Squid Game – S01E06 – Gganbu [Transcript]

Players pair off for the fourth game. Gi-hun grapples with a moral dilemma, Sang-woo chooses self-preservation and Sae-byeok shares her untold story.
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Original release date: September 17, 2021

Jun-ho secretly watches the Front Man receive a call, saying that all will be settled before the VIPs arrive. For the fourth game, players are told to pair up. Sang-woo is with Ali, Gi-hun with Player 001, and Sae-byeok with Player 240. As there are an odd number of players, Mi-nyeo is last man standing and taken away. In the game, everyone is told to play a marble game of their choice against their partner, and whoever gets all their partner’s marbles within 30 minutes will win. Sae-byeok and Player 240, Ji-yeong, agree to play a simple all-or-nothing game, but after talking about their lives Ji-yeong decides Sae-byeok has more to live for and lets her win. Sang-woo almost loses, but tricks Ali into giving up his marbles and wins. Gi-hun, about to lose a betting game to Player 001, turns it around by using Player 001’s failing memory against him. Player 001 reveals that he knew that Gi-hun was tricking him the whole time despite his failing condition, but allows Gi-hun to win anyway. Before being killed, Player 001 says that his name is Oh Il-nam.

* * *

Go away.

[masked supervisor] What should we do?

[Front Man] Begin the next game.


Sir, let me help.

[Player 1 breathing heavily]

Thanks so much.


You look great, sir.

[both chuckle]

[“The Blue Danube” playing on speakers]

[woman on PA] Attention. The fourth game is about to begin. Please follow the staff’s instructions and swiftly make your way towards the game hall. Let me repeat the instructions. The fourth game is about to begin. Please follow the staff’s instructions and swiftly make your way towards the game hall.

[“The Blue Danube” continues playing]


[masked manager] Players, what you witness before you is what remains of those who broke the rules for their own benefit.

They tainted the pure and fair ideology everything here has been built upon.

Each and every one of you is considered an equal within the walls of this facility.

You must be guaranteed the same opportunities without being disadvantaged or facing any kind of discrimination.

We truly apologize for allowing such an unacceptable incident to occur.

[“The Blue Danube” continues playing]

[heavy breathing]

[dark music]



[shutter clicking]

[phone rings]

[ringing continues]


[mysterious music]

[elevator dings]

[phone ringing continues]

[receiver clicks]

Front Man speaking.

Yes. A minor disturbance took place.

But it’s being addressed.

No need to worry.

We’ll make sure there’s no trace of the disturbance

by the time the VIPs arrive.

Yes, sir. The game will begin on time, in line with the schedule.

[sighs deeply]

[footsteps receding]


[waltz music on speakers]

[Deok-su sighs]

What’s wrong? Are you sad?

Why? Is your connection dead?

I’ll kill that little slut.

[woman on PA] Players, welcome to the fourth game.

For this game, you will be playing in teams of two.

Please look around and find someone you wish to play with.

When two people agree to play together,

shake hands to show you have become partners.

Let me repeat the instructions.

For this game, you will be playing in teams of two.

Please look around and find someone you wish to play with.

When two people agree to play together,

shake hands to show you have become partners.

There can only be two players per team.

You will have ten minutes to find your partner.

[foreboding music]

[dial tone]




[dial tone]




[Mi-nyeo] Hey, handsome.

Let’s do this, huh?

I’m better than you think.

And I’m stronger than most guys too.

Guess what? I know how to con just about anybody I see.

I’m not a genius, but I still got it work out. Huh?

Hey, let me play with you.

Then I’ll be your dream girl all night long.

[inhales, exhales]

I’ll do anything you tell me. I’m not a regular girl.



[players murmuring]

You’re pretending that you do not want me on your team. Is that it?

Why? Can’t decide?

Want me to choose instead, huh?

[Sae-byeok] Stop embarrassing yourself.

No one will want to play with you like this.

[Mi-nyeo sighs]

And you should all be honest.

You don’t want a girl to team up with or an old guy.

Of course we don’t. We could die.

