The Boys – S03E05 – The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies | Transcript

Original release date: June 17, 2022

Frenchie admits an injured Kimiko to a hospital, where she is overjoyed to learn she lost her powers. She and Frenchie bond and share a kiss, but Nina confronts him afterward with another assassination job. Hughie reveals his use of V24 to Annie. Maeve gives Butcher another batch of V24 before drinking and having sex with him. Homelander and Noir later find out about this and capture her. Following Edgar’s departure, Ashley is promoted to CEO of Vought. A-Train demands Blue Hawk, a Supe who has been racially profiling African-Americans in Trenton, New Jersey, to issue a public apology, but Blue Hawk incites a violent confrontation that injures several bystanders, including A-Train’s brother Nathan. Upon his return to America, Soldier Boy inadvertently causes an explosion, alerting the Boys. MM, Hughie, and Butcher visit the Legend, a former Vought executive, who reveals that Soldier Boy is looking for Countess. The Boys find her first and incapacitate her. When Soldier Boy arrives, Butcher suggests a partnership between them, but the former kills Countess after learning she sold him out to the Russians. Annie, who arrived at MM’s request, begs Hughie to not join Butcher and Soldier Boy as they leave, but Hughie reluctantly leaves her.

* * *

[Russian synth-pop song playing]

Are you recording?


As you know, the subject’s skin has demonstrated remarkable durability.

Which includes internal tissue.


[chatter in Russian continues]



[Frenchie praying softly in French]

[Butcher] How is she?

Stable, for now.

Please note that, due to the procedure dated January 24, the subject still registers high radiation levels.

[Butcher] How the fuck’s that cunt still breathing?

Twenty sieverts of radiation.

Sulfuric acid cocktails.

More or less shoved Chernobyl right up his arse.

We will now determine whether his cornea shares a similar strength.

I’ll wager that’s how he got them nasty new powers.

[gasping, speaking frantically in Russian]


[objects clattering]

[alarm buzzing]

[frantic Russian chatter over P.A.]

[Butcher] Listen, mate, we can’t hang about here looking for him, right?

He’s Ivan’s problem now.

We got to get Kimiko home to a proper doctor.

You don’t give a shit about Kimiko.

Or anyone else.

Oh, come off it, mate.

Look, I took a fucking drug.

And in case you forgot, I just saved your life.

You killed Gunpowder, didn’t you?

Did you use your little laser eyes?

You’re too fucking right, I did.

And it felt good.

For once, I leveled the fucking playing field.

Butcher, the whole point of what we do, the whole goddamn point, is that no one should have that kind of power.

Well, ain’t that just fucking fairies and dancing dildos, eh?

I happen to live right down here, mate, on planet Earth.


Oh, fuck.

Looks like Kermit the Frog had a right wank in your mouth.

No, I’m good, okay?


So I see.

[retching continues]



♪ ♪


[Ashley] I know these are difficult times, but with the greatest humility, I accept your nomination as CEO of Vought International. [chuckles]

You know, my mother used to say, before she died of cancer when I was 17…

[doors open]

Okay, Ashley, that’s enough. Let’s not bring the room down.

Apologies, sir. Of course.

Hello, everyone. Sorry I’m late.

Thank you so much for coming up to 99,

the mountain to Muhammad, as it were. [laughing]

[forced laughter]


Seeing as it’s, uh, my very first board meeting, I thought perhaps we’d start by, uh, going around the room and giving you all a chance to introduce yourselves.

Bill Marsh.

And I, for one, would like to thank you, Homelander, for giving me the opportunity to serve this board at such a pivotal moment in, uh, Vought’s history.


[Pat] Pat Willis, sir.

You’ve rid us of Stan Edgar and restored honesty, integrity and innovation to this corporation.

[Maureen] One question. With the changes around here, our EBITDA margins will drop a tiny bit.

How do you want to handle that on the earnings call?

What’s your name?


Is there something you want to get off your chest, Maureen?

Sorry, sir? Wh…

Do you think you know better than me?

I don’t know. Maybe you think you should be sitting in my chair and…

I should be sitting all the way down there in yours.

No, God, no, sir.

I-I’m sorry. I-I was just…

It was stupid of me.

I’m so stupid, and you’re so great.

And… uh…

Maureen, you’re embarrassing yourself. You should go.

So who’s next?

[man] We look forward to working hand in glove under your tremendous

[fading, distorting] and competent leadership, sir.

[Barbara] It was my honor to lead Crime Analytics for the past 13 years, but all good things must come to an end, and the Vought board decided it was time for a change.

