Sex Education – Series 4 – Episode 8 | Transcript

Cavendish rallies to search for Cal. As Eric finds his calling, Jackson discovers his roots. Much like love, truth takes many forms - and it will out.
Sex Education - Series 4 - Episode 8

Original release date: 21 September 2023

After telling Aimee and Isaac they should pursue their feelings for each other, Maeve scatters her mother’s ashes and goes back to America. Aimee can’t bring herself to be intimate with Isaac. Otis angrily criticises Jean for encouraging Maeve to return to America. O posts an apology video and later apologises to Ruby. Michael apologises to Adam, and they hug. Michael then takes the horse-riding class at the farm that Adam is teaching. Adam becomes more accepting of his parents getting back together and comes out to Jem, who asks him out on a date. Eric decides to get baptised, but learns that the church will not accept the fundraiser money because they disagree with the school’s values. He leaves, realising that the church will not accept him. Jackson tracks down Jerome, and finds out he never wanted anything to do with him. He is comforted by his mothers and Viv. Cal’s body dysphoria has escalated to the point where they run away from home, and the Cavendish students band together to find them. Eric has another faith dream which leads him to Cal, and both he and Jackson convince Cal that they are valued and important. Aisha convinces the students that the fundraiser should support Cal’s top surgery. Empowered by her friends, Viv ends her abusive relationship with Beau. Aimee uses her photography as a way of overcoming her trauma, taking a series of photographs of her wearing the jeans she was wearing when she was assaulted. She then sets them on fire at the bus stop and dances. At the election, Ruby and Otis advocate for the students to give O a second chance. After this show of solidarity and forgiveness, Ruby is invited to hang out with the Coven and she informs Otis that she cannot be friends with him anymore. A confident and empowered Jean returns to the radio show—Joanna calls in and talks openly about how her assault has affected her life. She decides to stay with Jean and Otis. Jean invites Dan over to tell him that Joy is his daughter. Maeve gets a call from a publisher interested in her writing, which was provided to them by Ellen, who has decided she does not want the internship. Maeve confronts Molloy about almost making her abandon her studies due to his negative approach, and implores him to understand the power that his words hold over students. Aimee and Isaac finally kiss. Otis apologises to Eric and they repair their friendship—Eric informs Otis that he wants to become a pastor to help the church be more inclusive. Otis returns home, makes up with Jean, and admits that he is heartbroken by the fact that he and Maeve cannot be together. She encourages him to feel the pain rather than ignoring it. Otis finds a note that Maeve left behind, in which she thanks him for “cracking open” her heart, and because she will never close herself off to emotions again, she will always carry a part of him with her.

* * *

[“2 Become 1” playing]

♪ Candlelight and soul forever ♪

♪ A dream of you and me together ♪

♪ Say you believe it… ♪

[Abbi] Oh my God, that film was so…

I wanted to do something special, but it’s… it’s no pressure.

Um… wow, it’s so…

You don’t like it, do you?

No, I do. It’s really sweet.

Thank you.

♪ We can achieve it… ♪

[Roman moaning]

♪ Come a little bit closer, baby ♪

Are you okay?

Yeah. No, this is lovely.

[Roman moans]

♪ When two become one ♪

♪ I need some love Like I never needed love before ♪

♪ Wanna make love to you, baby ♪

♪ I had a little love… ♪

Oh my God. Fire. There’s a fire.

[Roman] Oh! Oh!

[record scratching]

What do I do? What do I do?


[music stops]

My nan knitted that.

[upbeat music playing]

♪ I heard it once ♪

♪ I saw it once… ♪

[phone chimes]

♪ I felt it once ♪

♪ Long ago… ♪

Hi, everyone.

Um, I…
have absolutely no idea how to start this. Um…

I feel like I owe you all an apology.

♪ Long ago ♪

♪ Please ♪

♪ Come find me… ♪

[O] Ever since the video of me in primary school has resurfaced, I have been absolutely beside myself.

I’m so disappointed in the person I used to be, but I have learned from my mistakes.

And I know that I have to prove that to you now, and that might take some time, but for the moment, I would just like to say, from the very, very bottom of my heart to all of my clients, all of my followers, and all of my friends, to everyone…

I’m truly, truly sorry.


[Ellen] Oh no!

[all scream]

[Ellen] Oh no! No!



[Joy cooing]


Morning, darling.

[Otis] Morning.

[Jean] Want coffee?

Yes, please.

What’s going on?

[Jean] Well, I… I thought I’d make you some breakfast.


We haven’t done this in a while.


It’s nice.

[Jean] Mmm.

Hey, Joy.

[Jean] How did you sleep? How are you?

Yeah, I’m okay.

It’s the election stuff today.

I’m obviously not gonna win, so it feels like that was a massive waste of time.

Well, you did your best, which is never a waste of time.

Have you heard from Maeve?

She landed this morning.

[Jean] I know it might be hard, darling, but I think she made the right decision.

She was so discouraged when I spoke to her.

What do you mean?

Well, I think she convinced herself that she wasn’t good enough for the course.

And, well, that’s just ridiculous. She’s such an intelligent young woman.

So I told her that she’d had a knock and that she shouldn’t let it affect her ambition, and she should go back and finish.

[Otis sighs]


You told Maeve to go back to America.

Well, no…

She wanted to stay here with me, Mum. Everything was fine.

I didn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know.

Of course you did!

You’re always doing this!


You get inside people’s brains.

You wheedle in like some wheedling brain wheedler!

Darling, you told me that you wanted me to be more involved in your life.

[Otis] Don’t you dare put this on me!

I wanted you to ask me how my day was, not therapize my girlfriend into getting on a plane and breaking up with me.

Oh, Otis. I didn’t know you broke up.

You crossed a line.

I was worried you were having another mental breakdown, but no, you’re just consistently fucking with everything in my life.

