The Flash – S07E04 – Central City Strong [Transcript]

Abra Kadabra returns to Central City seeking revenge for an unimaginable wrong. Meanwhile, a mysterious behemoth strikes at the city.
The Flash - S07E04 - Central City Strong

Original air date: March 23, 2021

One week after Eva’s attack, Central City begins to rebuild as Iris and Allegra work to cover the Mirrorverse incident. The former struggles to face the trauma from her ordeal in the Mirrorverse while Barry grapples with his guilt over not deducing Mirror-Iris was an impostor. Meanwhile, Abra Kadabra returns and lets himself be arrested by A.R.G.U.S. so he can complete an anti-matter bomb that he intends to use on Central City in retaliation for his family being erased from existence following the Crisis and to make Barry suffer. Barry successfully talks Kadabra into disabling the bomb, but they are suddenly attacked by a monster, which absorbs the bomb. Kadabra attempts to save Barry, but is killed by the monster. It nearly kills Barry as well, but it winces in pain and runs off. Allegra is promoted to staff writer and Iris joins a Mirrorverse support group. Elsewhere, after both suffering from headaches, Frost and Caitlin Snow have separated from each other.

* * *

[door squeaks open]

[clears throat]

[keys jangle]

Oof. Babe?

You home?



Well, the Speed Force is definitely fixed because the loft did not look like this a second ago.

You like it?

I love it.

Like the trip to Maui yesterday and the fresh crepes this morning from Paris.

You, Barry Allen, are the most romantic husband ever.


[tense music]

[phone beeping]


Satellites say it’s just a small, everyday earthquake.

[hopeful music]

Usually we have to kiss first to make the ground shake.


[lightning crackling]

[dramatic music]

[driving music]

After Mirror Monarch’s brutal attack on Central City last week, construction areas like the one behind me have popped up all over the city.

Volunteers from local businesses and everyday citizens are working hard to repair the damage Eva McCulloch left behind.


And here is the person we’ve been waiting for, the hero of Central City, the Flash.

An earthquake hit Central City last night, a city already on edge.

How is morale?

[exhales] Well, the sign says it all: “Central City Strong.”

[tense music]

I let down this city by failing to prevent Mirror Monarch from tearing our community apart.

But I will make it up to you.

I promise.

Together, we’re rebuilding our community, our homes, our lives.

It’ll take time, but… but I believe in this city, its resilience…

Most of all, its people.

That’s how we’ll survive this.

Central City Strong.

[exhales] Thank you, Flash.


For “The Arielle Atkins Hour,” this has been Arielle Atkins.

Wow, Flash’s speech has me wanting to sign up for double shifts today.

Yeah, he knows what the people need to hear to get back on our feet.



Yo, this is epic.

I didn’t know S.T.A.R. Labs did volunteer work.

Mm-hmm. Not just us.

Kord Industries is showing up for their shift in an hour.

Hey. You got any more nails?

Oh, yeah.

I got your box nail, finishing nail, casing nail, masonry nail… all the nails.



You got a latte in there?

‘Cause I’m as fried as these wires.

Oh, Runk-adelic, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yeah, we gotta replace…

Jitters run.

Or Jitters run.

I like Jitters. We should do Jitters.

One latte coming right up.

Make it a double.

[grunts, groans]

You okay?

After our fight with Eva, I have just been exhausted.

And now I’ve got this headache.

If you need to recharge, can’t you just, like, frost out?

No, not out here.

I… you and I know she’s reformed, but technically, there’s still a warrant out for Killer Frost’s arrest.

[phone vibrating]


Who’s that?

[tense music]

Iris wants notes on a “Citizen” article.

Kamilla’s been spending all her time photographing the destruction in the city.

It’s great that she’s so inspired, but now I’m the only one that can give Iris any feedback.

Maybe I’ll stay here a little longer.

It sounds like you’re avoiding her.

Fine. I’m going.


[suspenseful music]

Hey. Got your text.

Great. Sorry to drag you away.

But I need those notes on the Mirrorverse article.

We need to go to press ASAP.

Online viewership is down 73%, and I think that my article could be what “The Citizen” needs to pull us out of the financial hole that Mirror-Me put us in.

Ooh. Did you get me a T-shirt?


Thanks. Cute.

Okay. So stop burying the lede.

Tell me what you think. Good, huh?

Well, it was really well written.

Okay. Come on.

Pretend you’re my editor. Lay it on me.

