Small Axe – S01E03 – Red, White and Blue – Transcript

Spotlights the true story of Leroy Logan, who at a young age saw his father assaulted by two policemen, motivating him to join the Metropolitan Police and change their racist attitudes from within.
Small Axe - S01E03 - Red, White and Blue

You’re out late.

Oh, got club. Music practice.

Been a few burglaries. Young black lads like yourself mostly.

You won’t mind if we give you a quick search, will you? Won’t take a minute.


Arms out.


Oi, oi, jungle patrol.

Yes, calm yourself down, sunshine. It’s a routine stop and search.

There’s been a few B and E’s…

Don’t care if there’s been a murder.

He’s a school child. In uniform!

Is this your dad?


You find anything?


Then him can go. Come.

Go on then, son. And you watch your attitude, mate.

Can I change this?

Musse a accident. Why I come late.

Now listen me good.

When ’em stop you again don’t mek them handle you so. You not no ruffneck.

Yuh hear?

What if they arrest me?

Nuh worry bout that. I am the only authority you need.

I only warn yuh two tings;

don’t be no ruffneck, an don’t bring no police to my yard. You understand?

Yes, Dad.

Yes, what?

Yes, Dad.




You gonna take all day?

You have an appointment?

Watch now. See.

If you take your time… don’t rush in, you’ll get your reward.

Score me.

Strikes again.

That’s twenty-eight points.







I was waiting for that Q.

It’s right up to the triple score.

Yeah. It’s simple.

Come on. Whose got an S? Dad’s still winning.

There we go.





That’s it. Well done.

Come on then. Come on then!

F*cking hell.

Come on!

F*cking hell.

Get your back into it, mate.

Wait, wait, wait.

So, I was saying, right. So he goes over to this bloke and this bloke says, “Oi, mate. Why’d you kick that midget in the balls?” The bloke says, “Well he was standing in front of my bird saying her hair smells nice.”

What are you like, mate?

I plead the fifth, me.

So what, d’you fancy a swifty tonight then or…?

And watch you chat up barmaids all night? Nah.

Can’t leave it in the car. They’d either let me tyres down or they’d nick it.

Perks of the job, mate.


Yeah, deadly mate, yeah.

Hey, so what’s going on with you, then? Have you made your move yet or are you still sitting at home fiddling with yourself?

Shut it. Application’s in the post, mate.

If forensics ain’t more interesting than research science, look, then I…

Jesus Christ, mate. How many ti… are you still going on about that?

I mean, how many times have I told you you wanna get yourself on the beat?

You’d be perfect.

Look, you’re well spoken, you’re clean-cut, you’re a stand-up bloke.

You’d be perfect for that.


They’ve even got that campaign for Afro-Caribbeans going, mate.

You wanna get yourself down there.

Great. I’ll join up.

You should, ma… alright, no, no, no. I tell you what.

Listen, you tell me when and I’ll take you for a spin around.

That’ll get your blood racing. Trust me.


Is that a yes?



Yes! Yes.

Okay. Okay.

Wow, right?

Let’s go this way. Come on.

I can’t wait.

Finally a place of our own. Move out of your dad’s.

Wow. All ours. The whole space.

Not for long. Aren’t you forgetting someone else.

Who am I forgetting… am I forgetting you?

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for…

Come on.

We’ll put the bed there, don’t you think? For the light?


Yeah, this is nice.

-I love it.



You know that bloke I go running with? Ed.

He’s a good, good, solid guy.

We’re talking and stuff about work and he reckons I’d make a good police officer.

On the beat rather than forensics.

So do I.


Well, you would

because you’re not really interested in flipping research science.

It’s not you. You want to be seen doing your job and setting a standard.

What’s that supposed to mean?

It is a good, solid job with a uniform you would die for.

Much better than a boring old lab coat.

You can be physical and…

it appeals to your macho, vain sensibility.


Brick rigid, everything done to the letter…

The Julie mango fall close to the root isn’t it?

See you later.

Afternoon, Kenny. Alright?

Yeah. One portion of chips, please.

Have a good day. Take care.

You too.

Can I help you?

This yours?

Of course it’s mine.

Well, you’re blocking the highway.

No, I’m not.

That’s a fifty quid fine.

You not see the people coming through?

Are you arguing with me?

I’m not arguing with you.

You just make a mistake. Wait there.

You know the regulation? Because I do.

Watch… that is two foot from the…

What the?

For what?

What you doing? Oi! Get off him! Get off him! Oi!

Watch you f*cking mouth, son!

