The Book of Boba Fett – Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor | Transcript

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand face an escalating conflict.
The Book of Boba Fett - Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor

Original release date: February 9, 2022

Grogu chooses Djarin’s chain mail, and R2-D2 flies him to Motto’s hangar. Bane and the Pykes confront Fett, Shand, and Djarin outside the remains of the Sanctuary, where Bane reveals that the Pykes killed Fett’s Tusken tribe and framed the biker gang. The other crime families betray Fett and attack his soldiers throughout Mos Espa. Fett and Djarin send Shaiz’s majordomo to distract the Pykes, allowing the pair to attack the group though they are soon outnumbered. Freetown’s citizens and the cyborgs arrive to save the pair, but the group are overwhelmed again by two shielded Scorpenek droids. Motto arrives with Grogu, who helps Djarin destroy one of the Scorpeneks while Fett’s rancor destroys the other. Bane scares off the rancor and defeats Fett in a gun duel, but Fett kills Bane with his gaffi stick. Grogu lulls the rancor to sleep, ending its rampage. In Mos Eisley, Shand kills the Pyke boss, Shaiz, and the other crime lords. As Mos Espa praises Fett, Djarin and Grogu fly away in their N-1 starfighter. Later, Vanth is healing in Fett’s bacta tank as the mod artist prepares cybernetic enhancements.

* * *

We are at war.

It was inevitable.

Even if we win, there might not be anything left of this city.

That was fast. Were you able to hire any foot soldiers?

I think so. Cobb Vanth is raising a garrison for us.

What price did you negotiate?



He’s been holding off the spice trade single-handedly. I told him we could shut it down.

That’s not free. That’s most of Jabba the Hutt’s business.

That’s what the town wants.

I agree to their terms.

There’s a lot of credits to be made from that orange powder.

In the long run, it is better for us as well. Mos Espa can become a prosperous city under our protection. Spice is killing our people. Let Marshal Vanth and the people of Mos Pelgo…

Freetown is its name now.

Let the people of Freetown know they have my word.

You can tell Cobb Vanth himself when he arrives here with the reinforcements.

You are confident he will come?

I am.

Well, if he does not, we are doomed. Our skill is no match for the Syndicate numbers. We must buy time until they arrive. We’ll lockdown at the palace.

It’s a bad idea.

Is that so?

It is.

And where do you propose we wait for reinforcements?


Here? In these ruins?

Nonsense. The palace offers greater protection.

If you want to abandon Mos Espa and hide in your fortress, go ahead. We’re staying. The people who live here need our protection.

We’ll stay.


MOK SHAIZ: I have to respond. I have to respond in some way. At the very least, I should…

You returned so quickly. Was your venture successful?

You won’t have to worry about Freetown.

Did you convince the Marshal to remain neutral?


Good. I want this over as soon as possible. Does Fett have any other resources to call upon? He used to live among a Tusken Raider tribe in the desert.

They no longer exist.

Are you sure?

Yes. We destroyed them ourselves. Does Fett know that?

He has no idea. He thinks they were killed by Nikto speed bikers. We left evidence behind to encourage such a conclusion. He meted out his revenge on them. In his mind, the matter is resolved.

I didn’t realize the Pyke Syndicate was so ruthless.

Pragmatic. They were charging us protection. We have to protect our margins.

Indeed you do.

So, when will this all be over?

That all depends on how much your two stomachs can bear.

No more explosives. I didn’t sign off on bombing Garsa’s Sanctuary. I agreed to surgical strikes, not open warfare.

With apologies, it seems that line has been crossed.

Well, I am still the mayor of Mos Espa, and I will not see it destroyed.

The Fett gotra is taking refuge in the ruins of the Sanctuary. It will take extreme measures to remove them.

I think I have an idea how to draw Boba Fett out.




It’s an X-wing. What’s an X-wing doing here? Stay in here. Lock it up, will you? Hide that. Get rid of that. Go. Go. Leave it over here, okay? Move it over there. Go! You heard me! Quit it!

Hello, officer! Hide it! Officer! (CHUCKLES) I filed for my New Republic certification seal just as you were landing. Quite a coincidence, if you ask me. (CHUCKLES)


(CHUCKLES) Well, look who it is!


Aw! Did they teach you how to fly an X-wing already?


