The Flash – S07E08 – The People V. Killer Frost [Transcript]

With Frost facing an unjust punishment for her past crimes, Caitlin goes to great lengths to save her sister. Meanwhile, Barry's efforts to protect Speed Force Nora lead to a shocking discovery.
The Flash - S07E08 - The People V. Killer Frost

Original air date: May 4, 2021

Team Flash detects Fuerza in Keystone City, so Barry and “Nora” leave to combat her, but she’s not there. Barry meets Alexa Rivera, but “Nora” believes Alexa to be Fuerza and berates her. At Frost’s trial, Kramer moves to punish Frost by having her take the meta-human cure as opposed to 10-20 years in prison. Caitlin is distraught by this and has her mother test if the cure would harm Frost. Cisco helps Caitlin and Allegra break into CCPD, and Allegra distracts Kramer while Caitlin neutralizes the cures. Kramer accuses Frost for ruining the meta-human cures, and reveals that A.R.G.U.S. gave her another vial. Caitlin’s mom confirms that the cure won’t harm Frost and urges Frost to take it, but Frost retorts that she’d lose who she is. Kramer reveals that she lost a platoon to a deceitful meta-human and wants to set a precedent of using the meta-human cure as a punishment. During court, Frost expresses that forcing the cure upon someone is unjust, and requests life in prison without parole. The judge agrees and sentences her to life in prison without parole. Alexa reveals to the Flash that she is Fuerza and has been blacking out due to anger, which she felt when Abra Kadabra attacked. She agrees to run tests at S.T.A.R. Labs, but while there, the Speed Force knocks her out, attacks Iris, and takes Barry’s power.

* * *

All clear, Ms. Kramer.

Four scans and three weapon checks.

I like the way you think, Agent Cooper.

Were you this serious back at Fort Dakota?

The army fights terrestrial threats, ma’am.

Here, it’s that plus a little… extra.

I know what you mean.

As for the added lockdown, we’re gonna need it for what you proposing, ma’am.

The famous meta-human Killer Frost will be sentenced today…

So much for rebranding.

Cecile, how bad is this?

Uh, typically?

Frost’s charges carry a sentence of 10-20 years.

But… today Judge Tanaka is gonna weigh that against all the good that she’s done as a hero, and given that Frost hasn’t committed a crime in four years…

I could make a case for a lighter sentence.

18 months, maybe less with parole?

I mean she already pled guilty and skipped her trial.

What more does the court want?

They want to know whether or not you are responsible for your crimes.

This is a load of crap.

You saved the city and more lives than I can count.

Jitter’s named a freakin’ drink after you.

Exactly. You know, I say we just make like “A Few Good Men” and shove the truth down the city’s throat.

Guys, we’re not looking for a loophole.

I did these crimes.

And Caity, I know you want to help, but ever since becoming my own person, I’ve realized that if I don’t own up for my choices, I’ll never be able to move on.

What about all the good things you’ve done?

Like the life we’re building together?

I’ll miss you, too.

But… until I pay for what I did, the rest of the city won’t look at me the way you all do.

Isotopic signature detected.

The Forces.

One of them is close.

It’s coming from Keystone City.

Seismic isotopes.

It’s the Strength Force.

Barry, you have to go.

This is the chance we’ve been waiting for.

Listen to the cosmic lady…


She’s right.

If Fuerza’s back, people need the Flash.

We’ve got Frost’s back.

Iris is running comms.

I’ll come with you.

If that monster is here, it won’t be a match for us both.

You sure this is the right location?

Yeah, satellites confirm it.

Fuerza should be right in front of you.

Why? What are you seeing?

Either our satellites need to be recalibrated or…

The Strength Force is better at hiding than we thought.

Keystone Cares…

That’s a nonprofit that helps those those in need.

Why would Fuerza be there?

So, as you can see, Your Honor, my client has already demonstrated that, despite her past mistakes, Frost now only wishes to serve this city, alongside our greatest protector, the Flash.

Still, she’s aware that justice must be served.