We already almost die in the previous round.

This man is right.

And it was Adam’s rib the Lord used to make Eve after all.

And that’s the reason that we’re choosing men.

They played different roles than women.

You idiot.

We’re not playing in Eden right now.

Uh, hold on a second.

Why? You want a girl?

You’re all idiots.

You two, you’re making a big mistake, and you’re going to regret it.


Sang-woo, let’s…

Ali, let’s join forces.

Most of these games here, you need to be strong or smart to win.

And I think if we’re a team, we’ll…

we’ll beat a lot of the others out there.

[background chatter]

[chuckles] Uh, uh, no, no, no, no, no.

Uh, it’s okay, really, it’s…

Uh, you two will make a great team together.

I’ll find someone to play with.


[Player 244] Let’s make this work.


[background chatter]


Sorry, but, um…

You know it’s just, um…


You should go put this on.

Just in case people here…

Well, they might look down on you for missing it.



You and me…

We’ll be the best team.

[both chuckling]

[indistinct chatter]

[Player 240] Hey.

Wanna do this?

Why should I?

I can’t picture you going around here and begging these jerks.

Hmm? Embarrassing.

What matters is winning. Embarrassing or not.

[Player 240] Then play with me.

I’ll make sure that you win.

What will you do?

Whatever it takes.

What do you see in me?

Well, I wanted to ask you that.

You were someone who looked like they would come with me.

That’s how I feel.

I promise, okay? There’s no option left here.

I teach Math at a high school.

And I can run too. Soccer every day.

Everyone was asking, but I held out so you and I could win.

‘Cause you and me would be great together.


The… the thing is… [sighs]

…we don’t know which game we’re playing, so…

Hey, choose me so it can just be done.

At this rate, nobody will be left for you, and you won’t continue.

You know,

since the man who’d been cheating is gone, there’s an uneven number.

Once everyone is in pairs, there’ll be one person.

And what happens to that one?

What do you think?

They’ll be out and they’ll get killed.

I would guess that old man there.

[indistinct chatter]


[Player 62] Stop dragging this out.

Let’s play together.

[Gi-hun] Hey, old man.

Wanna do this together?

[woman on PA] The time for finding a partner is now over.

[Mi-nyeo] You guys, you’re all making a big mistake.

Do you really think you can win without me on your team?

It’s me, Han Mi-nyeo!

I’ve made suckers out of everyone there is from Dongducheon to Gangnam!


[breathing shakily]

What if you have to play Gonggi or Elastics?

I’m an expert in those.

Babe, please, play with me. Boys aren’t very good at those.

[Player 17] Hey. Get off.

Come back!

Hey, come on, be my partner.

[Player 69] Oh.

Let’s show everyone with a dick they’re wrong!

Let her go.

After us, we need to stick together.

[woman] My gosh!

[Mi-nyeo] I work well with women too!

I’ll be really good! I’ll be…

Stop it!


Hey, don’t trust this scumbag.

Okay, okay.

He’s a jerk. He’s just gonna throw you under the bus.

Okay, sure.

Look at me.

That dead doctor and him worked together.


He played you.

He just wanted to save his own ass, so he kept it secret from you all.

Tell me if I’m wrong, you jerk!

He was with him, guards!


He deserves to die too!

Let… let go, bitch!

[door closes]

[breathing shakily]

[tense music]

What? Hey, hold on a second.

Why is the room empty?

I still need a partner.

Hold on. Where did they go?

Who… who took my partner?

What’s going on here? You can’t do this! [panicked screaming]

Hey, I need a partner!

[Mi-nyeo screaming] Let me go! Please!

Bring my partner here, you jerks!

Where’s my partner?

I’m so sick of that whore. [chuckles]

It’s nice to think she won’t be in my way again.

[both scoff]

And, uh…

what she said about you in there,

you working with the doctor…

It’s nothing.

That brat was so desperate, she said whatever she could.

[woman on PA] Attention. All players, please follow the staff

to your designated positions for the game.

