The Expanse – S05E07 – Oyedeng – Transcript

Naomi makes a desperate attempt to save her son from Marco. On the Roci, Holden battles for the last sample of protomolecule.
The Expanse - S05E07 - Oyedeng

Aired on January 13, 2021


[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[Marco] What are you reading?

Just reports out of Pallas about our victory rallying the workers there.

Ah. Do you remember much about Pallas?

A little. Mostly stories Cyn told me, I think.

Pallas is where everything started for us. A whole bunch of orphan kids not much older than you, nothing but dreams and… and each other. Now look at us. And you, my son. So young and yet so accomplished.

I want you to be proud of me.

I know. I came to ask you a favor.


That ship Naomi gave you is a junker. Does nothing to help the fleet. There may be a way to make better use of it, but it is your ship. May I use it?

Of course. Whatever is best for the cause.

[chuckles softly]

I know… that you’ve been spending time with her lately, so I wasn’t sure if that ship held some sentimental value to you.

It means nothing to me.

Good. Thank you.

[engine whooshing]

[thrusters hissing]

[mag boots beep]

[clears throat]


If you’ve come for an apology, you’re wasting your time.

Not at all.

I was actually impressed you had the nerve to try and kill me.


[door beeps, hisses]

[door hisses]

It’s been a long time since it’s just been the two of us together.

That doesn’t matter anymore now.

[Marco] I suppose not, but there were happy times once.

Is that what you came to talk about?

No. I wanted to know why you finally made your way back to Filip after all these years.

I needed him to know that I love him and that I would do anything for him.

Anything but be in his life?

You took his life from me.

I took Filip from you only because I thought it would make you stay. You had a hold on me like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I thought we saw the world through the same eyes and had the same burning in our hearts to change it. If I’d known the Augustin Gamarra would’ve driven you away and torn apart our family, I wouldn’t have done it.

You’re doing to Filip the exact same thing you did to me.

I raised him to be the fighter I thought you were.

He’s his own person. He doesn’t deserve to die for your dreams.

You have no idea who he is.

♪ ♪

You were only there when he was a baby who needed to be protected. I was there when he learned to walk. I was there when he first went out into vacuum. I was there for all the moments his mother should have been there.

And I’ve felt guilty every day since. But do you know what else I’ve felt every day?

Shame…I would hope.

Relief. Because the pain of losing Filip was not as horrible as having to stay with you.

James Holden must be quite a man to keep a woman like you.

He’s all the things you pretend to be, which is why Filip needs to know you for who you really are.

And you believe he’s going to listen to you?

He already is. The only reason you haven’t killed me yet… is because you’re feeling threatened. And if you kill me, Filip will know I got to you and that I was right all along.

I haven’t killed you… because I didn’t want Filip to have his mother abandon him again.

♪ ♪

You are free to move about this ship, but if you lift a hand to anyone on this crew or tamper with anything on this ship again, you’re going out an air lock. And Filip… will know you for who you really are.

♪ ♪

[engine whooshing]

Radar pinged another possible.

The Zmeya?

Maybe. They’re running dark. Let’s see what the LADAR says.

[Bull] Tell Station Ops that I decide what’s priority and they’re not re-tasking another scope until I say so. And if Tycho Corporate doesn’t like it, they can fucking bill me. Now, can you do that? Hey. What do we got?

[panel beeps]

[Holden] Just a Belter skiff.

Damn it.

It’s a busy trade route. Smart move. But if they’re sticking to their flight plan, the Tycho ops will see it and it’s just a matter of time.

If they rendezvous with anyone before we do and hand off the sample, we’ll never get it back.

[Monica] If we find the ship…

When we find it.

…what are we gonna do with the protomolecule?

Destroy it.

Good. I reached out to a source on Ceres with connections to the Inaros faction. If there’s any chatter about a handoff, I’ll hear about it, so if we can’t find this ship, maybe we can find out where it’s going.

Are we preparing for failure?

Failure is why we’re out here. I’m trying to change that.

Well, don’t worry. You’re gonna get what you always wanted.