It stinks, okay?


This part about the explosion at McCulloch Tech is straight out of CCPN’s report.

This section on Eva’s framing of Sue Dearbon was already covered to death by CC News Network.

And was this quote from that Maurice guy even fact-checked?

Okay. Is there anything else?


You were in the Mirrorverse the longest and knew Eva the best.

You’re the expert.

So where’s anything about your experience?

‘Cause what’s missing from this is you.

I’m the reporter, not the story.

This time you’re both.


There are people out there just like you who wish they hadn’t been a part of this story.

But they were.

You’re their voice.

So try again… for them.

[emotional piano music]

[distant siren wails]


[debris crashes]


[dramatic music]

Who the hell are you?

[wand hums]

I’m the greatest magician of all time, which is why you should be more than just afraid…

You should be terrified.



[exhales sharply]



[dramatic music]


Now for my greatest trick yet…

Absolute suffering.

I feel like usually I’d be like, “Holy Arthur C. Clarke,” but it’s just so… cute.

Mm, don’t let it fool you.

It may be collectible size, but this little guy is heavy.

Two tons?

Boy, that’s, like, 20 baby elephants, which is also kinda cute.

I mean, what do you think this thing’s made of?

And how does a shed just disappear?

None of it makes any sense.


Barry, I know this all seems bad but…

Chester, this city’s been through hell.

It can’t take another emergency.

Not now, not this soon.

We got this, Bar. Don’t worry.

We just started rebuilding.

I’m not gonna let anything tear us down again.

Please tell me you boys found something we can use.

I think I just did.

It looks like this whole crime scene is infected with serious temporal energy.

Like, the kind carbon-dated 43 centuries from now.

As in the future?

Wait, hold on, hold on. Is thing, like, a time capsule?

Ooh, maybe like a TARDIS.

P-Runk, you picked a hell of a day to start your CCPD-consultant internship.

Yeah, this is definitely a time traveler.

[laughing] Oh, yes.

Bar, there’s something you need to see.

[ominous music]

It’s not just a time traveler.

He’s a guy who has a theatrical flair for killing.

[dramatic music]

Abra Kadabra is back.

Oh. Great.

That explains all the shakin’ and quakin’ yesterday.

Ooh, timequakes too?

Whoa, okay.

So what’s this Abra dude’s deal?

Oh, you know, he’s just your standard time-traveling, murdering, thieving 64th-century magician who uses imbedded nanotech and calls it magic.

Four years ago, the Collector’s Agency took him to be executed for his crimes.

Somehow he escaped.

Last time, he was hell-bent on stealing tech to build a time machine.

This time, he goes out of his way to kill an innocent person, doesn’t steal a thing.

Now that’s a pretty vicious escalation.

And what’s that thing back there got to do with it?

You know, it doesn’t matter.

Kadabra picked the wrong day to come back.

I’ll put out a BOLO right way.

You wanna help me analyze some of this stuff?


I’ll search the city.

[tense music]

Central City Strong.

[ominous music]

When I was inside that other place, I watched that Mirror version of me spend time with my wife.

They ate meals together, talked about their day.

[voice breaking] I remember screaming, “That’s not me!”

But I was helpless.


That’s not me!

I thought everything would be okay once I was back.

It’s not.

I’m trying so hard to get back to normal.

I’m trying so hard to be fine.

But the truth is that things are not normal and I am not fine.

And I won’t be for a long time.

Thank you so much for coming and listening.

Steven. Alice.

Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me.

Are you sure I’m not intruding?

Of course not.

We’re all in this together.

Central City Strong.

Yeah, um…

[clears throat] Yeah.

Um, are you all right?

You seem upset.

Me? No.

I’m fine. I’m fine.

Were you abducted as well?

[mirror shimmering]


You know, if you ever wanna sit in with the group…

No, I… I’m fine. Thank you.

You don’t seem like it.

Yeah, I just… [scoffs]

I have a deadline for another article.

Um, do you mind if we reschedule?

Sure. No problem.


[breathing heavily]

We could do release-date order…

Or machete order.

Prequels after “Empire”?


You’re a wild man, and I love it.

[dramatically] “Then the Jedi Counsel has spoken.”

[dramatically] “It has.”

Getting anything on your scans over there?

[playful music]

[huffs] No.

I think it might be time for a Jitters run.

Well, thank God, ’cause Chester P is running on E.