So, allow me to introduce you to the new head of Crime Analytics: the Deep.

[only Cassandra clapping]

[chuckles] Thank you, thank you.

Thank you for your service, Bar.

Let’s hear it for Bar.

Come on, she did great.


For someone with no practical experience, it’s amazing.

[sighs] Look, it’s always been a big dream of mine to be able to fight crime both at sea and on land.

I’m here to tell you that if you work hard enough, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Hashtag dream big.

Real big.

Because Vought’ll make sure the right man…

Er… [scoffs] Sorry, Barbara.

Right person, gets the job.

So, to break the ice, we brought…

Cupcakes. [laughs]

[Deep] Cupcakes. [laughs]

From Sprinkles.

That’s right.

Oh, and one more thing.

Everyone just needs to sign up for, uh, performance reviews. [chuckles]

Just a formality, nothing to worry about.

[mouth full] Mmm. You thinking of going freelance?

Watch her head. Let’s go.

[Butcher] She’ll be up and about in no time.

We’ll see you in the morning, yeah?

[Mother’s Milk] Fuck you.

[car door closes]

[Hughie] Hey.

You still got me.

[newsman speaking Spanish]

[newswoman] Tragically relapsed into an opioid addiction, just as he was slated to join The Seven.

Not since Len Bias has a public figure been lost to a drug overdose on the cusp of the next…

[Hughie] Hey.


[door closes]

Hey. Come here.

[whispers] Come here.

I’m sorry.

I’m so fucking sorry.

I shouldn’t be here. It’s not safe for you.

I don’t care. It’s okay.

Hughie, Homelander killed Alex.

He fucking murdered him, and it’s all my fault.

Hey. It is not your fault.

Come here, come here, come here.

We got Charleston Chew.

We got Almond Joy.


There’s White Claws in the fridge.

Some of that gross lavender bath bomb shit in the tub.

Look, I know this doesn’t make this any better, but I just…

Let me take care of you for a second.

Tell me you found it.


Moscow was a dead end.

I’m sorry.

No weapon or gun or anything?


Then what killed Soldier Boy?

Let… You know what? I’m gonna get you a White Claw.

[refrigerator door opens]

Uh, Hughie?

Your arm is broken.

Where the hell is your cast?

You’re-you’re really gonna want a White Claw.

Wow. All right.

Gonna have another one.

Um… Just… I’m just trying to get a bead on what, uh, part you’re most upset about.

Is it the part where, uh, Soldier Boy’s loose in Russia, or the part where I-I took some temporary Compound V?

Um… it could be both parts. Uh…

All the parts.

I told you right away, though, right?

That’s-that’s… No secrets.

That’s got to be worth some points.

You want points for not lying to me?

I… would like to retract that statement. Um…

Hughie, you shot up an untested drug from Vought.

You could’ve gotten yourself killed.

We don’t have any more.

And even if we did, I-I wouldn’t take it.

It was awful.

Like, uh, the hangover, all of it, just… absolutely hated it. [sighs]

You loved it.

I fucking really loved it.

It was awesome. I mean, you know me.

If a guy in the car next to me gives me a dirty look, I’m like fucking Dom Torreto taking off, trying to get away from him ’cause I’m quick and I’m all about family.

But in Russia… [scoffs]

I wasn’t scared.

I-I… I saved M.M.


I could, like, teleport.


Yeah, I-I just… I knew how to do it.

I just clenched my butt, and-and I jumped, and…

No. Hughie, that was stupid and dangerous.

I can’t lose you, too.

Oh, God, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You’re right.

[sighs] It’s over.


what do we do now?

I don’t know.

But whatever it is, we’ll figure it out together.

You and me against the world, right?

I love you.

I love you, too.

[conversing in Russian]

[man speaking Russian over P.A.]

[jet engine whooshing]


[door opens]

How the fuck is Soldier Boy still alive?

Another nutter loose in the world, thanks to us.

You look like warmed-over shit.

Well… least I’ll be sober in the morning.

You’ll still be a Supe.

Well, if Supes are so fucking vile, why do you want to be one again?

[unzips bag]

[Maeve] What are you gonna do with those?

[zips bag]

[drink pours]

No, thanks.

I’ve been sober four months, asshole.

It’s been a year for me.

[siren wailing faintly in distance]

[blues music playing quietly]


What about Homelander’s son?


Be years before Ryan can take him on.

What about that plane video?

