Squid Game – S01E07 – VIPS [Transcript]

The Masked Leader welcomes VIP guests to the facility for a front-row viewing of the show. In the fifth game, some players crack under pressure.
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Original release date: September 17, 2021

The players return to the dorm where Mi-nyeo is waiting, having been allowed to sit out the game. Player 069, who beat his wife in the marble game, commits suicide. The VIPs arrive and are welcomed by the Front Man on behalf of his boss, the host. The VIPs are wealthy patrons who gamble on the games. Jun-ho takes a worker’s place and one of the VIPs attempts to have sex with him, but Jun-ho interrogates the VIP for info and escapes the island with a scuba kit. In the fifth game the players, in predetermined order, have 16 minutes to cross a bridge with panels of either tempered or normal glass. The players at the front die off as the panels are tested. When Deok-su gets to the front of the line, he refuses to move; Mi-nyeo grabs him and they fall together. With four players left, Sang-woo pushes Player 017, killing him to reveal the last trick panel. Gi-hun, Sang-woo and Sae-byeok complete the game.

* * *

[ominous music]

[ominous music rising]

[eerie music]

[radio beeps]

The intruder?

[masked man] We haven’t located him yet, sir.

[radio beeps]

[Front Man sighs]


Make sure you catch him. The VIPs will arrive soon.


[dark music]



Deok-su, honey, so glad you won.

[stammers] How… how the hell…


You’re looking at me like you’ve seen a ghost. Are you okay?



The masked guys all called me this, “the weakest link.”

Like when nobody chooses you as a partner for things when you were a kid.

Hey, this guy knows about it.

The weakest link!

[Mi-nyeo cackles]

And after that, they gently escorted me back to this dorm.


Because… they said that it’s all a part of a rule that… in the old days… not to let a kid turn into some kind of an outcast, I guess.

Goddamn it! [inhales]

It’s amazing, isn’t it?


[cackling continues]


[footsteps approaching]

[ringing continues]



[in English] Front Man speaking.

I’m happy to hear you enjoy the game, sir.

Yes, sir. The host is currently waiting for the VIPs to arrive.


[footsteps receding]

[tense music]

[gun cocks]

[mysterious music]

[Front Man, in Korean] Are you in here right now?

You’re good, but you made one mistake.

I always put the receiver down the other way.

[eerie music]

The bullet you shot was from a Smith and Wesson M60 revolver, standard issue for Korean police.

What’s a cop doing here without a partner?


[exhales] I am sure you have lots of questions.

It’s not too late to come out and talk.

I don’t know how you got in, but you can’t leave this place without my permission.

[eerie music continues]

[door opens]

[light switch clicks]

[eerie music continues]


[radio beeping]

[masked man] We found a body.

Where is it?

The northern coast of the island.

[radio beeps]



[hurried footsteps]


[Sae-byeok sniffles]



[Sang-woo] Don’t worry about it.

He was an old man you only knew for a few days.

[Sang-woo exhales]

See that man there?

His partner was his wife.

[water sloshing]

[scanner beeps]

[beeping continues]

[masked man 1] We found this police ID on him.


[radio beeps]

[masked man 2] The VIPs have arrived.

[radio beeps]

[Front Man] Incinerate the body.

[sniffles] Let…

Let’s just stop all this. I can’t keep doing this. I can’t.


The majority must agree. Well, come on, let’s get out.

Half of us, that’s all we need to end this right now.

Don’t any of you want to leave this horrible place?

Anyone who wants to go, stand up. Let’s get out of here.


How can you call yourselves human?


How many of you can continue with this insanity just for the money?

You just had to kill the ones you were the closest to at this place, and you’re good with that just to get the money?


[Sang-woo] So what if we stop now?

You think your wife will stop being dead if we all go now?

And she’ll forgive you for letting her get murdered?

If you can’t keep going, then why are you alive right now?

You should’ve been the one who died in there instead.

See that?

That’s the price of being in here.

And your wife and the others paid it with their lives.


And you wanna go and leave?

You wanna start from the beginning again?

You ready to do all that, huh?


Starting over again from nothing with that guilt.

[Player 69 whimpers]

And is everybody here ready to do that as well?