You don’t think we should destroy it?

No, I do. That’s what I told Fred he should do the moment he got it.



So he didn’t listen to you either?

He didn’t listen to a lot of people, and he was usually right.

Not about this.

[chuckles] Always so fucking sure you know best, just like Fred. No wonder you two had problems.

You didn’t exactly toe the OPA line with him.

Hey, I didn’t come to Tycho because I support the Belt or Belters. That was Fred’s thing. I came here to punch the clock for him, and he knew it.

You could’ve just punched a clock on Earth. Lot easier.

You’ll spend enough time with someone and you get to see how full of shit they are. I spent half a lifetime with Fred. I still don’t know. Hard to find people like that.

Fred once told me that when he died, he wanted his body put in the recycler like any Belter would.

[chuckles] Fuck that. That ain’t happening.

You’re gonna deny him his final wishes?

Oh, bet your ass, I am. He deserved better than being fed to mushrooms.

[both chuckle]

♪ ♪

I never trusted Fred.

♪ ♪

I know. He told me.

I always thought he was playing an angle, not being totally straight with me. I should have, though. He never lied to me.

You know, you two are a lot alike, which is probably why we don’t get along.

[computer beeps]

We got something?

Yeah. A message from my pilot.

Hey, Hoss. So Bobbie and me are burning to Tycho right now. Eh, it’s a long story. We got a lot to talk about and sort out. Hope you and the Roci are still in one piece when we get there.

Not much of a transmission delay.

Yeah, he’s close.

He’s supposed to be on Mars. What the hell’s he doing out here?

♪ ♪


Filip? Filip?

♪ ♪

How’d you get out of the brig?

Your father let me out.

He did? Are you planning to use my razor to try and kill him now?

No. [chuckles] I’ve missed so much of your life. There’s so much I don’t know about you.

I read some accounts of what you did inside the Ring. You saved a lot of Belter lives.

It was not just me alone. It was all of us together… despite what your father may have told you. You’re rebuilding an air scrubber? I did that when I was your age. Modified the intake.

On Pallas, you said you know what I’m going through. What did you mean?

[inhales deeply] I don’t know exactly what you’re going through, but I know the power your father has.

He’s a great leader.

[Naomi] That’s not what I mean. Your father and me met when we were very young. Not much older than you. Never met anyone like him. He made me feel like the center of the universe. And I craved his attention. And that made me blind. I wrote the code for the Augustin Gamarra.

I know. It was a great victory.

[Naomi] Not for me. Do you feel any remorse for what you’ve done?

Why would I?

When I found out I was pregnant… I used to dream of all the things you would do and become, the endless possibilities. Now the only dream I have for you is that someday, you will regret all the things you’ve already done.

Well, save your tears. I’m a fighter. Strength makes us who we are.

Killing people doesn’t mean you’re strong. I didn’t know how strong I was until after I left and realized I was nobody to your father. I was just a piece of him. My life was his. My dreams were his. Everything I thought and did was to please him. I see the way you look at him, and I know the hold he has over people, the hold he had over me.

I’m not you.

[Naomi] I know. But I hope you’re not him.

I’m my own man. He doesn’t control me. I don’t need him or you.

♪ ♪

Of course. You’re not a boy anymore.

I don’t care if you believe me or not.

I believe you. I do.

♪ ♪

Why did you leave me?

♪ ♪

I never wanted to. I tried to take you away. Your father found out and stopped me. Then he hid you from me.

You left then?

No. I searched everywhere on Pallas, hoping to find you and take you away.

♪ ♪

[sniffles] But months went by.

♪ ♪

Finally, I…I had to accept I couldn’t save you… and that my life… was nothing without you.

♪ ♪

I walked down to the docks by myself… and went into an air lock.

♪ ♪

I remember feeling at peace for… for the first time since your father took you from me.

♪ ♪

I was going to open the door. And then I realized… that pressing that button wouldn’t change anything for you. Either way, alive or dead, you were going to grow up without a mother. I never wanted to leave you. But walking away was the only choice I had left.


