Shogun – S01E09 – Crimson Sky | Transcript

Mariko arrives in Osaka for the fight of her life. Blackthorne and Yabushige scramble to save their own heads as their options dwindle.
Shogun - S01E09 - Crimson Sky

Season 1 – Episode 9
Original air date :
April 16, 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: Mariko arrives in Osaka for the fight of her life. Blackthorne and Yabushige scramble to save their own heads as their options dwindle.

* * *

[wind howling]


[samurai 1 speaking Japanese]


[samurai 2 speaking Japanese]

[samurai 3 speaking Japanese]

[samurai 1 speaks Japanese]

[samurai 4 speaks Japanese]

[samurai 1 speaks Japanese]

[samurai 3 speaks Japanese]



[samurai 1] She’s been caught three times now.

Her father was the treacherous Akechi Jinsai.

She’s the last of his line.

Her husband showed her mercy, yet still she seeks death.

[Martin] May I sit with her alone?

[breathes shakily]

[in English] Mariko-sama, is it?

In my culture, we would say Maria.

[in Japanese] A beautiful name.

[breathes shakily]

[Martin] You are too young to be this sad.

I’m not much older.

I’ve known sadness and loss too.

But I believe God spared me for a purpose.

And now he’s spared you.

[in English] Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come,

thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

[in Japanese] For when you have no words,

and you just need something to hold onto.

[breathes shakily]

[breathes heavily]

[boat creaks]

[samurai 1 speaks Japanese]

[samurai 2 speaking Japanese]

[Blackthorne] Well, we’re making our approach.

[Mariko] Yes.

Why did he send you here?

It has nothing to do with you.

We are simply traveling to Osaka at the same time.

Well, my life is mine and yours is yours.

[speaks Japanese]

[Blackthorne, in English] Ah, your friends are back from Macao

with the overpriced silk they traded for criminally underpriced Japanese silver.

True friends of the Jappos.


Tell him as soon as we arrive at the castle we’ll be met by Ishido’s men.

He’s to remain close.

You are instructed to stay close once you are met by Ishido-sama‘s men.

[speaks Japanese]

[in Japanese] You translated honestly?


I did.

I hate this fucking city.

[samurai 1 speaks Japanese]

[samurai 2 speaking Japanese]

[samurai speaks Japanese]

[in English] Lord Ohno’s family.

Everyone in the castle is now a hostage to Ishido-sama.

If a member from every noble family is trapped here, none can oppose him.

[speaks Japanese]

We’ll meet Lord Ishido tomorrow.

I want you there with me.


We’ll make our proposal then.


Uh… Lord Ishido.



Tomorrow. Yes.



Yabushige, thank you for trusting me.

When I deliver to you the Catholic gold, you won’t regret it.

Do you understand?





[in English] Well, we’re together again.

Get some rest, Anjin-sama.


[Kiri, in Japanese] It’s true… you’re here.

I apologize for the tight quarters.

We had to give up rooms for Lord Otomo’s family.

I’m so sorry for what you’ve endured.

[baby coos]

And Lady Shizu, welcoming a son in this cruel place.

I wish I could have been with you.

[baby fussing]

Is there word from Lord Toranaga?

Let’s hope this works.

[priest sniffs, in English] You are certain it was the heretic?

[laughs] It’s hard to miss the foul smell coming off of the galley.

Whole escort of Jappers with him.

And the lady translator too.

Lady Maria?

Mmm. Your little friend. [Laughs]

Toranaga is planning something.

We have got to find out what it is.


I do not think the heretic is here on Toranaga’s behalf.

When I was in Edo, he had been cut loose.

Toranaga has given up.

Or you are blind to their trickery.

This felt different.

His most loyal vassal killed himself right in front of him.

If John Blackthorne is here,

it is only because he is trying to find his own way out.

Tempest in a bottle.

War is coming.

[Yabushige, in Japanese] What a handsome gift.

Show me your bow.


No, not like that.

If we’re going to win over our enemies,

the least you can do is bow right.

Your back, here! That’s it.

What are you doing?

You show him how.

[grunts, speaks Japanese]



Good, great! Great. That’s it.



Now, don’t speak.

And don’t disappoint.

[speaks Japanese, chuckles]

[guest 1 speaks Japanese]

[guest 2 speaking Japanese]

[Kiyama] Ah, Yabushige. I see you made good time from Edo.

How kind of you to return my prisoner.

My pleasure.

But he isn’t for you.

He wishes to pledge himself to Ishido.

After all, no one lord should possess all the guns in Japan

wouldn’t you agree?


It won’t matter.

The barbarian will soon be at the mercy of the Church.

Carry on with your boring Christian squabbles.

