The Flash – S07E11 – Family Matters, Part 2 [Transcript]

Barry and Iris come together to try and stop a dangerous force from destroying Central City.
The Flash - S07E11 - Family Matters, Part 2

Original air date: May 25, 2021

Iris, Alexa, and Bashir fake their deaths and escape using an illusion. Bashir convinces Alexa to go back and fight “Nora,” who conjures a storm that knocks out Cecile with lightning and sets prisoners at Iron Heights free. Frost escapes prison to defeat an escaped Chillblaine, Barry fails to recruit Deon, and Allegra consoles Joe. Barry confronts “Nora,” but she reveals that the other forces conjured the storm. Deon turns on “Nora,” but is forced to retreat. Joe proves to Barry and Iris that they’re not bad parents, and they reconcile with Alexa, Bashir, and Deon. They overpower “Nora” while the storm nears critical mass and threatens to “snap back” and destroy everything. Bashir and Deon show “Nora” a future completely empty of others, overwhelming her and convincing her to stop. With time running out, the forces aid Barry so that he is fast enough to stop the storm. The forces reconcile and depart to expand the Speed Force. Cecile awakens. While at CC Jitters with Allegra and Chester, Cisco and Kamilla are forced to make their decision to leave. Frost returns to Caitlin’s apartment on probation for her efforts during the storm, admitting her crush on Chillblaine, while Barry and Iris try to process everything and decide to start a family.

* * *

[tense music]



So that worked.

Wha–what just happened? How are we still alive?



I don’t understand.

Neither do I.

What did you do?

As-as soon as Nora came in, I kn–I knew you were right. I could see the hate in her eyes. Real anger issues–I mean, no match for me. But I–I wanted to protect you all. So I…took care of it.

You made her think we were dead?

You made us all see it. It wasn’t a nightmare, that was an illusion. I didn’t know you could do that.


[scoffs] Neither did he. You were just trying to save yourself, you jerk.

Hey, hey, hey. How about “Thank you, Bashir”? That was baller the way you stopped that mean lady from murdering us.

I don’t get it. Why would Nora attack you?

I think she sees me as competition.

[exciting music]

Have we been able to locate Nora?

There’s no sign of her on our satellites. She could be anywhere.

She’s probably out there somewhere, Sith-corrupting Deon.

I’m the reason he ran to Nora. If anything happens to him…

He’s a god too, won’t he be safe?

None of us are. Not anymore.

Yeah, she’s right. It’s only a matter of time before Nora senses the other Forces are alive. Iris, it’s up to us. We have to protect them.

If Nora wants Bashir and Alexa dead, then… We need to hide them.

Hide them? Where? A.R.G.U.S.?

Guys, there’s nowhere on Earth to hide from the Speed Force.

Then we won’t hide them on Earth. There’s only one place Nora can’t go. A place where she didn’t exist for a few months.

Like, in the past?

When Nora first died? Does that place still exist?

It’s a moment in time. A dead zone that she can’t access, but a Speedster can. I can take Bashir and Alexa and once they’re inside–

Once we’re inside. They’re my responsibility, too.

[thunder rumbles]

I swear, that kid of ours can sleep through absolutely anything.

Breaking news coming in regarding the storm. Central City…

Babe, what happened?

Multiple lightning strikes took out a wall in Iron Heights. Two dozen inmates escaped, most of them metas.

Oh no, what about Frost? You don’t think that…

No. This storm is the perfect cover for criminals to lay siege. [groans]

You regret giving up your badge, don’t you?

Well, if I hadn’t… I could help stop this. People are gonna get hurt, or worse.

No, no, please don’t do that to yourself.

[sighs] I can’t help anyone from a couch.

Yeah, maybe not, but you know what, you can do more than you th–

[lightning cracks]

Cecile! Cecile, Cecile.

[thunder rumbles]

[eerie music]

This is the Speed Force?

It was.

It was nice of the Addams Family to lend you their place for the weekend.

All right, I’m gonna go find Deon. If Nora somehow finds the three of you first–

Yeah. Use the transmat orb that Cisco gave me.

The hyper-tachyon particles inside will pull any organic matter back to Central City.

We’ll be safe. Go save our family.

Wouldn’t you say goodbye? That was rude.

Is he gonna be okay?

Yeah, I’m sure it’s-it’s nothing. You should get some rest. There’s no telling how long we’re gonna be here.


[tense tones]

I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Where were you?

[dramatic music]

Nora? What happened to you?

I couldn’t feel you at all. Which shouldn’t be possible.

You brought me here?

I had to make sure you were safe.

From who? From you? You tried to kill them, Nora. Even Iris.

