The Blacklist – S08E13 – Anne [Transcript]

Red enjoys a quiet visit with a friend at her home in rural America.
The Blacklist - S08E13 - Anne

Original air date: April 16, 2021

Reddington goes to visit his newly found love, Anne. Townsend tracks him down and to save Anne, Reddington surrenders at police station so Anne’s cop friend can safeguard them till more units arrive and save them from Townsend. Anne helps Reddington to get out of police station but later when he goes to Anne’s place, he finds some armed person there. Reddington believes the person holding Anne at gun point is Liz.

* * *


[MR. CANE] Your position in commodities is strong.

Copper, gold.

But the real returns have been in crypto.

As you can see, year-to-date, bitcoin has an 800% return.

Your insistence on taking a large position was insanely prescient.

Must be nice, being so rich that getting richer bores you.

I’m not bored. I’m just anxious to leave.

We have another appointment.

An appointment I’m a little bit more concerned about than the state of my liquidity.

We’re running late.

What do you know about bridge?

The game, not the way to cross from here to there.

Bridge? I don’t… I… I’m sorry.

I was under the impression that a comprehensive review of your investments and holdings was of the utmost importance at this time?

[DEMBE] It is.

We anticipate a significant increase in our need for available resources over the next few months.

Well, there you have it.

We all have different interests and priorities, don’t we?

For instance, in the morning, Mr. Zuma likes to start with the business section then move on to the sports.

I like to start with the funnies and fall asleep in my chair.

Takes me all day to read the paper.

I like the funnies. No, I…

He likes the funnies, as well, but he also has an amazing head for business.

Numbers and trends and, you know, all the rest of it.

Whereas I wouldn’t know a bitcoin from a subway token.

Well, you wouldn’t have to.

Uh, bitcoins aren’t a tangible thing.

They aren’t? I wouldn’t know.

My investment in bitcoin was neither prescient nor insane. I was just following Mr. Nakamoto’s instructions. Satoshi said buy, I bought.

Satoshi Nakamoto? You know him?

Who… Who he really is?

Yes, well, Dembe knows him better than I.

They’re like, you know…

Is there anything else we need to review?

We do have a plane to catch.

Uh, well, there’s your holdings in Singapore and the BSE, but…

I… I’m sorry. You know Nakamoto? The Nakamoto? No one knows Nakamoto.

Mr. Cane, we really must be going, which means you need to be going.

Okay, well, if there’s anything else I can help you with…

Not unless you know something about bidding or suit management.



DEMBE: Can I tell you what I’m concerned about? Townsend…

Oh, I am so confused. The more I read, the less I understand this game.

And that I’m not going to be there with you. Raymond, I’m serious.

I know, and I love that about you. But I’ll be fine. I… I’ll be fine.

No patterns. You taught me that. You said it’s the first rule of staying a step ahead of your enemies. Do something once, it may go undetected. Maybe twice. After that, it’s a pattern.

How many visits will this be?


I like her. I like coming home to a port. Seeing a candle burning in a window. A smiling face waiting to greet me. I… I never liked it before. I like it now. (SIGHS) Did you know that irises are the state flower of Tennessee?

What’s the state flower of Kansas?

The sunflower. She grew up with them. She likes irises.

I should be with you.

You should be with Raymond Reddington. When I’m with Anne, that’s not who I am.

It may not be who you want to be, but it’s always who you are.


So much for the sexiest man alive.

BRAN: Down, girl.

I’m just saying, I like punctuality.

Maybe his plane was delayed.

(DOOR OPENS) So, why hasn’t he called yet?

Only because I like to make a dramatic entrance.

Raymond! Irises!

Oh, you’re so sweet. Mmm.

Promise me you’ll play nice.

What are you talking about? I’m a total softie.

I’ll put these in water and make you a sandwich. You remember Bran and Lois.

Yes, of course. Hello, Bran, Lois.

Hello, Ray!

LOIS: Hello!

I hope you’ll go easy on me tonight.

BRAN: You’ll do fine. Gin and tonic?

Yes! We’ve gotten a head start.

I’m sure I’ll catch up. (CHUCKLES)

I’m not so sure you will. Oh. Need a refill.


So, flight delayed?

