Shadow and Bone – S02E01 – No Shelter But Me [Transcript]

On the run and plagued by nightmares, Alina finds a moment of peace with Mal. Trouble awaits Kaz, Inej, and Jesper upon their return to Ketterdam.
Shadow and Bone - Season 2

Original release date: March 16, 2023

* * *


[thunder rumbling]

[creature snarls]


[indistinct conversation]

[wings flapping]

[birds cawing]

[man] Run!

[woman] It’s coming!

[townspeople screaming]

[thunder rumbling]


[breathing heavily]

[labored breathing]

[thunder rumbling]


[Kirigan] Alina.


[gasps, breathes heavily]

[Mal] It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s okay.

More bad dreams?

[indistinct chatter in distance]

[Alina exhales]

Same as what you showed me before?

[Alina sighs]


Tell me again.

Kirigan is dead.

I saw the Volcra take him. No one survived.

I keep seeing the Fold growing, sometimes a little, sometimes in a surge.

I don’t know what it means.

[man shouting indistinctly]

[ship bell ringing]

Let’s think about what’s next.

[man] Approaching Weddle Harbor!

This is the first time we’ve ever left Ravka.

You haven’t had a good meal or good sleep in about two weeks and we’re gonna change that soon.

[birds squawking]

They have hot stones to keep your bed warm here.

Well, that’s if they let us into the country first.

We just keep our cool and once we get past the checkpoint, we’ll be free.

There’s so much to do.


There is.

[customs officer 1] Have your papers ready.

First class, all left line.

Returning Zemeni citizens, use the green line.

I hope we look like tourists from Ketterdam.

As long as these papers from Kaz work.

[customs officer 2] Forged papers.

[woman] I have my real card. It’s legal.

[customs officer 2] Come on. Let’s go.

[man speaks indistinctly]

So we go with my plan.

We find the Sea Whip. That’s why we’re here.

One amplifier might not be enough, so I’ll get two.

Alina, we don’t know the risks if we try this.

No Grisha’s ever done it before. Not even a Saint.

No one’s ever torn down the Fold before either.

I know you can do it someday. You will get there.

I just don’t want to see it kill you in the process, okay?

Hot stones?

[woman] Ravkan refugees, this line please.



Alina, wait.

Excuse me. What happened? The war?

The Fold. It moved overnight.

Swallowed half our village.

It keeps growing.

[townspeople screaming]

They’re not nightmares. It’s really happening.

So we find the Sea Whip. You check the library.

I’ll ask the fishermen when they return from their haul.

Thank you.

[customs officer] Next.

[Alina clears throat]

Where are you from?


Home sweet home.

Straight off the boat from Ravka and no one was waiting to kill us as soon as we arrived.

Yay. That’s a good sign.

I think I might celebrate with a little dice and debauchery.

No debauchery.

Dice then.

No dice. We have stops to make.

What’s first? Tante Heleen?

We get to the Crow Club.

Where’s our sign?

It’s been replaced.

“The Kaelish Prince?”

[Jesper] What sort of name is that?

Dime Lions.

[Inej] Pekka Rollins owns the Crow Club?

Where does that leave us?

Are you saying we have no home?

How do you feel, boy?


My suits. All my hats.

Split up. It’s not safe.

[whistle blows]

[Constable Sem] Halt! You three. Hands up!

Kaz Brekker.

Jesper Fahey.

And Inej Ghafa.


Only a matter of time before you turned up.

Is there a problem?

For you? Yeah.

You’re wanted for murder.

What? We just got back in town.

Unless it’s a crime to kill Volcra.

Very funny, gunslinger.

Now, slowly, hand over those shooters.

And you. Give up the cane.

And you, spy…


Where’d she go?

Yeah. She does that.

Two’s enough for now. Come on.

[handcuffs rattling]

Off to Hellgate to await trial.


[horse neighs]

“Let’s all go back to Ketterdam. It’ll be fun,” they said.

[scoffs] Now I’m off to Hellgate.


[handcuff rattles]

Pekka’s got his grotty fingers in every part of that pie.


[breathing shakily]

We end up there, we’re as good as dead.


[breathing heavily]



Hey, stop this wagon!

[prisoner 1] Shut up!


[Constable Sem] Oi!

[prisoner 2] Settle down.

[wagon stops]


You two. Out.

Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure. Come on.

Watch the coat.

What’s all this, then?

Somebody paid good kruge to spend some time alone with you two.



[Dreesen] Hmm.

Ten minutes alone.

Out you go.