My name is… Kenneth…

My name is Kenneth Logan!

Welcome to my world, the lovely world of science.

I’m sure you’re all excited. No? Alright. Okay guys,

we’ve got your standard equipment over there as well as your fun stuff.

So what we’re interested in right now are the results of chemotherapy’s impact on cancer patients.

Now this is something that we’re doing detailed research…


Come on then.

Come on then! Come on then!

Come on then! Come on then!

Leee’s on tour. He says hello.

Yeah, bet he does, the wanderer. Where’s he now?

Australia, America, you name it.

And how are you doing?

Good. I’m good.

I got my application.

But you never fill it.

Look, I thought about it but I’ve wanted to do forensics since A-Levels.

Maybe even longer.


Yes, Auntie?

I know you practically all your life.

You smart enough for research science, forensics, whatever you choose.

But when I tink about you sitting behind a desk alone, I can’t see it. You and Leee are the same.

You need to get out there and express yourself, Leroy.

Your talent does not lie behind closed doors.

It should be a benefit to the community.

We’re looking for people like you.

I’ve been a police liaison since you were a child.

Your life is yours and not anyone else’s.

Well obviously, we are keeping an eye on the area and we’re trying to… make sure young lads behave.

Anyway, we’ll be in touch and look after yourself. Alright?

Everything alright?

Yeah, yeah.

Just a bit of petty vandalism, that’s all. It’s nothing to worry about.

I dunno, man. There’s loads of smashed windows round this way. Mostly Asians.

That’s why you gotta know the territory, mate. It’s…

Grassroots community police and all that good stuff.

We’ll know if it’s racists soon enough.

You strapped in?

Yeah, mate.

I don’t suppose you get many people from my background.

Science. Thought I’d be the first.

Have you or any of your family come in direct contact with the police?

What do you mean?

Have you or any of your relatives been arrested and detained, whether charged or released with no further action?

No. Never.

If I may, I just wanted to say I applied to combat negative attitudes.

There are divisions, misunderstandings and I think I could change that.

If I’m allowed, of course.

You’re right.

Attempts to interact with your people have fallen quite short.

Recruits from your background, might be better placed perhaps, to show where we’re going wrong.

Well, I agree with you one hundred percent.

I think we need to look each other in the eye, man to man.

Given the chance we’ll soon realise we’re not different.

I’ve tried jellied eels,

so if the boys are up for it I’ll have them eating rice and peas in no time.

Thank you, Mr. Logan.

Thanks for your time, Mr. Purling.

Please, Kenneth, not at all.

I’m sorry I can’t say more at this early stage but I have to say if you were white these charges wouldn’t stand.

Do hold on to the fact that you have a tentative case for unlawful arrest.

I’ll be in touch.


So what do you think?

Me not know.

Him keep on ’bout how me case tentative.

Imagine. And he supposed to be on our side.

There’s a whole heap of charges, Dad.

Obstructing the highway, assaulting an officer, resisting arrest.

So what you saying?

No, I’m…

Do you… think it’d help to get in touch with the Commission for Racial Equality…

She’s right. It would help to get the backing of an organisation like that.

Just make the solicitor gwaan an do him job. I want my day in court.

I want see them dutty police officer in the dock.

I wanna look in ’em eye.

Presented to LEEE JOHN

Go there, Leroy.

Okay! My waist got better. Loosening up.

Shit! That’s a five-hundred pound fricking carpet, man.

I’m sorry, mate. Why you worrying so much?

If I lived in a place like this I wouldn’t worry about nothing, man.

Watch the moves. Watch the moves.

You best stop before you break something.

I’m getting better.

You wanna hear something mad?

Turn the music off for?


I wanna join the force.

What? Are you gonna be a Jedi or something?

No, no, no, ah…

I wanna join the police force.

Why you doing a face like that? Act as if your mum didn’t work for them.

Yeah, police liaison. Mum worked with the beast not for them.

Are you serious?

Look, if a man like me was to stop you do you think I’d drapes you up?

Yeah, well this isn’t America, Leroy. Black police aren’t all over the shop.

That’s exactly the point. Don’t you think it’s time things were different?

What, so your dad can get his head buzzed by a brother instead?

No. Not really.

I thought you were cool. What happened to you?


We’re looking for Mr. Logan.

For what?

To verify his place of residence.

Are you related to Mr. Logan?

I am Mr. Logan.

We’re here to check Leroy Logan’s address

as part of his application process to join the police force, Mr. Logan.



You lie!

Kennet! What happened?