And I let you live. For a reason. Do you have any idea what death is like? It’s an agonizing emptiness that turns your soul inside out. And that loneliness it brings? It burns.

Iris and I brought you back.

You brought them back too. As soon as I was reborn, I could feel those new forces trying to snuff out my existence. They wanted to drag me back into the darkness, Barry. But I won’t let them. Now bring my brothers and sister to me… [distorted voice] Or your city dies.

[thunder rumbles]

[suspenseful music]

We’ve got Category 3 winds and over 22 lightning strikes a minute.

It’s Nora. She says she’s gonna tear the city apart unless I bring her all three Forces. I gotta find Deon before she does.

Oh, I got your back on that, Flash. I rebuilt the isotopic sensor. Now, all you need to do is sweep through the city in a standard grid pattern, and it’ll sound off once you’re within a hundred yards of our teenage time god. All right.

Now all you need is a little mecha back-up.

Not this time. I need you and Chester on comms.

But Deon knows us. We can help.

Bringing Deon in is my responsibility. But we need to find a way to stop Nora. So focus on that.

[suspenseful music]

[lightning cracks]

[dramatic music]

Mark. You need to turn yourself in. Now.

[inhales sharply, exhales] Ladies first, Snowflake. After all, we’re both escaped prisoners tonight. A little something else we have in common.

I didn’t escape. I came here to turn you in.

Yeah, that’s still breaking out of prison. Look, before you try to impale me again, I just want to say… I forgive you.

You what? You tried to murder me last time.

What do you want me to say? You’re a hero, and I’m a bad guy. We all do what we gotta do. Like this. I really needed these biotech interfaces for my work, so.

So you stole them.

Hey. If I can ignore your stabby faults, then the least you can do is ignore my klepto ones, maybe? Besides, I’m all done here. You want to get a drink? You already know I make a mean martini.

No, not happening.

Come on, we had so much fun last time. You know, before the whole attempted murder part.

Would you stop bringing that up, okay?

You’re probably right. I will say this. You are the first person I’ve met in a very long time that I don’t want to try and kill a second time.

So how about that drink?

No. There is no freaking way I would ever go out with you.

Wait, hold on, are you– Are you talking about dinner and the whole nine yards?

Look, would you just stop doing that, all right?

What? Just trying to get a little clarity.

That right there, just–stop it.

It is okay if you’re into me.

For the last time, I am not into you.

Hm. Then why don’t you stop staring at my six-pack?

[lightning cracks]

Tell me exactly what happened.

Lightning shot through the window, I mean, it was like someone wanted to hit her.

Maybe someone did. Nora is controlling this storm.

Why would she do that to Cecile?

Why did she attack Iris? Joe, don’t worry. I’m gonna do everything I can to figure out what’s wrong with Cecile and get her back on her feet, okay?

Why do I feel like the Brady Bunch might of died in here?

This place is an exact replica of the house that Barry and I grew up in. It looks terrible now. But it wasn’t then.

What was he like back then?

Barry? He was… small for his age.

Bet he loved that growth spurt when he was 13.

Not really. He was pretty clumsy.

Wow. Isn’t this great? Mom and the kids reminiscing about old times.

Anyways… he was pretty sensitive about it. So I wanted to help. I would place all of my books on top shelves where he thought I couldn’t reach them…

Hey, baby sis. Look what I can do. Don’t react. This is just between us siblings. Nora’s not gonna stop until we’re dead. We need to face her and fight together. First, we need to get out of here. And I know how. Are you with me or not?

He was so proud of himself when he pulled them down. Made me smile.

[device beeping rapidly]

[soft dramatic music]

My life was supposed to be on this field as a football god. Then I became an actual god, and… Somehow I still can’t make my life go in the direction I want.


I wanted you to die. Not them. I just wish I could take it all back.

You don’t have to take it back. Iris, Alexa, Bashir. They’re not dead.


It was an illusion.

Bashir. It was him, wasn’t it?


Look. I just wanted you to feel the same pain that I felt when you called me a mistake. All right? Nora’s the one who took it too far.

You’re not a mistake, Deon. I’m glad you’re here, I know that now.

[thunder rumbles]

[sighs] Deon. Nora’s looking for you.

Oh, man. She’s the devil, that girl. Look, she’s the one that should have never existed. You need to unmake her the same way you were gonna unmake me. All right? So, come on, let’s do it together.

No, nah, I can’t do that. But I’m gonna find another way to stop her, I promise. After you’re safe.

Man, there’s no hiding from her crazy ass. Look, old man. Either you need to help me take her down, or I start running again.

Deon, I’m trying to protect you.