I mean, I know it wouldn’t be so brilliant for you, but…


least it’ll pull back the curtain on the cunt.

Would send him over the edge.

He’d end up killing a million people.

The video was always a bluff.

Not to me it ain’t.

I thought I hated the guy.

I done them all.

Coke, E, meth, smack.

Ain’t nothing like this.

Used to be months of leg work to take down a Supe.

Gunpowder… not even a New York minute.

Must’ve felt good.

I hated every second.


The V just made me more…


With great power comes the absolute certainty that you’ll turn into a right cunt.

I mean, that’s the thing, right?

You’re all just people.

All the V does is just amp up all that shit that’s already inside.

Your lot? Just a bunch of walking nuclear erections.

You know? A-And it’s not just Homelander.

I mean, you-you fucking all got to go.

Every fucking last…

…one of you.


What? You still think you’re too good for me?


[♪ The Kinks: “You Really Got Me”]


♪ Girl, you really ♪


♪ Got me going ♪

♪ You got me so I don’t know ♪ –


♪ What I’m doing ♪

[glass shatters]

♪ Yeah, you really got me now ♪

♪ You got me so I can’t sleep at night ♪

[moaning loudly]


[glass shattering]

♪ You really got me now ♪

♪ You got me so I don’t know what I’m doing ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, you really got me now ♪

♪ You got me so I can’t sleep at night ♪♪


[woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.]


Chocolate limes.

For when she wakes up.

I pray she pulls through.

Ten dead Russian soldiers.

A classified lab destroyed.

Three of my contacts in the Kremlin have disappeared already.

You know, Sergei, there is this absolute natural law.

That law, it says you do not fuck me, I fuck you.

It was Monsieur Charcutier who came to you, made the deal with you. Take it up with him.

I don’t know him. I know you.

You’re the one who introduced us.

You’re the one who pays the debt.

You work for me now.

Absolument pas.

You know, before you abandoned me for Butcher, you always wrung your hands.

“Oh, Nina, I cannot kill. It’s like acid to my heart.”

Yet you always did.

[opens envelope]

Pyotr Semenov and his daughter Katarina.

You do it today.

She’s just a child.

That’s never stopped you before.

Call me when it’s done.

[woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.]

Mon coeur?

Mon coeur? Hey.

Ca va?

[whispers] How are you feeling?

It was Soldier Boy.

Why are you smiling?

I didn’t heal!


Hand me something heavy!

Something heavy!


It’s too heavy!

It must’ve been Soldier Boy!

My powers are gone!

Can I help you?

Supersonic trusted you, and you got him killed.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You fucking coward.

Why are you so desperate to be with people who hate you?

Congrats from Lindsey Graham.


He’s such a gooch-licker.

Anyway, I hope you know how much Homelander appreciates your loyalty.

Now more than ever, he needs people he can trust.

So, to thank you for being a team player,

Homelander has agreed to a meeting with you and Blue Hawk.

[chuckles] Okay, great.



I’ll just pop outside and get him.

What? Like, right now?



Thanks for coming on such short notice, Blue Hawk.



[chuckles] Hey.

Big fan.

Cool. Yeah.

Blue Hawk.


I wanted to talk to you about your patrols in Trenton.

Little excessive.

Hmm? Says who?

Well, a lot of Black folks.


No. This has nothing to do with…

…African Americans.

You and me both trained with Coach Brink at school.

We were taught to dominate totally.

[A-Train] Yeah, but you’re mostly just doing it in-in Black neighborhoods.

And you don’t want people to say that you’re being racist, right?

You know, it’s actually racist to call somebody racist.

What is this?


Is this, like, a “cancel” thing? Am I being canceled?

What can I do to make this right?

Wouldn’t take much. [chuckles]

I don’t know. Make an apology or some shit.

What a great idea. Thank you for saying that.

I’m sure Homelander would really, really appreciate that, Blue Hawk.

Hey, name the time and place.

It is so important to do the work, to have the difficult conversations.

This is so great, you guys.

[siren wailing in distance]

♪ ♪

What the fuck?

[chuckles softly]

[men speaking foreign language]

[Russian synth-pop song playing over radio]

[man singing in Russian over radio]



[man] Hey, buddy?

You okay, buddy?



[people screaming]

I’m not just like the rest of you.

I’m stronger. I’m smarter.

I’m better.

I am better!

[knock on door]

I’m not some

weak-kneed… cry baby…

Hey, look who it is.


Hey, baby.


Ah… hey!

You ready?


All right. Go get your backpack.

