Squid Game – S01E05 – A Fair World [Transcript]

Gi-hun and his team take turns keeping guard through the night. The masked men encounter trouble with their co-conspirators.
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Original release date: September 17, 2021

Gi-hun’s team win their tug of war match using Player 001 and Sang-woo’s strategies, but most of them are unnerved at having to kill the opposing team. Expecting another riot, Gi-hun’s team builds a barricade, which Deok-su mocks until Gi-hun points out that Deok-su’s teammates have to turn on him sooner or later. That night Gi-hun’s teammates take turns on watch, but Deok-su’s team doesn’t attack. Jun-ho learns about the conspiracy with Player 111 for black market organ harvesting, but the conspiracy ends when the Front Man catches them. Front Man executes the remaining members of the conspiracy, including Player 111, and has a facility-wide manhunt for Jun-ho. Jun-ho breaks into the Front Man’s office and learns that the game has been running for over 30 years, and that his brother, Hwang In-ho, was the winner in 2015.

* * *

[Mi-nyeo] We’re losing! Goddamn it! Do something!

[all grunting]

Get yourselves together and listen!

Let’s try something. Take three steps up when I signal.

Up? What now? But that’s the edge!

Look, just trust me and they’ll fall!

There’s no way I’ll do that!

We might as well try!

[Mi-nyeo] No way! I can’t do it!

Move up or you’ll die!

On count of three!

One! Two!



[all scream]

[all grunt]

[Gi-hun whimpering] Oh!

[tense music]

Pull now!

[Team Four screaming]


[all yell]

[panicked screaming]

[rhythmic grunting]

[rhythmic grunting]

[tense music rises]

Pull back more, you idiots!

[Team Five grunting]

[Team Five shouting]

[all whimpering]

[Team Four grunting]

[panicked cries]

[all groaning]

[all breathing heavily]

[all panting]


[breathing heavily]

[guitar riffs]

[dark music]

[UTV beeping]

[somber music]

[floor beeps]

[Gi-hun breathing shakily]

[man muttering prayers]

[indistinct prayer]

Oh, Lord, protect me.

[woman] Hey, dude.

Who you think you’re praying to, huh?

To God?

[mumbling prayers]

You think you made it out of there because of God, don’t you?


The reason you’re still breathing and thanking that nice God of yours… is that old man there.

And that guy over there who came up with that awesome last-minute trick.

[man continues praying]

You know if there’s anybody that you should be thanking it’s them, not God.

You sad lost soul. What would you say about everybody who was nailed to the cross for our salvation today? They sacrificed themselves for us. We are here, thanks to their blood. I pray to the Lord on behalf of all us sinners. I gave thanks for their sacrifice. God made a decision to help our team win. That’s why we’re all here.

Bullshit. You killed those guys out there.

[mumbling prayers]


If we say some prayers, do we all get to go to heaven?

I should really pray too if that’s how easy it is.

Our God who art in Heaven, we worked as a team to send people to your side. And we sent a bunch of them today. And please help us with a whole lot more to be with you. And I hope that from now on…

[Sae-byeok] Be quiet!

[man muttering prayers]


Or you mean that guy?


[elevator clanks]

[devices beeping]

What’s your name, huh?

Why do you care about that?

So I can use your name, duh!

It doesn’t matter.

[chuckles] So secretive.

Listen, okay.

Just leave me alone.

Well, you’re the one who asked me to join you guys.

[Player 278] Did you see that bald guy wet his pants like a little baby?

[laughs] Kids just keep blaming him how…

[somber music]


[somber music continues]

[UTV beeping]

[somber music]


[lock clanks]


[loud thud]




[masked man 1] He’s not breathing. Go get that doctor.

You know what? I really thought we were going to die out there.

And then, as soon as we’re all leaning back, I felt so powerful.

Like, “Whoa! It works. Is this real?”

Hey, old man, how do you know that?


As a kid, I would always…

Oh, you copied that one thing.

From that movie. What’s it called?

The guy who dodges bullets like this.




Hey, when you got to Korea, is all you did watch movies?

And our man…

“Everybody, three steps up when I signal.” [gasps]

Oh. My God, I can’t believe how cool that was.

How did you come up with it under all that pressure?

Earlier, you were the one who said no.

Yeah? [scoffs]

Was that what you heard?

[Ali] You cried and said,

“But that’s the edge. There’s no way I’ll go.”

Like that.

Hey, you. You got a visa? I bet you don’t.

You’re an illegal alien.