I know an astromech flew the ship.



The Mandalorian? He’s not here. I don’t know. He’s on a job in Mos Espa. But just slow down. Give me a second. You just got here. Let me say hello to my old pal. Well, hello, bright eyes. Come here.


Grogu? Whoa! That’s a terrible name. Sorry about that, pal. No way am I calling you that. What do you have here, huh? Something shiny. Well, look at you, all fancy. You must be starving. Bring him some dung worms.


Oh, keep your dome on. I don’t care how big of a rush you’re in. Baby’s got to eat.

There you go.


As we wait for the reinforcements to arrive with Cobb Vanth from Freetown, our forces are quietly patrolling the streets of the old city. The Pyke Syndicate has not yet arrived in numbers, but the minute they do, we will see them before they see us. The truce you negotiated with the other families of Mos Espa will ensure that they will remain neutral and allow us to gain the upper hand by surprising the arriving soldiers.


FENNEC SHAND: The Gamorrean guards are posted in the Klatooinian territory at the starport and will alert us if any of the Pyke Syndicate forces arrive. Krrsantan is in Trandoshan territory, keeping tabs on the streets of the municipality in front of City Hall.


Drash and Skad are with the other Mods keeping an eye on the Worker’s District and the Aqualish Quarter.

As you can see, all our flanks are covered. Nobody is sneaking up on us. When the people of Freetown arrive, we will have the forces required to pivot our strength to whatever region the Pykes choose to attack from.

For now?

We wait.

Lord Fett? There is someone here to see you.

I thought you said nobody could sneak up on us.

I thought I smelled something. If you’re looking for a job, you’re late.

CAD BANE: I’ve already got a job. I’m here to negotiate on behalf of the Pyke Syndicate.

BOBA FETT: I don’t negotiate with gutless murderers.

If that’s not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy.

BOBA FETT: Clear out. And tell your bosses we know they’re outnumbered.

I wouldn’t be counting on the people of Freetown to be coming anytime soon. I paid Marshal Vanth a visit. You should’ve never left him without his armor. Before you get any ideas, I’ve got back shooters too. Let the spice move through Mos Espa, and all this can be avoided.


What do you propose then?

BOBA FETT: I will only negotiate with the head of the Pyke Syndicate.

You mean the one that massacred your Tusken family and blamed it on a speed bike gang?

You know it’s true.


Let’s do this right here, right now.

FENNEC SHAND: Not now. You pick when.

BOBA FETT: He killed Vanth. The reinforcements aren’t coming.

FENNEC SHAND: We fight on our terms, not theirs.

BOBA FETT: I can take him.

FENNEC SHAND: You’re emotional.

BOBA FETT: I can take him.

FENNEC SHAND: We need to adjust. You’ll have your moment.

BOBA FETT: Tell your client negotiations are terminated.

You’re going soft in your old age.

BOBA FETT: We all do.

That was an impressive display of restraint. Exemplary stratagem. If I may be so bold as to offer additional counsel…

BOBA FETT: I wonder how much he would pay for the Twi’lek.

Understood. Many pardons. I should never have interjected.

DRASH: Come in, boss. Come in. Something feels strange over here.

BOBA FETT: Have the Pykes arrived?

DRASH: Not yet, but something feels off.



The locals are attacking.

I thought we had a treaty.

BOBA FETT: So did I.


They laid a trap!

BOBA FETT: Santo! Santo, come in!















BOBA FETT: It’s a coordinated attack. We’ll have to gather our people.

FENNEC SHAND: There’s no way to overcome their advantage. We need to take out command and control.

BOBA FETT: Does the Pyke Syndicate still operate out of Mos Eisley?

Oh, it’s difficult to say for certain that…


Mos Eisley? Yes, now that I think of it, indeed they do. More specifically, the Desert Survey Office.

BOBA FETT: Can you do that? Can you get there in time?

FENNEC SHAND: Worth a shot.







How many are there?

I can’t tell. At least a dozen.


We can’t retreat. We’re pinned down.



FENNEC SHAND: Don’t move.

But they’ll swamp our position.

FENNEC SHAND: Keep your heads down.





FENNEC SHAND: Get to the Sanctuary.


Thank you.

FENNEC SHAND: Manners. I like it. You’re welcome.