[suspenseful music]

[Sang-woo] Ali.

Look at me. No one can stop us if we work together.

I think you and I could really win the money.

All right, let’s do this and get out.

That money is ours to give to both our families.

Let’s do it.

[suspenseful music continues]

[Player 1] You know, when I was a kid,

I live in a neighborhood just like this.

[chuckles] So did I.

And you know something?

Our alleyway looked very similar.



[woman on PA] Players, please take one bag each

from the staff member before you.

[objects clinking]

There should be a set of ten marbles in each bag.

Please check to confirm the number.

[inhales] It’s marbles.

Old man, we’re gonna be playing with this.

[Player 1] Hmm.

Are you familiar with it?

Ah, yes, very familiar.

Used to have a lot as a kid. Ah!

Oh, yes, back in the day.

And you know, I was pretty good.

[Gi-hun snickers]

Not too bad myself.

[both chuckle]

Ah, that’s good news.


I’m glad it’s not just about our strength.

That means you and I are…

gganbu now, pretty great.

Gganbu, huh?

I thought you said you played this before. Gganbu, come on, you know.

It’s a good friend.

One who you trust a lot.

You share things with them, you see?


Your marbles, everything.

A gganbu. I remember now.

I had one in my town too. Used to do everything with him.

Okay, we are gganbu.

[grunts] Yes.

Should we do this to make it official?


Yeah, buddy. Like this.

[both chuckle]

You and me, sir… Oh, no, gganbu, man.

Yeah? Mm.

We’ll go around this whole town, and take all the marbles.

[both chuckle]


[woman on PA] In this game, using your set of ten marbles,

you will play the game of your choice with your partner.

The player who manages to take all ten marbles from their partner wins.

[tense music sting]

Let me repeat the instructions.

Using your set of ten marbles,

play the game of your choice with your partner.

The player who manages to take all ten marbles from their partner wins.

Oh, boy. [inhales sharply]

[chuckles] Shit, man.

[Player 278 breathing shakily]

[somber music]



How pretty.

Sir, excuse me. [sighs]

[woman on PA] You will have 30 minutes for this game.

Let the game begins.


Uh, sir, come back.

[breathing heavily]

[ominous music]


Let’s start.

That means one of us ends up dead, doesn’t it?

So both of us should do nothing then? So we should just die?

Or one of us dies so the other can go on.

[Sang-woo] You haven’t played before, right?

[Player 240 sighs]

Since the Korean War, nothing has been this sad.


What should we play then?

Wow. You’re so cold.

As cold as ice.

So you a spy from the North or what?

Hey, stop the dumbshit, girl.

What game are we gonna play?

[background chatter]

You tell me.

These boomers know all these games.

Ten marbles, then we can create our own game.

Hmm. I’ll try to come up with one.

We must be close.

Yes, it was somewhere around here, huh.

Come on, let’s play. Sir, we need to, huh? Come, let’s play this right now.

[Player 1] This is so strange.

It should be here. This is the alley.


Where… My house, where did it go?

[Gi-hun] Sir, come back.

[Sang-woo exhaling]

So you guess if I’m holding even or odd. Which one you think is in here.

That all makes sense to you?

Even or odd?

What’s that?


Odd is like one, three, five.

And even is two, four, six.


Just think it through. Then you wager a few of your own.

[Player 278] Odd.

[Deok-su inhales, exhales]

[marbles clink]

[Player 278 chuckles]

Open your hand.

Ah, shit.

I should have added another one. [chuckles]

Stop giggling, asshole.

Hey, old man, who are you calling asshole, huh?

You really think I’m your minion just ’cause I call you “boss” a few times?

You wanna die, you bastard?

You wanna show me?

Ooh! So, how are you gonna do it?

Hmm? You can’t resort to violence, you puny little idiot dog.

[heavy breathing]

[Player 278 sniggers]

Sir, we have to play now. We gotta start right now.

Play what?

With our marbles. Let’s go.

Why should I?

Look around you. Everybody else is too.

We gotta do this.


That game is for little children.