Which is why she’s seeking a fair punishment.

Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but to prove once and for all who she really is.

She’s a flawed person who has changed her ways and become a hero, in her own right.

Well-argued, Ms. Horton.

Counselor Strong, would the State like to make an opening remark?

By her own admission, the meta-human known as Killer Frost is guilty of crimes that have endangered the peace of our city and the safety of our citizens.

And the State finds it absurd that a former DA would romanticize this narrative to avoid punishment.

It’s early and I haven’t had my coffee, Counselor.

But I don’t believe the defendant is asking to avoid punishment.

Agreed, Your Honor.

But the State has one goal…

To ensure that this extremely dangerous criminal no longer threatens our good citizens…

Which is why we believe she must have her powers erased.

Your Honor, that is highly irregular.

I’ll decide that, Ms. Horton.

Ms. Strong, please continue.

In lieu of prison, the State moves to submit alternate punishment…

That Killer Frost be compelled by this court… to take the meta-human cure.

Kramer is damn good.

We’re here looking for a lighter sentence.

She’s arguing that since felons are prohibited from owning firearms, Frost’s powers are weapons that the State can take away using the cure.

A cure that CCPD only has ’cause we gave it to them.

A cure that’s supposed to be voluntary.

How can Kramer just force Frost to take it like that?

Is that even legal?

Yeah, you would be surprised what can become legal when you’ve got the full force of the American justice system behind you.

It can be pretty scary sometimes.

What if we forget the deal, just take the 10 to 20 years?

Prosecution’s not even seeking jail time anymore.

Kramer is all about the cure.

She wants Frost neutralized forever.

At least it can’t get any worse.

Actually, it can.

I just talked to Mom. She’s gonna run some more tests to be sure, but we think that because you are uniquely born from meta DNA, if you take the cure…

It could harm you, maybe even kill you.

This is insane.

Okay, no one is touching Frost.

We’re gonna stop this, right?

Hell yeah.

Okay, we need to fight fire with fire.

Hack Kramer, dig up dirt, whatever it takes to save Frost.


I didn’t just turn myself in so that I could go and break the law again.

We’re doing this by the book or not at all… okay, Katie?


You’re right.

Something still doesn’t sit right.

Why would Kramer go so hard to take you down?

I have no idea.

But all I care about now is stopping her.

Well, we do that by convincing the judge that you deserve prison time and not the cure.

I got some case law books back at the office that we need to look at, and uh, Joe,

I think you can help me out.

Okay, what are we really doing?

I like your hacking idea.

We need to think bigger.

Frost’s life is on the line.

Guys, I’m still picking up Fuerza’s isotopic signature in the area.

You still don’t see her?

No, nothing yet.

Fuerza’s signature is seismic-based.

Maybe she hides underground.

Man, there’s a lot of people here.

We should run them all away before things get dangerous.

No. The Forces want to feed off our powers, Barry.

That’s probably why this thing attacked you in the first place.

Using our abilities too early, even if it’s to save others, could put them in danger.

I guess that is possible.

There’s still so much we don’t know about these Forces.

We know all we need to.

They’re dangerous.

I still remember how they attacked me…

Eating me alive.

I could feel it.

It’s pure evil.

I know, I felt it too when Psych attacked me.

Wherever these things came from, they have to be stopped.

Yeah, I’m not so sure.

What do you mean?

Well, the Sage Force is clearly dangerous and Fuerza too, but do you remember what Chester and Cisco said about Deon, the Still Force?

That he was just a kid who wanted to be left alone.

Yeah, I mean, does that seem like a vicious energy feeder to you?

Something doesn’t add up here.

Barry, the creature that we’re hunting killed someone and tried to kill you.

We can’t let ourselves be fooled by the human facades these Forces hide behind.

Underneath them, these Forces only have one goal…

To destroy everything they touch.

You need to remember that.

Barry, got another hit, and it’s coming from the next tent.

Great, just put those extra rations just over…

Wait, are you two volunteers?