THE MANDALORIAN: They’re here.

BOBA FETT: It was just a matter of time. Is Cad Bane with them?

THE MANDALORIAN: Don’t see him. Any news on the others?

BOBA FETT: Would be a miracle if any survived. All three gotras of Mos Espa turned on us.

THE MANDALORIAN: It was the smart move.

BOBA FETT: It was. I suppose you’ll be heading out.


BOBA FETT: You should.

THE MANDALORIAN: It’s against the Creed. I gave you my word. I’m with you until we both fall.

BOBA FETT: You really buy into that bantha fodder?



THE MANDALORIAN: The way I see it, we have two choices. We wait until they get into position and launch a siege on their terms.


THE MANDALORIAN: We rush out there, catch them unaware. Then we can escape to your ship at the palace.

BOBA FETT: I can’t abandon Mos Espa. These people are counting on me.

THE MANDALORIAN: Okay, then. We’ll both die in the name of honor.

BOBA FETT: You sure you wanna stay?

THE MANDALORIAN: This is the way.

If I may offer an alternative? … Shall I continue? … I’ll continue.

(BREATHES DEEPLY) You may not know this about me, in fact, how could you, except perhaps what vestiges remain of my accent, but… I was educated on Coruscant. Not that that makes me better in any way.

Get to it.

Yeah, uh… I attended finishing academy. My parents were not wealthy by any means. I specialized in Civic Council Negotiations. Now, if you would feel confident empowering me to negotiate on your behalf, I’m fairly certain we would be granted passage off world with, at worst, some theatrical, symbolic, groveling gestures and an exchange of funds.

BOBA FETT: Very well. Give me your tablet. I will write out my statement and what I am willing to pay.

I shall go as your emissary. I have no compunction whatsoever genuflecting or even groveling if needs be, which would save you from any potential bruising of ego, so to speak.

BOBA FETT: Now go before I change my mind.

Yes. Excellent.

Salutations! Salutations! I am unarmed but for this tablet bearing the terms of surrender. I wish to present to whomever spokesperson is empowered to deliberate an acceptable outcome in the eyes of the Oba Diah high council.

Read it to me, tail-head.

(CHUCKLING) Oh, because of the enchanting sobriquet, and one of which I never tire. Yes. Someday I hope to see the fabled Obsidian Cliffs of Oba Diah with my own eyes.

Read it.

Agreed. Let us dispense with the pleasantries. (CLEARS THROAT) “I, Boba Fett, speaking as Daimyo of the Tatooine territories formerly held by Jabba the Hutt, do present the following offer.”

Perhaps we should discuss what you’d be willing to…

Read it.

“…following offer. Nothing.” Uh… “You will leave this planet and your spice trade. If you refuse these terms… (CLEARS THROAT) …the arid sands of Tatooine will once again flourish with flowered fields fertilized with the bodies of your dead.”

His words.





BOBA FETT: They just keep coming.



BOBA FETT: The people of Freetown.

Help while you got cover!

MAN 1: Come on! Move! Move! Move!

FREETOWN MAN 1: Let’s go! Move! Go! Go! Go!

FREETOWN MAN 2: I got ’em!

FREETOWN MAN 3: Right there!

FREETOWN MAN 2: Take cover!

THE MANDALORIAN: I’m sorry about the Marshal.

They gunned him down in cold blood.

THE MANDALORIAN: You didn’t have to come here.

Yes, we did. This planet deserves better.



FREETOWN MAN 1: Come on! Move, move, move!

Let’s go!

BOBA FETT: You all right?

Got pretty hairy back there.

Where’d all these sand scurriers come from?

We’re here to save the tails of some city rats.

BOBA FETT: Save it for the Pykes.







BOBA FETT: Cover me!


Welcome back, Santo. I have to confess I thought you were gone. I owe you a nice long soak in the bacta tank when this is done.

They’re falling back!




THE MANDALORIAN: I wouldn’t celebrate yet. We got problems. … We got real problems.




BOBA FETT: Run! We’ll distract them.





THE MANDALORIAN: I can’t get through.

BOBA FETT: These two will destroy the whole city!

THE MANDALORIAN: Our energy weapons can’t get through, and our kinetic weapons have too much velocity.


