The Blacklist – S08E12 – Rakitin (No. 28) [Transcript]

The Task Force's determination to identify a Russian asset in the U.S. government puts Cooper and Reddington in increasingly treacherous positions.
The Blacklist - S08E12 - Rakitin

Original air date: April 2, 2021

* * *




Harold Cooper.

[FRIEDENBERG] Harold. Russ Friedenberg. We need to talk.

Congressman. Has something happened?

Things are much worse than we realized.

Is this about Rakitin?

No names. They could be listening.

Who could be listening?

He’s not real, Harold, we’re being played.

They’ve got us chasing our tails, trying to find some damn hacker, but it’s a ruse.

Slow down.

It’s not safe to do this on the phone.

We need to meet. I’ll come to your office.

No. No.

Two hours.

I’ll text you an address.


My daughter will be home within the hour.

As we agreed, she won’t be harmed.

You won’t get away with this.


Perhaps not.

The outcome is uncertain.

Sadly, you won’t get to see how it ends.



Be thankful

that you died of natural causes.

Things can get messy when we need to send a message.


Edward said we should be on the ground in a few minutes.

Good. I just heard from our friend.

We won’t be needing the car.

He’ll meet us at the hangar.

Quick pep talk and we’ll be heading home.

We flew 5,000 miles for a conversation you could’ve had on the phone.

He’s nervous. You know how he thinks.

Harold’s getting closer to Rakitin.

I’m sure all he wants is for me to look him in the eye and tell him I have a plan.

Do you?

(CHUCKLES) To make Harold back off?

No, not really.

Raymond, we have to do something.

If Cooper won’t stop, the only move is to take Rakitin out of play.

Harold has him under surveillance.

Okay. It’s just guesswork at this point, a hunch that the man he’s following is Rakitin.

If Rakitin suddenly disappeared,

Harold’s suspicions would be (CHUCKLING) confirmed.

Besides, Rakitin is one of our most productive assets.

We need to keep him working.

Even if it puts Cooper in jeopardy?

Our friend is a reasonable man.

He’s careful.

He’s already threatened Cooper’s life.

You know it’s only a matter of time.

He won’t kill him. Not without my consent.

Mmm. You’re spinning too many plates.


If we’re lucky, the curtain’ll close before anyone sees them come crashing down.


RAKITIN: I’m on schedule.


I’m going to see Reddington now.


Ah! There you are.

Would you care for a coffee, or a scotch?

We need to talk.



You’re concerned about Harold Cooper.

That’s why you called me here.

So I can look you in the eye and assure you that things are under control.

I don’t need your assurance.

Things are under control because I control them.

What are you getting at?

I never liked you working with the FBI, but at least when we started, you knew what they were, means to our mutual end.

You’ve come to care about them in a way that is detrimental to our objective.

I told you I would handle it.

But you didn’t.

Rakitin cannot be arrested.

He must not be interrogated.

You have a deal with the FBI.

Rakitin does not.

He’s exposed.

You think he’ll talk?

Don’t you?

He doesn’t know you work with these people.

All he sees is the FBI getting closer and you refusing to act.

That’s why you insisted I come to Moscow.

You wanted me out of the way.

Out of position.

Rakitin doesn’t just work for us.

He does projects.

Dozens of highly sensitive projects for the SVR.

If he talks, they’re all blown.



REDDINGTON: Call it off.

Call it off.

It’s too late.

There’s nothing anyone can do for him now.


Director Cooper?


Who are you? Where’s the Congressman?


Leave the car here, and I’ll take you to him.

You better tell me what the hell is going on.

Leave the car. He sent me to meet you.

Come on, man!

Move it!


Come on!

Let’s go!






Put him down.

I want to talk to him first.




Do you want to know how I found you?

Uh, I found you.

I’m an Assistant Director of the FBI.

The Bureau’s been looking for Rakitin for some time.


With nothing to show for it.

And then, suddenly, you appear out of nowhere.

DEMBE: They have orders to kill him.

Raymond, he may already be dead.



We have to call Ressler, warn the Task Force.