But don’t wrinkle him.

He’s mine.


[in English] Good evening.

I am Kiyama Ukon Sadanaga.

Member of the Council of Regents.

Ah, yes. The most humble servant of the Lord on high.

And a servant of the Portuguese.

Which comes first? God or your purse strings?

I don’t trouble myself too much with the matters of faith.

I am, however, a student of trade.


And I can tell you that

we have quite enough pirate merchants in this country already.

Your kind arrived here too late.

My kind?

But I’m not a pirate.

[samurai 3 speaks Japanese]

[speaking Japanese]

Welcome, Yabushige.

On Lord Toranaga’s behalf, I surrender to the Council.

And offer my condolences for the death of the Taikō’s brilliant wife.

Hollow words from a traitor.

As I once explained to Nebara Jozen,

I was deceived into leading Toranaga out of Osaka.

Was that before or after you were deceived into killing him?

[Yabushige groans, sighs]

If you wish for my head, you shall have it.

But before that, might you take a look at my gift.

The Anjin was once Toranaga’s prized hatamoto.

Now he is loyal to me.

He’s well-trained,

and an excellent sea captain.

The Heir has no interest in a barbarian.


[speaks Japanese]

[sighs, speaks Japanese]


Move back.

We tried, Anjin. I don’t know…

[Yabushige sighs]

[samurai 3 speaks Japanese]

[Ishido] Welcome back to Osaka, Lady Mariko.

I congratulate you and Ochiba no kata

on your joyous engagement.

I’m surprised you joined this spineless traitor on his journey.

Do you bring news of Toranaga’s progress from Edo?

Only that my lord still mourns.

Naturally, he has been devastated by the death of his son.

He has others.


It’s a pleasure to see you, Mariko.

It’s been too long.


Since we were girls.

Mariko and I spent many years in Azuchi together.

Do you remember how we used to compete in poetry competitions?

I remember.

In Daiyoin’s memory,

there will be a poetry competition.

If you could choose the first line,

it would be a great honor.

I think it should be…

While the snow remains.

Veiled in the haze of cold evening.

A leafless branch…


If a bit bleak.

It will give us something to look forward to

amidst all this death and treachery.

Unfortunately, I won’t be competing.

What are you saying?

I’m sorry,

but I will not be here.

I’m leaving Osaka tomorrow with Kiri no kata and Shizu no kata.

[people murmuring]

Leaving for where, Mariko?

[Mariko] To meet our liege lord in Edo.

He has requested I escort them myself.


Toranaga will be here in a few weeks, as you said.

It’s been months since the Lady Shizu has seen Lord Toranaga.

And my lord hasn’t yet seen his newest son.

Lady Mariko…

Let’s find another time to discuss this private matter.

Perhaps you can call on us…

Thank you, but no.

I am leaving tomorrow.

You forget your manners!

Forgive me,

that was the last thing I intended.

I will return with my lord on the day we are required to be in Osaka.

Unless we are confined here.

No one is confined here.

But since you choose to speak in this outrageous fashion,

it is my duty to ask the Regents for a formal review.

Lord Kiyama?

What do you think?

I agree.


Mariko will remain here until then.

I would be honored…



my first duty is to my liege lord, and I am ordered to leave.

[Ishido] You will be patient!

I cannot delay my departure, even for a little time.

The matter is closed!

The matter is closed

when you have the manners to let me finish.

I am no peasant to be trodden on.

I am daughter of the great Lord…

Akechi Jinsai.

My line has been samurai for a thousand years,

and I will never be captive, or hostage, or confined.

I am free to go as I please

as is anyone.

You will await the meeting of the Regents.

There is nothing more to discuss.

[Yabushige] What in the name of all gods possessed you?

Has your mind left you?

And is this body of yours… stupid?


[Mariko] So sorry.

[Yabushige exclaims]

Tonight was unexpected.


You knew exactly what you were doing.

On Toranaga’s behalf.

I know it, Ishido knows it…


What are Toranaga’s plans?

I can help him, we can do this together.

Tell me your orders!


What is it!

It is not my intention to disrupt your peace.

Or any peace.

[Yabushige, Blackthorne grunt]

I suppose this one’s part of it.

[Yabushige speaks Japanese]

The Anjin is here on his own business.


I’m sorry, but please excuse me.

[speaks Japanese]

I am very tired from the day.


“Leafless branch”… what a terrible poem.

Who writes about leafless branches in the spring?


Come on, idiot!

[speaks Japanese]

[breathing heavily]

[in English] Why have you done this?

I need rest.

I must leave in the morning.

But you can’t leave.

They’ll stop you.

Judging by the armed guards everywhere I look, probably by force.