Go ahead, stand up! Let’s see who thinks they are.

[Sang-woo] Get up and get out of here!

[Player 69 whimpers]

[heavy breathing]

[Player 69 sobs]

[Player 69] No…

[Player 69 crying]

[dramatic music]

[helicopter whirring]

[knocks on door]

[door opens]

[Front Man] The VIPs have arrived outside.

[elevator dings]

[in English] Greetings.

I hope your long trip here has not been too difficult.

I am the Front Man.

I oversee all of the operations here at this facility.

It is a true honor to welcome you.

Where is the host?

Regrettably, some urgent business has prevented him from attending.


I find it hard to believe the host would miss a night like tonight.

[Front Man] He asked me to apologize on his behalf.

Did some problem happen here?

Not at all.

It’s just a personal matter of the host.

The remaining games will be held as scheduled.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Well, I hope not.

Listen, I’m willing to give anybody some slack. That’s not a problem.

I just have to say that I’m a difficult man to please.

I hope you won’t disappoint me.

[Front Man sighs]

[Front Man] Shall we?

[door beeps]

[door rumbling]

[footsteps receding]

[Player 244, in Korean] Oh, Lord, be my shepherd, be my guide.

May you watch over me tonight.

May you give me protection and strength that I need to make my way through these routes, and may you light the path to my salvation.

I give myself to you, Oh Lord.

Please look down on me with pity and forgiveness.

I pray for those who have sacrificed themselves for me, or forgive them as well.

Hear me, Oh Lord, help me and forgive me for what I have done and what I may do.

I live with my heart only by your graces.

I am your humble servant, and I seek repentance for my sins.

Oh, God, protect me and save my soul.

I know I’m a sinner, but I seek holy absolution in your light.

[door bangs]

[VIP 1, in English] I am dying to know what this next game is.

Give us a hint, will you?

[Front Man] As much as I’d like to, sir, I’d hate to ruin the fun for everyone.

[VIP 2] The games of this edition have been amazing.

[VIP 3] Right. The contest in Korea was the best.

[Front Man] Thank you.

I believe this next game will exceed your expectations.

[VIP 1] Well, that’s why we came all this way.

Trust me. The screens we have at home are plenty big, but… nothing beats seeing with your own eyes.

[VIP 4] No!

No, don’t do it, you idiot! You asshole!

Fucking loser!

What are you so worked up about?

I put a lot of money on that dickhead to win.


[VIP 2 laughs] How much did you bet?

[VIP 4] A million bucks!

[VIP 2] Ooh.

What convinced you to bet so much on number 69?

Oh, it’s, uh, such a beautiful number, 69.

[VIPs laugh]

[VIP 1] Oh, you dirty dog.


[Front Man] You can place your bets again before the next game begins.

Why don’t you all get some rest in your rooms?

We’ll come and get you when everything’s ready.

[VIP 1] I’m looking forward to it.

[VIP 5] So, will you bet on brain or muscle?

[VIP 2] So who you’re putting your money on this time?

[VIP 6] I think I’m going muscle all the way.

[VIP 1] I still haven’t decided yet.

[VIP 5] Number 101.

What about you?

I’m torn between a couple of them.

[VIP 4] Sixty-two, I think.

[glasses clinking]

[eerie music]

[in Korean] Your shift’s over.

[eerie music continues]

[classical music playing on speakers]

[alarm blares]

[classical music continues playing]

[ethereal music]

[ethereal music continues]

[woman on PA] Player 69, eliminated.


[digital trilling]


[woman on PA] Attention, all players. The fifth game is about to begin.

All players, follow the staff’s instructions and swiftly make your way towards the game hall.

[“The Blue Danube” playing on speakers]

[mumbling prayers]

[“The Blue Danube” continues playing]

[VIP 2, in English] So how are your scores so far? Bet on any winners?

[VIP 4 sighs] No.

For some reason, I keep picking losers.

[VIP 2] Now is your chance to catch up.

The serious betting starts in this round.

And how much you gonna bet?

I’m doubling my stakes on this round.

[VIP 5] Are you sure about that?

You don’t even know what game it’s gonna be.

[VIP 2] It doesn’t matter what game it is, I trust my gut.