♪ ♪

Walking away… is the only choice anyone ever has.

♪ ♪

[engine whooshing]

Our Saturn and Jupiter fleets are still pulling back to guard the Inner planets but are detaching task groups along the way to search and destroy any Inaros forces using the ship profiles you sent. Good work. Now, get your asses somewhere safe and let me know when you do.

[metallic clink]



[Alex] The hell’s that?

A bullet.

Shit, you were shot?

[Bobbie] Yeah, a lot.

[Alex] All right, hold on. I’ll get the auto-doc.

Eh, it just itches a little bit.

[bullet clatters]

Avasarala didn’t mention the Free Navy ship you and me took out.

I might’ve left that out of my message to her.


I can give you one of my old medals if you want.

Fuck you.



[computer beeps]

Oh, that’s weird.

[Bobbie] What?

I just got a reply from Holden.

That was fast.

Alex, good to hear from you…

He can’t be on Tycho anymore.

The Roci’s not on Tycho anymore. Marco Inaros stole Fred’s protomolecule sample, and we’re trying to find the ship it’s on and destroy it. There’s more bad news, but we’ll talk about that later. Get back to Tycho, and stay safe.

I’ll send him the ship profiles we collected. Marco’s fleet might be trying to rendezvous with the ship they’re hunting.

That’s a good idea. I’ll let him know. [breathes deeply] Hey, Chief. Uh… look, without going into the details ’cause, quite frankly, you wouldn’t believe ’em, me and Bobbie, we found out that Mars is selling warships to Marco Inaros. We got profiles, drive signatures, and course projections, which we sent to Avasarala. Look, Marco’s got a bunch of gunships that might be headed to that same ship that y’all are tracking, so look sharp.

[suspenseful music]

Heavy frigates, destroyers, warships… Jesus, Inaros really does have his own navy.

[Monica] This is crazy. How the hell could he pull off something like this?

Chetzemoka, that’s Naomi’s ship.

There is no way that we can engage nine Martian warships. We don’t have enough firepower.

Holden, I know that you wanna help Naomi, but getting back the protomolecule is more important. It has to be.

♪ ♪

I know. We’re not changing course.

♪ ♪

[Holden] Alex, I need your help. Marco kidnapped Naomi. The Chetzemoka is her ship, and it’s with the rest of his fleet. I need you to keep eyes on them. I know it’s dangerous and a lot to ask, but if we lose track of them now, we may never find Naomi.

♪ ♪

I’ll plot a new course.

♪ ♪

We won’t lose her, Jim.

[engines booming]

[dark music]

♪ ♪



[door hisses]

[Cyn sighs, grunts softly]

You need any help?

Do I need to go get my helmet?

I’m sorry for hitting you.


I’ve been hit harder before. But you almost got spaced for it.

I had to do it.

Is that Tia Margolis’ brandy?


Whenever we’d get back to Pallas after months on the float, first drink I’d always have.

I don’t get back much anymore, so… just keep it on the ship.

Mmm. Just like I remember.

Like coming home. You remember… [clears throat] the last time we spoke on Pallas before you left?

I don’t.

Was outside your compartment. My shift just ended. It was late, ah, but you told me you needed to go take a walk. I didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t shake the look on your face. So I went to find you, and I saw you walk into an air lock.

You saw that?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I didn’t think there was anything that could break you. But then you walked back out. I went to find you the next day… but you were gone.

When Marco took Filip, he took away my life. Leaving was the only way I could take it back.

[soft dramatic music]

If I had known it would’ve come to that… I wou…I wou… I would’ve helped you.

You did everything you could.

[breathing heavily] I knew where he was all along.

♪ ♪

The reason you never found Filip was because… I helped Marco hide him from you.

♪ ♪

[voice breaking] He was my son.

I’m so sorry.

I thought you loved me.

I loved all of us. We were family. I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought one day, you would come back to Marco, to…

♪ ♪

I was wrong.


I thought I would never see you again, and there you were on Pallas in the old canteen after so long. I…

♪ ♪

…I thought maybe this is my chance to make it right with you.