Don’t blasted well Kennet me…

Is you put that raas foolishness in my son head!

You see what them done to me but you still fill up him head with nonsense.

Leroy is my son! Not yours.

And just because your boy turned out funny don’t…

Don’t you dare pass your mouth on my son!

First thing, Leroy’s not a boy, second, how the hell you come to my front door…

Who else cosy up with the police like she an them size? Me?

Him madda? Or is you?

What idiot sense it make fe stoop an join ah police?

Man have PhD!

So you feel it’s my fault?

Is you make him gwaan so!

Is only you want work with the police and friend them up and God knows what else, because yuh nah have no man fe sweet yuh…

Talk about me? Look at your stubborn self.

Don’t watch me! Yuh take air from your wife’s mouth so she can’t breathe.

Treat yuh daughter-in-law like dirt. Make you son pack up an leave.

Now step from my door. Damn raas!

Dad? Hello?

Relax. Dad?

You don’t hear me calling you?

Okay, I’m sorry the police came to your door. I sincerely apologise…

I would have to find out for myself.

You want throw you education down the toilet and fe what?

I send yuh fe learn so you coulda fight the people them ways.

I keep you in the house to protect you from the boy them, so you don’t mash up your life!

You were supposed to take what yuh learn an show all we a different way.

What did you expect?!

Isn’t that what you taught us? Isn’t that what you drilled into us?

Study every hour God send! Don’t leave the house or mix with the black kids!

Educate ourselves at the expense of our lives!

You made us feel like we could be a part of everything.

You wanted us more British than the British.

At least this way, Dad, I can change things.

Dad, seriously, what do you think I am?

I really don’t know.



Do you mind just…

Dad, I’m sure if we discussed things…

Get out of my house! You don’t hear me?

Get out of me raasclaat sight! Now!

Why? Why? What are you doing?

Alright. I’m gone. Let’s go, please.


Can we go? Let’s go!


Leroy, wait! Leroy wait, nuh?


We should go soon. We’re gonna be late.

You’re not gonna be by your own.

You’re not gonna be by yourself.

You can call Mum anytime. You can go round to the house. Don’t mind Dad.

It’s easy for you to say. I’m not going round there without you.


Right now I need your support. That’s all I need.

You say it like you didn’t have it before.


What you are doing is important.

So make it count.

Love you.

I love you.

Let us pray.

Lord, let us be thankful for the food you graciously provide.

May you protect your servant, Leroy, whom we love and cherish.

Please keep him safe for his six weeks’ police training at Hendon and grant us the wisdom to accept his decision even as we struggle in our ignorance to understand it.

In your everlasting name and glory, Amen.


The rice and peas lovely, Miss Jesse.

You cook it with cream coconut, Auntie?

Yes. That and the white rice. Both cook same way.

I love the sweetness of your chicken. How did you get it like that?

I put a likkle Demerara inna de oil. Just a pinch.

I never cook with sugar.

That’s authentic St Lucian, right?

Yeah. Us Jamdowns cook it differently. Traditionally, we season the meat, make a hole in the ground, put the meat in, bury it.

Cook it till it falls off the bone. It’s just… it’s nice.

That’s jerk, right?

Yeah, jerk chicken, jerk pork.

Maroon back ah yard style cuisine. It’s all good.

So you been making any new music, Leee?

Did you see me on Top of the Pops?


I loved your last tune.

I loved it too.

Leroy wanted to be in the band.

What you talking about? That’s not the case.

That’s not how I remember it.

You didn’t tell me that.

Babe, don’t listen to him. Eat your food.


Ah, yes Leroy…


Alright, take care.

You take care. So proud of you.

Make I drive yuh Hendon.

Gretl was gonna drive me.

It’s okay. I am tired anyway. They will take me home.

You sure?

I’ll wait by the car.



Cheers. See you.

Bye, Mum.



Hi, mate. Leroy Logan.

Greg Huggan. Come in. You just arrived too?


Excuse me while I just finish up.

That’s a wicked crease, man. You could draw blood from that.

Sandhurst, mate. You won’t get sharper.

Tell you what, I’ll show you.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Make yourself at home.

Yeah, thank you.

Mate, the music.

Ah, Marvin. You like?

Love. Love.

By the left, quick march!


Right dress!


Ready for your inspection, sir.

Hello everyone.

Yeah, where I grew up, no one does nothing do they?

It’s a bunch of flippin’ no hopers in the same place, doing the same things.

But you know, I ain’t into all that. Like drinking, dole, and mucking about.