No. Sir, come back here.

So let’s…

end the game in one round.

All or nothing. A simple bet.

Don’t tell me that you would rather do what they are?

[man 1] Watch. [pants]

Bullseye! Yes.

[man 2] Ah, damn it.

[man 2] My turn.


Playing what then?

Why are you in such a hurry?

You’re just dying to kill me, huh?


We’re just playing one round here.

And we got time left too.

Let’s wait till the end.

What are we gonna do before then?


About what, though?

Things we never told anybody about I guess.

One of us is gonna die here, so…

doesn’t matter what we tell each other.

No one can really embarrass themselves anymore.


[Ali sighs] Even.

[background chatter]

[clock ticking]


What’s your wager?

[Ali] Two.

[inhales, exhales]

[marbles clink]

[suspenseful music]

You’re up now.

I don’t want to do this with you, sir.

Can I stop?

I would like to play with someone else…

Shut up and keep playing with me. Come on.

Sir, he’s not in his right mind, sir.

I think he’s got dementia.

That does mean that he’s out or…

He’s not gonna play. So that means he forfeited, right? Huh?

Ah, shit.

Just one little game, okay? Here, it’ll be…

It’ll be so much fun, sir.

No. I’d better go home now.

I know my house is nearby. It’s somewhere down this alley.

[grunts] Shit! Goddamn it!

Will you please just pull yourself together, old man?

They’ll kill us both if we don’t get started soon!


You got that thing in your head, so I bet you don’t care what happens here,

but I won’t just sit here and die, okay?

Listen, I can’t die!

I need to get out of here.

[Player 1 whimpers]

Don’t yell at me.

[Gi-hun breathes shakily]

All right, I will, but don’t yell.


…12, 13, 14, 15. Bam, okay.

We’re playing something else.

No way. I’m not gonna stop now.

We already did things how you suggested.

I should get a chance to choose.

[Player 278 breathing shakily]

[mocking] No.


Goddamn it.

You people said we’re equals. What is this?

I think we should play a new game here, huh?

[masked man] Request accepted.



What do you wanna play then, huh?


[foreboding music]

Do it. Show me.

[Sang-woo sighs]

[inhales sharply]


[chilling music]


You asshole.

You gotta be cheating.

Uh, Sang-woo, why would I do that to you?

How are you winning like this every round?

You keep beating me. How’s that?

The odds should be 50-50. That means you’re cheating!

I didn’t. No! Sir, I wouldn’t do that to you.

You jerk! You pretended not to know how this works!

You said you haven’t done this before!

How did you do it, huh? Spill it!

[gun cocks]

[trembling breath]

[Player 240] Why did you come here from the North?

I thought things were good over here.

And so?

Were you right?

Your family, are they here with you?

Just my brother.

Your parents?

My father got shot trying to swim across the border and drowned.

Our mother…

she was hiding in China and got sent back once the immigration agents found her.

Where is your brother now then?

In a shelter.

[Player 1] Even.

[Gi-hun exhales]

[Player 1] Odd. Even. Odd. Even.

So did I win?

What’s your wager?

[marbles clinking]




[marbles clinking]

[Deok-su] We take turns throwing marbles

till you make a shot that lands in the hole I dug over there.

Then what happens?

What happens is that person gets to take everything on the ground.


You mean, you want a way to turn this around, huh.

What? You scared?

Not a chance.

I’m not worried at all.

I’m pretty good at getting things in the holes, huh.

You sure about this, hmm?



If you win the money and get out of here, what’s your plan then?

I did this to get a house where I could be with my brother first.

Then I’ll get our mother out of the North.


Hey, with a price that big, you can do a whole lot more than that.

You gotta want something else too.

Is there anywhere you wanna go?

Jeju Island.

Jeju Island?

There was a thing about it on TV.

It looked exotic. It didn’t look like Korea at all.

[chuckles] Hey.

Don’t you think you should dream bigger, huh?

Do Hawaii. Hold on, go to the Maldives for a while instead.

And have a mojito too.


Like the movie.