[Todd] She can’t stop talking about this Science Center trip.

[Homelander] All my life, people have tried to control me.

My whole life.

Todd, you, uh… you got Janine watching this guy?

I know, I know.

His language gets a bit salty, but it’s good for her.

How is this good for Janine?

Um, because he’s America’s greatest hero who saves thousands of people.

He’s standing up to the crooks, the corporations and the legacy media.

Hey, you friend me on Facebook, I’ll send you some stuff that will…

Todd, I don’t want Janine watching any more of this garbage.

Do you understand?


Why? Janine loves Homelander. He’s her favorite.

Isn’t that right, sweetie?

[Mother’s Milk] ‘Cause Homelander is a psycho piece of shit, that’s why.


You want to pull it back in front of the kid there, Marvin?

It’s not the kid. She’s my daughter.


[newsman] We have breaking news this hour.

An explosion just rocked midtown Manhattan.

Early reports indicate 19 are dead.

The NYPD and Bureau of Superhuman Affairs…

♪ ♪

[breathing heavily]

Baby, I’m sorry, but Daddy’s got to go.

No. Daddy, I want to go to the Science Center.

[Todd] What are you doing? She’s been waiting for this all week.

Did I do something wrong?

♪ ♪

[Mother’s Milk] No, baby.

I’m sorry.

[newsman] The NYPD and Bureau of Superhuman Affairs are calling it the work of an unknown supervillain.

At this time, we’re still waiting for more information from authorities…

[Starlight, muffled] Homelander? Did you hear me?

Sorry, what?

I said we need to handle this. Now.

[newsman] …confirmed killed, with dozens more injured.

Uh, yeah, of course we do. Okay.

So, book slots on all the Sunday shows.

Tell them that, uh, there’s nothing to worry about, not a thing.

We got everything under control.

That’s smart.

So smart.

So we’re gonna…

Jesus, I meant that we need to stop this guy!

Could you watch your fucking tone, please, darling.

I’m sorry.

I just, I mean…

Don’t you think that maybe the best way to handle this is to find him?

I never thought of that. Obviously.

God. O-Okay, so why don’t you go and do that?

Hmm? Run along and save the day.

Meanwhile, the grown-ups, well, we got to worry about the share price and the EBITDA margins, okay?

Thank you.

So much.

Hey. It’s me.

Tell me this isn’t who I think it is.

Probably exactly who you think it is.

[Starlight] Oh, my God.

[sighs] Look, we’re coming up on the site now.

Can your Crime Analytics people look for him?

I’m on it. Just be careful, Hughie.

[siren wailing]

[urgent chatter]

[helicopter whirring]

Fucking hell.

[Ivy] Hughie.


Hey, uh… [sighs]

Morning, morning.

Is Vicky here?

She’s on her way.

Didn’t you break your arm?

Yeah, um…

Yes. It turns out it’s a bad sprain, so I-I’m okay. I’ll see you later.


[embers crackling]

[Geiger counter clicking rapidly]



Still think he’s the Reds’ problem?

All right. Easy, mate.

Fuck you.

I’ll find him myself.

And what you gonna do when you find him, eh?

He’s well out of your league, son.

You need help.

You need us.

Oh, we can talk about what a cunt I am another time.

But right now, let’s just focus on the job at hand.

Let me help you with Soldier Boy.

I owe you that much, and then you don’t got to see me no more.


Knowing you, you already got a lead?

Course I fucking do. Look at where we are.

The Legend.

Want to bet Soldier Boy paid him a visit?

Do you want the other half?

No. No.

Not right now, thanks. You were saying?

To find the guy, we’d have to comb through every CCTV camera in the city.

It would take a dozen analysts working double shifts.

Okay, then let’s do it.

Where is everyone?

We are everyone.

Deep fired most of the department.

What? Why?

They had some tweets over the years he said were critical of Homelander.

Said he only wants “team players.”

Can I have that half?

Thank you.

[breathes deeply]

[♪ Styliztik Jones: “Hall of Fame”]

♪ Ballin’ like the greats ♪

♪ And I’ll probably never let up ♪

♪ Running through your defense like Jerome Bettis ♪

♪ Better than a brother that plays…



What you doing here, man?


♪ You don’t know nothing if you don’t know Bo Jackson ♪

♪ Crashing through defenders never knowing what happened ♪

♪ Going through tackles like I’m driving through traffic ♪

♪ Getting hit hard, it can make your brain scramble…

What the fuck?

He wants to apologize.

He came with you?