Um… uh, no we’re… uh, no, actually.

No? Oh… sorry it’s been a pretty busy morning.

I’m Alexa Rivera, the Field Supervisor for Keystone Cares.

What can I do for you?

Mic check, one, two, one, two.

You ready?

Sure hope so.

Officer Korber, I’m Caitlin Snow.

I was detained here the other day.

It was a misunderstanding.

Right, I heard.

Sorry that happened.

It’s okay.

It’s all sorted now. But when the released me, they didn’t return all of my belongings.


Yes, I’m still missing a necklace,  and a bracelet… the bracelet used to be my mother’s.

I’m sure they’re still in lockup.


If you just want to fill out a 10-67 for loss of property. I’ll get them.


Cisco, is the coast clear?

I am back-looping security cameras… now.

You got two minutes before they’re back up.

Which way am I going again?

This whole breaking into CCPD thing’s freaking me out.

When we gave them the cure, they stored the surplus in the Armory.

That’s where you’re headed.


Just turn right.

Your other right.

All right, you’re gonna attach the inertial oximeter to the door.

It’s gonna send out a pulse that will neutralize all cure samples on site.

Almost there.

Can I help you?

You seem lost.

I’m from “The Citizen.”

I’m… I’m here for our interview.

Caitlin, Allegra needs backup.

Kramer’s got her pinned.

Sorry about that.

No one told me about any interview.

They had to.

I contacted your office.

They said you were in charge of meta-affairs, and, clearly, you were never told.

No, I wasn’t.

Okay, look, this is a huge scoop for me.

Could you just give me ten minutes?

How much time do I have left before the cameras turn back on?

20 seconds. We have to deliver the oximeter now or we’re screwed.

Please, if I go back empty-handed, my boss is gonna kill me.

Ten minutes, that’s all I’m asking.

You’ve got five.


Let’s go sit.

Whoa, you should really get that checked out.

Yeah, I’ll have someone take a look at it.

Ten seconds, go, go, go, go!

The cure has been neutralized.

Now get the hell out of there before I have a heart attack.


Wait… so, am I under arrest?

No, no, no, no.

I… I am with CCPD, but I… I’m a CSI, I… I don’t arrest people.

But you think I’m guilty of something.


Never gonna catch a break, am I?

I’m sorry, I don’t follow.

Okay, fine.

Yeah, it’s true, I was an addict.

Then I hit rock bottom, and that was a wake-up call.

So I got clean, I went to school.

I could have worked in a hospital, but this is where I belong.

Helping people, just like me, turn their lives around.

Look, I’ve been to rehab, and I don’t have a record, so whatever crime you’re investigating…

No, no, it’s… it’s… it’s nothing like that.

Um… uh, we…


It’s… it’s gonna sound kind of crazy, but we’ve been scanning the city for a new meta, and for some reason our readings led us to you.


I’m not a meta.

We’re not so sure.

Well, then what do you want from me?

Alexa, we’d like for you to come to S.T.A.R. Labs with us. We work with a team there that can conduct a simple, painless test…

Tell us what we already know.

That you’re the monster who attacked Central City and killed a man and tried to kill me too.

I have never seen you before in my life, and I’m not going anywhere with you, especially not S.T.A.R. Labs.

Yeah, I’ve heard of them. They’re the ones who started all this meta stuff in the first place.

Alexa, hold on, we just want to help.

No, you hold on.

I am not a monster.

And if you don’t mind, there are people who actually need my help.

Please don’t contact me again.

I don’t see why you’re so upset.

We know that woman is the thing we’ve been searching for.

No, we think she might be.

But now we’ll never learn the truth, because you scared her away.

Barry, the answer is simple.

If she won’t come to us, we’ll make her.


We move in the blink of an eye.

She’ll never know, and by the time she does, we’ll test her, and… If she’s innocent, return her before she takes her next breath.

Nora, I know you’re new to all this, but we don’t just grab people and test them against their will.

Why not?


Lives are at stake.

That’s not how this works.