I told Harold he was in danger.

Stubborn son of a bitch couldn’t let go.

Call Rakitin.




Sorry, not a good time.

You do not have my authorization, which means whatever pain you inflict on Director Cooper will be revisited upon you tenfold. Are we clear?

I don’t need your authorization.

Our Eastern friend gave me the green light.

I just left our friend.

I told him Cooper was under control.

Now, you listen to me…


COOPER: Why should I tell you anything?

You’re gonna kill me anyway.

(LAUGHS) Second time I’ve heard that today.

The Congressman asked me the same question.



You used him to lure me out.

Did you hurt him?


He hardly felt a thing.

And by helping set a trap for you, he bought himself a long life for his daughter.

Now I’ll make you the same generous offer.

If you talk, when we’re done here, I won’t go and visit Charlene.

Or your son.

Rakitin can’t get arrested. He knows too much.

We can take care of it after we know Cooper is safe.

If you kill me, the Task Force I lead will investigate.

They’ll know it was you.


No, they may suspect, but they won’t have proof.

See, that’s why we’re here.

To stop you before you can make your case.

And your death won’t look like a murder.

You’ve been depressed, haven’t you?

(SIGHS) Sadly, it’s all too common among men who work in law enforcement.

You wrote a note before taking your own life.

See, that’s where the carbon monoxide comes into the scene.

You left your car running in a closed garage. (SIGHS)

About an hour from now, you will be found dead, your lungs filled with fumes.





If you’re gonna kill him, at least squeeze him first.

Oh, honey, I knew you’d come around.

He runs a secret Task Force.

The Bureau doesn’t even acknowledge it exists.

I want to know everything they’re working on.

Be sure you get details.

Consider it done.


Did you get that?


We got it. They’re at a warehouse on Fullerton.

Go. Now.

Or he won’t be alive when you get there.




Okay, now, let’s try this…


…one more time.

Who told you about the stolen files, the ones I placed on the Volgograd servers?





I want a name!


I fed you a suspect.


I gave you every reason to believe Rakitin was dead, and yet, you persisted.


Because we’re the FBI. (PANTING)



Finish it.

You know where to take him.

Make sure that the police find the note in the garage.







MAN: Hey, clear!

Hey. Cooper!





ARAM: Mr. Cooper.

Mr. Cooper. Thank God you’re all right.

I heard what happened.

Put him in box one.

Call Cynthia Panabaker. Tell her I need her here right away.

Uh, sir, you really should let us get you a medic.




Harold. Thank goodness.

You knew nothing about this?

Of course not. I’m the one who helped the Task Force find you.

If you think that changes things, you’re wrong.

We have Rakitin. I’m not standing down.

If he implicates you…

You’ll follow the evidence. Of course. I have no doubt you will.

We can worry about that another time.



That’s me. I need to take this.

Deep breaths, Harold.

I’m glad you’re alive.


They have Rakitin in custody!

Couldn’t be avoided. Well, it could’ve been, if you’d listened to me in the first place.

He’s one of our top operatives, and you just hand-delivered him to the American government.

I can see I’ve made a mistake with you, old friend.

We’ve been on the same side so long, you’ve forgotten who you’re talking to.

You’re the one forgetting.

If he talks, if he exposes me, exposes what he’s done for the SVR, the full weight of this agency will come down on you like a thunderbolt.

That won’t happen.

Because here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to fix it, and then, when it’s done, you and I are gonna have a chat.


We can’t break him out.

He’s under guard at the Post Office.

Raymond, it’s… impossible.





Why are you calling this number?

Just listen.

Elizabeth was crystal clear.

You were only to reach out in a life-or-death emergency.

If you’re tracing this call, don’t bother.

I’m not.

The signal’s untraceable, and I’m losing this phone in 30 seconds.

Skip, stop talking. I need to speak with Keen. Tell her to call me.

Or get me a number where I can call her.

Why? What’s happened?

The situation here has changed.

If things go well, we may be getting close to the end.

The end of what?


We may be able to prove that she was right all along.

