Snowpiercer – S02E08 – The Eternal Engineer [Transcript]

An engineering catastrophe on Snowpiercer forces Layton to make a difficult choice, one that might cost him everything.
Snowpiercer - Season 2 - TNT Original

Original air date: March 15, 2021

LJ and Oz continue to work in janitorial and begin forming a romantic relationship; Josie continues to recover and begins displaying a resistance to cold temperatures similar to Icy Bob who Wilford has sabotage Snowpiercer’s water intake, but Icy Bob nearly dies as a result. Bojan fixes the problem and defects to Layton’s side after realizing that Wilford really had betrayed him and the Breachmen; however, the sabotage damages Snowpiercer’s computer brain, forcing Layton to allow Wilford into the Engine to fix it, something that Layton tries to hide from the rest of the train. Although Wilford repairs it, due to Melanie’s modifications to the Engine, complications arise forcing Wilford to manually restart the Engine, requiring the revelation of his presence to the train. In the aftermath, Layton signals the Tail that things have gone badly with a flare before surrendering and is taken aboard Big Alice while Roche, who was struggling with his loyalty, is placed into the Drawers on Big Alice with his family. A pleased Wilford resumes his place in Snowpiercer’s Engine, having successfully retaken control of the train.

* * *

Things fall apart, right? Or do they? Who can tell anymore what’s true, what’s a Wilford ruse?


So we hang on too tight to what we do know, crack ourselves into harder factions.

We’re not afraid of our Ag-Sec failing or Bio-Security anymore.

We’re lighting red lanterns for Wilford because we’re afraid of each other.

And me?

I’m out here selling the only common ground left.

That we’re all human beings.

You know, who need love and connection and space for hope.

Or we’d kill each other.

What is it about recent history

that’s so freaking hard to remember?

[alarm blaring]

Well, Eternal Engineer.

He’s always been a social engineer, hasn’t he?

He’d have to be.

He rendered us all into his system.

And even though his Engine may be eternal, the rest of Snowpiercer, she still runs on meat.

All 1,034 cars long.

[dramatic music]

He confessed, Boki, like I’m sitting here with you.

And then he cinched his little homemade murder bag around his throat, and tried to freeze his own head off.

You love this story, don’t you?

More cover, from a Tailie for the Tailies.

I hate this story, Breachman.

But I gotta keep telling it.

I gotta get on the loudspeaker and defend the Tail to the whole train because it’s true.

They didn’t do it.

You want revenge. I get it.

But you gotta open your eyes.

30 years I risked my life for Wilford.

30 years.

No, he would not have his Breachmen killed.

Boki, take some time.

Help us hold the middle.

Well, I’m glad we had this meeting, but we can cross him off the list.


[door creaks]

Engineer. [laughs]

It’s been eons.

♪ And when you said I scared you ♪

♪ Well, I guess you scared me too ♪

She can sing, but can she clean her room?

Show some respect.

The woman’s just got back on her horse.

You’ll see.

Lovely stretch of track, the Mongols.

Undulating. Efficient terrain.

You’re bathing too much.

I beg your pardon?

Well, you think when you bathe, so you must be up to something.

Well, Engineer Cavill, if I was up to something, you don’t necessarily need to know about it, do you?

I noticed that there was an intentional breach this morning.

That was Snowpiercer, jettisoning the dead.

Nope, not that breach.

On this train, actually, in our cold lock.

Well, they’re probably just testing the seal.

[dramatic music]

It hasn’t been like this before.

Walking around, I can feel it. I got no-go zones.

There were a lot of red lanterns last night.

The Tail can’t move freely at all.

Most of us are right back there again.

Half the train is brainwashed.

We’ve lost the Tunnelmen.

They’re openly calling for Wilford’s return.

Doesn’t matter that I got two suspects behind bars.

People just believe what they wanna believe.

What about Second Class?

Most of us still back you.

The Bourgeoisie will hold the middle long as they can.

That’s probably why we always get screwed.

Did you all just get on at the last whistle stop?

You’ve got the Brakemen, you can relax.