Killing her is the only thing that’s gonna keep us all safe. Why can’t you see that?

I said-[breathes heavily] I said… We’ll find another way.

We…ain’t doing jack. I am.


How are we supposed to keep people safe and stop Nora?

CCPD’s evacuating people downtown. Let’s call Team Citizen, have them help get people to shelters. I’m gonna find Deon again before he does something he’ll regret.

Hey. What if he does kill the Speed Force?

[soft dramatic music]

It could save lives.

Joe, you know that’s not an option.

These are gods, Barr. We’re ants to them. What are we supposed to do? Just pray that it all works out?

These forces exist because of me and Iris. I have to do everything I can to protect them.

Well, at least you still can.


Poor Joe. First the job, now Cecile.

I know, but right now I need you guys to stay focused on finding a way to restrain Nora.

Restraining a Force of nature? Barry, we’ve been putting our heads together. I just–I don’t know if it’s possible.

It has to be.

We’re doing everything we can, I promise.

All right, well, call me if you have something. I’m gonna keep searching for Deon.

[lightning cracks]

[thunder rumbles]

Leawood and Petersburg are being evacuated. Kamilla and I are gonna help. Want to come with? Might take your mind off things.

Allegra, things like that… it’s not your responsibility. Sometimes there isn’t anything we can do.

And that officially makes you an old man feeling sorry for himself. Yeah, I talked to Barry. Look, Joe. You need to hear this. You’re not a cop anymore.

I know that.

So what are you? Because I still see the man who sat on a bomb to save Cecile’s life. Or who helped a juvenile delinquent achieve her dream of becoming a reporter. You did those things. Not because you had a badge. But because you care about helping others. So… What do you say?

I can’t leave Cecile.

I get it. It’s your call.

[pensive music]

[lightning cracks]

Nice look. Big improvement.

At least my alter ego doesn’t parade around in blue spandex.

[scoffs] You two really are like brother and sister.

Iris, that device Cisco gave you, what if Nora finds us and it doesn’t work?

Chester and Cisco designed it. It will.

Okay. But if Nora did find us, she could overpower you. Maybe I should hold on to it.

[scoffs] What’s up with you?

Just give her the orb, Iris. We’re gonna take down Nora before she gets to us.

We’re trying to keep you safe.

The last time that happened, I died.

[dramatic music]


Give me the transmat now.


I’m sorry. That was the only way.

Are you sure about that?

Wait, don’t!

I mean, an Einstein-Maxwell gravitational trap could hold Nora, but–

But the coils would need enough current to power Las Vegas. Exactly, so…


Still no sign of Deon?

No. And the storm’s taken out more electrical grids. Please tell me you’ve got a plan.

No actual plans yet. Just…theories.

Barry, look. We’ve been racking our brains nonstop here. You could give us weeks to solve this and we still might not know how to stop her. I don’t know how we win this one.


[alarm blares]

Kinetic isotopes.

It’s Nora. What do we do?

Only thing we can.

You didn’t bring them. Do you want your world to end?

No. And neither do you. Nora, you and the other forces were created by something just as powerful as all this. The love that Iris and I have for each other. That love is a part of you. That means you’re more than just a force of nature now. Our humanity is inside you too. So please stop.

You still don’t understand.

[thunder rumbles]

You feel that? That wasn’t me. It never has been.


That was a show of strength, Barry. Just like what happened to Cecile earlier.

[lightning cracks]


Just like what’s happening right now.

Still Force. You didn’t create this storm.

No. Your children did. And that’s why they must die.

You first!

[panting] Help him.

What happened?

I found out the truth. Everything that’s happening out there, Nora isn’t doing it. The other forces are. They have been the whole time.

W-w-wait. So Alexa, Bashir and Deon are the bad guys now?

And I thought Nora was the problem.

[echoing] You know I’m the solution, Barry. Your children’s sacrifice is necessary. Three of them for 3 million in return. There’s still time. [distorted voice] Now bring them to me, before it’s too late.

[thunder rumbles]

[soft dramatic music]

I couldn’t stop him. Just like I couldn’t stop Nora. What’s even worse? I’m not sure what the right thing to do is anymore.

Hey, you’re doing the best you can.

It’s not enough.

Barry. Hey.

Iris? What are you doing here? Are you all right?

They took off with the orb and escaped. I ended up halfway across town.

Where are Alexa and Bashir?

They’re going after Nora.

Deon had the same idea, now he’s wounded.

Barry, our plan didn’t work. What are we gonna do?

I don’t know.

Why is all of this happening?

Nora says the Forces we created are what’s tearing the city apart.

And you believe her now?

We do too.