[electronic beeping]

Holy cappuccino.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

That’s the same temporal scan from this morning, only now there’s a second one downtown.

Which means…

That’s where Kadabra’s headed next.

[dramatic music]

Two is always deadlier than one.


Flash, I knew it was just a matter of time.

Bad timing for you, Kadabra.

Yeah, those would be nanotech nullifying cuffs, so no hocus-pocus this time.

Hey, what’s up with all your new toys?

A magician never reveals his secrets.

I see you’re finally Mecha-Vibe.


I know he did not just name me.

Oh, I know more than just your name.

I’ve seen your future.

It’s over. You’ve lost.

Have I?

Seems you’ve forgotten the art of misdirection.

[handcuffs click]


Oh, shoot.



You know what?

I’m doing you a favor by killing you now, Flash.

This way, you’ll never have to face the wrath of the Chronarch.

Alas, you can’t run forever.

[wand whirring]

[dramatic music]

What’s that you were saying the art of misdirection?

[ominous piano music]

Look at me. I’m A.R.G.U.S.

I’m gonna let two young, handsome devils do all the work while I reap all the benefits, and I’m gonna pick up the obelisks.

That doesn’t bug you?

Kadabra’s caught. The job’s finished.

You really wanna argue over who gets credit?


[suit clicks]


I just wanna know what the plan is.

All right.

Knock yourself out.

I gotta do something important for Iris.



Hey, uh, hold up there, chief.

[tense music]

My classification is director of technology and science for A.R.G.U.S.

I have never held the rank of chief.


Hey, I just wanna know what your plan is for keeping David Copperfield here contained.

David Copperfield is not currently under A.R.G.U.S.’s custody.

Are you for real right now?

If you’re asking if I’m a hologram, I can neither confirm nor deny A.R.G.U.S.’s use of such tactics.

Oh, you just missed Lieutenant Literal.

Where were you? Hiding from A.R.G.U.S.?

No. A.R.G.U.S. and I are cool.

They know I’m innocent.

I was trying to get rid of this stupid headache.

But look what I liberated from one of the transport guards.

Ice, ice, bandit. What is it?

I don’t know.

But it was on Abra Kadabra when they took him down.

Maybe it has something to do with the obelisk?

Yeah, maybe.


Before you nerd out completely,

I need a favor.

[suspenseful music]

What’s wrong with me?

[computer beeping]

So much.

I’m kidding. You’re fine.

Every dark-matter reading I’m seeing is completely normal.

What does Caitlin have to say?

She says it’s “just a headache.”

Hmm. She’s probably right.

I told you so.

I know something is off.

We can’t find anything.

Well, then look somewhere else!

I don’t know what else you want me to do!

Sorry. I was yelling at Caity.

Yeah, okay.

I’m gonna let you two work this out.

Chester and I are gonna break open Abra Kadabra’s mysterious tech cuff.

[ominous music]


[helicopter droning]

Missing those fancy trophies?

What’s that?

You’re still looking for the third one?

It’s already here.

We picked it up last week.

Hey. Keep it moving, Houdini.

[suspenseful music]

What are you trying to pull?



It’s already done.


[dramatic music]

[technology beeping]

Access granted.

[door droning]

[wand whirring]

And then there were three.



Save your work.

You can finish writing

in the beach villa I just rented us in Monaco.



You mean leave right now?


For a romantic villa.

In Monaco.

[laughs] Barry.

Look… you’re working.

I get that that’s important.


But you were just staring at a blank screen when I…

Fa-thwoomed in?


And you know what’s great when you’re stuck?

Clearing your head in Monaco.

Cool breeze,

waves crashing on the white sand.

Barry, we have traveled the globe nonstop all this past week.

Yeah, ’cause you deserve the best.

[scoffs] Are you okay?

Yeah, I’m fine.

I’m just… I’m trying to sweep my wife off her feet for a romantic getaway.

Which I appreciate, but…

Iris, will you please just let me make this up to you?


[tense music]

I’m sorry. I’m just…

all right, you know what? No.

I’ll think of something else.

Yeah. Um, yes.

Yeah. Let’s go.



Um, yeah. Zoop me to paradise.

Don’t you wanna pack your laptop?

Uh, no. You know what?

I need to take a break. You’re right.

Surf and sand sounds perfect right now.

[phone vibrating]

Kadabra’s just escaped custody.

He’s loose somewhere in A.R.G.U.S.






[dramatic music]



Stand down.

This is your last chance.

Flash being ruthless.

