The Blacklist – S08E10 – Dr. Laken Perillos (No. 70) [Transcript]

Red and Dembe land in peril when Townsend deploys a torture specialist who uses unorthodox methods to interrogate her victims.
The Blacklist - S08E10 - Dr. Laken Perillos

Original air date: March 12, 2021

With the help of Chemical Mary, Liz reaches out to her brother, Neville Townsend, who believes his family was killed by Reddington. Neville abducts Dembe to extract secrets of Reddington, using the services of Dr. Laken Perillos. Reddington offers himself in exchange for Dembe. Dembe escapes while Reddington surrenders to Dr. Perillos. Dembe manages to free Reddington and interrogates Dr. Perrillos regarding whereabouts of Neville.

* * *



It’s done.

He’s down.








DRIVER: He’s on board. Tell her we’re en route.

10 minutes out.









They say the Heretic’s Fork exposes the sinner.

Makes him renounce his sins.

What do you renounce, Mr. Bracker?


Let me help you.


Your cartel’s expanded into territory that isn’t yours.

My employer can’t allow that.

We’ll stop.

We’ll stop.

Oh, I know you’ll stop.

As of this moment…

you’re out of business, but that’s not why you’re here.

You’re going to tell me all the relevant details of your operation.


Every runner, every financier…


He says it can’t wait.


I’ll be with you shortly.

I was just about to phone you. We’re ready to start the uplink.

Change of plans.

What does that mean?

It means I need you here in the U.S.

It’s, uh… It’s a matter of some urgency.





You can’t be here. They’ll see you.

I once dropped acid with Allen Ginsberg.

We spent a glorious afternoon in SoHo… just tumbling.

I know what you want, but I can’t help you.

I miss that gentleness.

♪ Summer winds are softly blowing ♪

You’re a service provider, Bobby.

I put you on the payroll to provide a service… information on Townsend.

You’re laundering his money out of a laundromat, which is in itself entertaining, but I also know you’re skimming off the top.

That’s not true.

Oh, you’re definitely stealing from Townsend.

And while I admire your chutzpah, I can’t help but think that if I know you’re stealing from Townsend… it’s just a matter of time.

So… tell me where I can find him or where I can find someone who can.

I don’t know where he is.

♪ See the little girl ♪

But I know where his money goes.

Once it’s cleaned, I make a series of deposits.

Who gets the biggest one?

A woman.

Laken Perillos.


The Brazen Bull.


Go on.

I don’t know who Perillos is, but I assume that if you could get to her, she could help you find Townsend.

And where is she?

In the States.

I was told that she came in last night.

That’s all that I know.


That was Ruddiger.

He thinks he has something for us.

You know what they call a money launderer who can’t be trusted?


A bad investment.

Get out of here.

I have a lead.



An arrest warrant has been issued for Elizabeth.

That’s a mistake.

No. It’s a tragedy.

I can tell you how to get to Townsend.

The only person I’m focused on getting to is Elizabeth.

I don’t see how that’s helped by going after the person whose sister she killed.

Elizabeth killed Mary Bremmer at Townsend’s instruction.

Townsend wanted his sister killed?

No, but you had her in custody, so he ordered the hit to keep her from talking.

And as a test of Elizabeth’s allegiance.

Keen and Townsend are allies?

I thought she wanted him dead.

A desire she’s put on hold so they can join forces and come after me.

So if I follow your lead and go after Townsend, I could get to Elizabeth?

Tell me, Harold, what do you know about the Brazen Bull?

ARAM: A metal bull? Used to torture and execute people.

COOPER: According to legend, yes.

The condemned were locked inside while a fire was set beneath it.

That is brazen, but how’s a Greek torture device relevant to us?

The bull was invented by Perillos of Athens, a student of pain and the eponymous namesake of Laken Perillos, the woman Neville Townsend employs to inflict pain on his victims to extract information.

Reddington believes Perillos can lead us to Townsend and Townsend can lead us to Keen.

Not after she killed his sister.

Apparently that’s what Townsend wanted her to do… as a test of her loyalty.

Mr. Reddington says Liz is working with Townsend?

This is impossible.

I hope you’re right.

But there’s only one way to find out.

What do we know about Perillos?

Very little.

Except that she’s brutal and effective.

She came onto the scene six years ago.

At that time, Antonio Bastinado, Dominic Morgan, and Andres Gataki controlled the ships that carried nearly all the contraband coming through the Bosphorus.