And a camera crew? Come on, man.

Listen, you get a public apology, Vought gets some publicity. It’s a win-win.

You just spring this shit on me?

What’s wrong with you?

Isn’t this what you wanted?

For me to use my platform to help the community, right?


Five minutes.

All right.

[microphone feedback squeals]

Sorry, sorry.

It’s the metal in my helmet.

[clears throat]

All right.

To, uh, the residents of Trenton, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today.

As you know, superheroes often have to make, like, uh, split-second decisions when fighting crime, a-a-and I apologize if any of mine have been… perceived as being… racist.

But that is not who I am, okay?

Just ask my friends, many of whom are, uh, are Black, like A-Train.

I do not see color.

I only see crime.

And as a sign of my commitment to you all, I am donating $10,000 to this community center. Thank you.

What about what you did to Raymond Tucker?

[crowd murmurs in agreement]

Well, he-he-he was a criminal.

He was unarmed.

Would you have done the same thing to a white guy in Mill Hill?

[Blue Hawk] I-I go where the crime is, and the crime just happens to be i-in Black neighborhoods.

That-That’s not my fault.

[overlapping chatter]

[A-Train] All right, all right. No, that’s enough here.

We’re done here. Just say you’re sorry, and we can get out of here. Yeah.

You know what? Do your research.

Like, Blacks commit a disproportionate number of murders.

How about all the Black men you murdered?

How about you tell me why were they so fucking aggressive?!

I was acting in self-defense.

You got powers! They don’t!

Black lives matter!

[man] Fuck you, Blue Hawk!

[angry shouting]

Walk away, walk away.

Where you going? Get the fuck out.

Come on, out!

All lives matter.

All lives matter.

[man] Black lives matter, motherfucker!

Supe lives matter. Supe lives matter!

Supe lives matter, you fucking ingrates!

Hey, Blue Hawk!

[Blue Hawk] Shut the fuck up!

Fuck out of here!

[screaming, clamoring]


Stupid fucks!

Shut the f… Get the fuck out of here!


[woman crying]


[woman] Oh, my God!

[woman crying] Why?!



[knock on door]

[Legend] Just leave it.


Leave the goddamn clams casino at the door.

This ain’t Grubhub, motherfucker. Open up.

Marvin. [laughs] Hey.

I see you still got this piece of dog shit stuck to your boot.

Oh, go do one, you withered old cunt.

[Mother’s Milk] This is Hughie.

Hughie, you know who this is?

He doesn’t know who I am? Read a fucking book, kid.

This… this is The Legend.

That’s, uh, quite a nickname.

No, it’s not a name. It’s a level.

Legend, we need to talk.

Not him.

[Mother’s Milk] He’ll behave.

You got my word.

This is important, and you owe me.

[grumbles quietly]

[♪ Kopper: “One Step”]

♪ One step ♪

♪ One step at a time…

[Hughie] Whoa.

Is that you and Roy Scheider?

That’s at the Chateau after the Marathon Man premiere.

Roy Scheider, Dustin, Anjelica, Big Chief Apache.

That whole night’s a little cloudy to me.

But if you ask Army Archerd, I was balls deep in Golden Geisha, and Marlon Brando was apparently balls deep in me.


That’s gay now? Fuck you. Who cares?

What’s the difference?

Anyway, after that, I got Marlon to cut his quote on that Steel Knight picture, so I ask you, who fucked who?


He was here, wasn’t he?

[Legend] Hmm?

Oh, no, I’m-I’m good. I’m-I’m full. Of cocaine.

All right.

See, now Vought is all demo points and audience testing, thanks to those backstabbing fucks

Edgar and Still well.

And yes, I know she’s dead.

Fuck her anyway.

[Mother’s Milk] So, The Legend was the VP of Hero Management over at Vought before Still well came in.

He helps us out from time to time.

He really doesn’t know who I am?

See, when I was in charge, you go with your gut.

That’s when heroes were heroes, not these stage-managed silicone dolls.

I’ve never even seen Homelander sweat, let alone butter churn half the cast of Falcon Crest at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which I did.

Two words.

Shannon Tweed.

[Mother’s Milk] Legend.

Soldier Boy came to see you.

I need to know what he said.

What are you, crazy?

Marvin, he’s a fucking doornail.

So who’s that coke for?

That’s just me.

I’m writing my memoir.

It’s gonna be really dynamite.

So I’m, you know, I’m burning the candle at both ends. I swear.

I swear on my kids’ lives.

You hate your fucking kids.

