Small Axe – S01E02 – Lovers Rock – Transcript

A single evening at a house party in 1980s West London sets the scene, developing intertwined relationships against a background of violence, romance and music.


There it is. Go on, then.

One, two, three, lift.

Oh my God.

Careful with that.

Oh, don’t worry yourself.

Everything is in hand, ya hear?

Hold on, hold on.

No, we are there.

Turn it, turn it.

Turn it the other way, yah know.

You good, good?

Yeah, man. Yeah, man. Yeah.

Watch it.

Smelling sweet.

Food nah ready yet, Mummy?

Hey, go about your business.

Gotta lift that…

Bwoy! Ting heavy!

Where Samson and Lizard then?

See, them there.

Come here, man.

Sammy? Yo, star, where you there?

We good?

Yeah, man. Good.

Easy, easy, easy.

Evening, Mr. Blair.

Happy birthday, young lady.

You passing later?

Yes, neighbour. Me pass!

Move man!

You move!

Good job.

I hear you comin’…

But you know you have to pay your sheckle like everybody else.

Don’t worry about that, sister.

Him not here!

Hey, Samson?

See it there.

That weed a smell sweet, man.

It’s okay.

Take that.

Yo, Parker. Have to tape it down.

Yo, take this. Bring this round here.

Wait, wait.

Take it round, sir.


Sound big!


Audio check – one, two.

The vibes is nice!

You gonna get sweaty.

Yeah, it’s too hot already.

Oh, Lord.

Right, you got any other lipstick?

Get your own.

You rude! Me do your hair.


But look ‘pon it! Look ‘pon it…

You’re gonna look so beautiful…

Wine a waist. Wine me waist.

Yeah, now, wine a waist…

An’ I wine me waist.

They’re not ready! Big seventeen-year-old CeeCee.

Excuse me?

You go and sit down. Let me make you pretty.

Shout out to the wonderful ladies.


Is where you putting that?

It can’t go in on the back room?

Oh boy, leave it. No bother wrap it, you want me fe dead?

Alright, alright. Jesus Christ… You look good, you know.

Alright, check one, two.

Mercury Sound bring the vibes each and every time.

Shout to all the ladies, worldwide.

All the girls looking for a man tonight.

Bringing the vibe each and every time.

Parker B… Parker B… Parker B…

Blood seed B…

Yo, nuff respect all massive an all crew, seen.

We bout to move into outer national selection without further objection give unno spiritual protection… Right…

I do love you.

Ooh, yes I do now.


You look nice.

You look great!

Thank you… Ah, obviously.


Me never was sure you would make it!

Wait, wait… I think I… Me shoe them scuff?

No man, you’re cool. Don’t tell me you climb down drainpipe in them?

No, sir. I throw them out the window, innit.

Wha you throw them for, you’re mad?

You want me carry them in me teeth?

See, I knew I should have wore church shoe.

You can’t wear church shoes to blues dance, you want shame me?

Ain no town hall something we going, you have to dress to impress.

No worry yourself bout me, worry bout…


Oh, Lord, Jesus. Martha – wait!

Come now.

Wait, Martha. Wait Mr. Busman!

I’m… I’m embarrassed.

That sound like him?

Yeah, man.

Tickets, please. You have a ticket?


Have a good evening, sir.

…take myself to the dance.

Where you gonna find yourself a nice new boyfriend…


Or something.

Come on shake a leg and do this. Yes.

Me an’ her.

Hold your money.

Is lovely to have such well put together ladies inna the dance.

Enjoy your night.

Hold on, hold, on, hold on. Now, money.

Go on. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Go on. Yes, girl.

Yo, check. One, two. One, two, ayy, yaa.

Ding-ah-ling-ah-ling, School bell ah-ring I-man ah dance wid a dread sumting.

Cee Cee inna dance pure nice sumting.

Gracey inna dance pure vibes an…

And I say, happy birthday to the one they call Cynthia.

Nuff loving of Cee Cee. You’re wicked an wile an versatile with pure style!

Mercury Sound bring the vibe each and every time, sweet like wine you get from grape them swing on vine… Awoar!

Beg your pardon, sistren…

You alright?


You know him?

Lef’im, man. It’s alright.

Who the leggo beast?

Me nuh know.

You don’t know her?

No. You?

You know she family?

Let me know what’s going on!

Beautiful ladies far and near, let the brothers know you’re here.

From the sounds of Mercury Sound!

Coming from Mercury Sound, the one and only…

Let them know what time it is!

Yes, yes, yes. Mercury Sound, the one and only…

I don’t think that you’s ready for this one!

I don’t think that you’s ready for this one!

Awoar, crowd ah people. Awoar. I can see you know this one.

