Sugar – S01E01 – Olivia | Transcript

After solving a case in Japan, private eye John Sugar returns to LA to help find a missing woman with ties to a Hollywood legend.
Sugar - S01E01 - Olivia

Original release date: April 5, 2024

Plot: John Sugar is a private investigator who is recruited to find out the disappearance of Jonathan Siegel’s granddaughter, Olivia. Sugar investigates Siegel’s family and is suspicious as to why Olivia’s father and step-brother are so suspicious about Sugar himself.

* * *

[characters on TV speaking Japanese]

[intercom ringing]

[person 1, in Japanese] Yes?

[person 2] I think you dropped this money outside the building.

If I’m mistaken, I apologize.

No, no, no, please.



[footsteps approaching]




[in English] Mister. Yes, that’s mine.

[person 2] Ah, you speak English.

[chuckles] It’s part of my job.

It’s a lot of money. I’d hate to see you lose it.

[chuckles] Yes, thank you.

I suppose I should offer you a reward?

No, there’s no need for that.

But I will ask a favor.

I was wondering, have you seen this boy?

He’s been missing for six days. His name’s Yuma.

[person 1] I’ve never seen him before.


I don’t think you’re being truthful, Hideo.

[Hideo stammers]

I think you’ve made a terrible mistake.

You sent the ransom note to Yuma’s parents.

The Kobayashis. But Mr. Kobayashi is not Yuma’s father.


He thinks he is, but he isn’t.

Yuma’s father, his real father, is a man by the name of Masaki Hashimoto, and Mr. Hashimoto… is a boss with the Tokyo yakuza.

So the only question is, what happens next?

I’m gonna give you a chance. All you have to do is take me to the boy.

As soon as I have Yuma, I’ll give you two hours before I contact his father.

In that time, you go to the airport, you buy a ticket somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s a foreign country.

You’ll never be safe in Japan.


[crying, breathing shakily]

[breathes heavily] I don’t like hurting people.

I really don’t.

Just tell me where you’re hiding the boy, and the deal still stands.

Please. Tell me where you’re hiding the boy.

[breathes heavily]

I’m sorry. You brought this on yourself.


[breathing heavily]

[person 2 panting]

Goddamn Savile Row suit. [sighing]

[footsteps shuffling]


[in Japanese] Who are you?


[train clacking, passing]



[father, boy speaking Japanese]

[father, in Japanese] Thank you.

[in Japanese] It was an honor to be of service to you, sir.

[in Japanese] You’re hurt.

I’ll take care of it.

As you wish.

Wait outside.

[grunts, sighs]

[in English] I think it’s best you leave now.

[breathes shakily, gasps]

[person 2] I don’t like hurting people. It’s true.

This world has more than enough suffering without extra contributions from me.

Finding people that are lost.

Bringing them back to those that miss them.

That part of the job I like.

It makes the occasional knife fight and ruined suit worthwhile.

It’s tough business.

But steady.


[slurps, chews]

[fly buzzing]

[buzzing stops]

[buzzing resumes]


[jazz music playing]

[speaks Japanese]

[bartender speaks Japanese]

[person 2 speaks Japanese]

[speaks Japanese]



[phone chimes, buzzes]


[rock music playing]

[driver, in Arabic] Hopefully, the fever will break. Did the vomit stop?

I have a client…

so I have to go.

[in English] Is the temperature all right for you, sir?

I can turn up the AC if you like.

[in Arabic] I’m very comfortable. Thank you.

You speak Arabic?

I do. Many years ago, I spent time in Damascus.

When it was a great city… before all the trouble.

I am from Damascus!

What is your name, my friend?



[in English] Munzer,

I heard you, uh, talk about your daughter.

This is my doctor’s number.

Just call him, right?

Tell him about your daughter, she’s sick, and, uh,

make sure to let him know that I told you to call. He’ll help.

[in Arabic] Blessings to you, sir. Praise God.

[in English] Of course.

I will wait for you?

No, no. No need.

But if you wouldn’t mind taking my bags to the hotel, I’d appreciate it.

And, uh, if your dispatcher asks, just say you dropped me there as well.

As you wish.

[high-pitched ringing]

[inhales sharply, breathes shakily]


[children chattering]

[doorbell rings]

John Sugar, in the flesh.

Hey, Ruby.