So would you if you met them.

[Mother’s Milk] So, if I ran the prints on that mirror, who would I come up with?


[Mother’s Milk] Don’t worry.

Soldier Boy’s not gonna trace this back to you. Trust me.

Oh, trust you.

Like I trusted him?

You forget what happened last time I helped?

The underage hooker sting on Electroshock?

Oh. Oh.

You can’t trust a man like that.

Everything and everyone he touches turns to shit.

Well, you can trust me to bash your fucking brains out with that leg, mate.

Butcher, please.

Look, I’m the one you trust.

Now, you know what Soldier Boy did to my family.

And you know because you okayed the cover-up.

Shit, I… I okayed a million cover-ups.

And they’re all tearing you up.

So just make this one right, will you?


I thought I was staring at a ghost, but it was him.

He had a fucked-up beard, maybe, but he hadn’t aged a day.

[Hughie] Wait, so he doesn’t get old?

Like Storm front?

We kept that under wraps.

Though it got a little fishy when he starred in that Love and War picture with Phoebe Cates.

He was 63. She was 19.

Oh, fuck. Remember Entrapment?

Connery banged Zeta-Jones. He was, like, a thousand.

Why was Soldier Boy here?

Came to pick up his super suit.

I held on to it.

You know me. I’m sentimental.

Although I did actually wear the suit once for Kelly LeBrock.

By the way, her, too.

You don’t know Kelly LeBrock? Fucking Google it.

Big “L.” Big “B.”

The other letters, small.

So, did he tell you where he was going next?

Or that he was gonna blow up a fucking restaurant on 59th?

Who the hell knows why talent does what they do?

That’s why they’re talent.

He also came for his girlfriend’s address.

He’s headed there.

Crimson Countess?


I didn’t get the feeling it was gonna be a happy reunion, but I don’t know.

Maybe you can go there and find out.

But mostly, get the fuck out of here.

[Cameron] Today’s attack on 59th Street.

[Homelander] Yeah.

How great a threat is America facing?

Oh, no threat whatsoever.

No. Truly, i-it is a stretch to even call this guy a supervillain. [chuckles]

The Storm chasers, Stormfront’s supporters, said on 4chan that this whole thing was an attempt by Stan Edgar to discredit you.

[chuckles] Right. Yeah.

Well, look, I-I don’t know anything about Storm chasers, but, uh, look, I can understand why they might think that.

The minute we free Vought of the corruption and the lies, and this happens.

I mean, the timing is, uh, very convenient.

Smells like a false flag.

Well, you said it, pal, not me.


[Cameron] And what do you say to the mayor who wants to, uh, impose a citywide curfew until the terrorists are captured?

Oh, please.

America is safe.

Okay? It is safe.

So, everyone, get out there.

Go to your restaurants and, uh, go to your movie theaters and-and live your lives.

Have fun, okay?

[Homelander] You think it really was Edgar and the mayor?

Maybe Jake Tapper.

Trying to fuck with me?

Make me look ridiculous?

[TV turns off]

Or maybe you’re just a paranoid, malignant narcissist who thinks everything is about you.

Mm, it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you, though.

And you, Maeve.

You’re out to get me, aren’t you?

What are you talking about?

William Butcher.

I can smell him all over you.

You really will do anything to hurt me, won’t you?

So… what are you and William cooking up?


Maybe you two brought that supervillain to town.

[chuckles] Oh, John.

John, come on.

You’re talking crazy.

I’m not cooking anything up with Butcher.

[chuckles softly]

Let’s talk about this.

Don’t you dare fucking “John” me.

You’re not gonna weasel your way out of this.

You know the real tragic thing in all of this?

It’s that, more than anyone, I knew what it was like for you.

Swarmed everywhere we went.

Every little mistake, front-page news.

It is lonely at the top, yes, but at least we had each other.

We were lonely together.

And I loved you.

In my own way.

But you…

What happened?

Was anything about us ever real?


From the start, I hated you.

[chuckles softly]

But what’s more, I fucking pitied you.

You’re completely and utterly alone.

You’re getting old and bitter.

You pity me?

I mean, that’s actually kind of funny, don’t you think? [chuckles]


You want to know something else that’s funny?

[Maeve screams]

Frenchie’s not answering.

Kimiko’s out of commission.

Soldier Boy’s already got a head start.

We gonna need some backup.

And here it is.

[bag unzips]

[Mother’s Milk] I thought you were out.

Nipped into the Duane Reade, got some more, didn’t I?

