The Gentlemen – S01E05 – I’ve Hundreds of Cousins | Transcript

Distribution issues in Europe and a theft on the farm cause a headache for Eddie and Susie - until they make a new acquaintance who can help them out.

Despite obtaining two new weed farms for the Glass empire, Bobby tells Susie he has no intention of letting Eddie walk away. Susie enlists Eddie’s help when Florian de Groot, the manager of Glass distributions through Belgium, attempts to leverage a bigger financial cut. Simultaneously, 2 generators are stolen from the farm by the Ward family, a notorious group of Travellers. Eddie and Susie visit their leader, JP Ward, who reveals he knows of the weed operation and wants in. Eddie suggests using the Wards as distributors, cutting de Groot out. Susie agrees, and the new arrangement proves successful. However, suspicion falls on the Wards when £4 million is robbed from the farm. Eddie determines that de Groot orchestrated the theft to frame the Wards and resume his position. Eddie and Susie confront de Groot, forcing him to reveal Susie’s bodyguard Keith helped him. Eddie hands Keith over to be executed by the Wards, but before he dies, Keith reveals Jethro’s murder, shaking Eddie’s faith in Susie. Elsewhere, Lady Sabrina and Geoff reflect on their former affair and the fact that Geoff is the biological father of Eddie and Freddy’s sister Charlotte.

* * *

[upbeat music plays]

[metal detector beeps]

[warden] Hello, Ms. Glass. He’s up with his birds this morning.

Hope you mean the feathered kind.

[warden] You know very well what I mean.

Go on. You know the way.


[upbeat music continues]

[pigeon coos]

All right, babe?

You all right, Dad?

Never guess where this little fella’s flown in from.


[Bobby] Avignon.

Why anyone would swap the South of France for a prison in Guildford is beyond me.

Yeah, well, it’s homing instincts, innit? And you can’t override it.

What you got there?

[sniffs] Oh, the greatest smell in the world.

Well, you gotta enjoy the finer things in life.

Yeah. What’s the bubbly for?

Are we celebratin’?

Thought it’d make a change from the usual vino collapso.

Ah, so we’re not raising a glass to the duke, then?

Even though we’ve got two new weed farms and an expanding empire.

Well, to clarify the situation, Eddie’s of the opinion that the additional facilities he’s helped us acquire are very much a part of his exit strategy.

Ah, well, that boy ain’t gonna be going nowhere.

And I’ll tell you why.

You see, deep down, he doesn’t wanna.

An insight based on one boozy lunch.

No. I… I think he’s got a taste for it.

Well, as reluctant as I was to indulge in your whimsical adventure with the duke, I must admit he has turned out to be something of an asset.

However, I don’t think it’s stopped him wanting us off his land.

And if he wants to make me more money, that’s fine.

But he can’t walk away. No one walks away.

And it’s down to you to keep him under manners.

If he fucks me about at the end of the year, I’ll chop his head off.

Under manners it is.

[dramatic operatic music plays]

[music fades]

[Lawrence] How would you like it, sir?

Out, please, Mr. Lawrence.

[Susie] Over the last few months,

you’ve proved yourself to be a consummate team player.

So I was wondering

whether you might want to take on a more formal, long-term position

within the organization.

[Blanket coughs]

Well, as much as I appreciate the performance review,

I think I’m happy with the agreement as it currently stands.

You sure about that, Eddie?

I have to say, there have been a couple of moments in the last few months,

I reckon…

you’ve been enjoying yourself.

Good game.

Whilst I still have you,

I’d love to get your optics on the current situation I’m trying to navigate.

I think you have a set of military skills that could be applicable.

Always happy to lend a hand if it expedites my extradition.

Ever been to the port of Zeebrugge?

[orchestral music plays]

[Susie] We transport £80 million worth of puff through it every year.

We don’t just grow it, Edward. We export it too.

However, recently, we’ve hit a little bit of a bump in the highway.

Several shipments have been seized by the Belgian federal police.

I’ve had to cease exports.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of fucking clam hanging in the balance.

Who’s running things down there?

[Susie] A real piece of work named Florian de Groot.

Or, as my dad likes to call him, that shit-eating cunt from Belgium.

[Eddie] Catchy.

[Susie] Only thing he likes more than wine and fine dining

is the sound of his own voice.