I like it.

As much as I enjoy the stink of desperation on you, I’m afraid you’re too late.

You are trapped in a constrictive metallic halo.

The more you try to escape, the tighter it gets.

So please try to escape.

The last time we met, you begged me to find a glimmer of light in myself.

Well, I found that light, that hope.

And then you stole it from me.

Now I’m going to take something from you.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Let me make it crystal clear for you, Flash.

You cannot defeat a man who has lost everything.

[obelisks whirring]

What are you doing?

Creating a masterpiece.

[obelisks whirring]

And now for my last trick.

I’m going to make your whole city disappear.

[dramatic music]



[breathing heavily]


Do we have eyes on Kadabra?

Uh, yes and no.

He’s teleporting all over the city with that obelisk ball thing.

I’m scanning it.

We’re picking up readings of antimatter energy.

[computer beeping]

[dramatic music]

He created an antimatter bomb.

That kind of power, it could take out another Earth.

Or another universe.

Wait, what?

Are we about to have Crisis Part Two?

No, no.

There’s not enough antimatter energy for that, thank the sequel Gods, but the core is roughly the size of a baseball.

A baseball?

Barry, a trace amount nearly took out your leg.

Is it enough to destroy the city?

I’d say there’s exactly enough.

Abra said his last trick was to make the whole city disappear.

Destroying Central City must be his plan.

But why now?

I don’t know, but guys?

Every time he teleports, that bomb gains kinetic energy.

I think he’s charging it.

And if I’m reading this right, this bomb’s already at 47%.

At this rate, it’ll be fully charged within the hour.

Okay. What do we do?

There’s gotta be a way to disarm it, right?

I could use one of my Atlantean plug-ins to analyze the bomb’s outer hull, determine its density, see if you can phase through its surface and…

Disarm it.

That’s not your happy face.


The bomb is made of the same material as the obelisks.

Pure valorium.

A Nth metal alloy. Not good.

It’s impenetrable to anything but the antimatter itself.

Which means you can’t access the core and disarm it.

So no phasing.

Even if could figure out a way to catch Kadabra, his teleportation pattern is completely randomized.

So there’s no way to catch him until he stops moving and detonates the bomb.

[tense music]

I should’ve known Kadabra was up to something when we caught him so easily.

He wanted to be in A.R.G.U.S.

We helped him get the last piece of that weapon.

I just let it happen.

Barry, it’s gonna be okay.


He has antimatter, the most dangerous substance in existence.

And now, if we can’t figure something out, the entire city, millions of lives, will be lost because I got tricked… again.


You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I’m just… struggling with everything lately.

[soft music]

I tried to find you when Cisco told me what happened.

What did you mean when you said that you were tricked again?

From the very first moment that imposter walked into our home, I should’ve seen it.

I should’ve known that she wasn’t you.


I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

What happened with Mirror Iris is not your fault.

Then whose fault was it?

I’m the one that didn’t realize I was living with a stranger.

And I had, not only could we have brought you back sooner, maybe we could’ve stopped Eva before she attacked, and the whole city wouldn’t be suffering right now.

When we got married, I promised to always be by your side.

And I wasn’t.

And I know it’s stupid to think if I buy you enough flowers or make you the perfect dessert, that’s gonna make up for what I did, ’cause it won’t, but… honestly, I don’t know what else to do.

Barry, you don’t have to do anything.

You’ve got me.

And I’m never gonna leave.

And I need you to hear me on this, okay?

Something terrible happened to you, not because of you.

And that kind of trauma, that doesn’t go away in a day or a week.

You have to…

[sighs] Face it.

Mirror Iris took the best part of you, your heart, and she used it as a weapon against you.

She lied to you.

Being emotionally manipulated by someone everything in your being tells you to trust?

That is not your fault.

Every time I think I couldn’t possibly love you more…

You have a family, friends, people that you care about.

[dramatic music]

Somewhere inside of you, there must be a glimmer of light, of hope.

Well, I found that light, that hope.

And then you stole it from me.


I know why Abra’s doing this.

This is what we found embedded inside Abra’s annoyingly secure tech cuff.

It’s a Martian memory restorer.

It helps people get their pre-Crisis memories back with a single touch.

How do you know that?

‘Cause Cisco designed it.

Whoa. But why?

So Laurel Lance and Mia Queen…

Okay, you know what? It’s not important.

The important thing is I think Kadabra stole the MMR in the future, and something in those pre-Crisis memories brought him here.

