The Blacklist – S08E20 – Godwin Page [Transcript]

Liz, Red, and Dembe are forced to work together to survive an attack from Townsend. Cooper and the Task Force attempt to de-escalate the increasing danger to all.
The Blacklist - S08E20 - Godwin Page

Original air date: June 4, 2021

* * *


How many are there?

Four out front, at least another four making their way back to the alley.

Too many.

Bino! We had a deal! Open the door, or we’ll open it for you!

They’re covering all the exits.

REDDINGTON: Not all the exits. Bino’s got pipelines running all over the Seventh Ward. My guess is those pipes end here. He’s not walking millions in cash through the front door. There must be some sort of hidden passageway.

Maybe Bino could’ve told us how to find it if you hadn’t killed him.

Perhaps we can set aside our differences just long enough to get us out of here.

They’re coming.


Aah! I’m not setting aside our disagreements.

Then hold them in abeyance. Let them simmer. Do whatever you need. But please let me help you.

You help me? Who’s helping who?

Considering the circumstances, how about we help each other?


This wall has gaps in it. It’s a door.

There has to be a release.



Is everything clear? Clear!

Clear here! See anything?

Nothing here. Check the closet!


Find them!







Ah, ah, ah. Hold on.





Officer! Thank God.

What’s the problem, ma’am?

Uh, don’t look, but there’s a man in a hat in that store. I think he has a gun.

(RADIO BEEPS) Baker-six, requesting backup. Civilian reports possible armed suspect at 363 Central.

DISPATCH: Roger, Baker-six.



MPD! Hands. Put your hands where I can see them.

Ah! Second opinion! Just what I need. What do you think… Funyuns or Fritos?

Drop them and raise your hands.

If it helps, the Fritos are fun size.

Sorry for this. Gun. Now.




MAN: (ON P.A.) Dr. Brown, please dial…

What’s the status?

Dr. Brown…

He, uh… He’s still out. They just brought him down from recovery.

Bullet destroyed part of his right lung. There’s also an infection. Septicemia.

Uh, any word on Liz?

There was an incident, a shootout, at that place The Castle in the Seventh Ward.

Was Keen there?

If she was, she’s gone now. All that’s left is a crime scene and the body of Bino Baker.

Wait. Baker’s dead? Uh, what about Mr. Reddington?

(CELL PHONE VIBRATES) MIA. Not responding. This is the office. Notify me the moment that Agent Ressler is out of recovery. If either of you are people of faith, now’s the time to muster it.

Cooper. What? When? Tell Charlene I’m on my way.




Put that away.

You look like hell.

You would, too, if you had been there when the FBI raided us.

I was lucky to get out. Who is this?

Call me Bolt. Mr. Townsend’s arranged for me to handle your dissolve.

VANDYKE: It’s just until things settle down.

BOLT: Phone, weapon, plastic, petty cash to get you to Singapore. My passport guy is our next stop.

All right. Hold on. I don’t want to hide. I want to help.

I’ll get the car.


Elias, I can be a resource.

The FBI saw you. We have to take precautions. Mr. Townsend’s first priority is to keep you safe.

I can help keep the feds at bay, redirect them by moving…


He’s going to protect you whether you like it or not. Because you’re family. The only one he’s got. So… Shut up, take his help, and thank him when this thing is done.

What happened with Keen? I heard there was a development.

There was a development, all right.  Which is why I’m gonna find her. And when I do, I’m gonna make sure Reddington gets to watch her die.



Charlene’s fine. I just needed to get you away from the others so we could talk. Although…


…I’m not sure where to begin.

So let’s talk about the end, Elizabeth. Because that’s where we are. The end. This has gone too far. Cost too many lives. Hurt too many people.

Is Ressler gonna be okay?

I honestly don’t know.

But he’s gonna make it, right?

Elizabeth, if I thought you’d be safe with Reddington, I’d turn a blind eye and let him ferry you away to a new name, a new life. I wish I believed that existed for you, but I don’t. Not anymore. Let me help you. Not just with Townsend, but with everything that comes after… The courts, your safety, your daughter’s safety. Reddington’s way, the renegade way, all that’ll do is spill more blood.



Say I turn myself in, help you take down Townsend. How can you possibly keep me safe?

Not “how,” Elizabeth. Where.



