The Expanse – S05E10 – Nemesis Games – Transcript

Holden and the Roci face off against Marco's forces and Drummer, while Alex and Bobbie attempt a dangerous rescue of Naomi, and the balance of power in the Solar System shifts.
The Expanse - S05E10 - Nemesis Games

Aired on February 2, 2021

* * *



I need access to the nav and combat logs. I wanna review the tracking data on the Zmeya and any other ship that could have been close enough for a cargo transfer, ’cause I’m just not buying this whole self-destruct thing.

Sorry, but we’ve got bigger fucking fish to fry.



[HOLDEN] What am I looking at?

[BULL] These. Gotta give the Mickies credit. This is one smart ship. I wouldn’t even have noticed them, but the ship popped them onto my threat board.

The Roci recognized the hull types. A heavy frigate and a patrol destroyer with no transponder and no IFF.

[BULL] The other three look like salvage tugs, but heavily armed. Looks like we got a skinny hunting party.

Nice language.

[HOLDEN] Two Martian warships, and three armed Belter ships. They have to belong to Marco Inaros.


That Frigate alone has got double our missile load.

Well, can we win?

You want a tactical breakdown?

No, we can’t win. The ship’s low on PDC ammunition, and we’re badly outgunned. We have a railgun. By the time we’re in effective range, we’ll have been overwhelmed with missiles we can’t shoot down.

So we have to run.




[WOMAN] All ships, all ships, Serrio Mal. Vector for final, acknowledge.

[MOWTENG CREWMAN] Mowteng acknowledge.

[DEWALT CREWMAN] DeWalt acknowledge.

[TYNAN CREWMAN] Tynan acknowledge.

[KOTO CREWMAN] Koto here, troops hot, PDCs hot, ready for kill.

[DEWALT CREWMAN] Koto. You defensive priority.

I will take fire control.



You don’t have to be here to watch it happen.

I don’t look away from what I do.


Captain now, Camina later.

[DRUMMER] DeWalt and Mowteng, this is Drummer. Give me full weapons check.

[DEWALT CREWMAN] Tynan, DeWalt. Torpedo, guidance locked. Ready to go, Captain.

She will not let me help her after this. That will move to you.

You really believe there is an after ke, after this?

I have to.

We’ve been burning hard since Tycho. We’re running low on reaction mass.

[HOLDEN] We can’t run. We have to…

Sit here and wait to die? Fuck that.

Marco has already tried to destroy this ship once. It’s a symbol for him. He won’t let us get away now.

The only reason we’re here is because you decided to go after your girlfriend.

I’ll accept my level of responsibility. But Marco Inaros killed millions on Earth. He murdered Fred. He started a war. That’s why we’re here.

God damn it. Getting killed before we get to fight really sucks.

[HOLDEN] We can do both. Help save my friends and give him his war. Make ourselves the only thing these assholes can see.

You mean burn every scrap of fuel and go after them. Empty our fucking magazines right in their faces.

They wanted a fight. We’ll give them one. And give my friends a chance to get away.

I’ll do it for Fred.


[HOLDEN] Alex, we picked up a tail. Five ships. If the Chetzemoka was just a trap to draw the Rocinante out, well, we’re in it now. No getting out.


So while we deal with these ships, you’ll have to go on alone. Get Naomi. We’ll buy you every second we can. Rocinante out.

Shit, Alex. I’m sorry.


Copy that loud and clear, Rocinante. We’ll get her back, Jim. Go give ’em hell. Heads up. I’m gonna put the spurs to her a bit.

Copy that.

Hang on, Naomi. We’re coming.

















The Chetzemoka just changed course. It’s in a spiral.

At least it’s not running away from us now.

Port bow thruster fired. One short burst. Weird.

Probably a malfunction. Have you lost your mind? We can’t dock with it now. If the Chet fires another maneuvering thruster…

We only saw one. Had to be a malfunction.

And what if it has another malfunction? We have a broken maneuvering thruster. You’ll be trying to dock two damaged ships in a high-G turn. The breaking burn will be hellish. We’re already juiced to the gills. We could stroke out. If anything goes wrong, it’ll rip the docking bridge apart. Or worse, slam the two ships together.

Naomi is on that ship. I’m gonna get her. That’s that.


[HOLDEN] They’re moving into a spread formation.

[BULL] Spreading out like that is good tactics. At least one of these skinnies is not an idiot.

[HOLDEN] Be grateful. It actually works for us right now. And that’s the last time you use that word on this ship.

Excuse me?