So the reason he wants to blow up the city could be in there.

Even if it is, it doesn’t matter.

We don’t have time to find it.

I mean, the human brain is essentially capable of storing trillions of bytes of memories.

It would take us years to find the one we need.

No, it won’t.

[dramatic music]

I know how to stop Abra.

Flash, Kadabra stopped at Tagaloa Plaza.

[dramatic music]

[wand whirring]


Perfect timing, Flash.

You’re just in time to witness the complete annihilation of Central City.

And you’ll finally understand what it’s like when everything you love dies.

You were right, Kadabra.

We can’t defeat you, which is why I’m not gonna try.

[computer beeping]

What happens if this doesn’t work?

Then it’s game over.

[dramatic music]

Trying to pull a trick of your own.

I wouldn’t.

Your 21st-century brain comes in a distant second to my 64th-century intellect.

No, no tricks.

Just listen.

I know why you’re doing this.

I know why you’re hurting.

You don’t know a damn thing about me.

Yes, I do! Yes, I do!

I also know killing innocent people isn’t the answer.

And it’s not gonna change anything.

Destruction is the ultimate catalyst for change.

See, people in my century understand that.

You may be from the future, but the reason that you’re here…

You’re trying to change the past.


Leave that alone.

[dramatic music]

This is your family from another timeline.

Only they’re gone now, aren’t they?

13 months ago, I started having dreams of a life I never lived, one where I was so…


I had to know what was causing them.

I ran every test on myself possible using 64th-century technology.

What I found was that, somehow, I’d experienced a sudden increase in my somatic memory cells.

Your memories were expanding.

More backwards 21st-century thinking.

I’d been exposed to neuro-temporal displacement, the kind that’s created when speedsters disrupt time.

With my clue for the cause, it led me to the Flash Museum.

[dramatic music]

You’re obsessed with the future, Flash.

Not now, but…

oh, you will be.

I found so many interesting things there including, to my surprise, Cisco Ramon’s archaic memory device.

It was damaged beyond repair. I fixed it easily.

Ugh. This guy sucks.

You used it on yourself, and it gave you those memories back.

From a time before everything changed.

With my memories restored, I had proof that the family from my dreams, a wife and son that I never knew existed were real.

They were erased from existence by what you did.

You were supposed to vanish in your Crisis, Flash, not them!

But when you didn’t, my future changed.

They ceased to exist, and I lost everything.

Just like you will now!


[bomb whirring]

[computer beeping]

Kadabra’s weapon is 97% charged.

We have less than 90 seconds.

You can do this, Barry.

Crisis destroyed countless lives.

And yes, some of us survived, and that’s not fair.

Now we have to carry on for those who didn’t.

I lost someone too.

He was like a brother to me.

And ever since, I’ve tried to honor his sacrifice.

You can do the same for your family.

[bomb whirring]

I’m betting you already tried to go back before Crisis started, and you couldn’t, right?

That’s because that past is from a multi-versal world that no longer exists.

Killing me won’t reset the timeline.

That future is gone.


I will bring them back.

And if I can’t, then I’ll take everything from you the way I lost everything.

My pain is yours.

That’s why you wanna destroy the city.

So you can make people suffer like you.

Because you already know killing me won’t work.

Shut up!

You’ve run all the calculations.

You can’t comprehend what I’ve done!

Yes, I can. I am a scientist too.

So tell me: What are the odds that doing this will bring them back?

[dramatic music]

Barry, it’s about to explode.

[bomb whirring]

I haven’t run a calculation on the timeline yet

to where they return.

How would they feel knowing you annihilated an entire city in their name?

Making other people hurt won’t erase your suffering.

The only way for you to heal is to face your trauma.

[dramatic music]

[wand whirrs]

[bomb deactivating]


[computer beeping]

He did it.

Without throwing a single punch.

Yeah, the Flash doesn’t need big fists.

He’s got a big heart.

[hopeful music]

[obelisk beeps]


That was my son.


Amélie, my wife.

And your friend?

His name was Oliver.

[emotional music]

My name’s Philippe.

What am I supposed to do now?

I can’t go on without them.

The people we love never leave us.

Let that love help you find hope again in this world.

I don’t get it.

We’re mortal enemies in the future.

Why are you doing this?

So the next time we meet, maybe we won’t be.

Fair enough.


This isn’t me.

[computer beeping erratically]

I’m picking up enough seismic activity to rattle us back to the Stone Age.