REDDINGTON: Harold, we have a problem. Dembe and I were able to prevent Elizabeth from being handed over to Townsend. But she’s in the wind. We lost her.

COOPER: She’s safe.

Has she made contact?

Elizabeth surrendered.

She surrendered?

It was her choice, not mine. She can’t keep running. And she can’t beat Townsend alone.

She’s not alone. She’s never been alone.

I understand the risk. She’ll be under 24-hour guard.

REDDINGTON: Let’s say you can keep her safe, Harold. Once Townsend’s gone, you think Panabaker will have Elizabeth’s best interests at heart?

COOPER: The decision’s been made. I’m sorry it’s one you disagree with.





Was Williams compromised in the raid?

Don’t know who that is.

Mary Williams. Our forger. She’s been papering our clients and their passports for nearly six years.

All I know is I got the call.

That’s quite a coincidence… My needing papers and Mary not being available to make them.

Are we doing this?


MORGAN: Search him.

There are no coincidences.


Godwin Page. Godwin’s a rather cocky name. A godlike Anglo-Saxon. It gets cockier and cockier.

You’re on his payroll.

He is. And Neville didn’t know because you weren’t around to do his due diligence. Which gave me an advantage, and I took it.

What do you want?

You. Neville’s little go-to guy. You’re one of his closest confidantes. I’ve nibbled at the edges to no avail. Laghari was a bust. Bolt was a one-off. What I want is to kill Townsend. And you’re what I need to do it.

I won’t help you.

Not willingly, no.

EDNA: Reddington!

Ah! Edna! What a happy sight.

For you, maybe.

Bubbe, please.

What please? T-T-The Lasher’s shiva cake has to wait, but I can’t make my points?

Can and do, Edna. How’s the rheumatism?

Oh, it’s great. It’s like losing your virginity to a racehorse. What kind of stupid question is that?

We need to chip-chop. I’m in the La-Z-Boy a month if I don’t get her home in time for Judge Judy.

You brought your gadgets?

No, I came all the way out here because I like getting hay fever from Abba’s llamas.

Well, you can start with the whereabouts of his employer.



ARAM: It took me a while, but… I finally realized, this whole time, I’ve been telling myself none of this is you. Like you changed into… Somebody I didn’t recognize, someone…dark. But I realize now this is you. It’s the other Liz, the one I knew. My friend. Maybe she’s the illusion all along.


People aren’t good or bad, Aram. Whatever I’ve done… It’s all me.

Ms. Panabaker’s here. She’s upstairs talking to Mr. Cooper.

I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done. Or who I’ve become. I think anyone who’s gone through what I went through would have done the same… Or worse.

Agent Ressler’s conscious. The infection’s spreading, but at least he’s awake. Thought you’d like to know.

I get a phone call!


One call. I’m entitled to that.

Entitled? I think we’re past that.

Fair enough. Then for the other Liz. For your friend. Please?


You want us to cut a deal with Keen?

Come on, Cynthia. You knew this was coming.

No, I didn’t! But now that you’re asking, the answer’s no.

Your indignation is duly noted. But for the record, I’d like to remind you…

Harold, I get it. You care for Keen. You don’t want to see her sent to prison. Even though you know that is exactly what she deserves.

You know her record, what she was… Who she was before Reddington showed up. And you know what’s happened to her since! Knowing that, can you honestly tell me that what she deserves is to spend the rest of her life in a supermax?

I can tell you that’s exactly what I think she deserves. Now, if there’s nothing else, the Attorney General is waiting on an update.

There wouldn’t have been a Task Force without Keen.


She’s as responsible as Reddington for all the people we’ve caught.

Harold, you can’t win. I’m sorry. I know it breaks your heart. But Keen will be prosecuted.



You only get one call.

Where did these agents come from?

Oh, uh, Ms. Panabaker had them sent. She says it’s to, uh, keep you safe, but I think she’s worried one of us might try to help you escape.

Did you vet them at least?

Why, you think Townsend’s got people inside FBI SWAT?


You should be calling a lawyer.

A lawyer can’t help me now.


RESSLER: Hey. Are you there?

Heard you’re feeling better.

I was, until I heard what you did.

I thought you wanted me to turn myself in.

I did. And I don’t. What did Panabaker say?