Don’t talk to your mother like that…

Don’t get involved.

No, I will get involved. Your mum does everything for you.

At least talk to her with some respect.

Oh my God. I hate you both!

Otis, don’t…

[Joy crying]

[door slams]


You’re back.

Not really.

I’ve got a friend with a spare room down south, so, uh, I’ve just come to say goodbye and to, uh, pick up my LED face mask.

Do you mind if I have a shower and get changed before I go?

No, go on.


Thanks for sticking up for me.

It’s all right.


[whimsical music playing]


Cal, can I come in?

[mysterious music playing]

You sure you wanna do this? Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.

You saw the letter.

It’s all sexy and gross.

Yeah, your mum is kind of filthy.



I think this is it.

[Viv] Good luck.

[suspenseful music playing]

[rings doorbell]

[lock clicking]

Hi, how can I help you?


Uh, I’m Jackson.


Are you Jerome Saibu?

This is a bit strange. I… I… I found a letter that you wrote to my mum.

Her name is Roz…

[boy] Dad, who is it?


I think you guys used to work together a while back.

I think you could be…

Leave my property. Please.

You could be my dad.

♪ Bright light, kill the queen ♪

♪ Harbor train on the scene ♪

♪ All the baddies in the wild ♪

♪ Don’t you dare touch the dial ♪

♪ Dressed up like a heart attack for you ♪

♪ We’re dressed up like a heart attack ♪

♪ I’m talking little jeans, tiny hat ♪

♪ Evan Smith, tiny sack ♪

♪ Pajama king, sing it loud ♪

♪ Dragging that shit all over town… ♪

Adam, it’s me again. Please call me back.

♪ We play it like a heart attack So it’s the other cheek… ♪

Okay, there’s some palms outside and then some behind the tables.

How are we with the table dressing, guys?

[man] All good, Abbi.

Did you see O’s apology?


She thinks she can still get votes. It’s a bit sad.

Mm-hmm, right.

Hey, guys. Um, what are you guys talking about?

We’ve been practicing.

Yeah, we were practicing all night.

You were fucking all night?

Aisha, what? No!

We definitely weren’t fucking all night.


Oh, you mean practicing?

Practicing, sorry.

Oh, that’s very nice that you’re trying. Aw.

Oh, we were saying that O’s apology was a bit fake.

Guys, that’s really mean. You know the drill.

[pensive music playing]

Hi. Sorry, do you know Cal Bowman?


[Nicky] I’m their mum.

They didn’t come home last night, and they’re not answering their phone.

Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t seen them.

I’ve called the police, but they’re just not taking it seriously.

They just… they don’t seem themself now, and I’m…

[Aimee] Ooh wow.

This one’s good.

It’s upside down.

Oh, it’s better that way.

Our first art auction. I’m excited.


Can I kiss you?

We’ve been eating cheese and onion.

I don’t mind.

[Aimee sighs]

[phone chimes]

Oh God! Cal’s gone missing.

[suspenseful music playing]

Just pop it on there.

No worries.

What’s going on?

Oh, Cal Bowman’s been missing since last night. That’s their mum.

[Michael] Christ, how awful.

Yeah, yeah. We’ll make sure there’s people searching the skate park.


[Aisha] Thank you for coming, everyone.

Cal is in a very vulnerable place right now, so we need to start searching for them straight away.

Their last text message said they were going to Pinelands Shopping Center.

This is a real moment to focus on the power of intention and manifest finding Cal.

Come on. Let’s do this. Come on, Cavendish!

[all cheering]


[optimistic music playing]

[Nicky] Thank you.

[Aimee] Should we get some?


[church bell tolling]

I am so happy you are doing this.


[Beatrice chuckles]

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning, Pastor.

Hello, girls.


Eric, can I have a quick word?

Yeah. Yeah.

[pastor] I’m very sorry.

Someone looked up your college online, and we’ve had some complaints about your fundraiser.


The college values are not something the church can support.

I’m afraid the church council have decided we cannot accept your money.

But the fundraiser is tonight.

[pastor] I know.

It’s out of my hands.

Please don’t let this ruin your special day.

[emotional music playing]

Maybe you should go home and tell your parents.

I wanna be here, okay?

What if Cal’s not all right?

Oh, Otis, mate.

Can I speak to you about a sex thing?

You don’t wanna speak with Connor?

Well, he’s all booked up.

Basically, what it is, yeah, is me and Abbi, yeah, we tried to have sex last night, and I thought everything was sound, but then she set my blanket on fire.

Are you okay?

She might have done it on purpose, like, to try and get out of it.

We’ve been going back to basics, just like you said, but it’s not working.

We barely even kiss anymore, and we still haven’t had sex.

Well, it sounds to me like she’s still feeling some kind of pressure.

I know it’s hard, but I think you just have to be patient. Yeah?

Sorry about the blanket.

My nan knitted that. I’m gutted.


It’s best if we split into groups, so you guys go together.

And then you two and then you guys come with me. Where’s Roman?

[man] Look who it is.

[man 2] Did you see her apology?

Hey, can I go with you guys?

Oh, no.

[man 3] Too little too late.

[Otis] What’s the plan?

I would rather wear synthetic wool.

What? I did apologize.

You kind of apologized to everyone except her.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Jackson] Have you seen this person?

[woman] No, sorry.

[Jackson] Thanks.

Guys, no one’s seen Cal anywhere.


[Aimee] What?

It’s 50% off. I shop when I’m stressed, Jackson.

Uh, Viv?

Can we talk?

Hey, are you okay?




[Viv] Are you here to find Cal?

I didn’t know what else to do. You weren’t responding to my messages.

I know I upset you, and I made a mistake.

I… I just can’t stand seeing you with anyone else.

I know that’s wrong, and I’m gonna work on it.