I know you’re pissed about Fred and psyching yourself up for the fight, but leave that “skinnies” shit out of it.

Duly noted.



[HOLDEN] Adjust course to the center of the formation. I’m targeting all five. The second I start launching, take us up to max burn for as long as the fuel holds out. We’ll go right past them.

Spreading the love around, lot less likely we hit anything. The smartest sk… the smartest Belters are probably on that frigate. Better to throw most of what we got at them.

The goal is to fly through them and to buy as much time as we can for the Razorback. We’re not trying to win.

I’d rather win.



Don’t even twitch. Shut up.



This won’t help your Earther friends, but you know what it will do…

Another word and you die.



[JOSEP] Torpedo hit!

Drive is out!

Reactor shutting down!

What the fuck? It’s go time! Fire!

They’re firing at each other!

Good, let’s help!

Get ready to come about!


[BERTOLD] DeWalt! Mowteng! Fire! Fire now!

Mowteng, this is Drummer.



Let me go!






She’s dead.

[KOTO COMMANDER] Tynan! Koto! What the fuck are you doing?

Do not let him move.

[MICHIO] I’m sorry.

Koto, Tynan. We had a malfunction in fire control. We need immediate assistance.

[KOTO COMMANDER] I want to speak to Karal.

Karal has been injured. This is Drummer. I repeat, we need immediate assistance.




[HOLDEN] Destroyer’s out of it.

Approaching target lock on the heavy.


Josep, what are you doing?

What we should’ve done before.





Nice to see these Belters stab each other in the back instead of us for once.

Neither of the Belter ships are targeting us anymore.

I can’t wait to hear this story.

[HOLDEN] Belter hostiles, this is Rocinante. Shut down your reactors and stand down immediately or we will engage. Acknowledge.

[DRUMMER] Holden. This is Drummer.

[ALEX] Naomi, if you can hear me, hang tight! Come hell or high water, we’re gonna find a way to dock and get you off that ship!

Alex. Brave idiot. [GROANS]










The Expanse - S05E10 - Nemesis Games - Naomi jumps out



No. Shit. See me, Alex, please. See me.


Whew. That’s close enough. Now for the tricky part.



Alex, hold on a second.

[ALEX] I’ve almost got a docking approach figured out, I need to make this happen.

Something fell off the Chet.

Fell off? Like what?

It was small. If the drive wasn’t lighting up the background, I never would’ve seen it.

Oh, my God.


What is she doing?

Those are Belter emergency hand signals. “My radio is out”. So no radio. That’s “low air”. Damn it. I think that one means “ship”.

And that one?

[ALEX EXHALES] “Explosion hazard. Do not approach”.

[BOBBIE] The ship is circling her. We can’t avoid it.






Thank you. Thank you.


Alex. I’m sorry I called you an idiot.



[BOBBIE] Naomi, stop fighting me. I need to get this O2 bottle connected.


I know. Hold still.



There. There you go. Breathe in.


Hang onto me. Stand by, Razorback. I’m still getting us out of this spin.


Easy does it.


All right, we are clear of the Chetzemoka’s path.


I’ve got her. Moving to rendezvous.

[ALEX] Copy that, on my way. Is she okay?

Not sure. I got the air attached, and she’s breathing, anyway.

I’m fine. I’m fine now.


[BOBBIE] Razorback, I have your visual. Naomi appears hypoxic and dehydrated. She’ll need fluids right away. Have the auto-doc ready. Looks like she’s got radiation burns too.

[ALEX] Bring her on in. Whew. That was one hell of a ride.

[BOBBIE] Does Holden know we got her? What is the Roci’s ETA? Alex, do you copy?


Alex, reply! Do you read me? Alex!



[PELLA CREWMAN] Tynan, DeWalt, and Mowteng, all are now on the float. Still no signal from Koto or Serrio Mal. Transponder from both are gone.

And the Rocinante?

Rocinante is under thrust, heading for Chetzemoka.

I need to speak to Karal.

We send three tight-beams, all to Drummer ship. Nothing come back.

Then send again!

Yes, bosmang.

Locate Serge Kailo. Serge.


I need to send a message to Drummer and I need your help. Could you please meet me on deck six?

Aye, Captain. On my way.

[FILIP] What happened?

Our trap for the Chetzemoka failed. And we lost two gunships in the process. We were betrayed. … You have no feelings on it?

Why would I?

You’re not upset.

There is no point to anger now. We tried to kill them. We didn’t. It doesn’t alter your plan. We still have more to do.