Then Ishido-sama would be admitting I remain here by force.

As well as every lord and lady being kept prisoner in this castle.

You’d walk into a sword just to prove the blade is sharp.

Please, Anjin-sama,

you must not involve yourself.

Can you do this,

for the sake of everything we have been through?

[breathes shakily]

[son, in Japanese] As your son,

I am concerned for our house.

I am only doing my duty.

To whom?

Your family?

It’s difficult to explain.

[in English] What about your duty to God?

Please, Lord Kiyama’s a fellow Christian of highest rank.

He asks you to remain in Osaka.

He says that our families are one under the banner of God

which is why I am to become betrothed to his granddaughter.

We serve Toranaga-sama.

You will marry as our lord instructs.


[son] I am tired of being in this family.

These things they say about your name, I am always ashamed.

And for what?

What have I done?

We have nothing to be ashamed of. [inhales sharply]

Then stop this.

If you try to leave today, you’ll be held.

And if you are disgraced

[in Japanese] then I am no longer your son.

[Yabushige mumbles]



[baby fussing]

My Lady, are you ready?

Let’s go.

[guard 1] Everyone get ready!

We’re leaving.

[guard 2] Excuse me, Lady Mariko,

do you have a permit to leave?

Excuse me, but we require none.

Lord Ishido has instituted orders throughout the castle.

You must have a permit.

I have been ordered by my lord to escort his ladies to Edo.

Please let us pass.

I’m sorry, but without a permit, no lord or his retinue

may leave Osaka Castle. It is Lord Ishido’s order.

You leave me no choice.

Please kill him.



The Lady will leave now!

[guard 1 speaks Japanese]

[gasps, grunting]

Miyai, would you please take charge?

It would be an honor, my Lady.

Kill them!

[shouting, grunting]

[grunts, pants]

I’m honored to have served you.






[guard 1 speaks Japanese]

[Mariko] Lord Kiyama, Lord Ohno…

Please order these men out of my way.

They are not ours to order.

Those men belong to Lord Ishido.

We are powerless.

Then it’s true we are all being kept here against our will.

I will call for a meeting!

I am a vassal of Lord Toranaga and my orders are clear.

I must be permitted to obey my lord.

[breathes shakily]



Please get out of my way.

Lady Mariko must not be harmed!

[grunting, panting]

[Mariko grunting, panting]


It is not possible to fight through all these men.

We must go back.


these men have prevented me from doing my duty to my liege lord

and I cannot live with the offense.

I will take my life at sunset.


Lord Kiyama.

As a Christian, you understand

it is a mortal sin to take my own life.

I formally ask that you be my second.

[speaks Japanese]

I am obligated to her as a fellow Christian.

Otherwise she faces eternal damnation.

That is her choice.

[Ohno] It’s a bluff.

She won’t forfeit her eternal soul with suicide.

[Ochiba] You’re all wrong.

Lady Mariko will do as she says.

It is her vengeance.

On fate.

On all of us.

She will die to be free of the disgrace that has burdened her.

And then all of Osaka will be disgraced for letting her die.


A bit extreme, don’t you think?

What is your counsel?

I have no counsel for you, Lord Ishido.

If you allow her to die,

there will be a revolt from every high family in Osaka.

If you allow her to leave,

the hostages will also demand to leave.

Ishido’s men began locking all the palaces

we managed to leave just in time.

We ask for the honor of joining you in waiting for Lady Mariko.

We are pleased to have you.

The Anjin has been summoned for an audience with the Heir.

[bell tolling]


I’m told your Japanese is decent.

Can you understand me?


But I respectfully request you use simple words.

A prepared phrase.

Smart of you.

I wonder if Mariko taught you that.

Thank you for coming.

The Heir requested an audience with the Anjin.

As we need a translator, I asked you to come.

[in English] She asks of me to translate.

It is a ruse to bring me before her.

Please let her speak.

[in Japanese] It would be an honor if I can be of use.

The Anjin thanks the Heir for this audience.

These games must stop.

I play no games.

I have only my duty to uphold.

You can’t bring nobility to your lord’s warmongering.

By being a worm on Toranaga’s lure,

you will not win your freedom.

[Mariko] So sorry, but you’re mistaken.

My lord wishes only to end this fight.

[Ochiba] Would you translate for the Anjin?

I want him to understand the relationship we once had.

When we were girls, Mariko did everything well.

She always knew where to stand,

when to leave the room without being asked.

It was easy for her.

[in English] She talks about our childhood together.

She and I grew up like sisters.

[in Japanese] But our fathers were enemies, you see.

Their misery was ours.

Wars raged, even in our castle.

But I had Mariko.

She was my happiness.

And then she was sent away.