You sure about that?

I saw some of your boys throwing up the Wilford horns at the funeral.

Yeah, that’s for the Breachmen, it’s tradition.

They’re holding their posts. They’ll follow me.

Well, like, I still don’t get it.

Like, why don’t you just let me stay here?

It’s only for a little time.

It’s much safer here. I’m telling you.

Hey, Fireball, what’s the fuss?

Dad, why do I have to stay uptrain?


Carly, it’s just until things settle down, okay?

You’ll be back in no time.

This way, you’ll be closer to school, and you don’t have to keep going back and forth through all this.

Hey. Hey.

It’s all right, okay?

Come here.

I’m gonna miss you.

Miss you.

All right. Now, look at it this way.

You can misbehave at the Paolis’.

Just don’t make my Brakeman use his nightstick on you on the way up.


I love you. [sighs]

See you soon.


I love you.

[water running]



We’re divided as hell.

Layton’s trying to keep the peace, but we’re– you know, we’re one dirty look away from a civil war.

People have a hard time believing Pastor Logan had the Breachmen killed.

Do you?

I know you lost your faith on this train, but for those of us holding on to it, this one’s hard to reconcile.

You keep the faith, remember? I keep the peace.

[tense music]

[shouts, laughs]

The world is ending, baby! Call a plumber!

God, I’m sorry!

[display beeping]

We have to have water problems now?

You hoping for all-day autopilot and a nice long siesta, are you?

Don’t take your eyes off the water pressure.

I’m on it.

You should probably take your wellies.

Ha, ha, ha.

[water dripping]

Oh, dear. Oh.

Excuse me. Anne, Anne, what’s happened?

Started off with a tiny leak in our faucet earlier, now all the cabins are flooding.

Oh, no, here comes Hospitality.

Okay, so this where we shine, LJ, yeah?

We do a bang-up job, they can’t take Janitorial away from us.


Yeah, you ready?

Let’s Janitor this bitch.

Well, you’re in a pickle.

Well, I think this car’s in hand, Ms. Wardell.

We’re mopping up as fast as we can, but there are three cars affected.


Yup, LJ’s on top of this, but there’s water in the subtrain now, so I think you better come with me.

I think I better. All right, go on.

Good luck, LJ.

Yeah, don’t worry about me.

Head down this way.


Hey, so I’m redistributing pressure, but it’s still building.

Javi, I’m getting a pressure surge.

Hold on.

[loud creaking]

Oh, shit!

Holy mackerel!

[yells] Damn it!

[soft dramatic music]

Oh, goody, you’re awake.

Feels awful after a tube’s been down there, doesn’t it?

There you go.

You’ve been out for some time since your last goo bath.

I do wish the Headwoods would find a more scientific sounding name for the stuff, don’t you?




It barely hurts anymore.

Tears might hurt a bit.

Salt on fresh skin. Hmm?


Why have you done this?

I hear you’ve been having phantom pain in your missing hand.

I have a little trick I’d like to play on your mind.

These are your hands.

There you go. [grunts]

No, please, trust me.

Focus on your hands.

Watch me touching them.


You see, your brain believes there’s still a hand.

A cluster of confused neurons couldn’t make sense of it, so it became fixated on your pain.

[soft tense music]

What–it’s working.

Illusion has value, if it takes the pain away.

Not such a far-fetched idea, is it?

Practice. Retool your brain.

It’ll be fun.

We won’t be locking your door anymore.

Welcome to Big Alice.

Pressure surges are popping up all over the train.

Our port intake won’t close, so we’re taking on too much snow.

Excuse me.

Convert water to hydrogen, its offshoot supplies water for the train, so when the gills are jammed open…

Too much hydrogen, and a tsunami of water.

Exactly. It has to be external.

Something’s jammed the gills open.

Well, we can manually vent the excess, but that’s gonna slow us down, so that’s serious.

How serious, scale of one to ten?

Normally, I’d call it a three.

We’d send out a team of Breach workers to free it by hand.

But since all of our Breachmen are dead except Boki, who might refuse to do it…

Six out of ten.