I’m talking about bringing her in, on her own terms.

MRS. PANABAKER: My God, Harold!

I can’t imagine. If you need time, whatever I can do to make things easier, you…

I appreciate your concern, but I have a feeling when you hear why it happened, sympathy may not be the first emotion that comes to mind.


It’s not my first rodeo, partner.

You’ve been hiding something.

I’ve known for a while.

Something big.

The real reason Agent Keen went out on her own.

She saw Reddington kill her mother.

That’s reason enough.

But that’s half the story.

And to tell it, we have to go back over 30 years, to the fall of the Soviet Union.

Around that time, a file was stolen from Soviet intelligence.

A blackmail file consisting of 13 packets of data.

Damaging intel on rival governments, secrets held by some of the world’s most powerful people and corporations.

Who stole it?

An unidentified Russian operative.

Thirteen packets.

So, after the theft, the Russians began calling him N-13.

The stolen file is the Sikorsky Archive.

(SIGHS) I’m gonna need a scratch pad.

That’s where Neville Townsend comes in.

He was one of the powerful people named in the Archive.

As a result, his family was killed.

And he put a bounty on the head of the woman he thought was responsible.

Katarina Rostova.


Agent Keen’s mother ran for 30 years, all the while insisting that she was framed.

Set up by the real N-13.

Not Reddington.

Please don’t say Reddington.

That’s what Agent Keen believes.

Her mother found some kind of proof, but Reddington killed her before she could release it.

Keen believes he’s a Russian spy, a plant sent to infiltrate our intelligence agencies and to execute some kind of endgame.

And you believe her?

I didn’t at first, but…


Now I think she may be right.

The man we arrested today, his name is Andrew Patterson, but the Russians call him Rakitin.

He’s feeding intel to N-13.

Clearly, he works with or for Reddington.

Let me get this straight.

You’re saying that our confidential informant, the man we officially gave blanket immunity, is actually a Russian sleeper agent?

Quite possibly.



I can give you a number.

Leave a message, and Elizabeth will hear the recording.

I need to talk to her.

That point was conveyed.

She gave me clear instructions.

She didn’t trust me?

She does. I don’t.

I told her to ignore you completely.

Now, do you want the number or not?



In a way, you were right to try to kill me.

I wouldn’t have stopped until I knew the truth and you were sitting in that very chair.

But Friedenberg…

He was a politician.


Not an agent.

Killing him was unnecessary.

RAKITIN: How did your people find us?

That’s two murders. The Congressman and the suspect…

How did you put it? You “fed” to us as a misdirect.

I’m sitting here, I’m… I’m doing the math, and I just can’t make sense of it.

Add to that the attempted murder of a federal agent, at least a dozen intrusions into government servers, the theft of confidential intelligence.

And then, of course, there’s the treason.

I know that it wasn’t one of my people, because only two of them knew of our location, and your agents killed them.

How long have you been spying for the Russians?

Doesn’t matter. We’ll find out.

As we speak, agents are taking apart your home and office, scrubbing every device, document, and drive.

I should’ve just shot you.

And you know the best part?

You were right.

Our case wasn’t there yet.

By coming after me, you’ve (LAUGHING) made it so much easier, Mr. Patterson.

REDDINGTON: (ON TAPE) He runs a secret Task Force.

The Bureau doesn’t even acknowledge it exists.

I want to know everything they’re working on.

Be sure you get details.

So, it’s true.

Keen was right. Reddington is N-13.

How is this possible?

Mr. Reddington knew how to contact Rakitin.

He has been playing us this whole time, for the Russians. I just… (SIGHS)

I don’t understand it.

You think this means Keen can come in from the cold?

I don’t know. She tried to kill Mr. Reddington.

She got the Freelancer out and had him target a plane full of innocent passengers.

Yeah, but she warned us about it in time to save them.

But what if we didn’t?

I don’t know.

Maybe there’s a way. I just… (SIGHS)

One thing is for sure.

If Rakitin talks and confirms that Mr. Reddington is on some sort of Russian mission…

Say good-bye to his immunity deal.

