Snowpiercer – S03E01 – The Tortoise and the Hare [Transcript]

While Wilford emphasizes his rule aboard his icy train, Layton's pirate train continues its dangerous quest for warm spots, and comes across something entirely unexpected.
Snowpiercer - Season 2 - TNT Original

Original air date: January 25, 2022

In the six months since the pirate train’s departure, Snowpiercer and Big Alice have become a “rolling gulag” under Wilford’s rule with everyone being forced to work in harsh, freezing conditions due to the limited power available. With the help of Pike, Ruth leads the resistance in Layton’s absence, but she is forced to flee into the decommissioned first class when Wilford learns of her hiding spot; the passengers are later forced to humiliate a Jackboot and the watermaster who were illegally using water despite strict restrictions. Javi is revealed to be still alive and working as Big Alice‘s Engineer while the Headwoods are seen doing something to Zara’s unborn child. On the pirate train, Layton’s group has had no luck in finding a habitable location despite Melanie’s data. While searching in North Korea, Bennett falls through a roof, forcing Layton and Josie to rescue him. While waiting for Josie to return, Layton discovers a survivor in a bunker beneath the building and after passing out from a lack of power, has a vision of a living tree in Africa. Due to problems with the Engine, Till and Alex are forced to depart and return later, but Miss Audrey and accidental stowaway Martin Colvin attempt to force Alex to meet back up with Snowpiercer; Till subdues them and convinces Alex not to give up hope. Layton returns to the train with the survivor that he found while Sykes, who has become cooperative while a prisoner of war, shows wavering loyalty to Wilford, refusing to help Audrey and Martin in their actions.

* * *


[dramatic music]

Two trains, two chapters to tell. One runs hot and fast.

The other lumbers slow…

Cold-cast in Wilford’s iron grip…

An armored tortoise plodding after a hare…

Everyone under a single thumb…

Serving a single obsession…

To retake the pirates and exact his revenge.

I can smell them.

Layton took my engine through here about a month ago, judging by the ice buildup.

Practically on their heels.

[laughs] You see? [dog whines]

Like old footprints in the snow.

Set switch for the south fork, Engineer.

[dog barks] We’ll get it back, Jupe, whatever it takes.

[gentle acoustic guitar music playing]

♪ Train whistle blowing ♪

♪ Makes a sleepy noise ♪

♪ Underneath their blankets ♪

♪ Go all the girls and boys ♪

♪ Driver at the engine ♪

♪ Fireman rings the bell ♪

♪ Sandman swings the lantern ♪

♪ To show that all is well ♪

♪ Rocking, rolling, riding ♪

♪ Out along the bay ♪

♪ All bound for Morningtown ♪

♪ Many miles away ♪

[echoing] ♪ Maybe it is raining ♪

♪ Where our train will ride ♪

♪ All the little travelers ♪

Inside, it’s a backwards world.

Only one class now, the working class, freezing, stitching, fixing, suffering.

♪ Somewhere there is Morningtown ♪

♪ Many miles away ♪

[“Morningtown” playing on piano]

Hey, this isn’t a pass-through.

[suspenseful music]


Message for the top.


But frostbitten fingers hold fast.

Deep in the iced-over bowels where Wilford never treads…

[indistinct chatter]

A spark still lives: the resistance, nurtured and protected by the bravest of the brave.

Message for the tippity-top.

I didn’t hear the password, Mr. Pike.

I expect more from my second in command.


They picked up sign of Snowpiercer.

We turned south, back on the main line.

Oh, thank God for that.

This is the first proof we’ve had that they are still alive in 32 days.

They must–they must have their reasons for all this traipsing about.

I mean, if Melanie’s aboard–


We don’t know.

You ever think, Ruth, all alone down here at night, that since Layton bailed on us in the first place, he might never come back?

No, I don’t.

And neither do you, or you wouldn’t be in the resistance.


So antibiotics for the seamstresses.

They’ll need them, all jammed up together in that sweatshop.


It’s these little things that will keep us sane, Mr. Pike.

The passengers can survive all of this if we can ease their journey.

And keep them ready for Mr. Layton’s return.

The heart of hope still beats aboard Wilford’s rolling gulag, 1,023 cars long.

[dramatic music]


Should be clear of track contaminants.

I’m gonna start pulling ice samples.

How’s it looking?

Palm trees, golden sands.

Gotta catch me some North Korean waves.

Nice. I’ll grab my board. I’ll be right out, bro.

Let him focus.

I’m keeping him calm.

You’re distracting him.

