, sir. This way.

Susie Glass’s brother?

The one and only.

Okay, the one and only, get over here and help me with this bag.

His Grace said you got a big fight coming up.

[Jack] Yeah.

In, uh, the middleweight eliminator.

[Geoff] Well, Mr. Big Time,

jump on the bag and show us what you’ve got.

[Freddy] Right.

Freddy. I got your message.

Edward, just the man I wanted to see.

Welcome to the cauldron of creativity, brother.

James, would you give us the floor?

Oh, yeah, of course.


You got this, fam.

That’s cool. Thanks, man.

So what’s this little project you’ve got going with Jimmy?


Okay, well, first of all, it’s not just a little fucking…

[sighs deeply]

The point is, this time,

I did something extraordinary.

And your bosses are gonna wanna hear about it.

All right, Freddy. I have no doubt.

I just wanna temper your expectations.

That’s fine. That’s fine. Temper away.

Go ahead and temper those expectations.

I’m about to exceed yours.

[Eddie] What exactly is that?

See, what happened was, I meet this guy.

Old guy, big beard, looked like Jesus.

Starts telling me about this project he’s been working on.

Growing sativa marijuana seeds in the same soil as coca plants.

See, what happens is, over time, the seeds start to absorb

the properties from the coke plants, and, eventually, voilà!

Crack weed. Or weed crack. I can’t remember which way…

I have to stop you there.

No, let me finish, okay?

Look, I know… I know this sounds crazy…

And scientifically impossible. Look, I appre…

This shit is gonna be a fucking game changer for the business.

The bottom line is,

I just… I just need you to arrange a sit-down for me with Susie, okay?

[Eddie] What?

And… possibly also with her dad.



Circumstances have changed, all right?

The Glasses can’t be trusted. They’re exploiting us.

Fuck it. Let’s exploit them right back.

They are dangerous, all right?

Susie had Jethro killed.

Who the fuck is Jethro?


Oh, the… the guy with the…

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, all right. Okay. Okay.

Okay. All right. Well, obviously, I mean, that is pretty bad.

The point is, Freddy,

they lied to us.

Susie lied to us.

They have no intention of ever leaving our land.

Maybe we don’t want them to leave.

Listen, Eddie, I know… I know I can be a touch unreliable at times,

but I really think I’m onto something here.

You know what I think, Freddy?

I think that you are an addict.

What the fuck has that…

And this is one of many indulgences that I’m gonna have to bail you out of.

This is not a game, Freddy.

They will kill you. They will kill me.

They will kill our entire fucking family if it helps them get what they want.

I’m not gonna change my mind.

[dramatic operatic music plays over speakers]

[Henry] No, no, no. Your timing’s off.

[music stops]

[Henry] I’ve told ya, the flames shoot up when the horns come in, all right?

It’s gotta be perfect. Bang on the button.

[man] Yes, boss.

[Henry] Get it right.

All right, Eddie?

[Eddie] Hello.

[Henry] Sorry. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to things like this.

Showmanship is the key thing that pulls the punters in the door.

[Eddie] I’ll bet. Shame about the view.

[Henry] Oh yeah, magnificent, innit?

I bought it during the crash.

Half finished. Developer went tits up.

He moonwalked off to Dubai. I nicked it, to be honest with ya.

You know why?

[Eddie] Why?

[Henry] Because I knew… I knew that deep down,

no matter how long, no matter how bad things got,

I knew the crowds would be back for the fight.

At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of Neanderthals.

[Eddie] Well, speak for yourself, Henry.

Well, when you strip it all back, that’s all that’s left.

Impulse. Instinct. Survival.

[Eddie] Maybe you’re right.

I wanted to pick up on the conversation we had the other night.

Oh yeah? What part exactly?

[intriguing music plays]

Don’t be coy, Henry.

How much are you looking to wash?

Fifteen million.


You got the sign-off from Susie on this?

Only in the past, when I’ve tested the water with her,

she didn’t wanna mix church with state.

Don’t worry about Susie. Or Bobby.

How fast do you need it?

Two weeks.

Well, you don’t fuck about, do you?

Like you said, impulse, instinct, survival.

I’m gonna introduce you to an associate of mine.

But I gotta warn ya, he’s the most boring man you’ll ever meet.

Eddie, meet Thick Rick.

Pleasure to meet you.


[Henry] Rick started out as an accountant,

but he was too partial to having a flutter.

Clocked up a level of debt

that necessitated a sideline in creative accountancy.

Gamekeeper turned poacher, you could say.