You think that could happen?

At this point, I don’t think anyone can stop it from happening.



You’re calling me?

Agent Park. You seem surprised.

I thought we were colleagues.

(SIGHS) What do you want?


That favor you owe me?

It’s time to collect.

I can’t help you.

Oh, yes, you can.

And you will.

We need to meet.

Dembe will send you an address.

Leave now. We don’t have much time.




FEMALE VOICE: Record at the tone.


Hey, Keen. It’s me.

Look, I know you don’t want to talk to me in person.

Maybe ’cause you think I’m angry, but I’m not.

I mean, no, I don’t understand all the choices you’ve made.

I mean, Townsend’s a killer.

The man put a bounty on your mother’s head, and now he’s your partner?

Where does it stop?

It has to stop.

We have Rakitin, thanks to you and that flash drive you sent Cooper.

If Reddington’s really N-13, we have a good chance of proving it.

And if we can, maybe you can come home.

It’s all I care about, Liz.

I don’t know, maybe you can’t be an agent again, but at least you can get your life back.

You and Agnes can be together.

The point is… I’m here, and I’m still on your side.

We got to talk, figure out how to end this.

I’m gonna be at Bentham Park at midnight.

Meet me there.

And, Keen, you can trust me.


REDDINGTON: Ah! So, you’re outside Coatti’s?

PARK: Yeah, after a 40-minute drive to get here.

Are you inside? What are we doing here?

Oh, dear. I’m sorry.

I’m afraid I’ve given you the false impression we were going on this field trip together.

We’re not.

I’ll be guiding you through this remotely.

Now, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of our little arrangement.

You asked me to make a man disappear.

I know what happened.

That’s no small thing, am I right?

Erasing a human being from existence.

In your case, someone capable of ending your career and sending you to prison.

At the time, if you remember, I warned you that repayment might be unpleasant.

Yeah, fine.

But what does that have to do with you sending me here to this garage?

Agent Park. Please.

Just watch and wait for it.

Wait for what? What’s wrong with you?

What are you talking about?

Wait for it.


PARK: (ECHOING) You sent men to Jenna’s apartment?



Yahtzee! Yes!

Mr. Mason Dieterle in the flesh.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner, Agent Alina Park!

I thought you took care of him.

And that’s exactly what I did.

You didn’t ask me to kill him.

You asked me to make him go away.

We gave him a new identity, relocated him outside the city.

He resisted at first, but we can be very persuasive. How does he look?

Why would you do this?

For this very moment.

It occurred to me that you might need some additional motivation.

So, do as you’re told, and Mr. Dieterle remains a ghost.

Refuse, and hallelujah! He’s born again.

Are you surprised?

What if I take my chances?

It’s my word against his.

That occurred to me, as well.

If you’d be so kind as to check the video…


…in your inbox.

DIETERLE: Let’s do that.


(CHUCKLES) Oh, my gosh. This is fun.

What the hell do you want me to do? Rakitin’s being guarded.

I can’t get you in to see him, and there’s no way to break him out.

Right? It’s a puzzle.

Now, go back to the office.

When my plan’s in place, we’ll reconvene, and I promise you, it’ll be even more exciting.


Oh, my stars and garters, I so love surprises.





Not yet. Out.

Class doesn’t begin for another seven minutes.

My God, it really is you!

I’m sorry, the front office is down the hall.


Cvetko said you were teaching.

High school biology and chemistry?

That’s admirable for a man of your talents.

Cvetko? I’m… I’m not sure who you’ve mistaken me for.

My name is Geoffrey Hill.

Have we met?

Just once. Don’t feel badly.

It was years ago, but it’s why I know (WHISPERS) your name is Felix Klopp.

Ah! Hold on.

This might help.



Dembe, we’re in the presence of greatness.

Uh, the gas in the air ducts at that military prison in Ankara?


DEMBE: Ah, yes.

You built the device that sucked all of the oxygen out of the dining car on the Kowloon Express.


(CHUCKLES) Who was that for?

No, no, no! Don’t tell us!

It had to be MI6.