No. I… I can’t talk to you right now. I’m gonna go back to my friends.

[footsteps approaching]

I’m gonna go.

That’s the money you need.

Why are you giving me this?

You’re right.

I am a fucked-up person.

I really wanted it to work out with Jakob.

I really loved him.

And I wanted to raise Joy with him.

But… a little bit of me knew that she wasn’t his, and I just really didn’t want it to be true, so I blocked it out, and now it’s all fucked-up.

I’m sorry.

Yeah, well, I quit the show, and… and I’m going to get myself together.

Why did you do that?

Because it’s not fair on Joy.

You’ve really been growing in confidence.

No, it’s the right decision.

Look, I know I’m not good at asking for help. Come here.

It’s been so nice to have you here.

And if you stayed here for a while, you could start your nursery.

I slept with Dan.

Of course you did.

But you don’t need to worry. I realized he has those toes that are all the same length, and he gave me the ick, so I’m not into him anymore, anyway.

I know what you’re doing, Jo.

You don’t get to just blow it up so that you can leave like always.

Let’s just… just stay here, and we’ll work on it.

I would die of boredom out here. I… I really need to go.

Keep the money.

[tender music playing]

I know that you’re leaving your job because you think that you’re a shit mum, but you have raised Otis so brilliantly, and you’re gonna do the same with Joy.

I wish we’d had a mum like you.

[emotional music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

Uh, hi. Sorry. Um…

You’ve not seen this person recently, have you?

[cashier] Oh yeah, they were here last night.

They ordered three cheeseburgers and then didn’t eat them.

It was weird.

[Otis] Do you guys have security cameras?

Okay, thank you.

[intense music playing]

[Otis] Security. Where’s security?

Would you like to try Boats by Boats?

No, I’ve got… Ugh, don’t…

It’s quite nice.

[Abbi] Hey. Bit of an emergency, um…

We need to look at last night’s security tapes from the food court.

Our friend is missing, and we’re worried.

Sorry, can’t help you.

[Otis] They were here last night. We…

You’ll have to call the police.

Harriet. Harriet Anders. From Moordale Secondary.

Shut up.

You’re Ruby Matthews.


As if you remember me.

Of course I remember you. Why wouldn’t I?

Because you were such a bitch. I mean, you were magnificent.

But terrifying.

Can I have a selfie?

Of course you can.

If you let us take a peek at those security tapes.

Yeah, of course.

What’s happening?

She’s kind of a big deal.

[Harriet] Cheese.

[camera clicks]

[curious music playing]

[Michael] Adam.

What are you doing here?

I’ve been worried.

Why are you worried?

[Michael] Because you’re not talking to me.

And a student has gone missing at college.

It made me think about what I’d do if anything happened to you while you still thought that… that I don’t like you.

You don’t like me.

No. Adam, I do like you very much.

I love you.

You’re my son.

I just don’t like myself.

And I’ve made you feel small because of that, and I deeply regret it.

And I know we can never get that time back, but I am trying to change.

Do you wanna hug a horse?


Hugging a horse makes things feel better.

Oh, uh…

Uh, no, I’m okay. Thank you.

But I’d

quite like to hug you.


[emotional music playing]


Uh, yes. [clears throat]

Just about to teach my first lesson.

Maybe I could stay and watch.

You could join in if you like.

I… [chuckles]

No. Uh… [chuckles]

♪ Amen ♪

♪ Oh, Jesus ♪

♪ Amen ♪

♪ Oh, Jesus ♪

♪ Amen ♪


[churchgoers] Amen.


[pastor] Please be seated.

It’s now time for our baptism.

Adedayo, my son.

Are you ready to take this next step?

[cheering and applause]

Hallelujah! Whoo!

Do you renounce all sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

I do.


[pastor] Would you like to share anything with your community?

[Adedayo] I’ve done many things in my life that I am ashamed of.

Things that have made me unclean.

But today, I turn my back on sin and thank God for his mercy that I can be reborn and made pure.

[pastor] Praise God.

[woman] Hallelujah!


It is my honor to baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

[emotional music playing]

[no sound]


Eric, it’s your turn.

Are you ready to take this next step?

Do you renounce all sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Um… I have something that I need to say.

Hallelujah. Speak your truth, Eric.

[indistinct chatter]


I don’t know how you’re all gonna feel about my truth. [chuckles]

[inhales deeply]

I thought God wanted me to be baptized today.

And I wanted to make God happy.

I wanted to make you all happy, especially my family.

But I can’t stay silent any longer.

I have to tell my truth.

Otherwise, I will be half a person, and I can’t live like that.

My name is Eric Effiong.

And I’m a Christian.

And a proud gay man.

[churchgoers murmur]

I know a lot of you feel that what I’ve just said is sinful and that I need to pray for forgiveness, but you’re wrong.

My heart is torn, because I’m in a position where I have to either choose to hide my truth and live in pain or be honest and lose my community.

I keep getting told that I need to wait and be patient, but I’m tired of waiting.

[inhales shakily]

And I love myself too much to not tell my truth.

So, if you love me as I am, I will be baptized, but if you don’t, then I must leave.

I love you as you are, my son.

[emotional music playing]

I have my answer.

[door slams]

[Harriet] I know! A completely normal day, and then she just walks in.

Literally, the best day of my life.

OMG, Lana. [chuckles]

No, she’s actually not scary at all, and her skin is so soft.

[Roman scoffs]

What if something bad has happened?

Just say positive, Aish.

I don’t feel positive. I feel worried.

Try and breathe, and remember the power of manifestation.


I don’t think I know that one yet, sorry.

I think she said fuck off.

[Abbi] Why?

Because I wanted to express a normal emotion, and you never let us.

You want us to be positive all the time, and that’s why we never tell you a thing.

Like what?

I want to be a pescatarian.

What about the oceans?