Everybody doing it.

And I mean everybody.

Everybody ready?

Yo! Gwan!

Somebody pass me a Red Stripe!

Everybody show your moves. Feel the groove.

Yes. Ay! Yes, Martha.

Me see ya.

Jah, Rastafar-I. Where the I is higher and I. Move on.

Patty, that gave me a sweat…

… everybody is enjoying themselves.

Please somebody send me a drink, my throat is dry. Don’t ask me why.

We’re fine.


Why, Mr. Brown.

Patty, my shoes…

No… What are you talking about?

You’re just always complaining about your shoes.

Mr. Brown…

When you see me walking down the street…

What am I supposed to do, run?

No. You’re supposed to cuddle me up.

So what’m daughter? I-man can get the pleasure ah your name?


Beg you pardon?


Awoar. Beef pattie for true.

Excuse me. Do you mind?

Can’t even come ah dance without some marga stick ah Black Jack chat shegries in our ear…


Eee hee… You must be chicken.

Hold on. I beg your pardon. And sorry for the intrusion.

My friend never mean you no malice or harm.

Him only appreciate how beautiful you look.

Name Franklyn.

And this is my key spar, Reggie.

Martha. Patty.

Come, come.

Hold on.

Where you people them come from?

Jamaica. Mile Gully.

Country gyal.

Not me. Born right here so.

Ah Portmore me come from, you know.

Wha you family name?

Trenton. Yours?


We no have Cooper in the family.


So… You a Rude Gyal or Soul Head?

I listen Louisa Mark, Junior English, Gregory, Janet Kay.

Seen, seen.

Lovers, eh?

Can I beg you ah dance?

If you want.

If I want…

Come nuh.

Oi, Martha? Martha!

Look at her. Thinks she’s nice.

Come in m’yard with she foot flat like duck and she waist stiff like plank.

Without further objection.

Yo, all the ladies step out tonight, looking for Mr. Right.

Hope everybody is ready for Mercury Sounds.

Bringing the sound from near and wide. Giving us spiritual protection.

Yeah, man, me music always ready.

I know everybody is ready…

Franklyn, I see you.

We’re ready!

Nice and slow.

Is what you want?

I going toilet. Coming back.

I’ma come with ya.

Me need to go find one a my friend. Sorry.

What happen to you? You got ants in your pants or wha?

So what, you can’t give man a chance?

What you come here for?

That’s bullshit.

Did you see, did you see her dress, though?

Yes, boss. Sorry. Ladies, coming through.

Wha you ah say, sistren? Me name Bammy.

No bother go on so, is gentleman me ah gentleman, seen…

Long time me learn how to treat gyal, y’understand…

Wha yuh papa call yuh gorgeous?

Well, you know you look most beautiful tonight.

Is you sew that?

How you know?

Me’s a tailor, and I have a eye fe fashion.

More time man, but I interest in woman.

I get the material from Denny’s.

Ah, me know er. Bajan.

Awoar. I believe you.

You’re too facety!

So them say…

It nah go so… I said no!

Me gi yuh a joke?


Excuse me.

Sorry. Soon come.

Oi. Lads.

Oi, oi.

Who’s this?

Hello. Come here, then.

Naff off, wankers!

Ah, let’s fuck off.

Me bawl! How long, tell we people, how long…

How long. How long. Fe we people keep strong, keep strong…

We horsepower, go de full furlong… Yeah!

The mighty sounds ah the man lead de way, make you jump an sway! Killer!

Mercury! Mercury make de dance hot.

Jah know! Vibes… people! Vibes!

You know say Mercury Sound, the best in town.

It’s so nice, it feel right. Cha!

Martha. Yo, star! Wait now.

Just to say you drop something.

Now, me turn my back for a second now. And where you ah run go?

What’m, me spite you?

So where you ah go?


Me friend left.


Patty. She gone.

Oh. Beef Patty?

Alright, alright, no bother get irate.

It’s a joke mi ah made.

Don’t even know no one.

So what, you nah know me?

I don’t know you.

Ah wha do you? Ay? What the dance no sweet? My breath not fresh?

Yeah, but you pile on the aftershave innit. Come like Pepe Le Pew.

What’s that, Brut 33?

Oh, you’re right now blaadclaat.

Give I ah next dance.

Ah, easy now. Come on. Come on.

People, people.

Yo, wha you… Yo, Parker B, Parker B, Parker B.

Parker B, Parker B, what a tune now, seen.

Eee? Alright, listen, yo.

We musn’t forgettin ah the birthday girl, Cynthia.

One love to the Marshall family, yah know.

Yo, you’re Smallie but you stand good…

Peace and vibes and Mercury bring yah now.