We can round that up to a ten, assuming Wilford’s involved.

Not everything’s Wilford.

Our intakes do get jammed, it happens.

Boscovic’s still grieving.

Gotta ask him to risk his life.

Well, make it fast. We’re gonna start losing time.

[unsettling music]

Now it’s slowing.

[door beeps]

Oh, it’s you.

You clean up well.

Where is he?

He told me I should be here to see this.

To see what?

Oh, he didn’t tell you.

Tell me what?

Turn around, darling.


[alarm blaring]


[banging on door]

Wait, wait. Wait, wait.



Open it.




What was he doing?

This is very severe.


[groaning, panting]

Come on, Bob.

What is that?

An old Breachman’s tradition.

Why did you send him out there?

Thank you.

[low tense music]

My God, it’s her.

Have you heard what she did to Kevin?

[faint indistinct chatter]

We’ve never actually met.

Uh–no, I know who you are.

Why are you here?

It’s amazing what they can do, isn’t it?

A little more effort, you could be beautiful again.

I-I don’t give a shit about being beautiful.

That’s probably good.

What’s happened on Snowpiercer?

Is Layton still standing?

More like crawling, but yes.

You’ve defected.

I’ve returned.

We had very different journeys, but we were both leaders on Snowpiercer.

We spent years being responsible for others.

And now that we’re here, without all that weight, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never slept so well.

The future is yours, if you want it.

Just look in the mirror.


I knew you’d be coming. All these bursting pipes.

Boki, I’m sorry.

We know it’s not fair to ask you to go out there alone.

I know you don’t wanna hear this from me, but the train needs you.

The train always needs me!


What if I say no?

That would not be good.

An intake’s pretty serious.

The last Breachworker between you and the abyss.

Look, I’m not down here giving you an order, man.

It’s your call.

[soft tense music]


Time to go outside.

[machine beeping]

[labored breathing]

Hi, Josie.


What have they given you for the pain?

I’m ready.

I’ve served my purpose.

No, no, you have a far greater purpose than being Wilford’s weapon.

I agree, he did.

Years of grafting synthetic tissue.

Horrible frostbite, like yours.

We rebuilt him.

And now, we’ll never discover his full potential.

We need you resting.

Now more than ever.


[alarm blaring]

[wind whistling]

[breathing shakily]

[grunts, panting]


[panting heavily]

Water pressure’s building at all end points.

Pressure’s in the red.

Ready to vent.

They’re venting.

That’s not unusual.

Was Icy Bob trying to disconnect us?

They’ve slowed down. Why?

For pity’s sake. Why don’t you just ask them?

Boki is getting suited up.

Once we free the intake, we’ll gradually bring her back up to speed, but it’s gonna cost us.

I’m estimating two hours.

That’s two hours later for our rendezvous with Mel, who we have lost contact with.

Hey, keep the faith.

Snowpiercer, it’s Big Alice, come in.

[display beeps]

[sighs] Good afternoon, Big Alice.

You’re probably wondering why we’ve slowed.

Yes, we’re going to be late picking up Melanie.

What’s going on?

[uneasy music]

Routine maintenance, actually.

We’re just taking advantage of the straight track.

Well, hello, Ben. Can we be of any assistance?

No, thank you.

We’ll be slowing further shortly, but we’ll make it up after that.

All right, then. Every second counts.

Do give my regards to Mr. Layton, won’t you?


He’s in an awful good mood.

Boki’s in cold lock.

All right, ready to roll.

[door squeaks]



Boki, do you copy?


He’s breached the hatch. He’s on the roof.

When you get to the ladder, we’ll reduce speed.

Okay. I’m ready to go over the side.

He’s at the intake.

Bringing her down to 55 kilometers.

I found the block.

How the hell did this get here?

Be careful, Boki.

[grunting, straining]

I cannot reach it.

[suspenseful music]

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay, then.

[grunting, panting heavily]

Boki, what’s happening?


I got it.

He’s got it.


I’m coming home!

I’m coming home! I’m coming home!

Good work.