[“The Blue Danube” continues playing]

[VIP 4] Goddamn it.

Just tell us about the next game.

How long are you gonna string us along like this?

He’s in a bad mood because of 69. Better tell him quickly.

[Front Man] Gentlemen, let me introduce the next game.

[VIP 5] What’s that thing?

[VIP 1] Looks like a bridge of some sort.

[VIP 2] I like the looks of it.

What the hell is that?

[music stops]

[inhales deeply]

[woman on PA, in Korean] Welcome, players, to the fifth game.

Before we begin, please make your way down the steps and choose one of the mannequins that you see presented before you.

Once you’ve chosen, take the corresponding vest.

They are numbered 1 through 16.

Let me repeat the instructions.

Please make your way down the steps and choose one of the mannequins that you see before you, and take the corresponding vest.

They are numbered 1 through 16.

[classical music on TV]

[VIP 1, in English] Ooh, this is exciting.

Gentlemen, this may be the deciding moment.

There are plenty of other variables, but I think the order, in which they compete, matters most.

Who are you betting on this time?


What’s your reason?

Well, if I can’t do 69,

I’ll try 96.

[VIPs laughing]

[VIP 1] Good luck with that.

[VIP 2] How do you know this guy?

[VIP 1] I didn’t bring him. I thought you brought him.

[VIP 2] Me? No.

[VIP 1 laughs]

[VIP 1] Oh, jeez. You kill me.

Oh. [chuckles]

[breathing deeply]

[Gi-hun, in Korean] There are 16 people left, and there are 16 numbers.

[footsteps approaching]

[Sang-woo breathing deeply]

It was on the sixth day that God created the first man on Earth.

And now, I will go back to that day God made us sinless and innocent.



Okay. Lucky number seven, come on.

[Deok-su grunts]

[Mi-nyeo] Mm.

[classical music on TV]

[in English] They always take the middle numbers first.

Animal instinct.

When faced with danger, seek refuge in the herd.

[Gi-hun, in Korean] What should I do?

The middle numbers are all taken.

[in English] Only two choices left. Front or back?

[clicks tongue]

I can’t say I’d know which one to choose either.

[Front Man] Shall I help them along with their decision?

Sure, drop them a hint.

[VIP 4] Show mercy to the miserable!

[VIP 2] Okay, do it.


[woman on PA, in Korean] Your attention, please.

The numbers you see on the mannequins correspond to the order in which you will be playing.

Please make your decision carefully.

[Gi-hun] The order?

That we’re playing in?


If this is the order we’d play, then the low numbers are better.

It’s probably gonna have a time limit like Red Light, Green Light and Honeycomb.

It’s better to get a head start.



It’d be too dangerous to go first without knowing the game.

If I stay in the back, I can watch the ones who go first and make a plan like in Tug-of-War.


[quirky music]


[Gi-hun] Sixteen.

I can’t go with 16.

Whatever it is, it’s too dangerous to go last.

[Gi-hun breathing heavily]

[panicked breathing]

Number 1? That means I’ll be starting the game off.

Then should I go last?

No, that seems wrong too.

Gi-hun, pull yourself together.

[in English] Down to two positions, first and last.

Mm. The start and the finish.

Two places you really don’t wanna be.

Going first in a life-or-death contest?

Very scary.

But recall, too, that in the first game, most of the contestants in the back died after running out of time, so… you can’t feel too comfortable picking 16 either.

You bet on 96, right?


Pick a good one.


Where are you going?

[Player 96, in Korean] Excuse me.

[shaky breathing]

Could I be number one instead?

As long as I can remember, I’ve been hiding behind people when I got scared.

My life has been this thing that I’ve never really been able to truly control.

And I tried to act like I wasn’t afraid, but I was.

And now, as always, I’m choosing my number last after everybody else here.

I wanna get at least one last chance to claim ownership of my life.

Sir, give this chance to me.


Please just give me that.

[Player 96 on TV] Thank you!

Thank you!

[VIP 4, in English] You fuckwad!

Piece of shit!

[VIPs laughing]

Oh, it’s really not your day, is it?

First, 69, and now, 96. [laughs]

[VIP 4] Motherfucker!