Rick, tell Eddie how the magic happens.

It all begins in the betting shop at the conclusion of the fight.

When the loser is determined, whoever he may be,

he will suddenly discover

that a multitude of bets have been placed on this unfortunate fighter…

[Henry] Thing about Rick is, he actually finds all this stuff interesting.

Offshore, onshore, mitigation,

amortization… I’m falling asleep just talking about it.

All you need to know is, he’s reliable.

His commission is extremely reasonable.

Blah, blah, blah.

[Henry] If anyone ever questioned his numbers,

he’d bore them into submission

with such tedious, repetitive, and dull information

that they’d give up long before he would,

as he’s the ultimate cure for insomnia.

[Rick] Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah.

[Henry] It’s hard to make money boring, but not so for Rick.

It does mean you can put your feet up

whilst he does the work and delivers you back…

Fifteen million quid.

Minus a very reasonable 5%, of course.

[cash register dings]

Bookmakers like Rick are part of my business setup,

but I have to keep them at arms’ length.

Because he’s too fucking boring.

Like I said, you know, for me, it’s all about the boxing.

What about you, Eddie? How’s this all sounding?

Honestly, I think it sounds perfect.

[operatic music plays]

[Mr. Lawrence] They’re on the front lawn.

A gin fizz?

Ooh. Yeah, I could murder one.

[operatic music continues]

Want a rubber duckie with your ice?

[Jack] No, mate.

[all laughing and cheering]

You’ll be pleased to hear things are all sorted with Chucky.

[Mr. Lawrence] Gin fizz, Miss.

Thank you.


I thought you burnt that bridge.

You know what creative types are like.

Passion runs high, but it’s quickly forgotten.

Susie Glass, yeah? I love you. I respect you, okay?

I’m gonna delete all the videos. I’ll get rid of all my accounts.

I didn’t mean it to go as far as it did.

[Susie] And he’ll do it without charge, like a good boy.

I am more sorry than I’ve ever been in my life.

There’s 15 million in my car, ready for you to take to him.

How long did Chucky say it’d take?

And I’m gonna clean all the money double quick fast for you.

Two months.

Four months tops, which isn’t ideal.

Or slow, whatever you like. You’re the boss.

But it is what it is.

And he’s the only viable option, right?

Of course.

[cell phone buzzes]

[Eddie] Hello.

[Stevens] Sorry for calling your private line, Your Grace.

Your contact details were passed on to me by the princess.

I trust she passed on my message.

[Stevens] She did indeed.

Mr. Johnston has asked me to make it very clear to you,

in no uncertain terms, he remains very much in the market.

He understands my position on my own estate hasn’t changed?

[Stevens] He certainly acknowledges and appreciates that, Your Grace.

In fact, he said he would be open to an alternative proposal.

I’d go as far as to say he was effervescent with excitement.

He lands in London tomorrow.

Would it be too presumptuous to schedule a meeting?

Let’s do that.

Brother Eddie. How are you?

[Eddie] Yeah. Good.

Could you help me? Give me a hand?


Ishy, hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Can I borrow you for a second, Eddie? Come here.

Changed your fucking tune, haven’t ya?

Excuse me?

Last time we were face to face, brother,

you were looking at me like I were a fucking numpty.

Isn’t that right?

That’s right.

[Chucky] And as far as I can remember,

you were very cynical about this operation.

Is that right?

That’s right.

Yeah, well, it’s not up to me.

Where the fuck is this guy going?

And you know what else, yeah?

When I was explaining timescales to you,

you had a right fucking face on, like I farted in your nan’s mouth.

Look, I don’t wanna do this. I just wanna get the fucking job done.

Well, listen to me, yeah?

We are gonna do this, and I’ll tell you what else.


You have got a void in your soul, man.

Yeah? A darkness.

When I was sat in Susie’s office, looking at you,

thinking, “This handsome behenchod don’t believe in my corn dogs.”

If you don’t believe in this fucking project,

nobody can believe in this fucking project.

You are gonna believe in this fucking project.

Get me some corn dogs.

[Ishy] What flavor?

Any fucking flavor!

I don’t…

I don’t need a corn dog.

I don’t need convincing.

I’m sorry, all right? Let’s just get the job done, please.

Your vibes are fucked.

Look around you. We’re alive, aren’t we? Breathe in. Breathe in the good vibes.

Fuck off the bad ones.

I don’t know what you’re in a rush for. Susie said, “Take your time.”

What did she say?

She goes, “Four, five, six months. It don’t fucking matter.”

Take my time, so stop rushing me.