All the gadgets you’ve built for them over the years.

That was a long time ago.

I’m retired.

Well, not entirely.

Cvetko mentioned that you still occasionally do side jobs when the money’s right.


And what exactly is it that you think I could do?

What you always do, the impossible.

There’s a man being interrogated in a highly secure room.

Heavily guarded, no way in or out.

I want to remove him.

A break-out?

Well, if that’s what you think is best.

I’m open to ideas, but the most important thing is that the man cannot be given any chance to cooperate.

I may have an idea, but it’s dangerous.


It would take some time to create, and I’m giving a quiz on covalent bonds in 10 minutes.

No, Felix, you’re not.

School’s out for today.

Now, tell me about your idea.

COOPER: Amazing how life goes.

A few hours ago, you almost killed me, and now you’re the one in mortal danger.

Am I?

I wouldn’t want to be you.

With the work you’ve done?

How do you think Russian intelligence feels about you being in FBI custody?

Even if you don’t talk, you know they won’t risk it.

Their best choice is to eliminate you as a variable.

Ah. I see.

This is the part where you claim you can protect me.

And let me guess, all I need to do to earn your mercy is tell you everything I know.

No. I don’t care about everything you know.

Right now, all I care about is N-13.

I want to know the endgame.

What was N-13 sent to do?


You asked me how my people found us.

The answer is, they didn’t.

Reddington gave you up.


That’s a lie.

You don’t know anything about the man you’re protecting.

REDDINGTON: (ON TAPE) He runs a secret Task Force.

The Bureau doesn’t even acknowledge it exists.

I want to know everything they’re working on.

Don’t do it.

Be sure you get details.

RAKITIN: (ON TAPE) Consider it done.

REDDINGTON: Did you get that?


ARAM: We got it. They’re at a warehouse on Fullerton.

REDDINGTON: Go. Now. Or he won’t be alive when you get there.


Why would he do that?

We need to talk.

Stop protecting him.

He doesn’t care about you. You’re a pawn to be sacrifi…

We need to talk now!

You want to tell me what you were doing?

I had to do something.

You just came pretty damn close to exposing the fact that Reddington is our informant.

I don’t care. He has answers that we need.

You don’t care?

I’m sorry, who am I talking to now?

Harold Cooper or Elizabeth Keen?

COOPER: Did you see the look on his face? It worked, Cynthia.

He’s thrown. He wants to talk.

There is a difference between talking and telling the truth.

The Cooper I know understands that.

Meaning what? You think Reddington’s innocent? He’s not N-13?

I don’t know. But now, whatever Rakitin tells us, we’re gonna have to wonder if it’s true or just a way to get revenge on Reddington.

We are missing something.

If Reddington really is N-13, why did he save you?

Why hand us one of his chief collaborators?

You do. You think I’m wrong.


And you know my best argument?

Rakitin’s still sitting in that room.

You think if he knew the truth, Reddington would ever allow that?

Don’t you think he’d be trying to stop it?



Has he said anything?

Not yet. If he doesn’t talk soon, the plan is to transport him to a black site by morning.

Then we need to act quickly.

How? I can’t break him out.

I’m not asking you to.

Then, what? I can’t hurt him.

I won’t.

Tell Cooper about Dieterle. I don’t care.

Agent Park, really?

What do you imagine I’d have you do?

Shoot the man in cold blood?

All you have to do is pass along these instructions.

Instructions to do what?

You can’t break him out.

The less you know, the better.

Do not read it.

Don’t even open it.

I’m very serious.

The instructions it contains are for Rakitin’s eyes only.

He’s locked down. How do I get it to him?

Well, that part’s up to you.

And after? What happens then?

You burn the evidence.

As I said, the less you know, the better.

Whatever happens, it’s my doing, not yours.

Now, wish us luck.

We’re all going to need it.


You asked to see me?

I’ve decided to make a statement.

Is that so?

And what, may I ask, changed your mind?

I know why Reddington gave me up.

To punish me.

For my (INHALES DEEPLY) disobedience.

You see, I asked for his permission to kill you.