I’m having Keith and Blanket bring him over to England

so I can figure out what the fuck’s going on.


[Blanket] You know why we’re here.

[Susie] What I need is a second opinion. De Groot gets under my skin.

I struggle to separate what’s him being him…

You should taste it too.

…from him trying to pull a fast one.

You need more of a macro view of things.


I can have them bring him to the farm

and you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

I can do it in my slippers.

Hmm. Whatever floats your boat, Captain.

C’est le Brexit.

The more rules and regulations that are imposed by your country,

the more employees the European Union must bring in to enforce them.

And more people means more mouths that have to be fed, Susie.

So if you want your… merchandise

to continue its safe passage to the continent,

it’s going to cost more money.

How much more exactly?

1.5 million.

How exactly did you arrive on this very specific figure?

In Zeebrugge, we have police locale,

police federale,

police maritime,

customs officers, trade and compliance officers.

Everybody’s very greedy.

And if I don’t pay them immediately,

they will get angry

and squawk.

Do you mind if we have a word?

[Florian] Of course. Of course.

Quick chat, Susan.


I think he’s fucking us.


He’s tipped off the border police, and he’s using it to drive the price up.

Why now though?

Maybe he got greedy.

[Susie] I’d understand if he was asking for an extra 10%,

but he’s trying double.

[Eddie] He must think he has significant leverage.

Either way, you must have another route to use.

Give him what he wants, he’s gonna keep asking for more.

[Susie] I can go to 1.2,

but that is my final offer.

If you want to resolve the situation,

you have to pay the going rate, plus 1.5.


I appreciate that various people need to wet their respective beaks.

That’s the way of the world.

But within reason.

You don’t take the fucking piss.

Jimmy, what’s going on with the lights?

[Jimmy] Um…

[lively music plays]

[woman] The first one’s hooked on. Go!

Oh, you’re trying to scare me with your cheap parlor tricks, huh? Ooh!

[lively music continues]

[Florian speaks French]

You cannot tie me up like a fucking animal.

This better not be anything to do with you.

Eddie, check out what’s going on. Take Blanket with you.

[lively music continues]

[Eddie] Come on!

They’re nicking the fucking gennies!


[Eddie] For God’s sake, get in the car.

[lively music continues]

[music fades]

You’re kiddin’ me, ain’t you?

You’re gonna love this.

[Eddie] Think that’s a little excessive.


There’s no way you’re gonna kill us without it coming back on ye.

I’ve hundreds of cousins.

No one’s getting killed here.

What about him, then? Big man with the gun.

Well, he just got a bit excited. Didn’t you, Blanket?

Fuck that. Thieving gypsies.

Fuck you, you racist scumbag.

Fuck off!

[woman] We’re a fucking minority. You need some diversity training.

We’re not gypsies. We’re travellers.

Same fucking thing.

All right, all right. All right. Just… Just relax.

Everybody relax.

Blanket, go and see Susie. Tell her what happened.

Yeah, fuck off, Blankie.

Go on. We’ll be all right.

Gobby, what’s your name?

Fuck off.

How about you give me your real name?

Surname’s Ward. And that’s all you’re fucking getting, old man.

You’re on private property and you’ve stolen two of our generators. Why?

We had no choice.

A man from the council took ours. Left us with nothing.

Why’s that my problem?

Come on, man, like you fucking need it.

There’s little kids there with no heating, sleeping in freezing cold beds. Huh?

Would you do that to us, lads?

Come on, think of the babies.

Boys, let’s unhook the generator. Come on.

Out of charity, we’ll give you the one you’ve stolen for the babies.

This one stays here.

Come on.

Is this gonna be a problem?

The Ward family are very notorious around these parts, sir.

Dog fighting, cock fighting, in-fighting.

A hundred generations of dynastic volatility.

We’re gonna have to tread very carefully.

[Florian] What happened?

One of your cows found the light switcher?

See what I mean? Arrogant prick.

Maybe we should agree to a temporary uplift.

Until we figure out an alternative avenue.

I don’t like someone putting a gun to my head, Edward.

Let’s send him back to Belgium. Tell him we’re thinking about it.

Let him stew a little bit.

What about the travellers?

Dunno. What do you think?

[Eddie] Depends on what they’ve seen.

But if they know what we’re up to, I think they could be an issue.