You’ve grown. I’m happy to see it.



We heard from Alex’s ex. She wants to handle the funeral arrangements. He’ll receive full military honors. … It was a stroke. It’s a risk we all take with every hard burn.


He died saving me from my mistakes.

[NEWS ANCHOR] Immediately after taking the oath of office, the Secretary General invoked the Emergency Powers provision of the Charter, placing Earth and Luna under martial law until the situation is stabilized.

To the good and law-abiding people of the Belt: we are not at war with you, but to Marco…

Hey, Sergeant. You know about guns and PDCs and torpedoes and things like that?


Well, it’s a load of complicated jargon to me, and I could use your help deciphering it.

Sure. What do you got?

These are the logs from our battle with the Zmeya.

You did all this before taking on five enemies?


This is a tough little ship. What are you looking for?

I’m not sure.


[HOLDEN] Bull.

What’s up?

[HOLDEN] I need you to fire up a missile.

Good thing we kept a couple in the pocket, then. What are we shooting at, Cap?

I’ll tell you.




So where do we go from here?

Luna makes the most sense. Amos is already there.

What about your parents, are they…

They’re all okay, and on their way to Luna too. Avasarala sent a shuttle right to the ranch.

On Luna she could have me arrested as a war criminal.

You were a prisoner, not a collaborator. You know more about Marco and the Free Navy than anyone in the system. Avasarala will grant you immunity. You’ve earned it. It’ll all be all right.


That was easier to believe when I was the one saying it. My message. The one I sent before I reached Pallas. “If something goes wrong”…

I didn’t play it.

Not even after… why?

I couldn’t. It would’ve meant you were gone. I wasn’t ready to accept that.


[NAOMI] I keep thinking of things I wish I’d said before I left. And if you’re listening to this, I may not make it back to say them, so… Thank you for the time we were together. And for letting me take my own risks. It means more than you can know. What we had together, our odd little family on the Roci, it was good. Truly good. But people come into our lives and they go out. Families change. It can be hard and sad, but we bear it. as long as we don’t shut ourselves off from the new, wonderful things that come, and I know there will be more wonderful things for you. You can let me go. It will all be all right. I will love you and Amos and Alex for as long as I love anything. But mostly you. Don’t waste that. Take what we had and build on it. In that way, I’ll still be there.


Please, please. Just let me send them a message. There’s been a mistake. There has to be some other explanation. Drummer would never do what you said! She pledged her loyalty. We all did! We are loyal to you…


No, don’t!







I told him not to go, but Serge, he wanted to be there.



You lied to me. And you knew this would be the cost.

There was no other way. At least now we can choose our own path.

I’m leaving. I will take the Mowteng.

I go with you.


Josep, let’s go.

I’m staying here.

There is nowhere any of us can hide from this now.


But we can still stay together.

We have nothing to stay together for.

The Expanse - S05E10 - We have nothing to stay together for.


[WOMAN] The Puer Stella is now docked at Terminal Three, Berth F-06.


It’s a lot of new people.

I guess it feels safer being on the moon than being on Earth.

Imagine that.

How’s Hutch?

She’ll live to steal another day. … These colony ships could be a real opportunity. New planets, no cops or security, a lot of money to be made.

New corners to carve out?

I do what I know. There’s a place for you, if you want it.

No, thanks.

It was fun working with you again.

[WOMAN] The Rocinante is now docked at…

I got my own thing now.

If you change your mind…

I won’t. But I will have a drink with you. … Oh, shit! … A little help! The bottle!



Fuck it.




It’s good to see you, brother.

It’s good to be seen. … It’s good to see you too, boss. … Yeah.

I know how close you two were. I’m so sorry.

[AMOS] Why? It’s not your fault.

Losing a friend…

Making the choice to hold your ground to save your family? As far as last stands go, that’s the one I’d pick. He picked it too.

I called him a brave idiot.


There’s worse things to be.

Let’s get you settled in.

Actually, I’m gonna need a minute to talk, Captain. Just you and me.

Take your time.

What’s on your mind?

I’m gonna need a favor.


You threatened to kill me once.

You mean when the Martians were boarding us? That was a lifetime ago.

Yeah, I was gonna kill them because I didn’t wanna end up in a Martian gulag. You lined up on me. You said that you would put me down if I tried. Did you mean that?

I did, but a lot’s changed since then…

So even though you were gonna kill me then, now we’ve got each other’s backs, right? There’s no hard feelings.

Of course. We’re family now.