I’m coming home!

Let’s get him back inside.


Number Ten Wilford. This was no accident.

How do you know?

The access ladder.

Ice was broken off the rungs.

Somebody went down before me.

[tense music]

Let’s go check the levels.




Wilford gave me this himself.

He said, “Breachmen risk their lives for me. With this, I pledge the same to you.”

Take it.

Maybe you can shove it up his ass one day, huh?



[display beeping]

We’ll run some tests in the engine server room.

What–what’s going on?

Give us a minute.


I put the train on autopilot.

Hey, what’s that? Your boy’s scaring me.

Follow me.

We’ve pulled up the carpet and mopped out all the residences.

Now we’ll just turn the HVAC on high and let them all dry out.

You’re trying very hard, LJ.

Yeah, we are. For Wilford’s train.

So however things fall, you can count on us.

Nothing’s going to fall, LJ.

You just keep up the good work.

Your parents would be very proud.

Yeah, I’m not so sure they would.

I have calluses now.

[sighs] Ruth.

Uh… Do you have a second?

Of course.


I just got asked where Sam stands, with or against Wilford.

Have they knocked on your door yet?

Well, Anne, I–

Hospitality has to remain neutral.

So do the Brakemen.

Is he?

[tense music]

These are very difficult times, Anne.

But I am sure that you and Sam are strong enough to pull through all of it.

We will muddle through, just like we always do.

Okay, Chuck, Tony, get to First Class now–carefully.

I heard the Wilfordites might try and blockade Ag-Sec.

Stanley, get your squad down there right now.

You’re gonna have to run escort on food shuttles.

All due respect, Boss, but we can’t even move through whole sections of Third.

Well, you’re gonna have to work your way around.

Use the subtrain.

There’s a rumor.

That the Jackboots who survived the revolution have rebuilt a command.


Well, hello.

If it isn’t the prettiest lady on Snowpiercer.

What are you doing here?

Sandwiches from the mess.

Thanks, Anne.

Thank you.


Guys, stay safe out there.

Thanks, Anne.


What’s up?

That one’s for you.

Oh, thank you.

Things are heating up out there.

You’re on top of it, I have no doubt.

But I have my own network, Sam.


And what I’m getting, is there’s more against Layton than there is for him now.

Well, I don’t agree with your split, but it’s close.

You know how bad it can get.

We lost two children.

Okay, that is not happening again.

Then why did you send our daughter uptrain?

We lived Wilford’s way for seven years.

Sam, it was better.

If he’s in charge, he’ll set everyone straight.

Put an end to all this–

At what cost?

Anne, you realize Wilford-okay?

He designed this train with portals to freeze people’s limbs off.

Look at what you’re asking me.

To put your family first.

I am.

Do you know who Layton is, okay?

He’s a good guy, and I forgot what a good guy was.

He is trying to give this train, our daughter, our family, a world that we can be proud to live in.

[dramatic music]

If that world falls, I…


[indistinct chatter]

What are you doing?

Well, I’m covered in shit and making you dinner.

What else does it look like I’m doing?



Hard-boiled eggs.

[laughs] Oof.


[faint music playing]

You were great today.




Yeah, I was like some working class action hero.

Where did that come from?

I don’t know, but they’re treating us with respect now.

And who cares if they like you, if you’re good in a pinch, you know?

I think you’re the only person who likes me.

Well, no, there’s Till, right?

She’s your friend.

No, we just went through a lot.

Doesn’t make us friends.

You’re my favorite.

I’m your favorite?

Yeah. S-so?

Don’t make fun of me, it just came out.

No, Oz, um–

You’re my favorite too.

[gentle music]

Dumbass. [laughs]

[display beeping]

This is the Engine server room.

The Engine still isn’t running at full capacity, but it’s self-regulating as we speak by that, the Engine’s brain.

Wilford Industries digital automation system, sending and receiving thousands of messages per second.

[beeping, whirring]

Our hydrogen input signal keeps fluctuating.

You ran diagnostics on the PEMs, it’s not that.

Jesus, those numbers are low.