Ben, the suit’s at 22 minutes.

Your heart rate’s good.

You steady on, okay?

Copy that.

[snow crunching]

[breathing heavily]

Engine any happier?

We’re venting, but still too hot.

How’s it looking?

Oh, minus 86.

Oh, well, I’m sure glad we came all this way.

Well, don’t mistake the weather for the climate.

Ben’s samples will show us the full picture.

We’re looking for trends.

I thought we were looking for a place to live.

The model likes this spot.

Let’s just wait for the results.

Oh, the model.

Hey, Till, remember how much the model liked Sulawesi?

Yeah, I do.

Six months of going around the world with nothing to show for it.

And we learned something from every stop.

Think of them as data points.

Okay, Professor Layton.


They were not frozen hellscapes.

They were data points.



[alarms ringing]


I need to talk to him.


Ben, we just blew a thermal switch on the main line.

It’s gotta be an error.

It isn’t.

We came in too rich. I told you that.

Just discharge the excess, Alex.

She’ll rebalance.

If I discharge any more, we won’t be able to get going again.

We have to abort. Pull him in.

She’s wrong, Layton.

She can ride the levels. Ten more minutes.

We’re burning up. We need to go right now.

Do what you can.

I told him we came in too rich.


Everything’s under control.

Ben, just stay on task. Okay?

[tense music]


She touchy this morning?

Scathing. So mean.

Sykes is on her way.


Why have we stopped again?

You know, they’re not gonna find an oasis.

You know that.

I don’t know anything.

It’s easier that way.

Ugh, know no one, feel nothing.

You’re a woman alone, my jailer.

Well, at least I got you.

You gonna be civil, or do you want me to feed you in there?


Monsters first.

No, please.


Okay. Today’s dwindling selection.

We have the boeuf bourguignon, the carbonara, the dreaded chicken mushroom bag, and the last Thai vegetable.

You seem to enjoy working for these pirates.

Just a POW doing my time, Audrey.

Well, he’d be disgusted with your cooperation.

Can you please?

If nobody wants the Thai vegetable…

Just give me the carbonara, Martin.

Carbonara, it’s the worst.



Ben, the wind’s picking up.

It looks like there’s a front coming in.

Copy that. I’m on my way back.

How’s Alex?

Alex, status.

We’re not actively on fire.

Tell him to hurry.

She says she took your advice and everything’s working out.


So much blown snow.

A lot of wind comes through this basin.

Well, that’s good, though, right?

Could be.

Might be our warm spot stirring things up.

[suspenseful music]


[alarms beeping]




Ben, come in, Ben.

I can’t see him.


Ben! Ben, do you copy?


[signal breaking] Ben, come in.

Ben, your sig–

[static crackling]



Ben, the signal–

The bit I don’t get, Bess, when we return to Wilford with your precious climate model, what happens then?


Both trains want to reconnect.

Yeah. Hostage negotiations first.

You for Zarah.

[phone ringing]

Yeah, but then what?

Wilford’s 2,700 to your 7?

He’s not gonna take too kindly to a traitor and a stowaway.

How am I a stowaway?

I woke up from a nap in my carriage and the train was gone, along with my husband and my twin boys.

Till here.

Yeah, I need you to lock them down and get up here.

What’s up?

Nothing they need to know about.

All right. On my way.

Ben, do you read?

All right, that’s lunch.

Martin, lock her up.

Is something wrong?

Move, go.

[tense music]

Hey, I saw Ben going outside earlier.

Do you need help?

No, everything’s good.

We’re good.

On it.

Till. Hey, what’s going on?

You stay in your quarters.

Wait till the engine gives the all-clear.

That’s it?


I’m going out there.

No, you’re not. I’m going.

Neither of you are going anywhere.

We can’t stay here.

Ben. Ben, do you copy?

We are not leaving him.

Layton, if we don’t get rolling right now, we will melt down.

How long do you need?

8 minutes to get up to speed, 10 to 12 minutes to run a discharge sequence.

Great. Go.

Whoa, whoa.

And leave you outside?

The breach suits have 30 minutes.

You go, you come back for me.

You are staying here.

Yeah. Like, hell I am.

It’s not a discussion, Josie.

If all three of us get in trouble out there, there’s no one left for off-train work.

Yeah, well, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

You know, one time, just for a change of pace, you could respect the chain of command.

Chain of command?

Layton, this isn’t a battleship.

It’s a bloody life raft.

And you’re staying on it.

Ben shouldn’t even be out there.

He knew what he was getting into.