[dramatic operatic music plays]

I’ll take them into your house myself.

[Ishy] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ease up, brother.

Where are you going?

I’m not eating that.

In about ten seconds, this halal corn dog is gonna be in your belly.

You’re gonna eat it ’cause Chucky said eat it.

Five bags. Three in each.

What do you reckon?

I think it’s disgusting. Dirty as fuck.

Let’s go to work.

I made an executive decision.

[Ishy groans]

Where are you?

Put the bags in the fucking car.

Yeah. Okay.

I’m on my way.

[dramatic operatic music plays]

[Susie] This all seems very official.

I’ve decided to use Henry Collins to wash the money.

I thought I gave you clear instructions.

Well, you did.

I chose to use the more efficient one.

Collins will get it done quicker.

I want Henry’s attention to be on my brother’s career.

Well, he can do both.

Maybe he can.

But you don’t have carte blanche to go over my head when you choose.

There’s an order to things.

Oh, I am acutely aware of my status in this organization, Susie.

Unfortunately, we already have a pre-existing agreement with Chucky.

Not anymore you don’t.

What have you done, Captain?

You told Chucky to slow things down.

Not speed them up.

Why would I do that?

Because you and your father never had any intention of letting me go.

That’s a very wild accusation.

Why don’t you deny it, then, hmm?

Why don’t you tell me

when you and your father are gonna get off my land?

After we wash the 15 million.

Let me ask you another question.

Where’s Jethro?

The reason Jethro is dead

was to protect you

and your fucked-up, cocaine-addicted brother

from the shitstorm that was coming your way.

One day, Jethro was gonna become a problem.

So I dealt with it.

I’m gonna ask you one more time.

When will you let me and my family go?


[tense operatic music plays]

You underestimate me, Susan.

There is nothing that I won’t do to protect my family.

Careful there, soldier.

I can be nice, and I can be not so nice.

You’ve only seen me on one setting.

[tense operatic music continues]

Good luck.

[tense operatic music continues]

Good to see you, Susie.

Mike, take Susie to see Jack.

No problem.

[tense operatic music continues]

An exceptional treat to see you again, Your Grace.

A pleasure, Mr. Johnston.


[music fades]

[Susie] You all right, babe?

You know, it’s weird.

I’m actually fucking nervous.

I never get nervous.

You got nothing to worry about, Jack.

Look, do you remember that Christmas

when Dad got you your first pair of boxing gloves?

You were, what, four years old?

Yeah. And he told me to hit him as hard as I could.

You did. Punched him straight in the bollocks.

He couldn’t walk for a week.

He was five times your size, Jack.

You had nothing to be scared of then,

and you’ve got nothing to be scared of now.

[Stanley] Do you know what I love about the British aristocracy?

They’re the original gangsters.

The reason they own 75% of this country is because they stole it.

William the Conqueror was worse than Al Capone.

When he came over from France,

he grabbed hold of everything he could get his hands onto,

and then he set up a system

so that he and his friends got to hold onto it forever.

Taxation. Education. The judiciary.

It’s all designed

to help the aristocracy hold on to their land and their money.

Well, I think I may agree with you.

But I’d prefer to leave the criminality to my ancestors.

However, the hold on my estate is being challenged.

I’ve come to the realization

that I may need some assistance in order to rectify the situation.

Well, then you’ve come to the right man.

It would come with an element of quid pro quo.

Do you think you can get comfortable with that?

I’m willing to do whatever it takes, Mr. Johnston.

[upbeat music plays]


You know what you need to do.

[upbeat music continues]

[Freddy] Susie.

Looking supremely fucking confident. As well you should.

Evening, Freddy.

[Freddy] Glad we bumped into each other.

Actually, I wondered if you and I might have a quiet word.

It’s about my brother. I’m worried about him.

He’s, um… He’s behaving erratically.

I think he might be on the verge of making a big fucking mistake.

Your brother’s made his position very clear to me, Freddy.

What I’m struggling to understand is how you fit into all of this.

Well, see, that’s the thing.

I’ve come up with something.

The little side hustle with Jimmy?

It’s not a little…

Yes, James has been helping me with it, but it’s my fucking gambit.

It’s a new strain of weed, Susie. A very fucking powerful new strain.

I know this isn’t the time or the place to be talking about it,

but since Eddie wants out and the clock is ticking,

I just wondered if, you know, maybe… maybe there’s another way around this.


[Freddy] Let’s face it.

You and I both know this is a rough business.