Look, I know how you feel about this shite, but it’s Soldier Boy.

So why don’t you come down off your high horse just this once, eh?

My dad wouldn’t want it.

Your dad, who died of a dodgy ticker, suing Vought and never getting nowhere?

Yeah. Him.

You know, he also said, if you don’t draw the line somewhere, how the hell are you gonna know where you stand?

They ain’t drawing no line.

Which is why we got to.

I’m in. Give me some.

Kid, didn’t you just hear a goddamn word I said?

I mean, who do you guys want? Do you guys w-want gawky, weak, freaking-the-fuck-out Hughie or do you want strong, confident, handling-his-shit Hughie?

With it, I can actually help.

Without it, I’m… I-I’m probably dead.

Lad can think for himself.

[chuckles softly]


I am so sorry, Ms. Barrett.

What the fuck

did he do to Maeve?

That’s all right, Gregory.

Maeve is at the Global Wellness Retreat in Malibu.

Asking for help, it’s just not easy.

And she is just truly Brave Maeve, isn’t she?

Mm-hmm. I want to speak to her right now.

Unfortunately, the facility requires a digital detox for their patients, but I’m sure you can leave her a message.

Goddamn it, Ashley!

We can’t let him do this.

Who are you referring to?

He is out of control.

Yesterday, it was Supersonic.

Today, it’s Maeve.

Tomorrow, maybe it’s me or you.

Look, I know you’re scared.

I am, too, but this CEO job, it can’t be worth your life.

[exhales] Oh.

[whispers] I don’t have powers.

You don’t need powers.

You just need to be human.

Please. Where is Maeve?

Is she even alive?

Look, Starlight, sh…

[ragged exhale]

I am CEO.

Next time, make a fucking appointment.

[door opens, closes]

[doctor] There’s been severe damage to the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine.

Lacerations to vertebrae T6, T7, T8 and T9.

The damage is so severe that Nathan will never walk again…

[Blue Hawk] …individual reached for his gun and I had to act quickly to save innocent lives.

You know, to think that my donation to this community would be met with such intolerance, you know, by a few Antifa thugs and bad apples, just breaks my heart.

Just breaks it.

[♪ Judy Garland: “I Got Rhythm”]

♪ Song ♪

♪ Why shouldn’t we sing ♪

♪ Along? ♪

♪ I’m chipper all the day ♪

[phone vibrating]

♪ Happy with my lot ♪

♪ How do I get that way? ♪

♪ Look at what I’ve got ♪

♪ I got rhythm ♪

♪ I got music ♪


♪ I got my man, who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ I got daisies in green pastures ♪

♪ I got my man, who could ask for anything more? ♪

[song stops]

I… I got… rhythm.



Doctor, come!

She speaks!

[band playing “I Got Rhythm”]

♪ I got rhythm ♪

♪ I got music ♪

♪ I got my man, who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ I got daisies in green pastures ♪

♪ I got my man, who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ Old Man Trouble, I don’t mind him ♪

♪ You won’t find him round my door ♪

♪ I got starlight, I got sweet dreams ♪

♪ I got my man, who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ Who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Old Man Trouble ♪

♪ I don’t mind him ♪

♪ You won’t find him round my door ♪

♪ I got starlight, I got sweet dreams ♪

♪ I got mon coeur ♪

♪ Who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ Who could ask for anything more? ♪

[Judy Garland over TV] ♪ Who could ask for anything more? ♪

♪ Old Man Trouble ♪

♪ I don’t mind him ♪

♪ You won’t find him round my door ♪

♪ I got starlight, I got sweet dreams…

Oh, I think I need café. You want café?

Well, yeah, I’ll be right back.

♪ ♪

[machine beeping]

[machine whirring]


[Crimson Countess] I’ve already got commitments from the orangutan from Dunst on Checks In and the capuchin from Outbreak.

[Sir-Cums-A-Lot779] Technically, those aren’t chimps.

No, but they’re famous.

They’re gonna be real draws.

I worked with that Outbreak monkey once.

He’s very good.

I’m telling you, there is no other place in the world a monkey will want to be than right here.

Uh, I love our little chats, you know, but, you know, meter’s running, so…

Hold your horses, Sir-Cums-A-Lot779.

Yes, Countess.

Did you get them?

Sure did.


Those are much bigger than I thought they would be.


Let’s warm these bad boys up, and I’ll get out of this itchy suit.

Get ready.

[Crimson Countess over speakers] ♪ In the heart of the jungle ♪

♪ Just trying to stay alive…

[moans softly]

God, it hits the spot every time.