So, are you going to tell me what happened?

We’ve been framed for murder?

[Dreesen scoffs]

I’m not asking about that. Where is Alina Starkov?

We don’t have her.


[Dreesen] You left with an advance on my million kruge with passage on my ship.

And you dare to return empty-handed.

The deal was meant to include one Sun Summoner in exchange for the advance.

And you step off the ship with no such person in your possession.

Clearly you must have something of value to me or else you would not have dared…

It wasn’t your money, Dreesen.

You were brought in as an intermediary.

Someone to hire the likes of us.

But this operation wasn’t yours.

It was his.

Wasn’t it?

[Dreesen] Outrageous.

Yes. Totally convincing.

Thank you, Dreesen, but I’ll take it from here.

That was me politely telling you to get out.

So go on.

[Dreesen scoffs]

Well, this is much easier.

Tell me, what gave it away?

You dress too well for a bodyguard.

And you were hanging on every word like it was your money on the table.

You wanted to hear our story, but we don’t know you.

We know him.

So you kept up the charade until now. My question is who are you?

What? You don’t know me? Maybe in profile.

What? No?

Very well. The name’s Sturmhond.

[Jesper] I’ve heard of you.

Yeah, I should hope so.

He’s a very rich pirate.

A privateer, actually. It’s an important distinction.

The question remains, why is the Sun Summoner so important to a privateer?

You may not be aware, but half the world is looking for her.

Or even just confirmation of death.

And the reward’s gone up.

Twenty million to hand her over to Fjerda.

Turns out they weren’t particularly pleased with Kirigan and the Sun Summoner’s plan to weaponize the Fold.

[laughs] Alina never had such… [clears throat] You were saying.

You’re on first-name terms. Where is she now?

The innkeeper says that the library is right around the…


[exhales incredulously]

One gold hairpin paid for all this?

And is that a private bath?

It all looks so, uh… comfortable.

Oh. [laughs]

It is. [exhales]


You take the bed. I’ll sleep on that thing.

Don’t be silly. There’s enough room for both of us.

But only if you want to.



Oh, that’s nice.

I didn’t get to gamble that kruge in Ketterdam.

[both chuckle]

There’s a whole world to see once we’re not fugitives.

Yeah. The temples at Ahmrat Jen. If we ever get into Shu Han.

I can’t wait to see it all.

We will.

It’s your fault, you know?

What’s that?

Well, when we were kids and you drew your maps, it always made me wonder what exists beyond the page.

And so, when I was knee-deep in trench mud, rifle in hand, that’s what I’d picture.

Some hopeful place.

A place we could go if we survived.

And I thought about chances I regretted not taking.

Why not take them now then?

[ship bell ringing]

[breathing heavily]

[indistinct shouting]

The fishing boats are coming back.

Yeah, I better…

I better go to the… To the port. And make a start on tracking the Sea Whip.

[birds squawking]

Meet back here at sundown?

I’ll be here.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[chuckles softly]


[Jesper groans] We don’t know where Alina is. She’s gone.

[Sturmhond scoffs]


I know you’ve gotten out of those cuffs. If I had time, I’d insist you tell me how.


My intel informs me the Sun Summoner was wearing this when she entered the Fold.

It’s part of the Queen’s collection.

A well-known piece, the fabled garnets of Ivets.

So, either she used this to pay you off to keep quiet about where she was going, or you found her bloody corpse and stole it off her neck like vultures.

How dare you? How even…

We are not vultures, we are crows.

And that makes more sense with context.

But my point is, we’re not grave robbers.

Which means it was a payoff.

So you know where she went.

Now if you tell me, I’ll give you 20 seconds alone here before the Stadwatch comes back in.

You can’t bribe us.

Leave the necklace.

Give us 20 seconds and I’ll tell you.



The bribe she paid you to keep quiet about her next move, in exchange for her next move.

I like it.

Still, there is the mess of having to fence Royal jewels.


You both stepped off the Edam tonight. Was she with you then?

Is she in town somewhere?

She stayed on the ship to Novyi Zem.

Good luck.


Any help with these?

What am I supposed to do with this?

You knew.

About you being a Durast?

Your gun misfired in Arken’s train. You fixed it without moving.

You repaired my cane with no tools.

And when you shoot, you never miss.

Of course I knew.

Let’s leave it at that. Yeah?

I’ve no interest in letting others in on your secret.

But it’s so easy to spill the beans on Alina.

He’d already deduced it.

He knew the name of the ship that we were coming in on.

The best we could do is get our money back.