Yeah. Chasing Melanie’s ghost.

Her theory.

We all agreed.

We find New Eden, then we go back for the others.

And what if there is no New Eden?

What if she’s wrong?

Guess we just all go down with her, eh?

Till, you’re gonna have to pilot us out of here.

Me? Why? [alarms beeping]

Because I need to go deal with that.

What? Oh, Jesus.

Jesus. Yeah, okay.

I–I got it.

[fire extinguisher whooshing]

[exhales sharply]

[door clatters open]


You’re starting to believe your own hype.

You do know that, don’t you?

I’m just trying to keep everyone alive.

Yep. We know.

Our great savior.

Never my words.

I was there at the beginning in The Tail, in the muck and the shit.

I know who you are.

You encouraged me to be a leader.

Not for this. Didn’t ask for any of this.

Engine, we’re at the bay door.

Release the safety.

Uh, copy.

Bay door safety?

System panel, top right.

[alarm blaring]

Josie, be careful.

Yeah. Yeah, you too.

You see anything?

We’re on the wrong side.

Well, we’ve been stopped for an awfully long time, haven’t we?


Engine, we’re clear.

Okay. Copy.

They’re clear!

Okay. Take us up to 20.

[breathes deeply]

Easy! Easy.

[dramatic music]

[train rumbling]

This is the general consolidated ledger.

And you can see where the quartermaster detected pilfering. [panel beeps, door whirs]

Cleverly dispersed along the supply chain.

Laytonites, or what’s left of them.

Yeah. Someone’s playing Robin Hood.

[dramatic music]

Zarah. Zarah.

How are you feeling?



I’m fine, thank you.

Oh, good.

I have the engineering report, Javi.

I’ll take that.


Let’s hear it from her.

I appreciate how you deliver bad news, Zarah.

Always a clear-eyed view.

So, then, your water pipes are still frozen.

Most of Second and parts of Third.

And Ag-Sec output is down again, but only by 6% this week.

This is pilfering. I was–

And last night, 43 sleepers and The Chains lost heat completely.

162 passengers remain evacuated.

Well, if we can’t keep them all warm at once, they’ll just have to be miserable in shifts.

We’ll cut First Class.

Out of the question.

Well, you did decommission it, Joseph.

It’s empty and frozen.

Cut the weight.

I will restore First to glory when I get my engine back-and Audrey with it.

Perhaps there’s another way to conserve energy.

Like a cull.

No, Kevin, you ghoul.


Please berate him.

Remind him there are rules.

Sorry to disappoint, Kevin.

But minus an arm or two, we keep everyone as alive as possible so Audrey stays as alive as possible.

Of course.

And you too, my dear.

That’s been guaranteed, hasn’t it?



Bye, Javi.

Rules. [chuckles]

The resistance is not so constrained.

Every game has rules, Kevin.

Get creative.

[indistinct chatter]

[tense music]

[people clamoring]

Let go!

Jackboot Tyson.

Can you get me out of compost or not?

One more week.

But in the meantime, how about a nice hot bath?

You taking the piss?

Nah, ooh.

Bathing token for services to the cause.

What can we do for you, Kevin?

Hmm. Ovaltine.

Yeah, we don’t have Ovaltine.

We have train-made hooch.

Fine. One hooch.

Mr. Wilford loves what you’ve done with the place, but I’m afraid he needs just a smidge more from the deal.


The subversives continue filching and currying favor while their shot caller keeps slipping through our fingers.

We would like this person identified and captured… now.

Maybe our passed-out Jack knows something.

Jackboot Whiggins?

Oi, Stuie.

Wake up, Whiggins.

What? You said I could stay. Oh!

They put you on Water Security, yeah?


You’re a former Firstie, so you’ll be glad to help.

Well, what’s happening in Water Security?

Uh, you know, nothing.


Um, well, you know, very little.

Kevin doesn’t need much.

Just a little thread to pick. Come on.


Well, I’ve heard that the Second Class Watermaster was giving away hot baths for service to the resistance.

Let’s have a look.

Oh, that’s healing nicely.

Have you applied your cream today?

No, sir.

Well, then allow me.

[dog growling]

[dog barks] Oh, it’s all right, cub.

It’s all right. You like me now.

[sighs] This business with Jupiter.

I know she’s a blunt tool, Javier.

But when you’re one man responsible for nearly 3,000…

It’s not enough being a disciplinarian.

You need to add a little chaos to the mix.

In here, it’s Jupiter.