♪ Just bananas…

Fucking sexy.

[rhythmic sloshing]

You like that?


♪ Now they play little cymbals…

You want it?

I’m ready.


♪ It’s time to take a stand for what evolved into man…

Get that spandex down and start popping those things in there.



What the fuck?!

Oh, no!

[Crimson Countess shouts]

What the hell?!

[rhythmic sloshing continues]

[grunts] Where’d you go? I’m almost…


[groaning, sighing]


Probably not the dom-sub rumble you fancied tonight, yeah?

What the fuck’s up with him?

We ain’t here to hurt you.

But I am gonna tell you something, and I don’t want you to lose your shit.


Your lover boy’s on his way here.

Soldier Boy.

He’s alive.

How’d he escape from Russia?

Well, that’s interesting.

You knew the Ivans had him all this time?

I got to get out of here. Okay.

Untie me right now.

He’s gonna kill me.

He’s gonna kill all of us.

[Mother’s Milk] Why? What’d you do?

Fuck you, all right?

Let me go or we’re all dead.

[Butcher] Trouble in paradise, eh?

Don’t you worry, darling.

We got to big fish to hook, and you’re the worm.

Is this a joke? Is this a joke?

Come on. Let me go.

Come on, guys. Let me go.

[door opens, closes]

Come on, guys.

Thanks. Here.

We’re sure halothane will work?

Looked that way in the Reds’ video.

We knock him out, we keep him out, then we figure out what to do with him.

[Starlight] What the hell’s going on?

Annie, what are you doing here?

M.M. called me.

Did he?

[Mother’s Milk] Just told her we might need some backup.

That’s all.

Look, y-you shouldn’t be here, all right? It’s dangerous.

It’s too dangerous for me?

What about you?

[Butcher] Oi, you lot, take your little tiff somewhere else.

We’re on the job here.

Okay, uh, over here. Huh?

I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t call me for this.

Okay, okay. Look, you… you’re probably gonna be mad…

…but I promised no more secrets, right? So…

Oh, my God.


Hold… One second.

You found more V?

It’s temporary V.

It’s temporary, okay? I’m not an idiot.

I-I know it’s sketchy. I’ve seen Trainspotting.

But i-it’s Soldier Boy.

I mean, what else was I supposed to do?

You were supposed to call me.

Yeah, and what if you got hurt trying to save me, Annie?

I would never forgive myself. But now you don’t have to, okay?

I can handle myself. I can finally save you for once.

I don’t need you to save me, Hughie.

I need you.

[Geiger counter clicking slowly]

[clicking continues faster]




What’d you do?

I know you’re never gonna forgive me, but you left me no choice.


I can’t draw no line, M.

Not with what I got to do.


I’m sorry.


You’ll be all right in the morning.

♪ ♪

You’re that asshole from the lab.

That’s right.

I’m the arsehole that let you out.

Russian Porta-Loos, eh?

You want the Countess’s head on a spike, don’t you?

Well, she’s in there, yours for the taking.

Consider it a gesture of good faith.

Good faith for what?

I was thinking that you and I could come to a little arrangement.

What you lot call… a team up.

[Crimson Countess] Ben?

Is that really you?

You look so young.

You don’t.

I’m so, so sorry.

It wasn’t my idea.

God, you got to believe me. I-I…

How much did the Russians pay you?


They didn’t.


They didn’t pay you anything?

I loved you.

All those years…

…that they burned me and that they pumped me full of poison, I held onto the hope that you would come.

That you would save me.

Because I still loved you.

I didn’t love you.

I hated you.

We all did.

[whooshing growing louder]

[Hughie] Annie, please, just go.

Let us handle this. You can yell at me…


What happened? Is he hurt?

Keep an eye on him.

He’s had four or five mgs of Rohypnol.

You fucking roofied him?!

[footsteps approaching]

What are you doing?

[Hughie] Annie, listen.

We wanted a weapon.

Soldier Boy’s our weapon.

He’s how we kill Homelander. And Neuman maybe.

If anyone’s strong enough, he is.

Y-You knew Butcher was gonna do this?

M.M. never would’ve gone for it, and you…

Look, you weren’t supposed to be here.

[exhales] Oh.


no more secrets, huh?

Hughie… you’re teaming up with a murderer.

This is the only way that I can save you from Homelander.

I’m doing this for you.

Whatever it takes, remember?

Come with us.

You and me against the world.

[Butcher] Hughie.

Please don’t go.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


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