Squid Game – S01E03 – The Man with the Umbrella [Transcript]

A few players enter the next round - which promises equal doses of sweet and deadly - with hidden advantages. Meanwhile, Jun-ho sneaks his way inside.
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Original release date: September 17, 2021

Jun-ho hides among the masked staff as they travel to the game’s island location. After waking up in the dorms, the players are more prepared and start forming alliances. Gi-hun, Sang-woo, Player 001 and Player 199 team up, and note that most players returned, including Player 212, who was the first to beg to leave. Player 067 sneaks into the vents and observes staff workers in a kitchen. In the second game, the players are to pick a stamped shape out of a sugar honeycomb snack. Sang-woo identifies the game quickly, using information from Player 067, but doesn’t warn his teammates and picks the simplest shape for himself. Gi-hun completes the game despite having the highest difficulty shape. Player 212 helps Deok-su complete the game and is accepted in his team.

* * *

[engine revs]

[suspenseful music]

[crickets creaking]

[suspenseful music continues]


[suspenseful music]

[barrel clicking]

[suspenseful music rising]


[music stops]

[masked deck supervisor 1] Ready.

[masked deck supervisor 2] Begin player inspection.

[metal clanking]

[car door opens]

[car doors close]

[device beeps]


[beeping continues]



[device beeps]

[device dings]

[device trills]

[beeps, trills]

[both grunting]

[masked man groans]

[both grunting]


[car alarm beeping]

[Jun-ho grunts, pants]

[footsteps thudding]


[waves crashing]

[Jun-ho grunts]

[water splashes]

[masked man] Hey, you!

[Jun-ho breathing heavily]


I just got seasick.

[masked deck supervisor 3] Did you forget the rules?

You do not speak unless your superior allows you to.

Go standby in the cabin.

[birds squawking]

[car engines rumbling]

[foreboding music]

[foreboding music continues]

[Gi-hun] Hey, sir.

[soft gasp]

[Gi-hun] Wake up, sir.

[soft classical music playing on speakers]

Wake up. Get up, huh?

[Player 1] Uh-huh.


[Gi-hun] Are you all right?

You’re here.


So Player 456 came back.


I got scared. I thought you were gone for good.


Hey. I won’t die so easily, you know.

I know you won’t.

[Player 1 chuckles]

I stopped playing because of you, and I’m back because of what you said.

I’m actually sort of partial to you.


[classical music playing]

[background chatter]

[Player 1] A lot of people decided to come back.

[sighs] You’re right. Hmm.


I guess everybody’s desperate.



There, look. That’s the woman who couldn’t name her kid. She came back too.

[Player 1] You’re right.

Think she named her kid yet?

I don’t know.

[Sang-woo] Gi-hun.

Oh, Sang-woo.

So you’re here. I didn’t think I’d see you.

[clicks tongue]

Neither did I. [awkward chuckle]

And you?

Your mom, did you see her?

[Ali] Hey, good sirs.

[Gi-hun] Oh. Hey.

It’s my angel.

I’m happy to see both of you. I hope we make it.

[Gi-hun sighs]

Thanks for the bus fare, sir. It meant so much to me.

What, you gave him the bus fare?

Because he said that he’d walk Yeouido to Ansan.

[chuckles] That’s so heartwarming.

We’re like a bunch of soldiers at training camp, huh?

[Gi-hun laughs]

A training camp is what?

You know, it’s like the army shooting guns.

Oh! Soldiers all training together?


Wait a minute.

Since we’re on the subject now, you should join me.

We should just form our own team, don’t you think?

You’re right. Who knows what game they’ll have us play next.

It wouldn’t hurt to be in a group so we’re ready for anything.

Hey, you should join up with us.

I mean, we already know he’s crazy strong.

You saw it.

He lifted me up with one hand like it was nothing at all.

You mean… that you… I can join you?

Oh, yeah, sure. Uh, so then, you’ll be the new recruit.

He’s the skilled corporal, and that means I’m a sergeant.

Oh, man. Thank you, sir. [chuckles]

Please just drop the “sir,” will you?

[Player 1] Excuse me.

If you don’t mind, can I join up with all of you?

Yeah, of course.