Maybe we should pay them a visit.

Excuse me, I would like to go home to the civilisation.

[lightly suspenseful music plays]

[horse neighs]

What you fucking gawping at?

You, you baldy fucking cunt.

[Susie] All right, keep your hair on, pony boy.

We want to speak to your head honcho, whoever’s in charge here.

[man] Who’s asking?

The people who kindly donated that generator to you.


Kellie Ann!

[Kellie Ann] They’re the bastards who shot at us last night.

[JP] Which one of them?

[Kellie Ann] That one.

[JP] That’s not gonna save you here.

Did you take a shot at my fucking family?

We didn’t know it was children because it was very dark

on account of our generators being recently appropriated.

How about we have a little conversation, hmm?

Maybe somewhere a bit more private.

If you’ve something to say, say it.

What are you doing, Mammy?

He’s a fucking duke, Kellie Ann. I’ve seen him in the papers.

[JP] Go on.

Milk and sugar, Your Grace?

A spot of milk, thank you.

[mother] It’s not every day we have royalty in the caravan.


Thanks, Ma.

[mother] Mm.

[lightly suspenseful music plays]

What do you want?

Assurances that you and your extended family

will stay away from my property.

‘Cause you’re growing weed up there?

What would give you that impression?

Ah, I don’t know. Could be all the fucking generators.

The comings, the goings.

The army of Vietnamese weed trimmers that keep getting lost down our lanes.

Or the fact one of the lads was looking in one of those blue barrels

and found this.

Doesn’t prove anything.

[lightly suspenseful music continues]

Are you trying to blackmail us?

Ah, well, that depends on your definition of blackmail.

Perhaps you could help us clarify your definition.

All right.

[JP sniffs]

I want in.


[JP] We have all sorts of skills that could be useful in this business.

I’m sure you can work it out.

Right. I think this meeting’s reached its natural conclusion.

One second, Susie.

Would you mind if, uh, my colleague and I have a brief word?

Well, seeing as you’re a duke… be my guest.

Thank you.

[Eddie clears throat]

[lightly suspenseful music continues]

[Susie clears throat]

As it happens, we have a minor problem with the distribution of our product.

[Susie] It strikes us that you and your people

might be pretty old hat at getting merchandise across the border.

That’s just a tired fucking cliché.

Is it true?

Uh, he didn’t say it wasn’t true.

Your expertise could be useful in getting our product to Europe.

[Susie] What do you reckon? Is there a deal to be done?

Youse are asking to dance with me, and you haven’t even bought me a drink.

[Susie] Hmm.

Well, what do you drink?

[upbeat music plays]

[JP] Expensive fucking whiskey, that’s what.

[upbeat music continues]

You’re a gentleman, Your Grace.

[JP exhales]

Tastes fucking expensive, all right. Huh?

Dalmore, 25-year-old single malt.

[JP] Hmm.

Now, I didn’t come here empty-handed.

Now, this

is poitín from County Mayo.

It’s made from potatoes,

crab apples,

and, uh, a little bit of brake fluid.

Because you’re gonna need something to slow you down once the machine gets going.

You have to get the balance just right… or you could end up going blind.


To your good health.


[coughs and sniffs] Fuck me.


[Susie] That’s punchy.



[Eddie clears throat]

So… do we have a deal, then, or what?

[JP inhales sharply]

Well, not until we drink this whole bottle of poitín, Susan.

You wanna do business with the Wards,

you have to party with the Wards.

I’m sure you understand.

If that’s what you need, I’m game.

[Freddy] Wham Tam, you said yourself

you’ve never had more sex than you have after a funeral.


Well, I’ll be…

This is my brother, Freddy, and his wife, Tamsin.

This is John Paul and his family.

Sit and have a drink with us.

All right, fuck it.


start your fucking engines.

[gentle folk music plays]

[van horn toots]

Are we expecting guests, darling?

There appear to be 400 gypsies advancing down the drive.

[Eddie] Don’t talk too loud, Mother.

It turned into quite a late one last night.

[Sabrina] Really, darling? Well, how late exactly?

♪ Call these brothers my guys Know that they fly ♪

♪ Know that they ride or die I keep boys by my side ♪

♪ CJ AC, never gonna roll with ice ♪

♪ Call these brothers my guys Know that they fly ♪

♪ Know that they ride or die I keep boys by my side ♪

You look awful.