If anything was to ever happen to Eddie,

not that I… not that I want it to, not that I think it will, particularly,

but if it did, I mean, technically, the whole estate would go

to me.

[tense orchestral music plays]

Look, this weed is gonna be fucking colossal, Susie.


Do you know who that is, Freddy?

That’s my brother.

[operatic music plays]

[Susie] And I’ll do anything for him.

You might wanna think about that.

[operatic music continues]

[Eddie] It’s been a pleasure.

It’s unfortunate our negotiations have become so protracted.

One more thing.

If the transition could be achieved with as little friction as possible,

that would be greatly appreciated.

As much as I’ve become frustrated with the Glass family,

I’d like them to come out of this unscathed.

You have my word. As a gentleman.

[Eddie] Good evening.

[cell phone line ringing]

[Henry] The pieces are in place.

You just give me the nod, and I’ll give that first domino a push.


[dramatic music plays]

[Susie] Jack.

How much do you know about this guy?

I’ve studied his fights, know his record.

Looks can be deceiving.

I’ll run rings around him, Suze. Trust me.

[dramatic music continues]

Mr. Collins would like a word. He says it’s important.

[door opens]

This is all very ominous.

Better not be an issue with my money.

Oh, no, it’s not about the money. It’s about your brother.

[Susie] What about my brother?

He’s about to beat ten types of shit out of an Uzbek right now.


Well, unfortunately, that’s not how this is gonna end.

It’s a shame, you know. I quite like the kid, actually.

But sadly, he’s connected to a bigger picture.

[man] Come on, Jack! Go on, son!

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

[man] Go on, son!

[Henry] When I see a chance to, uh, expand my business,

I can’t help myself.

I jump at it.

We’re missing the fight. Maybe you could get to the point.

Fifteen million.

That’s a lot of money.

My understanding is that it’s from one farm

in the last month alone.

Well, you multiply that by 14,

and you’re left with

two and a half billion pound a year.

[boxers grunt]

[Susie] Hmm.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

We’re not looking for investors or partners.

Once you’ve cleaned the 15, we’re good.

[Henry] Oh, I’m not looking to invest.

I’m taking over.

[tense music plays]

You’re a boxing promoter.

And a money launderer.

You wanna stay in your fucking lane.



You’re very smart, Susie.


But you clearly haven’t done your homework on me.

I could’ve shown you the same treatment as I’m showing your brother,

but out of respect, I’m making you this offer.

There are two paths available to ya.

The path of least resistance…

You hand over your business to me right here, right now,

and you accept my offer with grace and intelligence.

Then there’s the other path.

Hmm, that’ll end up in a war.

Starting with the obliteration of your lovely brother.

I’m not gonna kill him, out of respect for you.

But I am gonna hurt him so you know I’m serious.

[crowd shouting]

If my brother was talking to you now, he’d say the same as me.

I’ll take my chances.

Yeah, I thought you might say that.

The thing about fixing fights, it’s quite interesting.

You need a very special kind of fighter.

A ringer.

The Butcher there,

he’s just that rare breed of warrior.

No ego. Willing to look bad for profit.

His record might be three wins in 30 fights,

but all 27 of those losses are fights he’s thrown.

So when he does win,

the purse he’s built up is so big, it’s worth his while.

Because the truth is,

he’s an unstoppable monster.

[Jack groans]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


The ref ain’t gonna help you either.

Whilst he’s a happily married father of three,

his love for chop and brass

means that he’ll do exactly as he’s told.

So when I give the nod and it’s time for Jack to go down,

and he is going down,

the chances are he’ll stay down.

You underestimate us at your peril.

[crowd shouting]


[operatic music plays]

[Susie] When Julius Caesar crossed the river Rubicon with his army,

he deliberately went to war with the Roman state.

It was a point of no return.

The problem with your offer is that it’s too late.

The Rubicon’s already been crossed, Henry.

You’re wrong about me not knowing you.

I know you’re no Julius Caesar,

and you have no idea about the river in which you have chosen to swim.

It is dark

and full of terrors.


[breathes heavily]

[Susie] You may have a small army,

but I am the state.

I am the house.

I am the establishment.

And you are ill-equipped physically,

martially, and intellectually

for the fight you’ve mistakenly chosen to pick.

[Henry] Your dad’s in prison, and you’re under-armed and underqualified.

Take the offer, and we’ll look after you both.

We’ll see how you feel tomorrow.

[operatic music continues]

[The Butcher grunts]

You look after yourself.

[operatic music continues]

[music fades]

[dramatic operatic music plays]

[music fades]


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