I don’t know. Which can’t be a good thing.

This isn’t where I thought we’d end up.

This isn’t the end. Not for you.



That’s not what I meant.

I know. This is how it has to be.



What’s that? I don’t know.

ARAM: I don’t know. That sounds like…



I’m sorry. Say that again. A chopper? You’re sure? Get Incident Response to the holding bay and alert the guards around Keen. It has to be Townsend.


RESSLER: What is that? What’s going on?

I don’t know!

Yes, Code Black. Rapid deploy HRT and notify all non-tactical support personnel to shelter in place.





Aram, get out of here! Go! Now!

Keen! Keen, are you there?




Central Command, talk to me. What’s going on?

MAN: Can’t see into the room, sir.

Take cover! Go!


MAN: Hold on!

The masks make facial recognition impossible. And there was no tail number on the chopper that yanked out Keen, which was kinda badass. I mean… I mean terrible. Anyway, uh, no tail number, no registered owner.

We don’t need one. We know who owns it.

Neville Townsend. I don’t even want to think about what that means.

It means we have to get her back. The people we interviewed from the raid on Townsend’s accounting firm… Re-interview them.

Uh, they’ve been in custody for weeks. I doubt they have any leads on where Townsend took Liz.

No, but they may be able to tell us who helped him take her. Extracting Keen from the Post Office required planning, skill, and precision. I want a name.

Tell me again… You and Edna, how you two met.

Ah. Veterinary school. We were paired to do a necropsy on a tortoise.


I was hooked the minute I saw her drain the entrails. Way she handles a knife, she coulda been a chef at Benihana.

I appreciate you bringing her in on this, Teddy.

Ah, you know me… I cup the balls, give ’em a tickle, maybe a squeeze. You need ’em cut off, Ema’s your Abba.

It’s done! The chip is in his neck.

Are you insane?

Elizabeth. You know Brimley.

It’s a pleasure.

But I don’t believe you know his lovely wife, Edna.

You sent a commando team to blow the roof off the Post Office?

I like the gumption, but cork it until I’m done, okay? The chip is in his neck. The tracking device is set. As soon as he wakes up and shakes off the hangover, he goes to Townsend, Townsend goes to him, voila, you got a front-row seat.

Edna, you’re a lifesaver.

I know. It’s reflected in my fee.

BRIMLEY: All this time, she can’t walk, I can’t breathe, but I still cherish every day.

Come on. Teddy. Let’s go. Come on.

BRIMLEY: Some days more than others.


BRIMLEY: Come on, dear. Let’s go.

EDNA: Ah, now.

I broke you out to keep you from spending the rest of your days in a supermax.

I’d rather be in prison there than here.

I have something to show you. But an opportunity to neutralize Townsend has presented itself, and I think it prudent to deal with that first. In the meantime, I hope you’ll think of yourself as less of a prisoner and more of a guest.


She’s gone?

COOPER: Extracted. Through the roof. I can show you if you’d like.

What I’d like is an explanation.

We believe it was Townsend.

And I believe my ex might someday remove his face from the ample bosom of the 32-year-old he left me for. But that seems about as likely as Neville Townsend blowing the roof off an FBI black site and extracting an 8,000-pound steel box containing a wanted fugitive.

Townsend’s the only one with the means, the materiel, the motive.

You mean other than you and Reddington.

You think I blew a hole in my own roof?

What else am I supposed to think? You come asking me to go easy on Keen, I say no, and, wonder of wonders, a helicopter magically appears to fly her away.

Keen’s a fugitive and someone I care deeply about. But if I’m right and Townsend did take her, every second we waste might be her last.

I don’t think you orchestrated it, Harold. This has got Reddington’s paw prints all over it. But I find it hard to believe he’d do it without talking to you first.

Is there anything else?

I want to hear from Reddington.

He had nothing to do with this!

He’s our CI. I don’t think there’s any problem with asking him to come in so he can at least pay me the courtesy of lying to my face. You have until this time tomorrow.





Hey. Hey. Anybody there?


Can you hear me?

Elizabeth? That you?


It’s me… Godwin. Godwin Page.

Godwin. Good. Very good.

I don’t see what’s good about it. For either of us.

Townsend trusts you. He wants to kill me.

I heard. Vandyke says you’re… Special to Reddington. That you represent a weakness in him.