[sighs] Hey, boys, how about it?

Why keep the strange foreigner when we could just ditch him?

Our team’s more secure that way, huh?

Guess I’d better do some major restructuring while I’m here.

Who’s captain here, guys?

Mr. Brains, you’ve been captain, right?

There’s no captain. We’re all equal here.

Ah! That’s great.

Building an egalitarian society!

Damn, guys.

I gotta say this is quite a change from that huge asshole who just bosses you around and pretend he’s king.

Oh, about that, grandma, why did you get kicked out?


Don’t you ever call me that!

Here, Han Mi-nyeo.

Got it? Mi-nyeo. That’s my name.

And I didn’t get kicked out.

I made the decision to go, all right?

Those crazy thugs there? You can’t lock me in with that crew.

[Sang-woo] They only got rid of you, then they only wound up with male players.

Right before the game at that.

You know, it’s almost like they knew about it ahead of time.

[Deok-su laughs]

[PA system chiming]

[woman on PA] Players, your bedtime will begin in 30 minutes.

Please return to your assigned beds and prepare for lights-out.

[Sang-woo] Another fight could break out like last night.

We should make a plan.

What can we do, huh?

We’ve got three girls and old man and us.

Our team is the weakest one in here.

We should choose a weak team and go after them first.


For a resident priest, you sure are bloodthirsty.

I mean, everybody’s hands are bloody.

We’re all sinners, but we’re still here, aren’t we?

Attacking is our best option. So I think that’s our plan.

During the fight last night, the man in the bed in front of me got killed.

And the person he thought was on his side broke his neck.

Do you trust me then?

I don’t trust one person here.

All right.

I think let’s still do something.

Before the lights go out, let’s create a barricade.

It might be good to make sure that we have cover.

[Ali] Mm-hm.


[metal clanking]



Hey, Ssangmun-dong.


Hey, I appreciate the work you’re doing.


But do you think these will do anything?

[scoffs] We can get through all of this easily.


You’re not worried at all?

Those scumbags you got on your side over there?

They’re people you trust?

[indistinct chatter]

[metal clanking]

[man] Go. Come on.

[all laugh]

If that was me there… once the fighting starts to happen, you’ll be the first person I’d go for.

You’re the strongest person here.


[metal clanking]



[both laughing]


So who’s our first target, huh?

Let’s take the night off.

How come?

I mean shouldn’t we try to cut down the…

Do what I tell you to do.




Cut that out. We all need to rest tonight.

[Deok-su sighs]

[metal clanking]

Where’d the doc go?

He just left. He went to the restroom while you’re gone.

[whimsical music]

[clock ticking]

[whimsical music continues]

[keyboards clacking]



[whimsical music stops]


[breathes heavily]

[exhales sharply]

[Gi-hun] They’ll shut off the lights soon.

They might not all come right away.

So we better swap out who’s gonna keep watch, just to be safe, I think.

No, two of us should watch.

A pair can keep each other awake.

Just one person might go leave and betray our team.

[Sang-woo sighs]

I can… be first watch then. You don’t really sleep a lot when you’re old.

Excuse me, but are we just supposed to trust an old man like you to not sleep on the job all night?

[inhales] Let me go first.

I’m not tired yet.

I’ll go with you.

Then I’ll be next.

You wake me up the second you get tired.

Then why don’t I join you on second watch?

Assuming that’s okay with you.

Yeah, that sounds good.




[wind gusts]

[birds squawking]

[PA system chiming]

[woman on PA] The work schedule is done for today.

All active staff, please return to your rooms immediately.

I repeat. Active staff, please return to your rooms immediately.

[mysterious music]


Have some of this.

I saved this earlier when they gave it to us for supper.

So I could give it to you.

Give it to me. What’d I do?

Today, you saved my life. It’s that simple.

[Ali] I wanted to thank you.

I’m flattered but… I just didn’t wanna die.

You gave me that money for the bus too.

I just wanted to return the favor.

Your share.

[Ali munching]

It’s Ali. Is that right?

How old are you?

Ali, yes. I’m 33, mister.

Just call me Sang-woo, okay?

You sure about that…



[Ali munching]

How did you get here?

I came to Korea to make money, Sang-woo.

I don’t mean that. In here.

The game.

I needed money.

I came for that.

Got family?

Pakistan. Got my dad and mother and siblings there. I still had to take the wife and baby with me here.

You’re a father? How old is your kid?

He’s a year-old boy.

You miss them a lot?


What’s your reason for being… in here?