Lee Byung-hun’s in it.

“Go to mojito and have a glass of Maldives.”


[Player 240 chuckles]

Oh, no, we gotta fix that then.

Well, once we’re out of here,

we’ll have a girls’ night out and make mojitos and everything, okay?



We can’t both get out of here.


[Sang-woo sighs]

[Sang-woo crying]

God, I’m so sorry, Ali.

I know you won’t cheat.

But I can’t die this way, I beg you.

They’ll kill my family

if I don’t get out of here.

Sorry, Sang-woo. No.

[Sang-woo sobbing]

[Ali] I’m so sorry.

I have to think of my family.

Hey, Ali. Hey.

Hey, come on, if you help me,

then there’s a way that both of us could live.

You only got this far ’cause I was there.

Like when I gave the bus fare to you and…

I’m the one who got the team through Tug-of-War,

we kept watch at night together.

And just before this begin,

you and I swore that we leave here together, right, Ali?


Listen, Ali, please.

Trust me, help me and I’ll make sure we get out of here.



Okay. What do we do?

[Player 1] What is it? It might be odd.

On the other hand, it could be even.

That must be it.

Come on, hurry up and go.



[Player 1 laughing]

Look at that. I won again. [chuckles]

How many are in yours?

[chuckles] Uh…


[gasps] Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

[shaky breathing]


[breathing heavily]

[clock ticking]

[gasps] I, uh…

I still have one.

I still have one more.

[Deok-su inhales]


[Deok-su sighs]

[Player 278 huffing]

[clock ticking]



[tense music]



[Player 278] Goddamn it.

Okay, here’s what I think.

I think there are gonna be teams out there who can’t decide the winner either.

Mm. Why not?

Think about how you win.

Remember the rules. Thirty minutes to determine who will win or lose.

So think about it.

Some teams aren’t gonna have a winner when time is finally up, right?

You win and you lose, and things just keep going on like that.

That means not every team will have a winner.

What will they do? Eliminate all those teams?

Makes no sense. They have to decide who won. Don’t they?


We’ll play again. We’ll be working together.

We’re teammates. So we’ll just add up everything.

Our team will go play other teams with all 20.

You and I can play as a team

just like we planned to from the start.

You and I will get out of here.


[both gasp]

[man yelps]

[woman on PA] Player 414, eliminated.

Is that what you want?

You want them to do that to me?




[woman on PA] Player 2, eliminated.

You ever have to see anyone die before those?

Once, we have this plague go through my town when I was a kid.

As time went on, more and more towns got sick and died.

Soldiers started carrying the dead into piles and lit them on fire.

That’s how my grandpa, grandma and older brother all died.

They burned together.

Damn. Your stories are a bit too dark even for me.


And you?

What have you seen?

[background chatter]


[woman on PA] Player 130, eliminated.

First body I saw…

my mother’s.

One day, I came back from school,

and my mom was lying there, dead on the floor.

And next to her…

was my so-called dad with a knife.

The next body that I saw…

that was my dad’s.

And the person standing there holding the knife…

that was me.

He was a goddamn pastor too.

[thrilling music]

And when he hit her and…

did the things he did to me, he would talk to God.

He’d always ask for forgiveness.

He didn’t pray on that day after he killed her.

I was too mad he even forgot, I guess.


[background chatter]

[Player 40 breathing shakily]

[footsteps approaching]


[woman on PA] Player 40, eliminated.

[breathing heavily]


No, hold on. That’s not what… Wait a minute.

[clears throat] Just give me a second.





[Player 1 grunts]


[Player 1] Which one did you just say?


Can you repeat…

what you said just now?


I said…



I lost this one.

[foreboding music]

[Player 1] Oh.

[foreboding music continues]

We both can win this round? Are you sure?


You’re positive?

Just hear me out first and then turn me down if you like.

I mean it. Here.

Let me just give you this to hold on to, okay?

So you won’t have any guilt around my death.

Your plan…

what is it?


[woman on PA] Player 68, eliminated.