Like you spent the night on the lawn.

Thank you.

Yeah, poitín causes blindness, apparently.

And lapses in memory, it seems.

Yeah, well, I may have drunkenly agreed to them staying for a couple of days.

I should’ve warned you.

No, it’s fine, darling.

It’s just that Geoff and I were a little bit shocked

to see them advancing up the drive like that.

[Susie exhales]

What are you still doing here?

[upbeat music plays]

[music stops]

I’ve no idea.

I woke up in one of the bedrooms

with a half-eaten tin of beans and a bottle of vermouth.

I feel like I’ve been run over.

[Susie exhales]

[laughs] Now, there’s a pair of sticky heads, huh?

Fierce performance last night from the both of you. You impressed me.

Thanks. I’m gonna sort this out.


Painkillers. Yeah. Painkillers.

[gentle orchestral music plays]

[Kellie Ann] Gorgeous girl. You’re a gorgeous girl, aren’t you?

Aren’t you just?

You’re a lovely girl.


What are you doing?

Sorry, I was just…

She’s a beautiful horse.

I was just… talking to her.

Getting to know her.

[Kellie Ann kisses]

[Geoff] She likes ya.

Do you ride?

[Kellie Ann] Since I was a girl.

Maybe you should take her out.

Could I?

[soft music plays]

[Sabrina] She rides her well.

Morning, Your Grace.

Sorry, I thought you was out for the day. I said she could ride her out,

but we can take her back to the stable if you’d prefer.

Don’t be ridiculous.

It’s fine.

It’s wonderful to see her ridden.

[Geoff] She won’t let anybody on her back, as you know.

They have a similar seat, don’t they?

Her and Charly.

[Geoff] I suppose.

[Sabrina] She’s getting on well at university.

Yeah, so I hear, Your Grace.

[Sabrina tuts]

[soft music continues]

I often think

how hard it must have been for you,

watching Charly grow up all these years.

It wasn’t all bad.

At least I was close by. I taught her to ride.

That’s something, isn’t it?


[music fades]

What’s the story between you two?

Looking very cozy on that couch the other night.

If you know what I mean.

It’s just a work thing.

We’re associates, really.

You see, I can tell by that glint in your eye

that you’re the outlaw, Susie.

I’d say you have a bit of rebel blood flowing through those veins.

And a working-class girl like you and a duke,

his type were locking up the likes of me and you

since William the Conqueror.

You’re not wrong.

But we’re not here to talk about me, JP.

We’re here to find out how you plan on pulling all this off.

Well, this is the crack.

Myself and me family are back and forth to Europe all the time.

Sometimes via Ireland, sometimes not.

One month, it could be a horse fair in Spain.

Next month, it could be a trip to a campsite in Belgium.

But this month,

it’s gonna be a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

[religious choral music plays]

Boss, if you would have told me in school

that I’d be earning bare money shoving packs of weed up a Virgin Mary,

I’d have said you’d gone mad, bruv.

Don’t look at me.

[jazz music plays]

♪ Skinhorse like a cylon Wired with a virus ♪

♪ For the hive mind Propped up in Starbucks ♪

♪ With a cup full of cyanide ♪

♪ And I never, ever really saw My dad working properly ♪

♪ Now he holds down the grave shift On God’s property ♪

♪ Match struck lights No will to fight left ♪

♪ Stand and watch it drop ♪

♪ Starting fires ♪

♪ Best believe there’s no way ♪

♪ That you’re stopping us ♪

♪ Starting fires ♪

♪ Starting fires ♪

[music stops]

As new ventures go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Mm. Team effort.

See? You’re enjoying yourself.



No, I’m good, thanks, bro.


The old Opus X, eh? Dad’s favorite.

I suppose we’ve all just gotta stick to what we know.

Speaking of which, I’ve been doing some thinking.


Look, I know it’s all meant to be temporary,

all this business with, uh, Susie Glass and her daddy.

[Eddie] Mm-hmm.

[Freddy] But you are fucking good at it. You know that?

In fact, I think they’re grooming you.

My baby brother,

the king of pins.

I don’t know about kingpin,

but they have asked to extend their contract beyond the current year.

Well, fuck me, you’ve gotta take it.