The same as you. For money.

[door opens]

[doorknob clicks]

[door thuds]

[suspenseful music]

[button beeps]

[digital trilling]

[door closes]


[torch clicks]

[door thuds]

[Number 28] 29, what happened yesterday? Where were you?

[Jun-ho] Sorry.

[Number 28] “Sorry”?

I stopped the other guys from killing you because they didn’t trust you. Since you saved my life during the last dive, we’re even now. If you do that again, you’re out.

[eerie music]

[bangs on door]

[banging continues]

[metal door clangs]

[scanner beeps]

[scanner chimes]

[scanner beeps]

[masked man 1 scoffs] Number 29. So you’re finally here.

[Number 28] I gave him a warning.

[masked man 2] We couldn’t make the delivery last night.

We can’t let it slide with only a warning!

[Number 28] Then you can deliver this yourself.

You think it’s easy to find divers like us in this place?

[masked man 2] Make sure tonight’s delivery goes off without a hitch.

[metal door closes]

[Number 28] What? You aren’t even done with one?

[masked man 1] The doctor is slow today. More so than usual.

[Number 28] Hey, quack. Hurry it up.

This is all pointless if the boat leaves before we deliver.

You come over here and try doing this, especially when you’re sleep deprived.

I’m just barely escaping death every damn day.

[dark music]

[Number 28] That’s why we tell you what the games are beforehand and gave that extra food.

[exhales sharply]

[dark music]

[dark music intensifies]

[gasps, coughs]


Huh? Sang-woo.

You ready to switch?



[Gi-hun grunts, panting]

Are you okay?


Looked like you were having a nightmare just now.

Oh, no, no. It’s all good.

[Deok-su] Hey.

What are you doing up?

I can’t keep my eyes shut. [sighs]

Well, you should really try to get some rest.

I’ll keep everybody safe tonight.

Glad you got our backs tonight, kid.

[man chuckles]

Heard from the doctor yet?

[man] No. This is weird. He’s taking too long.

[doctor] Hold this.

[masked man 1] We’re in a hurry. Maybe I should try working on those?

I bet I could do it if you teach me a few tricks.

Yeah. You think all of this is so simple, huh.

[masked man 2] I saw on the news doctors don’t always perform surgeries.

Sometimes it’s the office managers or nurse’s aides.


And some of them are better than the doctors are.

You think you know so much? Then how about you try?

[masked man 2] Who would have thought a quack who killed his own patient would still be so proud about his work?

If you were so good, how come you ruined the eyes you pulled out last time?

Those Chinese guys busted my ass!

Listen, I’ll tell you what went wrong.

That thing was still alive when I got here.

How’d you expect me to operate with all of that struggling?

[Number 28] We don’t have time for this.

The boat will be here soon.

[inhales, exhales]

[tense music]

[fireworks crackling]

[tense music]

[man yelps]

[men clamoring]

[dark music]

[faint screaming]




[faint screaming]

[Player 1] Hey.

[faint screaming stops]

[Player 1 breathing heavily]

So, uh, what’s going on? Are you okay?

I thought you were sleeping with your eyes open.

[sighs] Um…

Thinking of the old days.

The old days, huh?

I worked at this place once where we went on strike.

Had a barricade just like this one.

What did you do when you were working there?

I used to make parts for cars.

Hmm. Ah.

Why did you strike?

They fired a bunch of us all at once.

[inhales deeply, sighs]

I’ve been employed there more than a decade.

I bet it wasn’t easy.

[Player 1 sighs]

[Gi-hun exhales deeply]

I had a kid on the way too.

I couldn’t afford to get fired like that.

[deep inhale]

Our bosses said we couldn’t stay. I had no other option.

[Gi-hun] They ruined the company and held us responsible.

[sighs] It made me furious.

And everyone same as now… [inhales]

…all kept watching in pairs until morning.

That way, no one could kick us all out.

[Player 1 sighs]

And we were all so scared.

Police might come any second.

I remember. I heard about it back then.

There was a huge strike. Some car company. That’s right.

I think the news turned it into this crazy story.

[Player 1] That was it. Someone died there too, right?

Mmm. [Player 1 sighs]

I’m sorry.

My goodness.

I don’t know… why I said all of that.

[Player 1] Mmm.

[somber music]

[grunts] Oh.


[Player 1 grunts]


Do you need help, sir?

[Player 1 moans]

What’s going on?



You’re burning up.

No, no, it’s fine. I’m fine.

[masked man 1] I nearly pissed myself that night.