[dramatic music]

For weeks, we’ve been experiencing Strength Force earthquakes and Still Force time anomalies. But those were all force events On a cosmic scale leading up to this.

And what about the Sage Force?

The test I ran on Cecile earlier showed that the lightning she was struck by was composed of electrochemical isotopes.

Bashir’s psychic energy.

So it’s not just one Big Bad. We’re fighting the Forces of the universe itself. Talk about a family feud.

Barry, how do we choose between saving them and saving our city?

[intense music]


It’s okay to admit that you like me. [chuckle] I’m a likeable guy.

No, you’re not. I changed my mind.

So you did like me?


Shut the hell up, Mark.

Okay. Am I crazy? Or am I sensing some wild chemistry here? Huh? Come on, tell me you’re not feeling that.

The only thing I’m feeling is my fist on your jawline.



Come on, Frosty. I can counter everything you do.

You don’t know everything I can do.

Chill out.

[people screaming]

[lightning cracks] [screams]

The entire city is terrified.

I know. No matter how hard I try, I can’t protect them all.

Barry, I can’t lose anyone else. Not like Nora.

Maybe we’re not meant to be parents. I mean if we can’t even keep our own family safe–

That’s a load of crap. Look, I’ve been feeling so sorry for myself that I’ve been neglecting the people that need my help. Baby girl. You and Barry think that you can’t help your kids because parents are the only ones that can keep a family safe?

It’s our job to protect them.

She’s right, Joe.

Barry, when you decided to be the Flash, I tried to talk you out of it, said you were just a kid. Did you stop?

No, no, it just– made me want to prove I could make a difference even more.

And you sure as hell have. But Iris, when Barry can’t do it alone– or those times when he is gone like the first time he went into the Speed Force. Who took charge of this crew and kept us safe? You did. You’re always there, side by side with him. Just like now, taking care of business.

[hopeful music]

You two don’t get it? Sometimes it takes a family to protect a family.

Iris, we’ve been trying to keep the forces apart.

When we should be bringing them together.

I couldn’t stop her.

Because you’re not supposed to do it alone.

Thought you wanted to run and hide?

Not anymore.


Guys? We’ve got company.

[tense music]

You both came back.

Things are different now, aren’t they? I could feel it.

We both could.

Sorry for almost killing you.

I tell you what, you help us survive, we’ll forgive you. Maybe.

All right, no more running. No more hiding. It’s time we face Nora. Only we do it together.

Everyone ready?

[lightning cracks]

Any sign of Nora yet?

No, not yet.

[tense tones]

Nora. I brought them.

[lightning cracks]

I did what you asked.

[distorted voice] No you didn’t. You’re going to betray me.

We’re connected Nora, all of us. Whether we like it or not, we’re a family. That includes you, too.

Stupid boy. I can see I’m going to have to kill you too.

[lightning cracks]


Where the hell are we?

We’re…dead, right?

No, but somebody’s about to be.

Your children did this, Barry. This isn’t how it should be.

[intense music]

So… it’s family game night. Fine. But I play to win.

[electronic beeping]

I–I can’t get a lock. It’s like the forces are everywhere.

They’re all around us.

Like cosmic forces of nature.

That’s why we can’t find them. Because they’re in the Speed Force.


[all groan]



[lightning cracks]

What the hell just happened?

She must of given up. ‘Cause there are too many of us to fight.

No. No, no, no. We’re not that lucky, are we, Dad?

[breathes heavily]

Bashir’s right. This isn’t over.

[radio static]

Barry, can you hear me?

Yeah, I’m all right. We all are.

Guys, I’m picking up electromagnetic particles gathering in the area.

Is it part of the storm?

No, no, it’s as if there’s… Some sort of collider reaction forming over Central City.

[lightning cracks]

[thunder rumbles]

It just keeps getting more powerful. If… If this thing achieves enough atomic mass, it’s gonna snap back like a rubber band.

Big Bang in reverse.

How much time do we have?

Uh, no idea. It’s like all four isotopic forces are returning to their original state. Like when they were born.

[suspenseful music]

But in reverse. If that’s our time table, then we only have about three minutes. Maybe less.

Barry, you have to keep the Force Event from reaching optimal expansion. We have 2 minutes and 55 seconds before the Forces snap back and destroy everything in existence.

We heard. Your thoughts.

Apparently, it’s hereditary.

So what do we do?


[dramatic music]

[lightning cracks]

[eerie tones]

You really can’t take a hint.

And you can’t kill me.

It was worth a shot.

Now that Daddy’s gone, there’s no one here to protect you. Once you’re all gone, my future will be safe. Now, surrender.

Bashir, Deon, listen up. We got one shot at this.