See? I can’t tell you anything.

Okay, fine. What else?

I like gossip. It’s fun.

And Roman hates yoga.


I do hate yoga, and I’m really sad that we don’t have sex anymore.

[Aisha] You guys don’t have sex anymore?

Why are you ganging up on me?

Uh, Roman, I think your intimacy issues should be separate, and you can talk about that privately.

Sorry, um, I… I actually think it might all be connected.

Abbi, why do you feel the need to keep things positive all the time?

Uh, thinking negative things just makes me feel heavy. Um…

Basically, everyone important in my life has rejected me.

That must be really difficult for you.

I imagine there’s a lot of emotions that you’re keeping at bay.

If I think about how I feel, then I just wanna scream.

So I think it’s better if I keep things light.

That makes sense. It feels like you can’t cope with anything else.

Well, sometimes, that constant positivity can become a little bit toxic.

And if you’re shutting down those very natural negative reactions, it can hurt you a little bit further down the line.

I just get scared of saying how I really feel in case you guys abandon me as well.

We would never reject you, Abbi.

You’re part of us.

Navigating conflict and having these difficult conversations, that’s the mark of a true relationship with someone.

Do you think you’d feel comfortable sharing more of those negative thoughts?

Aisha, the way you pick your fingernails in class is disgusting.

And sometimes, I don’t wanna hear about Mercury being in fucking retrograde.

And, Roman, we don’t have sex anymore because you make this loud moaning noise when we kiss, and it’s so irritating.

It’s all I think about.

Your natural toothpaste isn’t working because your breath smells like garlic.

You need fluoride.

[chuckles] That actually felt really good.

[Roman] Hang on.

What noise do I make?

[Harriet] Hey, Grace. Did Lana tell you who I’m here with?

Yeah, I think we might be best friends. We’re getting on really well.

I know. Yeah, you can just feel it when it’s right, can’t you?

And it’s definitely right.

Yeah, I did. And I was the only person who could help, so, like, we’re sitting together right now.

Yeah, I thought that, but no, she’s really nice.

We’re getting on so well.

Like, you know when you just have chemistry with someone.

[Ruby] Thank you. Think I’ve found something.

Call you back.


Yep, it smells like burgers. That’s it.


Get in.

One jump should do. Big one.


One, two, three.

Yeah. Hop.

Ugh. It smells.

It’s a bin.

One, two, three.

Shut up!


Drop. Just drop.


Hey, can we, um…

[Otis groans]

Jesus Christ.

Look, I don’t know if you saw the video or not, but I, um…

[Otis] Okay, no way.

I did really mean it, and…

But I also should have just said it to your face.

You deserve a proper apology.

I just didn’t really know if you’d actually wanna hear it because of how far I dug myself in, but you know, what I did to you was really horrible.

[Otis grunts]


For what it’s worth, I didn’t really like myself for doing that. I still don’t.


And I am really sorry.

[Otis] No. No. No.

Thank you.

I needed to hear that, so…

[Otis gags]

I got it. I got it.

[upbeat music playing]


[Ruby] Let’s open it. Open it.

Why have they dumped their stuff?

I think we need to call the police.


[woman over PA] This is a customer announcement for Gina.

Gina, your mum is waiting for you.

[phone chimes]

[woman over PA] Gina, please come to reception. Thank you.

[phone chimes]

Are you all right, Viv?

[phone chimes]

[Isaac] He seems quite persistent.

[phone chimes]


[phone chimes]

You know? Maybe I should just text him.

Do not text him, Viv.

[chuckles] I know, but he can be really sweet.

You just haven’t seen that side of him.

And, yes, he gets jealous, but he has low self-esteem.

It’s not his fault.

And it’s not your fault.


How do you feel with him?

Sometimes I feel happy, and then sometimes he makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong.

It’s really confusing.

I don’t know when he’s gonna get upset next.

[Aimee] Viv.

Viv, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about abuse for my art, and it does sound like he could maybe be emotionally coercive.

He’s so controlling, Viv.

I just feel confused.

Love should make you feel safe. It should make you feel braver because you can be totally yourself around that person.

It shouldn’t be confusing, and it shouldn’t be scary.


Shit, I think I know where Cal is.

I’ll text you, okay?


[Jackson] All right.

Thank you.

[birds chirping]


[phone chimes]

Oh my gosh.

[footsteps approaching]


[suspenseful music playing]

[Eric] Um, excuse me!

Excuse me! You’ve got my ph… Excuse me! Give me my phone!


I know you.


Look, I can’t… I couldn’t get baptized.

Okay, I can’t be something that I’m not!

[Eric gasps]


What do you want from me?


Why are you laughing?

Because you’ve done exactly what I wanted you to do.

Today was the start of a long and hard road.

I will be with you every step of the way.

[gentle music playing]

You will change hearts and minds and let everyone know that I love them for who they are.

This will be your calling.

It will be your life’s work.

I don’t think so.

I made you this bright so that others would see in the darkness.

[emotional music playing]


What do I do now?

Oh, no more poo, please. I beg.






I think…

I think people are looking for you.

I’ve been here for a while.

I don’t really know what happened.

Then I got scared, and then… I couldn’t go home.

If you wanna talk about it, I’m here.

But also, if you just wanna sit in silence… then we can do that too.

It feels like I’m… drowning.

I can’t wait any longer, and I wish I could make it stop because…

that’s never gonna change.

It’s gonna be okay.

I don’t think the world wants people like me in it.

[footsteps approaching]

[Jackson] Cal?

Cal. Oh, you’re okay. Thank God.

There’s, like, a search party.

Jackson. Jackson.

Everyone was so worried.


Are people angry that I worried them?

No, no one’s angry.

They’re gonna be happy that you’re safe.

Cal, I had no idea that you were having such a difficult time.

I’m so sorry that I let you down.