I did me A Levels, and had a few years cadets, so this lark made sense.

That’s me.

Thank you, David.

You fancy going?

I’m Leroy Logan. Hi, everyone. I wrote a ton of stuff but none of it matters.

I’m just chuffed to be here in all honesty.

One thing that I will say outright: I’m not here to make any friends.

I’m here to help to bring change to this organisation from the inside-out.

And hopefully we do that.

Thank you, Leroy.

Does everyone understand the instructions?

Anyone not understand the instructions?

Well let’s see. This is the bleep test.

Your aim is to get to the green line before the bleeper goes.

First bleep will go out after five seconds.

Three, two, one.

Come on, lads!

Thank you very much, PC Logan.

Right, lads. You all know the drill.

Once you step in here you have to subdue and disarm the berserker.

Any problems… just remember your training. You ready?

Are you f*cking ready?

F*cking ready!

Good. Now, get in there.

Come on!

Formation! Forward!

Alright, lads. Calm down.

That’s enough!

Come on, it’s not a f*cking tea party. Well done, PC Taylor.

Well recovered. Well done, Pierce. Well done.

Brilliant stuff, Logan. Good lad.

But this is the tough bit.

You have to face that man or woman in the dock.

The defendant.

Give evidence against them and secure a conviction.

And this leads us on to a further question.

How can we move from your traditional bobby, one that I believe your average civilian considers outdated, into, well someone who better reflects the world out there?

Mr. Logan?

I think we need to get back into the community. Don’t we?

You know, find them where they live. Build genuine trust.

To quote Robert Peel, “The police are the public and the public are the police.”

You can’t see it no other way.

Thank you, Leroy. Well said.

Be seated.

Well, you are to be congratulated P.C. Logan.

From an intake of what I am informed was a very strong group of recruits, it appears that you have come through with flying colours.

I see you have performed creditably in all your courses; law, police process and procedure, and physical training, our best all round recruit in fact. Very well done.

It’s been a privilege, sir.

As you are now a probationary constable, you will be assigned to street duties at N Division.

And with all this in mind, it has been suggested that you be invited to be the new face of the current recruitment drive for coloured officers.

How does that sound?

It’s an honour, sir.

Excellent, we are indebted to you.

As a matter of interest, why did you want to join the police force?

It’s always been an ambition of mine since I was a little boy.

I feel I have a calling to protect and serve.

And that was through your friend’s mother, yes.

The police liaison officer, Mr. Jesse Stephens?


And finally, how is your father getting on presently?

Strong and healthy, sir.

Excellent. Well, thank you PC Logan. You are dismissed.

Thank you.

Every day someone falls victim to crime.

So what do I tell sprog?

A relief?


Oh, I love that! Yeah, alright. Nice one.

Ah, fantastic, good stuff.

Alright, mate. Come here. Show you what’s what.

“Golden Boy.”

Grab a seat.

Good report.

It’s very good.

They obviously rate you.

Thank you.

Made friends for life, I hope.

Yeah, I reckon you did.

Yes, sir.

An’ a dickie bird tells me you grew up here. Is that right?


Working your home turf.

Yes, sir, I am.

Good man.

And you’re doing the ad for coloured recruits?


Good to have a top bobby in the ranks, but this isn’t training.

You’ve got a right jungle to work. You know that.


Thank you, sir.

Wicked police, boy.

Dutty Babylon!

Babylon be true!

F*cking bounty.

What’m Coconut? What’m Judas?

That’s Constable Judas to you.


Move out the way!


Sorry, folks. Excuse me. PC, can I have a quick word?

Excuse me.

Asif, mate. I appreciate your, eh, experience in these matters, right, yeah, but it’s not particularly helpful to speak Indian.

It’s Urdu. Not Indian.

Oh, beg your pardon, sorry mate, yeah, course Urdu.

Nevertheless, representing the Force as you do,

I think English might be a better choice…


Do you, eh, speak English?

A little, little…

Can you slowly just describe what they looked like?

Two men came from there. They were white.

I sometimes ask myself if it’s worth it, you know.

When you’re working for people who don’t appreciate you or wanna listen to what we could actually add to the organisation.

I got friends who don’t even speak to me anymore. Call me a traitor.

Why am I doing this, man? Why are you doing it?

You have a degree.

You were a research scientist?

That’s like demoting yourself from being a chef to doing the bins.

I just feel like someone’s gotta be the bridge.

And when you’re doing that you just realise you’re alone.

Tell me about it.

I don’t see joining the Force as a demotion.