Did he tell you why?

No. Tell me.

I would if I could. But I don’t know. What I do know is, I know how to get out of here. And I can help you get out, too, if you agree to talk to Townsend, broker a deal.

What kind of a deal?

Reddington’s responsible for the death of his family. If Townsend agrees to leave me and my daughter alone, leave the FBI out of it, I can make sure he gets the revenge he wants.

You’ll give him Reddington.

On a silver platter. You either help me give Townsend Reddington’s head, or Reddington comes for yours. What’s it gonna be?


Tell me how we’re going to escape.


Hey. Hey. I-I-I’m here. Tell me, uh, what’s going on. Is he… Is he better?

He’s anything but better. Doctors think he may have sepsis. Had to intubate him. They’ve got him pumped full of antibiotics.

Okay, um, but, uh… Uh, what does that mean?

Aram, I don’t know. They said they need time, that they’re trying to increase his blood pressure. That’s all I know. What about you? Are you still on lockdown?

Uh, no. But… Liz was taken.

Taken? What are you talking about?

Townsend extracted her.

From the Orange Box?

In it, actually. It’s… But I do have some, uh, good news. I think I figured out the name of the guy who pulled it off… Godwin Page. Everyone we arrested at the accounting firm says Page is Townsend’s number two, a logistical genius. If we can get to Page, he may be able to help us find Liz.

And where is he?

Yeah, that’s the bad news. He’s in the wind. We’ve got some taps on some of his known associates, but so far, nothing.

You think she’s okay? Agent Keen?

I’m a firm believer that perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. But I have to admit I have a really bad feeling.

Here. I want you to take this.

A paring knife? That’s what I’m supposed to use to escape?

I don’t want you to use it on them. I want you to use it on you.

Say that again. I heard them talking. They implanted a chip in your neck. Reach back and see if you can feel the incision.


I feel something. If it’s anything like the ones Reddington’s used in the past, it’s implanted about a quarter-inch under the skin. You’re gonna have to cut it out.

I have to what? I can’t do that.

Use the tip of the knife…

No, are you mad?

Reopen the wound. Don’t think about it, Godwin. Just make the cut. Once you’ve opened the incision, you need to reach down and try to feel the chip.


You got it. You got it.


I can’t feel it.

You don’t have to feel it. Just get under the incision, pinch, and lift.

Okay. Okay. I have it.

Okay. Good. Good.


Give it to me. Ah, this is good.

GODWIN: It doesn’t feel good.

No, this is a BetaStar chip, which means it’s using a simplex protocol.

I don’t know what that means.

You see that number? That’s its unique ID, and it’s vulnerable to interference. Which means if you give it to Townsend, his people should be able to intercept it, which means…

It would lead them to Reddington. Assume Townsend accepts your deal. What then? How will he know?

There’s a hotel off I-95… The Goldenleaf. Book a suite under the name Margaret French. When I call, if that room is booked, I’ll turn back on the tracking. Here. This is the number. Memorize it.



What’s going on?

GUARD: All quiet here.

I just got a notification that we lost the signal on Page’s chip.

Some kind of malfunction?

Possibly. Or he woke up and found a way to disable it. Check it out. I’ll be right there.






MORGAN: Page is gone.

What happened?

Somehow he disabled the chip and took off.


I don’t know.


What’d you do?

Nothing. Why? Did something happen?

I don’t understand. Why would you help him?

I didn’t.

COOPER: Are you out of your mind?

REDDINGTON: Harold, catch your breath. Lie down if you need. This is good news.

You attacked a federal facility!

I did.

Abducted a fugitive!


Put the lives of innocent federal agents in jeopardy!

No one was really in jeopardy. And I thought you’d be happy to hear she wasn’t snatched by Townsend.

I defended you to Panabaker. I told her you had nothing to do with this.

Well, if it’ll make her feel any better, tell Cynthia to put the roof on my tab. Or… I have a guy.

You really don’t see it, do you? You’re incapable of it. She wants to do the right thing.

No, Harold. What Elizabeth wants is answers. Answers about who she is and why I came into her life. Answers that I’ve specifically withheld to keep her safe.

Hell of a job you’ve done at that.

I agree. I can’t keep her safe. Not anymore. The only way to do that is to give her the truth.