Nice like sunshine each an every time…

Yo, Selector, wha’m? Run tune now! Yo!

Yes, Parker B. Gwan.

Hold ya ladies near. Fellows just be fair and square.

Mercury Sound!

Feel the grove. Everybody’s a winner we don’t lose.

Put a smile on everybody’s faces, no frowns. No.

Sing out. Ladies I can’t hear you!

Move your feet, you don’t know who you will meet! No.

Sing out! Yo!

That’s what I’m talking about.

I like it!

Where are you taking me?

What you drinking?

Let me get a stout, you know. anything.

One Cherry B, one Mackeson.

Thank you.

Thank you.

No, you can’t come in… You can’t… Don’t put your arms on me…

You can’t come in like this.

Nah, lef it nuh man.

You can’t stay. Now step away from the fucking door.

What? What? What?

Watch your mouth, CT!

Yah go move youself, man.

Stop it!

Come in, come, come. Come in, get inside, man. Yo, don’t move.

Yo, don’t fucking move.

If I ‘ear or see any chupidness happen in this here dance…

Yo. Me and you.


Yeah, you hear what me say?

Me and you.

Yeah man I understand now move now. Big man let you size you up, move.

You stink, anyway.

What? What?

What’m, CT?


Long time.

Long time.

I want tell you from time, but me never sight you…

Sorry about your Mother.

You sorry about my Mother?

Me not seen or ‘eard from you in time, Martha.

She gone like that, you hear?

Dad couldn’t take it. You know how he love her bad.

All he gimme was this thing here… I take it an keep it since.


You see my cousin… this little pickney here, she treat me good from when we was youts, yah know.

So why we none ah us understand why we no see you for nine night, funeral, nothin dred.

You know how my father stay…

My mother’s God fearing as him.

I know.

You know?

I know.


How many times my Daddy come up your yard due to your father temper, hmm?

Lef him.

Stop him mash up plates, and bust up your mother?

Don’t, yeah.

What? What?

Don’t put yuh mout on my daddy like that.

To raas…

So you tell me something, Martha.

How long your daddy beat up you an you mama half to death before the two ah you pick up an leave?

Martha, no.

Lef me.


I’m gonna christen you.

Get off! You’re hurting me.

You want your birthday gif? Eh? Watch your mouth.

You ah go get the length and strength.

Fuck off…

You never been christened before. You hear me.

You prick. Get off. Get off!

I’ll christen you…

Leave her, man!

Ah wha the rass do you? You mad?

Ay gyal, is you me ah talk to! You ear favour cloth?

Who tell you for push yourself up in big people business?

You want two box inna you mouth?

Come stand by me, sis. Come, sis!

You want me go for doorman? Or you want her stand by me?

Thank you.

You wretch you…

Or wha, or wha? Eh?

You alright?

Mercury Sound!

Only good vibes for the rest of our lives.

Mercury Sound!

Everybody ready.

I see the smile on your face.

Babylon. See you.

Me nah fear you.

Jah! Me nah ‘fraid. Nobody afraid.

Babylon… duppy. Free up yourself.

Let out the lion! Let out the lion!

Mercury Sound!

Mercury Sound! This-a-Mercury Sound!


Mercury Sound! Mercury Sound!



Jah! Rastafari!

Jah! Rastafari!





Gimme some of that, now.

Not even get down one.

Over there. Then take some.

Give it back.

I said it’s there.

No, man. No.

See, told you.


So this is where you work?

My palace this, man. I more than there ah me yard.

I’ll put on music, there, one sec.


Yeah, man. A big tune this, you know.

You want some tea?

Yes. I’ll have tea.

Sorry fe de mess.

It’s fine.

Is this tea?

Jamaican tea.

I’m glad we leave. I see your eyes.

Yeah, and am them sweet you?

Oi, oi. What’s going on here then? Could hardly…

Well, it’s well dark, innit. Didn’t recognise ya.

Sorry about that boss, it’s the big light, you know how it’s too bright.

Yeah, right. Too bright.

Gimme a fuckin’ seizure you lot did, for fuck’s sake.

Look at you eh, all dressed up. Hello, love.

Listen boss, we were not stopping, yeah, we just popped in on our way home.

Right, well. Glad you’re here. Couple of things.

Be with you in a second.

What is it boss?

Frank, this ain’t a knocking shop. You do not bring your Doris in here.


Good boy. Mister Norris wants his brake light done by tomorrow.

I’ll call you tonight. There.

You feel me no have phone where me live?


Scout’s honour. Five o’ clock, that phone box. Alright?


Mind how you go.

Yes, sir. In you go.

Go on. Seats up top, love.

The Lord’s Prayer

Get up. Get up. Time for church. Time for church.

For all lovers and rockers


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