And you can be the… Hold on…

So you can be the old major who’s been in the army his entire life.

Thanks so much.

[both laugh]

Yeah. Quite a team we got going here. Damn! Let’s do this.


I’ll take you in again and look past everything.

Come and join us.

We were a good team for a while out there, huh?

Are you actually serious?

I mean, everybody out there is still looking for you.

Stop with the act.

It doesn’t matter how tough you are,

you’re not going to win in this place. Not on your own.

Didn’t you notice? [chuckles]

Those jerks with masks came in

and removed the beds of the people who died.

Make one mistake out there, and yours is next.


Worry about your own ass, okay?

[men laugh]

[Deok-su sighs]

[Player 67] Don’t join him.

This guy’s a dumb dumbass.

He liked to pick all of his little minions’ pockets

just so he could fill up his own.

He got bold enough one day to go after his head honcho’s pockets,

but now he’s in here.

‘Cause he was stupid and got caught.

You know what people in my hometown would call you, huh?

A damn revolutionary asshole.

[men laugh]

You communist little bitch, I’m gonna…

[grunts] Excuse me.

Am I interrupting you?


What is it?

Oh, boy.

You’re really good looking.



Come on, let me join you guys.

Join what?

I’ll be your teammate.

[men chuckle]

Tell me what you’re good at?

Everything, except the things I can’t do.

And I’m certainly better than some skinny girl.

A lot better.

[men exclaim]

You mean, you’re that good?

How about it?

Plenty of empty beds.

[men snigger]

[woman on PA] Attention. Your mealtime begins now.

All players, please form a line…

Maybe later.

…in the center of the room.

[woman on PA] Let me repeat the instruction.

Attention. Your mealtime begins now.


All players, please form a line in the center of the room.

[classical music playing on speakers]



[deep inhale]

[scoffs, snickers]

[footsteps approaching]

[device beeps]

[masked manager] Out of 201, 187 returned.

The re-entrance rate is 93 percent.

[Front Man] Keep an eye on the ones who didn’t return to play

and keep me posted.

[masked manager] Yes, sir.

[receding footsteps]

[indistinct chatter]

[Gi-hun] Mm…


This brings back old memories.

Do you remember eating lunches like this too?

Of course.

My wife was always in the kitchen every morning.

She’d pack lunches just like these ones for me and my kids.


I wish the rice was piping hot.

At least they could’ve warmed it up a little.

[grumbles] All we need is a stove.

Remember doing that?

The little briquette stove we had in our elementary school classroom.

We’d stick our lunch boxes on it.

It’d get burning hot on us too,

and the rice’d get all scorched. Hmm?



Let’s try to stay on the subject.

How about putting your mind to what the game could be?

[Player 1] Mm.


No one can figure that out.

We’ll find out when it’s time.

You know, considering the last one that we did,

I think that there’ll be another old game kids played, just like I used to.

I’ll bet you right there.

Think of all the ones they could choose.

Ddakji, Dabanggu,

there’s Hopscotch, Biseokchigi,

and Tag, Don Katsu, Freeze Tag.

And for girls, there’s Gonggi, Elastics, Cat’s Cradle and…

And what else?

I don’t know how to play those.

You don’t know any of the games I listed?

Hey, listen to me.

All those games are easy to learn.

And we’ll teach them to you.


That’s much appreciated.


[mysterious music]

[woman on PA] Attention. The work schedule is done for today.

All active staff, please take this time to return to your rooms.

Let me repeat the instruction.

The work schedule is done for today.

All active staff, please take this time to return to your rooms.

[doors thudding]

[mysterious music continues]


[mysterious music continues]

[clacks loudly]





[Player 212] Hey, hey, hey! Open the door, you jerks!

I have to pee really bad, right now!

Don’t you jerks ever take a leak?

Let me use the restroom! I gotta go now!

Hey, just let me use the bathroom for one second. Jeez, come on!

Look, it’s mostly men in here, okay? Want a puddle here?

Damn it! Damn you, scumbags!

I hope you’re ashamed.

Treat us like humans, damn it! Who do you think you are?

Hey, Triangle.

I don’t need you. Get me your superior.

Just get me that some square head guy!

[masked supervisor] You may not leave this room past your given curfew.