How they managed it was a tightly guarded secret until Perillos got hold of them.

Now they’re dead.

Townsend controls the strait… and examples of Perillos’ handiwork keep people in line.

Liz doesn’t know Townsend sanctioned this.

I mean, she can’t know, right?

Did Reddington give you a lead on Perillos?

He gave me the one victim Perillos didn’t kill.

Name’s Roman Einhorn. Has an estate in Westchester.

Reddington says Perillos left him alive as a warning to others.

What kind of warning?

Apparently you’ll see when you talk to him.

Or… try to.

CAREGIVER: I told you, this is a waste of your time.

He doesn’t want to see you.

Well, he doesn’t have a choice.

Mr. Einhorn hasn’t accepted guests in almost two years.

Ma’am, we’re not his guests. We’re the FBI.

He has no choice.

What exactly did they tell you about Mr. Einhorn?

We know he was maimed.

Look, we’re just trying to find the woman who was responsible.


The gaze interaction can be slow to respond.

He gets frustrated.

You need to be patient.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: I remember nothing.

RESSLER: Mr. Einhorn, we understand your apprehension.

PARK: We’re trying to help.

And as he told you, Mr. Einhorn doesn’t want your help.

Mr. Einhorn, Dr. Perillos isn’t just mutilating people, she’s murdering them.

We understand that you’re the only person who survived her torture, the only one who’s seen her face, and we need your help to stop her.

What happened to me six years ago was a warning, an illustration to others who question her limits.

I was told that if I assist the police, the doctor would come back to finish what she started.

This was her promise to me, and so, as I said to you before, I know nothing.




How are you, my friend?

Raymond, good to see you. Dembe.


What the hell happened to your hand?

Oh, uh, car door. I was cooked.

Nearly lost my pinkie.

You gotta be careful, Max.

I need you with all 10 digits.

That does smell.


What did you find?

The car bomb that killed your man in Lagos was breathtaking.

Large detonation wave, secondary explosion.

Our friends over at A Command said they found ammonium nitrate crystals in the post-blast remains.

That sounds bloody awful.


What’s the lead?

A… partial print on the Tamiya connector.

I’ll get it to Cvetko.

Who could do this, Raymond?

Not Elizabeth, I’m sure.

Not on her own, no.

I’m afraid Elizabeth has enlisted Neville Townsend to weaponize the various details she’s come to learn about my organization.

Cvetko, it’s Dembe.

What the hell is that smell, anyway?

It’s dreadful.

Oh, I’m working on a cyclohexane-based accelerant.

Low flash point. Stable.

And a real pain in the butt to any forensic chemical analysts.

Thank you, Cvetko.

We’ll have it to you today.




Raymond, I think you should go.


Raymond, go!

Get him out of here!



Go, go, go!


Where is he?!


Where he is?! Reddington?!

I don’t know.

MAN: Search the building. We know he’s here.

Get him in the van!


Warehouse is clear! No sign!

Forget it. Let’s go!


Put him in, put him in.


Get in.

RESSLER: We’re here now securing the scene, but back up.

Tell me exactly what happened.

RED: It was an ambush. Heavily armed.

What about a vehicle?

It was a van.

White Ford. Four or five men.

Faces? Accents?

I don’t know.

They were masked, and I didn’t hear them speak.

But come on, it was her, Donald.

We don’t know that. You got a lot of enemies.

Besides, Keen wouldn’t target Dembe.

I’ve lost any perspective of what Agent Keen is capable of.

I only know that we need to get Dembe back, because if he is in the hands of Perillos, it won’t matter what Agent Keen wants… only how long he can survive.

We’ll find him.

Call me back as soon as you know more.

PARK: Ressler.


Headlight trim from the van. It’s a start.



Look at you.

So you’re the one they call…



Quite a collection, isn’t it?

Each one teaches me something about pain.

How to alleviate it…

…or inflict it.


When I was 12, my mother went to the hospital with a neural infection that was misdiagnosed as a strained muscle.

She was given ibuprofen and sent home…


…with an infection that left her in excruciating pain and bedridden for the rest of her life.


What caused the misdiagnosis?


The color of her skin.

The belief… even by some doctors… that Blacks feel less pain than whites.

Thick skin, biology, breeding…

Lies that lead to Black patients receiving far fewer pain meds than white patients.

But we know the truth, don’t we, Dembe?

We know all about pain, don’t we?