Out there, it’s Kevin, gnashing his teeth and running amok. [chuckles]

You can’t fight the unpredictable, Javier.

That’s how I keep everyone safe.

Anyway… I hope you see it for what it is.

I do need you, Javier.

[dog growls]

Good man.

[phone rings]


Sir, we have a lead.



[people clamoring]

[people grunting]


Stand up, stand up.

Watermaster Arnoldo Reyas.

Sí, señor. The Engine will provide.


Clean as a baby.


Come on.

Come on out before you get cold.

[hinge squeaks]

The Watermaster told them where we are.

Gotta go.




Come on.

I’m coming.

There you go, that’s it.


No, no, no, no, no, no.

Ruth, let’s go, quick.

Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.

All right. All right.

We can’t all be built like a bloody whippet.

Come on. Come on.

That’s full! Set it down!

We gotta go!

Let’s go. Let’s go!

[breathing heavily]

[subtrain rumbling]

End of the line.

The First is too frozen for the subtrain.

[panting] Okay.


Crikey, it’s cold.

Just wait.


They were here. Right under our noses.


Who are you, you clever thing?

They got it on trickle, stays around minus 25.

I’m hoping they won’t look back here, because, you know, it’s too cold to live.

[both breathing heavily]

[panel beeps, door whirs]

Oh, my God.

What, Kevin couldn’t put anything away?

In here, Ruth.

[groans] Watch your head.

Had a couple of our comrades gussy it up for ya.

See, minus 12.

It’s lovely, thank you.


Send my regards down the line.



What, you likey that I’m built like a whippet?

No. Mind your cheek.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

[door slams]

If you’re out there, Mr. Layton, now would be a great time to come home.

[wind whistling]


“Snowpiercer,” come in.


[breathing heavily]

Oh, shit.

Hey, buddy.


You bring your surfboard?

Thought we’d do some sledding instead.

Hey, what’s your suit at, man?

7:45. The Engine.

Don’t worry about the Engine.

Alex is on it.

Where are you hurting, Ben?

Bit of pain in the chest.

Can you move your fingers and toes?

[laughs] All right. I’m coming down.

Too risky, Layton. Send down a rope. [groans]

Oh, man. Don’t worry about it.

You sit tight, man. I’ll be right back.

They’re venting?

They’re just rolling fast enough to cool down.

I don’t–I don’t get it.

I do.

I don’t think they got back on.


What are you talking about?

So who’s outside?

I don’t know.

You think they tell me anything?

I know Ben went out.

Yeah, well, I think I saw two more from my window.

Well, then Alex has to be driving.

[gasps] Did she ditch them?

They’re not answering.

Martin, it’s time.

[dramatic music]

Yeah. Okay.

What about Till?

Well, we’ll just have to go to the Engine and find out.

What’s happening?

We have to get back with the other train.

Help us, and I won’t tell Wilford you’ve been cooperating.

Are you serious right now?

[Taser buzzes]

Deadly serious.

Look, we need to reconnect.

Okay? What are we doing out here?

Yeah, we’ve been running around aimlessly.

We’re running out of food. Last chance.

[Taser buzzes] Hmm?

Get back with Wilford or dig a grave with Layton.

Then get in the cage.

[train rumbling]

What’s our speed?

Um, 75.

Okay, let’s switch places; I need you over here while I start the cooling sequence.

Okay, you’re gonna match these lines.

Blue to blue, red to red, and so on, you got it?


Be sure, Brakeman, okay?

These currents are live.

Yeah, match the colors.

I got it. Let’s go.

And I’m not a freaking Brakeman.



Okay, well, just in case they ask, you forced me to let you out.


[motor whirring]

Hey. Time?

[monitor beeping]

Two minutes.

All right, not to worry, brother.

There’s plenty to go around.

Not too much, Layton.

Let’s not both run out.



Hey, hey.

All that surf stuff you talking, you really do that?





Yeah, I spent a summer in Sopelana when I was 16.

Yeah, the locals surfed a wave called El Bordillo.

Oh, yeah?


I learned more on that wave than in seven years of university.


You ever go back?

Yeah, once.

By then, the rising sea levels changed the coastline.

The wave was gone.

Shouldn’t we start going back?

We’re still too rich.

Well, how long?

I don’t–I don’t know.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, Alex, you can do this.


I can’t.

What would Melanie do?

She would just know the answer.

That’s what she would do.

Okay, fine, then.

What would–What would Ben do?

He would grab a pen and paper and start mansplaining.

Okay, good. Just–just talk it out, then.

Built to work at speed, under load, but we have neither.