For years, I couldn’t recognize this woman I was told she’d become…

That Mariko, in her father’s name,

wished to become a martyr…

But I see her now.

The girl who did everything right,

with anger growing in her chest.

All she seeks is destruction.

Aren’t you tired of all this?

What should I do?

Surrender to some pointless death?

Wither like your “leafless branch”?

Only you can end the games you accuse me of playing.

[Ochiba] I don’t have that power.

I don’t exist, except to protect my son.

Tell me, how will piercing your heart protect your son?

[in English] We should go now.

[in Japanese] Accepting death isn’t surrender.

Flowers are only flowers because they fall.

[in English] Toranaga has thousands of warriors at his disposal.

[panting] Vassals coming out of his kosode.

It’s the mark of a coward to send a woman to do his bidding.

You misunderstand him.

[samurai 5 speaks Japanese]

[in English] No, I understand perfectly. He’s taking advantage of your loyalty.

Your life is worth more than this.

Life and death are the same.

Both can have value and purpose.

Only one is permanent.

You have nothing to prove to these people.

You’ve made your point.

There’s no need to die for it.

There is every need.

It is the very reason my father kept me alive.

What I’m asking…

What I’m begging is, if not for good sense,

if not for God, then will you consider living for me?


A message from Lord Ishido.

[speaks Japanese]

Your offer of service instead of death

he accepts.

But he has a request…


[Martin, in English] All these years, you still have your cross with you.

Your mind is set again.

Yes, it is.

I wish to be confessed.

Then speak it here.

[Mariko] Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

But I can only confess that I am not worthy to confess.

Daughter of God, I wish I could say proper Mass for you.

But here we have no altar or vestments.

Then let us drink cha from an empty cup

for all the years we have known each other and for the little time that is left.

[singing in Latin]



[in Japanese] I, Toda Mariko,

daughter of Akechi Jinsai,

leave this poem as my final statement.

Lord Kiyama, please come forward to second me.


[in English] I will do it.

Hell is no place I haven’t already known.

Let it from your mind.

Please wait until I have fallen.

[breathes shakily]

[breathing shakily]

[Ishido speaking in Japanese]


Your permits.

Stupid as it is to have to come right back,

you are free to leave in the morning.

[breathes shakily]


[hostage] Lord Ishido!

I also ask to leave.

And me. With my family.

May we expect safe passage too?

Are we jailers?

No one is hostage in this castle.

If you wish to leave, then apply for your permits and it will be done.

A mere woman, threatening her own suicide,

and flouting the Heir’s welcome…



[cries, sniffs]

I’m all right, Setsu.

[people chattering, laughing]

[door opens]



Lord, if you’d like to rest, we have the watch covered.


I was going to sleep,

but those hens unearthed all the saké in the castle.


I suspect they’ll be up all night.

I can understand their desire to celebrate.


Go ahead, drink.

I insist.





What is it?

[muffled groaning]










[samurai] Intruders!


Come quick!


Wake everyone!

[samurai, hostages shouting in Japanese]

[shouting continues]

[grunting, panting]


[in English] Who are they?

Shinobi. They have come for me.

[samurai shouting]

[in Japanese] It’s Ishido

he’ll never let us leave alive.

They’ve infiltrated the castle.


[footsteps approaching]

[in English] Listen.

Tell them to move back.

[in Japanese] Step aside.

[panting, whimpering]

[breathing shakily]

[shinobi shouts]

[samurai 2 shouting]


[person groans]

[body thuds]

[shinobi shouts]

Look out!

We should go to the dozo.

Its doors will protect us.

No, we should go to the gate!

I will not risk being captured.

[samurai shouting]

Outside, there is a storehouse with heavy doors.

[shouting, grunting]

[Blackthorne] Yabushige-sama!

[panting, whimpering]


[pounds on door]

[breathing shakily]

[shinobi 2 shouts]

There’s nowhere for us to go.

[shinobi 2] Ready the fuses!

[in English] They’re going to blow it open.

[shinobi 2 speaking Japanese]

An explosion will kill us all!

[in English] Yabushige-sama, help me.



For the love of God, get over here and help me push this against the damn door!





Let it come.

[shinobi 1 speaks Japanese]


[Blackthorne] For God’s sake, help me push this against the door!


[in Japanese] I, Akechi Mariko…

Mariko-sama, get away from the door.

[in Japanese] …protest this shameful attack by Lord Ishido…

Lady Mariko, get over here!

And by my death…



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  1. Being based on the 1970’s book I keep thinking that the John Blackthorne/Toda Mariko relationship must have been cloned when the Vikings scriptwriters created the Athelstan/Ragnar dynamic (except no romantic affinity).

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