Well, maybe it should.

Barry, you and I know what this thing is really capable of.

Now, all I’m asking is for you to trust me and do what needs to be done.

Is that really too much for me to ask?

You’re asking him to give up a part of what makes hima hero.

So, yes, Nora, it is too much.


It’s your choice.

Captain West, you’re here to make a statement on behalf of the Defendant.

If you please?

I admit, under oath, that Frost hasn’t always been on the right side of the law.

But I can also say that she has put her life on the line countless times to save others.

How so, Captain?

Frost has fought alongside Earth’s greatest heroes to save the world, which means that she’s saved every person in this room including those who want to lock her up for being who she was.

Not for who she is today.


Your Honor… I don’t understand how this court can force Frost to take that cure without sacrificing what it stands for… Justice.

Thank you, Captain West.

Your word goes a long way in this court.

In fact, I believe I’m ready to deliver my verdict.

Your Honor.

We have a new update regarding a relevant incident that could affect your ruling.

If it pleases the court.


Earlier today, the meta-human cure supply at CCPD was rendered inert.

It is now completely unusable.

The State suspects foul play by the only person with motive for such bold treachery… Killer Frost.

No, I didn’t do it.

It wasn’t me, I have not been to CCPD.

I’ve been here!

Let me handle this, please.

Objection. Your Honor, this is speculative nonsense.


Prosecutor, do you have evidence for your accusations?

Yes, Your Honor.

CCPD security cameras were hacked at the exact moment the cure was destroyed.

We wouldn’t have found out if not for Ms. Kramer’s expertise in military intelligence.

She uncovered the hack herself.

It was me, Your Honor.

I did it, not Frost. And I acted alone.

She’s lying, Your Honor.

Killer Frost is clearly behind this crime, because her criminal past is the same as her criminal present.

I am not a criminal, what is wrong with her, she keeps…


I said order.

Everybody sit down.

Now, Ms. Strong, considering the cure isn’t a viable option, can the court assume the State is no longer seeking it as a punishment?

On the contrary.

And where exactly did you get that?

My colleague Ms. Kramer knows the magnitude of the meta-criminal we are dealing with.

So, she contacted A.R.G.U.S. on behalf of the State and had them replicate the cure based on CCPD samples.

We should have 100 vials ready by nightfall.

All we need is your decision, Your Honor.

Very well.

I’ll retire to my chambers and make my decision.

Court is adjourned.

All rise.

This is for your own good.

What just happened?

We just lost.


Please, tell us you know a way out of this.

I’m sorry, but… I don’t.

I don’t know… I don’t know how we’re gonna keep Frost from being forced to take the cure.

What’s Kramer’s deal, anyway?

Kramer’s had it out for me since before I was arrested.

My gut tells me she’s still hiding something.

We need a miracle, and fast.

No, we don’t.

Because we are Team Flash, and we have more than enough resources to figure this out.

Caitlin, we already went that route, remember?

And all we did was make things worse.

Okay, well I can’t just sit here and do nothing, okay?

Because Frost is my sister, and I have to do everything I can to protect her.

Guys, I need to talk to Caitlin.


You want to explain yourself?

Caity, you made me a promise that we would fight this the way I wanted to.

Okay, but that’s the thing, okay…

You are not fighting this.

You skipped your trial, and look how that turned out.

And whose fault is that?

It’s Mom, she got the test results back from how the cure will affect your meta-DNA.

Thank God, she says you’ll be fine.

The cure will take away your powers, but it won’t harm you… You’re gonna survive.

Great, whatever.

Frost, this is the miracle we’ve been waiting for.

This is gonna save you.

By erasing my powers?

You heard Cecile, okay.

Even if we can convince the judge to give you prison time, you’re looking at 10 to 20 years easy.

Then I’ll take it.

Why would you give up two decades of your life when there is a perfectly safe solution?

Changing who I am is not a solution.

How the hell can you even ask me that?

You’re the one who said the cure should always be a choice.

Then why won’t you choose this?