We should’ve all done more to show you just how loved you are.

Things have to change, Cal, because people like us aren’t going anywhere.


I know that the world can be harsh, but you’re not alone.

We need you here with us.

Shall we take you home?



[uplifting music playing]

[electronic voice] Do you want to hear my song?

I will play a song for you now.

[circus music playing]

[phone chimes]

Oh my God. Cal’s been found. They’re safe.


[Abbi] Oh my God.

[cheering and applause]

They found Cal. [cries]

[Abbi] Oh my God. Thank you.

Oh my gosh.

[Abbi] Eric found Cal!


[Nicky] Thank you, Abbi.

[Abbi] You guys!

[Aimee] I want to explain about this morning.

I’ve still got some stuff with intimacy since the assault, and I guess I was scared to tell you ’cause I thought it might put you off.

Aimee, you could never put me off. I’m really glad that you told me.

[woman] There you go.

Thank you.

There’s something I have to do.

Thank you.


[phone ringing]

No one’s gonna feel it, bro.

Sorry, I should take this.

Yeah, do your thing.


[woman] Maeve Wiley?

This is Caitlin Reed from Goodhart Books. I read your piece, Southchester.

You… [clears throat]

How… Sorry. How did you read my piece?

[woman] Ellen Rasmussen gave it to me.

I’ve been speaking to her as part of the Wallace internship.

Anyway, it’s a very evocative piece.

I’d really like to read some more if you have it.

Yeah, sure. I can send some more over to you. Definitely.

[woman] That would be fantastic. We’ll be in touch.

Okay. Thanks.

[hopeful music playing]

Very good. Well done.

[girl] Thank you.

[Adam] Great poise, Liza.

Keep it up, Sophie. Good job.

[girl] Yay!

[Western music playing]

Come on, Michael, we’re trotting.

Uh, no, no. I’m okay walking. Thank you.

[Adam] Come on, Michael. We’re trotting now, mate. Giddyap.

[Michael] Whoa! Whoa!

[laughs] Ah!

Am I doing it?

[Jem] You are. You’re doing great!

[Michael] Ah! I’m bouncing now. Ooh!

Ow! Ah. Ah. How am I doing? Ah!

How do I stop?

Are your legs all right?

Yeah, I’m fine.



Um, I’ll meet you in the car.

[Michael] Oh, okay.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, thanks. Bye.

[Michael] Yup.

Oh Christ.

Well done.


I wasn’t completely honest with you the other day.

My ex is called Eric.

I’m attracted to men and women. It’s not a phase. That’s just who I am.

And I haven’t always liked that about myself, but I want to.

And, anyway, I just wanted you to know.

Do you wanna go on a date?

[curious music playing]


I’d like that.

We’ve got 90 seconds, Tilly.

It’s gonna be great.

Don’t forget to smile.


Oh, Jean. We haven’t actually started, so…

Right. Um, I made a mistake.

I don’t want to quit. I want to keep doing the show.

But if I am gonna do it, I have to do it my way.

No cohosts, no making it spicy for spicy’s sake.

Just proper in-depth therapy sessions with listeners and me.

That’s what I’m good at. I think it could be great if you give me another chance.

Um… what’s going on?

Yes, good. Yep. Jean. Jean. Jean.

This is Tilly. Tilly, this is Jean.

Tilly’s filling in your show.

Tilly’s show is about antiquing and true crime.

It’s fun. Tilly, not today. I’m sorry.

We’re gonna rearrange your time slot. So off you pop. Another time.

You’re great.

Bright future. Good luck. Jean.

Oh, sure.

On that, I want you to let me bring in my baby anytime I need to, and I need a private area to be able to pump milk.

Sure you do. We’ll talk about that later.



[swanky music playing]

This is Dr. Jean Milburn,

and you are listening to Sexology.

Please call in. I am here.

[Sofia] Every time. Every time.

[Roz gasps]

Oh, yeah.


That’s how you’re gonna do me today? All right.


I won’t forget.

I know about Jerome.

I found this letter.

So he’s my biological father, isn’t he? I went to see him.

Told him who I was.

And he asked me to leave.

I just want to know everything, and I want to know it now.

[emotional music playing]

[Jackson] What are these?

[Roz] Jackson, take a seat.

Before I met your mum,

I had an affair with a married man.

It was a mistake, but I was confused.

And then I fell pregnant with you.

It was unexpected and stressful, but I very quickly realized I was so happy.

The thing is, Jerome already had a family.

I sent him updates and photos.

I thought if he saw how incredible you are, he might change his mind.

But he just sent them back unopened.

And then I met your mum.

And everything changed.

We wanted to raise you together.

To be a family.

We didn’t want you to, in any way, feel like you were unloved.

[Jackson] What?

I have to go.

I have to go.


[Jackson] I can’t believe you lied to me.

Jackson, we were trying to protect you.

[Abbi] Hey, Savior!


Look who it is. It’s the savior.

What a hero. You found Cal.

Uh… Guys, I’ve got some bad news.

The church isn’t going to accept any of the money that we raise tonight at the fundraiser.

Oh, I can’t believe it.

[Roman] I can.

[Otis] Oh, fuck!

[items clatter]

Sorry. Sorry. I’m… I’m good.

Oh gosh.

[sighs] I’ll see you guys in there.

[pensive music playing]

[Abbi] What are we gonna fundraise for now?

[Roman] Well, there’s this charity for homeless guinea pigs.

[Aisha] Oh, I love guinea pigs.



I was gonna call you earlier, but I was being all stubborn.

I wanted to call you as well.

[Otis] Been thinking about what you said.

And I think I do feel uncomfortable about some of our differences, and I’ve never known how to talk about it because I’m scared that I’m gonna get it wrong or I’m gonna upset you.

I shouldn’t be afraid of that.