I see it as serving my community the best way I can.

Someone’s gotta take out the rubbish.

Let’s go for it.




What is the definition of theft?

The dishonest taking of someone’s property, innit.

Come on now. Be serious. Is that how you are going to answer them?

You’re going up for promotion. Not an argument down the pub.

Alright. So say, strictly speaking, theft is a dishonest taking of property, that definition has a number of variations depending on the stolen object.

If I was to say to you, “You stole my motor car,”

that would imply that the theft is permanent.

But there’s also non-permanent theft like joyriding and all dem tings dere.


Okay, define stop and search now.

Okay… skip that.

Let’s try the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Alright, the Misuse of Drugs Act is…

You don’t even know this.

I think it’s pretty basic, love.

The suspicion that any person… -…is taking drugs.



Here, Mr. Man? Mr. Man?

How you do? How you do?

Do you enjoy being back at work, Mr. Logan?

Just me.

Hello. You alright, Dad?

Mum. Hey. You okay?

Hi. You okay, hm?

That’s your daddy.

Okay. You okay? You good?

Everyone alright?

Yes, we very, very good. Just have a nice afternoon tea.

Don’t it?

What about you? Everything okay at work?

Yeah, everything’s good. Uh, got mates.

Ed’s been promoted out of the area but we’re still in touch, and Greg too.

He’s over at Sudbury…

You ready for war?

Them give we a court date. Take almost a year, but them do it.

That’s good, Dad. That’s good.

Yuh father never stop chat bout it, day and night inna me ear.



Inside. Inside, inside.

You alright, mate?

You alright?


Oh, my god… Oh, my days! Crowns, look at you!

Lee said you joined up, you know, but I thought no way!

What you doing here man?

They used to call me Crowns back in the day. This is PC Miller.

Eh, we actually came to chat to some of your boys.

Caught them hanging around vehicles.

Once they clocked us they scarpered and dropped this.

They been smashing windows again?

Yeah, we suspect so.

Alright, then, well, you might as well just come and look around.

I’m sure they’ve legged it, though.

Ah, it’s all good. Good.

How you been?

Look at… I can’t believe it, man.

Police you know.

Follow me.

There’s a door to the back.


Them ready for us?

Not quite, Kenneth.

We won’t be going to court. The police have officially capitulated.

Wait. How?

Just like that?

What’s going on?

You’ve a fair judge and a substantial number of witnesses, plus the fact that the police have dropped all charges against you.

If I’m perfectly honest, I think they knew they’d lose.

Dropped all charges? But he’s innocent.

So that’s it? We won?

It’s not so much a win as a recognition of their chances of victory, Daphne.

They’ll settle out of court. You’ll get a substantial pay-out, Kenneth.

I warrant they’ll want to avoid the publicity. Given your son.

What do you say, Dad?

They’re playing a long game and it’s not ideal but… it’s better than nothing.

I want my day in court.

I want look in dem eye.

That’s what them promise, right? In this country? Your day.

Yes, they do.

So the best we can do is a draw?

Goin’ toilet.

Right, you’re on.

Come up my cousin’s wedding, watch us go on the hit and miss, eat a ton of food and party like your lot, you know.

Probably more… wild, you know…

Woah, what do you mean?

Jamaicans are the original party people, remember that.

Why d’you think they call us Jamdown? Yeah.

And he’s talking to me in another language.

I have no idea what he’s sayin! He’s wobbling his head and talking… I can’t understand a flippin’ word.

Imagine, he’s been in this country how long?

Now of course his daughter comes over, starts giving it all that

saying how disrespectful I am, and don’t speak to her father like that.

Who’s being disrespectful? He can’t even speak to me in English!

If she’d had gone on much longer, I’d have nicked the silly cow.

Then those blacks came along and started causing trouble as well.

For a moment, genuinely, I thought I was in that film, Zulu.

Bloody wogs, mate. All the same.

Alright, mate. Yeah.

Well, I don’t know who did that. I just come in and saw it.

That’s bang out of order, huh? It’s a disgrace.


Next time one of you f*ckers want to write this on my f*cking locker, do it while I’m f*cking here!

You f*cking pussies.

You see what happened last night?

It was crazy, man. We need to do that again.

You alright, star?

I heard you play the piano the other day. It was good stuff.

You into music?

You should take it up properly. You’re dead good.

Start a group or something.


Come on. I’ve got a mate who done it.

He’s in the band Imagination.

Tours the world. Has all the girl, “waaa, waaa, Leee, Leee.”