Hey. Come here. Oh, it’s been a while.


All right, let me look at you.

[John clears throat]

You look tired.

Long trip.

I ran into an old friend in Tokyo.

He said his local cell had disbanded

and he hasn’t seen the other members in over a year.

I told him he’d be welcome here with us, if he wanted to relocate.

Yeah, of course. All right. I have some things for you inside.

Lead the way.

All right.

[cat meowing]

Mirembe, Mirembe, Mirembe.

Hi. Hi. Aw. [groans]

[Ruby] I didn’t know you were so easily seduced.

It’s not seduction ’cause I know what she’s trying to do.

Aw, good girl.


What have you got?

From Helen.

That’s sweet of her.

Yeah, I can’t believe she still writes.

Like, she actually writes.

[John] She’s old-school.

[Ruby] She is old-school.

[gasps] Thank you.

[Ruby] You’re welcome.

So, your flight got in, what, four hours ago?

Give or take. Uh-huh.

Where have you been?

I had some things to do.

[Ruby] Things?


[Ruby] Things like?

[John] Things like things.

[chuckles] Things like Jonathan Siegel?



Thomas Kinzie, Mr. Siegel’s attorney.

John Sugar.

Welcome. He’s in the garden.

[John] You spying on me again?

[Ruby] No, I, uh…

I just got a call from Thomas Kinzie.


Yeah, about your contract,

which I thought was really strange because when he called me three days ago,

I told him very clearly that you were unavailable.

[laughs] Maybe.


I contacted the references you provided.

They all said you’re a man of great integrity.

[Thomas] When it comes to his family,

Mr. Siegel is an incredibly private person.

Any public knowledge of this very personal concern

would be greatly distressing for him.

There he is.

There he is.

[Jonathan] Plant as many as you can. But get some more soil in here.

That’ll be all. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Sugar, Jonathan Siegel.

It’s an honor to meet you, sir. I’m a great admirer of your work.

Though I have seen every movie you’ve ever produced.

Most, at least five or six times,

except Lady In The Shadows.


I’ve seen that more times than I can remember.

You can go, Tom. I’ll call you later.

Mr. Sugar.

Thank you.

Shall we?

[John] Sure.

So, you’re a film buff?

Buff? Buff is, uh…

it’s putting it lightly. It’s… It’s more like an addiction.

Ah. [chuckles]

That’s not funny, John. Not to me.

When a client reaches out to you directly, it’s disrespectful.

You’re my business.

Not to mention the fact that you and I had an agreement

that after Tokyo, you would take a break.

[Ruby] A much-needed break.

[Jonathan] I talked to Emily Carpenter about you.

Emily told me that you do one thing and one thing only.

You find the missing,

for people who value discretion,

like me. [chuckles]

[John] Ruby, it’s Jonathan Siegel.

[Ruby] I don’t care who it is.

There’s a girl missing.

His granddaughter.

She’s 25 now, but she’s still a child to him.

[Jonathan] Olivia has been missing for two weeks.

My son Bernard, he, uh…

he only told me about it a few days ago.

He thinks it’s just another one of her misadventures.

I had Tom’s office prepare what you requested.

That’s her.

[John] Well, she’s beautiful.


[John] She’s done this before? [stammers] Disappeared?

Yes. But, uh,

that was because for many years she had a drug problem

and she’d often vanish for days, weeks, months even.

[John] But this time it’s different. This time you’re worried. Why?

When Olivia would disappear like that, she’d still call me.

[John] Mm-hmm.

She’d always call me for money,

which I gave her.

And you haven’t heard from her? No calls, no…

No, something different this time.

When was the last time you saw Olivia?

Um, about a month ago. I took her out to dinner.

We celebrated two years of her sobriety.

She was very proud of that. I was proud of her.

There was something special about her that night.

[John] Special? How so?

[Jonathan] She was passionate, confident, eager, funny.

It was so clear to me then, she was finally on her way.

[John] On her way to what, sir?

To becoming herself.


[Jonathan sighs] I’m an old man, Sugar,

and frankly I’m not that well.

Bum ticker.

I don’t really give a damn about anything anymore,

except my granddaughter.

I need you to find her, please.

Well, that’s his problem.

It’s not mine, and it’s not yours.

[John] We’ll speak soon.