Shouldn’t be afraid of those conversations because you’re my best friend.

[gentle music playing]

And I feel like I’ve lost a lot this year, and I couldn’t survive if I lost you.

You’re not gonna get rid of me.

Look, we’re getting ready for the fundraiser here.


Do you care to join?

Would I like to join?

Would you like to join?

Like to join?

[Otis] Am I getting a little invite?

[Eric] You’re getting a little invite into The Coven.

I don’t really know about the whole hat and jacket.

Ah, absolutely not. Take that off right now.

Okay. Something else.

It’s just not very you.

No, it’s not.

You can do better.

You can do well better.

[scoffs] I hate this song.

Yeah, same. Can you change it, babe?

[Jean] There are treatment options for a tight foreskin.

Ah! Oh my God. It’s your mum!

Oh my God. I love her. Let’s listen.

[Eric] Maybe we raise money for people with tight foreskins?

[Jean] …talcum powder. Thank you, Adrian.

Keep those calls coming.

And remember, there are no topics that are off-limits.

Our next caller is Joanna.

Hello, Joanna.

What’s on your mind tonight?

[Joanna] I, um…

Something, um, happened to me when I was, um, 12.

There was a man.

He was… he was a boyfriend of my mum’s, and he… touched me.

I mean, he… abused me, and, uh, I don’t think I’m okay.

I am never happy or… or secure, and I think I need to get some help with that, but I’m scared.

Can you tell me what you’re scared of?

The thing is, I’ve, um… I’ve never liked to stay in the same place for too long.

I, um… I’m scared that if I stop moving and I start properly talking about what happened, then it might all catch up on me, and I won’t be able to pretend that I’m okay anymore.

[Jean] Thank you for sharing that, Joanna.

What you have experienced is truly soul-crushing… and deciding that you no longer want to bury these things is… is very brave and powerful.

But you’re right. It is scary.

Now, I don’t usually share things from my own life, but

I just had a baby, and I’ve been diagnosed with postnatal depression.

Now, I didn’t even realize that anything was wrong.

I didn’t want to accept that anything was wrong.

But just saying it out loud… is really the first step to getting help.

It sounds to me that you’re ready to do this work on yourself, but I would urge you to lean on your friends and family during this time, Joanna.

There’s no reason for you to deal with this alone.


Thanks, babes.

She’s ready, girls.

She’s ready!

[bus brakes squeaking]

[“Seabird” playing]

♪ There’s a road I know I must go… ♪

[camera clicks]

♪ Even though I tell myself That road is closed… ♪

[camera clicking]

♪ Listen, lonely seabird ♪

♪ You’ve been away from land too long ♪

♪ Aw, too long ♪

♪ I don’t listen to the news no more ♪

♪ Like a lonely seabird ♪

♪ You’ve been away from land too long… ♪


♪ Oh no, too long… ♪



♪ Little seabird ♪

♪ Seabird, seabird ♪

♪ Fly home ♪

♪ Seabird ♪

[song fades]

Hey, Molloy wants to see you.


Oh, okay.

Oh, um, Caitlin Reed called me. Thanks for sending her my writing.

[Ellen] It’s a brilliant piece.

It’s annoying because she wasn’t that interested in what I’d written.

But, you know, it’s fine. I don’t think I want to write anymore.

I think I want to set up a tech company, or maybe I’ll go into banking.

Okay. Well, thank you.

I’ll see you later.

I’ll see you later.

[man] All right!

Bro, we got this!

Maeve, thanks for dropping in.

It’s good to have you back.


Come on.

I was sorry to hear about your mother.

Yeah, thanks.

I also heard that there’s been some interest in Southchester.


Yeah, I’m excited about it.

I just wanted to say that I know I was harsh with you the last time we spoke.

You told me I wasn’t cut out to be a writer.

I was just trying to push you to be better.

[Maeve] I don’t think you were.

And even if that is true, your words really crushed me.

And I almost didn’t come back because of you.

And unlike most students on this campus, I haven’t grown up being told I’m brilliant or deserving.

If I take a risk, and it doesn’t work out, I don’t have a safety net to fall back on, and you’re going to come across other students like me, so I just want you to know that, as a teacher, your words hold a lot of power.

I went home and reminded myself of what I’m made of and where I want to go.

You don’t get to be the gatekeeper of my dreams.


I can take that on board.


It’s… it’s just not easy sometimes watching all of you at the beginning.


I’ll see you in class.

[Molloy] Mm-hmm.

[emotional music playing]

[door opens, closes]

[knock on door]

I’m so glad you’re okay.

I came to ask if you’d be comfortable with us raising money tonight for your top surgery.

That’s amazing.

Thank you so much.

Will you come with me?

No. Uh…

I’d love to, but I don’t think I’m ready to see everyone.

[dance music playing]

[Aimee] Do you like auctions?

I’ve never been to one before.

Have you not?


Oh, last one I went to, my mum won a year’s supply of ham.


Ugh, it was way too much ham.


[Viv] Oh, he’s here again.

[Beau] Can we please talk?


Okay. Okay, um, Beau, we’ve spoken about this already, but you don’t seem to be listening, so I’m gonna be really clear.

I don’t wanna talk to you. I don’t wanna see you.

I don’t wanna hear from you.

I don’t know what made you like this, and it’s probably something really sad, and I hope you seek out some therapy, but if you keep on trying to contact me, I will report you.

Do you hear me?



Oh my God. [gasps]

You’re amazing.

You too.

[Aimee] Wow!


How did it go?

[Jackson] I’ve got a lot to fill you in on.

Turns out my mum was filthy!

Let’s start the bidding at 50 pounds.

[woman] Fifty-five!

[man] Sixty-five!

[man 2] Seventy-five!

[Isaac] Sold to Miss Winton for 75 pounds.