Can you protect the others?

THE MANDALORIAN: I can distract them for a spell. Why?

BOBA FETT: Watch out!


BOBA FETT: We need reinforcements.

THE MANDALORIAN: From where? You’ve run out of friends.

BOBA FETT: Protect the others.







Right. Come on.

PYKE: Sleemo!


All right, come on.

We got you.


Mando! Ha! We found you! I got a surprise for you.

Turn around!


Turn around!

Can’t hear you!

Turn around!


Can this thing go any faster?

Go faster, you bucket of bolts!





WEEQUAY: Take cover!

We have to stop retreating! We need to dig in here!

Fall back!

We’re getting swamped.

She says we should stay.

Nonsense! We’ll get vaporized.

I grew up a womp hop from here, and if we fall back any further, we’ll be cornered with no cover.

So, we’re gonna die here?

No. We fight.


Skad, hold the line with the Weequay. I’ll head up there and snipe down.

Let me see that thing. … With that? … Taanti, we need a cycler.

Good luck.

Let’s go.

Cover us.


Hey, Mando!

Look who’s here.

What? (GASPS) Hey, what are you doing here?

Oh! Okay, little guy. I’m happy to see you too. I didn’t know when I’d see you again. It’s okay. Yeah. I missed you too, buddy.


But, uh… we’re in a bit of a bind here right now. You be careful. You keep your head down. You stay hidden until the fight’s over. Hey, that’s the shirt. You got the shirt. (GROANS)


Save your tender moment. We’ve got a Scorpenek droid chasing us.

What is he doing here?

The Force works in mysterious ways.









THE MANDALORIAN: Don’t move. Let me handle this.








All right, they’ve made it to the roof.

We make our stand. Take it to ’em!


Can you pick off some of the fighters?

I’m used to desert hunting. Can’t miss at this range.

I’ll distract the droid.






THE MANDALORIAN: Keep ’em on their heels. They’re on the run.

Come on, let’s get the Pykes.

I am not a threat.

Nice, head-tails. Come on. Get behind me, pretty face. Peli’s got you covered.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

(GRUNTS) We don’t have time for that.




BOBA FETT: Clear out and take your hoodlum gang with you.

I’ve known you a long time, Boba. One thing I can’t figure. What’s your angle?

BOBA FETT: This is my city. These are my people. I will not abandon them.

Like the Tuskens.

BOBA FETT: Don’t toy with me. I’m not a little boy any longer, and you are an old man.

I’m still faster than you.

BOBA FETT: That may be, but I have armor.

Let’s find out.


Now’s about the time you jet off to your bacta tank.

BOBA FETT: This is my city!


You gave it a shot. You tried to go straight. But you’ve got your father’s blood pumping through your veins. You’re a killer.


This isn’t the first time I beat you out on a job.


There’s no shame in it.



Consider this my final lesson. Look out for yourself. Anything else is weakness.


I knew you were a killer.





Let’s go! Go. Go. Go.

This way! This way!


The rancor’s on the loose!



You’re scaring it! Put your blasters down! Stop shooting!

Keep him safe.

Well, who’s gonna keep me safe?

Here. Hang on to this. It’s gonna be okay.


Don’t worry, kid. Your old man’s crafty. … Ooh, spoke too soon.




Don’t worry, kid, I… Where’d you go, kid?




I’m guessing there’s not gonna be a barbecue.

Well done, everybody.

Thank you so much.

That’s it. It’s over.

The Syndicate forces have pulled back from Mos Espa and should be arriving here in Mos Eisley shortly so that we may disembark.

You can’t just cut and run. We lost soldiers too.

We had a deal.

Our deal was that Tatooine was going to be a hospitable place to do business.

It is.

Half of my men were either shot or eaten by a rancor. Is that what you call hospitable?











Ah, Lord Boba.

(GROANS) Why does it have to be the right arm?

You should take a nice soak in the bacta tank.

It’s being used.

Right here.

Thank you.

Why must everyone bow at me?

It’s better than shooting.

Are those my only two choices?

When you run the town, it is.


Thank you.

Thank you.


We are not suited for this.

If not us, then who?

So, the Wookiee gets a melon and we don’t?

Krrsantan, you want to share?


All right, all right.




All right. But this is the last time.




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