[Ruby] That’s not funny, John.

You need to call Thomas Kinzie right now and set him straight.

[John] Ruby,

I can’t do that.

I can’t do that. It’s this girl.


she reminds me of Djen.


I don’t know what to say.

She, um…


God. You son of a bitch.


You sure know how to play me, don’t you?

I ain’t playing, Ruby. I ain’t playing.


I saw her pictures, and straightaway it was…

it was Djen.

Right. Well, you’re gonna need this stuff.

It’s a concealed carry permit,

your renewed California private investigator’s license,

driver’s license…

W-Wait. Whoa, whoa.

Concealed carry permit, why would I need that?

[inhales sharply]

[Ruby sighs]

Ruby, come on. You know I don’t like guns.

Yes, I know. Come on. It’s just…

Look, this isn’t any old gun, all right?

This is the gun that Glenn Ford used in The Big Heat.

What do you mean the gun Glenn Ford used in The Big Heat?

What do you mean? Is it, like, a replica?

[Ruby] No, it’s not a replica.

[John] Glenn Ford?

Yeah, he used that gun.

Glenn Ford used this gun?

I had…

Go on. Tell me.

[Ruby] Glenn Ford used that gun.

Oh, my God.


I bought that from a private collector.

I had it restored to perfect working order just for you.


I just feel more comfortable

if you carried a gun.

Plus, I figured this is the only way I was gonna get you to do it.

Who’s playing who?


Wow. Well, thank you.

There you go. You’re welcome.

But, um, no, thank you.

[grunts] N… Nah, uh-uh. No.

You can take all of this, but you need to make some promises.

Like what?

[inhales deeply]

Like you, uh, take this gun with you

right now.


Okay, and then you make an appointment with Dr. Vickers.

Ruby, I feel… [stammers]

I’m in… I’m in great health. I feel perfect.

Don’t bullshit me, John. You know… I know you.

I don’t need to see Dr. Vickers.

Okay, John, how’s your arm?


My arm’s fine.

All right.

You can take the Siegel case. But when it’s done, you’re done.


Until I say otherwise.

All right. There you go.


I think you’re forgetting something.

No, that’s pretty much everything.

It’s in your left hand. Show me, show me, show me.

Thank you.


[John yelps]

[door closes]

[Ruby scoffs] I hate that you drive this relic.

[John] Relic? This is a work of art.

[engine revving]

All right.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

You’ll be at the Del Corazon, of course.

Of course.

You know, for what you spend at that place,

we could get you a nice house.

I like that place.

I mean, it has maids who clean my room twice a day.

It has a concierge that takes care of whatever I need. It has room service.

No, you like that place because the people who work there

make you feel like you belong.


Yeah, like you’re part of something.


Mm-hmm. But it’s an illusion, Sugar. You need a home.

[tires screech]

[engine revving]

[John] Mr. Bascombe?

Yes. Hey, uh, call me Gary.

John Sugar.

Hi. Uh, yeah, Mr. Kinzie’s office called,

said to let you in. So…


Uh, hold on. Uh, each, uh, tenant, do they have their own parking space?

Yeah, sure do. Some of them have two.

Could you show me Miss Siegel’s, please?

Oh, yeah. Uh, it’s right this way.

Oh, it has not moved in, like, two weeks.

How do you know? I assume you haven’t been watching the garage 24/7?

Oh, no, no, no. All the tenants have a, uh, gate opener in the car,

and it records every time they go in or out.

There’s a record of it on the security computer thing in my office…

By any chance, you have a duplicate set of keys?

For the cars? No, no, just for the units.

Okay. Can I see her place now?

Yeah, yeah. This way.

[Gary] All righty, here we are.

I didn’t even know who she was. Like, her family and everything.

Gary, thank you. I… I appreciate you.


Uh, I’ll take it from here, and I’ll take the keys too.

Oh, I’ve got keys for all the units. You know, I’m the building manager.

Yes, you are. But it’s a condominium,

so all the keys are legal property of the owner of the condominium,

which is Jonathan Siegel. And as Mr. Siegel’s representative, I insist.

Thank you.

[stammers] But what if something happens? Like… Like a, um… Like a leaky pipe?

Just call me on this number.

Call you?

Yeah, thank you.


[John] Nice place.

She’s a Siegel, so of course it is.