[Jesper] And Alina?

She’s half a day ahead and he’s a pirate. We should warn her.

How? And where do you intend to post a warning?

She could be anywhere by now.

We have enough on our plate here.

[doorknob rattling]

Speaking of, shouldn’t you be concentrating?

[guards shouting]


[thunder rumbling]

[Volcra screeching]


Like calls to like, Miss Starkov.

That line doesn’t work on me anymore. None of this does.

And what do you think this is?

More of the same. Veiled threats and empty promises.

My promises were real, I assure you.

You think you know who you are now because you’ve suffered for a moment.

You won’t truly understand the depths of your soul until that suffering leads you to sacrifice.

And what have you sacrificed but the lives of innocent people?

Ravkans will see the sky from here one day.

By my power.

A valiant goal.

But the question remains, are you willing to sacrifice that which is most precious to you?


[breathing heavily]

[man] We’re safe here.

Just don’t leave for an hour.

We can wait until Sergei returns.

[woman 1] Are you sure we can wait?

[man] Yes.

Yes, we’re safe here in Novyi Zem.

The Fold can’t reach us here.

Have you found the maps you need?

Do you have any, um, nautical maps that are older?

Um, as far back as you can.

You’re a Durast?

Oh. [chuckles]

Zemeni do not use such narrow terms.

We are all “zowa.” Blessed.

Oh, that’s, um… That’s lovely.

Being Grisha is a wonderful thing. A beautiful thing.

But we are lucky to be safe here in Novyi Zem.

I feel for the Ravkan Grisha.

May their Saints watch over them.

[woman 2] She was a living Saint.

[Maxim] And the reason I lost my Katina.

She and the Darkling are the reason why we are here with nothing.

[sighs] You are right. She might have stopped him.


[woman 2] They’re both guilty.

[Maxim] Saints willing, the Volcra ripped them both to pieces.

[woman 3] Oh! Let me.

It’s the Sun Summoner.

[Mal] And, uh, what about here?

[man] No, no, trust me. Here.

No schools of fish travel here.

Why’s that?

Is there a predator in these waters? Maybe something worth a hunt?

Don’t go looking for your own death, boy.

Cav anyene?

[Lieutenant Bohdan] Attention!

First Army, load up. We leave in five.

Secure the ammunition, Private.


[groans softly]

[Lieutenant Bohdan] Let me help you up, boy.

Ah. Thanks.

Do I know you?

No, sorry.

I remember every soldier under my command

and the deserters, Oretsev.

Are you alone? Or is your Sun Summoner with you? Hmm?

No, sir.

Let’s get you on a boat back to Ravka, soldier.

You have a court-martial to attend.



[Mal grunts]

After him!

[soldier] After him!

You lying bastard!

Don’t let him get away!

[man] Oi! Watch it!

[soldier grunts]


Hey! That’s 25 neredi. Hey.

[people clamoring]

I’m sorry.

[Mal grunts]

[soldier shouts]

[people gasp]

[soldier] Oi! Stop!


[soldiers scream]

So much for nobody knowing who I am here.

Yeah, that was nice and subtle.

I knew you’d be traveling as a pair.

Let’s see your hands.

Especially you, Starkov.

It’s time to turn you in.

[woman] Quickly.

[indistinct chatter]

[Lieutenant Bohdan] What is this? Get out of the way.

[woman] This way.

[Lieutenant Bohdan] Move! These are fugitives wanted for crimes against our country!

Adawesi, Sun Summoner.

Out of my way! Move now!

Thank you.

Where should we start?

Not Tunde’s pub.

Tunde’s pub. Why?

No, because you got us kicked out of there last time.

If some Fjerdan deckhand’s gonna question a woman’s right to carry weapons.

Lessons were learned.

Which brings to mind a particular stanza from Rabinov’s Cantos…


[Lieutenant Bohdan] Right, soldiers, listen up.

Our fugitives are loose, but I have men blocking the roads.

So their only way out is passage here on a ship in this harbor.

We turn her in and split the reward.

But only if we stop them before they get on a boat.

Is that understood?

[soldiers] Yes, sir.

Sounds important… or dangerous. I can never tell the difference.

Definitely important. Come on. No.

But… [sighs]

[indistinct chatter]

[man wolf-whistles]

[women giggling, chattering]


Inej! You’re back.

It’s not safe for you on the streets right now.

Tell me why. Who’s been murdered and who pointed at us for it?

[Jesper] We are in the literal bottom of the Barrel.

Stadwatch don’t patrol down here. We’re safer.