Detecting a massive biosignature.

Barry, whatever’s causing these tremors, it’s headed right towards you.



[dramatic music]

[glass shatters]





Barry, get up.

Get up, Barry.


You are an ugly one.


[dramatic music]

I’ve got this, Flash.


[wand whirrs]

Stand down, beautiful.

Or I’ll use every ounce of this antimatter bomb to blow you to kingdom come.

[bomb activates, whirrs]




That’s impossible.

[computer beeping]

[tense music]

Fine. See how you like this trick.


[intense music]


[ring clatters]


[computer beeping]

[gasps softly]

What have you done?


[electricity crackling]


[dramatic music]





Respiratory distress, elevated blood pressure.

He’s crashing.


[bones cracking]




[soft music]

Philippe was trying to heal, just like the rest of us.

This isn’t right.

He died a hero.

That means something.

What was that thing anyway?

Death itself, maybe.

Whatever it was, it absorbed the full power of an antimatter bomb.

That means it’s…


But hey. You’re, uh… you’re okay, right?

[phone vibrates]

Yeah, yeah.

Since we rebooted the Speed Force, I’m faster than ever.

So is my speed healing.

Thank goodness.


The brass are dumping a liaison from the Governor’s Police Compliance Commission in my lap.

I gotta go figure out how to explain all this to her.

Well, I have lots of meta-clients that need my legal expertise.

How about I drop you off at the station?


So what do we do now?

Same thing we always do.

Get to work stopping that thing before it kills again.

[tense music]


[clears throat]

What you said about my article?

If you’re gonna say I came off kinda harsh, you’re not the first.

I’m glad you told me what I needed to hear.

But it’s still hard to take from an intern.

Which is why I’m making you a staff writer.

[hopeful music]

Wait. You’re what?

Congratulations. You earned it.


Thanks, boss.

You’re amazing.

And you helped me get through to Philippe, and that saved the city.

It’s called teamwork.

We’re Barry and Iris.

It’s the strongest superpower there is.

So I was thinking tonight, maybe we just go home, have a normal dinner, maybe eat a frozen pizza on the couch?

Sounds perfect.


[sighs] Nothing.

I just… I was thinking of something I have to do tomorrow.

Come on. Let’s go.



I am no stranger to trauma.

But when Eva McCulloch threatened our city, I was taken against my will to a…

terrifying place, a place that you all know.

Somewhere filled with loneliness and dread.

The same dread that you all felt too.

And that is where I spent the next three months.

[all murmur]

Three months where I couldn’t be with my loved ones.

And, yes, I feel… angry.

And I feel sorry for myself.

And I hate that I feel both of those things.

And I wish that all of that was yesterday’s pain, and that today, I could feel healed and whole.

But I now understand that I can’t heal if I don’t allow myself permission to feel what I’m feeling.

[emotional music]

What happened to us was not right.

And… if you are hurting, if you feel angry, if the constant presence of those emotions is exhausting you, you are not alone.

I am with you.

You know, my dad once said that, “There is as much beauty in this life as there is pain.

You just have to look for it.”

But most of all…

[Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be”]

We have to look for it within each other.

♪ Challenge what the future holds ♪

And that’s gonna take some time.

But it is time that we can spend together.

♪ Go ahead, release your fears ♪

♪ Stand up and be counted ♪

♪ Don’t be ashamed to cry ♪

[exhales] Thank you.

♪ You gotta be, you gotta be bad ♪

♪ You gotta be bold ♪

Thank you.

♪ You gotta be wiser ♪

♪ You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough ♪

♪ You gotta be stronger ♪

♪ You gotta be cool ♪

[laughs] Boss, that was…

Everything that I needed.

Thank you.


Well, I guess you know what you’re gonna say in your article now.

I’m not sure that’s big enough.

I think I have to reach people on a whole different level.

I owe them that.

♪ Some may have more cash than you ♪

Come on.

♪ Others take a different view ♪

♪ My, oh, my

[electricity crackles]

♪ Hey, hey

[computer beeps]

[sighs] Chester.

If you’re gonna be a part of Team Flash, then you have to stop beating me at Fortnite!

[playfully dramatic music]

Cisco, thank God you’re here.

Um, there’s something I need to show you.

You still having those headaches?

Nope. Not anymore.

Okay. Why?

Hello, Cisco.


How great is this?

[lightning crackles]

Greg, move your head.


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