Yes. Seems to be the norm nowadays.

Anne is very trusting. She thinks because we live in a small town, she’s got nothing to be afraid of. It’s why she leaves her door unlocked.

It wasn’t unlocked just now.

Really? Then how’d you get in?

Anne gave me a key.

Look. I’m Annie’s best friend.


I want her to be happy.

That makes two of us.

Good, because if you mess this up, I’m gonna kill you.



LOIS: Pass.

Anyone for Go Fish?

ANNE: That’s not a bid.

You’re right. It’s a cry for help.

You can’t make a bid?

How about Crazy Eights?

(CHUCKLES) No? Okay.

I bid one heart?

One heart.

That’ll do. Two diamonds.

Two spades.


Pass, I think. Pass.

Jack of hearts.

Ah. And now it’s my turn again?

No. Now you’re the dummy.

That’s a bit harsh.

Your hand is the dummy. Lay your cards down, face up.

ANNE: Thank you. I’m your partner. When you’re the dummy, you say “good luck” back to me. It’s tradition.

Well, good luck, good lookin’.


Now you can go get yourself a piece of that cake before I eat it all.

Much to everyone’s relief. Kick some ass.

So, Lois, what’s it like to be a police officer in a small town? I ask because I’m something of a true-crime buff.

BRAN: You are? So am I! I like the podcasts and the documentaries on Netflix.

Yes! I love those. I loved The Staircase.


Queen of hearts from dummy.

And I love reading them, too.

I first got hooked on In Cold Blood, then Executioner’s Song.

Ooh, I can take that. Ace of hearts. I haven’t read that one, Ray.

Oh, you should. Norman Mailer.

Nothing like that goes on around here. Thank goodness. It’s a pretty quiet town. I’ve got a gun, but I’ve never used it. I can’t imagine I ever would.

Mmm. Smart and sweet and funny, and she bakes.

(LAUGHTER) I wish. Cindi made that and brought it over after we had that fender bender in the parking lot. That’s how you say you’re sorry in a small town.

Well, bless Cindi’s heart. And her frosting.

Six of clubs.

King of clubs.

Seven of clubs.

Tell me how you two met again.

Nine of clubs from the dummy.

Because it clearly wasn’t at a bridge tournament.


We met in the park. Anne was watching birds. I was watching Anne. We bonded over a Cape May warbler.

Then he asked me to go see North by Northwest and promptly stood me up. But he’s more than made up for that since.

We’ve been having an ongoing classic-film festival. We started with movies with musical numbers.

He’s usually asleep long before the end credits.

REDDINGTON: Not tonight. Tonight, we start on Italian cinema from the 1960s.

Oh, g…

No one can sleep through that zeitgeist of cool.


Not even the dummy.


Ah. I’m gonna have to re-solder a wire on the output connector for this turntable to work. I don’t suppose you have a soldering iron, do you?

Uh, no.


You know what? I think I’m gonna run down to the hardware store and see if I can pick one up.

Take the truck. You don’t want to waste gas on your rental. You know where the keys are.

I’ll have us dancing in no time.

BOTH: Mmm.



No, no, no. What, what?

I’m a straight-as-an-arrow 52-year-old. I was married to one man, my high-school sweetheart, for 25 years. I’m in a book club. I go to church on Sundays. And somehow, I’m in a relationship with someone who when he says the words “output connector…” (INHALES DEEPLY) All I can think about is sex.

That’s what I’m always thinking about when I say “output connector.”

DEMBE: No patterns. You said it’s the first rule of staying a step ahead of your enemies.



ANNE: Do you have to go on Monday?

♪♪ There’ll be no strings to bind your hands

I mean, I know you do. I just… I wish you wouldn’t.

♪♪ Not if my love can’t bind your heart

I would do anything to stay.

But you’re busy at work.

This is a particularly fraught time.


Something that I have…

♪♪ I see no reason to take me home

…worked for many years to build and protect is at risk.

That must be very hard. I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to help you?

You’re already doing it.

I’m serious.

So am I. Out there, my life is so complicated. And here, it’s not.

I want to do more than help you set aside your burdens. I want to help you carry them. I can’t do that unless you tell me what they are.



You want to dance?