It’s called the Heretic’s Fork.

PERILLOS: It was used during the Spanish Inquisition to extract confessions.

Break the human sprit.

Tell the truth, or sooner or later, you’ll bleed to death.

It’s inscribed with the Latin word “abiuro,” which means to swear or take an oath.

Will you do that for me, Dembe?


Swear to tell me everything you know about the Sikorsky Archive?


I swear I won’t tell you anything.


Oh, I think you will.




Tell me you found something.

RESSLER: We think we found the van used in the abduction.

It’s missing a piece of the headlight trim we found at the scene.

And what about Dembe?

Does the van tell you anything about where they may have taken Dembe?

No, we’re waiting on the lab, but they think it’s unlikely.

The vehicle was torched. MPD’s doing a search now.

Lab services should have a report within 24 hours, maybe less.

We don’t have that kind of time.

Look, I’m telling you what we know.

Yeah. Thank you, Donald.




Look, please…



You betrayed us.

You heard Dembe talking about Ruddiger.


And you knew where we were gonna be.


You set us up.



I think you better answer that.

MAN: Operator 627, Ward West.

Ward West. Briargate confirm.

We have a code red alarm indicator.

Do you have a breach?

Yes, there’s been a breach… by me.

Here’s what happens next.

I’m gonna give you a phone number.

You’re gonna pass it up the food chain to your boss.

Tell Neville Townsend it’s Raymond Reddington.

Tell him to call me in 20 minutes at 202-555-0184.

It’s a conversation he won’t want to miss.





I’ll get you a cane to remember me by.


My apologies, ladies.

TOWNSEND: Hello, Mr. Zuma.

I-I’m sorry we have to meet like this, but I’ve found this process to be both efficient and effective for all involved.

I’m going to ask you some questions.

You’re going to answer.

If you waver, Dr. Perillos will help encourage your cooperation.

Let’s begin with the Sikorsky Archive.

Does Reddington have it?

Uh, M-Mr. Zuma, I need an answer.

No? Nothing?

The Irukandji jellyfish is found off the coast of Australia.

Its sting is only mildly irritating, but within half an hour, its venom induces excruciating muscle cramps, severe back pain, and a burning sensation in the skin and face.




It’s called Irukandji Syndrome.

The pain, combined with an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, causes a feeling of impending doom.

Chances are… you just may want to impale yourself to ease the pain.

Uh, Mr. Zuma, shall we discuss the Sikorsky Archive, or do… do you need some encouragement?


Bad choice, Mr. Zuma.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Doctor, I’ll give the two of you some time together.


What is it?

It’s Reddington.

He’s made contact.



Dembe Zuma. I want him back.

I’m sure you do.

Keen tells me he knows all your secrets.

Elizabeth would never hurt Dembe.

I want the archive.

At what cost?

A war with me?

Have you thought about what that means?

All I’ve thought about recently is the fact that you killed my family.

I don’t know what Elizabeth is telling you, but Katarina Rostova killed your family, and I killed her.

That alone should be enough for us to peacefully co-exist.

A fact we can discuss in person once you accept my offer.

W-What kind of offer?

For Dembe.

Me for him.

A trade.


And then an uprising.

[CHUCKLES] Your people.

Rallying around your sacrifice.

I-I had no idea you were such a romantic.

[CHUCKLING] Oh, my goodness, yes.

I have many “thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.”

At the moment, the main one being to put a bullet in your forehead.

Do we have a deal?

We do.

I’ll call you back with the where and when.



PERILLOS: I wasn’t making it up.

About the doctors.

In 2016, 222 white doctors at the University of Virginia were given mock medical files of a white patient and a Black patient and asked to gauge their pain on a scale of 1 to 10.

They underestimated the Black patient’s pain because… now, these are doctors… they said they thought

Black people had less sensitive nerve endings.

Why is it that white people don’t see our pain?

I know Townsend doesn’t see mine.

What about Reddington?

Does he see yours?

I know who you are to him.

What you do for him.


The secrets you keep, like you’re doing now, not telling me about the archive.

Does he know what pain that causes you?

I don’t mean this pain. Anyone can see that.

I mean inside.


The pain in your heart.

Can he see that?


You can stop.

Excuse me?

We’re making a trade.

For whom?

Who could know the archive more than Zuma?



He’s not doing this to save you.

He’s doing it to save himself.

He… He…

He does feel my pain.

Does he now?