[person] What are you doing here? Who the fuck are you?

I could ask you the same question.

Kenny! Kenny!

Whoa. Easy there, quick draw.

I asked you a question, motherfucker. Who the fuck are you?

My name’s John Sugar.

I’m a private investigator licensed by the State of California.

I have some identification in my pocket.

Hey, keep your hands out of your pants.


[John sighs]

Sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first.

Of course, Davy Siegel.


It’s not Davy anymore.

[John] You just shot that sequel, huh?

To The Boy in the Corner,

the one where you’re the same kid but all grown up?

[David] Yeah.

[John] Good luck with that.

Would you mind? [stammers] Guns make me nervous.

Thank you.

[David] What are you doing here, man?

I’ve been hired by your grandfather

to look into the disappearance of your sister.

If you wanna call him or his attorney Mr. Kinzie,

they’ll confirm what I just said.

Oh, that’s all right. I believe you.

Good. So now we can get back to our initial exchange.

Our what?

Our, uh… Well,

I… I told you why I’m here,

but you still haven’t told me what you’re doing here.

Uh, my dad told me to come here.


I’m supposed to come here every day to see if Olivia’s back.

Where’d you get the keys?

My dad.

Bernie has a set of keys to the condo that Jonathan bought your sister?

Half-sister. But, yeah.

Why didn’t you just ring or knock on the door?

[chuckles] What?

Well, you’re looking for Olivia, right? I mean, she could…

she could still be here, but you just assume that she wasn’t.

Yeah, she could have been passed out.

I don’t know how much you know about Olivia but, you know,

once a junkie, always a junkie.

You’re a terrible liar, Davy.


Maybe the worst liar ever.

[inhales sharply] Well, Olivia’s not here.

Yeah, I figured.

So there’s no reason for you to be here either, is there?

Nice suit.

Night, Kenny.

It’s always nice to meet a fan.

[chuckles] That was good.

[John] Well, that was interesting.

Scared little boy.

[John] Scared of what, I wonder?

Scared of who?

Olivia’s mom.

Yeah, I guess I see it.

It’s the eyes.

[John] Rachel Kaye.

Same sadness there.

I recognize the blonde.

Melanie Matthews.

Used to be Olivia’s stepmom and a big rock star too.

But this is recent.

Maybe she knows something.

Step-Hi Lounge.

Melanie wasn’t at home, so the bar from the picture seems like my next stop.

I know the place.

What’s your name, my friend?


Carl. John.

It’s nice to meet you, Carl. His name?

That’s Wiley.

Can I…


Hey. Hey, Wiley.

Hey, Carl, would you, uh… would you do me a favor?

Could you watch my car?

I’ll, uh… I’ll pay you, like, a couple hundred bucks.

You don’t have to do anything. You just…

You know, anyone tries to steal it or, hell, anyone gets too close to it,

all you gotta do… Here’s a telephone.

You just call me at this number.

Hundred bucks.

When I get back, I’ll give you the other half. Sound good?

Yeah. [stammers] Sounds real good.

Okay. Cool.

Hey, Wiley.

[Carl] He’s friendly.

You’re a good man, Carl.

[“Cherry” playing]

[Melanie] ♪ We are golden ♪

♪ And I’m out here on the road ♪

♪ I feel just like a rolling stone ♪

♪ Into the highways of the night I roll alone ♪

[people cheering, whistling]

[John] At first, I was gonna call it a coincidence,

finding Olivia’s mystery woman so easily.

But something tells me she could have been found here most anytime.

[bartender] Get you something?

Whatever she’s drinking.

Willett Distillery single-barrel bourbon, sir.

That’s gonna be $100 a shot. [inhales sharply]

Neat. Water back. I’d like to pay for hers too.

That’s nice of you, man, but she does not like dudes buying her drinks.

[John] I respect that.

Thank you.

Oh, that’s very good.

I usually drink scotch, but this… this could change things.

[Melanie] You ever have rye?

Rye falls somewhere in between that beautiful whiskey sweet spot.

No. I… I’d hear cowboys order it in westerns.

You know, “Barkeep, give me a shot of rye.”

But I never thought to actually try it.




[Melanie chuckles]

Hey, Melanie.

You wanna get drunk?

I think the lady needs a fresh one.