I thought the thing was dead, but then it shot up like a zombie.

It started glaring at me with one of its eyes popping out.

[sighs] I saw it in my dream last night.

[masked man 2] Everyone who got eliminated in Red Light, Green Light was shot by a sniper rifle.

We could hardly salvage anything.

That zombie looked promising. At least before we saw inside.

[Number 28] I almost died making the delivery that day.

But we didn’t even get full price because it only had one kidney.

It’s my fault the zombie was missing a kidney?

[Number 28] Hopefully, this guy is all right.

Most people who came here either signed away their bodies or are terminally ill.

This one better be worth it.

[Gi-hun] Here. Lie down.


[Gi-hun] Wait right here.

Okay. We need to lower your fever. Hold on.


[cloth tearing]

Ah, shit.

[Sae-byeok] Here. Use this.


[Jun-ho] So what happened… to that zombie?

[Number 28] What do you think happened to it?

We were in a hurry, so I beat it to death with that.

[masked man 1] Hold on. Why do you need to ask?

You were there for the whole thing.

[masked man 2] What the hell?

Don’t you remember?

[Jun-ho] Back then… I was a bit out of it.

[masked man 2] You were out of it?

You got rid of the body with your own hands.

Number 29.

You haven’t been…

[doctor] This is my operating room, okay?

Stop chatting and do what I say, so I can actually do some work!

Just let me work in peace, okay? [pants]

If you don’t shut up, I’ll cut right through his liver and kidneys just like this! Damn it!

[doctor huffing]

[Player 1 breathing heavily]

Thank you, friend.


[clicks tongue]

Just you rest now.

After all, we can’t… start the next game without you.

[Gi-hun exhales]

[Gi-hun sighs]

You should go and rest.

I can handle this alone. [groans]

We agreed to do pairs.

And I’m already awake now.

Thanks so much.

For this.

[Sae-byeok] It wasn’t for free.

You can pay me back tomorrow.


[Gi-hun scoffs]


[plastic rustles]


[masked man 1] Hurry up.

[masked man 2] They’re all in great condition this time.

Make sure you get full price.

[tense music]

[Number 28] Pick up the pace. The boat’s already here.

[tense music continues]

[doctor] All right, I’m done.

What game is up next?

[masked man 1] We don’t know yet.

What’d you say?


[masked man 1] We haven’t been told what it is yet.

You better go and ask your boss.

There must be somebody up there you can go ask.

[masked man 2] If he knew, he would’ve told us already.

I’m sure there’s a reason.

It sounds like that’s on you.

I did everything you said to.

Go tell them to find out this second!

[masked man 2] Go back and wait!

I’ll tell you before the next game begins.

This is a bunch of bullshit!

[eerie music]

[Number 28] What are you doing?




[rustling continues]

[chains screech]




[tense music]

[masked man 1] Calm down.

Tell me what the game is, or else I’m gonna end up getting killed tonight!

This isn’t the way to handle things. Give us more time.

I’m not giving you any more time, assholes!

[masked man 1] Then what do you suggest?

Check what’s next and come back.

[masked man 2 grunts]

[doctor] And you…

you’ll be staying right here until he returns, okay?

[masked man 1] It’ll be more dangerous if we stay here.

We have to get back before morning roll call!

I don’t care about any of that shit!

No, I’m not going anywhere until I know what it is.

[masked man 2] Fine, okay. Calm down.

Go up and find out what the game is.

[masked man 1] Okay.

[doctor breathing heavily]

[masked man 2] Wait!

You have to take the key.

The key to upstairs is in my right side pocket.

Don’t try to pull something.

[masked man 2] I’m not.

He needs it to get into the control room.

If you don’t trust me, you can throw it to him yourself.

[both grunting]

[doctor screams]




[masked man 1 screams]



[both grunting]

[doctor panting]

[both groaning]

[Number 28] Don’t touch it.

It’s a bomb. They made this passage so the VIPs could escape in an emergency.

And once they’re all out, they set that off and blow the entire place.

[Jun-ho] The VIPs? Who are they?

[Number 28] That’s as much as I know.

[door opens]

[light switch clanks]

[Number 28] Number 29.

[knife rasps]

[hurried footsteps]


[masked man 1] Are you there? The doctor escaped.

[keyboard clacks]

[masked supervisor] Damn it.

[doctor] Shit.

[suspenseful music]





[doctor breathing heavily]

[Number 28] Why do you wanna know who the VIPs are?