Then maybe he’ll feel this.



Help you?

I’m here for a room.

Neville said he’d leave a key.

Oh, Neville said?

Neville said.


Come around. I’ll buzz you in.


What about the dog?

There’s no dog.

Is this Kosher?





There’s a bench outside.

Have a seat.

Concierge will be with you shortly.




I’m supposed to let you go.

But your resistance is an inspiration.

It makes me wonder… are you really that beholden to him?

Would you hold out until it’s too late?

I guess we’ll never know.




Get back in that chair! I won’t ask again!









DEMBE: Don’t do it, Raymond.

I’m coming. Don’t give yourself up.






DEMBE: Tell me you got there in time.

Tell me you found him.

RESSLER: No, we were too late.

What did you find?

We’re securing the scene now, but it looks like her people broke everything down and cleared out.

There’s no sign of Reddington.

Look, this doctor, is there anything that you can tell me?

Any specifics? Any details that might help?

She had tools for torture, and she injected me with a vial of poison from jellyfish.


Irukandji jellyfish.

That’s what she called them.

I reached out to some associates of ours to find out who traffics them.


Alright, well…

Look, my forensics team’s here.

You call me as soon as you hear anything and I’ll do the same.




TOWNSEND: I’m impressed.

You kept your end of the deal, and in a roundabout way, so did I.

Dembe escaped.

Yes. As promised, he’s free.

And with him went your leverage to get me to talk.

Oh, I don’t know about that.

The Brazen Bull, I presume.

Excellent. You’re familiar with Dr. Perillos.


Legendarily draconian methods.

Undeniably effective results.

This is almost a bucket-list moment for me.

Shall we begin?

Oh, let’s not.

Are you familiar with lymphocytic choriomeningitis?

If I say yes, can we skip the demonstration?

It’s a viral infection carried by mice that causes ascending paralysis.

The virus attacks the peripheral nervous system, then works its way upwards through the legs and torso to the chest, where it paralyzes the lungs… causing the victim to suffocate.

Careful. I’m terribly ticklish.


There is an antidote, which I will supply after you’ve told me about the archive.

Uh… think about it.

But not too long.

You haven’t got much time left.

What did you find out?

I haven’t heard back from our people yet.

Well, it turns out Irukandji jellyfish are sourced only by a few select brokers.


Who sell animals to research labs, universities, veterinary schools, and companies to provide animal testing services.

Disgusting, I know, and it gets worse.

There are two types of these “dealers.”

Class A, which breed specifically for research purposes, and Class B, who source animals from random locations like auctions, pounds, or even newspaper ads.

Okay, that is disgusting. Right?

I feel like there’s a separate Blacklist case in here somewhere.

COOPER: The point being?

The point being I could only find three Class B vendors who even supply our species of jellyfish.

Two haven’t made a sale in well over six months.

DEMBE: And the third?

The third is Tolofson-Hammond.

London based. License revoked.

They have a court case pending, and one of their clients who failed to appear…

That’s her.

PARK: Name’s Kayla Lynne Banks.

Last known address in Cardiff.

Both of which are fakes.

Okay, let’s work backwards. Unwind her alias.

Find out where she got her passports, her bank accounts.

How she built this false identity may point us to where she is now.



No pain at all.


And here I thought you fetishized pain.

No more than an oncologist fetishizes cancer.

I study it in the hopes of finding a cure for it.

I don’t believe you.

I think you enjoy the means too much to really care about the end.

I’m not talking about a medicine.

I’m talking about a solution.

An alteration in our DNA.

Did you know the mole rat can’t feel burning pain because it lacks the chemical Substance P?

You want people to be like mole rats?

I want us to be impervious to pain.

What a terrible idea.

Spoken like someone who’s never had his pain ignored, who’s never begged for relief and not gotten it.

I’d prefer to have my pain ignored than to have no pain at all.

Without pain, there can be no real pleasure.

Without the lows, you have no way to measure the highs.

If any part of your sadism-in-the-name-of-science is designed to improve the human condition, making us unfeeling is absolutely the wrong way of going about it.


Case in point…

This is gonna make killing you infinitely more pleasurable.

We’re ready.

How much time has he got?

An hour. Maybe less.

So, the archive.

Like the minister says at every wedding… Speak now…

or forever hold your peace.



Is there anything on the APB?

Not yet. And on your end?

I’ve called everyone, but everything is taking too long.

There must be something they missed at the scene.