Do you remember when the Sage Force attacked, and I told you my greatest fear?

It’s living life without you.

I am terrified of living a life that you’re not in.

Frost, you are my sister, I love you.

And I cannot lose you.

And if I take the cure, you will.

Caity, don’t you see?

It’s not me you trying to protect.

It’s yourself.

The Flash.

That CSI sent you, didn’t he?

Alexa, I know everything you’ve heard today probably sounds insane, let alone terrifying.

But, if you give me a chance, I think maybe I can explain why it’s so important you get tested.

I already know why.

You were there when Fuerza attacked Central City.

I was part of a team building low income housing that week.

And I just remember feeling so angry when Abra Kadabra destroyed our worksite.

But I don’t remember much else.

I’ve been having, um… blackouts.

Just waking up in strange places, not knowing… where I’ve been, or… Or what I’ve done.

When’s the last time it happened?

When this thing attacked.

What if I…

Oh, my God, what if I am this monster?

Help me find out.

Trust me, I know how scary it is to not have full control of yourself.

I haven’t felt this way since before I got clean.

I don’t know if I’m strong enough to know the truth, I… I just… I feel so weak.

Alexa, the person who received these cards is not a monster.

You’ve dedicated your life to selflessly helping those in need.

Finding out the truth about yourself is the same thing.

You’ll be keeping people safe.

I don’t know why, but I feel like I can trust you.

All right, Captain West.

Let’s finish reviewing this so we can…

Joe arranged a little meet-cute for us.

You and Captain West seem awfully close… I wonder why that is.

We’re poker buddies.

What do you want?

To know why you hate me.

Did I hurt you or someone you love?

Then why do you want to take my powers away?

How is that justice?

You’ve got a lot of gall lecturing me about justice.

You only turned yourself in after years of evading the law, when you were surrounded by my officers.

That’s not doing the right thing, that’s called getting caught.

Look, I’ll go to prison, do my time, fine.

But forcing the cure on me?

I don’t deserve that.

And the court will decide what you deserve.

This isn’t just about what you’ve done.

This is about what people like you do.


So you hate all metas.

Very original. Cicada with a badge.

I don’t hate all meta-humans, just the ones who pretend to be heroes.

I lost an entire platoon because I made that mistake.

On my orders, they followed a meta I thought was a hero into a hot zone.

He fooled me.

By the time I realized his betrayal, 20 soldiers lost their lives, lives I was responsible to protect.

Never again.

This isn’t just about me.

You want to go after all meta-humans.

Only the criminals.

But your sentence will set the legal precedent.

First you take the cure, then any meta who endangers the good of the people will have to follow suit.

You cannot be serious.

I admire your fight.

But there is nothing you can do to stop this.

‘Cause in the end, justice always wins.

You know, this whole waiting for a verdict thing?

It sucks.

Frost, I am so sorry.

You’re right, I wasn’t thinking about what you wanted.

I was only thinking about what I wanted.

It doesn’t matter.

Kramer’s gonna win, and every meta in this city is gonna lose because of me.

Kramer’s trying to set a precedent that any meta accused of a crime can be punished with the cure.

I was just thinking about all the meta lives that will hurt.

I don’t even care about myself anymore.

I just want to help them.


Aren’t you supposed to be the one telling me not to worry?

That we’ll figure it out?

That’s the thing, Sis.

I think I just did.


This place is even more intimidating on the inside.

Alexa, I know you’re nervous, but the Flash promised to keep you safe, and we’re gonna keep that promise.

Barry’s right.

And I’m sorry if I startled you earlier.

But, don’t worry. If something goes wrong, I’m sure the Flash will show up and take care of everything.

Come with me. The Speed Lab’s this way.

It’s been quite the long day, but before I render my verdict, I understand the defendant would like to make a statement.

You ready for this?

Here’s the deal.

Taking away a meta-human’s powers isn’t the same thing as taking away a gun from a criminal.

Erasing our powers is erasing our identity.

It’s saying, “Hey, you were made bad, change that.”