♪♪ And if we’re victims of the night

♪♪ I won’t be blinded by the light

♪♪ Just call me angel of the morning, angel

♪♪ Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

♪♪ Just call me angel of the morning, angel

♪♪ Then slowly turn away

♪♪ I won’t beg you to stay

♪♪ With me ♪♪

LOIS: It’s not like I ran his fingerprints. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind.

ANNE: Because he likes true crime? I like true crime.

LOIS: All I’m saying is you know next to nothing about him.

I know a lot.


I know how he makes me feel. I know he’s got a business and it’s got problems. And I know when he’s here, those problems go away.

What business? What problems? I know, I know. I’m the overprotective friend

who should mind her own business. I’m just saying, I have never met anyone from New York who wasn’t either pushy, rude, or a complete narcissist.

Well, first of all, he’s not from New York. And, Lois, to the world, I’m invisible, but not to him. He sees me, and I love him for it. I do. I love him.


Does he know about the love part?


He does now.

REDDINGTON: Good morning, ladies. That coffee smells delicious.

ANNE: Good morning.

Hungry? I brought muffins.

Thank you, Lois. But I prefer cereal, the breakfast of narcissists. So we can gaze admiringly at our reflection in the spoon.

I better get on into the station.


Good-bye, Lois.


Have I told you about the fork-tailed flycatcher?

She’s right.

How they gather near the elm trees south of town?

You know almost nothing about me.

I know everything I need to know. Unless, of course, those “business problems” are a euphemism for a wife or a husband somewhere.

No wife. No husband. But there is a cat.


As well as other things you should know about me. About who I am.

Raymond. I know who you are. You’re someone who needs to see the fork-tailed flycatcher. Which I intend to show you, just as soon as I find my binoculars. I’m gonna go upstairs, and you’re gonna make us some sandwiches to take with. How’s that sound?

It sounds just right.

ANNE: I found two pairs and a blanket.

I found salami and cheese.

I’ll get a basket for the food, and we’re good to go.

You told me the flycatcher can range as far south as lower Mexico, and some have even been spotted as far down as Argentina.

ANNE: What was that?

Nothing. I was just…

ANNE: What were you saying?

I was saying… I was remembering that you said you were thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

That pipe dream was about 12 pounds ago.

That’s something my doctor is always bugging me about. Didn’t you say there was an excellent vegan sandwich shop in town?

But you’re already making lunch.

Which we can bring, in case the tofurkey is inedible. Why don’t you run into town, order for both of us? I’ll finish up, pack, and be ready to go when you get back.

Are you sure?


Okay. Two tofurkey sandwiches comin’ up.



Oh. Hey, there.

Hey. Here on a call. Won’t be long.

A call? Really? What seems to be the problem?

County sent me. Area’s been having outages. I just gotta check your ground wires. It’s standard.

Okay. Very good. Vague, but detailed enough. Delivered with authority.

I’m not sure what you mean.

You know what I mean.

Listen, mister, if it helps, I got the work order right here.



How many are coming?







You found Arkham.

In a chest freezer in the garage.

His weapon’s gone, vehicle’s gone.

The girlfriend, Miss Foster. Ping her cell.


She left less than 20 minutes ago. Reddington wasn’t far behind. Wherever she’s going, that’s where he’s going.

Copy that. What do you want to do about the missing vehicle?



REDDINGTON: This is between you and me. It has nothing to do with her.

TOWNSEND: You must be referring to Miss Foster.

She has no idea who I am.

My family had no idea who you were. They didn’t know why they were singled out or targeted, but that didn’t prevent their suffering.

You still have time to rethink this. It’s not too late.

It’s interesting to me how you speak as if you have any say in how this will end for you, Raymond, as if it can somehow be resolved in a civil manner. The one thing I can assure you of, the one thing, is that what is about to happen is going to be anything but civil.

VANDYKE: They got a track on the woman’s cell. She’s close. I have a second team on their way to her now.


Hey. What are you doing here? If you needed something else, you could’ve called me.

I need you to come with me.

Is that blood on your hand? What happened?

I’ll explain in the car.

Raymond, are you okay? I… I don’t… What’s… What’s going on?

Stay with me.

Raymond, please, where are we going?

Give me your phone.

Raymond, what on earth is wrong?