But he refused.

He said he’d handle it himself.

And when he didn’t, I took matters into my own hands.

To him, that deserves a death sentence.

Doesn’t matter what our history is.

I defied him, so I’m expendable.

I see.


And now, he expects me to stay quiet, to take my punishment like a man, go to prison for my sins.

Well, if that’s what he expects, then he is, uh…

He’s about to find out just how wrong he is.

We can try to protect you.

No, we’re… we’re well past that.

He destroyed my life when he made that phone call.

And now it’s my turn to inflict a little damage, which includes my very educated guess that he is your informant.


That’s how they found us.

That little recording that you played, the one your boss didn’t want me to hear, you got that from Reddington, didn’t you?

Because he works for you.

I’ll make the arrangements.


Harold, this should work.

You make sure he signs it before we start.

What is it?


I want it in writing that he wasn’t promised anything to get him to do this.

If he recants later, it may help.

I’ll take it to him.



FEMALE VOICE: Record at the tone.


Hey, Keen, it’s me.

It’s happening. (SIGHS)

Rakitin’s agreed to talk.

Cooper’s about to take his statement.

Look, this could be all over soon.

I’ll be there tonight. Bentham Park.


It’s a document you need to sign before we start.

It just confirms your statement is voluntary.


Listen to me. Look down.

Underneath the document is something else, something I was asked to give you.

Instructions. From Reddington.

Reddington sent you?

(WHISPERS) Keep your voice down. We don’t have much time.

He said it would give you instructions.

Instructions? What kind of instructions?

I don’t know. I haven’t read it.

He was very clear, whatever it says is for your eyes only.

When you’re done, put it back underneath.


What the hell is this?

Some kind of joke?



Okay, well, I don’t know what…

What kind of games you’re playing, but, uh, the next time you see Reddington, you can tell him to go to hell.


I’m ready to talk.


DEMBE: Raymond. Relax.

It will work.


I never wanted this.

For any of them.

Cooper, Park, Rakitin.

Oh, boy. (SIGHS)

You saved Harold’s life.

It was the right choice.

Let’s do this. Bring him in.


My name is Harold Cooper, Assistant Director of the FBI.

We’re here with Mr. Andrew Patterson, also known by the code name “Rakitin.”

Sir, you’ve been advised of your rights and have decided to make a voluntary statement?

(CLEARS THROAT) That’s correct.

Tell us who you work for.

(SIGHS) Officially?

The Office of Intelligence and Analysis, a division of Homeland Security.

Whoever delivers the envelope must not touch the letter.

Understood? Under any circumstances. Any.

And once he’s handled it?

It won’t take long at all.

Unofficially, you’ve been working as a covert operative for Russian intelligence?

(CLEARS THROAT) For several years, yes.

Specifically, the SVR, among other groups.

Mr. Patterson, I’m gonna cut right to the chase.

(COUGHS) You’re familiar with the fugitive Raymond Red…


The agent is structurally similar to the VX compound, but more potent.

(GASPING) I can’t… I can’t breathe.


Oh, my God.

Get a medic in here.

Agent Ressler! Don’t touch him.


Odorless. Evaporates much like water.

The longer he touches the letter, the faster the toxin will have its effect.

ARAM: Code Black! Code Black!

This is Agent Mojtabai in the War Room.

Get a med team in here now!


Fine. Reddington’s in the building.

He’s on his way up here.

He’s here?

Harold (SIGHS) I think I know, but what exactly are we saying just happened?


I mean, he killed that man.

Is that what we’re saying?

Reddington somehow got to him and murdered our witness right in front of us?

What’s the alternative? Natural causes? The man was poisoned.

How? He’s been in custody and isolated for hours.

He was fine a few minutes ago!

I don’t know.

Maybe the medical examiner can help us understand how it happened.

Oh, I’ll tell you this. If he did it, that smug son of a bitch has a set of Rocky Mountain oysters on him.

And to walk in here right after?

Would he do that?

Agent Park. Going down or up?

I killed him. Rakitin’s dead.

You didn’t kill anyone.