Well, it will depend on who we’re going against.

We need to know which teams will be here after the round ends.

We better split up to get an idea

how all the other teams are doing to be prepared.

Let’s look for one that seem too young or old,

and check only teams that are still playing games at this point.

Young or old?


That’s what we need.

Like someone who looks your same age

or someone who seems like they’re older than 50.

You go up a few blocks from here, then meet up back up with me later, okay?

Okay, Sang-woo.



Your pouch there.

It’s too dangerous to keep it out.

These people are bound to go crazy before the end.

Who knows what’ll happen then?

Lose it and we’ll both die. You got that?

Here. I’ll make sure that it’s safe, okay?

What are you gonna do if you win all that money and get out?

I don’t know what I would do.

Someone was waiting

at the prison the day I got out.

I thought he was a creditor who came to collect my dad’s debt.

But he pulled out a card.

That weird card.

I had nowhere else to go, so I…

never thought about what I’d do if I got the money.

Go with you to Jeju Island?


I forgot again.

[distant gunshot]

[woman on PA] Player 229, eliminated.

[Player 278] Oh, damn it.

[gasps] Fuck.

Goddamn it. [breathing heavily]

[tense music]


[tense music continues]

[Player 278 sighs]

[Player 278] I thought that was in. Damn it.

So you’re all out?

Look at that.

One more right here.


[inhales, exhales] Deok-su.

[sighs] Nice knowing you.

[suspenseful music]




That blue that went in, that’s mine, asshole!

[Deok-su cackles]


It was nice knowing you, you shithead.


[Player 278 breathing shakily]

Damn it! [panting]

[breathing heavily]


Okay. [panting]

Oh. Oh.


You are all assholes!


[woman on PA] Player 278, eliminated.

[marbles clinking]

[Sang-woo sighs] Done.


How’s that?

It feels safer like that, doesn’t it?

[marbles clinking]


When the timer says three minutes, come and meet up with me here.

Then I’ll tell you what we do next.

[Player 1] Odd.


One, two, three.

One, two, three.


We’ve got three each.

Yeah, but, um, what was your guess?


Oh, yeah. But which one did I guess?

You said even was your guess.

Did I…

Did I say that?



That means…

that I lost again.


[woman on PA] Player 43, eliminated.

[players chattering]

[in Hindi] A team of older people.

[man 1 in Korean] No, wait.

[man 1 screams]


[woman on PA] Player 85, eliminated.

[man 2] No, no, no, no, no.

[Ali whimpering]

[in Hindi] Three youngsters.

[man 3 in Korean] Oh, get out of the way.

[in Hindi] Two old people.

[background chatter]


[woman on PA in Korean] Player 276, eliminated.

[Sang-woo exhales]

[Player 1 grunts]

[Gi-hun breathing deeply]


[inhales, exhales]

Come on. It’s your turn.


Oh. Right.



[marbles clinking]


[Player 1 chuckles]


Hold on. What’s today’s date?

My son has his birthday soon.

What day is it? The 24th?

I was going to buy him a toy robot for his birthday.

This year, I need to get him a gift. I completely forgot last year.

I better do that soon. I can’t forget again.

[Player 1 panting]


My hand. [sniffs]

[stammers] What was your guess? A-Again?


[Gi-hun sobs]



I have 20 marbles.

The rule said we could play

whatever game to get our opponent to give us theirs,

and the players cannot acquire them using violence.

Well, I made absolutely sure no harm was done.

[indistinct chatter]

[woman on PA] You have three minutes until the game is over.

Three minutes remaining.


[Sae-byeok sighs]


[woman on PA] Player 158, eliminated.

Let’s do this.

Whoever throws one over there

and makes the shot that comes closest to the wall, wins.

How’s that?

It’s Sae-byeok.

What is?

My name.

Kang Sae-byeok.



And you?


[Sae-byeok] Your family name?

Don’t have one. That’s it.

[Sae-byeok] Who should go first then?

It should be your turn.

Since your number is lower.

[Player 1] Let me see. Darn it. I’m out of marbles.