You’re gonna tell her you’re N-13?

I’m gonna tell her everything.


Why are you telling me this? We thought Townsend took Liz. You wouldn’t be looping me in unless you needed something.

What do you know about Godwin Page?

We know he’s Townsend’s number two. Before this call, we were under the mistaken impression that he was responsible for Keen’s extraction. We’ve been looking for him without success.

Uh, because he was in my custody.

You have Page?

Had. He escaped. That’s what I want from you. Your help to find Godwin Page. Based on where he was as of about ten minutes ago, you should drop your net or bait your hook or whatever it is you do in and around Loudoun County.


GODWIN: It’s me… Godwin.

What in the hell’s going on?

Reddington… He got to me. Had his people interrogate me, trying to find out where you are.

Where are you now?

I got out.

I killed one of his men. At least I think he’s dead.

You escaped? Heh. I… I was suspicious before, Godwin, but now I’m certain you’re lying. Reddington doesn’t make those mistakes.

It was Keen. She helped me to escape.

Why would she do that?

Because she wants to make a deal. Says she’s willing to deliver Reddington if you agree to let it end there.

Deliver him how?

She has a microchip. A tracking device. She’s with Reddington now. If you agree, she’ll turn it on so you can find him.

But Keen…

Neville, does she matter? It’s Reddington you want.

Reddington’s death won’t balance the scales. I want him to watch her die.

Neville, make the deal.

Are you ordering me to…

I am advising you, as a colleague and trusted friend. You need to end this. Killing Reddington is enough. It’s what you want.

Why would I trust Keen?

You have nothing to lose, Neville. This is our window. Make the deal.

What exactly does Keen have in mind?


Reddington took Keen?

ARAM: Uh, that’s what Mr. Cooper says.

Why? What does he want with her?

To answer that would require a lot of therapy on Mr. Reddington’s part, but if I had to guess, I think it has something to do with him not trusting the Bureau. But, uh, good news, though… Uh, he got us a lead on Godwin Page.

Page? How can he lead us to Keen?

He can’t, but he might be able to lead us to Townsend. Uh, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department just picked him up, and he is being brought in as we speak.

Make way, make way. Clear the door.

What’s going on?

What is it? Is it Ressler?

PARK: What’s going on? What’s happening?

His pressure dropped. He went into V-fib.

ATTENDING DOCTOR: Continue compressions and push epi, one milligram every three minutes.

I have to call you back.


You need to wait outside.

Is he gonna be okay?

I’ll come find you when we know.

MAN: Paddles coming in.

We have to go.

LIZ: Where?

Somewhere your friend Page won’t be able to find us.

He’s not my friend. And before we go anywhere, I’d like to make arrangements for Agnes. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t anticipate being held hostage.


OPERATOR: Goldenleaf Hotel. How may I direct your call?

Margaret French, please.

Of course. Putting you through to her right now.


Smart girl.

Mrs. French, hi. Um, I am trapped at work and can’t get away.

Reddington’s with you.

Could you stay with Agnes?

Clueless that his beloved Elizabeth just bought her own freedom by sentencing him to death.

I hope to see you both very soon.

We’re prepared to intercept the signal as soon as you turn it on.

Thanks. You’re a lifesaver.


It’s a wonder how you’re a good mother when yours was so bad.

I don’t know where he is.

Mr. Page, if you refuse to help us find Townsend, the U.S. government will come at you with both barrels.

Even if I did know, I wouldn’t help you. I won’t betray him.

Just to be clear, the U.S. government has very big barrels. Like… Winery size. Huge.

But… I may have something better.

Better? What does that mean?


I’ve kept things from you for your own good.

(GROANS) This old song.

Now your own good requires me to tell you everything.


I hear you want immunity.

He has info. About Elizabeth.

I can tell you where she is. And what she’s doing. But first, I need to know I’m protected.


It’s Harold.

Harold will have to wait.


(BEEPS) Reddington, you need to call me as soon as you get this message. We brought in Godwin Page. He informed us that Keen helped him pull the chip you put in his neck. They made a deal… If she helped Page escape, he would go to Townsend, get him to agree to stop hunting for her, and she would activate the chip. It’s a trap. She’s leading Townsend to you as we speak.


It’s about time.

LIZ: Yes. It is.