We’re a jet engine strapped to a toy wagon.

All we have to do is stop on a dime without stalling or burning up twice and once in reverse.

[hatch crashes]

All right, Till, there’s a three-minute window to reverse back to them.

Have you been avoiding me?

I told them to lock you in the meat locker.

They thought the library was more secure.

So much for that.

Are they all outside?

I’m a bit busy right now, Audrey.

Well, I can see that.

Ahh. [laughs]


Look. Look, what I have.

[giggling] Look!

I had it on me when they took me hostage.

I have been waiting six months for this moment.

[Taser buzzes]


Now let’s talk about going home to Daddy.


[echoing] Have you discovered a new source?


We’ll tighten our belts.

[voices continue indistinctly]


I’m not listening to you.

[banging on hatch]


You know I make things…


[Till yelling indistinctly]

Hold on tight, buddy. I’ll see you up there.

Josie, let’s go.


All right, Ben.

[breathing heavily]

[people speaking indistinctly]

Here you go.

All right. Nearly there, Ben.

Nearly there. There, it’s done.

Over the edge, that’s it.

Josie, throw me the switch and start back with him.

No, not till you’re out of there.

He’s fading, Josie.

Get going. I’ll catch up.

What’s your suit at?

Plenty. Don’t worry about it.

I’m right behind you.



[motor whirring]

[monitor beeping]

[eerie music]

[suspenseful music]

[door clatters]

[footsteps pattering slowly]

[door slams]


[monitor beeping]


[somber music]

[tense music]


Ow! Oh, my God!

Layton, come in, Layton.

[dramatic music]

Layton, come in, Layton.

[both grunting]

[breathing heavily]

[electricity buzzing] [monitor beeping rapidly]


[beeping continues]

Your mother didn’t make it, Alex.

And that idea of an oasis out there died with her.

No, it hasn’t.

Well, I think you would all be getting along much better if you discovered anything.

Well, you have no idea what we’ve discovered.


Wilford has the answers, Alex.

Just keep going, and you solve everything.

Just keep going.


No, don’t.

Get away from her.

Alex, you gotta go back.

Ahead, Alex. Back home to him.

We can’t leave them out there.

Don’t listen to her bleeding heart, Alex.

Just do the calculus of survival like Joseph would.

Stop! Both of you, just stop!


Just go ahead!



Alex, stop the train.

What if she was right?

What if Wilford is the best bet?

He’s not. Melanie is.


We can get through this, Alex.

Don’t tip it the wrong way.

Okay? Yeah.

[brakes screeching]

[monitor beeping rapidly]

[breathing heavily]


[beeping continues]

[spacey music]

[power whirs] [gasps]

“Snowpiercer.” Come in, “Snowpiercer.”

[wind whistling]

Layton, Layton, can you read me?

[somber music]


“Snowpiercer,” come in.



There they are.

There’s only two-there’s only two of them.

[both grunting]

Wait, wait.

Sit there.

Layton, come in, Layton.

Layton, come in, Layton.

Look, I’ll be back, okay?

Josie, you’ve been out too long.

I can find him. I’ll be back.

Josie, his suit ran out five minutes ago.




What? What? He’s there?


He’s there?

He’s there.

[dramatic music]

[Dinah Washington’s “This Bitter Earth”]

[dog growls, barks]

♪ This bitter earth ♪

So what can I get you?

I’d say I’ve got everything I ever wanted.

A girl, a club, and the gratitude of the great Mr. Wilford.

Come on.

♪ Mm, mm, that no one shares ♪

Wouldn’t we all love a nice warm bath?


These two stole hot water resources from you for the resistance.

Because they had to be clean…

[people muttering indistinctly]

You go unwashed.

You first.

He didn’t do anything.

[muttering continues]

It’s all right.

It was worth it.

♪ Is like the dust ♪

Do it, please.

♪ Ooh, that hides ♪

[people groan]

♪ The glow of a rose ♪

[people groan]


♪ Heaven only knows ♪

Well, I hate to miss a public defiling, but the proceedings are rather foregone, aren’t they?

I’d much rather be here with my friends, embarking on a fresh path.

♪ Yes, can it be so cold ♪

♪ Today you’re young ♪

♪ Too soon, you’re old ♪

♪ But while a voice ♪

♪ Within me cries ♪

♪ I’m sure someone may answer my call ♪

♪ And this bitter earth, ooh ♪

♪ May not, oh ♪

♪ Be so bitter after all ♪

[monitor beeping]

[dramatic music]


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