Your phone, please.

Raymond, you’re scaring me. What’s going on? And who’s that woman?



Hello. Can I help you?


You should leave. Is that a gun?


Here. Come with me.

No! Answer my question! What is going on?

I’m not who you think I am. I have another life, and that life found us here today. We are in danger, and I need to keep you safe…

(GLASS BREAKS) Someone wants to hurt you?

They want to hurt us. Here. Stay here. Stay quiet. Only open the door if it’s me. Anyone else, shoot. Do you understand? Just point and pull the trigger.








Raymond. What did you do? We have to go.

Who was that woman?

Please, just try and keep up.

Where are you taking me? I don’t want… Stop! Let go of my hand!

Anne, please. Listen to me. There are people coming for us. It’s not safe. You need to come with me.

Come with you where?

Officers, may I have your attention, please? I’m sorry to interrupt.

What are you two doing here?

May I please have your attention? My name is Raymond Reddington. Listen to what he has to say. I’m a wanted fugitive. I have two firearms on my person.


Someone will need to disarm me.

Lois, we have a situation. I need you to listen to me very carefully.


Yeah. Chief! Agent Barnes again on three. Says they have confirmation.

Agents en route?

PEMBRY: In the air now. 40 minutes out.

Within 40 minutes, everyone in this building could be dead.

You really are him.

REDDINGTON: Lois, you need to get her somewhere safe. Now. We don’t have much time. You need to contact the highway patrol and sheriff’s department and any available units from other counties.

Can someone shut him up?

Chief, I got someone from the D.C. field office on line two.

They are coming here. Dangerous, highly trained mercenaries.

He’s not making it up. I saw him kill a woman.

Kill who?

REDDINGTON: Lois, look at me. I am the most wanted man to ever come through those doors, by a lot, and I came here by choice, not to surrender myself, but to protect Anne from the very bad men who are coming. You need to get her somewhere safe, because they will not be intimidated by the fact that you’re the police. They will assault this building and kill everyone inside to get to me. Please, get on the mutual-aid band and scramble any units within earshot, because this is happening right now.

It isn’t just Wichita coming for you, friend.

Oh, my…

Kansas City suits are on the way, a team out of D.C.

OFFICER: Chief, will you take a look at this?

Anne, talk to me. What do you mean he killed someone? Killed who?

I don’t know who she was.

LOIS: You saw him do it?

OFFICER: Neither one has plates.

REDDINGTON: You may want to get away from those doors, Chief.

What is happening?

They’re here, aren’t they?

Lois, I am begging you. You’ve got to get your boss to enact lockdown protocols. Get on the radio, whatever cavalry you have, call them in, now!

She doesn’t have the authority to give that order, and you sure as hell aren’t authorized to give it.

You need to get ahead of this, Chief.

Sir, he’s right. Whatever this is, we are not equipped.

CHIEF RUSSELL: Okay. Here’s what we’re gonna do. I want all nonessential personnel out of the building. Beth, get the others and go out the back. Pembry, find out what units County has in the area and where they are!

Brandt, notify Butler and Lyon counties and put local EMS on standby.

Who are you?

You need somewhere safe where you can hide.

(CELLPHONE BEEPS) That was Reeves. There was an incident in town, but they have eyes on Reddington.

What kind of incident?

Landon. She’s gone.

And Reddington?

He took the woman and went into the local police station.

Ah. Raymond. You do keep things interesting.

How you wanna handle this?

Put Sagan on the police scanners and have him give us a timeframe. If we’re going to do this, it’s gonna have to happen fast and happen now.

CHIEF RUSSELL: I just spoke to County. They’re sending units now. Gonna take Anne to Emporia and hold her there until we have a better handle on this.

You can’t wait for units. You need to get her out of here now.

Feds are 20 minutes out.

ANNE: How could you not tell me? I let you into my life, my home.

I never wanted to draw you into my life, Anne. I only wanted to escape into yours.

How selfish! You getting involved with me while knowing all of this was hanging over us.

I let my feelings for you cloud my judgment. I am so sorry.


When this is over, so are we.

PEMBRY: Chief, take a look at this. That second SUV moved. It repositioned around back.

We have a third out front now.