Our next piece is called Melon by the wonderfully talented Aimee Gibbs.


[Isaac] Let’s keep those bids coming. We’re raising money for Cal.

Let’s start the bidding at 50 pounds.


Very nice. Fifty-five, anyone?





[crowd gasps]

[Isaac] 175 pounds.

Going, going…

Sold to Miss Masters for 175 pounds.


I’ve seen your photographic pieces, and they’re very good.

Who knows how much Melon will be worth in a few years.

Moving on to our next item, which is Miss Winton’s hat collection.

[man] Fifty pounds!

Fifty pounds at the back.

Fifty-five. Come on! For Cal.

[phone chimes]

[“That’s a Bet” playing]

♪ Bet ♪

♪ But I’m gonna get you yet ♪

♪ And that’s a bet ♪

♪ Bet ♪

♪ You can see the look in my eyes ♪

♪ ‘Cause I’m digging you ♪

♪ Yes, I dig you… ♪

[girl] Oh, these look really nice.

Goddamn. These cauliflower steaks are so delicious.

Do you have any mango chutney?

[Lakhani] Hello. Hello, hi.

I know a lot’s happened today, but it’s time to announce the winner of the student counselor elections.


Vote Connor!

It’s the real fun. It’s the real fun.

It’s time to go. It’s time to go.

[Lakhani] Let’s get this over and done with.


Can I have all the candidates to the stage, please?

Thank you. Hello.

Hello. Welcome.


Thank you.

Take your time. Okay.

[woman] Whoo!

And the winner is… Connor Pearson!

[cheering and applause]

[fanfare playing]

Go, Connor! Get in there! Come on!

Thank you.

Oh, this means a lot.

But I cannot accept the position.

[crowd gasps]

I’ve been doing therapy sessions for the last few days, and you guys have a lot of problems.

It’s been kind of exhausting and a bit gross.

[woman] Rude!

Otis, I only ran because I was hoping I could get on the radio with your mum because she’s, like, super hot.

[Eric] Oh my God.

But it’s too much work.

So, yeah, I’m out.

[mic screeches]

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

Okay, well, thank you, Connor.

I suppose that means we have to go with the runner-up then, which is Otis Milburn!


[woman] Lady hater!

[man] He’s a misogynist.

[mic screeches]


Wow. Okay. Um…

Uh, thanks. This is unexpected.

Um… [clears throat]

I didn’t think anyone was gonna vote for me after the whole meninist thing.

I voted for you.

Great. Thanks. Thanks for the vote.


Well, I’m… I’m afraid I can’t take this position either because you guys already have a fantastic student therapist, and that made me feel threatened.

I convinced myself that my behavior was acceptable because I thought I was the better therapist.

But I’m… I’m really not, and I should never have taken away someone’s space like that, and this position has always been O’s, so…


[woman] She’s a bully.

Get her off the stage!



[crowd clamoring]

No. No, no, no.

Stay there. I… I would like to say something.


Hello. I’m Ruby Matthews.

[man 2] Who?

The bed wetter. Uh…

I released that video because I wanted to destroy O like she destroyed me, and I thought it was gonna feel very good, and it didn’t, which is very annoying because it made me realize that this stupid college is starting to make me have the… the feelings or something.

And I honestly thought that this whole “being kind” thing was a load of crap.

Nobody can be perfect. And you’re certainly not.

But I’ve realized you’re trying to make the world a better place.

And that makes me want to be better.

I think the Cavendish thing to do would be to give her a second chance.

[man] You go, bed wetter!



[Lakhani] Right, then.

Okay, so I guess this means that, um, O here is our therapist again.

This was a huge waste of time.

So, let’s dance!

♪ I’ll hit the ceiling ♪

♪ Or else I’ll tear up this town ♪

♪ Tonight I gotta cut loose ♪

♪ Footloose ♪

♪ Kick off your Sunday shoes ♪

♪ Please, Louise ♪

♪ Pull me off of my knees ♪

♪ Jack, get back ♪

♪ Come on, before we crack ♪

♪ Lose your blues ♪

♪ Everybody cut footloose… ♪

I want the church to have more discussions about how we can be more open and inclusive.

[laughs] What?


Well, I think… I think you might need more than discussions.

But that is a great start.



Come… Come and dance, Pastor. Come and dance.

♪ You can fly if you’d only cut loose ♪

♪ Footloose ♪

♪ Kick off your Sunday shoes… ♪

Can I just say you were a hero today?

[Aisha] We loved your speech.

And I love them pants. They’re amazing.

Thank you. My mum made them.

Do you wanna come dance?

Uh, I will be there in a minute.

♪ Everybody cut footloose ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Cut footloose ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh… ♪

I know I kind of messed you around recently.

I hope we can still be friends.

I’ve actually got enough friends now, Otis. [chuckles]

♪ I’m turning it loose! ♪

♪ Footlose ♪

♪ Kick off your Sunday shoes ♪

♪ Please, Louise ♪

♪ Pull me off of my knees… ♪

Did you want to develop some photos?

No, I just wanted to kiss you.

Are you sure?

[muffled dance music playing]

We can go at whatever pace that you want.

[Aimee] Mm-hmm.

[chair beeps]

[both] Whoa!

[Aimee laughs]



[“Colours” by Donovan playing]

♪ Yellow is the color Of my true love’s hair ♪

♪ In the morning ♪

♪ When we rise ♪

♪ In the morning ♪

♪ When we rise ♪

♪ That’s the time ♪

♪ That’s the time ♪

♪ I love the best ♪

♪ Blue’s the color of the sky… ♪

Hey. Hey. Wait up.

We could still work together, you know.

It’s okay. I don’t need your pity.

No, I… I genuinely think we might make a good team.

And maybe you’re right. It might not be so bad to have a friend.


I’ll think about it.