You matched me drink for drink, but I’m sloshed, and you’re stone-cold sober.

Yeah, I have a strange metabolism.

My body, it, um… it processes alcohol at a rate 50 times faster than normal.

I mean, I could drink that, this, every drink in this establishment,

and I still wouldn’t get drunk.

That sounds expensive.

[chuckles] It can be.


[John chuckles]

Why drink?


I think I like the romance of it.

Mmm, yeah. [stammers]

I suppose I get that from the movies.


I love the movies.

I like sci-fi.

[John] You like sci-fi?

Any… Any particular titles that you have?

Like, a go-to sci-fi film… [speaks indistinctly]

How many questions?

Hold on. I gotta figure this out. Okay.

[stammers] You’re not an asshole or a douche or a sleaze.

And m… No. Most…

How do you know? We just met.

Most men fall into those categories. I know. I know.

You don’t,

but, um… but there’s more… there’s more to you than meets the eye.

You have secrets, and you keep things hidden.

Just things you only share with a trusted few.

And gaining that trust, that’s… that’s not easy.


Do you wanna take me home?

[Carl] It’s okay.

Hey, Carl. Thank you.

[Carl] Uh. [chuckles]

Thanks for remembering my name, Mr. Sugar.

John. John.

[Carl] John.

[John] Okay. Just give me one second.

Thank you.

Wiley, thank you. Thank you.

[Carl chuckles]

He likes you. [chuckles]

I like him too.

As promised. Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.


Mr. Su… John.

John. John.

Cool. Here’s your, uh…

You know what? [stammers] Keep that.

Right. And I want you to find somewhere decent for you and Wiley to sleep tonight.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


You got any family, Carl?

Uh, I got a sister in Milwaukee.

Uh-huh. W-What’s her name?




Sophie. Does she know what’s, uh… what’s going on with you?

She, um… [stammers] Uh, well…

Carl, I want you to use that phone and call Sophie tonight.

Call her and ask her if you can stay.

Okay? Just tell her what’s happened. Don’t let pride get in the way.

Just ’cause you’re living on the streets,

it doesn’t make you any less human than the rest of us.

What’s happened to you could happen to anyone.

Can you do that? Can you call Sophie tonight?



You call her tonight.

And you call me tomorrow. I’ll get you a ticket to Milwaukee, okay?

[stammers] I got Wiley, so…

We’ll get him on as a service dog.

Not a problem. I’ll get him a ticket too. I… I promise. Deal?

[Carl chuckles]

[John] Okay. Okay, all right.


Hey, it’s okay. Come here.

Come here, boy.

Come on back in. You’re okay.

We’re going to Milwaukee.

Yeah, you’re going home.

[Carl chuckles]

We’ll talk tomorrow?

I’ll call you tomorrow, sir.

All right. Okay.

Hey, uh, thank you.

[John sighs] Excuse me.

[Melanie] I think he liked you.

He called you sugar.

[chuckles] No, that’s my name.

Your name is John Sugar?

Yeah, John Sugar.

Okay. Oh, I’m not gonna forget that.


[Melanie] When’s your birthday, John Sugar?

[John] Uh, September 2nd.

[Melanie] Virgo? Ah, I knew it.

I love Virgo. Honest, loyal and kind.

When you meet someone unlike you, you know it.

You are who you are.

[John] Really?

[Melanie chuckles] I knew it.

But, you know, deep down, you’re lonely.

You don’t have a wife or kids or a home.

You choose to be alone.

But there’s hope for you, John Sugar.

Is there?

[Melanie] My home.

[John] Uh-huh.

[Melanie] I didn’t tell you where I lived.

[John] Yeah, you did. At the bar. Mm-hmm.

I did?

[alarm chimes]

[John] Good night.

Will you come inside and make sure no one’s waiting to rape or kill me?


All clear. You’re good.

I found a bottle of rye. How about one for the road?

[clicks tongue] Long day.

Oh, come on. You can’t get drunk. It’s not gonna matter, right?


What if you get stopped by the cops?

And all that booze is just still in your blood, right?

I’ll be okay.

Oh. Hmm. I think you should play it safe.

I think you should stay here tonight.

[groans] Not tonight, Melanie.

I bet you’re a good kisser.

Not tonight, Melanie.

Why not?

Because you’re drunk and I’m not.

But I want you to.