Cottonwood Falls Police. Chief Russell.

Chief! How wonderful. I presume you’re the man in charge.

I am. Who is this?

I am the one who is here for Mr. Reddington. I’m confident he’s explained the situation to you by now. You also know the closest units are nine minutes out, which gives me eight minutes to acquire my prisoner. Send him out now, you live. Surrender and walk away, you live. Stay and protect him, and we kill everyone who stands in our path. You have 60 seconds to send him out.

Okay. Hold on. Let… Let’s start with who am I speaking to?




PEMBRY: These guys are heavily armed.

LOIS: They’re surrounding the facility.

CHIEF RUSSELL: Hold on. Look. Anne, get down.

CHIEF RUSSELL: Why don’t I come outside and we can talk, have a conversation?


You still there? Can you hear me? Look, I don’t care who you are. I’m not gonna bend to your demands, and I’m certainly not gonna send a man to his death, even if he is a known criminal. What I will do is talk to you until we come up with some reasonable compro… (GLASS SHATTERS)

LOIS: Chief!

(SIGHS) That was unfortunate. But let’s hope whoever is second-in-command can be more reasonable. Send out Reddington.

Now you’re in charge.

Shots fired. Repeat. Shots fired.

We have active shooters on site. Officer down. Requesting backup.

BRANDT: We got state troopers east of Elmdale headed our way. County units are still eight minutes out.

If you have a weapons cache, open it. We need to take positions and push them back now.

BRANDT: I’m not giving you a weapon.

Staying alive until backup arrives is the only thing you can do.

No. You know what I can do? End this by giving them what they want.

PEMBRY: What does that mean?

Look. Stop! We’re not sending him out there to be massacred.

I am not protecting him!

Hold on!

Keep your heads down.

She’s right, Brandt. We can’t send him out there. They’ll kill him.

Just let me think this through.

What is there to think about? I am not dying for him. The Chief already did that.

LOIS: Brandt, stop!

PEMBRY: Do not go out that door.

I’m coming out! I’m unarmed! You can see that, right? No games. I just want to walk away.




That man has two children!

I thought police understood rules. I told you the rules. You don’t get to change your mind. I gave you 60 seconds to send Reddington out. You ignored me, so now I’m coming in. The only thing that can stop that is sending Reddington out. No? Okay. Be right there.

REDDINGTON: You need to uncuff me. Lois, I can give them what they want. You need to uncuff me. I’ll uncuff you, but you’re not going out there.

No. What are you doing? You can’t!

Annie, he’s Raymond Reddington. If we’re gonna survive this, he’s the only chance we’ve got. I’m removing these cuffs, but so help me God, if we get out of here alive, I am arresting you. If you try to escape, I’ll shoot you. Do you understand?

Given the circumstances, that’s not much of a threat. But, yes, I understand.

Maybe we should give Anne a sidearm.

ANNE: I don’t want one. It could save your life.

Give it to her.

LOIS: This is for our defense only. If this building is breached, and only if it’s breached, you have my authorization to…


PEMBRY: Chase County Sheriff, this is Officer Ethan Pembry.

How far are those units? (GRUNTS)


The detention cell! Is it fully enclosed?

It is, but we can’t access it!

What? Why not?

I don’t have the keys. Brandt does.


I can get them.

No, no, no!

We have to!

It’s too dangerous!

No, Lois! No!


REDDINGTON: No, no, no!



(GROANING) Get her to the holding cell.



There we go.

Keys. Where are the keys?

Here. Here.


Well. Look what we have here. Three ducks in a barrel.

REDDINGTON: Anne. Keep your eyes on Lois.


Get the door off.

REDDINGTON: Just ignore him.

(CHUCKLES) This certainly is interesting.


REDDINGTON: Give me your scarf.



Mr. Reddington!

REDDINGTON: Take her hand.




You should have left her out of this, Neville.

It’s over.

This was between us.

You’re coming with me, Raymond. We’re ending this today. Here.

Yes, I’d like to agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong. So, in turn, how about this? Take your men and your guns and your bloodshed, and go. Then come find me when you’re ready, and I’ll show you the proper way to exact revenge.


MAN: Sir? We need to go. Right now.


The medics will be here any minute. Keep pressure on the wound.