♪ In the morning ♪

♪ When we rise ♪

♪ In the morning ♪

♪ When we rise ♪

♪ That’s the time ♪

♪ That’s the time I love the best… ♪

Hey. You all right?

Yeah. Well…

♪ Mellow is the feeling… ♪

Maeve and I agreed to not message each other, and I know that’s the right thing to do, but I kind of hoped she might have reached out by now.


I’m sorry.

It’s all right.

How are you?

♪ I love the best… ♪

I have decided… that I wanna be a pastor.

You’re the first person I’ve told.

I think that’s really cool.


You’ll be a natural.

[Eric] Oh, thanks, Oatcake.

[Otis] Mmm.

Pastor Effiong.

It’s got a little ring to it, eh? [chuckles]

Wanna stay at mine and play Smash Bros?



[Otis] I thought you’d never ask.

[Eric] Oh! Come on.

[Otis] I’m gonna beat your ass.

[Eric] Oh, please. Please.

[indistinct chatter on TV]

[woman on TV] So we ended up going on this awesome boat.

I think one of Patrice’s friends owned it.

[door opens]


Oh, uh, Third Wives of Miami is on. Do you want to come and watch?


I’m just dropping Adam home.

We’ve been hanging out. I watched him teach a class today.

And he was excellent.

Uh, anyhow, I’ll let you two get on with your evening.

Um, I was thinking that… maybe we could watch some TV for a bit.

Yeah. [chuckles]


[Maureen] Yeah.

[emotional music playing]

[knocking at door]

[Roz] Jackson?

I should’ve told you sooner.

[Jackson] Yeah.

I didn’t want you to hate me.

I don’t hate you, Mum.

I’m angry at you though.


It’s okay to be angry with us.

But we’re not going anywhere.

We’re gonna work through this together.

Why didn’t he want to know me?

Because he’s a fool, Jackson.

He has no idea what he’s missing.

How can anyone not want to know someone as brilliant as you?

You are. You are. You are.

[Roz laughs]

[Roz] Oh.

Love you.

I love you.

[emotional music playing]

I’m so sorry, Mum.

You do not have to say sorry.

I just wish I knew how to make it better.

[phone chimes]


[Joanna laughs]

Sorry. [laughs]

I love having sex with you.

I love being inside of you.


It’s okay.


Come on, then! Oh, can’t you catch me?

You can’t catch me because I’m too fast for you.


He’s too quick for you.

Slap. And jump. Slap.

Do you think you’re…

Pull it. Aim.

Whoa! Goodbye. Good night. It’s the end.


Go again.

Sorry. It’s the end. No.

[video-game music playing]


[door closes]

That’s such a nice smile.

[Joy coos]

[toy rattles]

Hello, darling.


How was your night?

It was quite fun, actually.

[Joy babbles]

I’m sorry about yesterday.

Maeve leaving was the right thing for her.

I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.

Thank you for apologizing.

How are you feeling about it all?


Well, it’s all right not to be okay.

I’m worried that if I think about it too much, I’m gonna end up all sad like you were when Dad left.

So I’m just not.

I think you shouldn’t try to block out all those emotions because that’s how heartbreak becomes unresolved and turns into something bitter.

It’s really important that you feel all those feelings, as much as they hurt.

[Otis] Thanks.

[Jean] Oh.

I love you, darling.

[Otis] Love you too.

And I’m proud of you for getting help.

Thank you.

[Joy giggles]

He’s proud of me.

[knocking at door]

I’ll get it.

[Jean] Thanks.

[Dan] Ah.

Hey, little dude.

[Otis] You all right?

[Dan] No, broke my leg several places.

[Otis] You coming in?

[Dan] I thought I might. Would that work?

[Otis] Do you need a hand?

[Dan] No, it’s cool. I have the crutch-arinos.

Mum, it’s, uh, motorbike man.

Yeah, I mean, it’s normally just Dan, but, uh…

Fuck it. Call me motorbike man. That’s cool.

Hi, Dan.

[Dan] Hey, Jean.

Oh shit! Baby! That’s cool.


[Jean] Thank you for coming.

It’s all good.

You might wanna have a seat.

Sure, okay. Maybe I’ll just…

Are you all right?

Go ahead and use the table.

Thank you. Hi, baby.

[Joy coos]

Thanks. So, what’s up?

[emotional music playing]

[Maeve] Dear Otis.

You know I hate soppy romantic stuff.

So don’t get your hopes up. This isn’t a love letter.


When we first met, I didn’t trust anyone.

I thought if I kept everybody out, I’d stop myself from being hurt or let down, which is what I was used to.

Then we set the clinic up together, and I realized that most of the people who came to us for help really just needed connection.

And maybe I wasn’t so different.

You have the rare ability to make people feel truly seen.

And you did the same for me.

It was this and your relentless optimism about human beings that gave me the courage to start opening myself up to other people.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel alone, which allowed me to imagine something bigger for myself.

I want you to know that however much it fucking hurts that we can’t be together, I won’t ever close myself off again.

Meeting you cracked my heart open, and now it’s forever changed.

And because of that, I will carry a part of you with me wherever I go.

I think what I’m trying to say is thanks for everything, dickhead.

[“Let It Be” by Aretha Franklin playing]

♪ When I find myself in times of trouble ♪

♪ Mother Mary comes to me ♪

♪ Speaking words of wisdom ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ And in my hour of darkness ♪

♪ She’s standing right in front of me ♪

♪ Speaking words of wisdom ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Whisper words of wisdom ♪

♪ Words of wisdom ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ And when the brokenhearted people ♪

♪ Living in the world agree ♪

♪ There will be an answer ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ For though they may parted ♪

♪ There is still a chance That they will see ♪

♪ There will be an answer ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ There will be an answer ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Whisper words of wisdom ♪

♪ Let it be ♪

♪ Let it be ♪


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