What should I do, huh?

I’d love to keep playing.

Hey. Would you let me

borrow one from you? Just for a while.

Sir, I’m sorry.


[woman on PA] Player 70, eliminated.

[Player 1] Oh.

Look at that.

Forgot I had another one here.

Not out yet. [chuckles]

One more to go.

[Gi-hun breathing shakily]

Two, four, six, eight.

Two, four, six, eight. Nineteen.



Uh… Sir, wait. Hold on a second.

Sir, come back!


[somber music]

Hey, what are you doing?

I lost. You won.

Stop. Why the hell would you try to do that?

Hey, butter fingers, what else can I say?

What you said

making sure that I won. Is that what this is?

You think I’ll be thankful that you did this, huh?

Take another throw.

And I still wouldn’t be able to win.

Ugh. Just let me lose this thing in style, okay?

Ji-yeong, that’s bullshit! Stop acting cool and just do a real throw!

[Sae-byeok sobs]

I have nothing.

[Sae-byeok] What?

You got a reason to get out of this place,

but I don’t.

[breathing shakily]

I thought hard about what I’d do.

If I were the one who got out since you asked me earlier.

No matter how hard I thought, though, I got nothing.

[sniffles, sobs]

The one who should have a reason to get back out there…

that’s what’s right.

[Ji-yeong sobs]


You can do it. Don’t die in here, okay?

And go…

And go meet your mother.

Go get your brother too.

[chuckles] And go to Jeju Island.

[somber music continues]

[Ali] Sang-woo.

Sang-woo, where are you?

Sang-woo? Sang-woo, hello?

I’m done with this side.


[Ali] Sang-woo!

[somber music]


[somber music continues]

[shaky breathing]

[gun cocks]


[woman on PA] Player 199, eliminated.

[wistful music]

[Ji-yeong] Kang Sae-byeok!


I’m honored…

that we were partners.


[gun cocks]



[woman on PA] Player 240, eliminated.

[sobs quietly]

[Gi-hun sobs]

Sir, please. Let’s just… let’s just play one more time, huh?

Come on, one more round.


[Gi-hun] Oh, shit.

It’s this one.

[Player 1 breathing heavily]

Yes, this is it.

My wife and I had this one here.

I raised my son right in here.

Yes. I even had a nice little pond right here in the front yard.

[Gi-hun] Sir, please, you have one marble left.

We’re running out of time, sir.

And I, I would come home from work,

and see my son, his friends were always here and they would all play,

and they wouldn’t even know I was here.

You need to get it together!

Get it together and play with me again right now, understood?

I would hide and I’d go just behind the utility pole there

and take a peek at all of them playing and just watching.

They would always have so much fun.


Sir, please.


Try to snap out of it, sir.

Oh, God. Sir, I’m begging you.

[Gi-hun sobbing]

Why don’t we do one more and bet it all?


Everything that I still got,

and everything that you’d…


You can’t possibly mean that.

You’re gonna take yours and bet it all,

and I’ll do the same with everything that I still got here.

Okay? Keeps everything fair.

I’ll wager all I got just to get your one?

What kind of nonsense is this?

There’s no sense at all!

So then…

that’s what you did this whole time.

Does tricking your friend like that make sense to you?

[dramatic music]


[Gi-hun breathing heavily]

[dramatic music continues]

[Player 1] Take it.

It’s yours anyway.

We are…

gganbu, aren’t we?

Don’t you remember?

When you and I swore that we were gganbu buddies.

Gganbu always share everything with each other no matter what.


[Player 1] Thank you.

You made all this…

a good experience.

What a great way to go.

[Gi-hun sobs]


[Player 1 grunts]


It’s okay.


Everything’s okay.


[Player 1] Mm.

It will be okay.

[ticks, beeps]

[Gi-hun sobs]

[Player 1] Hey, I remember my name now.

My name is Il-nam.

Oh Il-nam.




[woman on PA] Player 1, eliminated.

[somber music]

[Gi-hun crying]

[closing theme music]


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