I told you, whatever happened was my doing, not yours.

I’m an accessory to murder!

Interesting. I don’t recall you being so concerned about the idea when you thought Mr. Dieterle was being killed.

They’ll investigate. We won’t get away with it.

Nonsense. Can they prove you gave Rakitin the letter?


And the letter now?

I have it.

Then I suggest you light a match and destroy it immediately.

Carefully, of course.

I have to tell Cooper.

Now, that would be ironic.

You got into this mess because you didn’t want to end your career and go to prison.

What do you think will happen if you confess now?






I didn’t know you were here.

I came by to see how Harold’s interrogation was progressing, but it appears (INHALES DEEPLY)

Things have taken a most surprising turn.

Did you kill him?


I’m asking you.

Are you certain he was murdered?

I once knew a team of Chechens.

All seven had a ricin bean embedded in a hollowed-out rear molar.

It’s just a game to you, isn’t it?

A game?

I warned you, Harold.

I explicitly told you that pursuing this could prove to be deadly.

And I told you I’m not afraid of your threats.

But you should be afraid.

I saved you today.

But what about tomorrow?

Do you really think the people who Rakitin worked for will just allow you to expose them?

So he was killed.

I’m not your enemy.

And whether you believe it or not, you are both safer today because you didn’t hear what Rakitin had to say.

MRS. PANABAKER: We’re launching an investigation.

If it proves you were involved, you have my word, we will invalidate your immunity deal, and you will go to prison.

REDDINGTON: So, you think someone got to him?

Could be.

Though, if you’re right, it would have to have been one of your own people.


If I were you, I’d run with the “ricin bean in the molar” theory.

Speaking of running, I have an appointment.

Please, excuse me.

To the artist formerly known as Rakitin.


He was an artist, Raymond.

The best we’ve ever used, by far.


He won’t be easy to replace.

No, I know.

Truth is, I never trusted or liked him.

He was just a spy.



Completely lacking in conviction and character.

Thankfully, there are others.


(IN ENGLISH) This is how you handle it?

By killing our most valuable…



You hit me.

Let me be perfectly clear, old friend.

I don’t give a damn who you work for.

The next time you threaten me with the full weight of the SVR, I’ll take that thunderbolt you mentioned and crack it so far up your ass, it’ll be the last thing you see or hear.

Clear enough?

Nod if you understand.

Good. Now, understand this.

Rakitin’s death was your doing.

I hold you responsible for what is, by any account, a catastrophic setback for all of us.

You think I’m too close to Harold Cooper?

Too emotionally involved with the Task Force?

You better look deep inside yourself and find a way to accept it, because that, old friend, is way beyond your purview.

This is my endgame.

And you will not interfere with it again.


We had a dozen ongoing projects with him.

All in progress.

All of them lost.

Whose fault is that?


You’ve been with me a long time.

And I value our friendship above most things.

But we’re nearing the end now.

And nothing is more important than that.

Than what?


The end.




♪ In all my youth… ♪

FEMALE VOICE: Record at the tone.


Hey, Keen, it’s me.

Uh, I’m here, but you’re not.

♪ I’ve been waiting for something like this… ♪

I don’t even know if you’re getting these messages.

I don’t know who I’m talking to, or…

(SIGHS) Anyway…

♪ Creatures of ritual… ♪

…it’s probably best you didn’t show.

The thing is, I don’t have good news.

Look, Rakitin’s dead.

I don’t know how, but someone got to him. Probably Reddington.

♪ Creatures of ritual… ♪

The ME, we don’t have word from his office, but…

It seems like he was poisoned.

Cooper’s losing his mind.

I mean, we all are, but…

♪ We’ve been waiting… ♪

(SIGHS) I really thought it was over this time.

♪ For something like this… ♪

We miss you. We just want you back.

♪ Creatures of ritual… ♪


RESSLER: (ON VOICEMAIL) Cooper’s losing his mind. I mean, we all are, but…

(SIGHS) I really thought it was over this time.

♪ Creatures of ritual… ♪

We miss you. We just want you back.



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