Damn it. You masked guys think you control when I’m supposed to pee, huh?


Oh, what the…

You freaking bastards! [banging]

You don’t think I’ll go pee right here and now?


[sighs] Here I go.

You all ready to hear some rain?

[door opens]

[masked man] Follow me.

Damn, Koreans won’t listen to someone until they start screaming at you.

Goddamn it.

I gotta go.

Oh, yeah? [scoffs]

I beg to get the damn toilet,

and you’re gonna sit right on top of it like that?


You’re a pretty annoying girl, aren’t you?

What a rude little brat.


[metal clattering]

[exhales sharply]

[ominous music]

[monitor beeps]





[inhales deeply]




That’s so damn good…

[door opens]

Don’t scare me like that.


[gasps, coughs]

Wanna smoke a little?

You can stay put on the bowl and smoke some more.


[Player 212] What are you doing?

[metal clanking]

[screw clanking]


Are you going to go in there?

I wanna see what’s up there.

Buy me some time. Then I’ll tell you if I find anything.

[suspenseful music]

Deal. Step up here.



[Player 212 groaning]

[breathing heavily]

[Player 67 grunts]

[tense music]


[tense music continues]



[Player 212] Oh, my God!

I bet the hell I’ve been here today.

[Player 212 groaning]

It hurts a lot! It’s like trying to push out a kid!

Ah! I’m dying!

[exaggerated screaming]

[screaming continues]

[Player 212] I’m dying.

Why won’t it come out?

[foreboding music]

[foreboding music continues]

[knocks on door]

[masked man] It’s time to go back.

Just give me a second, okay? [breathes heavily]

Come on, you. Oh, it’s all blocked.

You bastard, get out!

Hurry the hell up! We’re in a rush, okay?

[masked man] You need to go back.

Come out now.

Wait! Stop! No! Wait!

They’re gone. All of the stool wipes are gone!

Ah, shit.

[water running]

Yeah, but I’ll use the sink.

No, don’t come in.

You just stay out there.

Did you hear that?

Don’t come in here. I’m not wearing pants, okay?


[groans] The water is still nice in here.

[rat squeaking]


[shaky breathing]

[rat squeaking]

[masked supervisor] What?

Keep stirring.


[knocks on door]

[masked man] You have to come out.

[Player 212] Damn it! There’s no toilet paper here either!

If you don’t, I’ll drag you out.

[Player 212] I have to wipe myself, okay!

Hey, aren’t you supposed to check each stall for toilet paper?

Get that square guy here!

I need to file a complaint.

You bastard, what the hell?

[Player 212] I can’t believe this.

[Player 212 huffing]

[toilet flushes]

You little bastard! You…

Hey, jerkface.

You, I said don’t come in, didn’t I?

You harassed us in there, yeah?

Hey, the second I’m out of here, I’ll sue your ass, okay?

Is that clear? Asshole!

[Player 212 grumbles]

[PA system chiming]

[woman on PA] It’s now time for you to go to sleep.

Congratulations on a good day’s work.

[lightbulb clinks]

[Jun-ho sighs]

[tense music]

[inhales sharply]

[Jun-ho] The island, abductions, surveillance, and the masks…

[man coughing]

[coughing continues]

[phone clicks]

[foreboding music]

[breathing deeply]

[Player 212 whispers] Hey, what did you see? Huh?

Come on. What did you see?

[Player 67] I’ll tell you tomorrow.

[Player 212 scoffs] Why tomorrow? Just tell me now.

Hey. What did you see?

You must have seen something. You were up there for so long. Come on.

[waves crashing]

[PA system chiming]

[woman on PA] Good morning, everyone. A new day has dawned.

Please wake up and prepare for your duties.

In ten minutes, the staff head count will begin.

[clock beeps]


[woman on PA] Attention. It is now time for breakfast.

All players, please form a line in the center of the room.

[Player 212] Hey.

What did you see? Tell me now.

It’s the morning now, you said you would.

You were in there for a while, so go on.

Masked guys with pots, and they were melting a liquid down there.

What was it?

I couldn’t tell what.

Goddamn it!

I had to put on that whole show just to save your life back there,

and you couldn’t tell?

I smelled it, though.