Chip’s live. We’ve got a signal.

Very smart girl.

COOPER: Start making calls… To Dembe, Gerrard, anyone we can contact. Somebody needs to reach Reddington and tell him his life’s in danger.



Make a left at the light.

Are you sure about this? This means giving up on Reddington watching Keen die.

That was my dream. This is my reality.

Edward is standing by.

Edward? Are we flying somewhere?


Hold on. They’ve stopped. About a half a mile to our west.

I’ll call in a team.



Upstairs. Now. We need to talk.

Two units inbound. Less than ten minutes away. Sir, you hear me?

Stop the car.


Stop! They’re coming toward us. Fast.

Like, impossibly fast.


Ahh! Sparkling water? That’s what you take with the truth? I must say, I highly recommend a martini. Three olives. Ahh.

We have one of Townsend’s associates in custody. He claims Keen has some kind of tracking chip, that she’s leading Townsend to Reddington as we speak.

Not only is Ms. Keen a criminal and a fugitive, now she’s gonna murder our CI?

We’re trying to contact him.

This certainly makes me feel better about the DOJ’s directive.

Directive? What directive?

The one I came here to tell you about. They just issued a burn notice on Keen. They want her scrubbed.

Scrubbed? What does that even mean? Scrubbed, like killed scrubbed?

It means eliminated. Knowing too much is one thing, but she now demonstrates an obvious liability to the Bureau.

We can bring her in.

No, you can’t. As soon as Keen’s handled, the DOJ will disavow all knowledge of the Task Force, kick Reddington free…

Whoa. They can’t do that.

You never existed.


COOPER: Cynthia. We can bring her in.

Harold, someone’s gonna bring our girl in, and when they do, it’s gonna be curtain call on this program.



Good morning.

Where are we? It’s been, what… Eight, nine hours? Where are you taking me?

A friend once told me that the true measure of a man isn’t what he reveals to the world, but what he hides from it. Perhaps. Keeping secrets is brutal business.

Twenty minutes to Riga.

We’re going to Latvia? For what?

For answers.



The night of the fire. There are no words to describe… how it felt to… see you in such pain. That…scar is a permanent reminder of… how the choices we made have affected your life forever.

The choices who made?

Its shape was so clear in my memory. As if I’d seen it before. And then, one day, there it was on a map, not a perfect match, but eerily close. It became the symbol of the most important aspect of my business, an image representing the danger you faced, and the promise to protect you from it.


And this is where it all began. Along the banks of the sea it resembles.

What’s in Latvia?



What is this place?

Baltic’s Best Seafood Distributor.

Why do I feel like that’s not at all what this is?

Because that’s not at all what this is. It’s a front.

A front for what?

Mr. Reddington! Hello, my friend! I hope you had an easy flight.

Yes, thank you, Juris. We did. It’s good to see you.

It’s good to see you, sir. And Miss Keen. It’s an honor.


You said it hurt. To see me in so much pain the night of the fire. Why were you there?

The Fulcrum.

My mother went to find it, to confront my father. But she wasn’t alone.

There were others.

Is that why you were there? Did you work with my mother?

Elizabeth, I knew your mother better than she knew herself.





What is this?

The epicenter. I brought you here because this is where it all started.

Where what started?

You want answers. Let’s start with one you already know. The identity of N-13.

I was right.

About some of it. The story you’ve heard is that N-13 stole 13 packets of intelligence from the KGB around the time the Soviet Union fell.

You were N-13. You are N-13.

Yes. But I didn’t steal anything. The Sikorsky Archive was a gift.

Gift? A blackmail file with compromising intel on the world’s most powerful people and corporations?

And governments.

Who would do that?

One of your mother’s closest friends and colleagues.

You’re lying. You framed my mother, made the world believe she stole the Archive.

You need to forget what you think you know.

You set her up.

Elizabeth, listen to me. Katarina Rostova was never framed or killed. The Sikorsky Archive was a seed. The beginning of what would become one of the most sophisticated intelligence networks in existence. A network meticulously crafted with her knowledge and blessing to serve one guiding purpose… To give me the power to keep you safe and your mother hidden. This place is part of the machine that that vision manifested, a machine that is and has been my life’s work for the past three decades.

So… What is this?


This is The Blacklist.



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