♪ ♪

It is.

[breathes deeply]

Help me now.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[engine whooshing]

[Monica] Look on your face says still nothing on the Zmeya.

I always hated fishing.

I liked the “drinking on a boat” part.

Check Amos’ quarters. He’s well-stocked.

Mm. Maybe later. But I’ve been thinking about the Martian gunships Inaros acquired.

Marco’s loyalists aren’t just Belters anymore. He clearly has supporters on Mars.

That’s what I’m thinking too. Martian guns and tech on the black market, that’s not shocking. But entire gunships? Those don’t just disappear. That would require months of planning, logistics, high-level military access.

Someone way up the MCRN food chain must be backing them.

Agreed. But to what end? Inaros couldn’t possibly have the type of money it requires to buy one of those ships, which means the Martians who provided them either have the same political goals, or… he’s offering something else as payment, something very valuable.

The protomolecule.

I think that’s one part of it. And I think the other is Cortazar. He’s useless without a sample and it can’t be coincidence that they were both just taken.

♪ ♪

You were right.

♪ ♪

My crew and I did have a sample.

♪ ♪

Yeah, I figured as much. You’re not a very good liar.

[chuckles softly]

So what’d you do with it?

[sighs] We were going to destroy it.

But you didn’t.

♪ ♪

You gave it to Fred.

No, Naomi did.

You didn’t want her to?

She had good reasons. The Inners would never have recognized the OPA without it.

But Fred didn’t destroy it after the Armistice.

He said the OPA needed it until they could build a navy to defend themselves.

Yeah, well, now Inaros is the one with the navy and the protomolecule.

For now.

♪ ♪

But why would he take Naomi? What could he possibly want with her?

She had a son with him.


It’s complicated.

♪ ♪

I found a message… she left me to read in case something goes wrong.

[hand terminal chimes]

[Bull] Holden. Get your ass back up here. We got something.

[tense music]

Scanners have picked up this narrow-bandwidth flash along the Zmeya’s flight path. Could be back scatter from a tight-beam transmission.

If it’s them, they’re still running dark.

They know we’re looking at them. I’ve been pinging away with focused radar. Let’s check the scopes.

♪ ♪

[scope chirping]

It’s them, and they’re burning like hell.

We got ’em. Intercept course. Everyone suit up and get ready for a high-G burn.

♪ ♪

All right. Here comes the juice.

[machinery whirring]

[both grunt]

[engine whooshing]

[Marco] The Zmeya has their instructions and knows what to do. Monitor the situation, but no open comms. Do not give away our position.

Ya, Captain.

Somehow, the Rocinante found the Zmeya. They’re in pursuit.

There’s nothing we can do to help?

Not anymore. We wouldn’t be in this situation if you and Filip hadn’t been compromised by Naomi.

And spacing her wouldn’t have changed anything.

No, but it would’ve shown Filip the price of failure.

Marco. Let Naomi go. She doesn’t need to be here.

She never needed to be here. But she’s not going to go now.

She’s not going to try anything again.

That’s right, because she knows if she does, she’s not going to be shown mercy again.

Why do you keep trying to hurt her?

When I was a boy…

[dramatic music]

…I looked up to you. You taught me how to be strong…

♪ ♪

…how not to give in to weakness. You helped me save Filip from his mother and helped me raise him into the man he is now. And now, when Naomi is trying to steal my son from me, from us, all you can feel is guilt. Naomi is not going to leave again.

♪ ♪

If that troubles you, then you are free to go.

♪ ♪

[engine whooshing]

Approaching missile lock.

[Holden] Arming torpedoes.

♪ ♪

[doors whirring]

[torpedoes blasting]

Goddamn, that’s a shitload incoming.

[Holden] Firing torpedoes. I’ll take out as many as I can with the blasts.

♪ ♪

[Bull] We only took out two.

Jesus Christ.

They were expecting that.

PDCs on auto track.

Beginning evasive maneuvers. I’m putting us into a spin.

[engine whooshing]

[devices whirring]

[Monica grunts]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

PDC 1 jammed.