Why? Becau…

Life is short, Edward.

We’ve all just gotta figure out what we’re good at

and fuck the consequences in the arse.

The consequences might fuck you in the arse if you do 14 years in prison.

Yeah, we’re all in cages, brother.

Just know this.

I’m scaling my mountain too, Edward.

And when I reach the peak…

the view is going to blow people’s minds.

To, uh, scaling new heights, eh?

To scaling new heights.

[foreboding music plays]

I was absolutely certain she had stopped all the shipments.

My man on the inside,

he’s out over his skis.

Lost control.

I just need some time, and I’ll fix it.

[foreboding music continues]

[engine revs]


Now, that is a fucking beautiful car.

It belonged to the old man.

Jesus. So he left you the car and the house?

All my da left me was in the lurch.

As it happens, so did mine.

[cell phone buzzes]

Excuse me.

Probably those fucking bailiffs again.

[Eddie chuckles]


Are you with JP?

[Eddie] I was.

[Susie] Come to the farm.

Don’t say anything.

[somber music plays]

[Eddie] What happened?

There was over four million quid locked up in there. Now it’s gone.

We’ve been robbed.

Jimmy, CCTV.

[blows raspberry] Whacked.

What about the gennies? They were nicked by the pikeys.

Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Think about it though. It’s their nature. What else could it be?

Look, I didn’t wanna say anything. No one likes a grass, especially me.

As I was coming through the farm the other night,

I see that JP by the weed entrance.

Thought he was having a fag or something, but he looked fucking flustered.

Moved off double lively. I’m sure it was him tampering with them fucking codes.

What time was this?

Must’ve been some time after midnight. Bit late for a stroll though, right?

[scoffs] Just when things are going well.

Let me deal with this. Fuck!

[somber music plays]

[music fades]

You heard?

[JP] I heard.

And what do you think, Eddie? Hmm?

You’re putting me in a very awkward position.

How do you reckon that?

Imagine if you were me, eh? How did we meet?

We met because you were stealing from me.

You need to take a closer look at everybody in your own fucking camp.

I’m not looking at them.

I’m looking at you.

[operatic music plays]

Did you steal the money, John?

Be very fucking careful, Eddie.

Did you steal… that money?

[operatic music continues]

[JP chuckles]

[operatic music continues]

[whistles] Luna.

[Keith] All sorted, Suze.

CCTV all cushty.

Where are the travellers now?

[Keith] Looks like they’ve done a bunk.


[Susie] Well, get a crew together.

I want ’em found. Do you understand? All hands on deck.

[Keith] Want me to head back to de Groot? Undo the damage, so to speak.

[Eddie] Morning.

Uh, quick word, Susan.

Hold that thought.

Who benefits if we blame the travellers

and lose our means of distribution in Europe?

[Susie] That shit-eating cunt from Belgium.

[Eddie] Exactly.

I may have jumped the gun on JP.

He’s a thief, but not our thief.

They would’ve left immediately had they stolen the money.

[Susie] You think de Groot is orchestrating all this from Europe?

He couldn’t do it on his own, could he?

Agreed. He’d have to have someone on the inside.

[Eddie] Someone close. Someone probably at the farm.

I think we need to take a little trip to Zeebrugge.

[Eddie] Hmm.

Oh, Susie, Eddie.

It’s so good to see you.

[speaks French]

Not for us. Keeping a cold stomach.

Oh, there is always time for lunch.

You are in Europe, my friends.

And in Europe,

we like to live a little.

In England, you’re always so busy, huh?

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Like the Big Ben. [chuckles]

Voilà, monsieur.

Ahhh. Tartare de cheval.

This is hor…

Yeah, I know what it is.

I always found the horse more delicate than the bull or the cow.

I assume your presence here

signify a willingness to reopen


In a manner of speaking.

[Florian] So you agree to my terms?

Actually, we’re here to offer you something… far more valuable.

Oh, what is that?

The antidote.

An antidote for what?

For the poison that’s currently sitting in your system

that should be about to work around… now.

[Susie] That’s the thing about running an international crime syndicate.

We can get to anyone.

[Eddie] Your heart is beginning to beat at three times its normal rate

on account of trying to keep your blood pressure up.

In about five minutes, your body will go into shock.