There’s another thing about Virgo men.

They’re very compatible with Taurus women, especially when it comes to sex.

[chuckles, mumbles]

I’m a Taurus. [laughs]

I’m a Taurus. I’m a Taurus.

You’re drunk. I’m not.


Fine, be that way.

[John] My fault.

I lost track of the whiskey.

I’m not gonna learn much from Melanie tonight.

Other than she’s a funny Taurus with a swimming pool.

And lonely.

I like her.

But, yeah, answers will have to wait.

Well, you’re in for a treat.

Good night, Melanie.


You gotta stop following me, Kenny, okay? You’re a terrible tail.

I could spot you from a mile away. Ten miles away.

I’m staying at the Del Corazon.

That’s all you need to tell Davy.

And when he finds out it’s true, he’ll think you’ve done a hell of a job.

Take it.

Now, drive away.

[engine starts]

[John] Why is he having me followed? What did I do?

I’m one of the good guys.

Although, to be fair, out here, good and bad can be in the eye of the beholder.

And I don’t think Davy Siegel beholds me highly.

People think LA is an up-all-night kind of town, but it really isn’t.

After midnight,

except the club kids along the strip or the crawlers down in Hollywood,

everyone’s in bed.

No one’s watching.

You can come and go as you like.

[device chimes]

[John] Sometimes where someone’s been

is the best way to find out where they’ve gone.

[beeping, chiming]

Who’s this?

Looks like a hard case.

Biker. Banger. Something.

[John] It could have been worse. It could have been Olivia.

[John] Yeah, but I need to figure this one out and pretty damn quick too, or something tells me hers will be the next body I find.

[tires screeching]

It’s funny, after so much time, I’ve almost gotten used to it.


[engine starts, revs]

[John] All this violence.

Doing this so long, I’ve grown to expect it.

[John] I know what it says about the world, but I wonder what it says about me.

[valet] Good evening, sir.

Mr. Sugar. So very good to see you again, sir.

Thank you, Clinton. It’s good to be back.

Your bungalow is waiting, and everything is just as you like it.

By chance, are you hungry?

Oh, very.

I’ll let the chef know. I’m sure he’ll put together something special for you.

You read my mind. Oh, Clinton, I almost forgot.

There’s a suitcase in the trunk of my car.

[Clinton] I’ll take care of it.

[safe keypad beeping]


Thank you.

Good evening.



Good evening, Mr. Sugar. May I come in?

[in Spanish] Yes, please. It’s so wonderful to see you.

How are Jorge and the kids?

They’re all well, sir, thank you.


[in English] I almost forgot.

This arrived for you just a short while ago.

[speaks Spanish]

[in Spanish] Good night.

[in Spanish] Good night.

[John, in English] A party.

A party.

[sighs] It’ll be good to see everyone, I guess.

“If it’ll be so good to see them, then why do you so often avoid them?”

is a question one could ask.

And I would answer it, if I wasn’t busy working.

I tried to hit him, but he held me down.

He was very strong.

Very strong.

When he tried to kiss me, I went to bite him.

And that’s when he put his hand around my throat and he said, “I’m gonna get what I want.”

[John] She’s a good actor.

[Rachel chuckles] I just laid there and let him have his fun.

What was I supposed to do, hmm? Turn into Wonder Woman?

[John] Interesting choice of material though.

Well, I couldn’t. I didn’t.

[John] Strong woman.

And I tried to hit him, but he held me down.

He is very strong.

And when he tried to kiss me, I went to bite him.

And that’s when he put his hands around my throat

and he said, “I’m gonna get what I want.”

[John] Following in her mom’s footsteps.

Two strong women fighting back or trying to.

[Olivia] So what was I supposed to do?

[John] What’s this?

[chuckling] Turn into Wonder Woman? ‘Cause I didn’t. I couldn’t.

[John] Rachel.

[Olivia] I just laid there…

[John] Who took these?

[Olivia] …to let him have his fun.

So I guess I wanted it.

[John] Why does Olivia have pictures?

[Olivia] Is that what you’re telling me?

[John] Hold on.

I should probably…

Hold on.

I better lie down.

[breathing shakily]

[breathing heavily]


[John] I have to.

I have to…

find Olivia.

I have to.

I have to.

I have to.

[“Sugar, Sugar” playing]


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