[strained mechanical whirring]

Still got two missiles incoming.

Coming around.

PDC 2 to bear.

♪ ♪

Goddamn, we got ’em all.


Charging up the railgun. Put a couple holes in their drive cone. Then we’ll board ’em.

What the fuck for?

I thought we’re destroying the ship.

[Holden] The crew or their data logs could tell us how to find Naomi.

What about the protomolecule?

I’ll deal with it once we find out what they know.


[railgun whirring]

[computer beeping]

[Bull] We should send drones in first. Could have the air lock rigged to blow as soon as it’s breached.

You’re right. Ready drones one and two. Zmeya, this is Rocinante. Shut down your reactor immediately and prepare to be boarded.

♪ ♪

Their reactor’s still on-line.

Zmeya, power down your reactor immediately. This is your last chance, or we will fire.

[explosion booms]

♪ ♪


[engines whooshing]

[indistinct chatter]

[computer beeping]

A word, please, Father.

What is it?

I… …I want to do more for the cause.

We can all do more. Be specific.

I want command of one of our ships.

Your own command?

I feel I’m ready to help you lead.

You think I need help?


So what prompted this?

I want to show you all I can do. And… I want our people to know who I am.


You’re right.


♪ ♪

Belters should know that it was Filip Inaros who was responsible for the destruction of the Rocinante at Tycho Station. That it was Filip who helped the Zmeya successfully deliver us the protomolecule. Or that it was Filip who took the life of Naomi Nagata after she attempted to take mine. Your weakness nearly undid everything we’ve fought for. That’s who you are.

[protesters chanting] Marco! Marco! Marco! Marco!

Belters everywhere are chanting my name.

[protesters chanting] Marco! Marco!

Not yours. You are nothing without me.

♪ ♪

You played a part in our victory… and the people who matter know that.

♪ ♪

You are my heir, and one day, you will lead the Belt. After I’m gone. Soon… people all over will be chanting, “Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip.”

[all chanting] Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip. Filip.

Marco wants to see you.

Search your mother.

I don’t have any weapons.

Take it as a sign of respect. Filip and I have been talking. We’ve decided to grant your request… to leave.

I’m free to leave? On the Chetzemoka?

Not exactly. Since you stopped us from blowing up the Rocinante while it was on Tycho, we’ve decided to use your ship to lure the Rocinante and destroy it.

[tense music]


[Marco] After that, after you’ve watched your family die, we will put you on the float, and you’ll be free.

You fucking monster.

This wasn’t just my doing. Filip inspired it. He wants the Belt to know that he was the one who destroyed the Rocinante.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

…please don’t do this.

It’s already done.

You don’t speak for him.

♪ ♪

Please. Listen to me.

♪ ♪

This isn’t you. You’re not like him.


You have no idea who I am, but I know who you are now… a pathetic Earther-loving welwala. You tried to make me weak, tried to poison me against my real family. You are everything I am not.

[dramatic music]


♪ ♪

Did you really think that you could get my son, my own flesh and blood, to betray me? You are nothing. And that is all you are going to be left with.

[grunts, whimpers]

Goodbye, Naomi.

Get off me! [grunting] Filip, Filip, don’t do this. Please! Get off me! You! I fucking hate you! Get off! I hate you!

[Naomi sobs]

♪ ♪

[crying softly]

♪ ♪

[engines whooshing]

♪ ♪

All crew are back on board?

Ya, bosmang.

Chetzemoka controls disabled.

Set ship to remote pilot.

Ya, setting remote pilot.

Detach Chetzemoka and retract docking bridge.

Aye, Captain, will do.

♪ ♪

[crew member] Bosmang, we have an update from Medina Station.

[Marco] It’s about time.

[Cyn] Locate Naomi Nagata.

[computer beeping]


[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[somber music]

♪ ♪

I know that look on your face. Don’t do this. Naomi, please. I can fix this with Marco. You…you… you don’t have to… You shouldn’t have followed me.

♪ ♪

[Naomi exhales heavily]

[inhales sharply]


♪ ♪

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪


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