Son of a bitch!

Now, the game will begin.

[classical music stops]

[dark music]

Oh, wow. It’s bigger!

[VIP 1] Yeah. A lot bigger.

[suspenseful music]

[woman on PA, in Korean] Hello, players, let me welcome you all to the fifth game.

The fifth game is Glass Stepping Stones.

The stepping stones before you are made from one of two types of glass, one will be tempered glass and the other will be normal glass.

The tempered glass stepping stone as strong enough to hold the weight of two people.

However, the normal glass will break even if just one person steps on it.

For this game, you will guess which one of next two tiles is the tile made of the stronger tempered glass, and only step on those across the 18 pairs of tile.

You may then cross over to the other side safely and pass this game.

[suspenseful music continues]

That means the numbers on us…

[masked man] Are the order in which you will cross the bridge.


[shaky breath]

[Player 96 shuddering]

[terrified breathing]

But then, how do I tell which is the tempered one?



[in English] Scumbag.


[gulps] Ah.

Bring me another scotch.

Hey, you!

I don’t wanna have to keep calling you back.

Sit down here.

I must serve the other guests, sir.

I’m gonna keep this one next to me.

Any objections?

[VIP 1] Not at all.

[VIP 2] As you please.

[VIP 1] He’s all yours.

[woman on PA, in Korean] For this game, you will have 16 minutes. Players must cross the bridge within those 16 minutes.

And now, with that, let the game begin.

Each player, take off your shoes, then go up to the tiles in order.

[tense music]

[Player 96 shuddering]



[Player 96 breathing shakily]


[Player 96 breathes nervously]

[man 1] What are you doing?

[man 2] We’re losing time!

[man 1] Hurry up and go!

[man 2] Just jump!

[man 3] Are you just gonna stand there?


Take your step now or I’ll push your ass.

I’ll go. I’ll go, okay? I’ll go. I’ll go right now.

And please try to choose carefully, huh.

[breathes nervously]

[players exclaim]

[man 3] You did it.

[players chatter]

[man 4] You picked right.

Oh! Yes, that’s it. Keep doing that one after the other.

[man 4] Come on.

You got this.

That’s it. Go on.

[man 4] Come on.

[suspenseful music]


[glass breaks]

[players scream]

[VIP 4, in English] He’s gone.

[VIP 1] Oh, no.


Well, that’s it for 96.

Aw, what a shame.

Oh. Hmm, you’ve already found some more fun.

[VIP 2 chuckles]

What pretty eyes you have.

[Player 308 shuddering]


[breathing heavily]

[in Korean] Step one was left.

Step two is on the right.

[Player 308 shuddering]

[tense music]


[players gasp]

[tense music continues]

[woman 1] You can do it.

[man 1] Hey, you got this.

[man 2] Hurry the hell up and go!

I’m looking at 15.

[man 2] Stop stalling!

The tiles ahead of me.

Let’s go.

So the probability that…

[woman 1] We don’t have time for this.

I’ll get everything right is…

[man 3] Hey, you got this.

…two to the power of fifteen.

[heavy breathing]

Times that…

One in 32,768. [exhales nervously]


Damn it.

[shaky breathing]


[players exclaim]

[glass shatters]


[tense music]

[feet thudding]

[thudding continues]



[Player 21] Excuse me, ma’am.

Do you think that you could help me? You happen to remember what he chose next?

I can’t seem to recall which one now.

Oh, I don’t know, uh, it happened too quickly.

Think hard please.

Since both of our lives depend on getting this next one.


The left one I think.

[man 1] Wait, no.

He went right and then he went left.

Uh, he didn’t do that.

[man 2] He went left right away.

[man 3] No, it was right from there.

[Player 21 breathing shakily]

You, are you sure… he went left first?


[breathing nervously]


[glass shatters]


[body thuds]


So he went right.

[glass clinks]

[VIP 1, in English] Number five fucked up.

[VIP 2] Another fall from grace.

[VIPs cheer]

Take that mask off.

[VIPs laugh]

Take your mask off!

I want to see your face.

[VIP 1] Yeah!

[VIPs cheering]

[Gi-hun, in Korean] There are ten tiles left, and 11 people still playing.