[Jun-ho] I was just grateful for our diving equipment and this passage.

They prepared it all for us.

[Number 28] Not only are you more curious, but your voice seems to have changed.

Let me see your face.

[Jun-ho] Do you have to do this?

[Number 28] Do you wanna die?

Who are you?

[gun cocks]

[knife clanks]

Now show me yours.

Do you wanna die?

[tense music]

[doctor pants]

[door bangs]

[doctor gasps]

Stay away!


[masked man 1] Calm down. We can still fix this.

How will you do that?

Using that gun?

[masked man 1] Think about it.

Why would I kill you anyway?

That’ll only complicate things.

It’s complicated already.

I had to kill your friend.

[masked man 1] He wasn’t a friend.

Look, listen. I can throw bodies in the incinerator. The guy you killed, I’ll just cremate him.

It’s a huge problem when a player goes missing, but when it’s soldier, no one cares about that.

[heavy breathing]

[Jun-ho] Who I am

doesn’t matter right now, you got that?

Now, what matters is the identity of the man that you murdered here.

The one you’ve been calling a zombie.

With the one kidney, the one you put on the table who woke up.

You know where that other kidney went?

In here.

It’s in here.

He was my brother.

[trembling breath]

He gave me that kidney.

No, no, wait!

[shaky breathing]

It was a girl.

Not a man.

I’m not lying.

[masked man 1] I’ll find out what the next game is.

If you make a bigger scene and get caught, we’ll both die for nothing.

Trust me.

We still have a chance.

How can I trust someone like you, scumbag?

[doctor panting]


[masked man 1] Look.

Now you see, we’re all the same here.

[doctor panting]

All right.

You just need to go back quietly.

If you go back before your bedtime is up… you and I can live through this.

[metal thuds]

[doctor breathing heavily]

[doctor] Then what do I have to do?

Listen, doctor.

Let’s get you washed up before anything else.


[man yelps]

I’m not lying!

It was a girl.

It sounds like bullshit.

Before we operated on her, we took turns having sex with the girl, okay?

Would we have done that to a guy?

Go check the list, if you still don’t trust me.

What list?

There’s a list of all the players with all their info as well.

Even their medical records.



Over the ladderway in… the room the leader is in.


[Number 28] You’ve seen him.

His mask isn’t the same.

[ominous music]


And so, you and I will find your brother, okay?

And I’ll give you all the money I got selling organs!

Once we’re a team, we’ll be, uh…




[man groaning]

[Front Man] Whether you sell the dead bodies’ organs or eat them or whatever, I don’t give a damn.

However, you ruined the most important aspect of this place.

[man breathing shakily]


Everyone is equal while they play this game.

Here, every player gets to play a fair game under the same conditions.

These people suffered from inequality and discrimination out in the world, and we’re giving them one last chance to fight fair and win.

But you broke that principle.

[grunts] Sir, I’m sorry.


[doctor breathing shakily]

[dark music]

[rapid gunshots]

[dark music continues]


[banging continues]

[distant gunshot]

[footsteps approaching]

[masked man 3] Sir. We found the rest.

[scanner beeps]




[Jun-ho breathing heavily]



[breathing heavily]

[chilling music]

[breathing heavily]

[scanner beeps]

[masked man 3] That was 28.

[Front Man] There’s one more.

The one who killed this one.

[masked man 3] He could’ve escaped to the sea already.

[Front Man] No oxygen tanks are missing.

He’s still here somewhere.

Find him.

[chilling music]

[door thuds]

[eerie music]

[alarm blares]


[blaring continues]

[tense music]

[foreboding music]

[door clatters, slams]

[foreboding music continues]


[thrilling music]

[thrilling music continues]


[alarm blaring]

[radio beeps]

[masked man 3] Number 29 is gone too.

[masked man 4] Find him.


[masked man 5] He’s not on the security cameras.

[Front Man] He has to be in here.

[alarm continues blaring]

[woman on PA] Attention. All players, please make your way to the center of the room. Once again… Attention. All players…

[masked soldier 1] All of you, go.

…please make your way to the center of the room.

[masked soldier 2] Hey, move it.

[Player 278] What’s going on in here? Shit.

Hey, boss, about the doctor, he’s not here.

[masked soldier 3] Get up.

Get up.


Listen. He’s very sick right now, sir.


[alarm blaring]

[exhales sharply]

[ominous music]

[drawer clanking]



[Jun-ho] Hwang In-ho.




[Jun-ho] Player 132…


[closing theme music]


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