You’ll lose control of your bodily functions,

and you’ll suffer from a massive cardiac arrest

on account of the trauma done to your internal organs. Then…

Well, then you’ll suffocate.

Lying on this restaurant floor, gasping for air

like a dying fucking fish.

Unless you take that antidote.

[tense music plays]

We need a name.


I don’t know what you mean.

The clock is ticking, de Groot. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Like Big Ben, eh?

[Eddie scoffs] You Europeans.

So very slow.

[Susie] The name.

[tense music continues]


[music stops]





You should be fine within the hour.

Should you develop a sudden urge

to inform said person of recent developments,

remember how easy it was to get to you in the first place.

Have a good lunch, Mr. de Groot.

[Florian retches]

So… how do you wanna handle him?

There’s only one outcome.

He’s a big boy. He knew the risks.



it’s not gonna be pleasant.

It never is.

I actually liked him.

Thought he could be trusted.

You never know, do you?

You never fucking know.

Any preferences on how you wanna get it done?

Offering your services?

Not directly.

[Eddie] It’s not my world, Susie.

But maybe there’s someone who could help. He might need a little convincing though.

[Eddie] Morning.

[man 1] Over here with me.

[man 2] Now, Francie. Hold onto them.

[woman 1] What does he want?

[woman 2] What’s he doing here?

[Eddie] Gentlemen.

A little heavily armed for this time of the morning.

When you accuse someone of robbing four million from a drug baron,

a man tends to get a bit paranoid.

Fair point.

What the fuck do you want, Eddie?

I’m here to make things right.

I want to offer you a gift by means of reparation.

Oh, a gift? Man wants to offer us a gift.

[chuckles] Fucking Santa Claus here.

Tell you what. How about I offer you a gift, Eddie?

[operatic music plays]

I guess I deserved that. All right.

[woman] Go on, JP!

[JP grunts]


[JP] You said you’ve something for me.

[Eddie] Someone tried to set you up.

[JP] Give me a name, Eddie.

[Eddie] I can do better than that.

What’s this, Eddie? Teddy bears’ fucking picnic?

You know what this is, Keith.

Oh, come on.

[Eddie] You know what happens next.

Sorry, Keith.

[ominous music plays]


Are you a bit deaf… as well as a snake?

Fucking move.

Fuck you.

[spits] Fuck you and all.

[ominous music continues]

You reckon the Belgian came up with it on his own?

Well, it wasn’t Keith’s idea, was it? He ain’t got the bandwidth.

What if Keith was just a symptom, not the cause?

What do you mean? What symptom? No one’s fucking ill, are they?

No. Look, it’s a pattern, innit?

Van load of weed vanishing.

Blockades on the continent. Rats in the kitchen.

It’s all adding up to something.

All right, all right.

We’ve had a few problems, and you sorted it out. Salute.

But we got the product going out, we got money coming in, all right?

All we need to do is steady the ship, and then we can see what happens.

There’s dark clouds coming. I can feel it.

I think we need to down periscope

and start firing some torpedoes.

[Bobby] No, you’re not fucking listening to me.

I’m the captain, and I say full steam ahead.

[Keith] Glad it’s not Blanket. I appreciate that.

You’re a good man, Eddie.

Eyes on me, Keith.

[Keith] Why am I looking at you? You’re a dead man walking.

You think you’re all so hard. Bobby Glass is gonna shit the lot of ya.

I know how many bodies there are ’cause I fucking buried ’em, Eddie.

I’ve seen behind the curtain, and none of you are ready for it.

[ominous music plays]

You’re all fucked. Every one of ya.

It’s just a matter of fucking time, really.

Same thing’ll happen to you in the end, Eddie.

You work for Bobby Glass now. There’s no way out.

They’ll get you eventually. Just like me.

Just like Jethro.

[ominous music continues]

What did you say?

What, didn’t she tell ya? Nah, of course she fucking didn’t.

Jethro’s at the bottom of the fucking Thames.

JP, I’m begging on my arse, will you shoot this fucking gomey?

You think you got a choice? You’re fucking kidding yourself.

You can’t trust her. You can’t trust any of ’em.

[somber music plays]

[cell phone buzzes]

[ominous choral music plays]

Is it done?

It’s done.

[ominous choral music continues]

[music fades]

[somber music plays]

[operatic music plays]

[music fades]


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