We’ve reviewed all the crime-scene analysis from where you were held, plus what we found… or didn’t find… at the van.

Then we should go through it again.


You take the forensics from the van.

I’ll review the findings from the lab.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’d make a good cop.

You know what I do for a living.

I do.

I also know who you are.

A Black Muslim.

That describes quite a few cops.

We will find Raymond.

I hope you’re right.

But he lives on the edge.

And one day, he may go over it.

The report says the van was burned using an accelerant.

That’s right. Uh… cyclohexane.

Which burns at a low flash point.

That’s why there were no forensics.

And what does that tell you?

That the absence of evidence is evidence.




It’s not everything you thought it would be, is it?

This moment?

You’ve waited for it, anticipated it.


But somehow, it’s… dissatisfying.

It actually exceeds expectation.

I wasn’t talking to you.

We know who my assassin really is… don’t we, Elizabeth?

It saddens me to bear witness to this moment in your life.

This… crossing of a Rubicon from which you can never get back.

I know, in this moment, it may appear self-serving to suggest that you instruct the good doctor to administer the antidote, but I strongly suggest that you do just that… because… I have… seen the other side of that river… and it’s a place I never… never wanted you to go.



Who is it?!



I said…

Dembe, wait! Hold on!


Your accelerant.

You used it to help them torch the van they put me in.

Wait. Stop.

You set us up!

They tortured me!

My hand! They made me to do it!

Where is he?

They weren’t supposed to take you!

They were looking for Reddington!

Well, now they have him.


Ruddiger, look at me!

I’m gonna make what that woman did to your hand feel like a manicure unless you tell me where they are holding Raymond.


The warehouse!

East of the airport. Braxton and 9th.

The radiator.

Tie yourself to it.

Dembe, please.




He’s not coming back!

He’s not coming back!


What you’re experiencing is unilateral paralysis.

Your diaphragm is partially functioning as the paralysis moves higher into the chest cavity.

Soon, your diaphragm will be completely paralyzed and you’ll need a machine to assist in breathing.

Unfortunately for you, we have no machine.

But I do have this.

The doctor’s antidote takes immediate effect.

You’ll be breathing normally within seconds.

All you need to do first is tell me what you know about the archive.

COOPER: I’m sorry, say that again?

8353 Braxton.

I’m writing it down.

But before I sent units, I’d like to get inside.

There’s no time. I’ll explain later.

Just send units.


Dembe, talk to me.





DEMBE: Step away.



It’s okay, Raymond.

What have you done to him?

TOWNSEND: Aren’t you the loving couple.

First he comes to save you, and now you…

You come to save him.

Or try to.

I’m afraid you’re too late.

Is there an antidote?

The answer is no…


I won’t ask twice.


Give it to him.



What’s wrong with him?

I paralyzed his diaphragm.

You came here to save him.

He came here to save himself.

You look at the cause.

I only see the effect.

I’m standing here while he can barely breathe.

Would Townsend do that for you?

Would anyone?


I want to know exactly what you did to him.



Tell us about Townsend.

Where he is.

How you contact him.




I don’t want you to suffocate.

I have the antidote, and I will give it to you.

But not until you tell us what we need to know.




Hey, call the EMTs and search the building for Reddington and Dembe.

Donald Ressler, FBI.

I’m gonna get you medically cleared, and then whatever you told Reddington about Townsend, well, you’re gonna tell me.





I’m sorry to wake you, sir.

They’re ready for you.




Do you believe her?

That Townsend paid her in cash and always used a burner phone?

I-I suppose.

I heard from Park.

The video link to Townsend was encrypted.

They’re going to try and trace it, but they’re not optimistic.

All of this and going after Perillos got us nothing.

I think we both know that’s not true.

We came for each other.


Do you think that I see your pain?


Do you?


I don’t. Not always.





How’s the patient?

He’ll be okay.

Thanks to you.

Good detective work.


I told you we’d find him.

You were right.

But so was I.

He lives at the edge, and one day, he will go over it.

You need to be prepared for when that happens.

By the way, we went to Ruddiger’s apartment.

He wasn’t there.

I got nothing. You?

I left him tied.

Well, he wasn’t there.


Neville, that’s enough.

That’s enough, Neville!




I want you to know… you’re only alive because of Keen.

You understand that, Ruddiger?

She begged me to spare your life.

A life which I now own.

Welcome to the family.

Don’t fail me again!



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