Inej, what did you find?

We’re accused of murdering Tante Heleen.

Wait, what?

We didn’t do that, though.

Wait, did you do that?

It was Pekka Rollins, wasn’t it?

He framed us for murder.

He wanted to punish us for taking the job after he warned you off.

But why take it out on Tante Heleen?

She held the deed to the Crow Club.

We cut a deal so Inej could help us with the Sun Summoner, so Rollins killed her.

He owns the club.

Everyone who works there now works for Pekka Rollins.

There’s more.

The Menagerie.

[Inej] He owns that now, too.

Along with everything else the Menagerie owns.

So, Stadwatch are everywhere and Pekka’s untouchable.

Never thought I’d miss the Fold.

What’s this for?

We aren’t the only ones under a false accusation.

Your Saint has a new bounty on her head. This time from Fjerda.

They think she’s in cahoots with the Darkling.

This is your ticket to go and protect her.

Go to Third Harbor. Find a stevedore named Jari.

He’ll put you on a cargo ship out of here.

You’re sending me away?

I promised you freedom.

This isn’t freedom, Kaz.

My indentured contract is owned by Pekka…

I’ll take care of it.

It isn’t your fight now.

It’s mine.

I’m not leaving you.

Not now.

What happens to Saints is fate.

What happens here is up to us.

Fine, but stay in the shadows.

Both of you.

We reconvene in two bells at the end of Rozenstraat.

Look for a workshop around the back.

Where you going?

I need a Heartrender for what comes next.

One who isn’t already owned by Pekka.

Ears open for one.


I’ll go.

“For what comes next”?

Wait, what comes next?

[pigs squealing]

He got away.

[Pekka] Wound up being a bit more trouble for you.

Can’t hide for long. I’ve got 60 men on the watch patrolling for him.


You already did the thing I was going to ask you.

I just want to make sure that your men understand that this Barrel rat and his crew are a priority for me.

Of course.

[Pekka exhales]

And I get it, you know, you put a plan in place, you expect it to go a certain way.

So I’m glad that we’re in lockstep on this one because we both have a vested interest in putting him down.

You maybe a little more so than me. Hmm?

You recognize her?

That’s a Stadwatch service weapon.

[Pekka] Mmm.

It is.

Think of the drums beating in the night when every man in uniform hears that Kaz Brekker killed one of you with your own gun.

But he hasn’t. He…


Drag his body out into the alley.

Tell your men it was Brekker.

I pay you a king’s wages to do your jobs.

[Edyck] What do you need us to do, boss?

Get the Dime Lions on the hunt for Brekker and his crew.

[Edyck] Right away.

[playing flute]

[door slams]

[Kaz] Wylan.

[Wylan gasps] You’re alive.

Thanks in part to you.

Stadwatch are after you.

How much phosphorus did you pack into that flash bomb?

The escape option against the Darkling?

Did you need it? Was it enough?


I need you to make a new package for me.


You said that was a one-time thing, not a real step into your world.

I was strapped at the time.

And now?

When was the last time you ate?

Don’t… Don’t touch that specific bottle.

You’ll be itching for days.

[man whistles]

[man] Hands up, Wraith.

[guns cocking]

[Inej] You here to try and kill me?

Nah, you work at the Menagerie, so you belong to our boss.

He gets to kill you if he likes.

[Inej] No one gets to do that.

The question is if I’m going to waste my prayers tonight after gutting you.


[all laughing]

Oh, my trembling heart.

[men groaning]

Oh, uh…

That… That was me. Hope you don’t mind.

[Inej] A Heartrender.

You’ve been following me.

You were on the boat with us from Os Kervo.

You were with the funny guns and the angry hat.

What you just did was very impressive and also very illegal.

I mean, thanks.

Uh, I need your help.

On the ship, I overheard your boss mention the need for someone like me.

Seems we’re both in dire straits, so perhaps we could agree to help one another?

Maybe before these bruisers come to?

[in Suli] It’ll be fun.

[Inej, in English] What kind of help is it you need?

[Nina] What do you know about Hellgate prison?

[birds squawking]

[guard] New prisoner. Matthias Helvar.

[prisoners clamoring]

[prisoner shouting]


[Matthias] No, no, no, I’m innocent!

No! I’m no slaver!

[men chattering indistinctly]

Only two ships in a harbor town? Something’s not right.

Maybe Bohdan ordered them away.

But the First Army doesn’t have jurisdiction here.

Perhaps the promise of 20 million kruge is good enough to buy our access to the docks.