A second ago they were too high.

[tense music]

♪ But what I got

♪ I got

♪ Ain’t gonna lose it all I can hear your hamsters, running on their wheel.

Icy Bob made it all the way to the Engine.

He did something to their intake.

That’s why they were venting.

Well done. I knew she’d get it.

And only two steps behind.


Come on.

It’s an amplification error.

The H1 sensor. It’s in the intake.

The rail spike must’ve made contact with it, could’ve caused on overload.


[tense music]

[sighs] It’s fried.

Of course.

The sensor misfiring must’ve damaged the relay.

It caused control systems to overload.

Ben, we can’t repair. We need to replace it.

I’m guessing that’s not easy.

This is the Harmonic Module.

Wilfred’s God Module.

It’s responsible for hydrogen production, which powers the Engine.

If this thing is malfunctioning, the entire Engine will collapse.

It’s relatively easy to replace.

We just don’t have another one.

I bet I know who does.

They fixed their intake.

You must have known that they could.

They’re back at normal speed, so what now?

I imagine it would start with a phone call, hmm?

[comm dings]

Oh, here it is.

Big Alice, Big Alice.

We have an emergency.

Splendid, Darling. Bravo.

You’re starting to see it now, aren’t you?

You mean to say that exploding waterlines are Wilford’s doing?

He caused this crisis on purpose?

That is exactly what I mean to say, yes.

He’s sabotaging his own Engine?

Doesn’t matter that he caused it.

He is our only way out. We know it, so does he.

Wilford has a replacement God Module, but he comes with it.

We have about two hours to get our Engine systems back online.

Without Wilford’s help, it’s the end of all of us by morning.

Okay, so what happens when his supporters find out that he’s in the Engine saving the day?

Sparks will fly, Guarantee it.

Nobody finds out. We can contain him.

He agreed to come alone, so we clear the route and bring him up secretly.

We’ll make sure no one will ever know he was here.

And then what will he do?

Andre, you’re letting him in the Engine.

Look, we all know that Wilford is crazy enough to gamble everything: our return to Melanie, both trains, the future of life as we know it.

[dramatic music]

But we don’t have another choice, and I need you all to get onboard.

I’ll have eyes on Wilford the entire time.

And what if it all goes to shit?

If it all goes to shit, you’ll know.

I’ll send up a flare.

We have to go.

Roche, Ruth.

[door creaks]


Awfully quiet in here.

I must be quite popular if you don’t want anyone to see me.

We’re taking you uptrain.

You’ll be watched carefully while you replace the part.

[tense music]

Right this way, Mr. Wilford.

Pity there’s no one here to witness this historic occasion, eh, Roche?


You in?

We’re in.


[laughs softly]

Forgive me, I’m sentimental.


Here to ruin the moment as per usual.

After you, Mr. Wilford.

Why, thank you, Mr. Layton.

[exhales contentedly]

Ah, this is where we leave you.


Until we meet again, then, Ruth.

And Roche, you hold the balance of power with wisdom and aplomb.

I hope that lasts.

[suspenseful music]

Hello, old girl. [laughs]



Mr. Wilford.

I heard a funny story about you.

Is it true you were in the bathroom when Melanie stole the train?

Caught with my pants down, yes, sir.


Briefcase, please.

I-I’ll give it to Javi. I like him.

You’ll want to replace the ribbon connecting it to the H1 sensor.

Hey, you can watch from here.


Wilford’s on Snowpiercer. I saw him myself.

We think he’s in the Engine.

So let’s keep him there.

We nearly match the Tail army’s numbers.

People want us to step up. Now’s our chance.

Without me, your Engine would die on you in less than an hour.

You risked taking it this far for a publicity stunt.

No, to see old friends.

To see you again. It’s been too long.

I’m too big to keep secret.

Sooner or later, they’ll know I was here, saving the day.

Make sure you reset the Intake Sensor.

Already have.

I think they got it.

How would you know?

Guys, can we focus, please?

Module’s connected.

Ready to recalibrate CPU.

Ready to power.

All right, systems look good. It’s online.