But shouldn’t justice be about changing the way a person acts, not the way they were born?

I get it.

You fear us because we’re different.

You’d feel safer if we were the same.

But different can’t be cured.

It’s here to stay.

We’re here to stay.

Some of you only think of me as the criminal I used to be.

Back then, I was only interested in protecting myself.

But, then, I found someone else worth protecting.

And protecting that person led me to protecting a whole city.

And slowly I changed.

I learned how… I learned how to be selfless instead of selfish.

I learned that I’m my best self when I’m protecting other people.

So, with the help of someone close to me, I’ve made a decision.

I am submitting a request for life in prison without parole.

Your Honor, prison time is not the punishment the State is requesting.

Correction, Your Honor.

The State’s own words made very clear that their only goal was, and I quote, “to ensure this extremely dangerous criminal no longer threatens our good citizens.”

Are those your words, Counselor?

Yes, Your Honor.

Then I’ll remind Ms. Kramer she isn’t Counsel, and kindly ask her to sit down.

The court would like to ask the defendant if she’s fully aware of what she’s proposing.


I am.

As am I that my judgement will set a precedent.

A ruling for the cure sets it as a viable punishment.

A ruling against it takes it off the table.

Like my old law professor used to say, in order for justice to be blind, sometimes she must open her eyes to ugly truths.

Therefore, I hereby sentence the meta-human criminal known as Frost, to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Captain, uh, I’m all packed up, just thought I’d say goodbye.

Good luck.

Listen, I know…

We’ve had our differences and maybe that’s an understatement, especially after today, but… I just wanted to tell you, despite our personal frictions, you have my respect.

I admire your commitment to justice.

The feeling’s mutual.

Truth is, I may not always like your methods.

Sometimes, I downright despise them.

But I know a good cop when I see one.

Only that’s not all, is it?


Make sure you’re always checking which side of the line you’re on.

♪ Hush now ♪

♪ Don’t explain ♪

♪ There ain’t nothin’ to gain ♪

♪ I’m glad that you’re back ♪

♪ Don’t explain ♪

♪ All my thoughts are of you ♪

♪ For I’m so completely yours ♪

♪ I don’t wanna hear nobody chatter ♪

♪ ‘Cause I know you cheat ♪

Every meta in town will know what you did for us.

♪ Right and wrong don’t matter ♪

♪ When you’re with me, my sweet ♪

♪ Hush now, don’t explain ♪

♪ You’re my joy, you’re my pain ♪

♪ My ♪

♪ Life ♪

♪ Is yours, love ♪

♪ Don’t explain ♪

So, I just lie here?

Yeah, these arc radiators emit isotropic energy.

I’ll be using this tablet to gradually expose you to those same isotopic waves.

Are you okay?


I’m scared out of my mind.

You’re gonna be fine.

I promise.

So if you’re right about all this… won’t I change?

‘Cause if that happens, I could hurt someone.

You won’t hurt anyone.

We’re only administering a tiny dose, just enough to trigger the smallest change inside you on a microscopic level.

So if something… is inside you, our instruments will tell us.

Are you still sure you wanna do this?



Her baseline is steady.

What is it?


Just… the way you inspired Barry to reach out to Alexa.

You really are his lightning rod.

Alexa… can you hear me?

Ruhh… raaahhh… Get… away… from… aaahhhh!


Can you hear me?

Hey, it’s okay.

Everything’s okay.

No, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not… I am that thing!

What am I gonna do now?

How am I…

You’re gonna be all right.

You’re gonna be all right, okay?

You’re safe here.

We’re gonna help you deal with this.

I promise.


You still don’t get it.

If I don’t end her now, she’ll sacrifice me to get what she wants…

My life.

Wait, listen to me.

I know you’re scared.

We can still help her.

You should be helping me.

I need your powers to defeat her, and you promised.

And now you’re breaking that promise.

And I know why.

You may be his lightning rod… but I’m the lightning.

Thank you.

Time to choose a side, Barry.


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