[Mal sighs]

I wish he was alive just so I could punch that face again.

Thanks to him, the whole world sees me as a traitorous villain.

Yeah, well, they’re wrong.

Valiant of you, but I’m sure they printed more than one.

[sighs] So, what now?

We find that Sea Whip.

Hang on.

That ship’s not flying any flag. It’s private.

Which means it can be chartered.

Okay, come on.

No chances left untaken.

[sailor] All tied up.

Hey, stop. We need a charter out of here immediately.

I can pay.

It’s gold.

That’ll do.

Come on then, hurry up. I’ll take you to the captain.

[Alina] Thank you.

You! Stop.

You want to fight, Ravka? Hey?

That man is a deserter of the First Army.

He belongs in our custody.

Is that so? All right then.

Ravka wants a fight!

I don’t want to escalate the fight with Shu Han.

We’re not with Shu Han. We’re independent.

Maybe you save your bullets for the war, old man?

First Army needs to know its place.

[Sergeant Halsov] The Grisha betrayed us!

Their General and the Sun Summoner caused that.

[thunder crashing]

[crowd cheering]

We fought for you!

[crowd cheers]

We sacrificed our front lines for you!

[crowd cheers]

And now, the Fold is coming for us all.

Because of you!

[crowd cheers]

They say the Grisha are Ravkan.

Loyal to the King.

The same king the Grisha poisoned.

Can you imagine?

[breathing heavily]

[crowd shouting]

[Volcra roaring]

I am a Healer. I can help your soldiers.

If you leave us here, you will kill all of us.


[all laughing]

It’s not us you should be worrying about now.

It’s the things inside the Fold.


[all laughing]

[soldier 1] What is that?

[Volcra growling]

How? The Volcra can’t leave the Fold.

[soldiers shouting]

Kirigan’s dead!

[soldier 2] Fall back!

[soldiers shouting]

I have returned.

And I’ve made some new friends.

So… this again?

Locking us up in cages.

I shall have to overthrow the King now.

[chains rattle]


Am I glad to see you.

You survived.

[Kirigan] Of course I did.

When have I ever not?

But I am famished.

I think I’ll head into town.

Dispose of the First Army there and cook up some dinner.

If anyone… cares to join me.


[upbeat music playing]

[people shouting]

[indistinct chatter]

[door closes]

Hello? Anyone here?

[Wylan] Oh.

Hi. I wasn’t expecting you.

And you are?


Uh, Wylan.

No, I mean why did Kaz have us meet here?


I guess, um, I’m your demolitions man.


You’ve got all your fingers.

Well, maybe I’m careful.

Careful is something you learn from losing your fingers.

So this novice is telling me that he’s our new demo man.

Raske is better. Or even Pim.

And yet Wylan is the one I hired.

Shouldn’t you be graduating university and, I don’t know, starting a desk job?

[Kaz] You’re here.

With the new Heartrender.

Nina Zenik. At your service.

Nina Zenik?

Nina Zenik?

[chuckles] Well, that’s a reaction.

Is there a famous Nina Zenik that I don’t know of?

Can I get anyone some tea?

You worked with Arken.

You said you have a contact who can get us inside. A Heartrender.

Nina grew up there.

It was more of a limited partnership.

Did you trust him?

[scoffs] That turncoat? Not on your life.

He was shadier than an oak at three bells.

What’s your price?

I’ve expended the legal avenues on my problem.

Every clerk in the city says the same thing.

“The judge will see you in six months.”

And so you’re looking for the not-so-legal route on what, exactly?

I’m told you could free someone from Hellgate.

Someone, I say as if he’s anyone, and in truth, he’s the love of my life.

I can’t get you a release from Hellgate.

But I can get you a visit.

In exchange for your services.

What do you need me for?

The aftermath.

Follow me.

He does this.

Does he?

Brick by brick.


What was that?

The Crow Club.

[people screaming]

[bells ringing]

I had some really nice hats in there.

Was that yours?

I take it we’re now in the aftermath?

This doesn’t help us clear our name, Kaz.

This is war with Pekka Rollins, the King of the Barrel.

The Barrel doesn’t belong to kings.

It belongs to bastards.

Request for charter, Captain.

Immediate charter.

He means we need to leave right now.

Let’s be clear about two things.

I don’t take orders on my own ship.

And we’re already underway. I’m glad you’ve joined us.

Now, maybe you’d be so kind as to give the room a little light.

After all you are Alina Starkov.

A 20-million-kruge Saint.

Dead or alive.


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