What did it smell like?

Sugar or something.

You kidding me?

Are you saying they were melting sugar in there?

I think they were.

So, it was just that?



Look, if you aren’t telling me everything. I’ll burn your eyes out with cigarettes.


I guess I’m hungry.

I’m craving something sweet.

[Player 212] Goddamn it.

Maybe they’ll give us candied sweet potatoes today.

[clock ticking]


[clock beeps]

[alarm buzzes]

[ominous music]

[woman on PA] Beginning headcount now. Please wait in front of your door.

Head count complete.

All staff, proceed.

[tense music]

[quirky music]

Hey, is there…

any chocolate milk? I can’t drink the normal kind.

Oh, when I was a kid, I had problems digesting it,

so I just skipped milk when I was in school.

[Player 1 laughs]

Ah, shit.

My goodness.

As a kid, I’m willing to bet you got spanked a lot.

How did you know?

My son did too. He was just like you, friend.


[background chatter]

[Ali] Hey, sir.

Why aren’t you eating that?

[plastic rustles]

Have it.

Do you mean it?

I don’t eat most mornings.

Thanks so much, sir.

You know, geniuses never eat much.

[Sang-woo sighs]

Take mine too.

Thank you, sir.


[classical music plays on speakers]

[woman on PA] Attention. The second game will begin shortly.

Please follow the staff’s instructions

and swiftly make your way towards the game hall.

I will now repeat the instructions.

[woman on PA] Attention. The second game will begin shortly.

Please follow the staff’s instructions

and swiftly make your way towards the game hall.

[ominous music]

[breathing heavily]

[tense music]

[tense music continues]

[vehicle beeping]

You saw something, right?

I happen to overhear your discussion last night.

So tell me, what did you see?

Why would I?

You’re a defector, right?

All the games they made us play in here are games I have known

since I was a young boy.

The next game will be too, I’m willing to bet.

You tell me what you saw,

I might guess what it is.

[drum beating]

[playful music]

[playful music continues]

Why the hell is this playground so huge?

What’s the game here?

[woman on PA] Players, welcome to the second game.

We will begin shortly.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, what do we think? Huh?

Maybe that roundabout there.

Jungle gym without falling?


[woman on PA] Players, before the second game begins,

choose one of the four available shapes you see on the wall.

Once you’ve chosen your shape, please stand in front of it.

Does she mean those?

So our options are circle, triangle,

star, umbrella.

I don’t know. They seem very familiar.

[Sang-woo] You tell me what you saw, I might guess what it is.

They were heating sugar.

[suspenseful music]


[Gi-hun] Sang-woo.


Got anything?

Not yet.

[woman on PA] Choose a shape and stand in front of it immediately.

Choose a shape and stand in front of it immediately.

[indistinct chatter]

[murmurs] What do you think it could be?

Should we play this together?

That could be dangerous.

At this point, we don’t know anything.

I think it would put us at a disadvantage if we just choose one.

You think?

There’s this saying in investing.

“Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.”


Listen to him.

He was first in his class in SNU Business School.

And in my hometown, he was a genius. A prodigy.

Really? Is that so?

Well then, he is an incredible guy, huh?

Are you kidding me?

[both chuckle]

Like Sang-woo told us, let’s all split up and take it from there, huh?

[Gi-hun] Who should go where?

[indistinct chatter]

All right, let me go triangle.

What about you?


[Gi-hun] Huh?


A circle, you mean?


It looks just like the moon where I’m from.

[Gi-hun sighs, clicks tongue]

That means we have star and umbrella.

[Player 1 sighs]

You pick first. Go on.

Are you sure?


Uh, then I’m choosing the umbrella.

[Sang-woo] Hmm?

You sure?


Oh, growing up, I’d always lose my umbrella so my mom would get angry.

So then, she gave me broken ones to bring to school.

I always wanted her to get me one of those good umbrellas

like the other kids.


Um, don’t want the star? Or do you wanna switch with me?

Oh, no, the star sounds great. [clears throat]

Good with me.

Besides, nobody really sees many stars these days.

Great, let’s get moving.

Once we know what we’re up against, let’s set up a strategy together.

[Player 1] Sure.

All right.

[Player 1] Hmm.