Little Sister, what are you doing? Are you hiding something from me?

[electricity crackles]

[somber music]

[sobbing] No. No. Hello? Where is everyone? [sobbing] No… [sobs] No. No. No, this is worse than dying. [sobbing] No. Hello! No! No… No!

[crying] I’ll be the only Force for eons to come, and I’ll be alone. All alone, I can feel it. [sobs] No, no. Don’t let it happen. Please, don’t let it happen. Please don’t let it happen–please. Don’t let it happen.

It’s just one possible future. But you can choose another. One where you’re not alone. Where your part of a family. Ours.


Alexa… Deon, Bashir. Forgive me. [sobs] Forgive me.

[intense music]

He’s not fast enough.

He’s gotta be.

[electricity sparks]

[lightning cracks]

Concentrate. Then follow my thoughts.

[lightning cracks]

[lightning crackles]

[all exhale]

Oh, my God.

[both panting]

[soft music]

Nora… It’s really you.

You saved me. You saved us all.

[soft music]

How do you feel?

Like I’m home.

Hey, nice crib.

Meh, you should have seen it before the remodel.

[chuckles] Yeah.

This place feels different. With you all here, I feel–

Faster? You are. With all of us together, you’ll be faster than you ever imagined, Barry.

So what happens now?

The four of us expand this place. Use it to bring light to everyone in the universe. Together.

Sounds like a new beginning.

For all of us. I hope.

I never really had a home. But this sure feels like one.

I guess I never had a real family. Might as well start somewhere.

I always knew I’d make the big leagues. Ain’t nothing bigger than this.

We’re so proud of all of you.

Iris… How can I ever apologize?

You don’t have to.

But you believed me. Through everything. Thank you for seeing my humanity long before I ever did. And Barry… Today you really were my hero.



[softly] Hi.

You feeling okay?



Yeah. But okay. [gasps] Where’s Jenna?

With Rob and David Singh, it’s okay.

[relieved sigh]

Caitlin says that you’re gonna be fine.


Thank God.

What about the storm? And Nora?

Team Flash for the win. Again.

Okay. What about you? Have you been here the whole time? Doing what?

Looking after the people who… Need me the most.

[chuckles, mutters softly]


I need to take these powers to the next level. So, come the next apocalypse, I can be more than just a human glowstick.

Ooh, you should yell a cool catch phrase before you fire your bad ass energy beams. Like, “flame on”!

You are such a dork, and I love you.

Not as much as I love you.

Oh, that’s actually not possible. Because my love knows no cosmic bounds, so…

Oh, yeah? Well…

[upbeat music playing]

Oh, it’s like that, huh?

[clears throat]

Kamilla… [giggles]

So, I binged a whole “Chopped” marathon last week.

[snickers] Nice, nice. I built a pair of electronic sock warmers for Grandma Runk. Cool.


♪ Oh, I got eyes on the back of my head ♪

♪ Go on and give it a try ♪

♪ I’m ready for you

[phone buzzes]

[clears throat]

What’s up? Is that Barry?

Yeah, please tell me there’s another apocalypse.

It’s um… It’s nothing that can’t wait till tomorrow. [sighs] “Chopped,” huh?

[playful music]

[knock at door]

[gasps] Frost! Oh, my God. Are you okay? Are you a fugitive now? Because of this jailbreak?

Eh, slipped out of Iron Heights just like the rest of the meta-wing during the storm.

But… W-Why would you do that? After everything you’ve been through?

Yeah. Get some much needed exercise. To beat up and put away a dozen meta-humans.

And what about your sentence?

Oh, even the D.A.’s office has a heart when it sees you on the news, saving lives. That, and a good word from the Flash. And I got out on probation for good behavior.

That’s incredible.


Nothing, you just– I don’t know, you seem different.

[soft, curious music]


Fine. I have a crush on someone.


It’s a bartender.

[H.E.R.’s “Lights On”]

♪ It’s dark outside

It’s weird that Alexa, Deon, and Bashir are just gone.

Yeah. Everything feels different, it’s like… I don’t know, we lost a part of us.

Is this what it’s gonna be like when our actual kids go to college?

I mean… We’d have to actually… Try and, you know.

♪ Fluent in the sheets ♪

♪ Can you read in between me? ♪

♪ I ain’t a stranger ♪

Any who, makes you wonder.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ So we can skip the word play ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Leave the lights on ♪

Yeah, it does.

♪ Leave the lights on ♪

♪ Leave ’em, leave ’em lights on ♪


Iris? Where are you going?

I’m tired of wondering. Let’s start a family.

I love that impulse.


♪ On ♪

♪ On, on ♪


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