Processing input-[display beeping]

Shit, shit, shit, shit, it’s overloading!

Disconnect it! Disconnect it!

[wires buzzing]

What the hell have you done to my Engine?

[sighs] Melanie retrofitted the bogie motor circuitry during our fifth revolution.

To override automation.

Because of Melanie’s hack, my God Module can’t override the system.

All hydrogen production is suspended.

We have minutes before the entire Engine will fail!

We let you in the Engine.

Fix it.

Guys, guys, we’re down to 14%.

What, we can’t just disconnect Melanie’s hack?

No, no, no, it’s connected to the bogie motors.

We don’t have the energy reserves to restart them.

Big Alice.

Big Alice can push.

We’ll manually disengage the bogie motors so she can push with less resistance, do an emergency shutdown.

Shut down the Engine?


Rewire the circuitry and jump-start her while we still have enough speed.

That’s over 200 manual shutdowns.

And we don’t even know if it’ll start back up again.

I’m on it.

Snowpiercer, Snowpiercer.

This is a level 5 emergency.

Damn, let’s go!

It’s level 5!

Move, level 5!

Let’s move, move, move!

Come on!

Let’s go, let’s go!

This is a Manual Restart protocol.

Restart. I repeat, restart, restart.

[suspenseful music]

Move, get out of the way.

What the hell’s happened?

A manual restart? That’s never been done before.

Have you heard anything from Andre?


Word got out Wilford is uptrain.

His supporters are mobilizing to keep him here.

Big Alice, did you hear what I said?

Yes, you’re powering down Snowpiercer.

All of her?

Is this a part of your plan?


When we disengage the bogies, we need you to push.

We can’t go below terminal, or the jump-start won’t work.

We’ll only have three minutes before we hit critical.

Just under.


Okay, I’ll try, I’ll push.

Engage level 3 shutdown.

Disengaging hydrogen compressors.

Restricting hydrogen electrolysis.

Snowpiercer, Snowpiercer, start manual shutdown in five, four, three, two, one.


So quiet.

[quiet indistinct chatter]

You about ready, Javier?


You’re good, Javi.

Just tune it all out. It’s just me and you here.

Come on, what’s the holdup?

Seize the moment, Javi.


You’re too slow.

Can you do it, Layton? No, you’re not an Engineer.

How can you expect to lead this train?

You don’t even understand how it works.


[dramatic music]


Snowpiercer, this is Head Engineer Wilford.

He’s here.

Is that him?

Enough of this nonsense. Hold fast now.


It’s Wilford!

Engineers and Tunnelmen, if you are on your marks,

wait for my command to restart the Engine manually.

Javier, you about ready?

Engine ready for manual restart.

Good, good, good. [laughs]

[exhales deeply]

[machine beeping]

Games upon games.

There’s only one conductor of the orchestra.

Snowpiercer, restart systems now.


Back and ready to take control.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


To Wilford! [cheering]

[cheers and applause]

all: Go, Wilford, go!


Wilford! Whoo!

all: Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! Wilford!

Wilford! Wilford! Wilford! Wilford!

Wilford! Wilford! Wilford!

[melancholy music]

[door opens]


They’re taking you to Big Alice.

He promised you’ll be well treated.

I survived that once.

[dramatic music]

I promised the Tailies their freedom.

Told them that I would protect them.

I will do what I can to help the Tail.

I just wanna see my kid be born, you know?

Maybe get to know them one day.

[sobs, sniffles]

[clears throat]

You okay?


You got one minute.


hey, I’m so sorry, Zarah.


This train just keeps trying to take us down.

[exhales heavily]


But it never has.

You don’t give up.

You understand me?

We don’t give up.

Good luck.

You too, Roche.

You’re to report to Wilford on Big Alice.

Got it.

[gate creaks]

You’re my escort?

Yes. You made the right decision.

Joseph’s upstairs.

I’ll show you the way.

[foreboding music]

[door creaks]


[machine beeping]

[sighs deeply]

Mr. Wilford.

You have the train.

[laughs softly]

[dramatic music]


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