Gi-hun, wait.


[inhales sharply]




[indistinct chatter]

[woman on PA] The time to select your shape has ended.

I will now explain the rules of the next game.

[doors thud]

All players, please take one case each from the table at the front of your line.

All players, please take one case each from the table at the front of your line.

[drum beating]

[playful music]

Please take a moment to open the case and check the contents.


[tense music]


[metal clanks]

What does this mean?


[woman on PA] The second game is sugar honeycombs.

The shape you have chosen

is the shape you must remove from the honeycomb.

[Gi-hun] I’m dead.

[woman on PA] The time limit is ten minutes.

You will pass if you trim out the shape without it breaking or cracking

within the time limit.

With that, let the game begin.

[clock beeps, ticks]

[clock ticking]




[Player 1 grunts]


[Gi-hun groans]

[Gi-hun breathing shakily]



[metal clinking]




[breathing shakily]

[player] Wait…

One more chance.

[gun cocks]

Please. No, please don’t…


[players scream]

[body thudding]

[breathing shakily]


[footsteps approaching]


Oh, no, no, no. I’m sorry.

[cries] Don’t do it, sir.

Please don’t…


[grunts, whimpers]

[players yelp]

[players exclaim]



[beeping continues]





[players gasp]

[lighter clicks]





[players gasp]

[players grunt, gasp]

[tense music]




[woman on PA] Player 111, pass.



Player 67, pass.


The Dayira. I did it. I’m done.

Look, I’m done. [whimpers]

[woman on PA] Player 199, pass.


Player 210, pass.


[players gasp]

[woman on PA] Player 224, pass.

Player 246, pass.


[players gasp]

[woman on PA] Player 73, pass.

[device scanning, beeping]

[masked supervisor] Number 29.

[woman on PA] Player 72, pass.

[Jun-ho] Sir?

What’s your duty today?

[woman on PA] Player 34, pass.

[Jun-ho] My duty is…

[masked supervisor] 29, your duty is carrying out eliminated players.

Why are you here now?

[Jun-ho] I’m sorry.

[woman on PA] Player 44, pass.

[Jun-ho] I got confused.

[masked supervisor] Wait here till after the game ends.

I’ll have a word with you about that confusion.

[woman on PA] Player 32, pass.

[classical music playing on speakers]

[masked man] To the left.


[woman on PA] Player 122, pass.

Player 29, pass.

[Gi-hun breathing shakily]


[woman on PA] Player 218, pass.





[players exclaim]


[Gi-hun breathing shakily]

[woman on PA] Player 357, pass.


Player 83, pass.

[classical music playing]




[tense music]

[tense music continues]

[quirky music]

[Gi-hun] Right. I can melt it from the back.

The outline is thinner, so it will melt first.

[quirky music]

[woman on PA] Player 212, pass.

Player 196, pass.

Player 244, pass.

Player 69, pass.

Player 70, pass.


[players gasp]

[playful music]


[playful music continues]


[players exclaim]


[player yelps]

[playful music continues]


[soft gasp]

[thrilling music]



[breathing heavily]

[clock ticks]

[ticking continues]

[Gi-hun breathing heavily]

[clock ticking]


[ticks, beeps]

[woman on PA] Player 456, pass.


[classical music playing]


[woman on PA] Your time to remove your shape is now up.

All successful players, please leave the playground immediately.

[masked man] Move your hands.


[breathing shakily]

[chilling music]


[masked man screams]

[both grunting]


You see this, assholes, huh?

Goddamn it! What kind of sick game was that?

Why do some people got easy shapes while we all get shitty umbrellas, huh?

Hey, you assholes, step back in there.

Stay there. I’ll shoot.

I’ll shoot! Shoot him right here!

Goddamn it!

[players exclaim]

[rapid gunfire]

[foreboding music]

[shaky breathing]

Take off your mask.

Don’t make me shoot.

[player trembling]

[tense music]

[stammers] Turn around, okay.

You’re just a kid. [player gasps]

What did they do to you?

[player quivering]




[Front Man] Remember.

Once they find out who you are, you die.

[chilling music]

[masked supervisor] Number 29, standby and await further instructions.

I’ll have a word with you about that confusion.

[closing theme music]


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