If they manage to step on one or two each, the three of us can get across to the end.

[Sang-woo] That might not be the case.

If one of those players get scared and starts to run down the time, we are in danger at the back of the line.



[eerie music]

[shaky breathing]


[Player 244] Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…

Get up. What are you doing?

You’re praying right now?

[Player 244] As it is in Heaven.


[man 1] What’s he doing up there?

[man 2] Come on! Just go!

Hey, just get up and stop praying, okay?

You idiot, it’s your turn!

You gotta go! Everybody will die, you know!

No number can determine when the Lord calls for somebody.

Judgment is called down to us here.

It’s our time to face the Lord.

Anyway, we’re all going to Hell.

Hurry, so I can move to the next one.

If you don’t, then I might have to push you into him, okay?


You want a wind-up dead, buddy? Get that asshole to stop praying.


[grunts] Get going, you idiot.

Step forward. Come on, damn it! You’ll kill us all!

[glass shatters]

[man screams]




Thank you. God bless me today.


[glass shatters]

[breathing heavily]

[gasps, shudders]

Don’t push me.


Hey, come on. I got no reason to push you.

You gotta cross so I can. Huh?

[tense music]

[man grunts]

[breathes nervously]

[tense music]

[shaky breathing]

[tense music continues]

[tense music rising]

[Gi-hun breathes nervously]

[Sae-byeok] It’s the left.


It’s the left one.

Get it together.


[shaky breath] Okay.

[Gi-hun gasps]

[breathing heavily]

Thanks so much.

[eerie music]

[shaky breathing]

[Deok-su grunts]

You’re doing good. Now you just keep going.

[breathing nervously]

I know which one of these is the strong glass.

You mean it?

You can see the tempered glass?

I’m pretty sure. It’s in the color.


[eerie music]

[breathing heavily]

You don’t know anything. Goddamn idiot.

[shaky breathing]

[clock ticking]

[feet thudding]

[breathing heavily]


[clock ticking]

[heavy breathing]

Hey, everybody, listen!

Anyone wanna get across?

Well, you better go first then.

Ah, shit.

[foreboding music]

[VIP 1, in English] Oh, it’s getting exciting.

We can’t show our faces in here.

You’re all mine.

But after you leave, they’ll kill me.

[VIP 4 laughs]

If you don’t do what I say, I will kill you before I leave.

[foreboding music continues]


Take me somewhere where we can be alone.

[VIP 6] You’re leaving at the most exciting moment?

Hey, you all have fun.

I’m going off for a different kind of fun.

Mmm, the real 69, huh? [purrs]

[VIP 2] Bon appétit!

[VIP 5] Have a good fucking time.

[eerie music]

[man shuddering]

[in Korean] What are you doing?

You deaf or what, asshole?

I’m not going until you do.

Are you crazy, man?

But the rule is we go in order.


You can just kiss my ass.

We’re in Hell here. There’s no rules in Hell.

You wanna go so bad? Go ahead.

You scumbag!


If you don’t move up, I’ll push you then.


Well then, come on. Then do it!

We’ll all die here together!

Hey, listen, everybody!

I’m not dying here for anyone. So come on, let’s do this!

[Deok-su huffing]

Get up here and go ahead.

If you don’t, we all die.

Your choice, dickhead.

Stop that bullshit, you asshole.

The clock is ticking. You gotta go soon.

You’ll be waiting here till we’re all dead.


Oh, shit.


[VIP 4 breathing heavily]


[VIP 4 sighs]

[in English] That’s not the kind of face you should keep behind a mask.

[breathes heavily]

Oh. If you… can satisfy me in five minutes, I’ll change your life.

[VIP 4 moaning]




[VIP 4 shuddering]


[shaky breathing]

If you can satisfy me in five minutes, I might let you live.

[breathes nervously]

Tell me everything you know about the game.

[breathes nervously]


[Deok-su huffing]

[man, in Korean] Damn it, you better go!

Please just go on!

[Mi-nyeo] Just go!


[both grunt]




[glass clinks]

[heavy breathing]

[shaky breathing]



My God, you’re all such idiots.

Man, you used to act like such a tough guy.