My best mate Leee’s the lead singer.

I reckon you can do it. What d’you reckon?

Nah. Nah, that’s not for me. That’s for other people.

Get up. Move. What did I tell you?

F*cking black cunt.

You got a problem?

Yeah, I do.

Excessive force is not on.

Listen. Out there it is us an’ them.

You whistle, we come, that’s how it works.

So you can stand there playin’ community liaison, or you can piss off an let us do our job.

Cos if you can’t learn how it works, then the last thing you’ll feel is some f*cker sticking a knife in your back.

You alright, mate?

Move from the door, f*ckin traitor.

What you one of them, yeah? You one of them? You one of them?

Come back here! F*ck you, man. F*ck you!

You f*cking traitor! F*cking coconut, Oreo biscuit.

It’s the bounty. Let’s f*ck off. F*ck’s sake.

Just one second.


Just asking a question.

Alright, Crowns.

Hey, Linda. Quick question.

Have you seen that kid, Abraham? You know, the piano player.

I’ve been looking for him everywhere.

Oh man, sweet Abraham?

He got knifed over Sullivan Court.

His mum’s sent him to his aunt’s for his safety.

Is he okay?

I’m not sure, mate.

I thought your lot would’ve heard about that?

If I hear anything I’ll let you know.

Please, yeah. I’m looking for him.

Keep your ears out, yeah?


All units, November section. Premises at Holloway industrial estate.

We’ve got some suspects reported there. Over.

Three-six-zero responding.

Control, three-sixty on site. Backup requested.

Stop! Police! In pursuit of suspect. Requesting backup. Over.

This is PC Leroy Logan requesting backup.

Stop resisting. Stop resisting.

Dave, call for backup.

Get in. Get in.

Twenty minutes it took us from Wessex. There’s cars around the f*cking corner.

You’re all over the radio. The bastards didn’t back you up!


Ah, so, okay, okay. So I was…

…a friendly game. We’re playing a friendly game.

How do you take that long to do a shot like that?

Why didn’t you lot back me?

Can’t talk? All of you guys are good at talking. Why didn’t you back me?

Simple question.

You normally speak. Why didn’t you back me?

Why didn’t you back me?

You’re silent now. Why didn’t you back me?

I’m out there on the field with no backup.

Answer the question.

Are you deaf?

Well, you’re not men.

It’s a struggle. I’m sick of this. Hey man.

Get your hands off me.

You back me up or you get slapped up. How ’bout that?

At ease.

It says we were impressed with your interview skills and you scored highly on both the written and fitness portion of the…

What did I tell you, mate. I tell you. We absolutely…

Clean sweep, innit.

He’ll understand.

No, actually. Not just now. Lemme get back to you. Okay, yep.

What couldn’t wait?

I wanna talk about this.

What about it?

Don’t play games with me, sir.

I passed that test, and you know it.

Look, I just want a fair crack, like everyone else.

Games? What are you insinuating?

You were treated equally like everyone else.

So why haven’t I moved up? Beck has. Why not me?

Because sometimes in life it’s better to just blend in.

Now, that test was fair.

I’m sorry if you feel otherwise. There’s no special treatment here.

Did I say dismissed?

How’s your back?

Fine, sir.


You alright, mate?

What happened?

Good luck with this lot, yeah.

What d’you mean by that? Already?

Not one officer looks like me. Not one.

I joined the Police Force to bring change. Period.

I dunno. I just dunno, Grets, and now, Asif is gone…

Don’t know what?

I just dunno if…

You’re talking about giving in.

No, maybe…


You… Leroy, you’re talking about giving in. You?

You didn’t join to be in a group.

You do it for the people who get stopped and searched and beaten.

The ones who get thrown in jail for nothing, the folk who respect you.

You talk about yourself…

What about the sacrifice I make supporting you?

You think it’s easy?



And now you want to drop out? For those racists?


It’s just hard.

Just me.

Hello? Mum?


Alright, Dad.

Where’s Mum and Hyacinth?

Hyacinth take you mudda to bingo.

My mudda.

Let me tell you what my mudda used to say to me.

She says, “Son… if I walk past a cemetery and I see you dig grave and that’s all you can do ’cause you have no learning… she says, “I will be upset.”

“But if I pass by there and you digging graves with an education then that is what you chose to do and I must support that.”

My mudda, boy.

You know I find?

The world just…. move forward.

Always do.

Big change.

That is a slow-turning wheel.

Sometimes I think… the earth needs to be scorched.

Re-plant it so something good will come of it.

Something good.


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