Well, all right. We’re good!

She’s gonna ride with us for a little while. She’s gonna need a new ID, but I think I got that covered, I know a guy. Thank you for being cool about this.


Peaches, come on up!






You have a lot of debriefings in your future.


Talking about Marco. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that. … She’s come a long way.

Haven’t we all?


Excuse me.

It suits you.

Ma’am, I heard about your husband. I am truly sorry.

He would’ve been happy to know that you were at my side. I am sorry for your loss as well. … Come, Bobbie. Allow me to introduce former MMC Gunnery Sergeant Roberta Draper. My new liaison.


It’s an honor, Sergeant.




[AMOS GRUNTS] So does this mean we joined up?

We’re an independent ship. We don’t fly anyone’s flag.

That’s right. But this isn’t a fight we can stay out of.

[AVASARALA] I want you all to take a good look around. This is what Marco Inaros hates. This is what he is afraid of. Why he tried so hard to destroy you and your ship. All we have to do now is turn every Belter, Martian, and Earther into this. This how we win.


[MARCO] You must always have a knife in the darkness.



When I was your age, this wasn’t even a dream. It was unthinkable. And now, for you and for generations of Belters to come, it will be something that happened. I made this happen.


Holden, you need to see this. We didn’t destroy all of the Zmeya’s torpedoes. We missed one.

It looks like the Roci lost track. It happens. Good evasion by the missile. The PDCs shifting to a more immediate threat.

Then why didn’t it hit us? I’ll tell you why, because it wasn’t aiming at us. It was aiming away from us and away from the sun when we lost it.

It could’ve been a misfire.

Sure, but if it wasn’t, is it possible the protomolecule sample was on that torpedo?

Yes. It’s possible.

Come with me and don’t make a fuss of it.


Come on.

What’s going on?

I don’t have all the details yet, but there’s been another attack at the Ring.



Our ships were struck by a massive micro-meteor cloud as the attack began. All three sustained significant damage. The rocks may have been stealth-coated.

Fuck. What’s the transmission delay?

[TESFAYE] Almost three hours.


We lost the Sagarmatha.

Those missiles came from inside the Ring.

[OFFICER] We never should have trusted them.

Medina Station must be coordinating with Marco.

Multiple new contacts incoming. They’re MCRN.

[WOMAN] Yes!

That’s the Barkeith.

You mean they’re Inaros ships?

[TESFAYE] Wait, hold on. Based on the drive signatures, it looks like several of them were previously reported lost by the MCRN in engagements with Inaros forces.





[CREW] Marco! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros! Marco Inaros!




The Martian ships are transiting the Sol Ring.

An entire fleet of Martians gone rogue, in league with Inaros.

That’s impossible. It’s madness.

He may have bought them.


With the protomolecule. There’s a possibility the sample wasn’t destroyed with the Zmeya.

Why would Martians take protomolecule through the Ring after what it did on Ilus?

Maybe they know something we don’t.



[SAUVETERRE] And on behalf of Admiral Duarte, I would like to extend our congratulations on a well-fought victory.

[MARCO] Tell the Admiral he has the protection of the Free Navy, and that Laconia is yours and your heirs, from this time forward, with our gratitude.

[SAUVETERRE] I will. Please note the mine field on our side of the Ring is now active. To prevent any unauthorized transits in the future.

[MARCO] Of course. You have your system. We have ours.


This is to confirm that the sample arrived safely. We are already seeing beautiful results. By the time you arrive, I hope to be ready for third phase construction. I am confident that the structures are stable, and I believe, still intact. With enough time and proper equipment, I have no doubt that I will be able to decipher the control patterns. Even with the sample in…

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

[CORTAZAR] …underground structures all over the planet. They’re all interconnected, just like Ilus.

[BARKEITH CREWMAN] Fleet. Barkeith. Approaching Laconia Ring. Transit vectors are set for clear passage.



You understand that what we’re doing changes things.

Of course.

On Laconia, we won’t have a civilian world to cushion us if we fall. Dishonorable discharge will be a bullet or worse.

We have to be more pure now than Mars ever was. One mind. One cause.

That’s right. No more bending the rules. No more overlooking even the smallest infraction.


Is that bracelet dress code, Lieutenant?

No, sir. It’s just a keepsake. It belonged to my mother.

[MAN] Barkeith, you are go for transit.

[BARKEITH CREW] Fleet, Barkeith, acknowledged. Ring transit in three, two, o…

The Expanse - S05E10 - Nemesis Games - Ring transit




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