I’m sorry, Anne. I wish I belonged here with you, but I don’t.



No. Stop. I told you if we survived this, I’d arrest you. You’re under arrest.


♪♪ How low

♪♪ Are you willing to go

♪♪ Before you reach all

♪♪ Your selfish goals?

ANNE: It’s all right. You okay?




♪♪ After punch line

She needs a doctor.

Station’s clear. We need paramedics.

Did you find Reddington?

He was here?

MAN: Clear!

I tried to stop him. You didn’t find him?

Not yet, but knowing he was here, we’ll drop a net so wide, even he won’t be able to escape.

Who did this?

My friend.

I’m not sure where you learned this, friend, but you saved her life.

Reddington was in town visiting you?

I didn’t know who he was.

I’m told he came quite often.

That’s right. He did.

But you didn’t know who he was?

You mean, was my life so boring that I was willing to spice it up by dating an international fugitive? No. It was not. But it turns out it was boring enough for me to get suckered by an international fugitive into thinking he cared about me. Now that I know the truth, believe me, if I can help you find him, well, that would be my pleasure.

Glad to hear it, because I have a lot of questions.

And I’ll answer every one, but I need to go home first.

One of my men will accompany you.

She’s a victim, not a suspect. She’s also my oldest friend. I don’t want you hounding her.

I just need to shower, change, and have a good cry. And then I’ll answer anything you want to ask.

My car’s in the lot. Mind taking it home?

Of course not. I’ll be at the hospital just as soon as I’ve answered their questions.

I wish we’d caught him. But knowing he’s out of your life, I do get some satisfaction in that.

♪♪ Absorbed in your ill hustling ♪♪

LOIS: I told you if we survived this, I’d arrest you. You’re under arrest. Anne watched you kill someone. I saw you kill three more.

We’re alive because of that.

Not my chief. Not Pembry or Brandt. They’re dead because of you.

I kept telling them what they needed to do, and they didn’t do it.

ANNE: You were right. About him. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. But you were wrong, too.

Anne, don’t.

You don’t understand.

You need to move!

I can’t.

I won’t.

♪♪ All the gullible

♪♪ That you mislead

♪♪ Won’t be up for it


♪♪ Where to

♪♪ Will you relocate


(BEEP) ♪♪ Now that it’s war ♪♪

Lois said to take the Falls Road east out of town. Most of the staties don’t even know it exists. Nobody will be watching.

She’s a good friend.

The best. The man who came after you today…

Neville Townsend.

He won’t stop, will he?

You were right. At the station. Us, getting involved… It was selfish of me. It put you in harm’s way. It still puts you there.

If I’m in trouble either way, why can’t we be together?

Because what I have to do and how I have to do it, you can’t be a part of that. No one should be a part of that.


It won’t be safe here until it’s done.

I understand.

Is there somewhere you can go? And not to your daughter’s. They’ll anticipate that.

My friend Cindi, the one who made the cake. She has a cabin.

Call her. See if you can go there. When it’s safe, you’ll receive a postcard. It’ll be from the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. That’s how you’ll know it’s me.

But you don’t know the address.

I have certain capabilities.

Too bad staying awake for a movie isn’t one of them.

(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) Thank you.

For what?

For… all of it. Every… Every bit of it. Except the bridge. Of all the things that happened on this trip, the bridge scared me the most.

Take care, Dummy.

You take care, Anne.

Yes. Yes. Sam’s Diner. Route 28. I should be able to ditch the car and be there in an hour. And, Dembe, you definitely should have come with me. Yeah. O… Okay.


(RADIO TURNS ON) MAN ON RADIO: By another 10 days, uh…


(RADIO CLICKS) ♪♪ For it was I who chose to start


♪♪ I see no reason to take me home

♪♪ I’m old enough to face the dawn

♪♪ Just call me angel of the morning, angel

♪♪ Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

♪♪ Just call me angel of the morning, angel

♪♪ Then slowly turn away

Ah, damn it.

♪♪ From me


♪♪ Maybe the sun’s light will be dim

♪♪ And it won’t matter anyhow

♪♪ If morning’s echo says we’ve sinned

♪♪ Well, it was what I wanted now ♪♪

Anne. Annie.



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