Babe, what happened to you?

Are you really pulling the shit?

Oh, man, you’re pathetic.

You’re just an ugly old bitch, okay.

Look, I’m not moving forward. Not at all.


[Mi-nyeo] Deok-su.

All of these people dead but the worst thing is… I let you fuck me in the bathroom that day.

Why don’t you go first to die?

Fine. Sure.

You mean… [chuckles]

Meaning you’ll go?


It’s Han Mi-nyeo here.

You don’t think that I’d be able to do something quite as cowardly as… waiting here till I die.

[laughs] Come on then. Go ahead.

[breathing heavily]


[Deok-su] Good luck.

[both grunting]

What are you doing?

You’re such an idiot.

Did you believe I’d really die so you could go on?


Let me go.

[Mi-nyeo] Remember?

We said we’d stick together right to the end.

Crazy bitch, let me go! Damn it!

Get your fucking hands off me right now!

[both breathing heavily]

Goddamn it!

[Mi-nyeo breathing heavily]

You betrayed me. Now you’re going to die.

[tense music]

No, please.

I’ll go first, okay? Huh?


Let me go, please. Please!

[Mi-nyeo] You coward.


I need you to know… you’ve got such a tiny dick.

You goddamn bitch! [growls]

[Deok-su screaming]

[glass shatters]

[somber music]


[VIP 1] Oh.

[in English] Now there’s a poetic ending for those two.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Another student of the Bard. I had no idea.

Actually, it’s not Shakespeare. It’s Congreve. William Congreve.

I like you better when you don’t talk.


[in Korean] Go check the VIP room.

[player screams]

[VIP 1] Oh!


[breathing heavily]


[clock ticking]

Move. Quick!

You can’t just stop.

Hold on. Wait, one second. I can tell the panels apart.

You can tell?

I used to make glass for over 30 years.

You can’t normally tell, but… when you look at tempered glass when it’s lit from the side, then you can see faint stain marks.



Another hint, the sound.

Tempered glass is made at a heat over 700 degrees.

Pound on it with a hammer and it rings clearer than normal glass.

Why wasn’t all this brought up earlier?

If you had led everybody from…

[Player 17] Why would I?

The players up here tried to kill us at every chance.



[Player 17 grunts]

[feet thud]

[tense music]


[in English] Can he really tell the difference?

I think so.


According to his file, he once had a job as a glass manufacturer.

That was in the report? Hah! How did I miss that?

I didn’t catch it either.

Well, that’s no fun.

[VIP 2] Yup, number 13 definitely sees something that the others can’t.

I think he might be examining the refraction of the light.

Let me adjust the settings.


[tense music]

[tense music continues]

It seems to have done the trick.

Yeah, he’s not so confident now.

[suspenseful music]

[Sang-woo, in Korean] What’s wrong?

What’s the problem?

[Player 17 shuddering]

I can’t tell them apart in the dark.

[Player 17 breathing nervously]

[knocking on door]

[masked man] Excuse me, sir.

[radio beeps]

[masked man] The VIP has collapsed.

[Front Man] Is he alive?

[masked man] He’s fine.

[Front Man] And the intruder?

We’re searching for him now.

[radio beeps]


[tense music]


All right, which one? You need to choose now.

[Player 17] I need to listen to the sound.

You got anything to throw?

Do… do you have anything?

[tense music]

[Player 17 sighs]

[breathes nervously]

[glass clinking]

I need another. I need to hear the right one, so I can be sure.

[Sang-woo sighs]

[thrilling music]


I can’t tell what it is.

I’ll pick, okay? [grunts]

[Player 17 shrieking]

[glass shatters]




[heavy breathing]


[trembling breath]



[feet thudding]



[light hums]

[loud crash]


[dark music]

[Sang-woo grunts]

[glasses shatter]



[shaky breathing]


[radio beeps]

One of the dive packs is gone.

[masked man] I suspect the intruder took it.

[Front Man] Start tracking it and get the boat ready.

[VIP 1, in English] Oh! That’s hard to top.


[VIP 2] Bravo.

[VIP 3] Bravo!

[VIP 5] Yes.

[foreboding music]

[water burbling]


[engine revving]



[dark music]


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